“The Amazon: Man’s World” is Released!

"The Amazon: Man's World" is Released! 1

“The Amazon: Man’s World” features beautiful Amazonia as our latest Amazon warrior… Andromeda! “The Amazon: Man’s World” starts out with the appearance of a beautiful stacked babe in civilian attire appearing in a secret Collectors facility, but as the Collectors try to restrain her, they learn that she is more than just a sexy babe. […]

“Ultra Brawl 2”-UltraHeroix.com

"Ultra Brawl 2"-UltraHeroix.com 2

Hi all, We are back for the sequel to “Ultra Brawl”. In “Ultra Brawl 2” The story picks up following the defeat of Lady Ultra (played by the lovely Monica Jade). Our heroine is being held as bait for the bloodthirsty and more powerful creature that has plagued our heroines’ city for the past few […]

Prey – Hidden Vault Entertainment

Prey - Hidden Vault Entertainment 3

Watch as ex-special forces operative LIEUTENANT SONYA WEBB encounters trouble after entering the compound of the notorious GEORGE VAN HOLT. Dearest fans and friends, Heroine Arena will be closing on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 2018, which coincides with the end of Labor Day weekend here in the U.S. If you still haven’t seen any of our previous episodes then […]

The Mogian Invastion Pt. 1

The Mogian Invastion Pt. 1 4

Hey there superheroine fans! White Widow battles a big Alien that wants to take over earth! Will she be able to take the alien or will she be exterminated with the rest of human kind? Purchase Link: Weaponz Tokyo

SwiftStrike Rebooted

SwiftStrike Rebooted 5

Eva is back but in a whole new body. She goes up against a villain with a bionic arm. Will he beat her faster than her nanites can repair? Includes Belly punching, low blows, bearhug, belly punching, AOH, sleepy, dragging, carry, more belly punching and a defeated ending.   Now Available at SHG-Media

Batgirl: Into Thin Air – Cali Logan

Batgirl: Into Thin Air - Cali Logan 7

In this Superheroine Parody… The day starts out like any other; Batgirl is on the trail of Gotham’s scum. She catches a would-be criminal in the act of breaking into the safe at the Mayor’s office and thinks it should be business as usual. Rough up the bad guy, cuff him, then take his sorry […]

Liberty Belle – Enslaved

Liberty Belle - Enslaved 8

  Liberty Belle and Star Maiden (Stella) confront wicked villainess: The Black Queen. The Black Queen defeats both Heroines, then possesses Liberty Belle turning her evil! Evil Liberty Belle then defeats Star Maiden. Includes: f/f/f fight, Belly punching, Low blows, AOH, foot/boot fetish, pantyhose. Running time: 20 minutes Purchase: [url=http://shg-media.com/Default.asp?PageID=productDetail&id=3263835135362620022]Buy Now From SHG[/url]