“Night Warrior: The Reluctant Heroine” is Released!

"Night Warrior: The Reluctant Heroine" is Released! 1

“Night Warrior: The Reluctant Heroine” features Louise (from Bountyhuntress) as Night Warrior. This is the continuation of the storyline that began in “Teen Bat 5: New Kid In Town”, where Teen Bat was defeated. Teen Bat has gone missing, so her mentor (in sexy civilian clothes) heads out to track her down, but her search […]

Batgirl vs. The Slave Traffickers


Purchase Link: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/98213/21541931 (MP4) https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/98213/21541935 (WMV) Batgirl Chrissy is a modern day crime fighting superheroine with a strong willed and feisty personality. In addition to being a skilled fighter and having superb physical strength, she also possesses another unique ability that enables her to withstand the effects of the sleepy drug that was a major […]

Superheroine Stalker Fan

Superheroine Stalker Fan 3

Christina Carter, returning back to her hotel room after a busy day at Fetish Con only to have been followed by Maria Marley an adoring fan. Maria crazed gag fetish puts Christina in a compromising situation, but fear not our superheroine turns the tables. The clip contains Superheroine cosplay (Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and Batgirl), female […]

Batgirl in Wonderland Part 1: Meet the Tweedles

Batgirl in Wonderland Part 1: Meet the Tweedles 4

Cali is in her Batgirl uniform tied up. She struggles to get out and then Lydia comes in behind her taunting her. Lydia is ready to pacify Cali since she has been doing nothing but then with the city of Gotham. Lydia is ready to put Cali in time out. She makes sure Cali sucks […]

Episode 4: Batgirl Unmasked – Alzi Productions

Episode 4: Batgirl Unmasked - Alzi Productions 6

Batgirl goes on the trail of the main boss: Oscar Belinsky. How will their meeting end?   Alzi Productions is a Russian production company, the first Russian amateur series about superheroes. More info coming but for now, enjoy the video! Very well done!

Poisoned Prey – Jacqueline Velvets

Poisoned Prey - Jacqueline Velvets 7

We fade in on the devious Poison Ivy (played by Andrea Rosu) as she waters her precious plants, cooing at them as a figure stalks her from the shadows. It’s Batgirl (played by Jacquelyn Velvets), but the do-gooder is quickly stopped by a dose of Ivy’s sleepy spray! The green-clad baddie unmasks her foe moments […]

Batgirl Movie Is Back On With New Writer!

Batgirl Movie Is Back On With New Writer! 9

Christina Hodson, of Bumblebee fame, will now be writing the script in place of the departed Joss Whedon. “Hodson wrote the 2017 Warner Bros. thriller Unforgettable, which starred Rosario Dawson and Katherine Heigl, and has been a player in a couple of writers rooms, for Transformers (which led to her nabbing the Bumblebeegig) and Ology, the franchise Paramount is developing based […]

IDENTITY CRISIS – PART I – Anastasia Pierce

IDENTITY CRISIS - PART I - Anastasia Pierce 11

Starring: Dee Williams as Supergirl and Black Widow,  Jewell Marceau as Mind Reader,  Kendra James as Batgirl and Wicked Goddess and Anastasia Pierce as Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy. This story will be release in two Parts. It contains a LOT of Special FX!  Fasten your seatbelt here it is! www.AnastasiaClips.com 3 Super heroines (Batgirl, Supergirl […]

Wonder Woman – Who’s In Charge – CC Productions

Wonder Woman - Who's In Charge - CC Productions 13

Wonder Woman, Who’s In Charge is a CC Production superheroine fan custom staring Christina Carter, Reagan Foxx and Karen Fisher. Story-line: Diana Prince after a night out is seduced by the hotel’s housekeeper but the maid has bigger plans. With Diana trussed up she is made to preform oral sex, dildo sucking and anal sex. […]