“Night Warrior: The Reluctant Heroine” is Released!

"Night Warrior: The Reluctant Heroine" is Released! 1

“Night Warrior: The Reluctant Heroine” features Louise (from Bountyhuntress) as Night Warrior. This is the continuation of the storyline that began in “Teen Bat 5: New Kid In Town”, where Teen Bat was defeated. Teen Bat has gone missing, so her mentor (in sexy civilian clothes) heads out to track her down, but her search […]

Carissa’s Heroine Adventure

Carissa's Heroine Adventure 3

Carissa first stars as Bat Woman taking on a villain and she is clonked on the head, captured, vibed, unmasked and unmasked. She returns as a Blue Angel who is ragged out, fondled, ragged out again, more fondling! She just can’t seem to get away without getting ragged again! Finally, the villain hoists her over […]

The HUNGER, Batwoman vs Vampirella – Anastasia Pierce

The HUNGER, Batwoman vs Vampirella - Anastasia Pierce 4

Batwoman confronts Vampirella but the Super Villain gets the upper hand and using her mesmerizing and erotic magic powers will subdue and make Batwoman her sex slave and lover. Batwoman will shamelessly become her sexual prey and moan and scream at the trusting of Vampirella strap-on. The vampire promises her eternity at her sides but […]

Ruby Rose Cast As Lesbian Superheroine, Batwoman

Ruby Rose Cast As Lesbian Superheroine, Batwoman 5

The CW has cast its Batwoman. Out actress Ruby Rose has been tapped to play the lesbian superhero for the network. Rose’s Batwoman will first appear in the December DC crossover event, with Arrow-verse mastermind Greg Berlanti plotting a stand-alone series revolving around the character. The Batwoman series, which is in development with Caroline Dries (The Vampire Diaires) […]