“White Angel 21” is released!

"White Angel 21" is released! 1

“White Angel 21” is finally here! See super sexy Kara Lina as our newest super-powered White Angel! White Angel agents are super-powered spies with superior strength, stamina, and possessing a healing factor that can actually bring them back to life after a fatal wound. The White Angel agents are tasked with bringing down an enemy […]

“Darkwing: Mind Games” is Released!

"Darkwing: Mind Games" is Released! 2

In “Darkwing: Mind Games”, Darkwing takes on Xander to stop him from interfering with Supernova’s showdown with Doomsayer, but Xander outmaneuvers her, using his best henchmen, including Master Mace, to delay her until it’s too late to save Supernova. In doing so, Xander messes with Darkwing’s mind. Thus, the subtitle to this all-out action episode! […]

“Supernova Prime: Alien Dawn” is Released!

"Supernova Prime: Alien Dawn" is Released! 4

“Supernova Prime 2: Alien Dawn” is an all-out action episode! Supernova is dead, and now Supernova Prime tries her best to avenge her fallen comrade, but finds Doomsayer virtually unstoppable! Supernova Prime keeps on battling, but Doomsayer is bigger and stronger than her, and it seems like only a matter of time before she too […]

“Supernova 15: Doomsayer” is released!

"Supernova 15: Doomsayer" is released! 5

“Supernova 15: Doomsayer” is released! This awesome episode has it all! It starts out with a chloroform scene of Supernova Prime (Melody Sky), then enter a powerful alien outlaw known as Doomsayer! Doomsayer is about to snap the neck of the beautiful, unconscious Supernova Prime, when Supernova (Melanie Dunne) intercedes to save her. Doomsayer does […]

“Teen Bat 3: Genesis” is released!

"Teen Bat 3: Genesis" is released! 20

“Teen Bat 3: Genesis” is released! For those who are not familiar with Teen Bat, she’s a gritty heroine based loosely upon Batgirl, but the beautiful Saskiia (Sassy) Saarti brings her sassy attitude to this role, making her a far more interesting character than the DC heroine upon which she is based. This is Teen […]

Darkwing 11: Dark On Dark From Bluestone

Darkwing 11: Dark On Dark From Bluestone 28

Following fast on the heels of “Supernova 8: Dark Warrior”, Darkwing enters the fray in “Darkwing 11: Dark on Dark”, outfitted with a powerful exoskeleton in order to take on Dark Wondra and save Supernova’s “skinny ass”!

Supernova 8: Dark Warrior – Bluestone

Supernova 8: Dark Warrior - Bluestone 29

  “Supernova 8: Dark Warrior” is an epic blockbuster, featuring a battle between Blackbird and Master Mace as well as the awesome re-match of Supernova and Dark Wondra. It’s a no holds barred battle between our alien superheroine and our powerful amazon warrior woman. Who will win this battle of the female titans? Don’t miss […]