“Supernova 25: No Refuge” is RELEASED!

"Supernova 25: No Refuge" is RELEASED! 1

“Supernova 25: No Refuge” continues the blockbuster storyline that started with the epic battle of Dark Nova versus Supernova in “Supernova 23: We Are One”, and was continued in “Supernova 24: Xander’s Revenge”. Now, Supernova discovers that there is no refuge from her arch enemy, Xander, even when she is disguised in her new secret […]

“Catwarrior 9: Face To Face” is released!

"Catwarrior 9: Face To Face" is released! 3

“Catwarrior 9: Face To Face” features Heather Page and Samantha Wilde as the current and original Catwarriors! Two step-sisters, both Catwarriors, take on one another, and only one of them is going to walk away from this deadly catfight! There’s no love between these two beauties. In fact, they would love nothing more than to […]

The Iron Curtain

The Iron Curtain 4

n this non-canon Pure encounter we see Candy ‘The Equalizer’ Race bearing down on the Crown Prince of the 7th Dimension. There is only one obstacle in her path, his personal bodyguard ‘The Iron Drone’. Candy’s powers make her a match for absolutely anyone, but does that extend to mechanical beasts? Candy’s early confidence is […]

“Supernova 20: Fight Night” is released!

"Supernova 20: Fight Night" is released! 5

“Supernova 20: Fight Night” stars Rebecca Mason as the good Supernova who is captured by the Collectors and forced to fight the powerful Collector X and a Gate Keeper after being de-powered, for the entertainment of their customers on the dark net. This one’s an epic! Don’t miss it! In the Peril version, Supernova defeats […]

Episode 4: Batgirl Unmasked – Alzi Productions

Episode 4: Batgirl Unmasked - Alzi Productions 6

Batgirl goes on the trail of the main boss: Oscar Belinsky. How will their meeting end?   Alzi Productions is a Russian production company, the first Russian amateur series about superheroes. More info coming but for now, enjoy the video! Very well done!

“Supernova: What If?” is released!

"Supernova: What If?" is released! 7

“Supernova 18: What If Stephanie Kane was Supernova?” stars Yvonne in the dual roles of Stephanie Kane and Supernova! In this alternate universe, Stephanie Kane is not a billionaire socialite… she is a reporter… and she is not Darkwing… she is this world’s Supernova! Don’t miss Yvonne’s fantastic performance as the super sexy Stephanie Kane, […]

“Darkwing 17: Shade of Darkness” is released!

"Darkwing 17: Shade of Darkness" is released! 8

“Darkwing 17: Shade of Darkness” stars Yvonne in the title role, and introduces sexy Samantha (Sam) Wilde in the role of gorgeous, but badass, Nightshade. In this episode, you are treated to a girl-on-girl battle with the villainess winning in both versions! Initially, both combatants are confident in their own powers. Nightshade has the power […]

“Ultrawoman 10: Deathmatch” is released!

"Ultrawoman 10: Deathmatch" is released! 9

“Ultrawoman 10: Deathmatch” stars Lynda in the title role, and continues her battle against the Collectors. She is zapped into unconsciousness after defeating the rogue Collector, and wakes to find herself having to battle the Collectors’ champion, Marko, to the death on a live dark net feed for the Collectors’ paying customers. What a fight […]

Supernova Prime 4: Prisoner Exchange

Supernova Prime 4: Prisoner Exchange 10

“Supernova Prime 4: Prisoner Exchange” stars Melody Sky in the title role, and continues Prime’s adventures following her defeat at the hands of Mr. Pim in “Supernova Prime 3: Vengeance”! Supernova Prime finds herself a helpless captive along with sexy reporter, Alice Sanchez, who is thrown right into the action too… literally! Will either of […]

“Supernova Prime 3: Vengeance” is released!

"Supernova Prime 3: Vengeance" is released! 11

In “Supernova Prime 3: Vengeance”, Melody Sky is awesome… as usual! Following the death of Supernova, Supernova Prime is out for vengeance on the person responsible… Xander! Her super hearing detects a call between Xander and Pim, so she heads to Pim’s mansion to beat Xander’s location out of him. Unfortunately for Prime, it was […]