Black Cat vs. Spiderman - Leather Lust 1

Black Cat vs. Spiderman – Leather Lust

Black Cat vs. Spiderman, Leather Lust is a fan custom that CC Productions produced and underwrote a portion of the budget to give the video the production value it deserved. Black Cat (Christina Carte...

Batty Girl! - Cali Logan's Power & Peril 2

Batty Girl! – Cali Logan’s Power & Peril

Batgirl has been feeling very stressed out lately with living a double life and all seeing so many terrible things happening in her beloved city of Gotham. She has sought out a therapist, but wanted t...

BatTracy's Knockout Training 4

BatTracy’s Knockout Training

BatTracy is doing a good civic duty and is teaching a new masked heroine how to safely deliver fight moves to an opponent that will knock them out. Unfortunately, BatTracy does not realize that this n...