“Night Warrior: The Reluctant Heroine” is Released!

"Night Warrior: The Reluctant Heroine" is Released! 1

“Night Warrior: The Reluctant Heroine” features Louise (from Bountyhuntress) as Night Warrior. This is the continuation of the storyline that began in “Teen Bat 5: New Kid In Town”, where Teen Bat was defeated. Teen Bat has gone missing, so her mentor (in sexy civilian clothes) heads out to track her down, but her search […]

The Benefactor – TBFE

The Benefactor - TBFE 3

Cricket is a small time criminal for hire. She owes her recent lockup to Lady Wonder and although she’s out on Parole, she can’t shake the need for revenge. When she’s contacted by a mystery benefactor with a plan to finally get at Lady Wonder, she doesn’t hesitate to make her move. The benefactor has […]

The Collector – The Battle For Earth

The Collector - The Battle For Earth 21

Grey is a rogue vigilante turned thief. Her past life of fighting crime instilled the ability to hold her own physically in almost any circumstance. She put a lot of criminals behind bars and developed a massive ego to go with her success rate. Nevertheless, she was empty inside and turned from fighting crime to […]

The Veil Lifted – SHG Media

The Veil Lifted - SHG Media 23

Sonique has a score to settle with The Veil after being publicly humiliated and losing soundly on their last encounter. She contacts a local media outlet and they agree to advertise and stream the fight live. The Veil shows up for the challenge and after a brief encounter, the cocky Sonique thinks she has Veil […]

“Supernova 16: Resurrection” is released!

"Supernova 16: Resurrection" is released! 25

“Supernova 16: Resurrection” introduces Natasha Anastasia, who becomes the new face of Supernova as she transforms her new body acquired in “Supernova Prime: Prisoner Exchange” into her more familiar blonde superheroine form! Then, she takes off to find Xander and make him pay for his part in her ‘death’ at the hands of Doomsayer! Unfortunately […]

Colossus – The Battle For Earth

Colossus - The Battle For Earth 26

After dominating her physically and finding himself attracted to Widow, will he be able to carry out his orders to kill? Find out in Colossus!

Triad – The Battle For Earth

Triad - The Battle For Earth 27

3 villains have all had a hand at capturing and torturing Solaria at different points, but they can’t seem to agree on who was more brutal. In hand to hand combat, Calamity was able to best Solaria. Juno was much more devious and uses a sexual scenario to coerce Solaria into a false sense of […]

Agony – TBFE Films

Agony - TBFE Films 29

A brutal bounty hunter named Agony has been contracted to hunt Sunder down, capture her, and torture her in every conceivable way possible. Agony’s focus is on Sunder’s power center, using pain sticks, a glove, and a pistol to surge kryptonium infused energy directly to her most sensitive parts. Surviving Agony’s onslaught would be a […]

The Understudy

The Understudy 31

Contains: Male/female Combat, Female/female combat, face, body, and belly Punching, kicks, low blows, crawling, choking, various holds, topless nudity, forced humiliating arousal in multiple scenarios including fondling, fingering, 2 death endings for both heroines – both strangling Sunder is still reeling from her last failed engagement with a villain. He compromised her sexual will to […]

Powerless Wonder Woman vs Vampirella

Powerless Wonder Woman vs Vampirella 32

Here is my latest adventure!!! POWERLESS WONDER WOMAN VS VAMPIRELLA The Full Adventure – a Super Heroine Magic Control and Girl Girl Super Heroine Parody – Starring: Anastasia Pierce as Wonder Woman and Angela Sommers as Vampirella Synopsis: Wonder Woman has just arrived at Vampirella’s Castle and already she can sense that things won’t be […]