“Supernova 20: Fight Night” is released!

"Supernova 20: Fight Night" is released! 1

“Supernova 20: Fight Night” stars Rebecca Mason as the good Supernova who is captured by the Collectors and forced to fight the powerful Collector X and a Gate Keeper after being de-powered, for the entertainment of their customers on the dark net. This one’s an epic! Don’t miss it! In the Peril version, Supernova defeats […]

Mysteria vs. Wonder Girl – Hypnotics World

Mysteria vs. Wonder Girl - Hypnotics World 2

Another superheroine release from Hypnotics World! Wonder Girl arrives at the lair of Mysteria with the intention of taking her down but Mysteria’s mind control proves to be too much for the Wonder Heroine! WG tries to use her strength against Mysteria but Mysteria works her mental magic and soon WG is under her control! […]

“Supernova 19: In Darkest Night” is released!

"Supernova 19: In Darkest Night" is released! 3

“Supernova 19: In Darkest Night” stars Natasha as the evil Supernova who is still in search of Xander. She tracks down Nightshade who has worked for Xander in the past and tries to beat his location out of her, but she may have taken on a stronger opponent than she’d thought! Nightshade can not only […]

“Ultrawoman 11: The Origin” is released!

"Ultrawoman 11: The Origin" is released! 4

“Ultrawoman 11: The Origin” stars Lynda in the title role of Ultrawoman and also in the role of Agent Steel! This was a group custom video that is now available to the general public! “Ultrawoman 11: The Origin” features the first time that Agent Sasha Steel of MI6 transforms into the Amazon warrior named Ultra […]

“Ultrawoman 10: Deathmatch” is released!

"Ultrawoman 10: Deathmatch" is released! 5

“Ultrawoman 10: Deathmatch” stars Lynda in the title role, and continues her battle against the Collectors. She is zapped into unconsciousness after defeating the rogue Collector, and wakes to find herself having to battle the Collectors’ champion, Marko, to the death on a live dark net feed for the Collectors’ paying customers. What a fight […]

Batgirl: Into Thin Air – Cali Logan

Batgirl: Into Thin Air - Cali Logan 6

In this Superheroine Parody… The day starts out like any other; Batgirl is on the trail of Gotham’s scum. She catches a would-be criminal in the act of breaking into the safe at the Mayor’s office and thinks it should be business as usual. Rough up the bad guy, cuff him, then take his sorry […]

“Wonderkick 3: Freedom Fighter” is Released!

"Wonderkick 3: Freedom Fighter" is Released! 7

In “Wonderkick 3: Freedom Fighter”, Destiny returns as Wonderkick, and she’s even more gorgeous than in her previous appearances! Wonderkick (Destiny) is still being held in the clutches of The Collectors following her adventure in “Wonderkick 2: Collector’s Item”, but is given the opportunity to fight her way to freedom! She gives it all she […]

“Dark Wondra 3: Power Drain” is now released!

"Dark Wondra 3: Power Drain" is now released! 8

In “Dark Wondra 3: Power Drain”, Krystal Red returns as Dark Wondra, and also appears in her sexy civilian identity! This video starts out with Dark Wondra in her sexy civilian attire, a little black dress, and she is taken down in this attire before transforming to Dark Wondra. Once powered up, she faces off […]

The Perils Of Paris! – Hypnotics World

The Perils Of Paris! - Hypnotics World 9

Paris is a super sleuth who has caught up with the Mighty H.  She shows her superiority when it comes to fighting but she’s no match for his dirty tricks! She is gassed, debooted, fondled, hit with a tranq dart, fondled some more, ragged out, brought under a spell, carried briefly, vibed to orgasm and […]

Angel Chronicles 1

Angel Chronicles 1 10

A Blue Angel has found a villainess lair and is looking for clues when she is blasted by a paralyzing ray! The villainess approaches and takes advantage of our Blue Angels incapacitated state! The villainess fondles her curves and breasts but soon the paralyzing blast starts to wear off and our Blue Angel starts to […]