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Solaria vs. Space Vixens 1

Solaria vs. Space Vixens

While tracking down stolen vials of deadly serum, Solaria encounters Domina and her two space vixen sidekicks Ultima and Maxima. Solaria is always the strongest force in the room, but that’s not...

Sold 4


Wonderous Woman has been following a sex trafficking ring operated out of a local club. She has some evidence but needs more proof, so she goes to the club and sneaks into the back office to get a loo...

Dark Surrender - TBFE Films 5

Dark Surrender – TBFE Films

Not a day goes by that Diana Prince doesn’t think about the disappearance of her Amazonian sister. When an unknown caller suggests they have been holding her sister, she immediately transforms i...

The Benefactor - TBFE 7

The Benefactor – TBFE

Cricket is a small time criminal for hire. She owes her recent lockup to Lady Wonder and although she’s out on Parole, she can’t shake the need for revenge. When she’s contacted by a...

The Collector - The Battle For Earth 25

The Collector – The Battle For Earth

Grey is a rogue vigilante turned thief. Her past life of fighting crime instilled the ability to hold her own physically in almost any circumstance. She put a lot of criminals behind bars and develope...

Rancor - TBFE Films 27

Rancor – TBFE Films

WW, AKA Diana Prince, hasn’t seen her childhood friend Persephone since growing up on Paradise Island. WW was always stronger, faster, and physically more capable than her friend, but Pers prove...

Colossus - The Battle For Earth 28

Colossus – The Battle For Earth

After dominating her physically and finding himself attracted to Widow, will he be able to carry out his orders to kill? Find out in Colossus!

Wonder Woman vs. Wonder Girl - Brainwashed! SleeperkidsWorld 29

Wonder Woman vs. Wonder Girl – Brainwashed! SleeperkidsWorld

We fade in on the beautiful Wonder-Pandora, hog-tied and seemingly hypnotized.   We hear The Collector’s voice instruct her to go to sleep, and she does so.  A plan is in motion…and it starts to take ...