Wonder Woman, Slave of the Yakuza

Wonder Woman, Slave of the Yakuza 1

Wonder Woman, Slave of the Yakuza is a fan custom produced by CC Production. Wonder Woman (Christina Carter) fought valiantly to destroy the human trafficking ring of the Jinshin-Baibai a syndicate of the Yakuza. A new, rising adversary, Lady Nyotei (Nyssa Nevers) aims to prove herself to the Yakuza by capturing and breaking the Amazon […]

Robin Captured and Tricked HD

Robin Captured and Tricked HD 3

Robin is on the prowl. She’s on a mission to find out the dirt on Mr. Big. She sneaks around the exterior of his house and makes her way inside. Suddenly Mr. Big appears behind her and quickly grabs her. As she struggles furiously, he clamps his hand over her mouth and holds it there […]

Batgirl vs. The Slave Traffickers


Purchase Link: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/98213/21541931 (MP4) https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/98213/21541935 (WMV) Batgirl Chrissy is a modern day crime fighting superheroine with a strong willed and feisty personality. In addition to being a skilled fighter and having superb physical strength, she also possesses another unique ability that enables her to withstand the effects of the sleepy drug that was a major […]

Wonder Woman, Bondage Bride – CC Productions

Wonder Woman, Bondage Bride - CC Productions 4

Wonder Woman, Bondage Bride is CC Production fan custom. A mutant, power leach named Hand has been capturing female super-heroines and draining them of their powers. Helpless, powerless heroines turned bondage slaves. Wonder Woman hot on the villain’s trail falls prey to Hand’s ultimate plan, capture and marry Wonder Woman as his bride in bondage. […]

The Abuse Of Wonder Woman

The Abuse Of Wonder Woman 42

Carissa is overly friendly meeting Wonder Woman Cali. Carissa is doing an interview with Cali, she wants to talk to her about herself and her life. Then Carissa begins asking Cali about her outfit and she is sure that it makes it hard for villains not to be attracted to taking her down because of […]

Catwoman’s Prize – Christina Carter

Catwoman's Prize - Christina Carter 43

Catwoman’s Prize is a CC Production staring Christina Carter and Maria Marley. Catwoman has taken bratty rich girl Maria and wants her wealthy daddy to pay a ransom or she’s keeping the sexy, young vixen as her sex slave prize. Clip contains: several great knockout scenes, rope bondage with cleave gag, struggle sequence and fondling, […]

“White Angel 25” is released!

"White Angel 25" is released! 44

“White Angel 25” features Yvonne as White Angel Jean Blade! In “White Angel 25”, White Angel Agent Jean Blade is attacked in her civilian garb by a powerful Remo agent who manages to chloroform her and change her (off screen) into her White Angel catsuit. He then takes pleasure in proving to her that she […]

Carissa’s Heroine Adventure

Carissa's Heroine Adventure 45

Carissa first stars as Bat Woman taking on a villain and she is clonked on the head, captured, vibed, unmasked and unmasked. She returns as a Blue Angel who is ragged out, fondled, ragged out again, more fondling! She just can’t seem to get away without getting ragged again! Finally, the villain hoists her over […]

Mysteria vs. Wonder Girl – Hypnotics World

Mysteria vs. Wonder Girl - Hypnotics World 46

Another superheroine release from Hypnotics World! Wonder Girl arrives at the lair of Mysteria with the intention of taking her down but Mysteria’s mind control proves to be too much for the Wonder Heroine! WG tries to use her strength against Mysteria but Mysteria works her mental magic and soon WG is under her control! […]