Agent X: Trickster’s Lucky Day

Agent X: Trickster's Lucky Day 1

Trickster gets information that Jane Dunaway is a good friend of Agent X.  He decides that she will make good bait to trap Agent X and sneaks into Jane’s apartment and overpowers her with chloroform while she’s cleaning up. He decides to take some pictures of Jane to set a trap for Agent X, but […]

Wonder Woman: Home Invasion – Sleepy Superheroines

Wonder Woman: Home Invasion - Sleepy Superheroines 2

Diana Prince (the stunning Misty Lovelace) is getting ready to go to work and starts putting on her pantyhose, skirt, and clothing little realizing that the nefarious Trickster has broken into her home. Trickster quickly chloroforms Diana Prince and then decides to have some fun and humiliate his captive by undressing her down to her […]

Wonder Woman Returns

Wonder Woman Returns 3

Wonder Woman Returns! – Sleepy Superheroines Here is Part 2   Wonder Woman is aiming to deliver some payback to the Trickster after her humiliating defeat the last time. But as usual, the Trickster is well prepared to take on the voluptuous amazon and has some sneaky tricks up his sleeve including mind-control bracelets […]

Sleep Of The SpiderWoman

Sleep Of The SpiderWoman 7

Misty Lovelace as Spider-Woman arrives to help Trickster out of a jam knowing full well that it could be a trap. She goes against her better judgment and rescues him. Wrong move! As we all know, this was a trap to capture Spider Woman. What follows is a myriad of knockouts that Sleepy Superheroines is […]

The Many Defeats Of Silk

The Many Defeats Of Silk 8

Trickster has laid out a plan to trap Silk and like a moth to a flame she falls for it. Order Xanax online Trickster knocks her out with a well-placed electro  trap and then a blackjack to the head. Poor Silk doesn’t know what hit  her. Next, Trickster wants to try out his new Hypno Flute, […]

Sleep, Batlass, Sleep!

Sleep, Batlass, Sleep! 9

Misty Lovelace as Batlass is snooping around in Trickster’s lair when she’s caught in a net.  But this is no ordinary net, it is a net soaked in chloroform. A surprised Batlass loses consciousness, a captive of the Trickster. Looks like the Trickster had this all  planned out by luring Batlass to his lair and capturing her.  […]

Wonder Woman Defeated

Wonder Woman Defeated 10

Trickster has kidnapped General Blankenshipp to lure Wonder Woman so he can capture her and hypnotize her into doing his bidding. Wonder Woman arrives and is soon captured by the sneaky Trickster. What follows is a non-stop parade of knockouts for the overmatched Amazon including an homage to the classic Fausta episode of the classic […]

Spider-Woman Three Strikes And You’re Out

Spider-Woman Three Strikes And You're Out 11

Two actresses portraying the same character in (mostly) the same story. Spider-Woman is ready to bring Trickster in, but the dastardly fiend gives her three chances to catch him. Easy enough for the mighty Spider-Woman, right? Wrong! Trickster unleashes a number of sleepy tricks on the unsuspecting heroine including a joy buzzer KO, chloroform, and […]

Pleasant Dreams Black Bat

Pleasant Dreams Black Bat 12

Black Bat is on a mission to find a computer hard drive that will put a corrupt politician away for good. Little does she know that it’s a trap set up the fiendish Trickster. In no time, Black Bat finds herself a prisoner of the fiend. Weakened from a head KO and chloroform, can she […]

Zero Suit Battle – Sensually Savage

Zero Suit Battle - Sensually Savage 19

In the distant future, two lovers-turned rival assassins (played by Misty Lovelace and Skye Blue) do battle in order to secure valuable and top secret information! We fade in a hog-tied Agent Misty, who wakes up and struggles as Agent Blue suddenly teleports behind her. Shocked to see her ex-love, Misty demands to know what’s […]