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The Many Defeats Of Silk 1

The Many Defeats Of Silk

Trickster has laid out a plan to trap Silk and like a moth to a flame she falls for it. Order Xanax online http://xanaxbars.net/ Trickster knocks her out with a well-placed electro  trap and then a bl...

Sleep, Batlass, Sleep! 2

Sleep, Batlass, Sleep!

Misty Lovelace as Batlass is snooping around in Trickster’s lair when she’s caught in a net.  But this is no ordinary net, it is a net soaked in chloroform. A surprised Batlass loses consc...

Canary Outmatched - Sleepy Superheroines 3

Canary Outmatched – Sleepy Superheroines

A new scantily clad superheroine named Canary is out to get the Trickster. Unfortunately for her and fortunately for us, the Trickster is well prepared. After she gets the quick upper hand, Trickster ...

Wonder Woman Defeated 4

Wonder Woman Defeated

Trickster has kidnapped General Blankenshipp to lure Wonder Woman so he can capture her and hypnotize her into doing his bidding. Wonder Woman arrives and is soon captured by the sneaky Trickster. Wha...

Prey - Hidden Vault Entertainment 5

Prey – Hidden Vault Entertainment

Watch as ex-special forces operative LIEUTENANT SONYA WEBB encounters trouble after entering the compound of the notorious GEORGE VAN HOLT. Dearest fans and friends, Heroine Arena will be closing on M...

Purple Haze vs. Iron Vetta - Weaponz Tokyo 6

Purple Haze vs. Iron Vetta – Weaponz Tokyo

Purple Haze tries her best with no success against the powerful Iron Vetta.   Purchase Link https://weaponz-tokyo.myshopify.com/products/purple-haze-in-purple-equals-black-and-blue-mp4

Super No. 1 Crush! - Velvets Fantasies 8

Super No. 1 Crush! – Velvets Fantasies

We fade in on the beautiful Jacquelyn Velvets, playing a former super-heroine/vigilante suffering from a severe case of boredom. She scans her phone and notices a brand new (and super sexy) do-gooder ...

Colossus - The Battle For Earth 10

Colossus – The Battle For Earth

After dominating her physically and finding himself attracted to Widow, will he be able to carry out his orders to kill? Find out in Colossus!

"White Angel 22" is released! 11

“White Angel 22” is released!

“White Angel 22” is here! See super sexy Kara Lina, our newest super-powered White Angel, fight her way out of the clutches of the power dampening Syphon! White Angel agents are super-powe...