"White Angel 22" is released! 1

“White Angel 22” is released!

“White Angel 22” is here! See super sexy Kara Lina, our newest super-powered White Angel, fight her way out of the clutches of the power dampening Syphon! White Angel agents are super-powe...

"White Angel 21" is released! 2

“White Angel 21” is released!

“White Angel 21” is finally here! See super sexy Kara Lina as our newest super-powered White Angel! White Angel agents are super-powered spies with superior strength, stamina, and possessi...

"Darkwing: Mind Games" is Released! 3

“Darkwing: Mind Games” is Released!

In “Darkwing: Mind Games”, Darkwing takes on Xander to stop him from interfering with Supernova’s showdown with Doomsayer, but Xander outmaneuvers her, using his best henchmen, inclu...

"Supernova Prime: Alien Dawn" is Released! 5

“Supernova Prime: Alien Dawn” is Released!

“Supernova Prime 2: Alien Dawn” is an all-out action episode! Supernova is dead, and now Supernova Prime tries her best to avenge her fallen comrade, but finds Doomsayer virtually unstoppa...

"Teen Bat 3: Genesis" is released! 6

“Teen Bat 3: Genesis” is released!

“Teen Bat 3: Genesis” is released! For those who are not familiar with Teen Bat, she’s a gritty heroine based loosely upon Batgirl, but the beautiful Saskiia (Sassy) Saarti brings he...

"Megagirl: The Grim Trials" at 14

“Megagirl: The Grim Trials” at

Hi all, We are back with a new heroine “Megagirl”, played by the awesome Monica Jade! Synopsis: Megagirl has been attacked by an inter dimensional demon named, “Grimskull”. The...

The Submission of Supergirl - Screencap Comic 15

The Submission of Supergirl – Screencap Comic

After being dominated by Max and Cat our heroine is forced to make a choice and a confession.   The previous story can be found at the link below, The Domination of Supergirl  

The Domination of Supergirl – ScreenCap Comic

Supergirl confronts Max Lord about his link to a bomb threat only to discover that her nemesis has made some discoveries of his own!   This story is continued here, The Submission of Supergirl

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