“Ultrawoman 12: Power Thief” is released!

"Ultrawoman 12: Power Thief" is released! 1

“Ultrawoman 12: Power Thief” features Lynda and Samantha Wilde as Agent Steel/Ultrawoman and Nightshade/Dark Ultra respectively! Lynda returns as both Agent Steel and Ultrawoman in “Ultrawoman 12: Power Thief”. Agent Steel thinks that she’s found Nightshade’s corpse, but Nightshade’s powers have been healing her fatal wounds and she revives just in time to attack Agent […]

Batgirl in Wonderland Part 1: Meet the Tweedles

Batgirl in Wonderland Part 1: Meet the Tweedles 2

Cali is in her Batgirl uniform tied up. She struggles to get out and then Lydia comes in behind her taunting her. Lydia is ready to pacify Cali since she has been doing nothing but then with the city of Gotham. Lydia is ready to put Cali in time out. She makes sure Cali sucks […]

“White Angel 25” is released!

"White Angel 25" is released! 3

“White Angel 25” features Yvonne as White Angel Jean Blade! In “White Angel 25”, White Angel Agent Jean Blade is attacked in her civilian garb by a powerful Remo agent who manages to chloroform her and change her (off screen) into her White Angel catsuit. He then takes pleasure in proving to her that she […]

Helpless Batgirl – Anastasia Pierce

Helpless Batgirl - Anastasia Pierce 4

For this new adventure you will find some themes I haven’t shot in a while. Smoking Villainess, sleepy and unconscious Super Heroine. Batgirl getting stripped, fondled and kissed while unable to defend herself. Then gagged and struggling for Catwoman’s pleasure. Batgirl is completely helpless and at the mercy of Catwoman the entire story! Catwoman is […]

Poisoned Prey – Jacqueline Velvets

Poisoned Prey - Jacqueline Velvets 5

We fade in on the devious Poison Ivy (played by Andrea Rosu) as she waters her precious plants, cooing at them as a figure stalks her from the shadows. It’s Batgirl (played by Jacquelyn Velvets), but the do-gooder is quickly stopped by a dose of Ivy’s sleepy spray! The green-clad baddie unmasks her foe moments […]

“Darkwing 17: Shade of Darkness” is released!

"Darkwing 17: Shade of Darkness" is released! 7

“Darkwing 17: Shade of Darkness” stars Yvonne in the title role, and introduces sexy Samantha (Sam) Wilde in the role of gorgeous, but badass, Nightshade. In this episode, you are treated to a girl-on-girl battle with the villainess winning in both versions! Initially, both combatants are confident in their own powers. Nightshade has the power […]

SwiftStrike Rebooted

SwiftStrike Rebooted 8

Eva is back but in a whole new body. She goes up against a villain with a bionic arm. Will he beat her faster than her nanites can repair? Includes Belly punching, low blows, bearhug, belly punching, AOH, sleepy, dragging, carry, more belly punching and a defeated ending.   Now Available at SHG-Media

To Catch A Spydra – Sleepy Superheroines

To Catch A Spydra - Sleepy Superheroines 10

How do you capture a superheroine who is a physical specimen and knows various forms of combat? You use her naïve sense of justice and her overconfidence against her. But most important, you need to be in control of the situation and fight your prey on your own terms and in your own lair. Sandman […]

Harem Girl: Blue Angel Trapped!

Harem Girl: Blue Angel Trapped! 11

Jayden Cole stars as a Blue Angel who infiltrates a secret hideaway only to discover it belongs to the infamous Harem Girl! Angela Sommers as Harem Girl starts to perform her mesmerizing dance to a defiant Blue Angel but soon the Angel’s resistance starts to crumble and Harem Girl is able to ensnare her with […]

Batlass In Trickster’s Traps – Sleepy Superheroines

Batlass In Trickster's Traps - Sleepy Superheroines 12

Niki Lee Young stars as the sexy Batlass in a grey spandex catsuit.  Batlass has gotten information that Trickster has a virus on DVD that will destroy the financial economy of the city.  Little does she know that it’s all a trap set-up by the Trickster to capture her… over and over again.  The plucky […]