Solaria vs. Space Vixens

Solaria vs. Space Vixens 1

While tracking down stolen vials of deadly serum, Solaria encounters Domina and her two space vixen sidekicks Ultima and Maxima. Solaria is always the strongest force in the room, but that’s not the case here. The vixens are powerful, and collectively, they could likely wipe Solaria clean off the map. Fortunately for us, that’s not […]

The Interrogation of Wonder Woman, The Dark-side of Pleasure Pt 2

The Interrogation of Wonder Woman, The Dark-side of Pleasure Pt 2 4

Wonder Woman now a captive of the villainess Scarecrow continues to be subjected to tight bondage. In the end Scarecrow is enamored by Wonder Woman’s courage and leaves her with the possibility of escape. The powerless super-heroine will find freeing herself from the tight ropes a tall task as well as coming to grips with […]

Wrath Of Iron Vetta 5 – Red Cardinal

Wrath Of Iron Vetta 5 - Red Cardinal 5

Iron Vetta is back! And this time Red Cardinal is looking to take her down. Will Red Cardinal succeed?   Purchase Link: Red Cardinal in Wrath of Iron Vetta Ch 5 MP4    

Batvixen From SHF

Batvixen From SHF 6

Now available! Starring Ashley Lane. Against Night-Bats wishes, Bat Vixen decides to go against the Jokster. Even though she is a skilled fighter, she underestimates him and his sidekick Carley. Its two against one! The infamous villains show her no mercy. They break, beat and humiliate her with a bearhug, painful wedgies, and forced orgasm. […]

Heroine Power returns with “SHZAAM!”

Heroine Power returns with "SHZAAM!" 7

AVAILABLE HERE! Heroine Power returns with ebony fetish model Monica Jade in a spiritual sequel to the classic Saturday morning series. In times of dire need, Monica shouts aloud the magic word, “SHZAAM!” to become the world’s mightiest super heroine, Captain Marvelous! Unfortunately, her arch-nemesis, Georgia Savannah (played by fetish model Sarah Michelle) is […]