Black Bat Stupor Heroine 1

Black Bat Stupor Heroine

Trickster’s got a new idea on how to humiliate superheroines. He would like to capture a superheroine and keep her in a “stupor” state meaning he wants to keep her in a semi-concious state before he k...

"Supernova 28: Serve & Protect" is Released! 2

“Supernova 28: Serve & Protect” is Released!

“Supernova 28: Serve & Protect” features Rebecca Mason as the one and only Supernova! “Supernova 28: Serve and Protect” is an epic reminiscent of the scope of the Dark Wondra Saga seri...

Dark Bat 1 & 2 are Released! 4

Dark Bat 1 & 2 are Released!

“Dark Bat” features Natasha Anastasia as the title character, picking up from the loss of her Supernova powers in “Supernova 23: We Are One”. In the first episode of “Dar...

"Supernova 27: Unbreakable" is Released! 7

“Supernova 27: Unbreakable” is Released!

“Supernova 27: Unbreakable” features Rebecca Mason as Supernova, and introduces Christina Ericsson as Gatekeeper Prime. This is the continuation of the storyline that ended with the Mechan...

Wonder Woman, Slave of the Yakuza 9

Wonder Woman, Slave of the Yakuza

Wonder Woman, Slave of the Yakuza is a fan custom produced by CC Production. Wonder Woman (Christina Carter) fought valiantly to destroy the human trafficking ring of the Jinshin-Baibai a syndicate of...

Heroineburgh Episode 17: Systems of Romance 11

Heroineburgh Episode 17: Systems of Romance

Now available: Episode 17 of Heroineburgh – the 4th episode of Season 2! Heroineburgh is a PG-13 live-action superheroine video series based in Pittsburgh, PA. The first season (13 episodes) cre...

The History of Bumblebee: DC's First African-American Superheroine 20

The History of Bumblebee: DC’s First African-American Superheroine

By: Joshua Lapin-Bertone     Karen Beecher might seem like an unassuming scientist, but as the superheroine Bumblebee she packs quite the sting! Bumblebee has proven just as useful using her...

R.I.P. Jessica James aka Cleopatra 21

R.I.P. Jessica James aka Cleopatra

It’s with a heavy heart we announce the passing of Jessica Jaymes …We shot with her back in 2016, playing the part of of Cleopatra. Our heartfelt condolences to her family..

Wonder Woman & Queen Hippolyta: QUEEN'S RANSOM 23

Wonder Woman & Queen Hippolyta: QUEEN’S RANSOM

Starring: Carissa Montgomery as Queen Hippolyta and Anastasia Pierce as Wonder Woman Wonder Woman is held prisoner in a chamber chained and gagged to keep her from trying to escape. Queen Hippolyta (Q...