“Space Agent Jetta” at UltraHeroix.com

"Space Agent Jetta" at UltraHeroix.com 1

Space Agent Jetta tracks down a fugitive alien. Unfortunately, He was waiting for her. Jetta must not only fight this alien but his spider pet as she tries to bring him to justice! Check it out at www.ultraheroix.com !

“Powerdame: Toxic Affair” at Ultraheroix.com

"Powerdame: Toxic Affair" at Ultraheroix.com 2

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text bb_tab_container=””]Powerdame takes great pride in protecting her safe, clean and green city. But when a toxic monstrosity attacks, our superheroine must use all her power and some luck to try and defeat it. Unfortunately, the monster known as Hedoran has a special power manipulating pollution and that is Powerdame’s main weakness. Can Powerdame defeat […]

“Agent Wonder: Avenging Star” -Ultraheroix.com

"Agent Wonder: Avenging Star" -Ultraheroix.com 3

Hi folks, We are back with one of my favorite characters, Agent Wonder. In this adventure, she is on a mission to avenge her fallen comrade, American Amazon. She manages to track down the murderous cyborg but now she has to deal with its new weapons and its mechanized minions…the spiderbots. Agent Wonder is outgunned […]

“Mentallix Unleashed”-Ultraheroix.com

"Mentallix Unleashed"-Ultraheroix.com 4

Hey folks, We are back with a brand new Swiftgirl video as she fights to break free from the villainous clutches of Mentallix! The villainess will use her psionic powers to either keep Swiftgirl in her clutches or destroy her. Be sure to check it out at https://ultraheroix.com . Thanks, Da Jinx

“Nightfox: Gravestone” at UltraHeroix.com

"Nightfox: Gravestone" at UltraHeroix.com 5

Hey everyone! We are back with a brand new Nightfox adventure! In this adventure, Nightfox falls into a trap set by the villainous duo “Gravestone”! “Grave” has energy absorbing powers that drain our heroine and “Stone” has rock hard skin. These villains are more than our heroine can handle and she becomes their prisoner. Unfortunately, […]

“Powerdame: Revoltz”- UltraHeroix.com

"Powerdame: Revoltz"- UltraHeroix.com 6

Hi everyone, We are back with a new video “Powerdame: Revoltz”! In this story we have Powerdame searching for the cause of power outages in her city. Her search brings her to a new electric-powered villainess named, Revoltz. The cocky heroine bites off more than she could chew as the villainess blasts her with powerful […]

“Ultra Brawl 2”-UltraHeroix.com

"Ultra Brawl 2"-UltraHeroix.com 7

Hi all, We are back for the sequel to “Ultra Brawl”. In “Ultra Brawl 2” The story picks up following the defeat of Lady Ultra (played by the lovely Monica Jade). Our heroine is being held as bait for the bloodthirsty and more powerful creature that has plagued our heroines’ city for the past few […]

“Space Agent Sola” -UltraHeroix.com

"Space Agent Sola" -UltraHeroix.com 8

Hi everyone, we are back with a new Space Agent adventure in “Space Agent Sola”! In this adventure Sola has been kidnapped by an intergalactic fugitive. He plans to use her technical skills in eliminating evidence and info on his crimes. She must try to escape and bring the criminal to justice. Sola is kidnapped, […]

“The Black Wasp” – UltraHeroix.com

"The Black Wasp" - UltraHeroix.com 9

There’s a new Superheroine in town and she’s called the “Black Wasp”. She has been on winning streak against crime and with petty criminals until she runs into her first supervillain, “Deadeye”! The veteran mercenary pulls no punches on the rookie heroine. She gets tied pummeled, knocked out, tied up and even shot in this adventure. […]

“Ultra Brawl”, Available at UltraHeroix.com

"Ultra Brawl", Available at UltraHeroix.com 10

Hi gang! We are back with the lovely Monica Jade as Lady Ultra. She does a phenomenal job portraying our lead superheroine in a knockdown, all-out fight to save her city. The story picks up from “The Horror Below” as Lady Ultra searches for the creature Dynafly barely survived in her adventure. Unfortunately, she is […]