The Tamer 2 – Part 1

The Tamer 2 - Part 1 1

Tamer II, Part 1 is the second installment in The Tamer series, a fan Written and Executive Produced custom with a great story line produced only the way CC Productions can with exceptional production value. In this installment the International BSDM trafficking ring made famous in the original Tamer is targeting I.A.D.C Agent, Diana Prince (Christina Carter). Diana is captured and securely moved to the ring’s processing center where she is rudely introduced to her Tamer, Mistress Cherrie (Cherie DeVille).

The trafficking ring has no knowledge of Diana Prince’s alter ego Wonder Woman. Diana patiently buys her time enduring the humiliation of her Tamer to reveal her true identity and take the ring down. Seizing the moment our super-heroine transforms and quickly disperses with the Tamer.

Wonder Woman then sets out to take down the mastermind behind the organization a mutant human with the gift of mind control over woman named Prometheus (Marcus London). Prometheus’s encounter with Wonder Woman is welcomed, as it is his first opportunity to use his power against an Amazonian woman. The gift holds true and Prometheus can control our super-heroines mind and body.

Clip Contains: damsel in distress, bag over the head, humiliation, groping, clothing being ripped, torn and cut-off, fingers in mouth, nipple play, nipple claps, girl-girl, super-heroine transformation, magic lasso, mind control, human mannequin, body posing, ring-gag and more. (Runtime 13:10 Mins.)


This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine) THIS CLIP!! (bondage/fetish)

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  1. Okay, I’ll go ahead and kick things off by saying that it’s a pleasure to see Christina playing our favorite star-spangled superheroine again after a very long hiatus from the part. The Tamer has a lot going for it but it’d be really nice if Christina didn’t end every Wonder Woman story with our Amazonian princess getting bested by her adversaries every time. Now, I know a lot of people are probably tired of hearing me say this but as someone who has purchased a lot of her content over the years (most of it from other producers) I really feel it’s time she pushed the ‘outcome’ of some of these heroine battles into a more…’positive’ direction. It was good to see her take down Cherie’s character during the first part of the story but then the guy that played Prometheus was able to subdue her no problem.

    Now granted, Prometheus was an interesting adversary in that he didn’t have to use violence to best Wonder Woman and that was a plus in my opinion and the sexual activity in this was fun to watch also. But as usual, Christina ends up being the ‘lamb for slaughter’ and I just don’t feel that’s right given her abilities as a fetish model. When she plays Catwoman, she’s practically untouchable against her adversaries but give her the Wonder Woman costume and she’s like Jell-O pudding for any villain she comes across.

    I know I’m in the ‘minority’ for saying this but I really would like to see a victory for next time for Wonder Woman. As a longtime fan, that’s a pretty small request and that’s all that I ask…

    • Hello!!
      I have to say I agree, I’d love to come out the winner next time. So, to all of my favorite fans who write my scripts and purchase customs so the rest of you can be this entertained… may we ask you to let me win? Just one at least!!


      • Hi Christina,
        It’s great to hear from you and it’s a pleasure to be able to finally speak with you. Again, I’m not tearing down your hard-work or anything like that, but you truly are a talented fetish model and since you’re playing a very heroic icon of the comic world, we feel it’s only right that you get a chance to shine in the spotlight as the ‘victor’. You were victorious against Verona, Chameleon the Hacker and in one episode, you were able to take down the Baroness (long-time rival Lady Diana) and that’s something that I thought I’d never see you do.

        We love what you do Wonder Woman, but as the princess of Paradise Island, we wanna see you crush the enemy sometime. That’s my greatest wish before you retire one day…to see you win some fights as the heroine.

        • Hi Everyone ,
          I am normally on the SHIB forum which seams to be down currently ,so I thought I would post here.
          Sorry to disagree, and hope you dont mind me putting in my view having only just joined your forum.

          Christina is a FETISH model and we all follow her precisely because she gets Fetished by her Nemesises !

          All the gang at SHIB like her to get Bound, Chained, take a beating , Tormented , Degraded and of course sexually abused etc, and to be honest the ending ( winning or loosing) is less important .

          Christina , we all think your Tamer II pts 1,2,& 3 films are absolutely fantastic . Please keep this standard and tone going , its streets ahead of the completion .

          If Wonderwoman had found an escape at the end , it would not have distracted at all from the Film. However if she just won all through the film then it would become boring and an issue for your peril fans.

          I guess you can keep us all happy if WW is able to overcome adversity right at the end of each Film ( Live to fight an other day type thing )

          Thanks for reading

          • Wow, wow, wow!
            JUst got parts 2 and 3.
            I have never seen Christina do HardCore WW before .
            Fantastic , I thoroughly recommend .

          • I feel what you’re saying scotscot and I respect your opinion. People like the damsel in peril fetish a lot and for a lot of producers, it’s what sells these days. But I just feel that Christina can take some of these storylines with Wonder Woman into a whole different direction sometimes that’s all. For example, in the story board section of the forums, my homegirl and I had created a custom-based story script for the ‘Dark Dimension’ saga that shows Wonder Woman conquering her ‘inner-demons’ to defeat Dark Wonder Woman. If it were up to us, that story we created would’ve been the catalyst for Dark Wonder Woman’s ‘fall in the Dark Dimension’.

            The biggest problem that I’m kinda having with some of the Wonder Woman storylines that have been created by C.C. productions is that some of them are rather…’inconclusive’. Don’t get me wrong, I love some of the ideas that have been produced but there’s no ‘real ending’ to some of the stories that C.C. Productions has created and each new chapter that gets produced, wellllllll…it kinda feels like they’re just spinning more yarn and dragging things along with each new adversary that Wonder Woman faces for the sake of creating more perilous situations that she can’t get out of…on her own.

            Also, there’s plenty of stories that C.C. Productions can create with Wonder Woman and they don’t always have to be heroin in peril moments. A lot of eroticism can be invented if she has a tryst with a fellow heroine or maybe even a civilian like Lois Lane or Vicki Vale. She can even do stories where Wonder Woman can be the sexual dominator over the villain and there’s plenty of ideas that can stem from that.

            I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but…I just don’t see how the ‘heroine being the dominator’ in the story takes away the ‘sex appeal’ of the story.

      • Christina
        Just wanted to say how great the Tramer II prt 1,2,&3 is .
        Please do more of the same kind of stuff , with of of course Bondage, Terror, Pain and Seduction . Happy for you to come out on top as WW but only at the very end !!!


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