“Teen Bat 3: Genesis” is released!

For those who are not familiar with Teen Bat, she’s a gritty heroine based loosely upon Batgirl, but the beautiful Saskiia (Sassy) Saarti brings her sassy attitude to this role, making her a far more interesting character than the DC heroine upon which she is based. This is Teen Bat’s first adventure, but she fearlessly takes on four fully trained and armed Gate Keepers of the Seventh Sanctum in order to rescue a captured female lawyer. In the process, she is strangled, beaten, double-teamed, and slashed, but she keeps fighting until the end.

The gorgeous Olivia Sharpe plays Donna Carter, the damsel in distress, but she’s more than just a gutsy lawyer who is investigating the Seventh Sanctum’s influence peddling operation. She is the woman who will soon don the mantle of the Dark Guardian. So, this episode is also the origin story of DarK Guardian. Together, Teen Bat and Dark Guardian will, as a result of the events of this episode, form the superheroine group known as the Street Guardians! Therefore, “Teen Bat 3: Genesis” is a prequel to “Teen Bat 2: Vanquished” and “Dark Guardian: Shockwave”, both still on sale.

Donna Carter (a.k.a. Dark Guardian) is captured and being worked over by Gate Keepers of the Seventh Sanctum. Then, Teen Bat appears and takes on all 4 Gate Keepers, holding her own until the two endings diverge. In the Peril version, both heroines survive. In the Extreme version, Teen Bat is shot in the head, and Donna Carter is knifed in the chest.

There’s all-out action in this blockbuster episode!

Check out the Element poster below to see what’s included in each version of “Teen Bat 3: Genesis”!
Element Poster

Here are the purchase links:

Teen Bat 3: Genesis (Peril)

Teen Bat 3: Genesis (Extreme version)



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