The Benefactor – TBFE


Cricket is a small time criminal for hire. She owes her recent lockup to Lady Wonder and although she’s out on Parole, she can’t shake the need for revenge. When she’s contacted by a mystery benefactor with a plan to finally get at Lady Wonder, she doesn’t hesitate to make her move. The benefactor has gifted Cricket a doll which is designed to torture Wonder. Whatever is done to the doll, Lady Wonder feels it. When the two finally meet and Cricket reveals the doll, Wonder finds herself completely out of control. Cricket doesn’t hesitate to take full advantage and after discovering how to control Lady Wonder physically, Cricket realizes she can have fun with Wonder sexually. Wonder just doesn’t see it coming…

Contains: 1 on 1 Female/Female Combat, Face Punches, Belly Punching, Kicks, Knees, Low Blows, Bear Hugs, Head-butts, Crawling, Body Pans, Groping, Topless Nudity, Forced Masturbation, Forced Face Sitting With Villainess Completing, Use of Energy Weapon On Chest, Pussy And During Bear Hug, Use Of Voodoo Doll To Control and Torture Heroine In Various Ways

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