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The Entrancers Mesmerizing Dance!


….and other slumbers!!

Remember when I said there was a small companion clip to the “Wonder Tara vs. The Entrancer” photo set? Well, here it is!

Just a short video but packs 3 slumber scenes in quick succession. Wonder Tara infiltrates and is entranced by The Entrancer’s mesmerizing dance and slides into dreamland.¬† Once Wonder Tara awakes, she is a little dazed and confused and is ambushed by The Entrancer again! Down she goes for slumber #2!

Now The Entrancer is ready for the final blow and wipes some strange substance from a rag onto her tights covered soles. Whatever could she be planning?
Wonder Tara starts to stir and we soon find out as The Entracer places her foot over Wonder Tara’s mouth and nose! Oh no, it’s KO #3!

And that, my friends is where this story ends. Short and sweet. Sweet dreams, that is!

Please note there are 2 quick outtakes/alternate shots after the end credits.

Models: Tara Bush, Kerri Taylor

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