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The HUNGER, Batwoman vs Vampirella – Anastasia Pierce


Batwoman confronts Vampirella but the Super Villain gets the upper hand and using her mesmerizing and erotic magic powers will subdue and make Batwoman her sex slave and lover. Batwoman will shamelessly become her sexual prey and moan and scream at the trusting of Vampirella strap-on. The vampire promises her eternity at her sides but will she fulfill her promise once done biting her victim..?

Includes: Anastasia Pierce,  Kendra James, Vampirella, Batwoman, Special FX, Super Powers, Vampire, Immortal, Super Villain, Magical Energy, Catfighting, Enchanted, Sex Slave, SHIP, Girl-Girl, Fetish Parody, Strap-on Sex, Damsel in distress, Fondling, Humiliation, Cosplay, Helpless, Captive, Super-heroine in distress with Lesbian sex, Peril and No escape!

The HUNGER, Batwoman vs Vampirella

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