The Iron Curtain

n this non-canon Pure encounter we see Candy ‘The Equalizer’ Race bearing down on the Crown Prince of the 7th Dimension. There is only one obstacle in her path, his personal bodyguard ‘The Iron Drone’. Candy’s powers make her a match for absolutely anyone, but does that extend to mechanical beasts?

Candy’s early confidence is dashed by the power of the drone, but she continues to put up a decent fight. As blows continue to land on both sides our heroine gets worn down and starts to get toyed with by the Iron Monster as it puts her in various painful stretches, looking to test the very limits of her heroism.

Candy is supremely tough however, and if anyone has the guts to handle the painful onslaught it is her. Can Candy defeat the Iron Drone and go after the Crown Prince? Or will she be just another one of his victims, another slave to his wicked desires?

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  1. She seems to always get in the back stretching pin hold Love it

    Ever heard of the wrestling hold called Ceiling cradle hold it would be hot


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