The Many Defeats Of Silk

Trickster has laid out a plan to trap Silk and like a moth to a flame
she falls for it. Order Xanax online
Trickster knocks her out with a well-placed electro  trap and then a blackjack to the head. Poor Silk doesn’t know what hit  her. Next, Trickster wants to try out his new Hypno Flute, a flute that hypnotizes its victim into doing a sensuous dance. That works
well enough, but Silk starts to come out of her trance. No problem,
Trickster chloros her into unconsciousness again.
What follows are a  myriad of knockouts for poor Silk including multiple injections KOs,
chloro KOs including where Trickster sprays her mask with chloro so
when she awakes she will put on her mask and chloro herself. Can Silk
escape her sleepy fate? Levitra for ED
Find out in this brand new release from Sleepy  Superheroines.


Video contains peril elements including multiple chloroform KOs,
electric KOs, blackjack KO, injection KOs, butt spankings, cradle
carries, and over the shoulder carries.

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Sleepy Superheroines


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