The Understudy


Contains: Male/female Combat, Female/female combat, face, body, and belly Punching, kicks, low blows, crawling, choking, various holds, topless nudity, forced humiliating arousal in multiple scenarios including fondling, fingering, 2 death endings for both heroines – both strangling

Sunder is still reeling from her last failed engagement with a villain. He compromised her sexual will to the point where her recovery was uncertain. Sonique is begrudgingly tasked with overseeing her next engagement.

The villain has recently been released from a maximum security institution that remains off the grid. His stay was the opposite of rehabilitation and instead, he absorbed knowledge and power from the other inmates.

Sonique put him away years ago and wrongly assumes he’s just a lower level thug. Sunder engages the villain with Sonique overseeing, and it quickly becomes apparent that he’s far more a challenge than predicted.

Correctly assessing Sunder’s weakness, the villain quickly challenges Sunder’s questionable moral grounding. Before long, Sunder finds herself sexually compromised and out of control again, this time putting Sonique in danger. Sonique is forced to engage, but is it too late?

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