The Veil Lifted – SHG Media


Sonique has a score to settle with The Veil after being publicly humiliated and losing soundly on their last encounter. She contacts a local media outlet and they agree to advertise and stream the fight live. The Veil shows up for the challenge and after a brief encounter, the cocky Sonique thinks she has Veil on the ropes. He takes a cheap shot at her arm, breaking her elbow and disabling her from continuing the fight. She vows revenge yet again. She knows there is no way to lose to him a third time, but he’s far from stupid and comes prepared with weapons and 2 more fighters. No matter what Sonique does, she can’t seem to gain the advantage. She takes hit after hit, constantly tossing attitude at The Veil, fully expecting the 3 fighters to eventually weaken.

Unfortunately, before she realizes what’s happening, the weapons and the 3 fighters and The Veil’s ability to disappear and reappear begin to get the best of her. By the end of the encounter, she’s so out of it that she probably doesn’t even remember as the attach a stimulation machine and stream her live as she begins cumming uncontrollably for the entire internet to witness.


Contains: Male/Female Combat, male/male/female combat, male/male/male/female combat, face, body, belly punching, kicks, low blows, crawling, over the costume groping, forced orgasm device, live streaming of fights and forced orgasms.

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