Triad – The Battle For Earth

3 villains have all had a hand at capturing and torturing Solaria at different points, but they can’t seem to agree on who was more brutal. In hand to hand combat, Calamity was able to best Solaria. Juno was much more devious and uses a sexual scenario to coerce Solaria into a false sense of security. Shortly thereafter, Solaria finds herself AOH and at the receiving end of various torture scenarios. Rouge, Lady Fatale’s sister is older, more powerful, and hugely pissed at the beating Solaria dished out to Fatale in a recent altercation. Using her abilities to control and harness massive amounts of energy, Rouge is prepared to use every tool at her disposal to teach Solaria a final lesson. Watch Solaria deal with three brutal villains as they face off on who beat her the best.

Contains: 1 on 1 female combat, face, body, belly punching, kicks, bear hug , multiple low blows, crawling, 3 villains with 3 separate beatdown/torture scenarios, use of energy/electricity to repeatedly torture Sunder, consentual massage with full nudity administered by villain, AOH scenario complete with beatdown, whipping, acid torture, electricution, and a large dildo shoved into heroine’s power center.



Triad - The Battle For Earth 3

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