Hi all,
We are back for the sequel to “Ultra Brawl”. In “Ultra Brawl 2” The story picks up following the defeat of Lady Ultra (played by the lovely Monica Jade). Our heroine is being held as bait for the bloodthirsty and more powerful creature that has plagued our heroines’ city for the past few months. Now, Lady Ultra must find a way to escape, fight The Horror and end his threat once and for all. In this video, we have AOH bondage, knockouts, crawling, chloroform, monster fighting action and more!
Be sure to check out: https://Ultraheroix.com



  1. Please make more vids of heroines in their tan shiny sheer to waist pantyhosed feet get dominated by bigger and stronger villainesses in their black, midnight blue, navy blue, or brown Danskin sheer to waist pantyhosed feet along with heroines also being dominated by bigger and stronger male villains/creatures.



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