UltraGirl Drained of Her Powers!

UltraGirl Drained of Her Powers! 1

previously released in May 2018

Starring Captive Chrissy Marie in her first appearance as UltraGirl
Produced by ShinyBound

All screencaps credited to ShinyBound
part 1: https://shinybound.com/x-new/new-set.php?setid=88908&user=shinybound
part 2: https://shinybound.com/x-new/new-set.php?setid=88910&user=shinybound
part 3: https://shinybound.com/x-new/new-set.php?setid=88911&user=shinybound
full version: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/96993/20535897/chrissy-marie-ultragirl-drained-of-her-powers-full-version-mp4

Part 1
While UltraGirl is flying over Liberty City, she notices something that needs her attention and lands outside a home. While searching for cries for help, she is struck by two darts that render her unconscious.  It’s a trap!

The Black Skull, after admiring his captive, binds UltraGirl ankles and wrists with rope and carries her over his shoulder to his car.  After placing UltraGirl in the trunk, he shuts it and drives the superheroine back to his lair.

When UltraGirl awakens, she is suspended by all four limbs in a spread eagle position.  Still groggy from the effects of the darts, she is unable to free herself even with her power belt on.

The Black Skull re-emerges with a new device designed to drain UltraGirl’s powers.  He taunts that he would be able to easily make her helpless by removing her power belt, but he finds using the device to suck them out of her.  After placing the wand between UltraGirl’s legs, The Black Skull observes the superheroine trying to resist the effects of the device to no avail. After stripping UltraGirl of her powers, The Black Skull takes pleasure in stripping the unconscious UltraGirl of her identity by removing her costume down to her panties.

Part 2
UltraGirl next awakens hanging by her wrists in just her panties with ropes at her ankles, knees and crotch.  The Black Skull brags that he will get UltraGirl to submit to him.  After she defiantly refuses, he places a large ballgag in her mouth and leaves her to suffer.

Part 3
After several hours, UltraGirl awakens on the floor, stringently bound with rope. The Black Skull returns and admires how securely tied UltraGirl is. He enhances her bondage with a hogtie and ballgag and leaves her to struggle some more before a buyer he secured can pick her up.

After UltraGirl struggles helplessly for several minutes, The Black Glove returns, removes the ballgag and asks UltraGirl if she is ready to submit.

She says softly, “Never … I’ll never submit.”

The Black Glove angrily says “Fine UltraGirl! Have it your way! The buyer will be here soon!”

A weakened UltraGirl is left to helplessly await her fate …





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