UltraGirl In The Clutches of The Black Cat! pt 2

UltraGirl In The Clutches of The Black Cat! pt 2 1

Chrissy Marie as UltraGirl
Ashley Lane as The Black Cat

Produced and Directed by Jim Weathers at Bondage Cafe
Written by SH Binder
(all screenshots below credited to Bondage Cafe)

After enduring a night of helpless orgasms (clip wmbcv-1333), UltraGirl (Chrissy Marie) finds herself strapped down to a table in Black Cat’s (Ashley Lane) lair. Black Cat explains that if she won’t submit to her, that she will end up a trophy, and opens the spout on a container suspended over UltraGirl. A thick, clear liquid pours down and starts to coat UltraGirl’s stocking feet. Black Cat explains that it is a polymer that will cover UltraGirl’s body and then harden into a rock-hard, shell, trapping her forever. Black Cat laughs and leaves UltraGirl to be slowly coated from head to foot. Can she possibly escape?!


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