UltraGirl Returns! A two-parter from Heroine Universe

UltraGirl Returns! A two-parter from Heroine Universe 1

Starring Tilly McReese as UltraGirl!
produced by Heroine Universe
all photos and screencaps credited to Heroine Universe


Part 1: Returning home from fighting crime, she grabs a drink, and while in the kitchen, laments about her tough day of fighting crime, and how The Collector is always after her, as she sips. As she continues to relax on the couch and gets to the bottom of her drink, she realizes something is amiss. But it’s too late and things take effect, as she drops her glass, realizing aloud that this is the Collector’s doing. Ultra Girl stumbles from the couch but falls to the floor.

Later, UltraGirl comes around, finding herself in rope bondage and ballgagged while in the trunk of a waiting car! A henchman of the Collector arrives to gloat and taunts her about removing her power belt. Powerless, UltraGirl can only gag talk at him as he looks her over. He shuts her in the trunk. The last we see, he’s driving down the road, as UltraGirl is heard screaming and thumping in the trunk!

Part 2:  UltraGirl is delivered to a seedy location run by the notorious villain The Collector. The trunk opens and the Collector looks over UltraGirl. Her belt and boots removed (and now in his possession), she’s helpless to stop him.

Inside the warehouse lair, we see UltraGirl bound standing, her arms chained above her head, ballgagged, she’s chained taut and is made to stand on her toes, her nylon feet stepping around as she struggles. The Collector enters, taunting her about his plans for her. He has her power belt tied on a rope a few feet away. UltraGirl tries her best to get to it, kicking at it, trying to push her body toward it, anything. But it’s no use.

After he’s had his fun, we later see UltraGirl now bound in the bondage kneeler, ballgagged, her power belt now tied just inches from her fingertips. With all her might, she tries to reach it with her bound hand, her finger tips barely grazing it with increasing frustration as she struggles.  The Collector re-enters and begins to have his way with her. Will UltraGirl escape??!!


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