UltraGirls: Crisis in Chains!

UltraGirls: Crisis in Chains! 1

Kobe Kelly, the UltraGirl of Earth A, is in her secret identity investigating the crimes of Liberty City’s kingpin, Rex Ruthless.  After a lengthy search, she finds his location and the evidence she needs to bring Rex to justice.

Meanwhile on Earth B, Arielle Kelly, the UltraGirl of that universe, is simultaneously doing the same research.  She also discovers where Rex is located and is determined to bring him in.
Both UltraGirls spring into action but a mysterious force from somewhere in the multiverse transports Arielle to Earth B.  Kobe and Arielle arrive at the lair of Rex Ruthless of Earth A from different entry points and quietly search the premises for the evil crime lord.
When the moment of truth arrives and both UltraGirls confront Ruthless, they discover each other.  Kobe challenges “Who are you?”  Arielle replies “UltraGirl!  Who are you?”  Kobe states “UltraGirl!”
Thinking that her doppelganger is an imposter, Kobe engages Arielle in battle as Rex backs away and admires the scene.  While the UltraGirls are grappling, Rex retrieves a gas mask and starts pumping an invisible gas into the room.  Both UltraGirls succumb to the effect of the gas and slump to the floor on top of each other.  After Rex ensures they are unconscious, he gloats about what he plans to do next.
The two UltraGirls awaken handcuffed in a small cage.  Their power belts have been taken and they are helpless to escape.  Realizing that they are on the same side, they struggle against their metal bonds.  Rex returns to gloat and taunt the subdued superheroines.  The UltraGirls defiantly challenge Rex and when he has heard enough, he knocks out the two superheroines and they collapse on each other in the tiny cage.
Rex ballgags the two UltraGirls and leads them by chained leashes through his hideout.  They are completely helpless to resist as he leads them to another level of his facility.
Rex binds the two UltraGirls bootless and beltless, with wrists and ankles cuffed and chained into hogties.  As they protest through their ballgags, Rex taunts the two superheroines with their power belts.  He leaves them to helplessly struggle as he goes to sell the power belts to The Purge.
Will the UltraGirls be able to free themselves to stop Rex and prepare for the coming crisis??!!
To be continued ….
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