“Ultrawoman 8: Undercover Amazon” is released!


In “Ultrwoman 8: Undercover Amazon”, Lynda returns in the dual roles of Ultrwoman as well as her sexy alter ego, Agent Steel!

The video opens with Agent Steel on an undercover assignment. Being the confident and capable espionage agent who she is, Steel first tries to take on a Gate Keeper without the help of her Amazon persona, but eventually she summons the Amazon warrior known to our world as Ultrawoman. Unfortunately, she then discovers that she and Ultrawoman have been lured into a trap. She is bathed in a power draining gas, which weakens her enough so that the Gate Keeper can defeat her and take her to his boss, the Master Collector.

It is now the Master Collector’s turn to humble the beautiful Amazon. This is where the two versions diverge. Yes, there are two versions of this video, the Peril version (SS#81) in which she wins, and the Extreme version (V.V.#73) in which she dies. In the Peril version, Ultrawoman defeats and slays the Master Collector. In the Extreme version, Ultrawoman is shot multiple times, then forcibly transformed into her human form where she is brutally stabbed to death! Make sure you check out the Element poster below (by clicking on the image for an expanded view) and select the version that best suits your interests.

Here are the purchase links:

Peril/Winning version – SS#81 – “Ultrwoman 8: Undercover Amazon” (Peril):

Extreme/Death version – V.V.#73 – “Ultrwoman 8: Undercover Amazon”:

“Ultrwoman 8: Undercover Amazon” – 2-in-1 Combo (only available with Bitcoin payment):

Here’s the Element poster!

Here’s a gallery of some of the awesome scenes from this video!

Don’t miss this awesome blockbuster video!



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