Redwing has been investigating a sex trafficking organization. To get inside, Redwing must pose as a stripper/hooker. Redwing shows up prepared and even after Piper forces her to “audition” with a lap dance, Redwing keeps her cool. Once Redwing is close enough and thinks she has Piper distracted, she plants a kiss on Piper’s lips. Little does Piper know, but Red has a special chemical that is activated with touch. Before long, Piper is unconscious. Now all Redwing must do is fight her way through 4 guards and release the girls locked in the back. Problem is, while Redwing is distracted fighting the guards and saving the girls, Piper wakes up and escapes. Now Redwing is faced with 4 guards and the potential of having to deal with a very pissed off Piper. Furthermore, Piper didn’t end up running a sex trafficking ring without learning how to fight and kill if necessary. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…




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