Price:  $30/$50 (Limited Time Pricing, Friday-Sunday comes with Preorder Bonus Content)

Price Will Change to $35 dollars Monday, then to $40 dollars by next Friday

Length: 50 Minutes
Size: 540P 1.61gb / 720P 2.84gb
Starring: Riley Reyes


The Blue Avenger attempts to keep her identity secret now being blackmailed by Brutal Jack. Jack likes to drop in to catch up whenever he can. But Blue Avenger has had enough and is ready to turn him in, even if it means revealing her identity to the public.

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Superheroine Unlimited

Uninvited 4 -SHL 1

Uninvited 4 -SHL 2

Uninvited 4 -SHL 3

Uninvited 4 -SHL 4

Uninvited 4 -SHL 5

Uninvited 4 -SHL 6

Uninvited 4 -SHL 7


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