Uninvited 5

Red Vision has a guilty conscience. Both the Blue Avenger and Blue Vixen were harmed at the hands of Jack using Red Visions SuperHuman Fail-Safe device. Originally intended and invented by Red Vision to de-power a super-powered individual for a worse case scenario, she helplessly trades the device for her own life after having been captured by Jack and Sandman. Sandman uses his powers to enter Red Visions mind, using her worse fears against her. Jack having had his fun decides to kill Red Vision, in trade for her life she provides him with the weapon.

Blue Avenger wants revenge, Red Vision offers to help to clear her guilty conscience. Both agree to meet at Jacks but only one of them makes it. Red Vision has a score to settle with Jack. Jack isn’t amused his one moment of kindness has come back to haunt him.

Character Information

Red Vision

Skillset: Intelligent, Inventor

Powers: The ability to erase memories (Not featured in film), the ability to take control of another’s physical motor functions (Only through eye contact)

Strength: Slightly above human strength

Weaknesses: Has all human weaknesses, physical strength sometimes allows for her to take above average in damage

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