The Unstoppable Wasp (Marvel)

The Unstoppable Wasp (Marvel) 1

I’m seeing a big push for this online so this will be a placeholder for the comic when it comes out soon. Nadia Pym, Hank’s Pym t**nage genius daughter, is the new Wasp. She grew up in Russia in some confinement called the Red Room. She’s just now figuring out how to navigate the wide world (similiar story to Silk, really). So she’s yet another one of these wide-eyed excited t**nage heroines to get her own book (eg Ms Marvel), to be mentored by (thankfully) mature heroines of a certain sexy nature who’ve also had recent titles (Capt Marvel, Mockingbird), and to represent the ongoing female empowerment agenda at Marvel (eg Kate Bishop claiming “Hawkeye”, and replacing She-Hulk with just “Hulk”). Jeremy Whitely wrote Princeless (Action Lab, pretty much the opposite of a sexy comic, sorry to say!) so the writing will probably be nothing but exuberant t**nage millennial feminism. Hey, that could work if the story and art are appealing.

Guess we’ll see if this is any good. Some will be familiar with Nadia for her guest appearances in All-New, All Different Avengers earlier this year (she was first introduced in a free comic book on FCBD 2016). So far, she’s being drawn great and looks really cute in her costume, which isn’t a whole lot different from Janet’s.

From the FCBD issue. That transformation sequence is nice.





Then she met the Avengers in ANADA # 9. Apparently saved Vision in that issue.

So she’s actually a member of the Avengers (new series starting this month) *and* gets her own book at the same time. They’re dreaming big at Marvel I suppose.

Guess we’ll see what this book is like. I’ve read reviews that it is “relentlessly positive” (you don’t want to turn off female readers. you don’t want things that happen to a t**n to be too grim, etc.). Some rumblings about female empowerment and how there are no major male characters in it, some other rumblings about too much preachy identity politics….

I don’t know much about the artist Elsa Charretier, will have to look her up. She does draw kind of cartoony though. I kind of feel like I’m looking at Miraculous Ladybug.

[Note: I looked up Elsa Charretier. She has kind of a cartoonish feel to her work, more than say Amanda Conner and Emanuela Lupacchino, but there is no doubt: she can draw sexy women when she wants to. Charretier took over from Lupacchino the art on last year’s 12-issue Starfire run for the last 3 issues of it, and from what I can see there was no reduction in quality – it kept on being a brightly-colored, detailed, well-drawn comic til the end. The 2nd tpb of Starfire just came out, it looks like, so I’ll be dealing with that in the Starfire thread. But based on Charretier’s quality work in Starfire, Harley Quinn and the third-waver agenda Bombshells, I will make an effort to check out Unstoppable Wasp and report back/]



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