Insane Reason for Custom fees from XXXtremecomiXXX.

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Insane Reason for Custom fees from XXXtremecomiXXX.

Post by GeekyPornCritic »

I have noticed a model from XXXtremecomiXXX's videos and wrote a custom for her. I decided to give them a shot. The custom is pretty simple. The model plays Supergirl and becomes a sex toy after being exposed to pink kryptonite. The producer told me what her normal rate is $1,300. Her normal rate is acceptable. However, he said he must increase the rate because other customers have customs for the same model on the same day and since the sex scene in my video is longer than the other scenes, he wants to charge me much more.

He said models will only perform 40 to 60 minutes of sex on set each day. I beginning to see the reason for most of their videos being pretty short. He is trying to film as many videos with the same model in a single day as possible. Quantity over quality..... If you want a scene longer than their usual 17 to 20 minutes then expect to pay much more than the normal model rate.

It sounds like he is shooting a lot of customs for the same model in one day. If other customers order customs then I must pay more. I have never had any producer or studio increase a custom's fee based on other customers wanting customs as well. I have spoken to over 5 studios about customs since early 2017. None of them increased my fees because five more customers want customs on the same day. Customers are basically fighting for time and must pay more to get more time in their videos over other customers.
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Re: Insane Reason for Custom fees from XXXtremecomiXXX.

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that man ripped me off I gave him a 20 minute video script and he made it 10 minutes and it was not good then I saw on his website my video and it was 18 minutes he gave me half a video and put the full video on his site so hes not a good producer.
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Re: Insane Reason for Custom fees from XXXtremecomiXXX.

Post by TIEnTEEZ »

I never really liked their videos, anyway. They don't really seem to GET the superheroine fetish at all. From what I see, they are basically just doing straight porn videos with bad superheroine costumes.

I decided to try them out for a custom a few years ago. I sent an e-mail with a script and they wanted to charge me extra because I used some original heroines and they would have to make/buy wardrobe. This is not unreasonable, but at the same time, there are other producers who already have a large wardrobe stock on-hand and don't charge extra for it. Both Primal and Cali Logan have made customs for me with original heroines and costumes that I designed in detail using Champions Online and other software. I sent in some images and they both did an amazing job - they weren't perfect, of course, but they both got damn close to the costumes I wanted and I was extremely pleased with both.

I suggested to the guy at XXXtremecomiXXX that maybe I could pay a portion of the costume cost instead of the whole thing. He refused. I pointed out that whatever costume's he buys, he will keep and can potentially use again. He refused, but offered to send me the costumes he bought, since I am essentially paying for them. I explained that I had no use for them and couldn't justify paying full price for costumes that he would use once and then keep.

Up until that point, the conversation was civil, even though we could not agree. But in the end, he started to get really nasty and he starting insulting me and questioning my motives and at that point, I never contacted them again.

Very few models are exclusive to one producer. If you have a model you like, see if some other producer can her for you. :)
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