The Curvaceous Crusaders - Amazons In Stitches by Max Frost Productions

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The Curvaceous Crusaders - Amazons In Stitches by Max Frost Productions

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Hi Folks! Soon I will releasing another episode of the Curvaceous Crusaders - "Amazons In Stitches". Our buxom crime busters are at it again as they battle vengeful villains while encountering treacherous traps and perplexing perils - you get the picture.

Part 1
In search of a gang of notorious thugs, Wonder Womyn, played by the gorgeous Hollywood, and Wonder Gurl, played by the sizzling Stacy Burke, enter the villain’s lair and find themselves face to face with the boss and his henchman. The battle is on and sure enough the bad guys get the worst of it. However the boss manages to get the drop on our unsuspecting heroines and they soon find themselves taken hostage at gunpoint. What do these evil doers have in store for their caped captives?

Part 2
Finding themselves in another section of the cavernous villain’s lair, Wonder Womyn and Wonder Gurl encounter the boss and his flunkie, who attempt to take the sexy super heroines down only to get their butts kicked in the process. This time though the boss manages to render the buxom crime busters unconscious with a couple of well-placed bonks on the head. The captured crime fighters are then strapped down to a mattress while a couple of industrial sized stitching needles hover menacingly overhead. Will the trapped duo be stitched to death? We hope not!

Part 3
Once again the sultry super heroines track the bad guys down and attempt to apprehend them once and for all. However the villains have other plans and resist to the best of their ability, only to come out on the business end of a patented super heroine style beat-down. However the evil boss has one more trick up his sleeve and manages to shock the unsuspecting duo with a stun gun. Completely immobilized, the glamorous heroines can only watch helplessly while the henchman chains them down and the boss calls the main office for instructions on how to dispose of them. What terrible fate awaits our heroines? Only time will tell!
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Re: The Curvaceous Crusaders - Amazons In Stitches by Max Frost Productions

Post by Ripper1 »

Oh another chapter this time does the daddy get his wish to finish off the Duo Guess I'll have to get it to find out lol
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