Hunter of the Amazon #1

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Hunter of the Amazon #1

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Hello All, let me first say If you have comments or I have inspired you, I LIVE for feedback my e-mail is
I next want to give a heartfelt thanks to Dr. D. For his help in editing, I would say 95% of the story is me, but now without the spelling and structural errors. He did add some details that really brought out a few scenes, Small things like a character clad in WW’s outfit, but the devil is in the details and that detail takes a pretty good scene and makes it WOW

Now WHY am I writing this? I’d like to say why…I have been a lurker for years, and I get very frustrated, mainly by the writers who have GREAT ideas but:
We HAVE to let the heroine GO, or the story would end
The antagonist HAS to be a sadist, so the reader hates him
The antagonist HAS to be stupid so the Heroine can get away
Or just authors afraid that if they actually make an antagonist with depth THEY (the Author) will be labeled as doing in Real life what they wrote about (I have it on firsthand information that George Lucas secretly wants to be a Sith lord and rule the Galaxy)
I hope you may get some enjoyment out of this, and as my story continues to serve as an example….you do not have to make disposable characters to have a good arousing story nor will you run out of things to write about.

Hunter of the Amazon
Part 1

Diana Prince sat at her desk at the National Security Agency. It felt good, natural, to be back in intelligence work for the country. With the World War II generation dying off, Princess Diana had been able to stop being Wonder Woman full time, and return to her secret identity. The World of Man was not going well, in her opinion. Between the onset of the internet, private for-pay cable channels, and sensationalized news being constantly paraded on the 24-hour news channels, the Sexual Revolution had been minimized. The Federal Communications Commission was helpless when faced with First Amendment rights of the news agencies and private channels, as long as those channels did not violate pornographic laws. However, this did not prevent them from showing images of nudity, and putting forth a concept that women were now more promiscuous or enjoyed what they were doing. The public thought this was a triumph but Diana and her sisters on Themyscira worried about the slippery slope. Human trafficking was up to huge numbers; even the media specials on the news networks had caused the public only momentary disbelief before they went back to their lives. Of course, the vast majority of the humans being bought and sold were women.

Diana had discussed it with her mother, Queen Hippolyta.

“Mother, there are still GOOD people in the world, but there is a power out there misleading them.”

Hippolyta sipped her wine, placidly still, looking at her daughter with love and concern. The queen’s long, blonde hair flowed down to her slim waist. Her alabaster skin was flawless, almost lost against her white toga.

“What do you mean Diana?” She reclined on a heavily tufted white silk one-armed chaise lounge with ornate gold trim. In her hand was a solid silver chalice of fine white wine. Flanking her were two beautiful brown-eyed guards with golden armor clasped to their ample bosoms looking stern and alert.

“The public has been desensitized; they show bondage as something to be enjoyed without portraying that it is often painful. And they never describe how it feels for a captive to be sat in place for hours on end like an animal with nothing to challenge their minds, nothing to occupy their time. Goodness, even animals are treated better than that most of the time!”

Hippolyta sat up, distressed. “They have become that…perverted? I suppose I should not be surprised. Why, just the other day one of my guards, I won’t say who, told me about a sordid fantasy circulating about through this world wide information network about me. A crude story or image, I stopped her before she could say, about me being forced on my knees before some demi-god, pleasuring him with my mouth before my subjects. To think of it…” Hippolyta took an unladylike gulp of her wine and fanned herself with her other hand, without finishing the thought.

“I don’t believe it is perversion, Mother. The average person just wants to be entertained. It is instant gratification, and I am sure that it is a conspiracy.”

The queen considered this and then took another more seemly sip of her wine, reclining back again on her couch. She sighed and looked at her long slender leg shod with a golden slipper with laces that hugged to her perfect calf, turning her ankle slightly to enjoy the way the sun reflected off its surfaces. “You have your golden lasso, why have you not exposed it?”

Wonder Woman, clad in her classic outfit shook her head. “It’s not that easy mother. I along with Hawkwoman and other heroines have had hundreds arrested. However, even using my lasso to ensure their truthfulness, these powerful men, some rich, some public officials, do not even seem to be aware they are doing it. They are taking advantage of the public desires, so they are not consciously aware that they are supporting a criminal enterprise.”

Hippolyta frowned. “You know that I have never been in favor of you being in the World of Man, particularly since you met that Steve Trevor. You have counseled me on aiding their world yet it seems all our aid has done exactly the opposite of what you intended. You should come home, Diana dear.”

Wonder Woman shook her head. “I don’t believe Wonder Woman can get to the bottom of this; however I’m certain if I take on my secret identity again, I can work undercover and make a difference. I will become Diana Prince again.”
Hippolyta’s eyebrows knitted together at this, as she surveyed her beloved child with concern for her welfare. “Will that not be obvious? You have not aged…”

Diana smiled at the motherly clucking. “No, there are thousands with the name ‘Prince’ in the United States alone and Diana is a common name. At best, they will think it an interesting coincidence. Besides I will inform the President. I would never infiltrate the country as a spy.”

And so Diana sat now in her IADC office thinking. President Dana Perino, America’s First woman president, alone knew her cover. She had agreed to allow Wonder Woman to alter her memories, but should anything happen, Wonder Woman had bestowed a code word within the president’s subconscious as a fail-safe measure. Should the Chief Executive hear that code word, she would immediately become aware of Wonder Woman’s status and be able to send assistance if necessary. At this stage, Diana Prince is now the lead agent in the Human trafficking office.

Siting on the top floor of the NSA building, Diana looked out across Washington DC. Stately buildings filled her view: the Library of Congress, The Washington Monument and many other white marbled architectural wonders. This capital city of man was beautiful as the sun shone its face upon it. The view reminded her of ancient Rome. There was a knock at the door.

Diana looked up to see Daniel, her office assistant. The young man flashed a smile, his soft brown hair waved over in the front. He certainly had a rugged look about him but there was innocence as well.

“The Director wants to see you Miss Prince.”

Diana rose from behind her desk. Unlike most agents, she still preferred a skirt and high heels, with a business suit top. Her silken jet-black hair was done up in a bun and she wore horned rimmed glasses. Diana’s suit coat was accessorized with a satin blouse with a violet French ruff.

Diana smiled. She was not trying to tease. It was natural for men to be attracted to women and Diana noticed his eyes on her figure, albeit somewhat obscured as it was. She had nick named him “Boone” after Daniel Boone whom the rugged looks of the young man did resemble. Walking by, Diana used a finger to gently close the young man’s mouth. He blushed and she smiled.

“Don’t be so self-conscious, Boone. I appreciate the compliment.”

Daniel smiled, “Okay, Miss Prince.”

Diana paused. “Call me Diana. I prefer informal. I’m not a cougar, Daniel, but why don’t we do a dinner? I am not looking for a relationship. If there is a way I can dress that would be less…teasing… we could discuss it.

Daniel chuckled, “You’re not teasing me Miss….I mean, Diana… and you have the wrong pelt to be a cougar: a lioness maybe.”

Diana looked back into the rich brown eyes with their faint purple highlights. “Yes I am, and I don’t mean to. So, dinner?”

Daniel nodded, “Sure.”

A strong male voice cut the air. “If you two are done with the warm and fuzzy, Jessica Gannet is waiting for us in my office.”

Diana looked up to the NSA Director, Jake Fox. The tall, upper middle-aged man was dressed in a navy blue business suit with pinstripes, his salt and pepper hair cropped short. He had an impressive athletic build from the workouts he did. An ex-Marine, he still held a reserve commission as a Major General.

“Sorry, Mr. Fox.” Diana quickly scribbled her phone number down for Daniel. She would take him to dinner and build a friendship when she could.
Walking into the director’s office, she was greeted by Jessica Gannet, the owner of the largest news media conglomerate on the planet.

“Miss Gannet,” Diana smiled.

The middle-class woman wore a professional skirt with medium heels, and a simple soft blue top, her most striking feature being the full mane of red hair the flowed freely about her shoulders. Her green eyes betrayed her Irish ancestry. She waited with crossed arms.

Mr. Fox moved behind his desk and brought out a dossier labeled Actaeon Davies. He slid the file across the desk to Diana.

“This is Mr. Actaeon Davies, one of the richest men in the world. A British citizen, he normally lives in lavish seclusion in a castle in Scotland. He fancies himself a trophy hunter, and a playboy.

Diana opened the folder, examining the picture of a man in his early 20’s dressed in an expensive silk 3-piece suit, sporting a fedora and showing off a smile of supreme self-confidence. He had soft blonde hair, close cut, and groomed. Despite the suit, he had an athletic well-muscled look about him, without appearing to be bulky.

Fox went on, “The problem is the types of trophies he hunts. He is a weapons expert, but he has been implicated in the disappearance of at least 40 women, including Raven of the teen titans, Tigra, a supermodel by the name of Miranda Kerr, and one Senator.

Diana looked up. “Murder?”

Fox shook his head “Not that we’ve determined yet, but slavery, environmental terrorism, extortion and blackmail seem good bets.”
Diana scowled, “Why hasn’t Interpol picked him up already?”

Fox sighed, “Can’t definitively prove any of it yet. He lives with a number of women, openly objectifies them and has had several children by them. The thing is every one of them refuses to testify. Given the chance to leave, they stay. While he is not very public about it, we think he’s offering them a generous retirement to make them his doormats. Unfortunately, that’s not illegal.”

Diana looked over at media mogul standing there, avidly taking in the discussion. “And where does Miss Gannet come in?”

The young woman smiled “As you know my late father founded Gannet Corporation on being culturally, politically and socially responsible in all matters. That and we have been running your stories about human trafficking. We have arranged to have you pose as an investigative reporter. Mr. Davies has publically agreed to an interview, at his castle, that he calls Ius Primae Noctis.”

Diana blinked at the name, “The right of the Lord?”

Miss Gannet nodded, “Exactly, as in the ancient right of the lord to deflower the bride of a wedding”

Mr. Fox leaned over, “We want you to do the interview, see if you can get a line on this. He is smug, self-assured, and highly intelligent.”
Diana looked up “When do I leave?”

Miss Gannet smiled, “My corporate jet is fueled and waiting at Regan National. Flight plans have been filed for an 11 o’clock departure tonight. You can sleep on the plane on the way there. I’m sure you’ll find it quite comfortable.”

Hunter of the Amazon
Part 2

Diana went home to pack. She did not need much, but she had to keep up appearances. Waiting for the phone to ring, she set up a meeting with Daniel. Smiling at her own forwardness; she had swung by a department store and picked up a few things for Daniel. At around 6 o’clock the phone rang.

“Hello. Daniel?” She chuckled, “Yes… yes... I love Greek food…The Parthenon? At 7:30? Yes, that is fine. See you there.”

When she arrived at the restaurant Diana smiled at the women done up in simple sheets as if formal togas. The men dressed in fake cuirasses and the restaurant had scenes of Greek mythology on the walls. She stopped to admire a nicely-rendered Pegasus. She had known that stallion, had brushed his wide white flanks. What a fine animal he was! The ‘prince of all horses’ she had cooed in his twitching ear once. He had chuffed and shook his head up and down and she had laughed.

“Diana?” a male voice said.

Diana turned and smiled seeing Daniel standing there in a causal suit coat with slacks

“Diana, I really thought you were putting me on.”

Diana let him escort her to her seat. “I told you Daniel you’re a nice fellow, and I like you as a friend.”

Daniel sat down and they ordered, “Yeah, but I am so plain. You could have any man you wanted. Walter works out, Harold is a runner, Jim boxes twice a…”

The woman shook her head, “I can like you too Daniel”

They ate a casual dinner, chit-chatting about work and their lives. Near the end of the meal Diana smiled.

Daniel cocked his head a bit. “You didn’t come just for dinner, did you?”

Diana’s warm smile deepened. “Daniel, have you ever wanted to do field work?”

Daniel nodded, “Of course. I have all the clearances but I do not have the experience for it. Besides they want me for my computer skill.”

“Not any more. I have permission to take you with me on this mission. I need you for my cover.”

Daniel cocked his head, “Really? What’s the mission?”

Diana sipped the last of her ouzo and put down the glass. “I am a reporter, I need a photographer. Do you mind if I explain on the way?”

Daniel frowned, “I’ll need some clothes.”

Diana shook her head. “I already packed you a bag, including your pistol.”

Looking surprised, Daniel followed her. “You know I’m a gun enthusiast? And you know all my sizes?”

Diana’s twinkling blue eyes playfully mocked her associate. “Daniel, I AM in intelligence.”

The exited the restaurant and got into a private limo. Once at Reagan National, they boarded the private Gannet jet waiting in a secured area while the luggage from the limo’s trunk was brought on board. Everything was ready for departure by 10:15 pm, 45 minutes ahead of schedule. Nevertheless, immediate clearance was granted, it taxied and leapt into the sky with an impressive display of power: both mechanical and institutional.

Six and a half hours later, they landed at Stornoway Airport in Scotland. They enjoyed a scenic sunrise on the long ferry ride to Ullapool, then a 90 minute drive in a luxury limousine to the outskirts of Inverness. After that, the horse drawn carriage ride to a magnificent castle took another twenty minutes.

Deep in the highlands, the castle overlooked Loch Brittle, the countryside in full bloom of summer. Morning dew still crowned the spectacular floral display.

Daniel bedecked in a denim shirt with a brown vest covered in lenses and camera took pictures of the stony keep. “No guards,” he murmured as they followed the chauffer.

The grounds were immaculate with wrought iron sconces and the massive drawbridge lowered. Horses whinnied in their stables within the keep. Diana, dressed in a skirt and a business suit top, followed Daniel, surveying the grounds with an instinctive eye for exits, shortcomings and any possible obstacles during an emergency escape. They were ushered into the outer throne room. Diana and Daniel had their pre-prepared Gannet press passes checked and validated.

Actaeon Davies arrived with a jovial smile. The young billionaire looked surprisingly young for a man of his remarkable achievements. Diana gauged him to be between 19 and 26. He had a shock of blonde hair, and wore a full kilt. Standing just over six feet tall, he was handsomely attired in a double breasted burgundy silk jacket, complete with white ascot and French ruffled cuffs. Below the jacket, he sported a blue and yellow tartan kilt, of Clan MacLeod, a fly plaid, and a white seal skin sporran. Off-white hose and Ghillie Brogue shoes complete with a Sgian-dubh finished the immaculate look. The man smiled at his guests, his feet clicking as they walked across the marbled floor. Under his arm, a handmade riding crop rested easily.

Actaeon smiled “Miss Prince,” he nodded to her, “and you must be Daniel.” The billionaire’s handshake with both of them was quick, firm, and confident. “I understand you wish to know about my girls.” The man had a muscular build to him. Diana could feel a soft manicured hand but the muscle felt like a brick wall. He had the build of a swimmer more than a weight lifter.

Diana was taken aback by the physical presence of the young man as well as the misunderstanding he seemed to have about the reason they were there in the first place. “Uh, Mr. Davies…”

Actaeon smiled “Please call me Actaeon. It’s Greek you know.”

Diana nodded, “Yes, the hunter who viewed the Goddess Arteritis bathing. He was punished by being transformed into a stag and made to pull Artimis’ chariot. But Mr. Davies, we came here to do a story on YOU.”

The cultured English voice replied with a fair amount of mirth. “I believe the CORRECT story was that the hunter fell. The intrusion was purely accidental and the Goddess transformed him out of spite. Sadly, spite or not, he was still turned into a beast of burden for her convenience, which is why I am always mindful of the wrath of women and try to always keep an upper hand with them. As for your story being about me…well, your paper has done so many articles on my harem, it would be refreshing to read an article that was focused on something else.”

Smiling, Actaeon extended his arm grandly, “In any case, I will escort you to see whatever you would like. Daniel, feel free to take as many pictures as you need of anything you see here. What’s more, it’s perfectly fine to speak to whomever you like, but I warn you, your senior editors may censor what you capture here. The images and quotes may be very shocking to many of your readers.”

Daniel followed along as the group made its way through the ornate outer throne room, his high-end digital SLR clicking away constantly as he photographed the lavish surroundings. A modern-day Nero, Actaeon had covered the place in ornate artwork, tapestries and paintings. Gemstones were inlaid in the floors and walls. Actaeon made Bruce Wayne look like a pauper.

Entering into the main throne room, Diana and Daniel were stunned by the scope of the space and its even greater ostentatious display of wealth. Millions had been spent on what the eye widened at here. It was breathtaking and surreal at the same time.

The shock of it continued with both NSA agents being brought up short when a gorgeous young woman stepped from the wings. Her hips rolled as she walked with her eyes down. What was shocking was that she wore a complete harem girl’s outfit that covered absolutely nothing. The garment was composed of pink and blue silk sleeves and leggings that were so sheer you could plainly see the girl’s bare arms and legs. The garments were snug at ankle and wrist. A belt of gold coins and a broad, Egyptian-style gold necklace were all that held the sheer silk garments from falling off the girl. The woman’s sex was bare and uncovered, devoid of any pubic hair. The soft pouting nether lips nestled between her shapely thighs. Nothing covered her firm ass, the muscles clenching and relaxing as she walked. A soft diamond studded harness formed a triangle around her breasts, causing them to stand pert. Her only other adornment was a diamond dog collar round her neck. Make-up highlighted her green eyes and her soft, moist red lips smiled as she moved to stand by the young billionaire

“How may I serve you master?”

Diana inwardly seethed at seeing a sister treated this way. She was nothing but an adornment on display simply for her sexual assets, as if what where between her legs were more important than her as a person.

“Miranda, these two reporters are here to see our harem. We will be showing them around. His hand dropped to caress Miranda’s bare stomach openly. Diana did not cover her surprise, seeing the woman’s belly was entering her second trimester of pregnancy. “Miranda Kerr? The supermodel,” she blurted, hearing Daniel’s camera clicking behind her.

The woman smiled “Former supermodel”

Actaeon broke in “Shall we continue, Miss Prince? I’m sure you’d like to see more, not just one minor servant.”

“Minor servant? You’re holding a world-renowned model as a slave girl? You impregnated her and you call her a minor servant?”

Actaeon stopped walking forward and turned, tapping his riding crop against Miranda’s bare ass. “Come now, Miss Prince, if you’re not here to be an objective reporter, I may have to end the interview. There are no SLAVES here. I own servants and animals. Everyone here is free to come and go as they please. And how is it you automatically assume that I am the father?”

Diana clamped her mouth shut and said nothing. She needed to see more and didn’t want to spoil that chance by making a scene, especially after all the efforts of those involved to put her in this place.

“Now come, let us continue,” beamed Actaeon, pleased with Diana’s frustration. “Oh, can I get you anything?”
Daniel spoke up, “Sweet tea if you have it,” while Diana said, “Is there any Cognac?”

Actaeon smiled, “Miss Prince, you are at the very teat of the finest Scotch whiskey producing region in the world and you would order Cognac? French piss. I wouldn’t tarnish a spittoon with it! No, my dear, I will be happy to educate your palate in this matter and I will brook no discord from you. Miranda, bring one sweet tea with mint from the grounds and two snifters of the Glenmorangie 1977.” Turning to face Diana, he exudes his full charm and enthusiasm upon her. “I should think you’ll find this local distillery’s efforts most breathtaking, my dear. It’s just a short ride north of here. I’ve been at their tastings several times and the ’77 is still my favorite.”

They continued to walk, Diana with her note book, her eyes taking in the lavish details “Mr. Davies, how DID you earn your fortune?”

Actaeon smiled, “All business; right then. I made my fortune in livestock.”

Diana frowned. “Livestock?”

Actaeon nodded, “Hmmm yes… Buying, selling breeding.”

“What kind of livestock?”

The English Lord smiled “Time honored Scottish tradition, Miss Prince. Cows, sheep, the occasional mare, all bred to be champions or by champions. By the way, Miss Prince sounds so formal, may I call you Diana?”

“I prefer Miss Prince for now. I understand you are now into mining as well?”

“Yes, in Zambouli, Africa. Titanium mostly.”

“Zambouli? Those are protected lands.”

The lord smiled as he swaggered into the next room, a library with two stories of books and polished sliding wood ladders on rails for access. “Not since King Otwani and Queen Zanda annexed it, and gave me mining rights.”

“They annexed Zambouli? I had not heard that.” Zambouli was where Wonder Woman’s good friend Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, resided.

Actaeon barely acknowledged her as the group looked about the ornate library. “Bloodless coup” he smiled again that charming smile. Daniel took in the room’s most arresting feature with wide-eyed wonder. Diana shook her head in sad acknowledgement of Man’s vanity. Actaeon beamed with obvious pride. The library featured a huge variety of stuffed animals mounted on the walls every eight feet or so between the stacks of leather-bound books.

“This is one of my trophy rooms, both intellectual and physical,” the billionaire watched the eyes of his guests, assessing their expressions. “Signed first editions and all prime examples of their species.”

Diana’s eyes widened, male egos never ceased to amaze her. Trophies she could appreciate, but why not a battle trophy? Why an animal? Then her blood ran cold: In the center of the room stood a full stuffed lion.

“Those are illegal,” Diana pointed grimly. The lion looked strangely familiar.

Actaeon nodded, “Normally yes, but in exchange for conservation efforts, you see, the Zambouli had allowed the lion population to over breed. I was given a permit.”

Diana moved closer, praying her suspicions would not be confirmed. However, as she looked closer, the lion was missing a fang, and its forepaws had six claws. This lion was Christian, Sheena’s companion. It HAD to be. Something had to be seriously wrong with her friend, Sheena.
Just then, Miranda returned with the drinks, walking in short steps her feet barefoot on the marble, leaving moist footprints. Daniel finished taking pictures of the library and reached for his drink from the offered tray. He took a long pull on his iced tea then looked at the glass approvingly.
“That’s delicious,” he declared.

“Homegrown mint,” Actaeon replied. Tucking the riding crop into a loop on his belt, the young man took both snifters off the tray and handed one to Diana. “Here you go, my dear. Elixir of the Gods.” Raising his glass he aerated the scotch with a swirl and put the rim beneath his nose, inhaling lightly with a smile. “Mmmmhhh. The scent of heaven. You’re lucky Ms. Prince, it is a scent no woman can truly understand.

Furious at his outrageously flippant remark and seething with the thought of Actaeon having killed Sheena’s companion, Diana tilted the snifter back without a hint of ceremony and knocked back the small portion of single malt scotch with a quick toss down her throat. It burned and sizzled down her throat like liquid fire. Great tasting fire. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of showing a hint of the scorching sensation in her throat. She waits half a beat to recover enough and then smacks her lips noisily.

“Not bad, but I still prefer Cognac. It’s got more soul. Shall we continue the tour?”

Actaeon looks at her with a quick cold glare then his face lightened up with a beaming charm, appreciating the challenge that had just thrown down by matching his sarcasm with her own.

So they walked on, moving into the workout room. The room had free weights, a boxing ring, heavy bags, electronic trainers. The entire area also had numerous posters and pictures of Wonder Woman.

“Hero worship?” Diana said this with a smirk.

Actaeon replied in kind, “Of a sort, I hope to meet her one day, perhaps best her in hand-to-hand. I like a good work out you know.”
“You think you can take on a super-powered being?”

Actaeon gave a nonplussed look. “Why not? If Batman can hold his own against Superman, or against Gorilla Grod, why couldn’t I do anything less? With the right technique I am sure Wonder Woman can be bested. Besides I do not step back from challenges. I step into them, always.”
“So then, you think to add another trophy to your overstuffed library?”

Actaeon strolled with them as they moved out of the workout room into a long hallway. “I have made no secret I would like to have her. What man would not?” Actaeon opened a door halfway down the hallway revealing a steep set of spiral stairs. With the billionaire leading the way, they descended.

Daniel asked, “Where are we going?”

Actaeon looked back, “To my dungeon, young man. My tastes have taken me to redecorate it. An apt place for my harem, I thought. The women here serve me and my lusts and I care for them.”

As they emerged from the stairway, cleverly polished silver ducts reflected sunlight through the shafts into the area. In the evenings there were both sconces and modern lighting, illuminating the area. Within the harem was a scene of debauchery right out of the Roman Empire.

The large area had at least 10 cages. Some cages had women in them, some were empty. Some cages sat on round ball feet on the stone floor while others were suspended from the high ceiling. One cage had a naked woman standing upright inside it. That suspended cage had bars curved and formed to closely fit the outline of her body. The dark haired woman stood naked and gagged but she showed no signs of distress and made no signal whatsoever for relief.

Everywhere, large clusters of silk pillows formed comfortable resting areas, with women reclining on them. Some of the ladies were actively engaged in lesbianism, while others were pleasuring themselves. One beautiful woman stood chained to a massive marble pillar, looking like the woman in the temple scene from the Conan the Barbarian movie, but all seemed happy.

A young girl that could hardly have been more than 18 walked up completely naked. “Welcome back, Master,” she purred. The girl had short brown unkempt hair but her entire body had been painted in the colors of a red fox. Her skin was a russet red and her hands and feet were a deep black to her elbows and knees, her underbelly white, the artist had used the paint to give her flat face the perfect impression of a muzzle and a wet black nose, in the minutest detail.

“You’re into bestiality?” Diana tried to needle the billionaire.

Actaeon took the girl’s hand and kissed it, “Oh I don’t know. I have always appreciated a saucy vixen.
Diana rankled more, “Don’t you find that a bit sick?”
Before Actaeon could answer the woman snarled, “Don’t you DARE think you’re better than HE is.”
Diana regarded her “Actaeon, why don’t I interview her first.”
Actaeon pointed to a small side room. “Go ahead. Her name is Marion.”

Daniel continued to snap pictures unimpeded of the harem space with its sheer gossamer silk-hung walls, its wide variety of bondage devices and the carnal activities of the many beautiful women around him. He had to adjust himself more than once between switching lenses. Diana walked off with Marion into the small side room and set up a white noise generator. “I think this will prevent any listening device from picking up what you say to me. I am Diana,” she said, offering her hand as the two sat down in two comfortable stuffed chairs set at right angles to each other.

When Marion took her hand Diana got a shock: The color on the young girl’s body was not makeup or even paint. She was tattooed! It was a full-body tattoo -- the beautifully-realized appearance of a fox. If the woman ever had it removed there would be extensive scarring. Marion’s genitals were devoid of pubic hair and the smooth nether lips had been tattooed a bright white, causing her pink inner lips to hint at what lay within. She even had a ridiculous set of Faux fox ears sticking up thru her hair.

Marion looked away in disgust. “I do not care if he hears. I can say what I want.” Her young breasts swayed, only the pink nipples lacked color as the tattoo ran red on the outside of the breast and gave way to the white underbelly just before the start of the areola.

Diana blinked and as the girl bounced her leg on her knee. She could see that even the undersides of the vixen’s feet had been tattooed.

“Why?” Diana began, “Why would you let someone do this to you? I mean even if you have a young infatuation with his money, your body…you will be scarred for life.”

Marion popped up immediately, her black hands clenched. She turned away angrily, showing her firm bare ass, all russet red except the inmost stripe of white that went around her anus and down between her legs to her white belly. “You’re just trying to get Mr. Davies in trouble.”

Diana shook her head, “No I am not. I mean…listen to you. He’s having sex with you, he might place a CHILD within you, and you still call him Mr. Davies?”

Marion turned back, face twisted with anger. “You know NOTHING!”

Diana reached out a hand, “Easy…then TELL me.”

Marion rejected the hand and her total lack of modesty bothered Diana a lot. Her eyes kept straying to the soft bare white lips of the girl’s sex. “I was a drug addict.”

“Is that how he controlled you?” Diana asked. Her face was upturned to search the eyes of the girl standing before her for the truth.

Diana’s head whipped to the left as the girl landed a sharp slap on Diana’s cheek. “How DARE you! He SAVED me!”

Diana quelled her anger. “Saved you HOW, and do not try THAT again.” Her jaw set as she struggled to control her own anger.

There were now tears running down Marion’s red and white cheeks, her back nose sniffling as she sat back down in the soft chair and slumped low in it. “I told you I was a drug addict. I lived on the street. One of my johns raped me. People used me for a few dollars. I couldn’t get clean. Then Actaeon found me. He made me a deal: He’d clean me up, make me pretty again…”

Diana added in to her litany of woe, “In exchange you had to be his slave?”

Marion bolted to an upright, straight-backed defiant posture, her body leaning forward in tense defiance. “I told you NO, he...said I could leave.”
Diana asked coolly, “So why did you stay?”

Marion sniffled. “If I serve him for 10 years, I get a full retirement: One million Euros, invested so I can live off the interest.”

Diana looked shocked. “But what of …you might have children!”

Marion shrugged, “That’s the deal...if I want I can raise them...keep them, or they will be adopted.”

Diana frowned. “Adopted…by whom?”

Marion shrugged, “I don’t know or care. Why should….I just know they won’t be hurt. They will be raised and educated. Meantime, I can have all the pleasure I want…”

Diana frowned, “That’s damned irresponsible.”

Marion replied sarcastically. “As irresponsible as having crack addicts out there? As irresponsible as having orphanages where kids are shuffled around like chess pieces? As irresponsible as thinking a whore has less value then a virgin?”

Diana was not sure how to answer that, but she smelled a rat. There had to be something in it for Actaeon. “But what of your...body art,” she pointed out.

Marion smiled, “What of it? I like it! It covers up all the track marks and scars. I look exotic now.” Saying that, she stood and pirouetted, showing off her body with pride. “When I retire, I have everything I want; even men who will pay me to make love to me.”
Diana was amazed at how insidious Actaeon’s plan was. He was using his wealth to brainwash them, to exchange their dignity for financial security. That was IF he lived up to his word.

Many of the interviews went the same way. Each woman who came into the small room and sat beside Diana in the soft armchair had her reasons and had the same promise. Actaeon had doctors and could hire people to care for his stable 24/7.

After interviewing several women, even seeing some of Actaeon’s children, all treated decently, none aware that their mothers served on their back, Diana finally sought out the billionaire with a question for him. “Mr. Davies, will YOU submit to an interview?”

Actaeon smiled and shook his head “No, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you there, Miss Prince. I tend to like my anonymity. Now if you have seen all you came to see, I am a busy man. As you may have noticed, I have many women to please.”

Hunter of the Amazon
Chapter 3

Diana and Daniel were allowed to look around more and everywhere they went in the sprawling castle, there were beautiful women. Not one of them wore a stitch that covered her ass, her breasts or her pubic mound, although their other adornments were widely varied. It ranged from complete nudity to some adorned in gold to some painted like Egyptian princesses. A few even had clothes painted on their body in latex so when you looked at them your first impression was that they were clothed. Upon closer inspection, they were bare.

Sixteen hours later, back at NSA headquarters Daniel and Diana went over the pictures the young associate had taken.

“Daniel, I am impressed! All those naked women and most of your pictures were of his lay out. We can map out the entire castle.” Diana leaned over and closely examined a picture that had a beautiful woman bound in a leather harness to the left who was standing next to the stuffed lion. The regal beast, beautifully stuffed and mounted was clearly in focus.

Daniel smiled “Well, I admit there was a lot of eye candy there, but I suppose my mind’s eye will be a good as anything I’d take…though I DO have a few of my favorites. After all, we WERE supposed to be there as the press and this is a captivating story.” He smiled, glancing at several of the chained women against a wall.

Diana shook her head, “Is that truly how you want women, Daniel, as some kind of object? Not a companion to complement you?”
Daniel shrugged while using his computer to enhance an area on a photo “Well, is kind of inviting to a guy.”

“Why?” she frowned, surprised yet impressed by the honesty of his answer.

“Diana, in the animal world it’s only natural for the female to be as selective as possible, to reject males, and to get the most suitable genetic mate for her eggs. A key test is whether the male can overpower her, or perhaps even overpower a rival male she may prefer. With males, the driving biological imperative is to breed with as MANY females as possible, to spread his genetic seed as far as possible so HIS DNA survives.”

“But Daniel we are NOT animals.”

“I know, but in a WAY we are,” he said frowning and centering the screen on one of the stuffed lion’s hind paws. “Humans DO have instincts like all animals and while we can override those instincts with reason, we still HAVE them. It doesn’t seem quite fair: women’s desires are legal, but men who pursue, are labeled as sexual harassers or rapists. Now that’s reasonable, I know, in many cases, but well…that inequity just bothers me sometimes.” Daniel looked up “Hey, why did you look so shocked at that lion back at the castle? He had the permit.”

“Do you know Sheena?” Diana asked, frowning at the photo.

“Yeah, Queen of the Jungle in Africa…big conservationist.”

“Diana nodded “that’s her lion, her companion since birth.”

Daniel nodded his head, “Well that explains this. Here… look.” He enhanced the image. “Look under his paw. It’s a silver charm of a zebra. Doesn’t Sheena use one of them to transform herself into that animal?”

Diana nodded, “You’re incredible, Daniel. Yes she does.”

Daniel smiled “There is a chamber under that pedestal, I’d bet on it. However, without a search warrant…”

Diana waited for the weekend. Her repeated attempts to contact Sheena were met only with polite refusals from some low-level Zambouli functionary that claimed she was “busy on her back.” In the dark night in a quiet field not far from her apartment, Diana Prince began to spin round and round. Then, with a bright flash of light, her uniform appeared. Securing her golden lasso to her hip, she summoned her invisible jet, and flew back to the castle. When she arrived under the cover of night in her invisible craft, she safely landed and secured the plane. As before, the castle she approached was mostly unguarded. It was child’s play for her to either avoid the guards or to quickly use her lasso to convince those that did confront her to patrol elsewhere.

Once at the stuffed lion, she ran a hand despondently down the cool soft flank. She remembered when he was alive how he had helped protect and raise Sheena in the African jungles that used to be the ancestral home of the Amazons. She remembered those days of Perseus and the Greeks when the Amazons ruled almost all of Africa, before they had to move to Paradise Island to avoid the World of Men. Walking to the hind paw, she found the charm. A gentle tug, like the pull-chain of a light switch, caused the top to move noiselessly. A stairway appeared and she studied the charm before descending. It was clear the charm was attached to the necklace, with other charms hanging from it. There was a lioness, a zebra, and a bird of some kind. This was indeed Sheena’s magical necklace. She was right! Actaeon had done something to the Jungle Queen.

Keeping the necklace, she slowly made her way down the staircase. The area was sparsely lit but the first thing she noticed was the glint of a softly-lit glass display case. In the clear case, hanging from pins on a dark cork backboard was Sheena’s tan animal skin garment. Beneath it a plaque read “Sheena: Bagged in Zamboli, Africa.” Next to that distressing sight was something almost as bad. It was Tigra’s costume pinned to the board with its corresponding plaque reading, “Tigra: Bagged in New York City, USA.” Wonder Woman shook her head at the next space, where a temporary white index card pinned there with a thumbtack simply read, “Reserved for Wonder Woman’s uniform.”

Wonder Woman’s head turned at the sound of footsteps. Someone was coming. It was more than likely the area had some kind of alarm. Holding Sheena’s necklace tightly, she quickly ascended back up to the roof and set a course for Zamboli, Africa.

Hunter of the Amazon
Chapter 4

The invisible jet droned on as her flight path took her over Europe to the Amazon ancestral home. Stealth technology along with invisibility ensured no country’s defenses were alerted to her silent passage overhead. It was getting toward early evening local time when the jet arrived over Africa. Wonder Woman watched with a pain in her heart as miles and miles of what had once been jungle was now scorched dry grasslands. The people had cut down the rain forests for the short-term gain without appreciating the environmental damage it would incur. She relaxed some as Zamboli came into sight with its lush greenness of thick old-growth rain forest. But there was smoke on the horizon that concerned her. Wonder Woman banked the jet to investigate, and as she drew closer, she could see it was not quite smoke. It was dust from mineshafts. It was not strip-mining. While there was damage to the jungle it was not as bad as it could have been.

Wonder Woman took the jet to the old clearing where she always met Sheena. With the titanium charm necklace clasped tightly in her hand, the beautiful Amazon stood up in the cockpit and swung out onto the ground, carefully checking her surroundings. Something seemed NOT right. Wonder Woman waited a moment and then was greeted with a familiar voice.


Sheena came running, her long blonde hair streaming behind her like a wild zebra mane, her body clad in the soft leopard skin top and breech cloth, her bare tan legs flexing with taut lean muscles as she ran. She slowed down barely panting and smiling.

“Diana what are YOU doing here?” she offered both her hands.

Wonder Woman avoided the hands and went directly to an embrace, feeling the warm, full breast of her sister through the leopard skin.
“I came because I thought you might be in distress, sister.” The warmth of Sheena’s body heated by the intense African sun felt good to Wonder Woman. She just was delighted her blonde friend was alive!

Sheena returned the embrace then stepped back, placing her hand on a knife on her hip “What would give you that idea? As you can see I am perfectly fine.”

Wonder Woman’s guard went up “Fine, Sheena? Your people, the Zambouli, have been put to work, mining. I can appreciate the efforts to protect the wildlife, but you have always defended the Zambouli way of life and ecosystem.

Sheena’s easy smile did not change “That? It’s just some changes in the government. The Zambouli DO have a right to govern themselves, Di.”
Diana detected just a hint of strain. “What kind of change?"

“King Otwani now governs, he…”

“Otwani? He has tried to assassinate his brother for years. I cannot believe King Jabalani would…”

“Jabalani is dead, Wonder Woman. Otwani was next in line, together with Queen Zanda, they now rule. Look, Diana, our people are safe. I have assured that. Now I am sure you must have much more important things to do.”

“Sheena, do not try and brush me off. Is everything is ok? Where is Christian, your lion companion?”

Sheena is unable to keep her eyes from going glassy, her throat choking. “The a harsh place he was…”

Wonder Woman interrupted, “You cannot expect me to believe that.”

Sheena frowned, “Diana, look, it is my grief, okay? I protect this area and it is fine now.”

Diana pressed, “No, it is not fine, Sheena. If it’s fine, then how do you explain this?” She held up the necklace, the charms almost glowing in the light.

Sheena looked away, “Oh, an obvious fake. See, I have mine around my neck.”

Wonder Woman placed her hand around the cat-shaped charm she was holding up before the African Jungle Queen.

Suddenly where Sheena stood, a lioness stood. If it were possible for a lioness to register surprise, this creature did. And then the animal sprung suddenly at Diana, its claws out. Wonder Woman caught the soft furred beast, but winced as sharp claws raked across her exposed upper back. As she threw the huge tawny feline back to the ground, the Amazon lost hold of the necklace. It flew off away into the underbrush. Sheena immediately transformed back to her womanly form.

“Sheena, have you lost your MIND!”

“Diana! Oh, oh, I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to. You HAVE to take the necklace back where you got it.” The normally calm Queen of the Jungle looked half-panicked.

Wonder Woman ignored the four red-hot stripes Sheena’s lioness claws had given her. “Not until you tell me what’s going on.”

Sheena ran to Wonder Woman throwing her arms around the other’s neck and began sobbing. “A…A man came,” she wept.

Wonder Woman looked totally confused. “A man? What man? Who?”

Sheena held closely to her friend, her ally. “An Englishman…A… Actaeon….” She sniffled.

“Actaeon Davies,” Wonder Woman’s voice was heavy with contempt.

Sheena nodded. “Listen, Diana, it’s too late for me but not you. Get back in your plane and fly away. Go back to the USA and don’t come back. For me, please. They are not hurting me, and he won’t destroy the people or the land.”

Wonder Woman shook her head, “I am not abandoning you, Shee. Why did you not call for help?”

Sheena shook her head, her blue eyes wet with tears. “It would not have made a difference; you don’t understand how he works. That necklace…where is it?” Sheena looked around, her head swiveling in panic. “Oh mercy no! We have to find it. It was my original necklace,” she began to ramble, her story coming in snatches as she scans the area. “He has HUGE amounts of money, when...he made me give it to him…somehow he got my Shaman. Actaeon now owns the master necklace and he controls my form. This replica I wear is a slave necklace in truth. Oh, when he is not around, I am allowed to carry on protecting this place, but only by his sufferance. If he thinks that I tried to take the master necklace, I will lose EVERYTHING.”

Wonder Woman frowned and began looking around for the master necklace as well. “Lose everything? He’s already taken it! You know I can help protect you.”

“Ah, but WHO will protect YOU, Wonder Woomon,” a thickly-accented voice spoke up. Wonder Woman turned to see a large, young black man with the build of a football player standing with an older black woman. Both had tribal garments, showing off most of their athletic bodies.
Sheena stiffened, “King Otwani, Queen Zenda, I…”

The black Zambouli woman stood almost six foot tall and wore a more affluent style of Sheena’s outfit. A doeskin top constrained her full-developed breasts; the same skins clung about her hips covering her front and back as a loincloth. Soft doeskin boots trimmed with the golden mane from a lion hugged her calves. A crown of beadwork sat upon her head and in one hand she held an animal skin shield that was ornately adorned with beadwork. The supple shaft of a Zulu war spear was in her other hand.

The woman had an athletic runner’s build and her midnight black skin glistened with a light sheen of sweat. The woman smiled humorlessly. “Do not worry Sheena, we know,” she said. “Heel, girl!” The queen fingered a charm necklace much like Sheena’s.
Diana called out “Sheena Don’t! Stay behind…” But Sheena was already moving with her head down to stand to the left and behind the Zambouli warrior queen.

A rich laugh cut through the air. The king stood tall. His massive frame glistened. As was the custom, his loincloth was richly worked with gold and beadwork. It did nothing to hide his muscular bare ass. Diana appraised the powerful despot. He looked to be 6’4” and must weigh at least 280 pounds with not an ounce of fat on him. His dark skin sported a set of lion’s mane fringes around his knees and upper arms. A necklace of lion’s claws with a single imposing lion fang dangling in the center hung around his neck. Clad only in sandals, he held a richly-carved staff with the full head of a Jaguar on it. “It is too late, Wonder Woomon, and you should worry about yourself.”

Diana smiled, “Against you? I have fought bigger.” She took a fighting stance.

The King laughed, “Me? Oh no. The King does not fight a commoner. I have a champion for that.”

“And who might that be?”

A softer English voice spoke to Wonder Woman’s right. “I say, I do believe that is my cue.”

Wonder Woman turned “Actaeon Davies, I thought I smelled your ilk. You are half the King’s size and yet you think you can take me?”

Davies walked into the clearing clad in a pith helmet. He was wearing a pair of light brown cavalry officer’s Jodhpur pants, tucked into his calf-high brown riding boots, and a red high-neck coat complete with brown harness and pistol. In one hand, he had a leather riding crop. His other was fingering Sheena’s missing Titanium necklace.

“Wonder Woman, I have spent my whole life waiting to test myself against you. Tell you what, if you win, I will let Sheena go and I will give you whatever information you want. If I win...well, it doesn’t matter because I will take what I want.”

“Well, now is your chance.” She readied her arms to deflect the bullets from his pistol and was completely surprised when he began removing the leather and unbuttoning the red coat to reveal his brown T-shirt beneath.

Davies smiled and put up his fists, his hands clenched the left higher than the right with his palms facing him in an old Irish boxing stance. “First I am going to beat you, Wonder Woman, then I am going to rape you, and after that we will have some fun with that lasso of yours.”

Wonder Woman advanced on him “You think you can beat someone who can lift a locomotive? You think you can exploit women as if they were objects for your pleasure?” She reached out grabbing the smaller man by his shoulders and threw him across the clearing into a tree.

Actaeon landed with a groan, slowly rising “Not exactly Marquess of Queensbury Rules, but so be…” before he could finish she had closed the distance. She landed two punches on his body feeling his ribs fracture, he yelped, giving Diana no end of satisfaction.

Reaching out to place him in a hammerlock, she was surprised when his knife hand shot out catching her in the throat, it was a move designed to kill. Only the power of her belt kept her larynx from fracturing, but the blow caused her to gag heavily. Choking loudly, she backed up several paces unable to breathe for a moment.

This gave Davies the chance he had been waiting for; a spinning roundhouse, which caught Wonder Woman in the jaw. Her head whipped to the side but she smiled as she turned her face back toward him. “You think that hurt?” She then thrust her arm out to grasp him by the throat and pay back his shot to her larynx.

The agile young man twisted and cleverly used her momentum of the thrusting arm reach to redirect her motion in a fluid moved that surprised the Amazon with its deftness. Wonder Woman cursed herself, she was better than this, as she felt herself jerked forward off her feet. But Actaeon did not release her. Instead, he pulled her up short. Off balance, she fell face down and felt him press her head down into the soft jungle loam with the heel of his hand. If he thought that would stop her, he had a lot to learn. Being greatly stronger than the Englishman, she easily pushed up against his hand, and once her face cleared the soft earth, her first reaction was to inhale.

Actaeon did not try to force her back down. Instead, as she pushed hard against his palm, he grasped her by her silken black tresses and leaned back hard. His other hand crammed a handful of the soft moist loam deep into her open mouth. Wonder Woman’s head jerked back as she felt herself yanked up into the air and over. The pulling at her hair actually stung her scalp. Trying to spit the dirt from her mouth, she could not clear the clogging black lump. It was too much, too wide and too soft and clinging to cough out. Her lungs began to burn for oxygen.

She heard him chuckle, “Basic combat, Princess. Control the head and you control the body.” He twisted her head to the side and then forced her down fiercely to her left. She landed hard and awkwardly, face-down in a trough of water. “Thought you might want to rinse your mouth,” he taunted.
Battering outward with her arms, Wonder Woman angrily smashed the sides of the trough and water poured everywhere, soaking the ground around her. She felt Davies hand suddenly clutching her face as she rose to one knee. Of course his nails could not do much damage put the flat palm was still preventing her from expelling the fat clog of dirt from her mouth and she was feeling a bit faint. She could smell his scent as he tried to twist her head and then his hand slipped up onto her forehead and then into her hair.

She locked her neck muscles to prevent the head twist, but she felt his fingers flex. My Tiara! He had it in his grip and he pulled. It dragged painfully through a clump of her hair and came about halfway off, falling down her to the back of her head and distracting her.
Actaeon panted out his jeer, “All that jewelry. Not so great for fighting is it?”

Diana’s hands went up instinctively to either rid herself of the annoyance or to reset the crown. As both hands rose to her head Actaeon threw a heavy handful of the mud that the water in the trough had made. It caught Wonder Woman full in the face, blinding her and shocking her momentarily. He grabbed her right wrist and he felt her bracelet come off. “Come on, Wonder Woman, make up your mind. Either rinse your mouth or eat my dirt. Or do you prefer to do both?”

Actaeon tossed the metal band to Zenda. “I’ll get you the other one in a moment, love,” he said through a grimace, holding his side, wincing at his broken ribs.

Gasping deeply, Wonder Woman rose to her full height and finally was able to spit out the clump of loam from her throat. Wheezing raggedly, she then cleared the mud from her face and the first thing she saw was Queen Zenda wearing one of her bracelets and fastening a collar around Sheena’s neck. The tanned blonde heroine meekly knelt beside the Zambouli monarch with her head down.
Frowning deeply Diana turned to look for Actaeon. She located him just at the instant the athletic Englishman landed a well-placed kick directly between her legs.

“OOOMPHHH!” Unprepared for the attack she staggered badly, her feet taking her back two steps as she bent forward from the waist, breathless once more. Her own desperate swing did connect but it was a wild swing with little power behind it. It banged against the young man’s shoulder, knocking him back a bit. But that distance back was just enough for him to step forward rapidly and give Wonder Woman a sudden knee to the stomach with some substantial force behind it.

“GHHUUNNHH!” All these attacks on her breathing were taking its toll. He repeated this move four times, his hand once more clutching her hair in a tight grip as his knee drove hard into her stomach again and again and again until she dropped to one knee, her face pale with the brutal attack.
Stepping back three steps, Actaeon bent forward, gathering a huge breath of air for sustenance before he spoke to the gasping woman with her head lowered before him. “Know your problem, Wonder Woman? I mean besides the fact that you’re a woman? If you were Superman I would be screwed, but Sheena’s claws showed me your skin is not invulnerable. And so, my dear, neither are you!”

He moved quickly. While she was still reeling from the brutal pounding her stomach had just received, he stepped in front of her, stripped the tiara off her head and casually tossed it to Queen Zenda. Before the tall dark Zamboulian caught the treasured crown, the Englishman had not only delivered a vicious knee to Diana’s soft exposed throat, he had stripped off her remaining bracelet. This too he lofted to the monarch with a high arc.
Wonder Woman’s head swam as she wavered on one knee. The kick caused her throat to spasm a moment and her hands went up to it. Actaeon was there in an instant behind her. He slipped his thick muscled arm around her throat from behind so that her neck was in the crook of his left elbow. Pressing her head forward with his forehead and using his right hand to help, his left forearm and upper arm compressed each side of her neck, a sleeper hold. Instinctively her hands, which were pinned to her neck by his hold, tried to push outward. Because she had been clutching her throat an instant before, her palms were on her own throat and pushing out with the backs of her hands was not nearly as effective as they would be if facing the other way. She was an Amazon though with remarkable strength and she fought like a tigress. But even Tigresses can be worn down. The unrelenting punishment Wonder Woman had received in such a short time had taken its toll. She could not push her hands out enough to loosen his deathly grip.

From behind, she heard him grunt with effort. “Know your problem now, dear? Oxygen! Even super muscles shut down without it. Every single move I put on you was designed to disrupt your breathing. Fighting uses a lot of energy and your muscles must be screaming.”
Wonder Woman could see sparkling lights at the edge of her sight, and quickly now black clouds were moving into her vision. She pushed her hands out desperately and Actaeon pulled back. She could feel him tremble, fighting with every ounce of effort. He groaned aloud through gritted teeth. “F…five…seconds….more….all this hold….takes….gahhhhhhh!”

Wonder Woman was nearly breaking his arm with her resistance, but slowly, that pressure lessened. He shoved her head harder into the deep crook of his arm. “Th...that’s it… s…stop fighting…”

She heard him speaking softy as if to a child. “Let it happen.”

Slowly her arms began to fall to her side, her struggles ceased and she went limp. He finally let her slip from his grasp, panting loudly, his face exuberant with victory. Standing up he looked at her limp form lying facedown at his feet, her bright red lips unconsciously kissing the dirt. Placing his foot on her shoulder he leaned down, his chest rising and falling in great heaves. “Bloody hell, that was a workout,” he smiled.

Otwani and Zenda moved forward. Sheena was now on a leash held by Queen Zenda. Sheena looked own tears in her eyes “PLEASE, Lord Davies, don’t kill her.”

Actaeon smiled “Kill her? Oh, no worries there!”

Taking some of the Zambouli mystic soil, the Englishman pressed the cool loam to his broken ribs, feeling the healing magic as the pain in his side slowly subsided. Leaning down, he grasped Wonder Woman’s golden belt. With a simple tug it pulled free, the golden lasso which was looped onto it, coming along with it. Actaeon held the girdle high, admiring the glow of it, the shine it gave off under the African sun where, in this clearing, he had bested the one and only Wonder Woman. Smiling broadly, he tossed the girdle with its coiled lasso to Zenda. “Here you go, Queen. Give it a go.”
Taking ordinary rope from a jacket pocket, he pulled the limp forearms of the amazon warrior behind her back and began snugly tying her wrists. “I have been waiting a long time for this.” His expression was both jubilant and cruel.

Zenda placed the tiara on her brow, slipped on the second bracelet and then fastened the golden girdle on.

Slowly Wonder Woman became aware of things. Her head pounded with a fierce headache. She tasted dirt in her mouth and blew it out with a huff. She was about to try to push off the ground but felt her wrists tied snugly behind her back.

Actaeon Davies smiled, lifting the dazed Amazon to her unsteady feet as he stood behind her, his hand gripping the rope around her wrists. “Ah, awake are we? Good! Tell me what you think of our Queen?”

Wonder Woman raises her head groggily and then her eyes widened. “Those aren’t YOURS!” The Zamboulian beauty was clad in her tiara, bracelets, and belt. Even her lasso was hanging from her hip.

Queen Zenda smirked, “Really? Well I don’t see anyone around here that is likely to take them back.”

Actaeon cocked his head, “Is it working?”

Zenda went over to a Kapok tree, grasped it and leaning back, ripped the giant tree from the ground. “Incredible! Like pulling a weed!”
Actaeon gave an enthusiastic nod. “I rather thought her vestments would work on ANY woman.”

Wonder Woman struggled in his hold “NO…she must not, Hera.”

Actaeon gripped Wonder Woman by her black hair and yanked. With only the strength of a normal woman now, the Amazon winced.
“Hera is a goddess of old,” Actaeon announced loudly to the assembled group. “And she, too, would make a fair trophy, but until she makes an appearance, we will make do with her humbled charge. And now, Wonder Woman, I believe we have Phase 2 to begin.”

Sheena could only look down. Fettered with only a simple leash she made no move to aid her bound friend but instead knelt quietly and respectfully behind Queen Zenda.

Otwani, watching all this with great pleasure, moved to his queen. The pair embraced with the king’s hands caressing up and down Zenda’s ebony side. With a brush of his hand the king moved aside Zenda’s loin cloth exposing her bare sex. There in the jungle clearing, King Otwani moved close to his queen and in the open began to make love to her. Sheena’s leash was dropped, its looped end lying in the dirt. Sheena did not try to run or even to move away from her kneeling position at the queen’s flanks. Instead, she watched with a blush, her head lowered but her eyes fixed brightly on the king’s length as it penetrated the African queen clad in the Amazon vestments.

Wonder Woman felt the English lord reach up and unzip the back of her outfit. “You perverted pig…don’t you...”

Actaeon smiled. “Still fiery? Well enough of that!” Taking his riding crop he jammed the shaft between her teeth. Diana winced as her own molars were in danger of cutting the sides of her mouth. She felt Actaeon begin winding her own hair around the riding crop, fastening it onto her face like a bit on a horse. Tugging at her hair until it was tight, he left Diana only able to grunt and growl.

Once she was silenced, in the middle of the clearing, Actaeon pulled down the last inch of zipper on Wonder Woman’s red and gold bustier and the garment slipped down her body. Her soft breasts slipped free as the famous tunic tumbled forward off her pelvis and dropped onto the ground in a useless heap. Wonder Woman struggled weakly as her sweaty upper torso gleamed in the African sunshine. Actaeon clasped one arm firmly around her waist as his calloused hands slid along her warm thigh muscles, up to her stomach, and finally up to her breasts. He gripped them in his palm and squeezed.

“Oh yes,” he leered, “when was the last time that these had any attention?”

Firmly kneading her breasts, his fingers pulled at the soft brown nipples as he made motions to milk her as if she were a cow. The young man moved around the heroine as she struggled uselessly against her bondage and the strong arm he kept firmly around her waist. Bending his head, the man’s lips found her nipple. Suckling firmly, his tongue ran around her areola before he paused to bite down hard.

Wonder Woman yelled into the riding crop. “EMMMPHHH!” It felt like he was trying to rip her nipple off. Actaeon looked up panting with a smile, his teeth marks forming a bruise around her right breast, which glistened with his saliva.

In the background Sheena still remained kneeling beside the King and Queen. Otwani stood face to face with Zenda, his dead brother’s fiancé. His thick shaft pressed deeply into his new queen as he rutted her. And she willingly gave her lust back to him. The sound of their fornicating mixed with the grunts and sounds of the jungle. Watching Actaeon fondling, biting and groping a helplessly bound Wonder Woman was arousing them both greatly.

Actaeon switched his attention to Wonder Woman’s left breast, coating the entire breast with his tongue in broad long licks. This caused her breast to lift then to fallback heavily, the gravity making the fleshy mass wobble and shimmy. She struggled all she could but could not get free as she felt Actaeon again bite her other nipple. The muscles on his jaws stood out as he clenched them as firmly as he could.
“EEEHHHNNN!” The Princess of Themyscira squealed in agony even as he smiled, leaving both of Wonder Women’s nipples deeply bruised. “A little something to remember me by,” he murmured in her ear.

Anxious now the Brit quickly grabbed the waistline of her blue satin briefs and pushed them down, revealing her smooth wide ass. He kept pushing on them until the blue and white briefs dropped down to her knees and then fell to the ground, pooling around her ankles.

Wonder Woman continued to struggle, making it difficult for Actaeon to meet his ultimate objective, so Davies shoved her toward a nearby tree. The Amazon’s boots got entangled in the briefs and she stumbled, falling face-first in the dirt. He bent over, gripped the garment, pulled it from her booted feet and threw if off to the side without a thought. With her wrists still tied behind her back, Wonder Woman could only squirm and twist in the dirt in frustration as Actaeon tossed a second length of rope over a sturdy limb. He then tied it to the rope binding her wrists. Pulling on the rope Actaeon hauled up Wonder Woman’s by her wrists until she was bent in two and on her tippy toes. With her wrists pulled up behind her back, she was completely defenseless in this position.

Bent over, drooling around the riding crop, her shoulders at the limit of their stretch, Wonder Woman could hardly move. Her breasts swayed like pendulums, the nipples soft and brown with growing deep purple bruises around them. The woman blushed full-body as she was forced to stand there in only her red and white boots, the only remnant of her costume not stripped away from her. As the famous heroine swayed there naked, bent forward and hobbled, the King laughed loudly and placed a firm kiss on his queen’s mouth as he climaxed into her. Both groaned in pleasure.

Sheena watching from her knees, whimpered softly in sympathy for her friend as Davies’ hands slid down Wonder Woman’s legs, lifting first one leg, to remove the red boot, and taking a moment to caress the bare foot, then the other foot. Dropping the final symbol of her heroic stature to the ground with disdain, Actaeon centered his attention on the Amazon’s naked crotch. He admired the soft lips of her pussy. “Hmmm, bald are we? I like that in a woman.”

Diana felt his hand move to her inner thighs, his fingers caressing her lips there as he explored her sex. Gripping her mane of raven hair with his other hand, he pulled her head back and he licked her cheek. Not stopping, he ran his tongue all the way up and over her eyelid. “I am only just beginning.”

“Ahhh…haaaAAAHHH!” she protested angrily

Wonder Woman tried to look back as he circled around behind her. She could hear Actaeon opening his fly as she craned her head trying to get a look. In passing, she saw Sheena. The white woman was on her knees before her king. Standing as the proud African warrior, his queen smirking beside him, he once again held Sheena’s leash and guided her head under his loin cloth. Sheena kept her wrists unbound crossed behind her back as she leaned in, her lips found the King’s glistening black cock coated in his own and his queens juices.

Otwani smiled widened as he felt the white woman’s mouth slip warmly over his black shaft and she began to suckle like a nursing cub. Sheena’s nose filled with the musky sent of male as the black scrotum slid against her chin. With her nose pressed deep into the black pubic hair, she could smell the result of their union and taste the saltiness of the king’s seed and the sweetness of the queen’s juices.

Actaeon slapped Wonder Woman’s rump as she watched Sheena’s head disappear under the king’s loin cloth. Chuckling, the English Lord said, “Hold on, darlin’, I know you’re eager, you will get there one day.”

Sliding his firm hands down her smooth shapely legs as if shoeing a horse, Actaeon caressed her and spread her ass cheeks, looking at Wonder Woman’s unprotected sex, and the tight pink pucker that was her anus.

“Careful, wouldn’t want you to lose your balance and pull your arms out of their sockets.” Seeing Wonder Woman’s body blush, bent over and off balance, the English lord remarked, “I find this particularly effective.” Wonder Woman almost stumbled and dislocated her arms when she felt the man’s finger gently tease and circle the opening of her anus. “Have you ever considered how many people have had their arse hole actually LOOKED at…let alone touched unbidden by another.”

Wonder Woman’s hair was tousled and in the way as she craned her neck to look behind her. All she could see was the man’s booted feet beside her bare feet. He had her completely naked. He had her where he wanted her and he knew it. She struggled but she could not get away.

He smiled. Wonder Woman stood bent in half, ass presented, bound and gagged. The billionaire slowly let his hands glide along the width of her ass, spreading her cheeks. “Not a sight I’m likely to forget, I’ll wager,” he sighed as he gazed at the soft pucker of her anus. His fingers moved to gently caress her soft smooth nether lips again.

Diana closed her eyes in anguish. She had spent her entire life controlling her lust while this man spent his whole life exploiting women’s bodies. Slowly the heat began to build. All his ministrations to her skin, his caresses and even his bites, had stoked a fire in her. If a man could not hide his arousal because of his cock, then hers was showing quite clearly, too, as her nipples had thickened and her labia had swelled. Behind her she heard Actaeon moving. He was already erect, his length jutting from his unzipped cavalry pants at the perfect height and angle behind his hobbled prize. Stepping up closer behind her, his hands moved to her flank. “I studied more than the martial arts, Wonder Woman. I studied the Karma Sutra as well,” he chuckled. “It says taking a woman from behind is very disrespectful, places her like an animal…” He guided himself to her nether lips. “But it also states it’s very sensual,” he whispers in her ear.

Diana tried to look behind her, a look of desperation on her face as she saw Actaeon’s knees bend a little and then felt the head of her captor’s equipment touch her soft wet lips.

“…eeehhhmmmm….” Wonder Woman whimpered at her complete subjugation. All her strength and wisdom and spirit had been thoroughly bested, so quickly, so absolutely. How had she let that happen?

Actaeon paused a moment enjoying the feel of how the unprotected lips clung warmly to the head of his cock. He was right at her gates. Reaching out he grabbed a fist full of her mane of black hair and whispered, “This is called getting MOUNTED mare!” showing His contempt for her spitting on her face. She felt his spit dripping down her cheek.

Gripping her hair firmly, Actaeon yanked back and leaned in and penetrated the helpless heroine, deflowering her, with a guttural cry of triumph.
“HUUNGGH! EEEEMMHH!” Her grunt and then her shriek marked his sweet victory loudly. To the man’s surprise, he felt a barrier. With the strength of his thrust however, he felt his length rip through it easily.

Actaeon chuckled “A VIRGIN…really?” She felt him adjust and dip his hips and step even closer. His feet kicked her heels further apart to get a better angle, and molding his belly to her rump as he thrust firmly up and in again, lifting her up onto her toes.
Diana was forced by him to spread her heels. Only his firm hands on her supple waist prevented her from falling forward and having the ropes dislocate her arms. She had to lean back into him with each thrust. And there were so many thrusts! Time after time, he entered and withdrew until she was dizzy with it. She could feel him deep inside her. He was big in there but he was also her first so there was nothing in her experience to which she could compare it.

Actaeon felt her warm, slippery walls clinging to his shaft. In this way, she was like so many other women, but she was virgin and tight: so much the better. And more, she was one he would have for himself, one he had yearned for and now, thrillingly, had. Her warmth was clutching his cock and he could feel her pulsing around him. He beamed with the pleasure of it all.

Looking around for someone…ANYONE to help, Diana was met with only the grunts of the man behind her, her juices running down her legs to pool in the soft dirt, and the sounds of the jungle. She saw Sheena across the clearing. The woman had finished lapping at the king’s shaft leaving it shining in the sunlight with her saliva. The woman had licked and tea-bagged the king so that he was clean after his lust with his queen. Now Sheena was pulled toward the domineering Queen Zenda, who stood with her feet shoulder width apart. “That’s right, jungle wench, serve your queen too.”
Sheena ducked her headusing her nose to lift the queen’s loincloth and conceal her head. Her nose was inches away from the smooth black lips of her queen, some of the king’s milky white seed on her outer labia. Sheena had done this before. Leaning between the black woman’s shapely thighs, she sealed her mouth over the black nether lips and placed an overt kiss on the other woman’s used cunt, suckling gently. Then her tongue began to lap gently, slipping within the queen’s sex as she suckled. Her mouth moved gently, licking across the pink clit as she began to lick the king’s seed out of the queen.

King Otwani smiled and began undressing Sheena as she knelt before his queen and he watched the show. Caressing her breast through her leopard skin top, he watched his queen taking pleasure in Sheena’s mouth.

Sheena worked her magic quickly on the queen and before long the tall black Zenda shuddered happily and swayed in place as her orgasm gushed into Sheena’s waiting mouth, which was still sealed against the queen’s sex. Zenda simply ordered, “Swallow” and Sheena did. The Zamboulian Queen’s eyes squinted and then closed completely as she came a second time when Sheena cleaned the juices from her slit. When it was done, the queen patted the blonde on the head like one would a pet and the threesome squatted on the ground to watch the show as Actaeon had his way with Wonder Woman.

Sheena sat there naked now thanks to the king’s fingers at the knots in her costume. But she mesmerized by the show before her. She watched Actaeon as he pulled back and thrust, each thrust causing Diana to lean back into him as he thrust forward. Actaeon showed no modesty; he had an audience and could perform just fine. Sheena knelt watching, nearly oblivious as the black Zambouli king’s hand roamed freely, cupping her pussy as he caressed her at will.

Watching Wonder Woman’s breasts sway, Actaeon thrust deeply, taking his time as Wonder Woman sweated in the hot sun of the steamy jungle. He leaned forward over her smooth white back and his hands found her breasts again, pinching the bruised nipples.

Wonder Woman winced and pulled with all her might, but Actaeon’s knots held. “Hera, help me,” she thought as she felt the man’s pace quicken. “Oh no, he’s almost there,” she thought. “I CAN’T let him….climax in me.” Yet the powerful Englishman thrust more firmly, more quickly. Pulling her back into him, he whispered “You may one day catch me as you believe, but I think not. Even if you do, though, NOTHING will change this moment between us. That it was I who was your first, and it was I who raped you!”

The revelation drove him over the edge. Pulling her close, she could feel him standing over her as his length pulsed, his seed surged. He held himself within her. He held her close. He allowed himself to drain…

Her eyes closed and she tried to think of something, ANY thing. But all she could do was stand bent over before him, feeling him panting against her, their sweaty bodies rubbing, their skin joined.

Acton smiled, stroking her sweating, slippery sides. “As I expected, you’re a magnificent fuck, my dear.”

Actaeon stood in place a few moments more, enjoying the warm aftermath of his climax within Wonder Woman. Finally, she felt him withdraw.

He stepped around in front where she could lift her neck to look up at him. He smiled down, as he placed his cock back away in his breeches. She only glimpsed it, coated with her own juices, and her head want down in shame, forcing her to see Actaeon’s milky white seed tinged with pink from her virginity, slowly sliding down her inner thighs.

Holding her golden lasso he said cheerily, “Well, now that I am more relaxed, you will be seeing more of that little white trail before this day is over. Anyway, what say we have an information swap, eh wot?

Trembling, Wonder Woman could but stand there, her enemies seed deep within her sex and looked up to see what he meant.
(To Be Continued)
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Hunter of the Amazon Chapter 5

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Hunter of the Amazon
Chapter 5

Sheena Queen of the jungle knelt in the warm steamy jungle before queen Zenda , her head under the Nubian queen’s loincloth, her mouth sealed to the colored woman’s soft velvety bare nether lips, her knees in the soft cool jungle loam.

The taste of the king’s salty seed had long since faded and sat now in her own stomach. Sheena felt ashamed that she had found the act of licking the kings cum from the queen’s pussy to be satisfying, even savory, her stomach now felt more, satisfied.

Before her thru the dim light of the sun that filtered thru the queens lion cloth Sheena looked up at Zenda’s flat brown stomach. The Queen stood with her hands on her hips legs spread looking arrogant, clad in Wonder Woman’s Bracelets, Tiara and Girdle.

Sheena mover her mouth to seal over all of Zenda’s pussy and suckled firmly. She was rewarded with a mouth full of the Queen’s sweet nectar. Sheena slipped her red lips along the soft brown lips in a soft lovers kiss, swallowing the mouth full and then using her nose to gently part the soft outer labia, the moist velvet lips clung to her nose and she inhaled deeply, closing her eyes.

Angling her neck back Sheena pushed up from her knees gently as she pointed her tongue and penetrated Zenda’s pussy. The queen’s loincloth, soft against the back of her neck, concentrated the queen’s scent.

Initially Sheena found it musky and repulsive, but over time she had come to find the scent arousing and intoxicating.

Sheena slid her slippery tongue over the Queens clit and deep within the other woman’s body, and felt her climax, the muscles of her pussy gripping Sheena’s tongue, the firm muscled abdomen clenching followed by another flood of the queen’s sweet juices, which Sheena greedily consumed.

Sheena had never been a lesbian, Wonder Woman had once implied they might make love…Sheena had been polite but adamant in her refusal. She hated pleasuring another woman but realized she no longer had a choice.

“You have gotten Very good at that Sheena, come out here bitch” Zenda smirked.

Sheena withdrew, a trail of her saliva attached Sheen’s lower lip to Zanda’s pussy lip. The latter covered in Sheena’s saliva, the former coated in a soft glistening glaze of pussy juices.

As Sheena obeyed the strand stretched between them then finally broke

Sheena knelt back on her bare heels her eyes readjusting to the light, the first things Sheena saw was Actaeon Davies sitting on a fallen tree as he looked over his prize, he fingered Sheena’s Titanium charm necklace.

Wonder Woman stood in the center of the jungle clearing naked as the day she was born, her wrists tied behind her back by strong leather thongs, a rope thrown over the limb of a tree above her connected to her wrists and drawn taught. The stark naked woman was bent at the waist her arms lifted behind her back her raven tresses across her face. Actaeon’s riding crop was jammed into her mouth like a horse bit and kept her protests to a soft grunt as her own drool rolled down her chin.

Actaeon smiled admiring his work; he admired Wonder Woman’s breasts, which hung like pendulums. Diana’s soft brown nipples sported deepening purple bruises and showed Actaeon’s own tooth pattern, from behind the woman’s firm ass was displayed before God, a little lower the soft petals of her bald pussy lay exposed, her own honey mixed with his white seed and tinged pink with her virgin blood, slid down her shapely thighs.
To Sheena’s right, smiling and watching King Otwani resplendent in his Chieftain garb and held Sheena’s leash attached to the diamond-studded dog collar to her left, Queen Zenda, clad in her soft doeskin halter, and loincloth, Sheena remained kneeling between them.

Actaeon leaned back fingering Wonder Woman’s Lasso of truth “ahhh that’s much better, shall we have a little chat now? Now wench, must I use your own lasso on you? Or will you agree to tell me what I want to know truthfully on your own?
Wonder Woman craned her neck to look at the smug Englishman, his bare chest showing a slight sweat.

“Roo ret re ROO!”

Actaeon frowned, “What? Oh yes pardon me” reaching out he tugged at her silken black hair releasing the riding crop from her mouth and examining it, there was not even a mar in the leather, just her wet saliva. “Forgot about that.”

Wonder Woman spit and worked her jaws staring at her own bare feet, her tights, and boots laying just a few feet away her voice croaked at first and angry “you…you FORGOT, you just raped me, Let me go!”

Actaeon flicked the riding crop against his thigh in annoyance “Hmmm Let me see you may be right, I have you naked, tied, I raped you…just let you go…all will be forgiven.” He rolled his eyes “Get this straight Wonder Woman; I am going to rape you MANY more times.” He uncoiled the golden lasso and formed a loop “Now do I have to use this or not?”

Wonder Woman had to twist her head to look up, but then let it drop “No…you could get the information anyway.” She said with tone of despair and malice “but I swear you will never live to use it.”

Actaeon chuckled “oh I say good show, I do love a challenge.” He walked around Wonder Woman and waved Sheena to his side as he ran his hands over Wonder Woman’s smooth flanks.

Wonder Woman snarled and struggled as the Jungle Queen hastened on the balls of her feet to a position behind and to the left of the English hunter. Acton nodded to the rope over the tree limb attached to Wonder Woman’s wrists. “Let me explain how this game will work. “ He smiled as his hands roamed freely over the woman’s alabaster flanks; he admired the flow of his seed out of her velvet nether lips. His hands massaged her taught muscles. He even used to fingers to spread her lips and admire the inner folds, and his handy work.

She lashed out, trying to kick him. Actaeon side stepped it easily and nodded to Sheena. With a tear rolling down her cheek, Sheena pulled on the rope, causing Wonder Woman to bend further forward and come up on the balls of her feet in the firm dirt. Wonder woman felt the tension wrenching her shoulder sockets as her toes had to dance trying to stand on them.

“Naughty naughty wench, now where were we.” He reached beneath her and pinched Diana’s bruised right nipple, hard, bringing a satisfying sharp inhale of pain as he pulled and then released the nipple. “Oh yes, I will ask you a question, and you will answer…TRUTHFULLY… then you get to ask ME a question.”

Diana craned her head her toes dancing as she felt the young man’s touch gently caress her smooth shoulder, as if gentling a horse, it infuriated her “You, would answer my questions?”

Actaeon chuckled “ah ha…. I know you’re used to girls first, but as your host.” He paused; his gentle hand cupped her chin and lifted it to look into his soft green eyes. He leaned down and placed a warm soft kiss on her lips “I am in control, the questions are 1 for one I choose when we start, and when we end, so rank your questions carefully my dear, you do not know if you will get another.” He stroked her throat gently, his hands devoid of any callouses, soft and oiled “now lets us begin.”

Sitting back down he set out 2 tape recorders “this one is for me” he pressed the record button. “For release to whoever I choose, and this” he pressed record on the 2nd recorder “is for you should you win yourself free. Now, first question, why is it impossible for anyone to find you except when you wish to be found? How do you DO that?

Wonder Woman spit on the ground after his kiss, angry that her nipples had responded to the gentle kiss and they ached from the bruising bite. Her ass still hiked in the air she managed a cold smile, her eyes smoldering with resentment “I have a secret identity” and said no more.

Actaeon brightened visibly, fingering the supple smooth golden lasso “oh JOLLY good you DO understand the rules. You gave a truthful answer but gave as little away as you could. I shall have to be more clever in my questions. Ok Your Turn”

Diana considered a moment “Why do you feel the need to dominate women so, objectify us. You treat us like an animal or a piece of meat, have you never had a partner who wanted to get to know YOU, to be an equal and SHARE in your life?”

Actaeon frowned “Damned unexpected you are m’gel, and that was 2 questions but I shall answer. I’d have expected you to ask about my criminal secrets. But as you wish. To answer your questions I can have that any time I want, what I can’t have, if we go by YOUR rules m’dear, or perhaps Diana of the hind, I should say my DEER, I cannot have my fantasies and desires. All you offer I can have for the taking, I can go out and find a woman who excites me, have her as an equal, the problem is, I have not yet found a woman equal to a man. ANY man.” He chuckled at the poisoned look he got “oh come my dear, your own culture separated from base males. Do not blame ME for the beast YOU created, think of it as just following my nature. In any case I find all the EQUAL companionship I want with men, men such as king Otawni, as for YOU what I care about most, frankly, is your fine body which I shall have. Besides, it is a challenge. And just think, the last man to rape an amazon, Hercules, is a living legend, and he only did it once, think of MY name when it is learned that I had my way with the queens daughter. Now my question.”

He thought but a moment “I do so love cloak and dagger, I shall have to see about joining MI 6, so tell me Wonder woman, what IS your secret identity.”

Wonder woman looked away “Diana Prince” she spat out Turing her head to look away.
“Aaoch!” Actaeon smiled “Delightful the young Reporter who interviewed at the castle” he laughed “I should have guessed I assume you work for the NSA?”

The naked Wonder woman shook her head “My question”

Actaeon nodded “quite right”

Wonder Woman winced as her arm joints ached. She moved her toes trying to relieve some of the pressure “You are a…” she reconsidered “What are the details of your criminal organization.

Actaeon smiled, as the game progressed, She had almost asked if he was a white slaver, to which he would have given a 1 word answer. “I have no criminal organization, which I could stop right there but in the interest of FAIRNESS, I will tell you I am a facilitator, There are several criminal organizations that deal in human, primarily female trafficking. I provide places for auctions, cover against investigative agencies and immunity from prosecution. I am also a trophy hunter so sometimes I purchase. You asked in my interview how I made my money. This has been going on since the dark ages, English nobility OWNS women” he pointed at Sheera “meet one of the MARES I breed” he smiled larger “You remember Marion? The vixen? She is painted like a fox but a simple sheep, a follower, and Miranda? A cow, you would be surprised how much an affluent couple will pay to either breed their son to such a beautiful cow, or perhaps because their union is infertile use her themselves and then legally adopt the child. Simple business nothing else. And just think in the end, the woman accepts her place is happy and makes others happy.

Wonder woman’s mouth dropped open at the sheer coldness by which the young man spoke. He literally had made all his money treating human beings like animals.

“My question I believe I want to know, is it true that amazon women are infertile unless they have their queen’s permission?”
Wonder woman’s entire body blushed “No”

Actaeon’s riding crop whistled out and smacked hard against her flank, causing her to nearly lose her balance, her bare feet having to tippy toe right and left to regain her balance “Quid pro quo wench, I gave you far more in my answer then I had to, Do you wish to learn about me or not? I assure you I can get my answers out of you and keep my answers just as vague and stop the game before you are any less confused.

Wonder Woman thrashed “when I get free I am going to see you can NEVER harm another woman.”

Actaeon waited tapping the toe of his boot.

Wonder Woman looked down “That was a legend we made up to discourage man from taking us, my virginity does not magically re appear, and I am as susceptible to pregnancy as any other woman” she glanced back nervously between her legs, some of Actaeon’s pearl white seed still clinging to her pussy.

Actaeon smiles “Now Wonder Woman, I would like to know exactly what leads you have gotten on the white slavers, where are the cracks in our plan?”
Wonder Woman looked down at her toes, some water, and mud squishing between them from the jungle “We have none. You can use the lasso on me if you do not believe me. Lots of suspicions but we do not even know where your selling women. Now My question What does Zenda want with my costume?”

Actaeon sat back “ahh yes, THAT, actually she just want’s your abilities, you see it has always been known that Africa could be a global super power, if they could stop fighting each other long enough. There are huge natural resources that can be used to control world economies. Between your lasso here, and a few strategic assassinations, Zamboli is going to begin the KINGDOM of Africa. Oh just think of it, a REAL monarchy again, I think we will start with Nigeria and Algeria, perhaps some of the diamonds of South Africa. They will be our puppets, and the greatest thing is that Sheena will HELP us as we restore the rain forests.

Wonder Woman looked up “NOW you’re going to save the planet?” unaware she had just posed a question. “You’re an environmental terrorist.”
Actaeon nodded “Yes I WOULD seem the type, so who will suspect me?”

Diana stared in awe, “I misjudged you, you cultivated that to throw everyone off the track, while everyone is looking for your MO, Zenda…”
“Will be either enthralling or slaughtering everyone who stands in our way, thanks to YOUR powers. Now Wonder Woman, I want all your security access logins and codes including for the JLA.

Wonder Woman tried to struggle “I won’t answer something like that; I already gave my word not to divulge them.”

Actaeon nodded “very well” and looped the golden lasso over her bare shoulders caressing her cheek with the back of his hand. “Let’s try this again...”

Wonder Woman felt the power of her magical line take her, and for the next 20 min gave the Englishman the logons and remote access codes for everything from the JLA computers to the President’s personal access. She hated it but had no choice.

Once finished. Actaeon removed the lasso and turned off the recorders Handing the lasso to Zenda he smiled and said “I believe you were going to meet with the Egyptian president first, on your way.”

Wonder Woman’s invisible jet responded to her Tiara, and Wonder Woman could only watch helplessly as the Nubian queen took off.
Once gone Actaeon sat down with Otwani and sat the recorders by Wonder Woman “Sheena cut her down”

Sheena released the bonds and Wonder Woman went to her knees. She felt her wrists released. The 2 men and their slave waited while Wonder Woman rubbed her wrists and stood. Her body showed the wear, the bruised nipples, the rope marks around her wrist. “What now you kill me?”
“Not QUITE, but close, you’re far too valuable to kill, but Not too valuable to HUNT.” Acton smiled

Wonder Woman frowned “hunt but not kill?”

Actaeon nodded “Ever hear of a Bambi hunt? You should you have a trophy rack”

Diana looked disgusting “You small pitiful mind.” A Bambi hunt, releasing women into a wild area, stark naked and using paint balls to “hunt” them, if she was declared a kill, they would copulate with her, and often made her stand in a hole on the wall to look like a trophy with her breasts hanging out.”

Acton laughed “Oh you need not participate, I could just tie you up, rape you and let you go when I am ready” he paused holding up the 2 recorders “OR…I can give you a chance to redeem your honor, get these 2 recorders and return with the information.”

Wonder Woman could not hide her disgust “you do not even have the decency to be ashamed to use the word rape. Most will call it anything else.
Actaeon nodded “That’s because I am not afraid of it. Why should rape be any worse word then murder, kill, fuck, or incarcerate. Women were put here for man’s USE, that is what I am going to teach the world. You are not needed to think, or to work, beyond thinking of ways to better pleasure man.

Wonder Woman looked disgusted “Not much of a choice, what are the terms?”

Actaeon smiled Easy, You will get a 12-hour head start, you may use anything in the jungle you wish, you are an Amazon, granted this is not Brazil, but you should have knowledge of the jungle. After that King Otwani will be my guide, I will not use any modern weapons just what the jungle allows. If you make it to any town on the other side of the Boarder of Zamboli, I will give you the recorders and put myself in your custody.”
“And if you win?”

“If I win I will rape you, and you will accompany me as my personal slave for the next 3 weeks. You will do this willingly and that should be enough time for Zenda’s deviltry. So do we have a deal?

“Wonder Woman looked around, Sheena stood naked on her leash “If I win can Sheena go free?”

Actaeon shrugged “If she wishes.

“You gave me no choice so I have no alternative but to agree.”

Actaeon smiled “Jolly good your time starts now…”

Diana watched Actaeon gather her boots and leotard, all the things Zenda had not needed. And she took off naked due north, dodging into the jungle. She would change course later, but the first thing she wanted to do was find water, and get this vile man’s seed out of her body. She knew of a river to the north. 12 Hours was a long time, even for expert trackers, of course they had things like shoes, where her feet were still tender. She had to pick her way thru the jungle loam, her pace slowed by bare feet.

It took her about an hour to reach the river. She knew his seed by now would be at her ovaries, nothing she could do about that but she still wanted to wash. Dipping into the cool water she rinsed the sweat from her, and as best she could, cleaned her intimate places. Symbolic as it was, she felt better.

Next she followed the river upstream, It was slower but they had no way to track her in the water, and it just might throw them off the track if they had to guess, as downstream would have been faster. The icy cool water made the ache in her now purple nipples better. Though the cold made the areoles stand out. She walked against the stream for maybe 3 hours before turning southwest. On that heading, it should take her about 2 to 3 days to reach The Ivory Coast, but there she would be able to contact HQ, and warn of the assassination. Zenda may have her powers, but it took skill and practice to deflect bullets.

Once out the swarms of insects began to assault her. Taking some mud at the edge of the bank she slathered a thick layer over her skin. The way it squished felt cool, and slightly erotic, but it would keep away the swarms. Moving out keeping to the animal trails and paths was slow going. Diana elected not to construct traps, she could not be sure they would track her exact path, especially if they had been thrown off by the river. She wanted speed. She had nothing to carry water, and it could not be helped. As the day wore on, the heat and humidity was excessive. At night, she had to stop, she could not see enough, and there were too many poisonous and dangerous animals to risk it. She had to weave a bed in the trees and wait for morning, but she was up before first light. She found a stream, and drank her fill, the water was running so less chance of it being contaminated, however it bothered her that she had no salt tablets. Without sodium, that she was sweating out she would go into severe muscle cramps.

By Noon the 2nd day, from the crest of a hill she could see a border village on the horizon, she had to make it there. Her nipples were aching again, from where he had bitten her. She also noted a Zambouli village a few miles to the east. She had been able to get a few small berries but she needed real food, and salt. She decided to risk it. If they had found a way to track her, it would be an obvious place to ambush her.

At about 4 pm, she estimated, she had gotten to the village. It was small, tribal. Wonder Woman circled around to the west. She had only rocks and stones, but she managed to fashion a trip wire out of some bark. Using some fallen logs, she fashioned a dead fall, so far all was quiet except when she had startled a hawk out of a tree, the bird of prey screeching angrily. Wonder Woman looked for a nest hoping for some eggs, but there was none.
That done, Diana fashioned a second trap, a pit fall just a few yards from the dead fall. That was all she had time for. With the sun going down, this would be the best time to seek help. If things went bad, they could not track her at night.

Cautiously Wonder Woman approached the village naked. The smell of cooking fires made her mouth water. She passed a thatch hut, with no one in it. The mud was dry now and flaking off her body. She was still naked. But she found no clothing, these were poor villagers, prob only owned the clothing they wore.

Diana could hear children playing, the sounds of voices. Looking under the hut, she could see a cooking fire. It looked like some rice, and some beef? A pair of black legs was near, but when one of the children began to cry over something they walked away. Diana reached out from under the hut, and was able to take a wooden bowl…and what appeared to be rice and stew. The taste flooded her mouth. It was so savory. She kept a careful eye out. And managed to get several mouths full. .

A cracking stick alerted her. And she slipped back under the hut. As she watched she heard a familiar voice “Yes chap, I know she is around here.” The sound of king Otwani answered him. Diana watched the pair of Calvary pants walk by. Diana backed out from under the hut. There was a bowl and a small pouch of salt, prob for trading. That could save her life. She quickly made her way over and was able to take them both. When she looked up, she froze. A Young, looked like Masai warrior stood looking at her in open lust. She looked down and noticed she was naked. His eyes looking at her. She took a finger and pressed it to her lips “Shhhh…please….”

The Masai had a red cloak on, and some decorative stones around his neck. A simple copper headpiece and the long spear of his kind, he nodded and beckoned Wonder Woman closer.

Wonder Woman looked at the tree line some 200 Yards distant, and gauged her chances of getting away, but if she did, Actaeon would know and be on her trail. Reluctantly she approached the Warrior, who looked to be about 22.

He smiled at her…and placed a calloused hand on her shoulder. He did not grip her or try anything. Encouraged Wonder Woman offered him a smile, and he smiled back. He said something in a whisper that Wonder Woman could not understand, but he beckoned her closer toward the jungle.
Thank Hera’ she whispered, “I am going to buy your whole village a gold mine” she whispered. They crept closer to the Jungle. At one point Actaeon appeared his back to them. The Masai hid wonder woman behind him and a hut until the English hunter moved heading to the far side of the camp.
They were about halfway to the Jungle when the Masai turned and motioned Wonder Woman to stay close, Voices approached. Wonder Woman moved behind a hut. It was close a tree and another hut boxed her in by the Masai was behind her….not in front where the escape route was. It was King Otwani, with Sheena in tow in her leash. While she watched him talking to the Village, Wonder Woman felt the Masai’s hand slide up her side and cup her breast firmly.
Diana Gasped both from the bruised flesh and in surprise but the Warriors other hand quickly covered her mouth; she could feel his erection behind her. The bastard had not been helping, he wanted her for himself.

Diana struggled, but she had only the strength of a normal woman. The young black man held her firm as he moved his robes and pressed his erection to the crack of her ass leaning in to say softly “Shhhhh…take wot I give you and I will release you into da jungle and tell no are da Woonder Woomon”

Diana might be only a woman, but she was still a warrior. She picked her foot up and brought the heel down hard on the young warriors foot.

“Gahhh! BEECH!” the man howled but his grip loosened and Diana spun. She used her knife hand and swung down, on the warrior’s shoulders, she felt both collar bones fracture. Not content her hand went to his waist grasping the man’s war dagger “filthy ANIMAL “ with that she sliced what she hoped would castrate the male. She felt the warm flow of blood on her hand as the man screamed and dropped.

As Diana sprinted for her jungle path she heard the man call out in his native tongue, though she could not understand all of it, it made her smiled his words “My Father and Chieftian! It is the woman! I think she has taken my manhood Avenge me!”

As Diana passed Otwani, she rolled and sliced his leg, unfortunately he was fast while the dagger cut the back of his calf she missed his hamstring, too bad it was not Actaeon. Now there was motion everywhere. Women running with children, Black men emerging with spears and nasty looking staffs. A massive Warrior stepped out and Diana gauged her stride just right, like a football kicker she punted the Massive back man between the legs, her heart really hoping to drive his balls into his mouth. The warrior screamed like a girl and crumpled.

The edge of the Jungle was there, and she now had a Knife. She charged in as she felt something angrily sting her in her right shoulder. She could not stop now; the whole village was after her. Screaming like a rhino, the Warrior she had kicked was up and plunging after her. In the distance she heard “NO!”, it sounded like Actaeon. Wonder Woman cleared her trip wire. And 3 footfalls later she heard another strangled Cry. Pausing to look behind her she could see the large warrior, his eyes staring in surprise as 3 massive logs had crushed him against a termite mound.

She regretted her decision to see because pounding up the path, was Actaeon, when she turned she felt the knife slip from her grasp. How could it? She had a death Grip; she did not even have time to try to find it in the growing gloom or pick it up.

Actaeon paused and raised his staff, Wonder Woman ducked the suspected blow and ran. She heard him follow and then heard the sound of her dead fall, along with the satisfying sound of Actaeon hitting the bottom, there were no stakes, but he’d need a rope to get out. The last she heard was.
“Clever Girl….well don’t just STAND there get me a blasted rope!”

Diana continued in the dark until she had gone at least a mile changed direction, another mile changed again and a 3rd mile. Gasping she stopped, It was nearly midnight. She had discovered earlier on, why she had dropped the knife. Her right arm had gone numb. Those were not fighting staff’s they were blowguns, She had been hit with a Curare dart.

The night was long, without the use of her arm, she could not make a bed in the trees, she had no fire, she was cold, and it rained, at least the rain erased some of her trail. She shivered. With luck, she could make the Ivory Coast tomorrow.

Diana was roused by the sound of people. They were already on her trail. Her right arm was still useless, so she rigged a sling, and made off in the direction she felt was the Village. She came to a stream, where the Hawk was fishing, it stood on a fish, and screamed when Diana shooed it away, The fish was raw, but it was fresh. She salted the fish and ate with her left hand, a drink and continued.

Diana had several close calls, but managed to slip past the warriors, she saw Actaeon twice, sporting the blow gun. Diana peered from the jungle line, across several hundred yards of open ground; she could see the village, and a road. She need only cross that road. She wanted to wait till dark, but they closed the ring on her, if she was to have any hope at all, it would have to be before they got too close, she could take several of those darts so long as her legs worked, and she did not take a dart to the back of the neck.

Breaking cover Wonder Woman ran. She was cold, her nipples hurt, her feet were bruised, but she was an Amazon princess. She sprinted heedless of any pain. She began to change direction randomly, she had gone about ¼ of the way when she heard shouting. A glance behind her showed the whole tribe with spears and shields. A Masai with a throw stick launched a spear, and it landed within a hare’s breath of her. Apparently if they could not bring her down she was to Die. So be it better that then serving at the feat of that Smug Englishman. She dodged right and ran.

Spears began to rain down, she dodged right again, but they caught onto that trick, as the anticipated and spears stuck in the ground to her left. Panting with exertion, she gave a cry of Joy, if she kept this pace they could not catch her, she could see a well in front of her where a young child was drawing water.

A spear landed right in front of her and Diana veered right “Hey! Hey! Get your parents!” she called out. There was a Masai not 3 horse lengths behind her, she jogged to the left as a Spear appeared right where she would have been. She could make out the girls jewelry now, when suddenly the plain burst up in a spray of dried grasses. With Horror Diana saw Actaeon stand up from the ground blind, and raise the wooden tube to his lips. He was only 10 yards away, they had used the spears to drive her like a hind to the hunter. She saw Actaeon’s shoulders go down and felt a sting in her left leg.

N..No! She ran, it would take a few moments for the poison to work. She felt another bury itself in her left ass cheek; good can’t make the leg MORE numb. She stumbled now; the Curare did not take long to act. She gasped limping as she felt another dart now in her right flank “N... nooooGet!”

Actaeon grinned and loaded his last dart, he exhaled and watched it implant right in the nape of the woman’s neck.

Wonder Woman tumbled down at the feet of the little girl her left arm out trying to PULL herself to the well. If she could just Get there.

The young girl looked frightened “Lady hurt? You ok?”

Pleading Wonder Woman looked up “Yes…get help..p..please..hurry.

The Girl was about to turn when Actaeon Stepped up “Ello there lass…your friend need help?”

The girl clutched her doll as she watched wonder woman go still, and several of the big warriors, several she knew from the other village, rolled her over and began to care for her “Oh…you’re her friends?”

Actaeon smiled and crouched by the girl “oh yes were very…CLOSE…Thank you for your help….”

The girl smiled at him. Actaeon took off a gold pendant with a diamond “for you “

The girls eyes went wide and she ran off to show her mother

For Wonder woman, she lay like a boned fish, she was fully aware, could see and hear everything, feel everything, but nothing moved. Paralyzed.
Actaeon’s booted feet came into her vision and he gripped her by her silken black hair lifting her head. Her mouth hung slack, her tongue half out like a dead animal.

“I believe the term is “NIKE!” he chuckled “I can see in yer eyes the question, how did I track you?” He lifted her head a bit more “Come down here”
A Hawk flew down and when Acton touched the Titanium necklace, it transformed into Sheena. “Diana...I...I’m sorry, if I had not helped he’d have LEFT me a hawk. I tried to help...I brought you the fish” She said desperately

“Actually” Actaeon smirked “I’d have killed her and stuffed her as a trophy….and before you try it, I said I’d use ONLY what was in the jungle….that means her and her animals”

Actaeon stood “Now bitch…we have some unfinished business I believe.” He gripped her long black hair in his fist and began to drag her back to the Jungle.

Diana was dragged like a limp doe, the pain in her scalp made her want to scream but all she could do is feel the grasses as he dragged her toward the tree line.

The masai warriors seemed to be satisfied as the slowly disappeared. Actaeon pulled the helpless woman inside the tree line, and laid Diana’s body over a large log face up. Several buckets of cold water were poured on her and the grinning Englishman leered over here “Nice Bambi Hunt...’ he slapped one of her tits hard. Diana wanted to yelp but all she could do is gasp “these look like they have not had enough attention of late. She felt him lean down and lick her breast, his lips fastening onto her areole she could not even tense, she felt the burning as the man bit the bruised flesh savagely again. Pulling back to make her breast stretch. With wild eyes he leaned in and repeated the process with her other breast. Tears rolled freely down Diana’s eyes, it was not she had not felt more pain…but her body was just slack.

Satisfied Actaeon rolled her onto her stomach. Diana’s head hung and swung and all she could see was Actaeon’s pants and legs again, she heard him unzip. He was going to rape her again and she had still not even seen his cock. She felt Actaeon step up to her and his thumbs spread her ass cheeks.
She grunted, in near panic, “not that” she could only think

Actaeon smiled as he spread her firm ass, looking at the soft perfect pucker “ohhh How many men have seen THIS sight” he chuckled. His hand ran freely over her ass, with the familiarity of ownership, then she heard him hack. Feeling the open air on her spread ass cheeks, she heard Actaeon spit, felt the dollop of his spittle land directly on her puckered anus. Actaeon stepped up guiding his head up to her pucker; he pressed the tip against it.

Diana could feel the aroused male. Suddenly her head was brought up as Actaeon grasped her hair and pulled back. Ramming forward. Diana felt herself spitted. He pressed in firmly.

Diana’s world exploded. The violation, the pain in her scalp. Sheena knelt her head down but watching as she felt Actaeon’s member slip in.
Actaeon groaned in pleasure like an animal. As he shifted his eight, “you’re tight, lucky actually your much better off with the Curare, relaxes the muscles. He leaned over her...and thrust again. This time he slid into his base. Holding a moment, he enjoyed the feel. Then pulled back, watching her anus stretch and invert slightly as it clung to his cock…then he pressed firmly in again, each thrust married her ass to his pelvis. Actaeon took his time…thrusting firmly, each thrust causing Wonder Woman to exhale and gasp… he smiled holding her as he went about his work,
Dianas anus felt like it was on fire, at first it felt like a tearing, then a burning before her own body began to relax more. The man took her firmly… Her body rocked against the log, and the man sawed in and out of her.

Sheena could only watch and remember her first time. Actaeon panting, his hands caressing Wonder Woman’s body with total impunity.
Diana imagined he raped her ass hole for close to 10 min before she felt his pause quicken, his thrusts shorten. Then leaning over her with a groan of relief…pulsed his seed into her bowels

Panting from the exertion Actaeon held deep within her bowels “that’s 2 of your 3 virginities Wonder Woman….” He relaxed.

Finally, the young Englishman pulled out. Wonder woman felt herself released and, like so much cum sprayed on the wall...her body slowly began to slip off the log. Actaeon going to a pack to retrieve something.

Wonder Woman was bowed backwards her eyes looking at the blue sky, she could feel Actaeon’s cool seed on her anus, but could not move. She felt Actaeon roll her over and place he in a sitting position against the log, her head against her chest. He led up a rather odd-looking device that looked like a gun.

Wonder woman could only “ahhh!’ as she recognized it. It was a piercing the kind that women had their ears pierced, but she did not think he wanted to pierce her ear. Sure enough, the handsome young man grasp her right nipple. He loaded a Deer Kill tag into the gun “have to be legal” he grinned.

Diana felt the gun against her tit, felt the sharp pain as he pulled the trigger. When Actaeon stood up…a bright yellow kill tag dangled from her now pierced right tit.

Like watching a play, a prisoner in her own body. Diana could do nothing as Actaeon first tied her writs together before her…then her ankles.
With her watching unblinking, he then stood. Grasping a figure of Sheena’s titanium necklace. Wonder Woman saw Sheena disappear, and in her place stood a magnificent Grévy’s zebra mare.

Actaeon approached the beast, and took a saddle from where it rested behind a tree. Tossing a saddle blanket over the Zerba (Sheena’s) back, he clinched the saddle slipped on a crupper to the base of her tail, and a bit and bridle with blinders and nose roll.

He then led Sheena over to Wonder Woman. Actaeon smiling put a foot in the stirrup, and swung up to Sheena/Zebra’s back, Sheena letting out a grunt as she took his weight. Actaeon had reduced her to a simple beast of burden. She chewed her bit as Wonder Woman felt her hair gripped again.
Actaeon pulled Diana up by her hair, and lay her over the English saddle in front of him, her weight over Sheena’s withers and across his lap. Diana’s arms dangling by Sheena’s fore hooves on one side, her feet on the other, her wet ass in the air.

Wonder Woman felt the warm soft hide of Zebra, and then felt Actaeon’s hand on her ass. He clucked his tongue and tugged on the reins…he used his heels in her sides and said “Common Sheena git up there..let’s head to my Villa…Wonder Woman has MUCH to learn.
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Hunter of the Amazon Chapter 6

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Amazon Hunter
Chapter 6

The journey, for Wonder Woman, was not a pleasant one. Lying over Actaeon’s lap over her friend Sheena’s withers, was not as easy as one might imagine from the American western movies. Diana’s weight on her own abdomen caused the muscles to fatigue, not to mention the humiliation of Actaeon’s hands resting and caressing her bare ass.

Sheena, trapped in zebra form by the British hunter was guided by the bit and bridle and pressure from Actaeon’s knees. She plodded toward a distant mountain range. Diana’s arms dangled beside the zebra’s striped forelegs and she could hear Sheena panting under the weight of two humans on her. The zebra sweated heavily and frankly both Wonder Woman and Sheena, smelled like a horse.

The journey took three days. The curare was slow to wear off.

In the evening, Actaeon would stop and lift the limp woman from the zebra’s withers. Actaeon would lift Wonder Woman in his arms, carry her to a nearby rock or tree, and lower her to the ground. Diana hated feeling his arms against her bare skin. His chest was solid and warm but it felt so good to get off her stomach. Actaeon would then arrange her, making sure her legs were flat before her and spread her arms at her side. Normally her head would flop forward so she was looking down at her own body. Her breasts were tanning now that they were no longer confined behind fabric and they would sway gently with her breathing.

Wonder Woman heard Actaeon remove a comb and curry from his pack, and would hear sounds of grooming as she imagined he was rubbing down Sheena in her zebra form. The smell of horse liniment filled her nostrils. The bastard did not even transform Sheena back into a human form, releasing her to spend the evening grazing.

Actaeon’s legs walked back into her vision, and her heart began to race as she could see him kneel to remove his boots. The shirt fell into her vision on the ground and she watched him bend down removing his pants.

Actaeon walked over. Wonder Woman could not even moan as she felt his arms slide under hers and his powerful youthful back muscles lifted her.
“ can’t…don’t…not again” her mind screamed as she felt Actaeon sit down and lift her over his erect phallus.
With no muscle control Diana’s head tended to flop wherever she was moved, giving her glimpses of the darkening sky; a fire that Actaeon had built; the ground.

Actaeon opened her legs. She felt his fingers on her nether lips spreading her, and he lowered her. She felt the head of his cock spreading her as his fingers held her sex open, her own weight impaling her on the man’s stiff erection. His smooth hands held onto her flanks while under her his fingers spread the labia of her sex. His thick erection spread her slippery folds of skin and the thick muscles of her cunt naturally conformed to the shape of his cock.

The youth gave an animalistic groan, feeling the woman’s slippery warmth sheath his sword and paused, wiggling a bit to make sure she was fully impaled. Diana felt him wrap her arms around him under his own arms and move her legs around his waist where he could rape her. Then he pulled her chin over his shoulder, her head resting like a lover against his neck looking over his shoulder. She was forced to gaze down his smooth back at the brown ground.

She heard him chuckle and whisper into her ear “Ready, darling? At least I did not lean you against an anthill or termite mound.”

Then his hand slipped down to her thighs and lifted her. Actaeon thrust up firmly, meeting Diana’s body as her weight bore her down, his muscular arms lifting her ass and then relaxing to let her slam down on him, hilting each time she fell back onto his cock. As he thrust, her head rocked, and she drooled on his shoulder, the man raping her on the open savannah.

The only sound she could hear were the birds of the wild, and Actaeon’s panting and grunts as the wind caressed the two lovers’ skins. Wonder Woman tried to will herself not to think about this…not to become aroused…but the man’s movements, his flexing and his embraces against her unresisting body only served to further enflame her lusts.

Actaeon nuzzled and kissed at the smooth skin of her neck like a hungry wolf, gently nuzzling her ear as he thrust up into the unwilling woman’s responding body. Gripping her silken mane of black hair he pulled her head back and licked from her throat to her chin, tasting the light sweat as he brought his face to hers and breathlessly said, “You know the best part of this? I can finally just take my pleasure and I do not have to hear a single thing from you.” Then he dipped his head to suckle firmly at her right nipple.

Wonder Woman was furious, but the feel of his teeth on her nipple was like an electric shock through her body. The sound of his cock-slipping deep into her belly, her smooth abdomen pressed up against his warm smooth washboard stomach, it was irresistible and Diana felt her body responding.
Feeling her nipple grow stiff in his mouth only encouraged her rapist, who snuggled her back against his shoulder and renewed his thrusts. Diana’s pussy was now drooling down Actaeon’s cock, the warm slickness making him all the more aroused as he quickened his pace. Diana could feel his muscles tensing as all she could do is lay against him, lifted and released onto his cock. Her breathing was steady while Actaeon’s was ragged like a racehorse. Wonder Woman felt her climax beginning to build in her thighs, a deep longing for the release. She welcomed it. Actaeon thrust up and, as he pushed her down onto his cock, rose almost to his knees as her legs dangled limply behind him. Diana felt him pressing up and in, inside her body.

“Just a little more,” she thought with anticipation.

Then she felt Actaeon’s arms pull her close, he thrust up and held her immobile against him. “NO!” Her mind screamed. “NO! Just a LITTLE more…it’s not fair! So close!” But he held her. Deep within her unprotected sex Actaeon’s cock pulsed, the hunter’s snake pulsing its venom into her warm moist cave, thick ropes of his milky seed coating her womb. She felt his hand move behind her, fingers spread to pull her ass closer, belly to belly as the man trembled and groaned. Wonder Woman was left on the edge of her climax, unfulfilled.

Actaeon held her for a few moments more before relaxing back and panting as he smiled with triumph. He pressed his lips to hers, forcing a crushing, dominant kiss on her, his tongue exploring her mouth before breaking the kiss to nuzzle at her nipples. “That was all I had hoped: taking Wonder Woman bare-assed naked on the open savannah without a whimper from her.”

He pulled out of her, and she felt her insides suddenly empty, their combined juices cool on her lower lips. The dry ground before her had a spot where her pussy juices soaked into the dust. The Englishman smiled down at her, placing his bare foot on her cheek a moment and holding her head to the ground under it before finally kneeling by her side. He took a handful of her black mane and wiped his cock clean with it.

Wonder Woman heard him rummage through his pack and he returned with a soft nylon rope. She felt him straighten her legs and then begin binding her ankles. Once she was trussed, he tossed the loose end of the rope over a tree limb, and she was hauled aloft by her feet like a fresh kill.

Hanging like a trophy now, her view was even with Actaeon’s crotch as he stood by her, his cock now limp was coated with her shiny juices. She felt him gently turn her so she was looking away. In the distance she could see a zebra. She supposed it was Sheena grazing, but then she felt Actaeon’s hand on her ass. The thumb pulled her ass cheek apart.

Wonder Woman could not even close her eyes in anger or humiliation. Actaeon smiled as he looked at the soft pucker of Wonder Woman’s anus. Slightly red from his earlier ass fucking of her, he ran a finger over the soft sphincter, and saw it gently flex.

“How many PEOPLE on this PLANET have seen this sight, Wonder Woman?” He chuckled and touched the opening again with the familiarity of ownership. Wonder Woman saw him hang an enema bag, and fill it to the brim with a warm water and sugar solution. She felt him open her ass cheek again and then press the smooth plastic probe past the puckered opening and deeply into her anus.

“I just gave you your protein for the day,” he said smugly, gently pushing her so she swung in the cooling savannah wind, slowly turning first right then left. He released the clamp and she felt her bowels filling. “This will keep you hydrated.”

Actaeon then unrolled his sleeping bag, and set up his tent. The sex, the enema, the uncaring attitude as she hung suspended through the night as he snored softly in his tent would become a routine every night at their stops. Sometimes she was just upside down with her back against the ground. Sometimes she swung to and fro all night.

The last day was up steep mountain trails. Diana began to move her fingers and toes as she lay slung across the saddle horn. Actaeon nudged his heels into Sheena’s flanks as he urged her on. “Come on Sheena…get up there, gel…that’s a gel,” he clucked at her.

Finally, they entered across a small bridge into a Roman villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea from what must have been 10,000 feet. Diana felt the cool sea breeze across her breasts and bare body as Actaeon lifted her. The courtyard had a beautiful sculpted fountain. Cool water gushed over rearing horses, the sculpture made of solid marble. There must have been twenty out-buildings including the main manor with its red tiled roof and white walls.

Cultivated olive and citrus trees grew in full bloom with a rich perfume. Sheep and goats ran by, tended by a shepherd. A stable full of horses gazed on as two beautiful naked slave women arrived. Actaeon touched the titanium necklace and Sheena transformed back into her human form, panting heavily, her body coated in a heavy slippery sweat.

Actaeon passed Wonder Woman over to the two slave women. She could see Actaeon walk over and slip his arm around Sheena, his head bending down to suckle and lick at her bare nipple. Dipping the woman backwards, the young man placed a hard kiss on her lips. Sheena’s arms came up to hold the young hunter and return the kiss. Diana heard Actaeon say, “Good girl Sheena. You make as good a mare as you do a woman. He released her. “Now go get cleaned up, you deserve it.”

Diana felt herself carried, and placed into a pool of warm water. Feminine hands with sponges began to clean her and groom her, shampooing and brushing her hair. A strange man walked into her vision. He carried a black bag. The man drew up a syringe, and injected Diana. It was a strange sensation. Right after he pressed the plunger Diana could feel a warm feeling running up her arm, through her body and up her neck.

Suddenly Diana sat up, pushing away the two women, covering her breasts and retreating to the far side of the pool.

The man placed up a hand. “I’m a doctor. I just gave you the antidote to the curare. You’ll want to eat and drink. You have the day before the master summons you; he’s rather busy with Sheena at the moment.”

Diana calmed down some. Looking about, her eyes settle on a man with smooth black hair, Aryan features, and piercing brown eyes “A doctor…?”
The man nodded with a smirk, “Hans Mengele.”

“Dr. Mengele?”

The man put up a hand, “My father. The Arabs here gave him shelter after the Second World War. I am the product of one of his subjects and his lust, Helena Kosmatos. I believe you knew her as Fury.”

Diana’s eyes widened. “My adopted sister…she went into retirement after WWII!”

Hans shook his head “No, that was what the cover story was. She was captured and brought here, where my father broke her will and forced himself on her until I was produced. Unfortunately, she did not survive my father’s experiments. I do not condone my father’s actions, Diana, and I do not practice his abominable experiments.”

Diana looked away then back angrily, “Then why are you here?”

Hans chuckled. “I had to be raised somehow, and while I do not commit physical torture, I rather like having my fill of women slaves, and I can ease their suffering. Mr. Davies pays me well and I have all the comforts. I help him so he does not damage his property, and let’s face it, my father’s name would NOT look good on a resume.”

Diana shoved the other women away. Both were Middle Eastern with soft olive skin and pert nipples. Long black hair streamed around their shoulders in the clear hot water and their emerald eyes smoldered when they regarded Diana. “What is YOUR excuse,” she asked them. “Why do you stay with this monster?”

Both women took offense “He is our HUSBAND, you infidel. You should feel lucky and honored to be in his house!”
“Muslim,” Diana thought, probably from an under-developed country, raised from birth to consider their selves chattel. Diana had spoken with some of the more educated ones, a diplomat’s wife. Proudly she had told Diana that she had not had to leave her husband’s house in seven years. To her it was a testimony to her husband’s ability to care for her, but to Diana it was brain washing, an attempt to control her and keep her captive, all done in the name of culture.

The women poured scented oils into the water, the heavy fragrance of roses from what Diana could tell. They moved up with soaps to wash Diana and she pushed them away. “LEAVE ME ALONE, harlots!”

Hans chuckled, “Not wise, Wonder Woman. Those women can make your life a living hell while you’re here.”

Diana watched the two women sneer at her as they moved to climb out of the pool, their smooth asses as olive as the rest of them. The skin looked as if it had been pampered and oiled, the soft vaginal lips squeezing gently between the young supple thighs.

“I do not care,” Diana replied, retrieving some soap and the clothes to wash her self, and shampoo her hair. “I don’t suppose you would LEAVE,” she snapped to Hans.

Hans rose up, closing his bag. “If that is your wish, but I would like to examine you further.”

“I bet you would.” She gave him an icy stare, adding, “Now GET OUT.”

Once the so-called “doctor” had left Diana looked around the large room. The pool was only about four or five feet deep, but it was the size of an Olympic pool. She could feel the water had been brought to a wonderfully hot temperature, the heat coming from below, Roman style. Actaeon’s ego seemed to have no end. At the far end lay a massage table with fresh oils. If the young British man expected to extend an olive branch he was sorely mistaken. He had raped her and he WOULD pay, and she could not so easily be bought off with an appearance of lavishness. The pool was open to the air, but there were bars on the windows and she had no doubt the exit was locked.

Wonder Woman took time bathing herself. She had felt dirty and slimy ever since Actaeon had raped her, and no matter how hard she scrubbed she could still feel his grimy hands on her body, his…SEED in her…” Diana turned away and beat the side of the pool in frustration. All those YEARS of celibacy, of saving herself, of being obedient to the Amazon way, it was all seemingly for naught. She had even denied herself Steve Trevor’s love back in the 1940s. If she had chosen ANYONE it would have been him. To be taken so callously by a mere 19-year-old spoiled rich boy. For now she could do nothing about it, she would have to…SERVE him. Well if he thought he would get the perfect obedient little toy, he would find out he was much mistaken. He may take the body but she would not let him take her spirit!

After over an hour, Diana exited the water. There were no clothes but a very thick terrycloth robe. She donned the robe and walked across the room, her bare feet leaving wet foot prints. As she suspected the exit was not only locked, but also guarded. A doorway led inside to an anteroom where Actaeon’s two wives waited with cosmetics and hair brushes.

“I do not require…” Diana started to speak.

The older one interrupted “If your hair is not brushed out and set, it will be a lot harder to do in the morning. Frankly, infidel, I would enjoy ripping out every root of that arrogant mane, but the master has ordered us to see to your comfort. However, TOMORROW the orders will change, the choice is yours.”

Diana considered and then sat, feeling the two svelte women beginning to brush her hair and adding scented conditioners. While she was groomed like a trophy, a tray was brought that had the local flat bread, called hubbus, fresh honeycomb -- no doubt the rich brat had hives on site -- dates, strawberries, papayas, oranges, grapes and raisins. There was a rich red wine, as well as clear cool water, fresh goat’s cheese, onions, tomatoes, and some freshly steamed rice. Diana had not eaten in three days and her stomach growled. There was a conspicuous absence of any meat. Diana decided to eat freely, almost forgetting the two women who applied the conditioners and combed out her shimmering black hair.
Feeling much better and refreshed, Diana looked around. There was a beautiful view of the Mediterranean, the tile floor was warm under her bare feet, and she clung to her robe.

“Do you want anything else?” The older woman distaste was obvious.

“Do you have a name?” Diana asked.

“I am Abal. It means Wild Rose, and this is my sister Ulfah. It means intimacy.”

Wonder Woman nodded “I am…”

“We do not care,” came the short reply. “Do you require anything else?”

Diana stiffened. “No.”

The two departed when a guard let them out.

The rest of the day Diana spent examining her rooms, there was a bedroom with a simple bed, clean white linen sheets and a Quran beside the bed. There were books, in English: fiction, history, even a few scientific textbooks. Otherwise, she was a prisoner. No one came to bother her, though when she asked the guard for some more wine and food, it was brought: but again no meat. When night fell, she found herself exhausted, likely by design. Doffing her terrycloth robe, she slipped between the sheets and was soon asleep.

Diana awakened with a start. Abal and Ulfah were there. They now sported gold anklets, and decorative gold and silver inlaid bands around their upper arms. Each had silk sleeves from wrist to shoulder, that were so sheer you could easily see their arms. The sleeves were fastened to their upper bodies by elaborate jade and gold necklaces. Their breasts were bare, though each wore a black leather harness that crossed on their chest under their breasts to hold their bare breasts up. On their legs were similar sheer silk leggings that were snug at their ankles, held up by a belt of solid gold coins that jingled when they walked. These left their ass and cunts bare. The garments were purely decorative, designed to show off a woman’s body while offering them no modesty whatsoever. Diana hoped she would not have to wear something that humiliating. It was an insult to women.

Abal spoke first. “Get UP, you lazy arrogant western trash. You are not the master of THIS house and it is time you started earning your keep.” Ulfah did not speak but she looked no more sympathetic to Diana. Diana arose, noting her robe was now gone.

Abal nodded to the bath. “Bathe. You have 10 minutes.”

Diana did not argue this time and quickly bathed. Out the window she could see stars and day beginning to break. Diana guessed it might be about 4 a.m., maybe 5. When she came out of the bath, the two women were waiting for her with scented body powders.

Diana balked, “I told you I do not need that.”

Abal raised her hand to slap the arrogant westerner and Diana’s eyes flashed with delight as she hissed, “Try it, sister,” through her teeth. She may not have her mystical strength, but she was still an Amazon warrior.

Abal froze and lowered her hand. “If you do not comply, I will call the guard. I assure you, Master has enough to have you subdued. I would enjoy preparing you like a sheep.” Her nose wrinkled in distaste but her eyes challenged Diana’s brightly.

Diana looked away, disappointed. A fight would have worked out her frustration, and she could probably have taken out at least a few of the guards. But eventually five or six would best her without the added strength of her girdle. “FINE...then just DO it.”

Ulfah moved up and began smoothing the velvet talc over Wonder Woman’s hips and stomach. The scent was rose again. Ulfah said, “We do not like having to be near you either.” Her voice was softer than Abal’s.

Once Diana was cleaned, groomed and powdered, Ulfah moved with a smug grin and went to a closet. Opening it up, she retrieved a uniform for Wonder Woman.

Both Arabic women giggled in immense satisfaction as Wonder Woman’s jaw dropped open. There before her hung a French maid’s uniform, onyx black with a black skirt and white ruffles around the short sleeves and the plunging neckline. It looked to be sized for a girl of about eight years old.
“You DON’T expect me to wear THAT…it’s too small it will never fit!”

Abal’s smile faded, “I am told to remind you, you agreed to SERVE, and to ask if you are now going back on your word? As for the size…” Ulfah took two fingers to the dress and tugged. The fabric stretched with some effort and when released snapped back. “…rubber.”

Diana could not hide the full body blush. The obvious delight of the two other women only further served to steel her resolve. In her mind she thought “You little twerp, I will make you PAY for this.”

It took a lot of effort, and Diana could hear the cry of the Imam in the distant village as he did the morning call to prayers. She looked in the mirror. What looked back at her was the biggest humiliation yet.

The rubber French maid’s uniform was absolutely form-fitting. It was stiff enough to not tear but not so thick that she could not feel through it or that it did not move with her skin. Her midsection was covered, but the one-piece rubber outfit was predictably crotch-less, and the black rubber short skirt only came down far enough to end at the top of her ass, leaving her completely exposed. A set of rubber fishnet stockings hugged her legs and attached to the bottom of the rubber dress under the skirt. This gave the impression of garters, and kept the rubber dress from riding up on her smooth belly. The outfit was completed with a set of 4-inch open-toed heels that would make her seemingly tiptoe when she walked.

On her upper body the plunging neck line had a “frill” of white rubber, and plunged so low as to form a shelf under her breasts. Instead of concealing her breasts, the rubber squeezed up from underneath to push them out and together.

Her shoulders were bare…though the rubber connected under the arm so that a 4-inch wide band of rubber encircled her mid bicep, giving the impression of a short sleeve with a ruff of white leather around the lower part of each “sleeve”

From behind, the back was exposed to her hips. An 8-inch band of thin black rubber encircled her midsection and gave a place for the short rubber skirt to attach.

To accessorize the outfit, Diana was wearing a maid’s black and white lace tiara: a nasty mockery of her own, and a feather duster. Anyone who saw her would see all of her womanly charms on display. She now wished she had been allowed to wear the harem dancer’s outfit.

Carrying a leather-riding crop, Abal walked up and admired the American woman. “Much more befitting your station,” she declared. Ulfah brought up a silver tea service on a gorgeous silver tray. Upon it was a pot of hot Chai, some honeycomb and candied dates, the flat bread, fresh of course, and strips of freshly-seared lamb, beside four eggs over easy.

Diana’s mouth watered as Abal whacked Diana’s flank with her riding crop. “Put the feather duster under your arm and take the master’s breakfast to him with Ulfah and then do as she says!”

Diana swung on the other women “How would you like to EAT that crop? You hit me with it again and, by Hera, I will shove that thing down your throat.”

The young woman’s eyes widened and she took a step back but she was shaken. “H…heretic you...dare in invoke a false...”

Diana advanced on the other woman standing right before her. The two women locked eyes. Abal looked cowed while Diana looked about ready to attack. Slowly, deliberately Diana took the feather duster, tucked it under her arm and said with all the dignity she could muster, “Give me the tray.”
Abal took the tray from Ulfah and passed it into Wonder Woman’s hands. With her head high and as much dignity as she could muster, Diana looked at Ulfal and said “Heel,” then walked toward the door.

Walking across the compound, Diana was inwardly holding back tears. As she walked, her perfectly tucked ass moved as poetry in motion. The cool air washed over her privates as her high heels made her take small tiptoe steps as if hurrying to do her master’s bidding. Her ass cheeks swung one way then the other as she walked and she noticed more than one erection in the male guards’ breeches. The only thought keeping her from bursting out in tears was, “Ohh you WILL pay Actaeon.”

The two women arrived at a huge ornately carved door. The door itself was made from Lebanon cedar and depicted scenes from Eden: animals laying down, a naked man with a naked woman making love. All of it was magnificently hand-carved. Ulfah knocked and from within Diana could hear sounds of grunting and groaning. Without awaiting an answer, Ulfah opened the door.

The inside was a decadent playground: marble floors with soft Persian rugs, with the marble having veins of gold, silver, and copper running through it. In the center of the room was a huge down feather mattress bed, with hot red silk sheets. Marble statues and works of art, silks and scented burners adorned the room. Around the front half of the bed was a heated pool, and in the center of the bed was Actaeon Davies on his knees. Before him was Sheena on all fours as the young man was taking her doggy style.

Diana’s mouth hung open as she watched the power and energy with which the young Englishman was going at her friend. Sheena was posed on her hands and knees with her head back, panting. Actaeon’s cock was opening and spreading her friend’s cunt as he pressed up against her, molding his flat lower stomach to Sheena’s ass. He then pulled back only to lunge again, making Sheena’s ass cheeks wobble from the impact of flesh on flesh. Actaeon still wore the necklace made from the claws and fangs of Sheena’s lion around his neck and he grunted with a particularly firm thrust into the Jungle Queen.

Diana felt a touch on her shoulder and her amazement was broken. She looked to see Ulfah pointing to a breakfast table right beside Actaeon’s bed. As Diana approached with the silver tray neither Actaeon nor Sheena took the slightest notice. From behind, Diana could see the English teen’s firm balls swing as he pulled back and lunged savagely into Sheena’s spread vaginal lips.

Sheena responded, arching her back and grunting like a lioness as her lover/rapist from behind hilted himself.

Actaeon held Sheena’s hips and thrust with a wild abandon. Diana had never been THIS close to two people actively engaged in sex. Actaeon’s thick cock was parting Sheena’s sex as a clear fluid drooled down her inner thighs. The blonde beauty’s flesh moved to stretch or squeeze as it maintained a glove-like contact with the male organ.

Diana stared at them as she set the tray down. Actaeon grasped Sheena’s blond hair like a set of reins and pulled the woman back on his cock. His other hand slipped under Sheena’s smooth belly. Standing less than a foot away, Diana witnessed Actaeon hold her friend in place and heard him release an animalistic grunt of lust. Sheena grunted loudly as well, holding still as the male behind her pumped his seed right into her body. They remained like that, for perhaps 30 seconds while Actaeon drained his lust into the older woman. Both had a light sweat on them. After that, Actaeon sighed and released Sheena.

Sheena did not immediately pull off but left herself impaled on Actaeon’s softening erection, her ass high in the air but she lowered her chest to the bed…catching her breath.

Actaeon opened his eyes and turned his head, admiring Diana as he felt his cock start to harden again still within the defeated jungle queen. “Well, well, well. Hello there, Diana. Enjoying the show?”

Diana did not know what embarrassed her more, getting caught watching, or the fact that Actaeon looking at her was arousing the man enough to rape her friend once more.

Sheena for her part was not happy. The look of humiliation on her face was obvious. This had not been something she would have done given a fully free choice, but Dana didn’t know if she was humiliated from the act or the fact she had been driven to climax by the act. Sheena just contented herself with just trying to catch her breath.

Diana began to move away, but Actaeon had other ideas. “No, no, no! Come around in front here, I want to look at you…..”

Diana felt torn; she could see Sheena’s surprise. Sheena could feel the man behind her stiffening again, still within her cunt. The way Actaeon leaned over Sheena caused Christian’s claws to tease Sheena’s skin.

Diana considered the scenario: there was the guard, the fact that Actaeon knew her identity, and the harsh fact that Queen Zanda had and would likely KEEP her girdle and the powers of Wonder Woman if Diana refused the beckoning wave of the young Englishman.

Slowly, unwillingly Diana moved to the head of the bed and stood there, her arms at her side, her head down.

Actaeon moaned in his arousal…his length re-hardening fully so he could renew his thrusts into the helpless Jungle Queen. This time Actaeon used his hand to pin Sheena’s head to the pillow. Actaeon stared directly at Diana in her French maid’s uniform while he took the blonde posed before him.
Wonder Woman had to stand there watching as Actaeon’s eyes roamed her body. First his lusting gaze looked between her legs to the smooth vaginal lips, then up to her pert breasts. Then back to her legs. The evil teen did not even care about her face or the woman he was currently riding. Diana could see that behind Actaeon’s eyes, he was fantasizing about her, while thrusting up and into Sheena.

Sheena, for her part, could not believe the sensation. As much as she had been forced to do this, she had never before felt any male climax and then, without even pulling out, be ready to perform again. His cock stabbed into her again and again and she felt the pleasant stretch of it. Curling her fingers into the red sheets, she began to growl loudly, “GODS!” Actaeon was not being cruel, the cock of the man who had her felt warm, and exciting. She felt his warm body against hers, together. “That’s it wench…call out for your God”

Wonder Woman stood there riveted to the spot for another 10 minutes before hearing Actaeon and Sheena groan out again. Now between Sheena’s thighs flowed not just her own clear fluids but Actaeon’s milky white seed. It dripped from around his length.

Actaeon smiled and gently caressed his prize, letting her lie down and stretch out on the bed beneath him, a warm glow and smile on her face. He whispered to her, “That was not so bad was it? Worth one lion?” Actaeon gently stroked Sheena’s hair back and kissed her deeply. The Jungle Queen returned the kiss just as passionately.

Diana started to move as Actaeon finally pulled his length out of the other woman. Their combined juices formed a strand that connected the tip of Actaeon’s cock to Sheena’s bare cunt lips.

Actaeon stood, Diana could see his cock was uncircumcised, and he pulled back the foreskin to urinate in a chamber pot, giving Sheena a playful swat on her ass cheek as she climbed down.

Once he had relieved himself, Actaeon nodded to Wonder Woman as Sheena took her place on her knees and took Actaeon’s wet cock in two fingers, and guided it into her mouth to suckle. “My chamber pots need cleaning, maid” he said with a delighted smile.

Diana stopped suddenly. “What? What do you mean…you’re not going to have her...” she nodded to Sheena who was even now nursing on Actaeon’s length.

Actaeon frowned “Not going to what? Have her suck my cock clean? You expect me to go all day with my cock filthy?” He gently stroked Sheena’s cheek with the back of his hand while her head bobbed and her tongue pushed back his foreskin to lick up and swallow their combined juices.
Diana felt incredible fury. He felt his cock was...SOILED from a woman. How did he think they saw a male’s filthy SEED. Diana looked down at the soiled chamber pot. “Surely you do not expect me to…to take your WASTE and…dispose…”

Actaeon admired Sheena for another moment before giving her leave to rise. He took some of the seared lamb and ate it “Shall we see what’s on TV?”
Taking a remote from his nightstand, he pointed it at the wall. A TV lowered and CNN came on. A male news anchor was announcing something, his voice grave.

“…and in breaking news, The Libyan dictator Moamar Quaddafy is dead. Reports say the insurgents, who were on the brink of defeat, were given help by the United States government, after the president’s promise not to get involved. The help came in the form of the American Freedom fighter Wonder Woman, allegedly seen in this very low quality video.”

The screen cut to a very blurry video of a red white and blue streak entering the Libyan dictators residence. Despite the quality, a golden rope could clearly be seen strangulating the leader.

The anchor cut back in, “Secretary of State Obama, named to the president’s Cabinet after his defeat in the presidential election, has flatly denied the allegations, and states it was staged in order to defame the President’s policies.

“In another surprise,” the anchor continued, “the Libyan Revolutionary council voted unanimously to accept aid from the African country of Zambouli, and have signed trade agreements. As you may know, the long time protector of Zambouli and of the environment, Sheena Jungle Queen was on hand for a comment.”

The screen cut to Sheena wearing her jungle outfit but instead of her Titanium necklace, she was wearing the necklace that now hung around Actaeon’s neck.

Sheena stated, “I do not think my friend Wonder Woman would participate in such an illegal act, but I assure you if her involvement is found to be true, we shall seek international law to condemn this. In the meantime, we are glad to extend every courtesy to the Libyans.”

Diana stared at the naked Sheena who was now looking quite guilty at Actaeon’s feet as the Englishman munched a date. His cock now shimmered with Sheena’s saliva as it hung limp between his legs.

Actaeon took some honey and smiled, “Now I am sure I can find some MUCH clearer footage….and we can just tell Queen Zanda she can keep the outfit….or…you can get busy with your chores.” He smiled at Diana with cold eyes.

Her hands curled into fists of frustration and then she retrieved the chamber pot. She saw Acton offer Sheena a bit of the seared lamb, which she ate from his hand. Then he invited her to sit and eat with him, her thighs still plastered with his male seed.

As she moved to dump the repulsive contents, Diana heard Actaeon chuckle, “Not just mine…ALL the rooms, this is a VERY authentic Roman villa. You will find no flush toilets here. And do not forget to scrub them with soap and water, maid.”
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Chapters 7-9

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I had some GREAT responses from my last chapter, sorry it took so long to get this one out, but Real life was hectic. Some of you will note I used your suggestions. PLEASE keep the comments coming and the inspiration/suggestions. Send them to:
Once again, my PROFOUND thanks to Dr. D. Who has helped me edit it so what I was TRYING to say was understandable by YOU.

Hunter of the Amazon
By Lord Griffin
Chapter 7

Feeling frustrated and humiliated, Diana spent most of the morning going from room to room, retrieving vile chamber pots, taking them to the cesspool cistern emptying the contents, and then walking to the tubs to wash and scrub the pots in the soapy water. It would have not been so bad had she not had to walk across the compound with every one of her treasures on display for all to see, highlighted by the hot, constricting smooth rubber maid’s outfit. Diana took some solace in that most here, without her star spangled uniform, may have known, but not realized she was Wonder Woman. Every time she walked out doors, she was keenly aware of the press of the wind against the lips of her cunt nestled between her muscular thighs, the brush of cool wind against her normally concealed nipples.

This was made worse by the fact that her nipples were deeply bruised by this, this 21-year-old BOY’s vicious bites on them when they had traveled here, and her right nipple was incredibly tender from where he had threaded his “Kill tag” through it. It least he had not ringed it and was allowing it to heal closed.

The guards were everywhere. She had considered trying to go back on her word to serve, and escape, but where would she go? Her feet were bare except for the rubberized fishnets, it was miles into town, he had the ability to search even infrared no doubt, and it would take her two days to get down the mountain and to a town even if she had a horse. The Roman villa itself seemed to have no cars or trucks, the supplies were packed in on camel or horse. No, in the end it was her last recourse, she would not let the little twerp make her a liar as well as his three week slave.

Diana was not even aware of how much time she had left in purgatory, she had lost track. As she took another chamber pot, several guards gazed at her with lecherous smiles. As best she could Diana tried to use the pot to hide her modesty. However, lowering it down to hide her pussy made the vile contents slosh and rising it up brought it repulsively close to her face. And there was no way she could hide her bare ass as she walked away from them. In the end, she put on her best face and did what she had to.

At a little past noon, when Hans showed up, Wonder Woman was replacing the last of the cleaned pots. “Hello Diana.” He said easily.

Diana scowled; more and more people were learning her identity “You come to ogle me too?”

Hans chuckled, “You damned right I did, I’d rape you in an instant if Actaeon let me.”

Diana turned throwing the feather duster to the ground “Why not! It sounds like something that disgusting perverted monster would do.”

Hans shrugged “He won’t let anyone else touch you ‘til he’s made you pregnant the first time and is sure the child is his.”

Wonder Woman halted as if she had been hit with a brick, her mouth hanging open. For the first time Hans got to see great wet tears forming in Wonder Woman’s eyes and the sight made him hard as iron “He…he’s TRYING to…I’m DOING what he demanded.”

Hans nodded, cursing that he had to behave himself, but he might still get some reward “So is he…you don’t really think a RAPIST is going to use a condom… and when was the last time you took a birth control pill or any other contraceptive?”

Diana turned her face, giving Hans a beautiful view of her full bare ass as she closed her eyes. The humiliation of having to put up with being a sex toy for an man who was little more than an adolescent boy was bad enough, but if she had to bare him a CHILD… “I’ll kill myself first,” she said rashly.
Hans shrugged “That would be regrettable, but if that’s your wish Actaeon has given me the authority to euthanize you right now. We can go to my office. You can be a corpse in about 10 minutes.”

Now Wonder Woman turned back “You’re, SERIOUS aren’t you!”

Hans nodded “200 percent. You can’t stop someone from killing themselves if they really want to.”

“I thought he wanted me as a trophy…I thought he wanted me for pleasure.”

Hans shook his head, “For being so well educated you’re not very bright are you?” He reached out to cup her breast but she turned and smacked his hand away. He continued, “Do you really think he would NOT keep you as a trophy? Stuffed and mounted right next to Christian, Sheena’s lion? That’s after you were dissected, of course. Your uniform sold as well. As for pleasure, yes, you’re beautiful….and the loss WOULD be regrettable, but there are plenty of other women out there, even other Amazons, and we have already gotten your secret information.”

Hans smiled as he saw how the woman’s shoulders dropped, reading in her expression that even her rash suicide was being taken from her. Hans wanted to ratchet up the pressure, if he pushed a little harder, her emotions might break.

Diana looked at the blonde haired Doctor. “I...I can make him not want me…”

Hans shrugged “Be very, very careful princess. Actaeon so far has disciplined you with pleasure or lack of pleasure. If you do not live to the spirit of his agreement, he is completely capable of inflicting enough pain to break your will.”

Diana raised her chin “No irresponsible brat will break an Amazon’s spirit!” Her hands clenched into fists, the tears in her eyes near brimming.
Hans shrugged “Try it and see…but you have been warned.”

That did it, the dam broke, the proud amazon began to bawl, standing in her black maid’s uniform, her breasts out, her crotch on display, she began to bawl. “What am I going to DO!” She stood awkwardly in the middle of the courtyard. “All I’ve tried to do is HELP people! I stopped invasions that would have ENSLAVED Actaeon and everyone.”

Hans had her on the ropes and was not about to let her compose herself, crossing his arms smugly over his chest he said, “True, but you also tried to impose your will on people, you were a vigilante, you do not know they would have enslaved Actaeon or anyone else. You know the human race HAS existed before the mighty Wonder Woman came to defend us.”

“I…DON’T want to get PREGNANT by some guy who is little more than a boy!” she sobbed, looking around. Hans knew her womanly instincts were to look for someone ANYONE to comfort her. He provided that.

Hans stepped behind her and caressed her shoulders. As he suspected she allowed it, sobbing heavily as he enjoyed the feel of her smooth warm skin under his palms. Leaning over he whispered, “I cannot guarantee I can prevent conception, but I have a strategy that…may help…”
Looking miserable, Diana turned her tear-stained cheeks up to the handsome young German “W….what is it?” sniffle.

Hans cocked his head. “What do I get out of it?”

Spinning standing with his arms around her shoulder, Diana saw red, and a resounding *SLAP* echoed off the courtyard walls as Wonder Woman’s open hand connected with his cheek. “Damn you men I thought you actually wanted to help! All you want is to fuck me!” her eyes still wet.
Hans smiled and licked some blood from his lip “Was there ever a doubt of that? And come off your high horse. Wonder Woman. Wasn’t it Amazon women, your OWN MOTHER, who would raid villages, force the men to strip and have their way with them, and then abandon the male children?”
“My mother is a VIRGIN” The angry hurt amazon countered “They…we…did that because men…”

Hans shrugged speaking softly “Two wrongs make a right then? Or maybe time heals all wounds. If my father were alive I suppose we could forgive him for all he did because, after all, that was such a long time ago, right? But fine, if you do not want my help...”

Wonder Woman stammered, her emotions were in turmoil. “Wait… You upset me. I’m not thinking clearly, your twisting my words.” She watched his retreating back. “WAIT, damn it!” Hans did not stop “Wait, PLEASE!” He kept walking until she called out, “OK what do you WANT!”

Hans paused while he fought to contain his smile after a moment he turned “First off, I want an apology.”

Wonder Woman blinked, and she bit off a reply, her tears still flowing “Fine, I am sorry...”

Hans began to turn “I am not going to risk my position for an empty platitude...I honestly do not care if you make him a nice brood mare.”
The thought terrified Diana: nine months and then...a CHILD? “Wait” she said again…Wait… I really am sorry…please….I want your help.”
Hans walked over to her “You’re sorry…what?”

Diana looked up into the deep hazel eyes of the young blonde man. She knew this might be her only chance. She slipped her hand up his chest, using her nails to tease his chest through his shirt. She slid her long arms over his shoulders standing on her tip toes, her bare ass cheeks clenching as she lifted on her toes she pressed her warm soft lips to his. Deeply she French kissed him, her tongue entwining with his, inviting it to explore her own mouth “I’m sorry…master” the words nearly caught in her throat, and one day she swore she would make him pay, but for now she smiled up at him a seductive smile from under her brows. “What do you want from me?”

For Hans, his world exploded, he had expected to manipulate her. He had not expected the full-on passion of an Amazon warrior. He was forced to groan aloud at the arousal. His knees nearly buckled. Diana could not resist at a smile of satisfaction at this small measure of control she had gained. SHE had made him groan with need for her. He NEEDED her.

Panting Hans swallowed hard. “Now THAT was an apology! What do I want from you? Give yourself to me, just like you just did.”

Diana gave him a confused look “I thought the little thug forbade it. You’re going to help me by trying to get me pregnant yourself?”

Hans was growing impatient, he knew he should cool down but to have America’s champion of women this way… “Not that way… I want your ass.”

Diana had to fight to keep from breaking her cover, for a chance to remain clean; she would have to do this. “I…if you tell me how I am going to keep from getting knocked up.”

Hans growled and painfully gripped her shoulders “NO…payment up front”

Diana winced “S..Stop, Hans… you’re hurting me.”

Hans looked wild eyed “I’ll do MORE than HURT you if you play games with me. Will you give yourself to me the way I ask,” he said threateningly.
Diana did not want to do this but she nodded “Where do you…HANS!”

Hans seized her shoulders and spun her around, bending her over, she heard him unzip his fly. He was going to take her in the middle of the courtyard…right now.

Seeing her white firm ass, Hans dug and pulled out his erection. Stepping behind her he angled his erection and thrust HARD. Her ass cheeks were cool from being in the air but smooth as silk. Actaeon had loosened her up and he felt the head of his erection bash against her unprotected anus.
Diana was tossed forward; she would have stumbled if Hans had not gripped her mane of black hair in his fist. His rod felt like it would split her and she felt his muscles bunch against her for the next lunge.

Hans was like a wild mustang on the back of a mare. He was so aroused with all muscles tightly bunched he thrust upward, lifting Wonder Woman off her heels with a gratifying grunt from her. Hand felt his head force itself inside her anus the warm opening clenching firmly.

Diana just tried to hold on. She felt the man’s cock slide past her anus into her bowels. She had aroused the demon within the man. She had no doubt that Hans was not in control, and as much as her anus burned, within her a small mote of satisfaction bloomed that she had caused him to lose control. Han’s next savage thrust brought he back to reality with a YELP, lifting her off her heels again as Hans paused to enjoy the warm snug feeling of her ass around his cock. His shaft was mow more than half way sheathed in her body. She felt the hand not gripping her hair slide around her waist so the man could drive in even deeper. His belly and chest molded against her back as she stood. None of the guards interfered; they all watched, grinning and pointing as Diana was ridden. Humiliated, her tears renewed “H..Hans…YELP O…H..Hans…your YELP…*gasp*…”

Diana’s one consolation was that Hans was so overly aroused he’d only lasted for two or three minutes. But it felt like forever as her anus burned like fire. She felt his arm cinch around her waist and with a groan, his length buried deep in her… He climaxed, pulse after pulse of thick seed coursing into her body. Panting and whimpering, Wonder Woman’s tears dripped down her cheeks. Like a lion, Hans paused, his cock deep in her anus…letting his cock soften. She felt his lips kiss her shoulder as if tenderness now could make up for the brutal corn-holing he had just given her. They were both sweaty. The man seemed in no hurry to withdraw his member from the tight warmth of her ass as he panted in her ear. “By Hera and Artemis, that was incredible, Wonder Woman,” deliberately employing her famous name and those of her own deities.

Standing on her tip toes, Diana sobbed softly as her shoulders rocked. Hans waited, spooned against her, savoring her heat and her ripe scent as she composed herself. His hands gently caressed each breast freely, and he heard her gasp as they were still tender. After several moments a soft almost childlike voice murmured, “…will…you please pull out of my ass?” There was a pause, as Hans made no move he just continued to caress her breast, with the tender care of a mother with a child. Diana added even more softly, “Master.”

Hans snuggled her close. “No, I do not think I am ready yet. Just stand still. I want to remember this feeling.”

Diana was forced to stand on her toes with Hans’ cock deep in her her feet dancing and prancing as she tried to keep her balance on the male cock. She risked asking, “Are you…going to keep our bargain?”

The German doctor replied, “I am sorry I was so rough, Wonder Woman. That was….I was so…can you forgive me?”

Diana did not answer. Two could play this game. Slowly her wits were coming back to her. Then, still impaled, she said, “Forgive you for ass raping me?”

“No, for being so...rough” he said, nonplussed.

“I will never forgive you,” she said tersely.

“I understand,” he said, nuzzling her shoulder. “But still...I will tell you what we agreed…and more. I know I do not have to, and you will not forgive me, but I do feel bad. And I will give you some ointment for your hole.” He smiled smugly behind her “after all I am a doctor.”

Diana was slowly lowered off her toes, as her heels touched the ground as he allowed her down and pulled out of her ass.

Diana took four or five steps. She found herself waking on her toes. She had to walk, well, funny from the rough sex. As she turned to see Hans putting his cock back in his britches, she spoke coolly ahs he sipped up with a smug smile. “Ok…now tell me…how do I keep him from getting me pregnant?”

Hans smiled, “It’s easy. Do not let him fuck your cunt.”

Hans had to catch her fists as Diana came at him in a fit of rage. Fortunately it was a blind rage, for she could likely have beaten him to a pulp even without her belt. He easily wrestled her around so her back was against him with her arms crossed in front and held by him “Stop, stop…I did not trick you. Listen to me!”

She paused, panting, sweating heavily under the skimpy rubber. He said, “If he takes you in your ass, you can’t get pregnant.”

She struggled a moment, snarling. “You nearly ripped my ass out. Even if I could coerce him to do me that way, he’d rip my bowels out. I’d be bleeding and raw within two days, maybe one!”

Hans nodded, “Then use your mouth.”

Diana turned and he let her. A look of disbelief crossed her reddened face. “You want me to suck his cock!?”

Hans shrugged “Take your chances. I said I could help, not eliminate the possibility.”

Diana still felt betrayed. “Why would he do that if he wants to get me pregnant?”

Hans nodded. “This is some of the extra information I will give you. He’s taken your virginity and he likes that nothing can change that. No matter how long you live, your first time will always be his rape of you. He took your anal virginity on the savannah. He wants to claim all three, the triple crown if you will.

Wonder Woman felt Han’s seed running down her legs from the crack of her ass. “Then why doesn’t he just take it.”

Hans shrugged again, “Your teeth. He has no way to know you will not bite him, and that would end his love making days rather quickly, and you might find the satisfaction WORTH your own life, though I very much think you’d live to regret it.”

Wonder Woman felt this was a trick “He could use my lasso on me; order me”

Hans nodded “yes, he could, but he’s a hunter, he wants to break you, and your lasso is not here. It is with the Zambouli queen as she gets what is left of the African union. By the way Actaeon says thank you for that.”

“He can bite me” she said not realizing Hans was looking right at her bruised tit “I am NOT going to give him the satisfaction of sucking on his cock...but even if I did, how would I convince him I would behave?”

Hans shrugged, “Beats me. I only promised you that I knew *A* way…but I think the prospect of you suggesting it or spontaneously doing it, would so enthrall him that…he’d likely forget all about your cunt…”

Diana crossed her arms “But at some point he’d mount me again.”

Hans again nodded, “Yeah, but now it would be a 1 in 3 chance instead of even money”

Diana refused to answer further; she was NOT going to suck the brat’s cock. If he lived up to his bargain and when she got her lasso and belt back, she would set this to right. And the Gods help him if she WERE pregnant because, despite his youth and her personal code of honor, she would see he suffered and died. She turned to leave, “I have to go clean up.”

“Um…I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Hans cautioned.

Diana looked confused again, trying her best to try and walk NORMALLY again. “Why not,” she asked. “I thought you said he did not allow you to have me”

“No,” Hans replied. “I said he had forbidden us from doing anything that would bring your pregnancy with his child into question.”
“Diana’s mouth dropped open, “You mean…”

Hans nodded, “Any of the guard can have your ass ANY time they want, and you’re not allowed to clean unless Actaeon gives you permission. What can I say, he’s a bit of a prick.”

“What does he WANT?” She frowned in frustration. “He’s already HAD me…”

She was surprised to hear Hans say, “Psychology: he wants to put you in Sheena’s place.”

Diana cocked her head. “What are you talking about?

Hans smiled “Ever hear of the Stockholm syndrome? Or maybe Pavlov’s dogs?”

Diana frowned walking over to pick up her feather duster “Yes, The captive begins to become sympathetic to the captor, and Pavlov’s dogs were trained to anticipate a treat when given certain stimuli, how does that apply to me, I am certainly not sympathetic.”

“Not yet you’re not” the doctor chuckled “however have you noticed your standing with every one of your private parts hanging out, with my cum running down the back of your leg, talking to me without a thought in the middle of an open courtyard?’

Wonder Woman blinked, he was right, she had forgotten that she was practically naked, she had just had sex in the middle of an open courtyard with several guards watching her, and she was standing casually talking to her rapist.”

Hans saw the expression on her face and laughed, “People tend to forget that just because we are civilized, we are still animals. I was the one who advised Actaeon to bring you here, several weeks without clothing and you will find it will feel completely normal to you.”

Diana looked over “I won’t let him make me sympathetic to him”

The doctor shook his head “Unless you cooperate, you will have no choice.”

Diana pressed him “Cooperate? Will he keep his word or not?”

Hans nodded “Oh yes he will keep his word, but he and I are both banking on your nature, if, at the end, you leave and keep out if his business you will have a normal life, but you will see injustices, and sooner or later, just like Sheena you will get cocky. You will be taken as an animal in front of thousands of powerful people and criminals. With other stolen property, you will be auctioned off to the highest bidder like a prize brood mare. For now” he lightly smacked her ass “off with you, you have to dust Actaeon’s main room.

Wonder Woman clenched her fist, what Hans said frightened her, her Amazon spirit had never been conquered, did not allow for her to believe it could be broken, but he was right, the thought of her being naked was becoming less and less something she spoke of “Even if I do not stop you The Justice League…”

“Will succumb” Hans finished “Did you forget we have YOUR access codes to the JLA computers on that orbiting station and other places. You’re a CHARTER member, and Actaeon, among other things, is a computer Genius, his IQ is even beyond Lex Luthor. Now just THINK what transmitting every vulnerability to every super hero to his or her nemesis could do: Lex Luthor knowing where every kryptonite device was, AND having time to plan. And I assure you, there will be no more ambushes to capture, it will be a massive over…KILL if you catch my meaning.
Diana went pale “that’s mass murder….”

Hans nodded “yes it is, and in this case might...makes right, without them the others will be free to make a slave state…of course there IS a small risk that Actaeon’s friends would lose, but this has been a long time planning.

The Enormity of what was happening hit Diana, even if the JLA won, the loss of life would be…enormous.

“You best hurry” Hans said. And walked off.


President Perino stood with NSA Director Jake Fox, the CIA Director, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, her press secretary, and her Chief of Staff. Her face was pale, drawn “EVERY field agent we have has been compromised?”

The CIA Director Don Sutton, stood pale faced beside the White House Chief of Staff Charles Ping. Sutton, an older man with graying silver hair, stood in his pressed suit, while Ping, an Asian American born in Des Moines, Iowa was younger, perhaps 55. Ping stood only 5’6” tall, but was in excellent condition, his close cropped black hair typical for his ancestry.

“Madam President” Ping was saying “If this gets out the whole government could topple, we MUST give into their demands this time, give us some time to discover what happened.”

The president stared at the TV screen, there on the screen stood Natasha Romanoff, Code name “The Black Widow” her hair was combed neatly, but she knelt head down sobbing softly. She was stark naked, and her intelligence secrets were flowing out of her like water over a broken dam. The President and her staff had just watched two Libyan dissidents thoroughly and completely rape her. Behind her Hawkeye, her lover lay dead, shot in the head. The assailant was saying “The United states will end all aid to Israel, and will surrender any intelligence we demand, covertly to us.”
“You expect me to give INTO that” she spun angrily on Ping “how can you SAY that.”

“Madam President” Ping replied, “Literally 100 % of every agent we have, is either dead, captured or compromised, some have even had their families threatened, Even our Non Avowed Cover (NOC) are taken out. Those we have are afraid for our families. We need time to find out where the leak is, and rebuild. My God with what they know they could hit us ANY where.”

“What about an Airstrike, or the JLA?” The president asked, grasping for straws “Our Military?”

Don Sutton of the CIA replied “Madam president, they have had access to the exact locations, and while I agree the JLA will not take kindly to one of their kind killed another raped…they do not seem able to respond at this time.”

Ping spoke up “Besides if we do that, it will get out over the net, your political career will be over.”

The President spun and gave a cold look at Ping “Everyone else out, I want to speak with Mr. Ping.”

Once they had left, she stepped up to Mr. Ping and in a soft dangerous voice said “Mr. Ping. I brought you onto my staff for your stance on Minorities and because of your skills running a staff, but if you EVER suggest again that my Career is worth more than American lives, I will see to it you cannot get a job managing a McDonalds, do I make myself clear?”

Ping had to look up at her “Yes Madam President,” he swallowed, “But what shall we do?”

The president sat down heavily behind her large desk “I don’t know yet...I have to think.

Chapter 8

Actaeon Davies sat in his personal theatre, watching in high definition the security camera from the courtyard. In the middle of the screen stood Wonder Woman in her maid’s outfit, with Hans behind her thrusting into her ass like a rutting stag. Actaeon sat back chuckling with his friend Jarred watched “SIIICK!” Actaeon was saying “and you say she bent over willingly Hans?”

Hans laughed, “Yes Sir, as I told you, we can break her with psychology, The woman actually thinks I am trying to HELP her by suggesting she suck on your cock as a method of birth control.

“Actaeon laughed again” You’re a nutter you know that Hans? Look, look this is my favorite part!”

On the screen Hans thrust and stiffened, in obvious climax. “What’s next, Hans?”

Hans smiled “I figure that Amazon is now simmering; let her boil over, then inflict pain…a LOT of it.”

Actaeon frowned, “You know I am not a big fan of pain, Hans”

Hans nodded “Trust me, sir, better to beat a bitch once to keep her from jumping the fence, then to try and coerce her and have her get hit by a car. I even told her about the Stockholm syndrome and Pavlov’s dogs. A bit of negative reinforcing, then provide her with some relief…along with what view I have told you about the Amazon history, and she will be on your cock before you can say Cock Robin. And the best thing is, you need not do a thing. She will do it to herself.”

Actaeon nodded and sighed, “I suppose so, Hans. After all, the client is always right.

Hans smiled “Time to up the pressure, Call in that stupid bitch Sheena…”

Chapter 9

Having completed emptying the chamber pots, Diana was then assigned to dust different rooms, she did not know what humiliated her more -- the chamber pots or actually having to USE the feather duster that went wither rubber outfit. Hans’ seed had dried on her ass and legs. It itched some and got under her fingernails when she scratched.

Diana moved around the corner and ran chest to chest into one of the larger turbaned guards. “Oh. Excuse me,” Diana stammered trying to back up and walk around him.

Before she could move, his hands reached out and grasped her wrists. He smiled down at her with a leer.

Diana twisted, intending to place a wrist lock on the guard, but he had been trained too. Instead, he shoved her against the wall then used his hand against the back of her head to press her cheek against the cool wall. He smiled lecherously.

Wonder Woman was pinned with her wrists flush hard against the wall, her feather duster still in her hand. “Let me GO you..” her eyes widened as he turned her suddenly and his mouth covered hers. Diana tried to bite, to twist, to resist. But the man thrust his face forward causing the back of her head to bounce off the smooth brick wall. Her vision flashed, and she was silenced into a stunned dizziness as the brute placed a passionate crushing kiss on the Princess of Themyscira. She whimpered, expecting it to stop, but the guard had other ideas. He continued, his lips working, his tongue darting too quick to bite. She kept struggling but it exhausted her. All she could do was stand there and let him kiss her. The man was panting hard, his breath puffing into her mouth. She felt him transfer her wrists to one hand over her head, his other hand free. Still kissing her, he slid his hand against the rubber of her uniform up to her bare tit. She could not even plead with him to stop. He just continued. She had no idea how long he kissed, her own heart racing as his lips drank in hers, but when he finally parted she was panting, beginning to sweat, and three other men had gathered.

Still pinned Diana’s eyes smoldered “You happy now? Let me go I have…rooms to dust”

This brought laughter, and the large man holding her spoke “Silence, slave. Why are you complaining anyways? I bet you have never had a REAL kiss before.” He and his cronies chuckled.

Wonder Woman struggled weakly. Her ass still hurt from Hans yet she did not want to get serviced by this foursome. She blustered at him, hoping to shame him from the goal of all males: to possess her. “Typical…you use brute force and you think that makes you a man.”

The others laughed. “In case you haven’t noticed,” the man said, “that’s the way most species do it. Besides, I have waited a long time to bring you down a notch or two. You Amazon heroines think you’re so perfect, imposing your will of how WE should act on us.”

One of the men made the mistake of coming too close and Diana’s foot came out catching him squarely between the legs. She steeled herself, waiting for her punishment, but the men only laughed as the one crumpled to his knees. “HA! Jarren, you fool. Get too close and the bitch strikes like a snake!”

Diana had no time to enjoy her small victory. She felt herself brought from the wall and shoved into the other two who immediately spun her and shoved her back against the first man. Struggling, Diana felt the man grasp her right wrist, raise it high, and turn her around in a stumbling pirouette so her ass was against his groin. Then, in a stunningly quick maneuver, he tugged her arm down and around her own body to the left. He did the same with her left arm so that her own arms effectively wrapped her. Then, without any hesitation, one of the man’s large arms crossed her chest trapping her own arms against her own body. She felt his free hand move down over the curve of her left butt cheek.

“NO! Stop! Don’t!”

Closing her eyes, Wonder Woman felt the man’s fingers push between her thighs and move to her bald sex. Two fingers began to rub circles around her cunt lips, the calloused fingers dragging across the hood of her clit as he spread the pussy lips. His three friends watched in wide-eyed wonder and not a little jealously while the renowned Amazon was helplessly restrained and finger-fucked before them.

Between her invaded thighs the famous Champion of All Women felt the hard, practiced fingers work her womanhood. She grunted and ground her teeth as the man’s uncanny dexterity moved and wrinkled and folded her soft skin over and over, revealing the most fleeting glimpses of bright, moist pink flesh to the men watching her from the front. Despite herself, more and more of Diana’s clear fluids oozed from her body. The jeering and mocking men became silent to listen to the soft squishing noises as all eyes were fixed between her legs.

She struggled harder, desperate to escape but her strength was that of a normal woman and her body was responding to this bastard’s unerring skill.
“Hhhnnn!” She moaned even as she tried to raise her legs up, to close her thighs. Still the maddening fingers pressed in, as he openly fondled her most private of places.

The guards jeered “That’s it Look at her squirm! Did you hear that whimper? I think she likes it.”

At first Wonder Woman tried to not give them the satisfaction, but she blushed watching these men drool. Then she stopped caring about their judgments and began to twist and move against the man’s broad chest, her knees bobbing and her feet prancing for them

The man behind her mocked her, “Oh don’t worry, I WON’T stop! Cum for us, Wonder Woman,” he chuckled, his arm crushing across her chest. “Cum for us now!”

“N..No” she replied, intending to sound defiant, but it came out like a little girls whimper. The rubber skirt was held up as she was held on display.
The sound coming from between her legs was now was very wet, as she felt her juices flow faster, running over his hand, and down her legs. The man she had kicked now rose to his knees, smiling. “Your mouth says no but your body says yes.” He got to his feet and joined the other two to watch the conclusion of this little Passion play.

The man behind her became more brutish, his fingers slipping between her cunt lips with complete impunity as he hissed, “Cum for me, bitch. CUM for me or I will rub this clit right off yer body. CUM for me!”

Despite her humiliation and fear, something in the man’s voice pushed her over the edge. Wonder Woman let out a long low moan, her head rolling back against the man’s shoulder as a powerful orgasm rocked her. “UUUUUUUUHHNNN!” Diana’s body began to quiver and shake, her knees buckling so that the only thing holding her was the man’s arm across her chest. His other hand still fingered her clit. A huge gush of her pussy juices pulsed from within her body.

“THAR she blows!” The threesome in front chuckled at their friend’s quip.

Wonder Woman closed her eyes, her head spinning her eyes closed. She panted….she was still held by the nameless guard behind her.
“Stand up, whore! STAND UP,” he commanded.

Finally she stood, and he released her. She felt him take his hand and wipe it in her hair. Then he shoved her head downward. Looking between her feet, she saw she was standing in a puddle of her own juices. She wiggled her toes causing a small ripple in the puddle and she felt completely ashamed.

One of the guards took a towel and threw it in her face, “You made the mess, you clean it up.”

Tears brining again, Diana knelt with the towel to wipe up the puddle as the four men departed laughing and joking as she heard their voices depart, “And get back to work.”

Once out of sight, the guards reported to Hans “Was that what you wanted, sir?”

Hands chuckled, “Yes, well done. Even though she knows her body had a physical response, she is going to feel even more vulnerable now.” I figure one more good shove and we will get her to rebel. Then we HAVE her.”

Gathering up what dignity she could, Wonder Woman continued on down the hallways after cleaning up her “mess.” In the next room, she could hear sounds.

When she walked in, Actaeon was sitting on pillows with a man about his age. Wonder Woman did not recognize him. They were playing Starfox Adventures on a Nintendo. As she moved around dusting she could hear them talking

“Get in the Arwing”

Chuckle. “I’d not mind doing Krystal on the nose of her Arwing”

As she moved to a nearby shelf filled with awards, Actaeon put the game on hold. “Oh hey, Jim, did you see my latest trophy?”

Wonder Woman tried to ignore them until Actaeon was standing right in front of her. “Wonder Woman, stand at attention.”

Diana considered a moment, but she had given her word so she complied, cupping her hands beside her legs, head erect feet at a 45-degree angle.
The younger male, Jim, stepped in front of her, staring. “THIS is Wonder Woman?”

Actaeon smiled, “Yep….Cuntface’s secret identity is Diana Prince. She lives in Washington, DC, you know. I can even give you her address and apartment number.

Diana blanched. Actaeon had just given out her most guarded secret in a casual conversation.

Jim looked her up and down, and she felt him reach out and lift her breast, feeling its weight, rolling the nipple between his fingers as his head looked under it. He was playing with it with the familiarity of ownership as if she were a horse. He ran the flat of his hand down her flat stomach right down to her cunt. “Siiiick! She’s wet. And is that dried CUM?”

Wonder Woman was forced to stand there, eyes straight ahead, at attention as the stranger’s hand slipped over her smooth body.

Actaeon nodded “yea…I got about another two weeks to knock her up. You remember Tigra right?”

Jim smiled and slapped Wonder Woman’s ass. “Come on, let’s get back to the game.”

Once the men were back at their game, Wonder Woman rapidly finished dusting and moved out as quickly as she could.

In the next room Wonder Woman opened the door and beheld King Otwani and Sheena. He was kneeling on a pillow while the naked Jungle Queen rocked on all fours.

Wonder Woman froze in the door, she had not yet gotten used to seeing the soft white lips of another woman’s sex actually wrinkled and stretched around Otwani’s thick dark cock as he sheathed it into the woman. It was clear from the sweat on both bodies that Otwani had been making up for lost time. He held Sheena’s hips as he lunged into her from behind, kneeling behind her and leaning over her back, his muscular legs between hers. He smiled, “I told you beech, I would kill that false king and put you in your place.”

Sheena gasped arching her back as he took her roughly. Otwani looked up, “Come in, Wonder Wooman and finish dusting while I finish this stupid bitch off…”

The rage built in Diana, but she had no play now. Otwani grunted as Sheena half groaned from the physical pleasure and half wept. “And remember, when my Queen gets back, the present we shall give her.”

Otwani took his time, sheathing himself repeatedly in the jungle queen. Wonder Woman had to watch as she saw the muscular African man stiffen deep inside of Sheena…and sighed in blissful relief. Once finished he withdrew and stepped in front of Sheena. She obediently licked and sucked their combined juices from his cock. Otwani smirked and walked out. Sheena curled up and whimpered.
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Chapter 10

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Hunter of the Amazon

Chapter 10

By Lordgriffin

In the White House, President Perino sat with her pet golden retriever, Henry, in the White House oval office. She gently stroked the dog’s ears as it pressed warmly against her hand, her fingers sliding against the dog’s rhinestone collar. Beside and behind her, Mr. Ping, her chief of staff, stood to her right, while Don Sutton, the CIA director flanked her on the left. In front of her, Superman, the man of steel, clad in his red white and blue with the “S” on his chest. For not the first time President Perino’s eyes strayed to the well-endowed bulge in the front of his nearly skin tight red briefs just below the yellow belt that would look so nice if unbuckled. She blinked, and returned her thoughts to the present. Superman stood in front of her and was saying:

“Madam President, I am sorry neither I nor the Justice League are instruments of any one country. If we act on behalf of one nation’s military or another, then the whole league would have to end up choosing sides. I am sorry I cannot go into Africa and prevent sovereign countries from forming a new government.”

Perino gently stroked the dog’s ears “But Superman, surely you can see they are being destabilized, an outside force one of the super heroes or super villains, is trying to overthrow governments.”

Superman considered “Mr. Sutton, does your agency have any solid evidence of this? Maybe Gorilla Grod? Lex Luther? The President said you have evidence that Wonder Woman is involved?”

Don Sutton paused, considering the icy glare of the president, and then considered the man of steel. “I’m sorry I cannot say that, We can make the images we have available to the Justice league, but I think even The Batman, who , as you know, is very CLOSE to Princess Diana, can reveal anything more than it is a black lady in a cheap costume, and even that is dubious. “

Superman frowned “where is Diana? Isn’t she supposed to be patrolling the US?”

Don shook his head “no one has seen the champion of all women. “

Superman nodded “Maybe went home for a bit and Sheena? That’s her stomping ground.”

The President answered sounding morose. She has publically endorsed the new African Union, no stress levels were detected in her voice, and she has even publically invited China to invest in the nation. But this represents a fundamental shift of power. China is industrializing, with the undeveloped natural resources and area of China, That totalitarian regime would become the new super power in the world.”

Superman shook his head “I am sorry Madame President, but countries choose to be “super powers” I will not let individuals dictate to others otherwise you could have a Super dictator. I am afraid I must decline; I would suggest you meet with the Chinese Premier and try to work this out diplomatically. In the meantime, the Justice League will continue to monitor for influence by any of the super villains, but if Sheena supports this…so do I. She is a champion of the environment and she knows how to take care of herself, as does Wonder Woman.”

Wonder Woman, in her tight rubberized maid’s outfit and holding a feather duster and broom trembled with rage. Her friend, Sheena lay on her nemesis’s bed, sobbing having just been informed by her rapist he had impregnated her. Otwani had then taken his way with her and had left Sheena like a used condom on the floor. Now she was expected to what…DUST the room?

Ulfah, Actaeon’s younger “wife,” waked into the room her shoulder almost knocking Wonder Woman down. The woman was naked except for her diamond dog collar, her young body moved with a gentle sway of her bare, honey olive hips.

Wonder Woman smoldered, regarding the woman’s small pouting breasts with the darker brown nipples. The woman was coated in a thin layer of olive oil. Ulfah moved to stand haughtily before the sobbing Sheena her hands on her hips “Get up” she said directly “stop sniveling like a child, you should be honored a King like Otwani doesn’t throw you to the pigs, and this will NOT be the last child you conceive.”

Sheena began to sob more openly, not moving as Ulfah looked over her shoulder, speaking to Wonder Woman in the same bland voice “And you need to return to your duties.”

Ulfah did not wait to see Wonder Woman’s reaction she simply looked at the sobbing white woman and smiled “Perhaps you sob for lack of pleasure. “ Guard…” she had intended to invite the guard to take pleasure from Sheena when she felt herself spun around and looked up into the face of Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman hissed “can’t you leave her alone!” out of the corner of her eye she saw Abal ender and begin stalking toward them. Ulfah looked up and tried to pull her arm away “you will NOT speak to me so! I am second wife.” Before Wonder Woman realized, the younger woman had drawn back her hand and delivered a stinging slap across Diana’s face. She saw Abal break into a run, but it was too late, Wonder Woman saw red. Her fist landed solidly against Ulfah’s nose, sending blood streaming down the girls face as she stumbled backwards over the bed. “I’ll show you speaking; I should have done this, days ago.”

Sheena blinked “Oh…oh Gods; Diana NO…. stop…this is MY fault.”

Abal, also naked, was screaming “GUARDS GUARDS!” as she launched herself at Diana.

“Like Hades it’s your fault Sheena, I am getting us OUT of here” she spun with 2 fists catching Abal in the chest causing the woman’s feet to comically continue forward as her body rocked back and went to the ground.

The three big guards that had assaulted Diana outside entered, each one carrying what looked like a night stick. Diana used her foot to break off the broom handle and spun it like a staff “Ever hear, payback is a bitch? I’m the bitch bring it on!”

The three of them saw Abal slowly crawling toward Ulfa, who was huddle in the corner sobbing blood streaming from her nose down her neck and chest. They lunged at the Rubberized maid of might.

Diana did not have her super strength and stamina but she did have skill. She had fought centaurs, villains, and she would take these on. Using the staff she took a thrust at the first guard’s legs and was gratified to feel the man’s knee crunch as he yelled in pain and went flat. Spinning the staff caught the second guard in the small of the back, with his momentum already intent on a tackle; the extra energy sent him head first into a marble pillar with a dull thud as his head hit. Raising the staff as she had learned in Greece in the days of Xerxes, she blocked the downward swing of his heavy baton, but, in her rage, had not considered that these guards were trained as well. The baton fell from the grasp of his right hand, but his left came up in a hook that connected with Diana’s jaw.

Diana staggered back, tasting the coppery blood as number three, as she choose to call him, spun trying to sweep her feet from under her. Diana stabbed the butt of her own staff down and was very satisfied to hear the man grunt as his shin connected with the broom handle painfully; however, this was no oaken war staff, the soft pine splintered at the end.

Diana knew she had to end this fast, or she would be overwhelmed, already she was sweating heavily, the damned rubber maids suit did not BREATH and caused her to sweat in the hot humid climate. She looked at her staff, her glorified broomstick; the shattering had left her with a jagged sharp end, a spear! “Sheena get UP we need to…OOPH!”

The second guard, dazed still, had gotten up and delivered a “palm heel” to the back of Diana’s head. Her world exploded as she saw stars. A heavy fist struck her chin again as the third guard threw a punch at her.

Diana staggered panting from the exertion, and responded with a combination to number the guard, striking the nerve nexus in his shoulder shutting down the right side of the man’s body temporarily (the Bracheoplexus origin). On his way down, she threw a punch at his nose, and turning to face another guard, delivered the blunt end of her staff to the back of the guard’s head “two down.” She smiled grimly as number three did not move.
The second guard was much more cautious now, but Diana saw two more guards running toward them. “Sheena” she said moving to the naked sweaty Jungle Queen, “get up if we can make it out the window….”

A familiar voice calmly said, “You won’t be going anywhere Wonder Woman”

Diana saw Actaeon and Otwani enter. There were again three guards. As they moved toward her, Wonder Woman held her staff. “I won’t go down easy.” She cursed; there were horses in the courtyard, with Sheena’s abilities if they could just get TO the horses then the two of them could make an actual escape “Sheena will you MOVE!”

Sheena shook her head “It’s no use…he HAS me Diana…you…you don’t understand…

Diana did the only thing she could; grabbing Sheena by her long blond tresses, she began dragging the Jungle Queen toward the window, the horses just outside. One of the guards, one who had used her, moved to cut her off. Four more arrived. It was getting desperate. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Wonder Woman warned. Desperate times called for desperate measures. The men rushed her. A side kick broke one of the men’s legs. Diana felt one of their filthy hands grasp her wrist and she twisted toward the thumb to release the grasp, as she did she heard one of her rapists voice, he was so close she felt his hot breath on her ear as one arm went around her neck and his other hand come up to grasp her breast. Diana moved instantly the sharp end of her broom handle-thrusting deeply into the man’s gut. Diana could feel the blood on her hand as she twisted the shaft. “Keep your MIND on the fight,” she hissed kneeing his belly. The handle was too slippery with blood, as the man stumbled back. She lost hold of it. He lay on the ground crumpled holding the spear as a pool of red began to spread on the white marble floor.

Diana snarled, “I only wish it had been your cock rapist!” unarmed she turned and elbowed a guard. She was being overwhelmed. The window was right there “Sheena! For Hera’s sake just get up we can MAKE it we…OOPH!” a guard landed a hook to her midsection. Wonder Woman turned to kick the attacker’s crotch, her bare foot kicking hard. She blinked in surprise as the man caught her ankle.

“Like we would never see THAT coming from a woman” Wonder woman leapt off her planted foot and felt the top of it connect with the man’s head as she spun in midair, she had used his own grasp to give her leverage, however one of the others had waited for just that. The man ran as if punting a field goal and kicked. The top of his foot connected solidly with Wonder Woman’s crotch, the soft feminine folds squishing as she was lifted 6 inches off her feet by the force of the kick. Wonder Woman let out a High pitched squeal. “How’s that feel BITCH, you women pull it enough on us guys.

Wonder Woman gasped as her groin exploded in pain, she had felt it before, but it was no less devastating to a woman then to a man. She lunged forward catching the guard in the face with a head butt. She tried to struggle, but it was hard to breath. She felt a man grasping each of wrists; she twisted trying to kick, thrashing like a wild cat.

One of the men smiled “agile lil mink” and balled his fist for another punch to the stomach.

Wonder Woman gasped as she had the wind knocked from her, coughing trying to breath she scowled “Big…men…six woman”
A man chuckled “Champion of all women, thought you’d find it a compliment.” He jerked back his fist aiming at her face, when Actaeon caught his wrist, “She is STILL my property, not in the face, I want that face to look up at me when she sucks my cock eh cuntface?” Actaeon smiled smugly.
Wonder woman looked around dazed as she felt 2 men grasp her ankles so the four of them effectively had her spread eagled standing. The Nausea from the kick swept over her. In the corner, Abal continued to comfort the cowering shivering Ulf….she had a cloth wiping the blood from the girl’s nose. Otwani had collected Sheena who lay on the floor, the Man’s foot on the back of her neck, pinning her lightly as Otwani chuckled saying “stay.” Several other men moved to pick up the fallen guards. The one with the sharp end of the broom handle in his gut was dead.

Actaeon moved to leave the room “Do not leave any marks, ready her for a plug and bring her for confinement when you’re done.
As he departed Wonder Woman looked at the big man before her. Panting and sweating Wonder Woman saw the man pullout a huge Bowie knife. The other 4 pulled her limbs open.

“You heard him” she said half panicked “You can’t leave a mark.”

The guard laughed, and pulled the rubber garment from her skin and began cutting. She could feel his sweaty hand slip under the rubber top and pull it away from her pale sweaty skin as his knife touched the taught rubber the cut ran exposing her body, her breasts were already exposed. A little at a time they sliced the garment away throwing it on the floor as they stripped her completely naked.

Wonder Woman tries to struggle but could not physically over power 4 grown men “you get off on beating a woman now you’re going to rape me?”
The man chuckled as he cut off the mains outfit, throwing the sweaty shrunken garment at her feet and cutting off the fishnets “Didn’t I hear you say payback is a BITCH, and YOU are the BITCH?” they all laughed, “Well here it comes.

Her eyes widened as the large male took off his sandal “I have always wanted to FEEL this.”

Wonder Woman looked down, her crotch was completely open, she could not even close her knees. The Man smiled as if getting ready for the Kickoff of the Rose bowl. He started at Diana and then backed up three paces,

“NO!” was all she could get out before the man took three running steps and the top of his bare foot swung up solidly between her spread thighs and against her bald cunt lips.

The others broke out in laughter as Diana squealed in a high pitched voice and tried to bend over. They yanked back straight, the Guard feeing the wet from the woman’s cunt against the top of his foot “That’s it Gerald see if you can kick her OVERIES into her throat!”

Gerald wiped some blood off his lip “That was for Terry, you killed him…” he paced off again and again THUNK between her crotch again, he would have lifted her off the ground if the two men holding her ankles had not held her. She gasped “S…Stop...p...please.

Gerald smiled “I tell ya boys that soft pussy lips against the foot silken warm… Bitch I am going to kick you so hard you will have to use a tampon to wipe your mouth. *KICK THUNK* Diana was disgusted; she could see the guards erections they were getting AROUSED over doing this.

Wonder Woman’s ears rang….she did not know how many times they kicked her, by the time they finished she hung limply her arms by her side, her breasts heaving as she tried to breath, the pink nipples moving with her labored breathing. A guard had her long black hair in one fist, and held her up, her knees on the floor, staring ahead, sweaty and naked.

Otwani simply watched, his arms crossed over his chest, foot on Sheena’s neck. Sheena remained obedient, not looking as the guards took turns at Wonder Woman. Diana had ceased struggling.

The 5 guards chuckled as Diana felt herself dragged along by her hair, she did not bother to struggle, the pain in her crotch much more intense then the pain of her scalp, she felt her knees dragged along the floor as the guards walked casually toward a table.

Diana felt two of them grasp her under her smooth arms and bent over the table, her smooth ass in the air. The Guard who had been kicking her, she had heard them call him “Jack” moved behind her and began to unbuckle his breeches. Diana heard him unzip and the sound of fabric being shoved down.

Jack smiled down at the smooth unblemished back of the defeated woman. Her arms at her sides as Dan held her silken main to keep the limp woman from slipping back onto the floor.

Jack smiled down at the perfectly formed smooth ass, running his firm calloused hands up her legs , feeling the silken warm skin feeling the slightly moist muscled flesh “”Ohhh Robert will you look at this FINE piece of ass. Have you ever seen something THAT firm except on a mare?”

Diana felt disgusted, as they discussed her ass like she was some piece of meat. She felt his hand, but after the beating she just did not have the strength to struggle, her pussy felt like it was throbbing, on some level she regretted the times she had kicked men in their balls, while at the same time wishing she could kick these men in their balls. The one called Dan, kept a firm grip on her hair…so all she could see was his legs and feet, and the legs of jack behind her as she felt Jack’s thumbs slip up from her leg between her ass cheeks and spread her ass.

Jack smiled “Will you look at that” watching her ass cheek wrinkle under his grip, spreading her he viewed her slightly red anus.

Wonder Woman felt the man step behind her. Dan yanked her head forward so her head was down and she could see Jack’s bare muscled legs step behind her pressing his hips to her, he positioned the tip of his erection directly against her ass and press his hand between her shoulder blades to pin her.

In an act of defiance Diana murmured “It…won’t”

Jack was leaning over her as his other hands went to palm her breast “Won’t be you huh?” he chuckled “that’s fine because all I want is your ASS”
Wonder woman responded with an “UUH!” as she felt the man’s thick length shoved forward spreading her anus. It felt hard, but warm.

Jack grinned; he felt the silken warmth of the woman’s anus open to accept his docking probe. “Give me that mane Dan” She heard him as and felt the hold transferred from the Man in front of her to Jack behind her. Dan adjusted his stance like a stallion that had covered one of his mares, and he yanked back savagely on Diana’s raven locks as he lunged forward.

Diana gasped as she felt Jack’s entire 8 inch length wedge into her as he pulled her head back and onto him. Diana’s ass burned as she felt her ass spread wide on the man’s cock, and was now staring directly at Dan, who smiled back and was removing his own clothing in anticipation of his fun. She felt Jack lean over her, her hair in one hand, his other on her breast and felt him snug his sweaty chest against her arched back, his mouth right beside her ear, he hissed “What makes you think anyone here gives a crap if it’s YOU.” He pulled back and thrust “or NOT” he thrust again, causing the weakened woman to jerk under him.

Diana groaned her arms felt like lead, they had her; there was nothing she could do. “Sex…is...supposed to be special” she said between Jack’s thrusts. “You…pervert it”

Her words did not slow jack one bit, as the other 4 now stood in front of her waiting their turn. Jack hissed, some of his spit running down her cheek and shoulder as he panted with effort, punctuating his words with firm thrusts. “Yer RIGHT *thrust* it IS *thrust* he panted “but you WOMEN *thrust* don’t *THRUST* see it that WAY *thrust* “you use it as *THRUST* control! Stupid *thrust* CUNT *thrust* I lost my JOB *THRUST* because I tried to date *THRUST* a woman” he panted yanking back her hair to pull her closer “I didn’t do anything more than *THRUST* express interest *THRUST* “She claimed it was sexual harassment *THRUST* now it’s PAY back *THRUST*

Diana gasped, Jack was powerful he held her pinned, and she felt his feet kick hers further apart to give him better access Diana tried to reason with him” I...I’m sorry UGH! Please...UGH! I didn’t…do it…”

All 5 of them laughed “Not yet yer sorry but you will be, we are not going to stop till you women know your PLACE” he was sweaty now, together the 2 of them wrestled in the throes of love, Jack willing, Diana unwilling.

Diana panted, her own body now glistening with sweat, at least his pre had now lubricated her ass the burning friction had given way to a feeling of being full. “I...I will find you” she began to cry “one day...UGH I will UGH find you…and UGH make you UGH Pay.”

This brought more laughs “Nearing his climax Jack smiled at his mates and pulled her head to his cheek so she was forced to look at the other grinning men “You know that MAY be true, you have gotten out of MORE” he paused for a firmer thrust he was really getting off on this, “tight places, but You answer me this bitch” he nearly spat in her face “Will ANY thing change the fact that right now… today Jack Hagan, raped Wonder Woman’s ass, and there was NOTHING she could do about it?”

Diana refused to answer…she tries to struggle weakly but Jack just thrust harder deeper moving his hips side to side to penetrate her as deep as she could Finally Diana cried out “P..please…s…SOMEONE…!”

Jack yanked her hair back again thrusting his cock up an in, as he glanced down watching her anus nearly invert as he pulled back only to thrust and sink back into her. “No one’s coming to help you bitch, now answer me or I swear we will use sand on our cock to rape you raw. Will ANYTHING prevent you from waking up EVERY morning for the REST of your life and knowing you were our sex toy and could do NOTHING about it?”

Diana looked about, no one came, none of her teammates were crashing in to saver her, only the sound of the man rutting her, his panting…his firm muscles and a tear leaded down her cheek, he was right, she would see this every night in her dreams “N…no”

Hearing her soft admission pushed Jack over the edge…He drove into his bitch and molded his front against her back, a bestial groan right beside Wonder Woman’s ear so she could remember the soft scent of his breath his groan of pleasure as she felt his cock pulsing into her body. His seed spit into her, his balls wedged gently and warmly between her spread ass cheeks.

Gasping in one of his hardest climaxes since he had been 14 years old. Jack tugged the woman by her hips onto his cock, leaving it lodged into her ass till his climax subsided. Once done jack released her hair with a shove to the back of her head and pulled out of her anus. She was left slightly open; the man’s milky seed could be seen around the opening. They were all gratified to see she did not try to move. “Take that Bitch” Jack smiled and spit on her head.

Wonder Woman felt the liquid on her her hair soaked it in, where she had felt like she was being stuffed, she now felt empty. She sniffled and sat up slightly but remained bent over the table. Jack smiled crouching down so their faces were level “Make you a deal. You agree to take each one of us…as much as we want, and not struggle….and we will be gentle as each of us ass raped you. One time offer...what do you say?” He smiled arrogantly

Wonder Woman could not look him in the eye, she could only nod softly. Then she felt Jack reach out, his hand gripping under her chin as he lifted her chin to look in his eye, he wanted her to know what he had done “I don’t believe you bitch, you want me to believe you. Say it.
Wonder Woman was forced to look directly into his eyes, she glanced about, all that was there was Otwani, still pinning Sheena under his foot like atrophy rug, and the 5 guards. No one came in to save her. She swallowed, and tried to look down, but a firm yank on her chin caused her to look into Jack’s triumphant eyes. She only paused a moment before her shoulders fell and she said “Jack Hagan just raped me, and there was nothing I could do about it.”

With a sneer the guard gave her chin a shove and she looked down. Dan stepped up next “BOHICA Wonder Woman.” Dan grinned “Bend over, here it comes again.”

Wonder Woman looked around the room. Dan moved behind her, his erection bouncing above his firm scrotum. Diana lowered her chest back to the table, and reached behind her, spreading her own ass cheeks for him. They chuckled but they were true to their word. Dan took hold of his cock and guided his tip to her ass. He entered Wonder Woman firmly but it was not brutal. Wonder Woman received no pleasure from it; Dan just used her body for his own animalistic pleasure. His hand stroked her skin as he explored her body. Dan took his time as jack had. Trusting up so he lifted her bare heels off the floor he grinned at his companions asking “Are you a GOOD girl Diana?”

Wonder Woman nodded. Deep inside she still smoldered, they had been brazen telling her their names, she knew their faces, one day there would be a reckoning, but for now they had her.

Wonder Woman felt Dan’s climax joining the semen from Jack. They did not yank her hair and she remained bent over the table ass in the air. It took more than an hour before Johnny’s, Stan’s and Paul’s seed joined the other two’s deep in her bowel. All Wonder Woman could think of, was how their seed would be absorbed by her body. Jack took her a second time, just because he could, and one he finished he smiled.

“You can get up” he said.

Diana stood up, she was stiff from having been bent over so long and her ass burned, when she moved she could feel the silky slippery of the men’s semen in her ass hole. The guards mostly ignored her as they redressed talking in front of her

Dan asked “Man you ever think you’d get a piece of ass like that?”

Paul replied “No, and Wonder Woman herself.” *Laugh* The CHAMPION of all women.

Stan nodded and chuckled “Let’s HOPE so”

Paul looked at Wonder Woman “Which one of us were best?” he grinned

Something told Wonder Woman that if she did not answer, she would find herself bent over again so she nodded sniffling again “Dan was, he was thicker and was firm but did didn’t hurt… as much”

They High fived. Jack stepped up to her, his two hands cupping her breasts “When you get out of here, if you ever see us again, what you will do?”
Diana did not resist as she felt him lift her breasts as if weighing them “Nothing sir.” She said softly

“I didn’t hear you” he repeated.

She looked up at each of them “I won’t do anything… I should not have threatened you” deep down inside she knew she said this only to spare her ordeal. One day, she WOULD have justice.

Dan smiled, then crooked his finger “good, now…this way.

Diana took 2 steps, and passed out.

President Perino sat in the situation room with Mr. Ping “Well so much for the Justice league. Look here, now South Africa, with its Diamond mines has joined the New African alliance. What am I supposed to do?”

Mr. Ping looked up “What Superman suggested is not a BAD idea; we could pitch it as a Good Will trip.”

Perino regarded he Chief of Staff “what about Security?”

Ping shook his head “I can see to that except...”

Perino prodded him “Except what?”

Ping leaned forward “I don’t trust the head of the Secret Service, Don talked with the FBI, and he’s been making some, he’s been cheating on his wife and is deeply in debt, he is a security risk.

Perino nodded “I’ll have him transferred, I don’t need another headache. Do you have a replacement in mind?

Ping nodded “I’ll see to it Madam President, in the meantime you best pack for China. It’s warm there so you might want that blue evening gown; I have it on good authority that the Premier likes it.

Perino looked back at Mr. Ping “Isn’t the new Premier 16 years old? I have heard he is rather cultured but immature”
Mr. Ping nodded “He will be 16 next month.”

Perino nodded “A state visit then for his Birthday…good will.

Mr. Ping nodded “I will see to the details.
Diana was led into a dark room; she was laid on something cold. There was light, she could feel she was still naked. Her anus burned from the guards enjoying while she had been unconscious.

Her cheek lay against the smooth surface, but it felt gritty. Trying to move she felt her wrists had been shackled behind her, but they were not ordinary shackles. They were metal, iron or steel but they extended up her forearms almost to her elbows, she would have to break her wrists to bend her elbows. Something vile was passed under her nose, it burned her nasal passages and she coughed. Looking up she saw Actaeon looking down at her, a broken ammonia inhalant in his fingers

“Ah you’re awake, good…Since you do not seem to be able to keep your part of the bargain.” He paused to grasp Diana’s arm and pull her up to a kneeling position.

Diana noted she was on a stone dais that rotated like a cake decorating table.

“I will need to teach you your place...” he finished.

Diana hissed at him “My agreement never included allowing your lackeys to try and destroy…”

There was a loud CRACK as Actaeon took his open hand and slapped Diana hard across the face leaving a red stinging hand print on her cheek. “Silence, women do not SPEAK unless SPOKEN to.”

Diana struggled more fiercely now “You bastard I…” She saw Actaeon turn and retrieve a device with a leather phallus on it and straps “don’t you DARE get that thing away from MUMMPH!”

Wonder Woman tried to shake her head as Acton stuffed the penis gag on her mouth. He could not keep it in until he wound a thick hand full of her black mane in his hand and YANKED back savagely.

Thrusting the black leather into the back of her throat, she nearly gagged, but felt him buckling and locking the device around her head. The leather was sour; though soft it felt like it was filled with sand or something. Pulling in a breath Wonder Woman discovered a tube thru the thick black device so she could breathe some thru her mouth. Actaeon secured the gag pulling and sealing it against her lips leaving her glaring up at the man.

Actaeon leaned back “Now we can have a CIVILIZED conversation. As I was saying, you’re not in here for trying to escape, we expect that, nor for protecting your little cunt buddy Sheena, you’re not even here for attacking the guards, but you disobeyed and HURT Alba and Ulaf. You gave me your word you would submit to me and I STILL see the fire in your eyes. If I cannot trust you for a few weeks, we will at least keep you where you can not disrupt my house.

Actaeon forced Diana to kneel, as Actaeon took his hand and slowly rotated the Dias. The lights showed she was in a large rocky cavern, probably under the mountain, light came from wrought Iron sconces that had some kind of gas flame.

Actaeon continued, “You have probably guessed, I had this chamber built almost a mile under the mountain, even Superman using his x-ray vision would not find you. I use this as a kind of Oubliette, a place of forgetting. You will find no sound, no light nothing will penetrate here.

Wonder Woman shivered, the temperature in here had to be about 50 degrees F here, not enough to freeze, but she was completely naked. It was cold, and clammy.

Actaeon walked in front of her and held up a device. Her eyes widened. It was about 4 inches tall, cone shaped, it looked to be made out of gold. Near its base it slopped in suddenly to a stem with a plate on the bottom as if to stand, along its side was printed “Property of Princess Diana of Thesimiscaria”.

Actaeon smiled. “This is called a butt plug, it has 2 uses, the first is to get the woman’s anus stretched so anal sex is more…enjoyable, but that’s not the purpose I have here for you.” She felt his warm hand shove her shoulders forward and felt the tip press against her anus. The Guards had provided the lubrication as he had instructed them.

Diana “MUMMPHED!” struggling uselessly as she felt her anus stretch till she thought she would rip, just then the base entered and she felt her anal muscles contract to pull the infernal decide deeper into her rectum.

Actaeon released her and crossed his arms smugly “Go ahead…force it out of you. You have my permission and I will never be put back.”
Burning red with the indecency, her eyes glaring like daggers Diana began bearing down, she grunted, the thing made her feel like her bowels were full. She felt the thing push as her anus stretched. She grunted and bore down harder, trying to force the thing from her rectum. The thing only pushed and then re seated itself within her

Actaeon gave a satisfied chuckle as he saw the woman’s eyes open wider in surprise and realization “Yes, NOW you understand, your muscles will not stretch enough for you to force it out, that’s why it’s called a plug. That will STAY in until you decide to abide by our agreement. I do not know if amazons with your special powers have to deal with intestinal cramps like the rest of us but you’re about to find out.”

Diana felt his hand pull her back so her bare ass set on her heels and he continued to rotate her. A small room came into her view with what looked like an Olympic vaulting horse with 2 metal straps and a chain hanging above it. She looked up at Actaeon curiously.

Actaeon smiled “Oh were not done yet cuntface” his cockney accent thick “You’re wondering what this is. Well it’s called a Spanish horse.”

Diana felt Actaeon’s arms go around her naked body, under her arms and under her warm breasts. Actaeon was not beyond feeling the naked woman up.

She felt herself lifted by his young arms, and he carried her closer. She could feel the blood drain from her face, if he was going to do what she thought he would do. The device was not made of padding it was made out of roughhewn wood; it had a sharp peek, like a dog house, except along the peek it had been sheathed with copper to make a sharp angle.

As Actaeon lifted, Diana tried to kick her legs to avoid straddling the device, and succeeded until 2 of his guard walked over to each grasp one of her ankles. Diana felt her legs spread and felt Actaeon’s finger slip down to spread her soft nether lips and settle her weight down on the peek. The Spanish horse creaked as it took her weight. The only sound Diana could make was a muffled *mummph!* as at first her lips felt the smooth cool copper but then her entire weight came down on the sharp angle of the peek.

Her inner thighs felt the course hewn wood. The peek caused her entire weight to come down on her sensitive clit, pinching it between the peek and her pubic bone. Even if she moved so her clit was not pressed against the peek, her entire weight was pressing down between her cunt lips against the sharp peek and her pubic bone.

Only a MALE could conceive of such a perversion. The pain was incredible, but she found that by squeezing her thighs together she could lift her weight up and relieve most of the pressure.

Diana glared down at Actaeon now, up on her knees as if high in a saddle.

He took a key from a chain around his neck using it to unlock the metal bands on the side of the horse behind her. His soft hand grasped her right ankle and pulled it up near the peak of the device.

Sliding the ankle shackle over her ankle and he used the key to lock it. He then repeated the process with her other leg so her ankles were locked to the horse her heels tucked up near her ass.

Actaeon then took her wrists, bound as they were behind her back, and lifted, forcing her to lean forward.

Her heavy breasts swung out and making it harder to keep her weight on her knees without grinding them into the course wood.

Actaeon again used the key to lock her wrist shackles to the chain over the horse so that she could not sit fully up.

He then attached a metal collar to her neck and chained it to the horse in front of her so she could not straighten her back.

Diana now sat the device, her knees bent, her wrists pulled up behind her back, unable to flex her elbows panting heavily. Actaeon showed her 2 clamps. Her eyes widened as he squeezed them and attached one to each nipple, and from each clamp swung 2 heavy lead weights Actaeon applied them causing Diana’s breasts to pull and stretch with gravity.

She squirmed, as the pinching went through her chest…the penis gag keeping her struggles muffled. Her shoulders shook as she trembled.
Actaeon took his time, humming as he took the and gently slipped it over Diana’s neck so the key to her shackles swung between her distended breasts “If you can reach the key feel free to unlock yourself.” he chuckled.

Diana watched him reach up and attach a tube to her penis gag. To demonstrate he tapped a switch and water pulsed into the back of her throat, forcing her to swallow or choke. He then took what looked like a gasmask and placed it over her face. Snugging it. There was the soft scent of pine.
The message was clear; they now controlled what Wonder Woman breathed, swallowed, even when she relieved herself.

Actaeon walked around the naked woman, watching the goose bumps rise. He caressed her ass softly and smiled “How long you stay here is up to you.” With that said, she watched him walk to the stairs. He turned and smiled back at her waving causing a sensor to turn out the torches, then he departed and the heavy stone door slid shut, shutting out the last of the light, leaving Diana in a cold darkness and silence, she could not even hear her own breathing.

At the NSA Daniel waited impatiently to see Director Fox. After 20 min, He was admitted. The Director looked up “Daniel, what are you doing here, you know you’re supposed to go thru your supervisor, Where is Diana?”

Daniel stuttered, “Well that’s why I am here Director. Diana went on a mission, to check out Actaeon Davies.

Jakes face went red “She went off the grid after being ordered not to bother Mr. Davies?’

Daniel didn’t want to keep the focus on Diana “That’s not all of it. There is something strange going on with president Perino’s visit.
The Director leaned forward “Strange? What do you mean?"

Daniel keyed the computer terminal “We monitored this transmission from the White House.

The screen showed a blank background, Scrambled, but the voice was decoded:

Voice #1: “Is the present ready for the Premier’s Birthday party?

Voice #2: “Yes, I think he will really enjoy it

Voice #1; you know he wants to keep his promise to the people, and Return Taiwan to our rule.

Voice #2; I do not think that will be a problem

Voice #1: What about her security?

Voice #2 I have taken care of that as well. The CIA Director will approve our operatives.

The recording ended, Leaving Director Fox frowning “who else knows about this?

Daniel shook his head “Just you.”

Director Fox nodded “You did right, I am going to contact Admiral Johnson and Mr. Ping, I think the president should postpone her good will trip.

Actaeon ascended the stairway, looking Grim. Once in his office, he turned on the wall monitor and could see the naked woman on the torture device. Hans was there “Hans you know I do not like needless suffering.

Hans nodded “it isn’t needless. Every person has a breaking point, she has been haughty. Every time she has triumphed, she needs to be humbled.
Actaeon “Should we have turned on the lights?”

Hans shook his head “her mask is blacked out to her she is still in darkness, it is called sensory deprivation. The best thing is, when she goes far enough she will set her own conditions for release, and they will be much more harsh then WE would impose. I guarantee you sir, that by your Birthday, You will have Wonder Woman on her knees, sucking your cock, and ready to be on display for your friends.

Wonder Woman Quickly lost track of time. The pain in her nipples gradually reduced to a dull throb. But the cold, she did not think it had been that cold but the constant clammy conditions caused her to shiver now trying to keep warm. The worst pain was in her clit. She quickly came to realize the reason for the roughhewn wood. She could lift her cunt off the sharp peek, but to do so she had to squeeze her thighs together, that caused her to use muscles seldom used and also caused the wood to chafe at her inner thighs. He could only hold it so long and then her full weight again came down on her sensitive clit, causing her to moan.

She began to try to track time by when they hydrated her, but she could not tell how long was between each drink of water. She would simply be sitting there and suddenly ice cold water would flood her mouth, with no warning she often choked causing the icy water to spray from her nose into her mask, and down her front, adding to her cold. What was worse, when her bladder filled, she was forced to relieve it over the hose she sat astride.
With no knowledge of passing time she had nothing to do, nothing to occupy her mind, was this how they broke Sheena? What would she have to do to get free? Could someone rescue her?”

After what seemed like a week, but could not be as she had not starved. A TV screen lowered out of the celling. The Screen flickered to life, and Diana could not help but watch it, it was something other than the crushing loneliness.

An American reporter was on the screen “Once again allegations have been leveled that Wonder Woman has been involved in another African government being thrown into chaos. And in Other news. President Perino is making a Good Will trip to China to Celebrate the Premier’s 16th Birthday.” The screen went blank and retracted.

Diana was left to consider what Zenda was doing as her, with her belt and golden lasso.

Time passed, Diana was never sure if she was hallucinating, when the TV screen lowered she watched with close attention, reports continued to file in on the TV, which showed leads of government passwords, conspiracy theories about the presidential security, about Wonder Woman.

She heard the door open. Her heart leapt with excitement as she Saw Hans descend.

Hans moved to take off the mask, and remove the penis gag.

Diana gasps “Hans….thank you, how long have I been here…are you come to get me off?”

Hans moved around the bound woman “You have been here 1 day, and I have not come to get you, I am only checking on you.
Diana felt her heart sing “ONE….one day? Hans tell me you’re kidding; surely it must be 3 or 4?”

Hans shook his head and removed the key from around her neck, the back of his hand brushing her distended breast. “I am not allowed to release you. But Actaeon wants you well; he still hopes to impregnate you.”

Diana jerked at her shackles “I swear I am going to make him dance on a SPEAR one day” she thrashed, causing her pain to escalate more” when she had worn herself out, she felt Hans unlocking her ankle shackled “I thought you were not allowed to release me”

Hans looked grim as her stroked her ankle gently “I am not releasing you”

It was then Diana saw the lead ball and chain that Hans retrieved “Hans…Hans you CAN’T this is something your FATHER would do, you’re not like him.”

Hans took the 10 lb. lead ball and locked the shackle around Diana’s ankle, moving to her other side to do the same to the other, the extra 20 lbs. would drag her even harder against the sharp ridge between her pussy lips. Diana watched Hans reach between her legs and spread her pussy lips, feeling his fingers on her soft folds so that they straddled the peek. “”No I am not but I am constricted by what I do’ he said replacing the key on its chain around Diana’s neck “I do admit, Actaeon has style, leaving the key to your freedom right around your neck. “Does it hurt much?”
Diana was desperate to talk with ANY one, “yes…yes it hurts a lot’ she whimpered.

Hans nodded “it’s supposed to.

Diana looks up “Look Hans talk to him, tell him ok I was wrong I won’t fight the guards or his wives again.”

Hans looked up “that’s not good enough Diana.”

Diana snarled in frustration “WHAT does he WANT then…tears sprung to her eyes “Hans PLEASE…it HURST”
Hans shook his head “I’m sorry I truly am….

Diana cut him off “What does he WANT? Just tell me...I’ll agree”

Hans again shook his head “That’s just it Diana, it’s not want HE want’s”

Diana tried to move, she had barely slept, was it sleep or was she dreaming...she couldn’t tell in the dark with no sound.
Hans stepped up “and held some raisons in his hand.” Eat.

Diana looked suspicious “What’s in it?”

Hans signed and moved to walk out and leave her alone again.

Diana panicked “NO! No wait, ok, ok please PLEASE.

Hans stopped. He slowly turned and walked back. He held out his hand. Diana leaned forward and began lipping and using her tongue to eat the raisins. As she did, she felt Han’s hand begin stroking her hair as if she were an obedient bitch eating from his hand while he scratched her ears. But…it FELT nice, and she was not alone.

As she ate the sweet fruits, she realized how hungry she was, if it had been 2 days like he said, she had not eaten. When she finished he reached into his pocket and got more. She hated his smiled, but she ate. Actaeon held all the cards right now, she told herself this was just till she could get out. After the raisons were gone, Hans fed her grapes, and some prunes, they were sweet and she felt the sugar course thru her. Hans even held his fingers out for her to sick clean.

Hans leaned in and whispered to her “May I kiss you?”

Diana blinked in surprise, but she figured this was part of her “punishment” she nodded.

Smiling Hans leaned in and pressed his lips to her. He felt her lisp respond to his as he slipped his tongue into her mouth, pleased that she meekly let his tongue explore. His hand caressed her breast, causing her to tense as he bumped her nipple clamps. But she kissed back and he nuzzled at her chin.

When he broke the kiss he panted and was aroused.

Diana glanced down at the tenting in his pants “What are you going to do with that?

Hans smiled “I will use it on Sheena; now that she is knocked up she is open game.

Diana almost spoke back but instead she just looked down.

Hans smiled “that’s better, if you can keep making progress you can be released.” He then opened his palm where 4 dark colored chewable tabs sat.” Diana wanted to ask him what they were but she kept silent.

Hans smiled as his plan was working “They are Ex-Lax tabs; everything you were given to eat was to make you regular shall we call it?”
Diana felt the butt plug again and her eyes widened. Hans held the double dose under her nose waiting.

Another tear flowing down her cheek, the woman leaned forward and licked the 4 tabs from the man’s palm and chewed them. Then Actaeon held up the phallus gag. “Open wide….”

Diana opened and felt the wet leather pass back into the back of her throat, even if she had wanted to hold the tabs in her mouth, they would dissolve in her cheek. She felt Hans secure the gag to her face. And then gently stroke her flanks. He replaced her mask, and then the lights went out and she was alone again in the dark and cold.

She had no idea how long it was when the cramps hit, as her stomach began to growl. She moaned into the gag…at first she tried to just resist the cramps…but over time they grew. If she could have soiled herself she would, each wave of cramps caused her to lean, to bare down and try to push, but just like before, she could not expel the plug, so all she could do is grunt with the nausea and the feeling of her intestines churning.

In the control room Hans smiled “let’s try something new, Turn the air off to her mask, let her suffocate till she passes out, then pump in oxygen, and spool up Sheena’s submission, I think she needs something more than just the news feed.
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Chapter 11

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As Usual, I would ask any who read the story, to send Feedback to:
It inspires me to write more. I like to include reader suggestions (in the story). Tell me what you liked, what did not work, what you’d like to SEE! I will include more as a Post Script so you can get to the chapter.

Hunter of the Amazon
Chapter 11

Wonder Woman lost all track of time. After Hans left, her mask went dark, and she noticed that the air coming from the tubes of her mask stopped being cool and fresh; it became warm, moist and smelled of plastic.

On the monitor Diana’s struggles took on desperation. As the air supply fans stopped, the Amazonian princess exhaled back into the supply tube where the stagnant air hung till her next inhale.

Actaeon watched with Hans as she twisted her body, causing her breasts to move wildly. Despite the constant 52-degree temperature her body glistened with sweat as the key to her own freedom danced between her flopping mammaries. She twisted her wrists in the cuffs chafing her wrists. She forgot about holding her knees together and her full body weight came down on the soft folds of her pussy. As the woman’s shapely body struggled, the two men were treated to a full body flush, which slowly faded to a pale white. The struggles reached a frantic crescendo, her ebony locks fluttering like the mane of a wild mare as she shook her head trying to shake off the mask, trying to breathe. Then her struggles began to slow, her body beginning to turn a pale blue, the fingers on her hands splaying as if trying for the strength they had with her girdle, to break the chains. Then she began to slump forward.

Hans watched the screen with a wide smile, his hand on the oxygen shut off valve in the shut position. “That’s it, slut, ease into it,” he whispered.
“That’s enough, Hans. Turn her air back on,” Actaeon commanded.

With the Amazon now limp on the Spanish horse, the mask rapidly puffing out then sucking in as her body continued to try and breathe, Hans turned. “Sir, we have been over this. You remember the dog you had as a child? She kept digging under the fence? You were told to catch the dog digging and then take a wooden ruler to its paws and make it cry out in pain?”

Actaeon frowned and turned away from the screen. “I know, Hans, but this whole endeavor will be for nothing if she is damaged. The investor was VERY specific, and I don’t like hurting her. I want to FUCK her, not torture her.

Hans turned to look at Actaeon’s back. Wonder Woman’s mask was now sucking tightly against her face and her body was trembling violently. “Sir, what happened to that dog?”

Actaeon did not answer. His back faced the large monitor displaying a close-up of beads of sweat now rolling down the Amazon’s slippery torso.
Han’s pressed his point, “Sir?”

Actaeon snarled, not turning “You know bloody well wot happened, you damned Kraut. She dug a hole, got out of the yard, and was hit by a car.”
Hans could hear the man’s voice cracking at the memory but he continued to press the issue. “All because you wouldn’t take a SHORT term hurt to protect her. This bitch is no different. Do you want to release her in two weeks and complicate this whole thing? To expose the entire operation?”
Diana felt the desperation of suffocation and her mind began to panic. This was a new sensation for her, she had always been self-assured. She had considered before that she might be killed, but it had never occurred to her that it could be such a futile death. Her lungs burned as the moisture from her own breath bathed her face with sour heat. In desperation and darkness she put all her strength into trying to break the metal shackles. She strained and pulled and trembled but she was simply not up to the task. And in the end, it only made her breathe harder. The mask adhered to her skin, perfectly sealed and unforgiving. The flexible rubber clung to her cheeks, her forehead, even her temples. She tried to exhale more, to slowly push out the air from her lungs; to force the sour clinging rubber away from her face, but that just made the inhale worse. Her next inhale brought the rubber even tighter against her skin, her sweat helping the seal be even more perfect.

Panicked, she shook her head like a dog shaking off water, trying to hurl the mask off and away from her face. It didn’t budge. If she died here, they were right -- NO one knew in the WHOLE world where she was! Not even Superman would find her. They could seal this room, perhaps even take her body and stuff it like a trophy. She’d be no different than Sheena’s lion back at Actaeon’s castle, and no one would ever know. Her mother would never know. She was not even sure Hades himself would find her. That thought terrified her.

She felt the mask pull to her face yet again as she tried to get more of the stale air into her lungs. But there was no relief. Dark clouds move into her vision. Was this it? Had she crossed their line and now this was to be the end of her? Her limbs felt like warm melting wax, and in her labored breathing, she felt the metal key dangling between her breasts. There was no way to get to it. It was torture! She closed her eyes, the pain in her groin seemed to recede to a dull ache as she leaned forward, allowing her wrist shackles to be the only thing holding her erect. The sound of a high squeaking wheeze filled the darkness as Wonder Woman drew what might have been her last breath on earth. There was no more air to be had. The black second skin clung everywhere. Her eyes bulged within the mask, her whites showing full rings around her irises, her mouth a perfect zero drawing in nothing but futility.

In the control room, a red-faced Actaeon watching the features of the Amazon’s trembling face accented by the tightly clinging black rubber could take no more. He spun and charged the blond-haired assistant. Both hands connected on Han’s chest causing him to “ooph” and get thrown from his chair onto the ground. Actaeon yanked the oxygen valve to “on” and jabbed at the “fans” button.

As her eyes closed and her body sagged heavily in her bondage and Wonder Woman looked deep into her own shocking mortality, she felt the sudden caress of coolness against her wet cheek. She refused to believe it until the pressure in her mask went from negative to positive and she began to suck in fresh air. Sweet cool oxygen flushed against her face, expanding the rubber away from her clammy skin. Her heart raced as she panted. Her eyes spilled salty drops.

In the control room Actaeon glared down at Hans. “You enjoy your work TOO much. You take unnecessary risks. The investor wants her compliant not BRAIN damaged.”

Hans got up off the floor and dusted himself off. “Sir, I have monitors on her and I know at what level carbon dioxide in the blood causes brain damage. If you do not TRUST me… FIRE ME!” He clenched his fists. “I can be on the next plane out.”

Actaeon forced his shoulders to relax. “I’m sorry, Hans. No, do not leave. I trust you, I just do not like to see that kind of….pain.”

Hans sat back down at the control panel and surveyed his instruments. Wonder Woman’s naked torso heaved as she greedily sucked in air. She wiggled her toes in their shackles as her bent knees straddled the wooden horse, her back straightening and arching back weakly as she fought to catch her breath.

“Then do not watch, Actaeon.”

Actaeon took out a white handkerchief and wiped his sweaty brow. “Is the investor happy with Sheena?

Hans looked up. “Well, it appears so. What is more, I am going to pump the feed from her interrogation into Wonder Woman’s eye screens within her mask. That way she can SEE everything they do with Sheena. The investor is ready for you, Actaeon.”


Sheena knelt naked in the white room. She could see the camera mounted on the wall filming her. To her right, her jungle Queen outfit hung on a mannequin inside a trophy case, along with the necklace that N’bid Ela, the woman witch doctor who raised her, had given her to allow her to take on different forms.

Sheena kept her back straight, her chest out, her knees widely spread, so that any could see her bald sex between her legs. On her thighs rested her hands palms up as if in supplication.

A door opened under the camera and Sheena saw them wheel in N’bid Ela. The old woman looked delirious; her body was naked, and with her age, the bondage had to be hard on her body. She was not much to look at: wrinkled, her breasts sagging. And she stared ahead blankly. Wheeling the device in, Sheena noted, was Actaeon, dressed in his pith helmet, and a woman she did not recognize.

The middle aged woman had flowing red hair, but she walked with a cane and seemed to wince with every move. The cane was an odd contrast to the coiled black leather bull whip on her hip. Behind the unknown woman was Queen Zenda, who walked in with a haughty expression, clad in Wonder Woman’s red, white and blue costume. This Sheena frowned at but said nothing. The tall svelte black woman walked across the floor, Wonder Woman’s Golden belt fastened around her narrow waist along with Sheena’s own silver totem necklace, the magnificent golden lasso of truth hanging at her hip, the red high heeled boots clicking on the floor.

Actaeon stepped forward, his back to the camera, stood before the kneeling ex-heroine. Without having to be told to do so. Sheena reached up and unzipped the young British man’s fly, and Actaeon felt her slip in her finger and gently fish out his cock. He never tired of the feel of the cool air on his cock followed by the slippery warmth of the woman’s mouth as she began to nurse from his crotch, her tongue sliding along the underside and around his foreskin.

“Good girl, Sheena,” he said gently caressing her blonde hair while Sheena moved her head slowly back and forth. Her hands had gone back to her thighs, palms up. “But I am very disappointed in you.”

Sheena looked up from the floor into Actaeon’s face, slipping her red lips from his half-hard cock “Master,” she whimpered, “I did not resist. I did what you said. You said you’d not hurt N’bid Ela. She is old.”

Actaeon shook his head, “It isn’t I who’s hurting her, Sheena. You are.”

Tears sprang to Sheena’s eyes “Please master, I didn’t RESIST. Do not turn me into a tiger and force me to claw her…I beg you!”

Actaeon did not acknowledge her fear. For the moment he turned and gestured at the woman with the whip slightly behind him. “Sheena, this is the reason you were targeted. I know Queen Zenda likes to think she was your downfall, and in her way she was, but this is the investor who hired me to HUNT you and that STUPID lion of yours. This is Barbara Ann Minerva.”

Sheena took a moment to glance at the British woman and back to Actaeon. “How did…I disobey you, sir? You need not punish me like Diana…”
Actaeon smiled coldly and lifted Sheena’s chin with his left hand. She obediently opened her mouth and allowed him to guide his unwashed length back inside, savoring the salty, tinny taste. “You did not help us stop Wonder Woman when she tried to escape.”

Sheena felt him release her chin and again pulled her mouth off her master’s cock, a strand of her saliva connecting her lower lip to the tip of his erect cock. “I did not go with her sir...I did not try to escape.”

The other two women stood looking half bored; Zenda crossing her arms over her chest, quietly teasing at the Tiger totem charm with one hand that she could use to transform Sheena into a Tigress. N’bid Ela looked mostly comatose.

Actaeon shook his head. “Not good enough. I need to be able to trust you to go to the Justice League and tell them everything is ok here. How can I do that if you do not know enough to PREVENT one of them from trying to escape?”

Sheen’s expression now went to one of abject terror.“But it was not N’bid Ela’s doing, it was MINE…..I...I did not think…Please, sir, you always say that I am dim-witted...”

Actaeon swallowed, a slight look of disgust on his face, not for Sheena, but because he didn’t like this part. “I understand, Sheena,” he said guiding his shaft back into her mouth and humping her face while they talked. “I am willing to let you off easy, but we will need you to give us an HONEST effort.”

Sheena’s eyes glanced up listening as she tasted his pre-cum as it began to dribble. She knew how to bring him off and she was hungry. With a punishment looming she was not sure when her next meal would be.

Actaeon went on, “Ms. Minerva here is in pain, an accident if you will…I am going to TRUST you with something, Sheena; something no one else knows. Ms. Minerva is known as Cheetah.”

There was a growl behind him as Sheena’s eyes opened wide. Connecting the villainess with her secret identity, the Jungle Princess tilted her head slightly, her face showing surprise and then the eyes narrowing to respect. Then she remembered her task and pulled her mouth back and let her lips caress the shaft in her mouth before bowing her head forward to take the full length deep into her throat. She held that position for a moment before releasing it and licking and teasing the tip of her master’s cock. Minerva, her face tense with rage, would have killed Actaeon on the spot if not for her infirmity. “Why you STUPID...”

Actaeon held his hand up. This part he liked and he was rock hard. Panting, he said, “Relax, Minerva. If we get what you want, you will not need to worry.” He closed his eyes and pressed the Sheena’s face into the zipper of his crotch as she suckled steadily at him. “I…I am sure Sheena here wants to HELP, don’t you?”

Sheena nodded her head holding discipline as she felt the man’s cock go rigid and still in her lips before it pulsed strongly and shot a milky white stream of his semen down her throat.

Once Actaeon had vented his lust down the Jungle Queen’s throat, he allowed Sheena to lick it like a cat cleaning its paws. He then let her put his organ away, zipping him up. “W...what can I do to help, Master?”

Actaeon smiled, “Let’s start with something simple. N’bid Ela here I bet knows a way, a potion or powder that will render a person immobile, susceptible to suggestion. She’s a witch doctor so you a zombie.”

Sheena looked up blankly, “I was never told that, why not just use Wonder Woman’s lasso?”

Zenda leaned forward and snarled “MY Lasso!”

“Ladies, ladies,” Actaeon smiled, “BECAUSE that black bitch IS a Witch Doctor, I cannot trust her to not be resistant to even such as that lasso, however we all know that N’bid Ela will tell YOU anything.”

Sheena trembled, “So you drugged her?”

Actaeon nodded, “She is not the only one who knows about potions and powders.” He walked over and removed the golden lasso from Zenda’s hip. Letting the coil dangle from his index finger he crooked his other finger at Sheena.

Slowly Sheena stood, her smooth skin flexing as he muscles moved. She took the golden rope in her hand, feeling it warm. Zenda and Minerva tensed. Sheena moved like a feline even as a human, her bare feet silent on the metal floor.

Sheena approached her old mentor, the woman like a mother to her. She gently looped the golden line around N’bid Ela’s body and holding the end posed the question to N’bid Ela. “It’s Sheena, teacher. I...I need to know how to subdue my enemies, to have them play the part so that I might bring justice to the jungle.”

Sightless the old woman seemed to not want to answer. “S….Sheena?” a smile came to her lips “Of, course child….the spiders...”

Actaeon and the others frowned. “Spider? That’s not a potion.”

Sheena went on “Mother…I do not understand.”

The old woman’s voice seemed to take on an almost unearthly tone. “The arachnid of the Congolese Jungles, on the Congo river, its body striped red, white and blue….it’s bite, the victim paralyzed, not fatal….”

Actaeon shook his head. “There is no such species I am aware of.”

Minerva scowled “there are lots of undiscovered species in the jungle. Have her ask THE question.”

“Patience, Minerva. Sheena, we need to know does N’bid Ela know the Jungle God…Urtzkartaga?”

Sheena repeated the question to the old woman.

The old woman responding, “Urtzkartaga… the Cheetah God guardian….”

Minerva nodded grinning “Ask. ASK!”

Actaeon took a moment to whisper to the naked ex-Jungle Queen, stepping back and adding, “Do this and your punishment will be light…perhaps a spanking and this old one can go back to her tribe.” He purposely neglected to add that would only occur after they tried out the spider on her.
Sheena stepped up. “Mother….Urtzkartaga has...has been affected. Is there a way to capture him…compel him to obey until we can free his spirit?”
The old lady seemed to groan “No…one cannot capture a spirit.”

Minerva leaned forward on her cane, virtually hissing and spitting. “Kill them both….and FORGET your payment, Actaeon, this was a waste of time.”
Actaeon held up his hand “A moment, Minerva…Listen”

The old woman went on, her eyes only half-focused, “A spirit must be consumed. A spirit has enemies…The power of that opposite can, for a time hold a spirit.”

Minerva growled, cat like, “I do not want to hold him….I want...”

The ancient black lady rested her head back “Once held, you must corrupt it…drain it, only then will the immortal be made mortal.”

Sheena reached out a hand gently to caress the woman who was like a mother to her “How can we hold….”

The old lady’s eyes focused and she smiled at her daughter “Child, you light passion in my loins. Something I have not felt in a long time.” A slow sigh flowed through her hold fluttering lips before she spoke again. “Draw a Circle of Bir…Bir will help you.”

Minerva frowned. “Who the hell is Bir?”

Zenda answered this time “Bir, is another of the old gods, the Spirit of Hyena. His circle is what you call a Pentacle, or a Pentagram.”
Actaeon shook his head, “Ancient fiction. Not bloody possible!”

Minerva shook her head. “No, remember I am an Archeologist and Anthropologist. Many religions have similarities. The Trinity for example: In Catholicism you have the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; In Hindu, you have Sheeva, Vishnu and Brahma. Even the Greeks had the three major gods: Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. This is very possible.”

The old woman was wheeled out, leaving Sheena kneeling naked before her three captors. Zenda smiled and cupped Sheena’s chin, “Your breasts are looking bigger. I heard the mare has a foal.”

Sheena nodded keeping her eyes cast down before the black woman. Sheena felt the hand move to the back of her head and moved her face to the blue star spangled satin crotch. The blonde obediently began to lick at the material, her tongue darkening the light blue satin crotch with warm saliva. “Minerva, I will have the old lady’s books delivered to your room where you can study them in comfort. Come, Sheena, let me get these briefs off. My cunt has not had a good cleaning in a week.”


In her bondage on the torturous wooden horse, Wonder Woman watched with growing despondency. She could see projected on the eyepieces of her mask the old woman cruelly bound, Sheena on her knees, and Zenda clad in Wonder Woman’s uniform. She stared at the scene in despair: the uniform had stood for justice, for freedom. It had now been used to aid the darkness, to enslave; her golden lariat used to strangulate and kill.
Her misery of the heart was matched by powerful physical misery as well. Sitting astride the wooden Spanish horse, the stomach cramps had begun, her intestines groaning as they tried to expel the body’s waste. She even leaned up and bore down, grunting with effort trying to relieve herself. But the anal plug in her ass was just too large, without her hands or someone else; all she could do is feel the wave after wave of cramping. In her mask, sometimes she would see flashing lights, other times darkness. The deep cavern was absolutely quiet, with no sensation other than the pain in her belly, legs and crotch. From time to time someone would come in. It was always one at a time but she got to know the differences in no time. She could feel each individual sliding his hands all over her body. She wanted to speak but it was all she could do to merely suckle on the leather cock gag in her mouth and try to breathe evenly and steadily through the narrow tube in the leather gag thrust deeply into her throat.

After a time, due to boredom, confusion and constant disorientation from her torment and exhaustion on the Spanish Horse, she began to look forward to her captors’ hands. She knew it was different people. One set of hands was larger, one smaller, some soft, others calloused. Whether they started at her nipples or her pussy or her ass, she had even named them: Calloused Hands; Nimble Fingers; Warm Palms. Calloused Hands enjoyed cupping her breasts from behind her, supporting them and bouncing them lightly in his rough palms. He would squeeze their shapes and fondle her and virtually juggle her breasts in rhythm, back and forth he’d bob one and then the other for minute after minute, mauling, squeezing and caressing her until her head would nod slightly in rhythm with them. And there was always a final squeezing goodbye before the roughly calloused hands would disappear. Nimble Fingers was even harder to ignore. He would pinch her nipples gently, slowly, constantly until they were both pebble hard in his tiny grips. Then he would circle his fingertips around her areolas in slow painstaking circles that, had she been pregnant, would have had her nipples dribbling mothers milk down her torso in a helpless need to express her body’s functions. As it was, her nipples would throb and she would moan through her mask. This always brought a gloating chuckle of satisfaction from the man standing before her. And then he would be gone. Warm Palms was impossible to resist. He would search her body for every smooth surface and silky crevice they could caress and hold and rub and clutch. The paired palms would smooth over and up her neck until her jaw line was in the warm palms just below the bottom edge of the mask she wore. Her head would tilt back as the palms would slowly caress her neck back and forth in a heady massage that relaxed her body to the point where her vagina would inadvertently settle against the painful metal point of the Spanish Horse and she would jerk up to ease the pain. Warm Palms would then release her neck and suddenly reappear between her thighs, caressing and smoothing their inner surfaces with gliding wonderful pressure that would draw an errant whimper from the Champion of All Women. Often her body would wriggle with pleasure and the hands would slide up to her ass and caress the broad surfaces of her cool naked cheeks. The gentle heat of those wandering palms felt so good in the cool air of that dungeon chamber that her body would go still and quiet to allow the warm hands to work their magic and warm her entire body from within with their calm and steady caresses. Ultimately though, there would be a sharp pinch that jerked her body upward. In that instant, one palm would reach in to cup and caress her crotch while the other smoothed circles over her breasts. Slow, endless circles were applied to her sensitive nether lips and turgid nipples until she could bear no more and Wonder Woman would leak her miniscule orgasms into those warm palms that would smooth the glistening juices over her thighs before retreating into the darkness and leaving her spent and angry and confused.

At different times her air was cut off again and she was taken right to the wide-eyed, panicked edge of unconsciousness before being allowed to breathe again.

Time lost meaning; she could not sleep with the cramps, which only got worse. The Greeks and Romans had come up with some very advanced tortures, but this was by far more than Wonder Woman could bear.

And then, awoken from a dozing uneasy slumber by a noise, Wonder Woman saw the eye pieces on her mast go completely clear. She blinked and winced as the lights came on. Her eyes slowly focused on Actaeon. Her senses sharpened and her daze lifted. The young man reached out and pulled the mask off, the penis gag slipping free of her lips.

“I must say, Wonder Woman, you do not look like much of a wonder now. This gorgeous hair now stuck to your skin,” he said, moving his hand over and brushing away the sticky hair from her forehead as if he cared. “All this sweating and shivering, you’re a mess.”

Diana felt a wave of cramps “Please…not even you are this...inhuman. Let me out of this. PLEASE take this plug out of me.”

Her hands behind her twisted helplessly as the key to her freedom swung between her breasts. One of the guards came up and slid his hand over her bare flank; she recognized him at once: Warm Palms. She gave him a quick sideways glance. He was tall and handsome and smirking. Diana lifted her jaw in a small attempt at resolved indifference.

Actaeon cocked his head. “What do I get out of it? How can I trust you?”

Confronted with the sudden opportunity to end her torment, Diana hated herself but she made herself beg. “Please…I will obey our agreement…the spirit…not just the letter...”

Actaeon stood there not saying a word, just waiting and watching her.

Diana went on, “…you…you want me to perform oral on you, I will. If that’s what you want I will.” She spoke quickly, urgently, her eyes watching his.
In an ear piece Actaeon heard Han’s voice saying, “She’s not ready. She’s too eager. Still too controlled and calculating. Put the mask back on and tell her she has two more days.”

Not usually one for torment, Actaeon had to admit, he was rather enjoying watching this woman pleading to him. “I don’t believe you. Okay, if one day was not enough, let’s see what another two will do for you.”

Diana tries to shake her head as the man moved back to her with the dreaded mask. “No… NO! I agreed, I told you I would do what you wanted...what do you wa… wuuullphhh….. mummppphh!”

Wonder Woman was silenced, as Actaeon himself resettled the mask over her face and seated the wet leather penis gag.

“When I return, you had better be ready or I will just have you sealed in here and forgotten. Oh and I have something new for you, a sex pheromone I will force into your lungs.

When the lights went out Wonder Woman sat with tears rolling down her eyes. What did he WANT…she had agreed? It had only been one day? That could not be! It must have been at least two….or three.”

As soon as the door closed, the lights went out. There was a hissing and a musky smell. Whether by suggestion or an actual pheromone, Wonder Woman now found herself alternating between agony and desire. The timing was insidious: she would not sooner get driven mad enough with desire to hump at the sharp peak of the horse against her pussy, when her air would be turned off. No sooner when she would come back to awareness then her bowels would cramp again. In her short respite, her mind began to see things, hear things. She had to THINK… Actaeon wanted more. Wanted to break her spirit, she would have to make him believe he had succeeded.

Outside Actaeon and Hans knew that actually two days, not one had elapsed. Now they reversed it. Actaeon returned to Wonder Woman, after only one day.

Yanking the mask off Actaeon glared at Wonder Woman.

Panting, exhausted, she licked her lips, a bit of drool sliding down her chin “S…Sir, I…I am sorry I misbehaved I will do whatever is asked.” Diana had not meant to cry but she found tears rolling freely down her cheeks. “I will worship at your feet; I will accept whatever punishment you set for me. I will even put on a show for you and your friends with Sheena, just please, PLEASE let me prove myself.” She felt her breaths coming in ragged sobs.
Wonder Woman looked into Actaeon’s eyes, and saw them soften. He reached up for the key, and took it from around her neck. He then began walking towards the door.

No….no she had failed! He didn’t believe her, he was leaving her. She began to panic, but all that was heard was a whimper. She watched him stop at the door, waiting a moment before turning back and looking at her before calling out, “Guard…get a stretcher…”
Actaeon returned and began releasing Wonder Woman’s shackles. Diana hated herself but she felt nothing but pure gratitude for the man, he was freeing her.

With the last of the bonds released. Actaeon reached up and lifted the Amazon from her horse, and held her slippery trembling body in his arms. Smiling gently he placed a kiss on her lips and felt her respond. He gently placed her feet on the ground and steadied her, watching her.

Diana stood shakily, as another stomach cramp hit her, the anal plug still deep in her rectum.

Actaeon cocked his head, “You’re not going to ask me to remove your butt plug?”

Diana shook her head no, standing her hands at her side, her eyes on his feet.

“Why not?” he asked with a smirk, already knowing the answer.

Diana responded quietly, “I…thought you will take it out…when you want to.”

Actaeon nodded. “You really ARE trying to make it look like I broke you, aren’t you?”

Diana heard herself answer in a meek mumble, “Yes sir.”

Actaeon made her stand there, admiring her smooth ass with the colored plug still in. “But you’re not broken, are you? Not yet.”

Diana was again surprised to her herself respond honestly “No sir, but I will keep my word this time and obey to the spirit of the agreement, and I will accept punishment…”

Actaeon nodded “If you had answered any other way I would have put you back on that horse and left you. Now, let’s hope we never have to come down here again.”

Diana nodded. The two male guards with the stretcher arrived. But Wonder Woman nodded “May I walk up the stairs on my own.”

Actaeon agreed. He walked behind Diana and watched her tight ass. He saw how her cramps made the pucker of her anus bulge as it tried to expel the plug. And smirked when it failed and sucked the plug back in again. At the top of the stairs, the woman could not bear it any longer and she turned “Please, sir….Please…MASTER…take the plug out, let me relieve my…. please…PLEASE….let me SHIT!”

Actaeon smiled and, with his finger pointed down, made a small circle. Wonder Woman did an about face and bent forward, putting her hands on her knees, her wide ass flexing in the light. She gave everyone a beautiful full body blush as she was now asking a man for permission to relieve herself. Actaeon tugged slowly but firmly at the base of the plastic and Diana felt her sphincter muscles spread so far she thought they would rip. Suddenly, the plug was gone and with no control, Wonder Woman’s waste poured from her. The plug had left the muscles stretched and weak. With no control, her body expelled the mess in a violent torrent. It bulged and pulsed and spit and splattered out of her anus. Actaeon took a long step back and away as he watched the famous heroine shake as she stood bent over with her palms on her knees. The dark waste streamed out in a splashing arc as well as running down her thighs and calves until it formed a brown clumpy puddle around her feet. With the flood and the final relief of her bowels emptied, she saw the world begin to spin. She was dimly aware of someone’s arms catching her before she could fall into her own mess. She looked down as she was moved off to the right to see a canvas stretcher placed below her. Then she was turned over and she felt herself laid down on the rough canvas. After that, there was nothing but blackness.

Actaeon stood looking down at the unconscious amazon. Even after the days on the wooden horse, with nothing but bland oats and water to eat and drink, her body was magnificent. Abal knelt beside the fallen warrior with a soft sponge, three bowls of soapy water and oils, bathing his prize. Smiling Actaeon waited until all the mess on her body was completely cleaned off as if her humiliation had never occurred. He then put his hand on Abal’s shoulder and she stood up and backed away for a moment. Actaeon knelt down beside the limp figure on the stretcher and ran his palm up Wonder Woman’s smooth unblemished side to cup a soft breast and capture a nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Her pale body glistened, and she breathed softly, unconscious. Her muscles were taught and firm. And he allowed himself to run a hand up her now clean and lightly-oiled thighs to her bald pussy lips, slipping a finger between the folds. He marveled how she lay there, unmoving unprotesting as his finger caressed her inner folds, feeling them swollen and tight from the endless pressure of her own body against the horse. Actaeon then spoke up softly, saying only, “Abal.”
His concubine stepped forward and knelt down at the Amazon’s side and finished washing and drying the skin from a fourth fresh bowl of water. She then gently applied more oils to the Wonder Woman’s skin. Rose-scented, it made her body glisten. Abal smiled at her master “She is ready master; you should not deny yourself the pleasure.”

The young man smiled, unzipping his trousers, “I have no intention of denying myself.”

Abal nodded with a knowing smile and grasped one of Diana’s legs, opening the lamb for the sacrifice.

Tossing his breeches aside, Actaeon moved atop the helpless amazon warrior and positioned himself at the entrance of her bruised pussy lips. His erection is rock hard as he uses his glans to part the soft folds of her cunt. He feels them cling to the sensitive head of his bobbing penis. Savoring his advantage over the helpless heroine, he leaned in and felt himself slide into the unresisting tunnel of flesh. Smiling and flush with his conquest, he felt her body sheath him in warmth. He watched her folds stretch apart by his girth and moved himself deeper until his pubic bone ground against her. Wonder Woman let out a soft moan, her arms limp at her side.

Actaeon paused, running his right hand up the beautiful woman’s bare thigh to her flank, his hand gripping her ass. “Yes, that’s how I like you, Wonder Woman; unresisting.” He leaned forward and up as he lifted her thigh to his thrust. Then he covered her mouth with his own, crushing her lips with his as his tongue slipped into her mouth. He searched her mouth hungrily, subjugating Wonder Woman’s own slack tongue with his own as he kissed her furiously. Owning her body, he pressed against her and took his pleasure from her defenseless form.

Abal smiled proudly, watching her master with the American beauty. His left hand slid up to cup Wonder Woman’s right breast and molest it. Abal recalled the sensation when he would do that to her and shuddered in secret delight.

Actaeon’s hips rose and fell as he thrust his bare cock into Wonder Woman’s unprotected pussy. Unconscious, the woman lay there gently rocking with each thrust as the man atop her withdrew until only the head of his penis was within her body and then thrust firmly back down, driving into her cervix. Actaeon could feel the cool air around his cock coated with the Amazon’s sexual juices, and then felt the folds of her flesh clinging warmly to his cock as he thrust back within her. He glanced up at the door. He half expected some hero or other to burst through the door and stop him from his lustful intent. But the only sound was of his love making with the unconscious princess. Gripping her silken black mane he pulled her unresisting head back as he thrust again deeply into her. He pulled her flank close with his right hand, holding her smooth thigh against his side with each thrust as he pressed in again and again and again. Kissing hungrily at her warm lips, exploring her tongue with his own, Actaeon felt his climax approaching, and pulled his face back a bit, grinning down at her.“No one is going to stop me, bitch.” Leaning down to take a nipple into his mouth, he sucked it hard as he held her flank and rubbed his body against hers and then went back to thrusting, working the wondrous friction to its ultimate ending.

Abal smiled, standing to the side folding and refolding a warm cloth, as her master roughly used the American. His body rocked and rocked over her jiggling, bouncing flesh. Then the rocking halted and she watched Actaeon move his hips forward a final time as his broad back flexed then arched. He pressed hard into the unresisting form on the stretcher until his balls nestled against Wonder Woman’s pussy lips, filling in the other woman with his hard length. Abal heard her master moan and knew that his cock was now pulsing, sending his seed deeply into the Amazon’s womb. She smiled for his pleasure and felt her own moistness between her legs.

Actaeon held her there, feeling his lust throbbing not just in his dick but in his whole being as his seed injected deeply within the woman’s body. He loved that feeling, the warm sensation as his seed filled her womb. Slowly he relaxed, catching his breath and smiled as the Amazon slept on. He sighed and said, “Gods, I needed that,” then took another hard kiss from the beauty beneath him. He finally withdrew, standing. Abal was quick to kneel before him using her own mouth to lick his seed and the amazon juices from his bare cock. Even as she cleaned him, Abal heard him speak again.

“For all the times I’ve had you, Wonder Woman, not one of your hero friends has come around to protect you, to threaten me, to prevent your humiliating sexual conquest, to even arrive late to witness my seed draining out of your violated body and offer comfort in your moment of shame. Think they’ll ever show?” The unconscious, sullied Amazon at his feet only loosed his white semen between her thighs to form a small puddle, mute in her unknown defeat; silent in the unsuspecting conquest of her own magnificent body.

Hans walked in smiling. “Was it worth watching what she went through?” he asks

Actaeon stood placing a triumphant bare foot on Diana’s chest while Abal now gently wiped the sweat from his body with the hot towel. He enjoyed the feel of the warm smooth skin on the bottom of his foot and he leaned down gently so some of his weight was on Wonder Woman. “Pretty close. The only thing that would make it perfect is if I actually sent her home with my child in her belly. You hear that Amazon?”

The blond German came to stand beside his friend, looking down where Wonder Woman lay at their feet, a dab of his milky white seed clung to her reddened pussy lips. “Well, it will not be from your lack of TRYING.” He chuckled, using the toe of his boot to gently tease up and down the bald sex.
Actaeon casually stood there with his foot still resting on the unconscious woman. “But what’s next, Hans?”

“Next, sir, you give her a romantic evening dinner. Do not spare anything. I suggest you cook it yourself: something…exotic.”

Actaeon frowned, “First torment her. Then romance her?”

Hans nodded “Trust me, she may be an Amazon but she is also a woman. After an evening like that, she is going to know that you want more than just dinner conversation. Her oath is also fresh in her mind as well as my advice on how to AVOID pregnancy by you. Trust me, sir, do as I suggest, and you will have that blow job, you will have her final virginity.”


When Wonder Woman awoke, she found herself in a soft bed. She could feel she was naked beneath the smooth silk sheets, and atop her was a pure mink comforter. It was the same room she had spent the first night in. The room was brightly lit. It was day. She was clean and her hair was washed and combed.

Abal, clad in a sheer silk harem girl’s outfit that left nothing to the imagination, set down a book and got up. “You are awake…” The woman’s voice was surprisingly gentle and sympathetic. Abal brought over a warm cloth and began to gently wipe off Diana’s face.

Diana sat up; her beasts slipping free of the sheets. “I thought you’d be angry with me.”

Abal set down the terry cloth rag and got a brush “I am…or was, anyway. You hurt my sister Ulfah. But she will recover and one cannot be angry forever. Besides, Master does not wish disharmony in his house.”

Diana blinked hard. “Your…SISTER? That Bas…I mean, he married you AND your sister?”

Abal nodded, “Yes, it is his right as a male. In fact, we are grateful to be able to be together. Now you must be hungry. You have only had what was fed to you for the last week. Get dressed…food awaits.”

Wonder Woman slipped from her bed, found her legs shaky but holding her. They had kept her there an entire week? That meant she only had about one week left of her penance. Now if she could just keep from getting pregnant…

Turning Diana saw the lingerie that Abal laid out for her. It was no surprise. A black lace crotchless set of panties, with a black shelf strapless bra. Diana resignedly stepped into and wrapped up in the skimpy sheer garments. They put her body on full display, her breasts especially pushed up with her cleavage prominently accented. “Is this ALL I am to wear?”

Abal chuckled. “Hardly! There’s more in the closet.”

When Diana opened the closet she stared in surprise. Within the walk-in room was a selection of silken floor length evening gowns in a wide variety of colors as well as drop dead gorgeous black. “Uhhh…I think I have the wrong closet,” she declared. “Where is the rubber French maid uniform, or maybe he prefers a white rubber Nurse?”

Abal shook her head. “The master wished you properly attired this evening. You may select any you wish.”

The inner woman who was Wonder Woman stood staring in greedy amazement at the fashions available to her. The huge closet had what must have been 50 dresses, each worth a king’s ransom. Diana almost swooned with the possibilities facing her. She did not fully understand the game being played here but she looked through the selection with almost girlish delight. She flipped through hanger after hanger of evening wear that would give any actress on the red carpet at Oscar time a guaranteed feature page photo spread. Occasionally she’d actually gasp. Abal surveyed the heroine’s movements with a smile. The Amazon was quite the typical female after all, taking down a dress and holding it up against her body and checking out the full-length mirror to see how if the garment made a statement she wanted to make.

Many of the dresses were jet black; and Diana favored those. She finally selected one that had a slit that went up the side to her hip. Abal left the room while Wonder Woman got dressed. When done, she turned and looked at herself in the mirror. The gown was floor length, and left her shoulders bare. The neck line was trimmed in 20 carat diamonds. So was the slit down the side of her leg, creating an edging that dazzled the eye and accentuated her gorgeous thighs and calves. The dress fit her like a glove. With it were two black silk three-quarter-length gloves that went up to mid-bicep.

Somehow, Abal knew when to re-enter and the young woman walked up behind the raven-haired beauty surveying her image in the mirror in the stunning, form-fitting dress. Abal hung around Diana’s neck an Egyptian necklace made of diamonds turquoise, rubies, emeralds and star safires. All the jewels were woven in an intricate but delicate web that stretched from the base of her neck to lie against her cleavage. Abal slipped on silver-posted ivory dangle earrings and handed Wonder Woman a huge diamond ring that she slipped onto her finger without hesitation. Diana had seen such treasures before but as an Amazon warrior certainly had never worn them. She felt like a different person. Momentarily, she yearned to be this new person, one who reveled in her beauty and her femininity; a person who could be happy just to indulge in the ultimate extravagance of the moment.

Abal then helped Diana slip on a pair of black high heel shoes with a thong that wrapped around Diana’s calves. Next, the girl draped a sheer black silk shawl across Diana’s bare shoulders to complete the ensemble. Taking a clear vial and pulling the crystal stopper, Abal finally daubed a soft rose-scented perfume about Diana’s neck and shoulders.

To Wonder Woman the scent was wonderful, though the feeling of clothing made her feel confined, restricted. She supposed it was because she was not used to wearing such apparel. It didn’t feel like her. It felt like this new person that she felt she was going to be for this evening. It was a little disorienting. To shake herself of the eerie feeling, Wonder Woman walked out of the closet into the bedroom and then strode over to the window, trying out the comfort of the dress, the heels, the movement of the necklace against her skin. It didn’t feel all that horrible actually. She looked out the window. The sun was setting now, lighting the Mediterranean Sea and sky a fiery burnt orange, as the white caps of the water rolled across its surface.

“Hello.” Diana heard the rich British accent of the honeyed voice. “I say, you DO look ravishing, a wonder you never dressed like that yourself.”
Diana turned to see Actaeon at her open bedroom door, standing in a black silk dinner jacket that exactly matched hers. His shoes were spit shined. He had on a white fluted shirt with the French cuffs and wing collar with bow tie. The man wore a cummerbund studded with diamonds set in silver. His shirt buttoned down with pure silver studs, a simple red kerchief in his pocket.

Actaeon smiled approvingly at the stunning goddess before him. Diana noticed it was a warm, genuine smile but it also had the quality of someone assessing something of great value and beauty, and it made her blush. He walked over, a Sterling Silver Tiger’s eye ring on one hand, and offered his arm.

Diana hesitated for only a fraction of a second. What was he up to? Did he expect that this would make up for what he had done? The memory of her imprisonment and her promise compelled her to give him back a halfhearted, hesitant smile, and take his arm.

Diana felt his smooth hand on hers as he turned and led her out onto the balcony. A warm sea breeze blew gently through Diana’s hair and the sounds of the surf far below wafted up to her as the entire Mediterranean spread out before them. Straight ahead, seagulls screamed, as they flew in search of a meal. Wonder Woman wanted to ask Actaeon what was going on, but kept silent as they began to walk along the plateau, the roman villa behind them.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Actaeon said softly. “Look the stars are just starting to come out.”

“Y…yes” Diana said lamely.

Actaeon smiled “I expected you would be nervous.” He turned to face her taking both her hands in his, and gently kissing the backs of her hands with warm lips. “You beauty really does rival the stars, Diana. Your eyes have the same fire as the fire opals in your necklace. You chose a stunning dress. Do you like it? It would please me no end to make it a gift to you.”
Diana could not see his game and wasn’t sure what this man thought was happening here “I told you I would obey,” she said firmly, then added, “But what do you think is going to...”

Actaeon gently placed a finger on her lips “Shhhh….Tonight is for us. For you. It’s been a hard time and I’m sorry for that but for right now, you should simply enjoy yourself, Diana. Accept the moment for nothing but itself. No philosophical debates. Tomorrow may see a different world or no world at all. So let us just take the evening and see…possibilities.” He looked up into her eyes. “So, do you like the dress?”
Diana’s mind warred with her but she quietly said “Yes…Mr. Davies.”

“Hmmm, Mr. Davies, I rather like the sound of that.” He smiled this devilishly handsome smile as he led her to a lavish table. It was hand-carved from some huge tree and depicted scenes from Greek legend: Zeus as a Swan making love to a woman; Hades with Persephone; and on the top was the scene of Artemis transforming the hunter into a stag to pull her chariot. Two ornate candelabras held flickering white beeswax candles and elaborate hand carved chairs sat across from each other on the terrace.

To the side, a brazier sat with hot coals and an array of cooking utensils. “I hope steak and lobster is fine with you? A bit late to change the menu if it’s not though,” he winked.

Diana’s mouth watered, she had not eaten anything other than bland oatmeal in however long he had held her. Her cunt still ached from the bruising. She nodded and quietly replied, “That’s fine. I…I’m famished.”

Taking two fillet mignon and placing them on the open grill beside two large lobster tails, he took a white ceramic cup of light white wine and basted the lobster. While they began to sizzle he poured out a blush Chardonnay into crystal goblets. “Will you have some wine?”

Diana looked at it suspiciously. Actaeon smiled and took a drink from her glass, and added “One bottle. I am not out to get you drunk. You have my word, Diana. I am not out to trick you. Have I ever lied or not kept my word?”

Diana shook her head. “No, you have not.” He watched her actually relax a bit, leaning back in the chair more.

The stars were full out now, and the moon rising over the Mediterranean Sea. Actaeon’s warm hands moved to caress her bare shoulder. The sea breeze was warm. “I am told you were created, not born,” he posed as he served her a light walnut salad with raspberry vinaigrette.”

Diana shook her head, “I do not know who my father was. Some say it was Heracles,” using the Greek name for the Demigod. Actaeon sat as they ate the salad. Wonder Woman tried not to look like she was starving, but ate it rapidly. The wine was excellent.
Next came the soup, a rich and creamy lobster bisque. “I made this myself. Let me know what you think.” And then touched a remote. Soft music began to fill the open plateau. They sat beside the stone fence looking out at the water.

When the steak and lobster were ready, Actaeon served her, together with grilled asparagus, and yellow squash. “I do not know who my father was either. I took the name because I like all things Greek and Roman.”

Diana chose not to reply. They ate with light conversation. True to the evening’s theme, Wonder Woman simply chose to savor what the night offered. The fish and lobster were succulent delights that she could not have enjoyed more. In a moment of random playfulness, she even stabbed at a remaining piece of Actaeon’s lobster tail and wolfed it down with a grin.

When the dinner was done, Actaeon got up, and took Diana’s hand “Dance with me?’

A soft waltz began and Diana stood up looking awkward.

“What is it?’ he asked running the back of his hand against her cheek.

Diana searched his face “What of my…punishment?”

Actaeon frowned. “That is for another day. Tonight...I just want to say…I’m sorry.”

The admission caught Diana by surprise. Within her, several emotions were churned up at once and she could not decide how to feel. He was so good looking and so charming; she could almost forget why she was here. None of this made sense, and yet here, in the starlight, her heart raced. He had just admitted that she still had some kind of discipline coming but…”

“I feel it’s something more than that,” The handsome man continued, one eyebrow arched.

“I...I have never danced” She stammered.

Actaeon let out a laugh. “You have the grace to dodge and deflect bullets but have never danced?” Then he purposefully waved her to him. “Come here.”

It was more than a request. In fact, there was a soft demand to his voice and Diana felt compelled to oblige in this case. She walked around the dinner table to him and felt him grasp her right hand. She felt the warm of his palm through the silken black glove. His grip was firm but not hurtful and with a surprise his quick left hand took the curve of her hip and pulled her firmly against his body.

Diana trembled. This close to him she could smell his scent mixed with soft cologne. She felt the warmth of his body edged closely to her. Pinned gently against him, she felt him move and when he pressed his right hand forward, she was obliged to step back. Then, a firm pressure on her hand caused her to spin to the right and once again his body molded to hers. This went against all she had learned as an Amazon -- to be so blatantly and casually manipulated. She knew it was called “leading” and that in the world of men this was normal. So, not knowing how to dance, she simply complied with the gently persistent way he pressed at her. He walked her through the movements he wanted her to make and she obeyed in a shy thoughtless way, confused and perturbed at her eroding behavior and lack of willpower. Or was she just keeping her word to him. She couldn’t tell the difference at this point. She just moved where directed and tried to relax into the movement of the dance.

For Actaeon’s part, he enjoyed the feel of her moving body. It was refreshing to not have to fight her, to have her compliant. As she became more familiar with the simple moves, he felt her body relax, the tenseness subsiding. Her incredible figure was breathtaking as she pirouetted, swayed and matched his steps as he moved her around the floor. And he began to move in more intricate ways. The soft red stone glided beneath their feet as the music permeated the mood. When the woman laid her head against his shoulder, he swayed with her. They danced three dances that way.

As the night wore on, Diana was slowly disarmed. She gave up trying to figure out the game and simply let each experience unwind for itself. She was surprised to find herself pleased with the flow of the night. In fact, Diana did not want the evening to end. After all the fighting, she was enjoyed herself and this. Whatever this was. He was warm…and firm, and she felt desire stirring in her body. The moon was full. The canopy of stars was exhilarating. She felt him tug her hand back toward her room.

“Wait” Diana said. She pulled back on his extended arm, her hand gripping his as her eyes sought out his.

Actaeon stopped and looked back at her. “I am not taking you to bed, Diana. I was just going to show you to your door.”

“I…uh…didn’t…think….” Diana stammered. She had given her word and if not tonight she was sure in the morning he would have his way with her again. Hans’ advice echoed in her mind. “Come here,” she said, parroting back his words from earlier in the evening, and she pulled Actaeon back onto the terrace under the star-strewn night. Slowly, in her luxurious evening gown Diana pushed the fabric aside at the slit, showing a long silky thigh behind the glittering strip of diamonds, and lowered herself down to her knees.

Actaeon moved forward to stop her “You do not have...” She reached up and a firm finger clad in smooth black silk pressed to his lips.
Diana, felt SOME measure of control at last. “Shhhhh,” she whispered. “I gave my word…and I want…really want to do this for you. Because you were right, down below. I had not been faithful to our wager and I…well let’s just say that now I’m the one who wants to say I’m sorry.”
Actaeon watched the Princess settle more comfortably on her knees in her gown before him. He felt the pressure at his groin as his rod strained against his pants. Then, in the night air, there was a soft sound of a zipper being lowered.

Diana could have lit the area up with the intensity of her blush as she threaded her fingers into the man’s fly. But her mind was set on this, and she could feel his rock hardness in anticipation of what was to come. It even excited her a little bit, this forbidden act and the heat of his crotch so close to her face. It took her an awkward moment to free his warm length from its cloth prison. She bit her lower lip but with full resolve she looked up past his dinner jacket to his face and then pulled his firm pink rod out of the fly into the open. If she was going to do this, it would be on her terms. She glanced at the slightly darker brown head and the flesh of his foreskin pulled back in his erection.

When Actaeon he felt the slippery warm tongue slowly yet purposefully drag its way up from his balls to the very tip of his penis, his knees nearly buckled. She had willingly licked him from stern to bow and was now going back down, this time with her head bent slightly sideways with a firm cross licking of his prick every two inches until she’d reached his balls again. And then she gave them a swirl of her tongue.

Diana face and chest brightened to a glowing red once more upon hearing the man moan aloud overhead. He put his hand on her bare shoulder to steady himself and this gave her an unexpected flush of gratification. She was calling the shots for now at least. The taste of him was musky, slightly tinny and salty, not what she expected and not even distasteful. She again gave his warm rod a long slow lick, this time up the right side of the man’s cock, then on the left. She watched as his cock bobbed up and down with his increased pulse.

After taking a slow deep breath and working up some spit, she opened wide and took him within her mouth. Her warm tongue pressed along the underside of his cock as her lips sealed around its middle and gently pulled her head back. She left a bright sheen of saliva all along the length of him as the long, hard muscle slowly was released from her mouth. And then she went at him again, wider and deeper this time, her lips clamping firmly around the base of his member before she began to pull back.

Actaeon’s heart soared. He had waited a long time for this and it was happening! His cock now rested in the one and only Wonder Woman’s mouth. In a wonderfully tight, form-fitting gown of ridiculous expense, with her strong hands holding onto the back of his thighs and squeezing him through the fabric of his pants, the Champion of All Women was down on her knees at his crotch doing her best to please him with a blow job she seemed more than eager to give.

For her part, Diana could feel Actaeon’s very pulse through her sensitive lips. It was fast and steady. And the cock in her mouth seemed almost to have a secondary beat of its own, bobbing in some kind of syncopated time to the rush of his blood through his veins. She could taste a dribble of pre-cum on her tongue already. It was not the horrendous experience she had expected. It was warm and salty with a tang of something she couldn’t place. She pulled away from him and licked around the head of his penis, tasting more of the sticky essence oozing from the tiny slit there. Wonder Woman then felt his hands gently caress her hair, gently urging her to continue. She complied, not simply because of the pressure on the back of her head but because she wanted to reassert her control of him

Suckling firmly she pressed her face toward the man, her forehead against his lower belly firmly as her nose disappeared into the man’s fly. His length was fully into her mouth and brushing into the environs of her throat. She gulped him and her throat contracted. As with the dancing Diana felt his hand grasp her head to show her the way, but this time she was doing the leading, even though his fingertips were clutching her skull. She felt him trying to control the speed but she was going at her own pace and the hands on her head were not fighting her in the least. They were holding on to her like a child holds onto a roller coaster bar, sometimes tight and fearful, other moments loose and enjoying the ride. Diana could feel his length slipping back and forth against her lips and in her throat. It was a unique sensation, and surprisingly pleasurable. She sped up the pace and found she enjoyed this. Her lips tingled and her throat felt relaxed and delighted as the front end of his shaft brushed against its walls again and again. It wasn’t even a chore to her. Diana breathed through her nose as she’d heard once was the way to do it and she simply commanded the moment. Actaeon was moaning steadily now and his legs were shaking with tension and delight.

There in the moonlight on an open terrace, Wonder Woman gave Actaeon her first blow job. Her angelic face and nose bobbed steadily in and out of his crotch as his hard fleshy tool disappeared and reappeared over and over in the soft glow of electric sconces nearby. Actaeon wanted this to last forever but this was the realization of a fantasy and that was simply not to be. Diana felt him stiffen on a downbeat, her nose buried in his pants. She braced herself and his seed jetted hotly into her mouth. She felt him change his stance to keep from falling. The taste was again salty slightly metallic. His second spray followed the track of his first, right to the back of her throat. She swallowed a second time and felt him buck a few times against her face sending residual final spurts into her mouth. Then, after a moment, she felt him pull her hair back, and she let the cock, rapidly going flaccid, drop from her lips.

She looked up from his crotch, a tiny drop of white in the corner of her mouth that she was unaware of. It was the perfect confirmation of his successful evening. And then he smiled, not cruelly but gently, whispering to her “…uhmm…you got it out….put it away when you’re done.”
She blushed slightly again but took him in her fingers and placed him back in his pants and zipped him up.

He helped her up and took her gently by the arm and led her back to her room. “Thank you for the evening,” he said gently to her. “I will leave you now.”

Diana held onto his hand as he started to turn away. “You…could stay the night, Mr. Davies.”

He smiled at her, and bent forward to kiss her on the cheek. “Are you inviting me to your bed?”

It took her a moment to answer. “It…IS your right under our agreement…Just please don’t…”

He silenced her with a squeeze of his hand and his other covering hers. “Shhhh….this was something I wanted to do. Tonight was a gift…for both of us. I will see you in the morning.”

Ok. For those of you who read, my PURPOSE in this story is to show writes out there, who believe that the heroine MUST get away or you run out of things to write, That their premise is flawed. I am TIRED of Campy stories.

I also try to NOT just write MY kinks. Usually I try to include 50% of stuff *I* like, 25% of something new, and 25% of something YOU suggested. (IF you will WRITE me). The Seduction at the end was the suggestion of one of my Friends “Tara” who had an awesome idea. I have not done a lot of romance, I hope I pulled it off believably, please let me know (and any suggestions on how you would improve it).

I am also going to make a request of YOU….

As much as I enjoy writing, being a writer has ONE drawback. I get no surprises; I already know the plot and the outcomes as I write. I have tried to commission other writers, but so far, I pay them but they write THEIR kinks...not MY ideas.

If there is a write out there, who would like to try writing FOR me, contact me.

Also I like to get on the Instant messengers, and ROLE play… The major problem is, most do not want to put ANY effort into it (hey role play what *I* want, but the moment I ask for what *I* want they leave with a comment about “Why should I role play what You want…I don’t like it).

My Current Interests are Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles, and the “Eragon” books (where the bad guys can win) I have many other interests but you’d need to contact me so We can explore mutual interests…
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Chapter 12

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Hunter of the Amazon
Chapter 12

Actaeon gave Diana two days of recovery time. The food was excellent, but it was the ONLY thing she had to look forward to. Only Actaeon would visit her as the notion took him, to have sex with her or to get his blow job. Diana was given no clothing and, as Hans had predicted, with the oral sex, the incidence of Actaeon raping her went down by about 1/3, as Actaeon divided his personal pleasure between her ass, her mouth and her cunt.

Diana was mildly surprised to find out as her anal muscles stretched; the act of anal sex became less and less painful, and distressingly more pleasant.
Diana no longer bothered to resist him; Actaeon had made his point, so she allowed him to mount her stoically. She had hoped this would discourage him; on the contrary, he seemed to genuinely enjoy her stoicism. After he had pinned her under his weight and enjoyed his climax, he would often comment how nice it was to finally have a woman that did not talk his ears off about her feelings. He would then re-clothe himself and with a satisfied sigh depart. He seemed to regard her as nothing more than a life support system for her cunt, a sex toy for his amusement and she despised how she could not prevent her body from giving her rapist the rapture he sought.

Diana had access to the work out area, the sauna, and the pool, but the books had been removed, she assumed as punishment for her attack. It made the time drag. Diana found herself hoping for Actaeon to stop by so she had someone to talk to for a little bit. A TV would lower out of the ceiling every now and then, the screen coming on with NEWS reports of the African Warlords who had been killed, or a new member of the African Union joined. Virtually every major country in Africa with any natural resources at all had joined the new union; all this amidst reports of NSA, and CIA agents killed or turning up as slaves to some person or government. Diana tried not to think of how they were using her access codes and information they had gotten from her.

On the third day Actaeon arrived. As usual, he entered without knocking, and sat down, his eyes admiring her. Diana had gotten used to his greeting, his first glance would be between her legs at the smooth lips of her bare sex, and then he would consider her breasts, if the view presented itself he would look at the tuck of her ass. It all served to make Diana frustrated and embarrassed, it was as if he had no care about her mind at all, she was nothing more to him then a prize filly, though subconsciously, the idea of being a prize, pleased her. As he had ordered when he entered she would stand at a loose form of attention, her bare feet flat her legs slightly parted, and her hands at her side making no move to cover ANY of her modesty.
Today Actaeon wore a pair of simple purple silk robes. He sat back in a soft chair his eyes sparkling “Your time here is coming to an end princess Diana.” He had an apple he crunched and chewed “One way or another.”

Diana remained stoic and unmoved “And just what does that mean?”

Actaeon took another bite and chewed thoughtfully “that guard you fought died”

Diana gave Actaeon a hard stare “Good heavens” she said in a flat monotone “How horrible.”

The young hunter cocked his head “Yes quite, well you see it leaves me 3 options, which one I take depends on you.”

Diana gave no reply

“First, you must be punished for what you did to Ulfa and to the guard. Now I can have you killed and your body stuffed and placed in my personal museum beside Sheena’s lion…by the way if you want that option, just say so I will be happy to strangle the life from you right this moment.”
Diana remained silent, choosing not to play his game.

“Ok, Death is your first choice…”

Diana interrupted him “I am being given a choice?”

Actaeon looked up with no mirth in his eyes “Oh yes, consider this a final exam. I am about to RELEASE you. If, like when I placed you on the punishment horse, I cannot trust you to keep the SPIRIT of our agreement….then we revert back to our old dilemma. And the best thing for me to do is to kill you….I’d rather not do that by the way.”

Diana did not really feel fear…but she could tell he meant it, and even if she threatened him…he’d go thru with it. “And what are my other choices?”
“Choice #2, I can have your brain changed, you’d be about the intelligence of a very intelligent horse…but you’d continue your immortal life as an animal….

Diana raised her brow “I assume there is a choice #3 that will allow me my freedom?”

Actaeon nodded “Oh yes…but you will not like it…but it WILL prove if I can trust you or not.”

Diana said simply “go on” suddenly self-conscious of the breeze against her nipples.

Actaeon regarded the soft brown nipples as Wonder Woman’s bare breasts pouted before him; he had so enjoyed getting used to seeing them uncovered and chewing on them at his whim. He motioned her to come sit on his lap and when she did he leaned in to take her nipple in his mouth and suck on it firmly, his teeth teasing the nipple as his tongue left glistening trails of his saliva on her flesh “I am giving a dinner party tonight to some special guests. The North Korean Foreign Minister, Kim Moon; Cardinal Emmett Carter of Canada; and A Representative of China and I want you to be the entertainment.

Diana felt her stomach drop, she was to be used in an orgy for his friends she began to open her mouth but Actaeon held up his hand “before you answer…listen. If you choose this option and perform, I will tell you the conditions for your parole. If you will be free to go…you can be back in your apartment and your life by tomorrow morning.

Diana could hear her heart in her ears, was this what her mother had felt like when Hercules had ravaged her? “W…what will I have to do?”
Mr. Davies smiled, his other hand caressing her breast with the warm palm of his hand feeling its weight as he made the female organ wobble and worry. “You’re getting smarter, first, you personally will punish Sheena, further you will not tell her WHY, nor apologize to her.
Wonder Woman protested “She had nothing to do with it I forced her! *I* should be the one being punished.”

Actaeon laughed “My dear Wonder Woman, you ARE being punished…I know Sheena did nothing wrong, but she is a slave, an animal…I can do with HER what I want, and it never hurts more then to see someone else punished for YOUR crime.” He smiled pouring himself a glass of scotch, neat and, after a drink, kissed the amazon on her red lips, leaving the taste of scotch on her moist lips, his hand slipping lower to play with her soft wet labia “Do you agree? Or shall we go with one of the other options.

Clenching her fists Diana tried to hold back tears “N…no I agree…you…monster.”

Actaeon’s brows went up “I am not the one who brought her into this, nor am I the one who broke into my house…It is a PUNISHMENT, it is not supposed to be FUN… Next after you punish Sheena, you will force her to pleasure you, for our entertainment….

Diana’s mouth dropped open “I can’t…I gave her word…”

Actaeon began to get annoyed now. “YOUR word is of NO concern to me…and if you’re going to do this at every condition I will just call Hans in….you will BREAK your word to her, and if for ONE moment I get the idea you are not indulging in EVERY fantasy with her, I assure you I can punish her MUCH worse and you will meet a fate other than release.”

Diana dropped her head not looking at the young hunter now “Y...Yes...master” she whispered, her shoulders falling.

Actaeon relaxed some. “Good. Next, you yourself will be punished by Ulfa for our amusement, after which….you will agree to serve and pleasure I or my guests in any way we wish. They all know you, and you will answer any question they ask with brutal honesty…no matter what the question is… do ALL that and tomorrow your belongings will be returned to you and you can depart….”

Feeling numb Diana simply nodded her head “I...agree…let’s just get this over…please.”

* * *

Actaeon had left her with a gallon jug of rose scented olive oil with orders to ‘oil herself up’ before dinner. Her sprits low, Diana did little until the sun was beginning to set on the Mediterranean. Diana listlessly massaged the rich olive oil into her skin till she glistened in the sun. A noise caught her attention, as Ulfa and Abal arrived. Ulfa had a veil on to hide her puffy face, while Abal’s face was plain. Each woman wore sheer silks; they were mirror images of each other. One arm had a red sleeve that attached to the girl at a stunning sapphire collar around her neck, leaving the woman’s breasts bare and pouting. The opposite sleeve was blue, the legs were the same though the colors were opposite, attaching to a wide belt of gold coins, leaving each woman’s ass, crotch and breasts open and on display, for as sheer as the silks were, they may as well have worn nothing. Each slender leg or ankle would occasional protrude thru a slit on the outside of the garment. And silver anklets and bracelets adorned the two stunning women. Each wore rings on their fingers and toes but, as Actaeon preferred, both were bare footed.

Wordlessly Diana felt each take a wrist and just as wordlessly Diana allowed them to lead her out into the setting sun. Naked in the open air, Diana was led to a tall post. It had a cross piece that protruded outward, like an inverted “L” braced against itself. It looked more like a gallows. Abal took a very soft well stretched nylon rope and began tying Diana’s wrists before her. Neither said a word. Diana noted that the two women had small silver bells hanging from their pierced nipples, and a clit ring. Once her wrists were crossed and tied. Ulfa lowered a rope from the gallows…there was a hook on the end and Abal placed it between Wonder Woman’s wrists. Diana felt Ulfa pull and her arms raised over her head, pulling her up to her tiptoes.

Wonder Woman pranced on her tip toes, glistening in the red, setting sun. Four men rounded the corner. The first was Actaeon, wearing a pair of casual brown breeches and a short sleeved knit top. The next wore the bright red robes of the Catholic Church. He looked to be a man in his 50s with a well-groomed look. The red skull cap sat pinned atop rich styled red hair. His build was hard to see beneath his cardinal’s robes. Behind him, in a North Korean uniform, stood a smaller man, he looked to be in his 40s; athletic and shorter then Diana. What stunned Diana most, was the man who came next, who could only be the Chinese representative. Clad in a formal black suit, she had met this man before. Mr. Ping the Whitehouse Chief of staff. The four men were talking and chuckling when they saw Diana on display.

The Cardinal came forward first. “Oh my child…what vision of loveliness is this? The lord has blessed you with a PARTICULARLY attractive body.” Wonder Woman’s eyes widened as she saw the Cardinal extend a hand. She felt his fingers openly begin to play between her legs. Diana tried to stifle a gasp.

Actaeon smiled, “Just part of the entertainment gentlemen, for your pleasure I give you Wonder Woman of Themyscira, also known as Princess Diana. You know my rules…until she has my child; her cunt is off limits to cocks, other than that, you may fully indulge yourselves.”

The North Korean came next walking behind her. Diana moved her feet slightly as the Cardinal continued to explore her nether regions. Diana wanted to cry in shame, The Cardinal was good at what he did, and her juices were flowing, a thick clear fluid running down her legs as the Cardinal’s gentle fingers continued to rub and explore her cunt. She felt the General Moon’s callused hand caress her ass cheek “how do we know THIS is THE Wonder Woman?”

Mr. Ping came up next with a smug smile “Oh, it’s her alright. This smug bitch has been in my office more than once. What’s the matter, Wonder Woman? Your claims of female equality seem to have lost some of its weight, with you leaking all over Cardinal Emmett’s hands.”
General Moon frowned “I am not convinced. This could be a trick.”

Actaeon smiles his arms crossed as he watched the three men exploring the Amazon’s perfect body. “Gentlemen, you know how thoroughly I show these females their place. You may ask her whatever you like to satisfy yourselves.”

Diana saw Mr. Ping go out of her sight and then felt his warm hands slip from behind her to cup and feel the weight of her breasts, his fingers rolling the hardening nipples. He leaned forward and placed his head on her shoulder from behind smiling “Well, tell us your secret identity, Wonder Woman. And tell us how you have kept it secret for so long.”

Diana was having trouble with so many males around her; she could smell their scent mixed with after shave. She glanced at Actaeon. She knew he had her golden lasso and could easily confirm whatever she said. “ Diana Prince. The NSA hired me. When I have my Girdle of Hera I can spin in place and transform my appearance. I live at Park Place Apartments, room 203.

General Moon frowned, “Not good enough! If you ARE with the NSA, I want the access codes to the U.S. missile designs so we can get our missile going.” The General pulled out a Tablet and glared at her. Diana looked down, frowning yet speaking clearly and slowly. “My…password is 1130 Delta 5 9”.

The General typed it in and looked up with wide eyes and the start of a smirk. “It’s TRUE! It works. I am IN!” Diana saw him hit send and set the laptop down.

By now the Cardinal’s whole fingers had been exploring every inch of Wonder Woman’s cunt. He had both her thighs glistening with her heavy juices running down her legs and dripping in a puddle between her heels. The captive woman’s taught bare body, perfectly muscled, was shaking slightly. She looked over her shoulder around her upraised arms. “And you, you deem to call…uuuhhnn…yourself…” she had to stop and pant a moment.“…a holy man!”

Cardinal Emmett chuckled. “YOU are a pagan. No better than the Whore of Babylon. You deserve what you get” and she felt him move his hand and caress her bare ass. “And as you are no doubt quite aware, my child, your body is clearly demonstrating that it enjoys the attention.”
Ping was still lifting and cupping her breasts and whispered into her ear “Do you know what we are going to do to you?”

Diana nodded closing her eyes

“And what are you going to do about it?”

Wonder Woman replied dejectedly “I will do whatever you wish.”

Mr. Ping spoke next, fondling the tall beauty’s breasts with one hand as his other hand slid between her buttocks. Slowly but forcefully, the Chinese Chief of Staff pushed his index finger into Wonder Woman’s anus. He then commanded her in a slow soft and insistent voice, “Tell us the secret identities of Superman and Batman, since those are the two biggest threats on the Justice League and will need to be neutralized.”

Wonder Woman wished that the two men would stop fingering her holes but there was nothing she could say or do about it, and with a shudder than could have been sexual pleasure or anguish, she said dejectedly, “Batman is Bruce Wayne, and his ward, Dick Grayson is Robin. The Bat cave is hidden below Wayne manor. Superman works out of the Daily Planet as the reporter Clark Kent.

“Indeed,” was all Ping said, but his hand left her breast and he withdrew his cell phone from his pocket to place a call. Meanwhile Cardinal Emmett smiled and said, “Bruce Wayne? Why I baptized him, I was but an alter boy, I was there when they buried his parents.”

“And Kent actually interviewed me for a newspaper story once. Huh! Imagine that.” Neither man slowed or stopped twisting and wriggling their fingers in Wonder Woman’s orifices throughout their comments.

“Yes….FBI Director’s office please. Director? Mr. Ping here. Yes, I need you to check out a dangerous case of vigilantism. Yes, it’s quite alarming but it needs to be done. Bruce Wayne, yes you heard me right. I think you’ll find a rather disturbing rodent problem under Wayne Manor. That’s right, rodent...of the flying variety. Oh and Director…this is a black op.” He clicked off and the President’s right hand man put his right hand back to work fondling her soft flesh and squeezing her large excited nipples.

General Moon spoke up next. “I want the EXACT Coordinates of Paradise Island, cow.”

Wonder Woman shuddered again. This is what she had been dreading. But as she opened her mouth to reveal the location of her homeland, Actaeon spoke up. “Wonder Woman, do not answer that. I am sorry General Moon that is one question that must remain unrevealed for now. I will explain later.” Wonder Woman looked bewildered, had Actaeon just come to her rescue?

Actaeon came up to the group. “Gentlemen, gentlemen, PLEASE, the night is young and the entertainment just starting! Please have a seat. Rest assured you will each have as many turns at her as you like…within the limits I set, and you can even see her mounted by a horse, a wolf, or whatever else you like. Feel free to exploit her in ANY way but please sit and watch the show.”

The three men and Actaeon seated themselves smiling.

Wonder Woman was left hanging and panting, completely humiliated as her sexual moisture flowed heavily down her thighs, there was no way she could hide it.

Abal moved up and began to undress Actaeon while she caressed and massaged him, the hunter responding to kisses tenderly as he caressed her breast. Diana heard him murmur “I love you Abal” and her reply “And I you master.”

Ulfa moved into Diana’s vision, her eyes cold, and glaring. Ulfa used a hand to turn Diana so her ass faced the “audience.”

Emmet sitting in silken red robes commented, “What a well-formed ass,” while Ping chuckled, “And very tight. For myself, I can hardly wait to mount her like a stallion does a mare.”

Diana felt Ulfa begin binding her ankles apart to steel rings embedded in the stone so Wonder Woman hung by her arms. Her left foot tied to the left, her right to the right. Ulfa walked back into Diana’s vision. The Middle Eastern woman’s eyes were puffy but smiling behind her veil. She showed Diana a heavy leather strop.

“Wonder Woman” she said her accent thick.

Cardinal Emmitt leaned over to Actaeon. “What is she going to do?” while General Moon smiled, “Patience, Cardinal…

The young woman continued, her bare breasts panting up and down as she spoke “Though we did not get along, neither I, nor my sister, Abal laid hand on you. You struck me, and dishonored me, and you killed a guard. My master Actaeon has granted me the rite of vengeance… I claim that!”
Wonder Woman’s eyes widened “ please…” She was to be whipped… for the pleasure of her captors.

Ulfa moved swiftly and there was a brief swish, as the strop landed solidly against Diana’s unprotected ass followed by a slap that echoed across the courtyard. Diana’s slightly tanned ass wrinkled from the force of the blow.

Diana’s eyes opened widely in shock. She was not being whipped; she was being PADDLED, like an errant child, by one of her own sisters for the pleasure of the four men. She was surprised at the pain. NO one had ever done this to her before. She steeled herself for the next stroke…. But no stroke fell.

Ulfa smiled as the first bright red stripe rose across the tanned firm ass. She waited. Wonder Woman began to turn her head to see what was going on when she was struck.


A louder sounding stroke sounded along with a short hiss from Wonder Woman. Ulfa watched Diana’s perfectly smooth ass wrinkle again at the point of impact.

Diana’s toes danced wildly a moment before she caught herself and accepted the burning stinging pain. The young woman was making each stroke a surprise. There was no way that Wonder Woman could anticipate when the blow would fall.

The third blow came quickly before Diana could think, slapping her skin as her ass was now beginning to glow a bright red. She heard the four men cheer and callout “Three!”

SLAP! “”Four” Slap “Five” Slap “SIX” SLAP “SEVEN!” they laughed. SLAP! “EIGHT!” SLAP “NINE!” SLAP “TEN!”

Diana felt the tears rolling down her cheeks as she felt Ulfa release her feet. Thank the Gods that was over! She twisted weakly by her wrists. She could see the four men as they came into her vision. Actaeon was watching excitedly, with his length buried in Abal who sat on his spike, her back to her master and riding up and down. Ping and General Moon had obvious erections as the Cardinal pointed, “Look! Look! She’s crying like a spoiled little girl!” The three laughed.

SLAP! Wonder Woman’s eyes widened and a cry escaped her lips in surprise, wasn’t it over!?

“ELEVEN! Continue Ulfa Continue!”

Wonder Woman could not stop her body from rotating as she hung by her wrists, her perfect body now wet with sweat. Ulfa’s veiled face slowly came into view and the angry young woman hissed “Does it HURT Wonder WOMAN? Like when you struck me?” Out of Diana’s sight, another SLAP of the thick smooth leather came down on her tender buttocks and a yelp squealed out from Diana as the three men yelled, “Twelve!”

Ulfa took her time, swinging the end of the strop in her hand. Every stroke was a surprise. She would make Diana wait for it, the strop rising and falling as she leaned her weight into it. As the count rose past thirty strokes Diana’s ass had gone from a bright cherry red, to a deep dark red as the flesh bruised down to the bone.

As she swung Diana could see her grinning audience, enjoying every moment of her humiliating punishment. Actaeon was actively making love to Abal yet keeping a roving eye on the proceedings when he wasn’t nuzzling his face to her neck. Every so often he’d look up with a wolfish grin on his face as he held the woman’s hips and she rode him in bouncing jolts against his lap. The other three men sat aroused, watching, leering at her. Actaeon climaxed on the 50th stroke as Abal let out a satisfied sigh…and immediately rose and began to lick her master’s cock clean of their combined juices. Actaeon gently stroked the woman’s long hair as he sighed as well, highly-satisfied as she worked his cock clean with her tongue. Glanceing down he smiles “I love to see a woman in her proper place.”

Wonder Woman finally felt Ulfa release her wrists and lower her down. With surprising gentleness Ulfa helped Diana to her feet and untied her wrists.
Cardinal Emmett frowned, “Actaeon what is this? Why have we stopped?”

Actaeon smiled as he adjusted where he sat so he could press Abal’s face deeper between his legs, his length hidden in her mouth “Gentlemen, please TRUST me, you’re my guests here and you will NOT be disappointed, but business first.”

Once Diana could stand Ulfa gave her a firm unwavering stare “Are you repentant now? Are you ready to obey me as Second Wife, and my sister, Abal, as First?”

Diana swallowed hard and could not hold the gaze. Her ass burned, and ached, she’d not be able to sit for a month.

Ulfa held out a silver serving tray with tea and snack on it “Then go SERVE them and apologize for your past.”

Wonder Woman wiped the moisture form her eyes, and blinked. She was to be their naked serving girl. Diana remembered what Actaeon had said she shakily took the serving tray and her bare feet padded across the warm stone toward the men.

They smiled at her as their eyes observed her breasts just above the pure silver tray. Otwani arrived together with his Queen, Zenda, clad in Wonder Woman’s costume, Sheena’s magical necklace and the Girdle of Hera. Beside Zenda, on a leash, strode a white Bengal tiger. General Moon took a drink from the tray, the back of his hand sliding across Wonder Woman’s areoles. The naked Amazon said nothing at this new yet petty familiarity. She forced herself not to react.

Actaeon smiled “Mr. Ping, I am sure you know of King Otwani?” Actaeon reached for a snack from the silver tray and Diana leaned over to present the tray to him. She felt Cardinal Emmett’s hand caress her ass, the touch gentle but causing a dull deep pain. His hand dropped to slip between her thighs and blatantly stroke her bare cunt unbidden. Again, Diana said nothing, just moving to Queen Zenda who took a glass of champagne. The new Jungle Queen leaned back to smile smugly at Wonder Woman as she sipped at the drink.

Mr. Ping smiled. “Yes, yes, I understand he will be allowing China mineral rights, including oil and natural gas…now that the populace has been pacified.”

Actaeon nodded as Wonder Woman bent over to serve General Moon, presenting her ass to the guests behind her. “Quite right, and as promised Cardinal you will soon be the next Pope. In the meantime, Mr. Ping, his Queen Zenda, a REAL Wonder Woman, has a gift for you.”

Mr. Ping looked surprised. Zenda reached under a table and presented Mr. Ping with a large clear box. Inside were 8 red, white and blue spiders. “Place these on Air Force One, for the trip to China. Remember,” she produced a vial of clear fluid from under her belt, “to put this on before you release them. It is a pheromone, of the female spider. They do not attack each other. They will each go to a different body heat…it should do what you want.”

Wonder Woman continue to serve meats and cheese’s, naked as the day she was born, while they continue to openly discuss their plans as if she were not even there, except for the caresses and groping as she served them.

Finally, Cardinal Emmett looked up. “Actaeon, enough teasing. You know this idiotic vow of celibacy the church has keeps me rather, shall we say, tense? Stop teasing.”

Actaeon smiled “Right you are, Cardinal.” Actaeon picked up a pure silver hand bell and rung it.

At the sound, a muscular guard opened the door, and lead in a huge Bengal tiger on a leash. The beast was at least 800 lbs., but walked docilely beside the guard, led on a leash connected to a diamond studded collar. The guard carried a riding crop. And brought the tiger over to what looked like a padded leather roman vaulting horse. Using the riding crop the guard touched the tiger’s nose, a soft rap, causing the beast to flinch, and then he used the crop again to gently hit the back of the leather horse. Obediently the tiger leapt up so its fore legs rested on the vaulting horse and dug its claws into the leather.

The guard walked around and began to attach steel shackles to the tiger’s forepaws. As the beast licked its muzzle with its large pink tongue allowing itself to be chained, Mr. Ping spoke. “Come now Mr. Davies, I do not think seeing a simple animal in bondage was quite what we had in mind.”
“Quite so,” remarked Actaeon and nodded to Zenda. The queen took her right hand from where it had been stroking the pet tiger that sat watching, its tail tip flicking, and touched Sheena’s necklace.

There was a brief flash of light, and from where the tiger had been. Sheena now lay stretched over the vaulting hose, her wrists chained, one soft bare breasts hung over each side of the horse, her bare ass in the air showed the smooth lips of her cunt between her shapely thighs, both her feet were flat footed on the floor. Another guard brought a display case up and positioned it at the front of the Vaulting Horse, within was Sheena’s Jungle costume on display.

General Moon, having been rather stoic up until now smiled widely “The tiger has lost her stripes!”

Wonder Woman saw a sharp glance from Actaeon and knew what was expected. Walking over to a table that had different bondage gear, or feminine control devices as Actaeon liked to call them, Wonder Woman picked up a long, supple leather bull whip. All Amazons were experts in many weapons forms. Wonder Woman was no exception. “Well then, shall we re-stripe her?” There was a quiet coldness in Diana’s eyes and her tone.

The three men looked stunned as the naked Amazon strode up and unlimbered the whip. Sheena, her body taut and stretched, did her best to look over her shoulder “D…Diana?” she asked her eyes questioning as her long blond hair feel about her face.

“Shut up, Sheena,” Wonder Woman replied. As a demonstration of her skill, Wonder Woman flicked the 9 foot leather ship 4 times in succession, snuffing out four candles at the head of Sheena’s bondage horse without even disturbing the hot wax that had been melted by the heat of the flame.
Sheena winced, her eyes wide and hurt as each sap and crack of the whip landed by her ear. As Wonder Woman moved her stance to target Sheena’s supple pale body, she understood Actaeon’s sick plan. Wonder Woman could see it in Sheena’s eyes; this was the final breaking of Sheena’s spirit, the act that would prevent her from ever escaping or riding up against her nemesis, Queen Zenda.

With a flick the whip sung out and a loud crack followed by a cry of pain from the ex-jungle queen. A long red welt appeared across Sheena’s bare back.

“Diana..s...stop…please…n...not you too…I was giving MYSELF so…so you could get away… please fight away...don’t become their TOOL!”
The whip sung out again with a loud crack as another red welt rose a perfect two inches away from the first one across Sheena’s back.
Emotions warred in Wonder Woman, she did not want to hurt her friend, but she would be harmed worse if she did not, yet she was also an Amazon warrior, the thrill of using the weapon pulsed through her. She had to be very careful. Most people who used whips were stupid crude amateurs. Be it on an animal or a human, if you laid too much whip on the subject, so that the end wrapped around the body before the reverse loop caused the snap, that was the tip breaking the sound barrier, the whip would cut, that would leave a scar that would devalue any human or animal. The trick was, to have the length snap right AT the skin so it would only raise a welt: a painful welt to be sure, but not a scarring wound.

Wonder Woman sweat heavily as she continued her assault on Sheena. The woman no longer begged, instead she looked down dejected, yelping or crying out each time Wonder Woman’s whip sung. Diana was an expert at what she did, spacing out the welts on Sheena’s body slowly striping the human like she had been in tiger form.

The three guests drew closer as Wonder Woman got to Sheena’s ass. Diana’s wrist worked as she again and again striped Sheena till the woman was finished, panting exhausted and whimpering, the right side of her body striped with welts in the same pattern as a tiger.

Wonder Woman’s bare feet padded the stone as she moved to Sheena’s left side. She saw Sheena’s head turn to the left and the woman whispers “No…please’ but Wonder Woman knew what she must do, though she hated herself for it. “CRACK” Wonder woman joined perfectly a straight to Sheena’s left side to its twin on Sheena’s right, this stripe extending down along Sheena’s soft white breast.

It took perhaps another 20 or 30 strokes for Wonder Woman to finish “Striping the tiger.” When she finished Sheena lay slack sobbing softly repeating over and over “I’m sorry…I’ll never disobey again. Not ever. I swear.”

Cardinal Emmitt could not wait any longer. Standing he strode to Wonder Woman and pressed his lips to hers in a fierce kiss.
Wonder Woman did not resist…feeling the man’s hands slip over her wet sweaty and oily flesh, cupping her breasts, sliding down her flanks, smoothing over her wide firm buttocks.

Mr. Ping moved over to Sheena’s ass and ran his hands over the smooth flesh causing her to wince in pain and looking at her costume in its display case. Across the stone terrace, Cardinal Emmett reached his hand out and Wonder Woman handed over the whip without hesitation. The gray-haired dignitary of the Church tied the Amazon’s hands together with her own whip even as she looked past the churchman to see Mr. Ping pull his cock from his pants and press it up and into the ex-jungle queen. Sheena’s soft sex parted easily and Wonder Woman was treated to the sight of Mr. Ping’s firm length parting and disappearing into the woman’s soft folds.

Sheena was quite helpless and could do nothing but rest her sore body against the leather horse as she was shoved forward by the force of the Chinese spy’s mounting. At the same time General Moon stood in front of Sheena and pulled down his own fly on his uniform pants. He fished out his cock. Sheena obediently opened her mouth, felt the General grasp her head and his cock slipped into her mouth.

Her arms bound, Wonder Woman felt The Cardinal press against her and quickly bent her knees and lowered herself so she could be easily pushed backward onto the ground on her back. Past the Cardinal’s shoulder, she was still able to see Ping and Moon thrusting into Sheena, as if they were trying to meet in the center. The Cardinal was flushed and panting heavily as he tied the whip ends to the vaulting horse above Wonder Woman’s head. With her arms raised above her, the Cardinal then straddled the prone heroine and eagerly parted his Cassock.

Wonder Woman’s eyes bulged. The Cardinal was WELL endowed; she could admit that after weeks of walking around naked and comparing different guard’s cocks as they had molested her. As the Cardinal knelt to sit on her chest just below her breasts, he chuckled, “Like what you see?”
Without realizing it she nodded. “Yes...God really blessed you in THAT department,” she said with obvious, if unintended interest.”

Delighted the Cardinal chuckled, “Yes, I see Actaeon is doing his usual excellent work. You see my dear, that’s how I justify it.” As the Cardinal spoke he took each of Wonder Woman’s breasts in hand and slipped his firm cock between her breasts, pressing the warm soft mounds together around his cock. “God DID endow me with a large cock.” She felt him squeeze her breasts and from behind them to thrust his cock between her breasts. “And it was meant to be USED. You wenches, on the other hand, got US thrown out of Paradise…You had been made to love honor and above all OBEY!” Wonder Woman’s eyes locked on the head of the Cardinal’s cock as it thrust between her slippery, sweaty breasts “Your place is one of punishment for having us thrown out of Eden.”

Above her, Ping and Moon thrust firmly. Ping was thrusting so hard, if the vaulting horse had not been secured to the ground it would have listed. While in the front, Sheena’s nose pressed in past General Moon’s zipper into his breeches as she suckled like a nursing tiger cub on the warm flesh.
With each thrust forward Sheen would gag a bit, General Moon’s cock lodging in her throat, but each time he did it, she got better at it. The gaging seemed to please the general as he snarled, “That’s it, Cow…take it!” He held her head firmly as he bucked and the occasional choking sound added to his pleasure as his muscled dived in and out of her warm wet mouth.

Sheena pressed her lips around the firm flesh. The general’s taste was more mild and saltier then Otwani or Zenda, and she began to use her tongue to play with the General’s foreskin, It felt different, slipping along as the head pressed into her throat. Sheena could not help but drool down her chin even as her excited pussy leaked clear sap down her legs as Mr. Ping thrust repeatedly into her. Mr. Ping was good at what he did…

On the floor, her head close by Ping’s feet, Wonder Woman squirmed gently, held in place between the Cardinal’s knees, his weight on her chest he thrust between her warm breasts. Wonder Woman tugged at the supple leather whip that held her wrists for show, the leather tightening. “That’s it, my child,” the Cardinal’s eyes shined with delight, “struggle!”

Wonder Woman moaned. An Amazon, taken by a male…was helpless. In their past they had raided villages to get men on their terms. Now she was fair game. She felt the cool stone against her back as she and Sheena were molested in the open under the stars.

It did not take long for Emmett’s cock to begin to dribble…further making slippery Wonder Woman’s warm tits. The Cardinal had been eyeing her all night and was quite “pent up” Wonder Woman heard the Cardinal snarl “Lift your head pagan wench! LOOK at what I am going to do.”
Wonder Woman obediently lifted her head up so his cock was pointed at her face as she watched it appear and disappear between her breasts
The Cardinal smiled, “Now say what you’re thinking…and use my proper title.”

Wonder Woman felt complete shame as she quietly said “Take me, your Eminence, finish me off. “

That was all that was needed. The Cardinal groaned as his cock began to pulse, and he said raggedly, “In the name of GOD I baptize you.”

With the next thrust Diana was staring at the Cardinal’s purple glistening head as his slit opened and a rope of pearly white shot from it. It splattered against her shoulder. He continued to thrust between her breasts, twisting her nipples as another rope splattered against her upper lip and then another against her neck. Wonder Woman could feel his soft warm sac against her chest, as he relieved his lust. Panting he finally completed his climax, the final spurt landing in the hollow of her throat as a small white puddle. Then, without a word to the used woman, the Cardinal stood up with his large fat exposed cock dangling over her and dripping on her bare breasts. He placed his foot on her stomach as he caught his breath, looking down at her with a glare as she forlornly swiped at his salty essence with her tongue and sucked it down in silent adherence to his unspoken command. That seen to, the man cloaked in red turned his head to enjoy the view of his two companions finishing off Sheena.

From her vantage point at Ping and Moon’s feet, Wonder Woman watched the two men thrusting into Sheena. Ping was at the perfect height to thrust and lift into Sheena’s body, his fleshy snake invading Sheena’s unprotected crevasse, as it got ready to spray it’s venom within her, while Sheena was treated to the thick musky smell inside general Moon’s breaches as his zipper lightly brushed her nose. Almost together Diana saw both men stiffen and press up close as Sheena was forced to swallow the pearly white Korean seed, while Ping’s snake spat it’s venom in the already pregnant woman. The two men held firmly against the smooth warm flesh of the woman, both smiling broadly. When they finally withdrew they grinned at each other, putting themselves away and zipping up. Ping chuckled, “You have no idea how long I have been waiting to do that.” General Moon nodded, “About time that one of her friends did not burst in to stop it.”

Abal and Ulfa untied and released Sheena and Wonder Woman while the three men walked back over to Actaeon. Ulfa had shed all her clothing except for the solid gold bangles on her ankles, wrists, arms and of course their clit and nipple rings. Ulfa kept her veil on to hide her puffy bruised face. A cloth had been spread out on the terrace and pillows under the stars. Abal and Ulfa left the two heroines to rejoin their master, and without a word began undressing the three guests.

Actaeon smiled saying “Gentlemen, let us get more comfortable for dinner and tonight’s entertainment. Watching as his beautiful slaves disrobed his guests, folding their clothing and helping the muscular men into silk robes. Cardinal Emmitt slid his hand along Abal’s smooth ass asking “what are we having?”

Actaeon winked “Oysters on the half shell, of course: good for the libido, and I have just one more chance to knock the Amazon up” he smiled.
Wonder Woman had slowly gotten off the floor once her wrists had been untied from the whip. Sheena was now standing gingerly in place, sliding her hands along her flanks, wincing at the welts Wonder Woman had given her.

Sheena rubbed her wrist looking down at her tummy where she knew King Otwani’s child grew within her “They got to you, too, Di…MMPH!” Sheena’s eyes went wide as Wonder Woman suddenly turned on her planted a hot passionate kiss on the other woman’s mouth. Sheena looked horrified. She’d had to lick Queen Zenda’s cunt but her friend had promised not to take advantage of her...EVER!

Wonder Woman wasted no time…sliding her hands down the stunned Sheena’s arms she used the leather bull whip to begin binding the jungle queen’s wrists together behind her back. By the time Sheena began to struggle Wonder Woman was completing the final knots. Diana thrust her tongue into her friend’s mouth. Sheena tried to block her but the Amazon dominated her. Wonder Woman’s tongue pressed deep to explore Sheena’s mouth. An amazon, once her lust was roused, changed, unable to resist her carnal desires. Feeling the blonde resist Wonder Woman broke the kiss and grabbed a fist full of Sheena’s silken blonde hair and YANKED so that Sheena’s head not only went back she was almost bent over backwards. “Damn you, slut! You comply or by Hera I will change those tiger stripes I put on you into ZEBRA stripes!” Wonder Woman lunged in, forcing another crushing kiss on Sheena’s mouth before she could comply, sticking her tongue down to the back of the woman’s throat as the two women’s breasts began to rub against each other.

As Wonder Woman began to become more aroused, like most Amazons, she lost all her inhibitions; she was growing more excited by the moment, unable to stop herself. Sheena was forced to suckle on Diana’s slowly circling tongue. And when the Amazon finally pulled her tongue out of Sheena’s throat, a look of horror and betrayal swept across the blonde’s face. There was no respite though. Wonder Woman grabbed her friend’s wrists and lifted Sheena to her tiptoes, taking her to stand in front of the four men who now lounged in their robes on pillows. Abal had put out plates of oysters and the four men were enjoying the show while Ulfa sat between Moon and Ping, the two men groping gently at her body as she giggles. All eyes were on the two women before them. Wonder Woman’s pearly necklace of semen from the Cardinal still clung around her shoulders and dripped down from her neck. The dollop at her throat clung in the hollow there like an uncut diamond.

On the cool stone Wonder Woman forced a kiss on her friend, this time her other hand groped the other woman’s soft breast. Wonder Woman now had a lustful smile as she used the other woman. Straddling one of Sheena’s thighs, Wonder Woman began to grind her own wet cunt against Sheena’s thighs. Cardinal Emmitt chuckled “Look at those two harlots go at it!” He did nothing to hide his growing arousal. Zenda chuckled, stroking between the white tiger’s ears, feeding an oyster to her master, King Otwani.

On the Terrace the show was just beginning. Sheena looked dejected, it was plain that the pass Wonder Woman had made last year was going to happen whether she agreed or not. If they had turned Wonder Woman, she had no chance. She felt Wonder Woman yank her down to the stone while the men smiled and watched. Wonder Woman’s shapely legs slipped up Sheena’s belly, the jungle queen could feel the cool sole as her own leg was captured by Wonder Woman and pressed to the amazon’s chest. She felt Wonder Woman’s pussy against her own as the two women began to scissor. The men laughed and pointed as the two women gyrated…Sheena was helpless as Dana’s soft wet petals ground against her own and rubbed. Wonder Woman began to moan as her foot pressed against Sheena’s bare breasts. The two of them wriggled and fought and succumbed and groaned in front of the display case that held Sheena’s costume. The two bodies shimmered with sweat as Wonder Woman made irrepressible moves that Sheena could not fend off. There was nothing remotely heroic about the two sweaty bodies entangled together. It would have been sad to witness if any of those present cared a whit about the two once mighty beauties.

Mr. Ping called out, “HA! Queen that bitch, Wonder Woman!”

Somewhere in her lust-fogged mind Wonder Woman heard…and sat up. With a grunt she pressed Sheena to her back and then the Amazon’s wavering hand reached up to gently rub the semen from her pearl necklace all over the Jungle Queen’s throat. Sheena looked up in fright to see her friend straddle her neck, the powerful thighs lowering down around her face.

“What are you doing, you crazy b..AAGCK!!” Sheena’s shouts are suddenly cut off as Wonder Woman’s velvety lower lips come to rest against the panicked blonde’s slickened neck. With small grunts of satisfaction, Wonder Woman stroked her pussy against Sheena’s neck. Back and forth the powerful legs move and flex as the Champion of All Women nearly crushes her sister heroine’s throat in her crazed need for sexual satisfaction.
“…di…aaa….nnahhhhh!....ghhetttttt….offfffff…” rasps Sheena in raw terror.

Shaking her head, Diana hoists herself up. Lubricated by the slick semen from Sheena’s throat, Wonder Woman’s blue eyes smoke with bright desire and she ploped her nether lips down directly toward Sheena’s face. The blonde has a mere three seconds to breathe before the shifting weight of Wonder Woman’s body presses down on her face.

“ Sto…mmph!”

Wonder Woman felt her friends face press between her shapely thighs, and began to grind against her face. Zenda smiled watching as Sheena felt the smooth powerful Amazon thighs firm against her cheeks. Wonder Woman’s cunt lips spread over Sheena’s nose and mouth and Sheena couldn’t breathe but for moments as the amazon rode her face, spreading clear wet juices on Sheena’s face. The scent was musty and salty sweet as Sheena tried to use her tongue to push at her friend’s cunt. Wonder Woman, in full frenzy now, grabbed Sheena’s head on both sides and pulled her up between her sweaty slippery thighs snarling “LICK! SUCK!”

Sheena had no choice, Zenda had forced her to lick her cunt but never like this. Sheena suckled and licked desperately. Hoping that if she pleasured Wonder Woman enough the other woman would get up.

Wonder Woman had no such intention, and held Sheena captive grinding against her captive. Sheena’s feet began to flail as her eyes widened. Her voiced cries for air and pity were muffled as Wonder Woman’s cunt covered nose and mouth. Wonder Woman worked her hips, washing Sheena’s face. Sheena tugged at the leather whip but the bindings held. As she looked up she could see up past Wonder Woman’s flat stomach her firm breasts aroused and swaying as Wonder Woman’s thighs ground down against Sheena’s face.

Sheena’s eyes began to flutter. But Wonder Woman could not resist, she had to have her climax. In the back of her mind she could hear her audience cheering as Sheena finally went limp. This excited Wonder Woman more, now she did not have to expend energy to hold her captive and began sliding her groin around Sheena’s face.

Mr. Ping looked at Actaeon “Mr. Davies, are you going to let her suffocate Sheena?”

Actaeon shrugged “I told King Otwani I’d compensate him if it happened, it doesn’t really matter.

Wonder Woman slipped her hands behind the limp blonds head and PULLED forcing the other woman’s nose into her cunt, and she felt a shudder, as her release poured her juices over Sheena’s face. Finally sated, Wonder Woman felt drained, she panted catching her breath as she held Sheena against her cunt. It was probably a full 60 seconds before she released the blonde’s head which thumped dully against the stone. Sheena, unconscious gasped and coughed, her face dripping wet, her tongue still lolling from her head.

Wonder Woman stood shakily. As she looked up Actaeon smiled. “Gentleman, the moment you have all been waiting for…..rape her.”
Ping and Moon moved first, they had enjoyed Sheena first but had not yet sampled Wonder Woman. Ping smiled, “I have her mouth.” Moon chuckled, “Suits me.”

The two men advanced on the dazed Amazon. Ping opened his robes and pushed Wonder Woman to her knees, “Suck!”

Wonder Woman obeyed, kneeling before the White House Chief of Staff. Her mouth closed on his member and she suckled, tasting him as more salty then Actaeon. Before she could think, Moon was behind her, pulling her hips up he impaled her anus without any lube at all. She wasn’t particularly dry thanks to her orgasm from moments before and all the juices spread across her crotch. It was an easy entry for Moon considering he was sodomizing one of the most powerful women on the planet

Wonder Woman winced a bit but Actaeon had fucked her enough that her ass accepted the cock without pain. It was merely the surprise thrust and jerk that caused the small discomfort. Both men then began to brutally push back and forth against her yielding body and with all her resistance gone Wonder Woman just let it happen. The two powerful men dominated her thoroughly as the pale moon rose to frame the moment. General Moon took pleasure slapping Wonder Woman’s bruised ass, eliciting a muffled yelp into Ping’s crotch. Abal and Ulfa lit torches, which sputtered in the night. It was the only sound heard beyond the animalistic grunts of mating going on.

They had her and Wonder Woman knew it. Her body rocked in place as the men pleasured themselves within her. And her pleasure was increasing by the moment as well. The Korean’s hands held tightly onto her hips, his fingers compressing her flesh as he pumped himself against her rear end. His exposed cock, thrusting out from his robes, buried itself again and again into the tight hot back channel of the Champion of All Women. Naked, dazed and excited, Wonder Woman grunted over and over as she felt the width and heat of his steely muscle penetrate into her deepest most private recesses. Her rectum vibrated with the friction of this relentless buggering. She was woozy with pleasure, her mouth drooling over the slippery length of Ping’s prick as it too moved back and forth in and out of her mouth in deliriously joyful repetition. The swell of her excitement was almost uncontainable. Her breasts swayed beneath her like two tolling bells but instead of clanging symphonies of metal vibrations, her brain was awash in absolute celebration, some great victory pealing through her mind even as her very defeat was abundantly obvious to everyone present.

Moon climaxed first, filling Wonder Woman’s rear with bountiful injections of warm cream. And then Ping could not contain himself anymore. He was face fucking Wonder Woman! Her jaw cradled in his palms, the Chief of Staff spent his pleasure in a five-spurt series of thick streams of cum that Wonder Woman readily swallowed and gulped and rolled her eyes at with dizzy delight. The moment Ping withdrew, he was replaced by Cardinal Emmitt. Eagerly he thrust his erect cock into Wonder Woman’s mouth even as General Moon lazily leaned onto her back and clung tightly to her naked breasts. Pinned in place and wavering docilely on her hands and knees, Diana let the churchman piston in and out of her mouth like a man possessed. His hands clung to the hair at her temples as he abused her face. Over and over the huge dong forced its way into the back of her throat, causing loud helpless gagging sounds and violent shaking from the overwhelmed Amazon princess. Finally the church plate had been passed around enough so the Cardinal’s joy was overflowing and he, too, came like thunder in Wonder Woman’s mouth, howling and grunting in his ecstasy She swallowed all she could but it wasn’t nearly enough and her nose and the corners of her mouth erupted with gooey white sprays of stringy male pleasure. Ultimately, when the Cardinal pulled out, Wonder Woman sank to her elbows and gagged up a large puddle of semen onto the stone terrace. Behind her, loose lumpy clots of jism also drained from her back hole. The famous Wonder Woman was a pathetic, used vision of absolute feminine degradation.

In the background Ulfa and Abal snuggled with and serviced Actaeon while Otwani and Zenda made out quietly.
Ultimately, after a brief rest for the sagging, spent heroine, the three guests set up a merry go round of sex. Two would have at Wonder Woman while the third rested. By the time one would climax the other was ready to take his place. And so the night went. Sheena left to lay on the ground while Wonder Woman was used by the men. When they were not erect, the men taught the amazon to tea bag them. Wonder Woman took turns until all three men had rested their balls inside her cheeks as if she were some kind of erotic chipmunk.

By the time the sun dawned. Wonder Woman was barely able to stand and walk. Finally it was almost over. Standing naked as the soft breeze blew against her, she stood and looked wearily at Actaeon.

“I think it is time to finish you off, Wonder Woman” and he crooked his finger to her.

Looking down like a chastened child, Wonder Woman stepped over Sheena, who groaned lightly, sleepy and emotionally battered.
“One more fuck, to TRY and knock you up, in front of witnesses” Actaeon smiled.

Wonder Woman hung her head and moved to stand over the prone Actaeon, who was lying on his back, arms crossed behind his head. Her eyes were pleading “How…can you do this?”

Actaeon chuckled “How can I? How can you deny men? Look at your friend Sheena, once you were all hot and bothered, you used her, Diana. I did not tell you to half suffocate her.

Wonder Woman looked as Zenda, still clad in Wonder Woman’s uniform, easily lifted Sheena and re shackled her to the Roman horse. Sheena was only now starting to come around.

Actaeon’s eyes shined with triumph “now unless you want to STAY...MOUNT me wench!”

Wonder Woman resigned herself, and, legs spread, she reached down to guide Actaeon back into her unprotected body. The Cardinal, General and Chief of Staff watched in happy exhaustion as Wonder Woman’s pussy lips were parted by Actaeon’s bulging purple cock head. Her lips offered little resistance as his shaft slipped into her body. She began to lift and lower herself up and down, grinding against Actaeon as she felt him inside her belly. Her ass hurt, and she was not in the slightest hungry from all the semen she had ingested. Actaeon groaned in erotic delight as he performed for the audience. As Wonder Woman road up and down his length he caressed her nipples, pressing his face between her breasts and suckling at her tits.

As he was aroused by his Amazon slave Actaeon began to thrust in counter point to Wonder Woman. Her juices running down his groin, nearing his climax, Actaeon panted “Watch gentleman, as…you see Amazon is...tamed.”

Actaeon’s back arched and he gripped his hips...pulling Wonder Woman down as his climax pulsed spraying his seed and painting her womb with it. Unprotected.

His climax finished, Diana raised herself. Meekly she knelt and begin licking her tongue along Actaeon’s shaft as the hunter began to converse with his three guests, ignoring her with a smirk. Her tongue ran over his cock head, and she pulled down his foreskin to make sure she had licked it clean. Next she bent down to lick at his balls, gently suckling each one into her cheeks until she had licked him completely clean, As if she had to apologize and clean her juices off him for having done this, and then moved to lick his feet like an obedient bitch dog.

After perhaps an hour of this, Wonder Woman felt Actaeon’s foot push her away. Ulfa and Abal sat one in each of his arms, and he snuggled them, caressing them. “Stand up, Wonder Woman.”

Wonder Woman stood slowly, obediently. Queen Zenda removed the Wonder Woman costume before donning her own jungle garb complete with the mane of Sheena’s lion as trim.

Actaeon kissed Ulfa softly. His three guests, their lust slaked, had redressed to listen.

“Okay, Diana,” he said, taking her costume, her girdle, tiara, boots, golden lasso and bracelets and throwing them at the Amazon’s feet. “Now get dressed and get out. Here is the deal. You are free to go. You will not be molested again, ever, so long as you NEVER interfere with me again.”
Wonder Woman, still stood and began to dress...stepping thru the leg holes of her body suit to get it on. The garment was still warm from Queen Zenda’s body and Wonder Woman could smell Zenda on the garments. As she did this Zenda touched Sheena’s necklace. There was a flash and the helpless Heroine was transformed by the Queen once again into a Bengal tiger, its fore paws shackled to the horse.

“You may continue to protect the city, the earth, I do not care, but if one of my operatives tells you the code word ‘Stag’ you will turn and leave and tell no one.”

General Moon looked nervous. “You expect her to keep."

Actaeon stopped the general by holding up his hand. “You have just experienced Strike One, Diana. IF you fail to do this, or if you in any WAY try to expose me, or any of my associates, you will go to Strike Two.”

Wonder Woman picked up her golden Girdle, once she had it on all her powers would return. The Cardinal stepped forward and helped pull the zipper up on the back of Wonder Woman’s costume. Queen Zenda’s movement caught her eyes. The Queen was fitting a muzzle over the Tigress’s head that was Sheena. Zenda hooked her leash back to the tigress, and then UNHOOKED the white tiger that had sat by her throne. She smiled and said to the Tiger “get her.”

The male tiger shot up and reared…leaping on Sheena’s furry back. Wonder Woman could see the males pointed tip probing as it tried to move Sheena’s tail out of the way. Sheena was just awakening and groaned, trying to move, but between not having been a tiger all her life and the shackles...she was helpless beneath the beast.

A sudden sting of a riding crop against her flank brought Diana’s attention back to Actaeon “If I do not have your attention…” he warned “before you put on that belt…consider. You will have your powers back, if you attack me, you MIGHT win...but if you do not. I will finish my enslave process. What you see in Sheena is Strike Two. She will be my slave or slave to whomever I sell her to forever. I will STILL allow her to protect the innocent, so long as she does it MY way, and she actively services whomever I say or allow.”

Actaeon let that sink in, as Wonder Woman stood her belt in hand not yet around her waist. “And just so you know, I am HOPING you will go to Strike Three. Strike Three and your out, meaning I will make you a slave forever, AND...I get what I am really after. I want your Mother, Wonder Woman, I want to put Hippolyta down on the ground as my little sex bunny forever. You piss me off a third time by trying to escape, or trying to oppose me, and I will take your precious Paradise Island and every last Amazon on it!”

Diana stood stunned, how could he think…. Hera herself would intervene…could he really… To her right, there was a snarl. The white tiger had won, his length found the Bengal tigress and Wonder woman could see the big animal hunch forward on its hind legs, it’s red length disappearing into Sheena’s tigress body as it humped actively, it’s paws gripping Sheena by the shoulder as it covered her. Otwani smiled watching as Zenda held the leash connected to Sheena’s throat “Do not worry about her, she will come to enjoy her new life…she was only punished tonight because of you….she now knows you will NOT be coming to save her.”

Wonder Woman fastened the belt around her waist, and slipped on her Tiara, and bracelets, hanging her lasso on her hip, and then bending to tug on the red boots. It felt, odd to be clothed now, confining, and restrictive. She had been naked for a month straight.

She felt the surge of strength as her powers retuned. Wonder Woman contemplated for a moment: they were all ordinary, with the exception of Zenda none of them had powers. But...she had under estimated him before, if she attacked and lost...did she want to risk THAT much. She looked down at her flat stomach, she may be with child at this moment, the bastard had sure tried….

Actaeon curled his lip at her in disgust, as the tiger continued to drill his tigress. Diana stammered “You…you blistered my ass how am I to sit in my invisible jet? Where is it?”

Actaeon sneered again, “Not my problem, and if you’re still here in ten minutes, you STAY. So, thanks for the fuck, now get out. And, by the way, NEVER trespass on my property again.”

Angry, frustrated, hurt, confused, Wonder Woman glanced at the rutting tiger, and walked toward the gate. Every guard and guest leered at her, and she blushed feeling self-conscious. The plane was where Actaeon had said, she now controlled it once more. She had to use her legs to keep her ass off the seat…but she was finally airborne. Below her, the men all waved, smiling smugly. The last thing Diana saw was the white tiger snarl and thrust climaxing into his tigress.

Wonder Woman, beat her fists in frustration against the jet, but she finally could do nothing else...but set a course for New York.

Ok. To all my fans, first a very PROFOUND apology at how long it took me to get this out. I am with the U.S. Army and I am training for a deployment. That’s the BAD news, the good news is, once I finally GET where I am going, I will still have independent access, and I think I will be able to continue much easier than the last month has been. I also wish to express my INTENS gratitude to Dr. D. I spent till 1:30 AM getting this story ready so that I did not have to wait another 2 weeks, and when he read it, he spent the next 4 hours editing and tweaking it where I had gotten lazy .
Once again I’d like to plead to you, my fans, to contact me at with your comments, and most of all, Suggestions. Specific things that you liked disliked or things I have inspired in you that you would like to SEE me write about. I have included quite a few suggestions into this story as well.

I’d also like to say, I do NOT feel this is my best work. It felt to me as sorta a “fuck fest” unfortunately it felt like I was Dragging WW’s ordeal on too long to be able to both advance the plot AND have the sex scenes I wanted / needed for the next step in the plot….Yes you heard it this story is FAR from over….this is just the first phase. As I have explained before, I am writing this to try and show my fellow writers, that you do not have to be AFRAID to do things logically. You’re NOT going to run out of heroines or things to write about….Let me know if I am achieving my goal.
For now, Wonder Woman is going to be shown a bit less (she is not going away completely) but the next chapter has to bring up the plot line to match where Wonder Woman is now. There will still be plenty of sex, and I think you will like if my fans stay with me.

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Chapter 13

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Ok once again it took time to get this out, but I am committed to NOT giving up. Quality over frequency. In this chapter, WW does not play a big sexual role I feel that is ok because she has been such a focus, and to make it BETTER I have to have set up, however never fear there IS steamy stuff in here.

What I have tried to do, in this chapter, is to show fellow writers that it IS possible to mix up how a male receives pleasure from a female and make it work. What I mean is, normally when using a slave, it seem logical to me that with a hostile female, you start out with straight sex NOT a blow job. In this chapter I actually show how, for me, with a good set up, you can violate that and make a blow job from an angry woman, your first (and logical) choice. I would not want to see this all the time but sometimes, if you keep a good logical PLOT, it CAN work for those of you out there who are really into blow job first.

As always I will close saying that what GIVES me inspiration to continue to write (FOR FREE!) are for you who read it, to e-mail me some thoughtful constructive comments on how you liked it and what else you’d like to see (Comments like “that was great” as the only message are appreciated but not real helpful) Please also tell me did I pull off what I was trying to do?  How can I do better? I have had an OVERWHEMING request for more bestiality, so that is in the works! Please e-mail me at

Hunter of the Amazon

Chapter 13

The group watched with a smirk as the figure of Wonder Woman receded in the sky. General moon felt Abal pull up the zipper on his trousers. “How do you know she will not be right back?”

Behind them, the exhausted Sheena laid, trapped in her tiger form by her arch nemesis and now her Queen, Zenda. The heroine in tiger form hung from a padded vaunting horse where her fore paws had been bound with wide thick leather straps. Each time the 800 lb. tiger that was mounted on her, thrust, Sheena’s claws dug into the leather. The muzzle Zenda had placed on Sheena’s feline face kept her jaws shut and her head lay listlessly against the padded leather as just hanging and allowing Zenda’s pet to rhythmically thrust like a machine gun into his helpless tigress. Zenda had made it impossible for the heroine to change her form and Sheena could only crouch there in plain view as her animal lover had his way with her. Heroine turned tigress felt her lovers stiff fleshy spear press firmly into her body over and over. In tiger form she could only respond to the tiger instincts chuffing softly through the muzzle.

Cardinal Emit chuckled “even at her super speed, it would take an hour to get to any friendly base. She does not have her Justice League communicator, and even if she did she’d have some explaining to do.”

Mr. Ping relaxed back “Man that was a good fuck, and I agree with the Cardinal, even if she spoke, were in Africa, the League has a charter, they must be invited in, and the United Nations is notoriously slow, especially with China abstaining.”

The four men turned chuckling as the male tiger lunged, leaning over his tigress opening his maw and using his sharp fangs to bite firmly on his tigress’s neck. The four men were treated with seeing the sleek 750 lb. tigress’s muscles buck and tremble as the love bite caused her an orgasm. Sheena’s muzzle would have hung open in rapture and surprise if not for the muzzle but her eyes widened, her hind paws danced between the orange and black striped male’s paws, the animal passing its seed into his tigress. Sheena’s head hung from the tigers jaws at a slight angle.
Beyond them a middle aged woman with long red hair stood, her arms thin and weak and she scowled.

Actaeon nodded watching the male pull back suddenly and released the tigress’s head. The spines on the tigers length causes Sheena to lunge briefly before her huge feline head fell to the padded leather, her tongue lolling between the leather muzzle her sides heaving as she panted. Sheena’s flanks did a slow collapse till she hung in place “Yes gentlemen, I am counting on forcing Wonder Woman to betray herself twice more. But even if she is foolish enough to act immediately by the time she got here each of you would be gone.

General moon nodded and walked to where the tigress hung and, chuckling, ran a warm gentle hand along the soft furred ear. The tigress never even moved her eyes glazed as she submitted to his touch “What’s a matter Sheena: he said smiling as Zenda re attached her leash to the male’s collar “Finally getting what you deserve?”

Zenda smiled and stroked the male’s throat, and it chuffed and licked at her hand “Good boy Raja…”

Otwani Joined the others “Circe, Minerva, I believe you and Mr. Ping have…plans?” He looked at the general and Cardinal “you may stay as long as you like, the women you wish will be provided with no restrictions of course. You will find a selection of the daughters from those countries that were resistive to my rule, inside”

As the 2 departed, from the shadows, walked a tall shapely woman dressed in a provocative black dress. Her skin was a pale white, with rich surreal red lips. A silken black mane of hair hung down her back to her waist. The chest of her gown was loosely laced in the front just covering her breasts and showing all of her cleavage. The black dress hung floor length, but the sides were open to above the hip so when she walked her smooth shapely legs straddled the black fabric, hinting at what must lay behind the black veil.

A black cape hung down her back, and large oversize sleeves covered her arm to delicate wrists. She walked toward the group as they stood by the limp tigress, the woman’s steps were graceful, each shapely calf hugged by the criss cross leather thongs of open topped sandals. In one hand she held a golden goblet of wine, on the other arm perched a colorful McCaw parrot, with a single white wing.

Minerva limped up beside the group “Circe, overdressed as usual” the red haired woman scowled.

Circe smiled, her dark brown bedroom eyes batted “Whatever do you mean? A goddess must ALWAYS look her best.

Mr. Ping was immediately taken with the Mediterranean woman and walked up. “I must heartily agree Madam” and he offered his arm “I am Mr. Ping, Whitehouse Chief of Staff, perhaps we could get to know each other better. I can be a very good friend.”

The svelte woman turned her full attention on Ping, and he felt a slight chill but not enough to stifle his fantasies of the woman, her scent was light yet musky, feminine. She offered her left hand to him, and as he kissed the back of her smooth hand she smiled “Oh I am SURE we would hit it right off. Please Share my wine” she offered the Goblet.

Ping was about to take it when Actaeon walked up and took the chalice handing it back to Circe “not now Circe, Mr. Ping is needed. Mr. Ping, this is Circe, you may have heard of her. She is a Goddess of Olympus and her trademark is turning men into beasts, had you drank that cup you would have found yourself on 4 legs.

Circe pressed her soft lower red lip out in a pout “ohh Actaeon your no fun, are you sure you’d not like to stick to legend? You’d make a FINE stag, I am sure you’d have a HUGE set of antlers, and I would make sure you had the SWEETEST night of your life; I think that’s a fair trade. I admit Diana is a little stuffy but I do like her subject matter. Beside, Dennis here” she nodded to the parrot, that gave a soft cackle and gently nuzzled her cheek with his beak saying “Kisses” Is not on 4 legs he’s on 2.

Actaeon smiled “I rather plan on reversing that project.

Minerva now was looking over the glassy eyed tigress. She reached down to grab Sheena’s scruff and lifted the head up twisting the neck fur. The tigress gave no reaction; her tongue lolled and hung eyes half open as she panted. Minerva wrinkled her nose “Poor excuse for a feline” she practically growled, releasing the scruff the tigress’s head just flopped back down.

Zenda smiled and snapped her fingers. 2 guards appeared “take Sheena, leave the muzzle on, and hobble her, HOG tie her and toss her in Raja’s cage for now.” She turned back to the conversation as the 2 guard produced a thick pole. They released Sheena and the tigress slipped own to lie on her side at the human’s feet. Zenda smiled fingering the magical necklaces and running her toes around Sheena’s muzzle as they re-bound Sheena’s front paws, then the hind ones, and slipped the pole between them. It took 4 men to lift her swaying from the meat pole and they walked out.
Mr. Ping was still confused “what are you talking about, are you trying to tell me that THIS is the Circe from what, 4000 years ago? Odysseus? And the whole thing…and what kind of name is that for a parrot?

Circe smiled again, her eyes sparkling dangerously “You should never mention a lady’s age, don’t you know that. As for my pet” she turned and nuzzled the parrot’s beak “Didn’t you come with a driver?

Mr. Ping nodded “Yes Dennis…. Wait your saying…?”

Circe raised one eyebrow and nodded to the Parrot.

Ping turned pale his eyes widening “Oh my God DENNIS!?

Circe chuckled “that’s GODDESS to you.”

Otwani walked over “Wot is it?”

Mr. Ping stammered “Dennis is my driver, he’s black except for his right arm…he was burned in a fire and the skin graft was white...that parrot has a white wing…the right one.

Actaeon again interrupted “Listen I believe we are here for the next phase of the plan. John.” he nodded to Mr. Ping, his first name John “Dennis is not a key player, there are other drivers and he will live out a normal parrot’s life, a very PLEASANT one from how I have seen Circe treat her pets.
As Circe and Minerva walked by, Ping stared at the parrot. Circe smiled under her eyebrows and winked.

Ping asked her “You…would really want to convert ME into an animal…a REAL one?

Circe paused and cupped his chin in her silken soft warm hand “You’d make an ADORABLE panda” and then leaned in to place a soft kiss on his nose. Her lips were softer than anything he had ever felt, and had a light sweet scent of wine. The woman ran her fingers thru his hair using her nails gently as if she were petting him causing goose bumps to rise on his arms “Think about it.”

Circe and Minerva descended the spiral stair case into the living rock of the mountain that the roman villa was built on. The same room in which Wonder Woman had been broken and raped in. Minerva had to hold onto the railing each step was tortured pain as her joints screamed at the exertion, and she was panting by the time they emerged at the bottom. The 2 walked into a large room where N’bid Ela hung, her eyes closed, bound to a St. Andrews cross.

The room contained shelves and shelves of ancient looking books, and scrolls, transferred there from N’bid’s cave, and was lighted by candles. The old black shaman was naked, and her shriveled breasts hung like 2 deflated water balloons.

Thick leather bands secured the old woman’s bony wrists and ankles to the cross and she hung in obvious pain, her hip bones protruding as the old woman labored to breath.

Minerva walked up sneering “Sure you won’t change your mind N’bid? I assure you I can give you much worse than this.

Drawing a ragged breath N’bid, opened her eyes and raised her head with effort “What have you done….with my student, I will…never give you, the ancient writings.

Her face twisting in rage Minerva drew back her hand, fingers crooked to rake her long nails across the old woman’s face, when Circe caught her wrist, causing the parrot to squawk

“Oh come now Minerva, don’t be so...MORTAL” the dark clad Greek goddess chuckled.

Minerva hissed “That’s easy for you to say YOU’RE not the one whose body is twisted in pain. Arthritis, degenerative bone, plus nerve damage from, those men. Don’t you know Apollo? Have him heal me?

Circe rolled her eyes “patients Minerva… Apollo owes me no favors and has no love for me, besides he sleeps with most of the other Olympians. We do not need N’bid’s cooperation any more.

Minerva’s eyes alight “you managed to unlock the spells?

Circe took a sip from her goblet “enough…look at the floor.

Minerva looked down, inscribed on the floor around the old woman and cross, was a pentagram, drawn with black candles at each point of the star. Circe retrieved a black bound book, with a similar pentagram inscribed on the cover in gold.

N’bid sneered “you are quite brave, to torment an old woman, and you will not control or contain Semiazas.

Minerva snorted “What is she talking about?

Circe laughed and placed her goblet and the parrot down, raising her long arms to expose the supple skin beneath the sleeves.“Semiazas, what some would call a fallen angel, a Demon…

N’bid wheezed “if you seek me as a sacrifice, I am afraid I am a bit old for his tastes….and I defeated him long ago.

Circe smiled under her dark brows and began to walk toward N’bid, moving with the grace of a stalking tiger. “Oh my dear N’bid, *I* did not tie you up, nor am I as, crass as my dear friend Minerva. I am a Greek goddess my dear and I have more than one ability…

Like an artist with a brush stroke the silken hand of the Goddess Circe slide gently under the parched dry sagging breast. Like a wilted flower growing backwards the ebony flesh firmed and became silken and pillowy soft, the nipple firming pertly.

N’bid let out a gasp of surprise as the Circe’s sharp nails very gently teased across the other breast, transforming it, like its twin into a youthful tight “A” cup.

The old Shaman’s eyes searched Circe’s “W...why

Circe chuckled “oh dearest, I am a GODDESS…giving a FEW extra years to you mortals is nothing to me. The shapely young Greek sliding her hands along N’bid’s side to the bony sagging ass. As her hands moved the flesh responded, firm youthful muscle making a firm tight buttocks
Minerva was furious, a growl in her voice she moved to leap at Circe only to have her hip give out and she fell to one knee “you stupid BITCH you give HER the gift of LIFE but you won’t heal ME!?

Circe casually looked over her shoulder “Contain yourself Minerva; What I give this mortal is transient, what I will give YOU is much more, or should I say what WE give you.” Her eyes alight with mischief as she smiled to N’bid.

N’bid stared in disbelief “You think you will gain my loyalty? I am ready to die Goddess… I am a Shaman, of Africa; my spirit is in all things.
Circe smiled back running a single finger along the old woman’s bare belly, the stomach turning youthful and firm as the stunning goddess took 2 delicate fingers to gently probe the old woman’s cunt. As she did the dry lips because soft and puffy, and slick as the woman’s youthful vigor returned.
Minerva made her way back to her feet “Come ON Circe! SHE may be growing younger but *I* am not.

Circe considered “hmmm I suppose your right.”

N’bid felt a strength she had not had in years “Circe what you are DoMMPH!”

Circe leaned in and placed a grand daughterly kiss on the old woman’s mouth. As they touched N’bid’s whole body began to transform. Her wiry short hair began to grow long with a shiny luster. Her limbs, atrophied with age became healthy and firm, her bones actually began contracting. As N’bid’s age reversed, Circe’s kiss became more passionate. The 2 women kissing as Circe crushed her lips to N’bid's, feeling the full soft pillowy lips
As Circe’s tongue pressed against the youthful lips her arms slipped between the woman and the cross in an embrace, Circe running the inside of her upper thigh warmly against N’bid’s outer thigh.

The old woman, surprised with the first fires of lust she had felt in over 50 years could not be expected to resist. The 2 women kissing as N’bid’s body became that of a 16 year old. Firm pert breasts, shapely thighs her eyes alight with fire.

As Circe broke the kiss she caught N’bid’s bottom lip gently between her teeth. The Goddess panted as she gently let the lip slide from her gentle bite “Oh my, was it good for YOU?”

N’bid stood proudly on her cross, her vision clear, she could feel the blood rushing thru her body. She called on her powers of nature
“Bome, diere leen my jou krag” (Trees animals Lend me your strength!)

Around them the room darkened, from the living rock bolts of energey lashed out to dance at the rim of the Pentagram around N’bid and her captors.
N’bid stared, as Circe gently caressed her cheek “ohhhhh I’m sorry muffin… I’m afraid they while I DID make the most powerful and experienced shaman on earth stronger by returning her youth…. That I also took precautions, and I do not THINK you’re going to have time to figure a way around it, Minerva your turn.

The red head turned and limped to an alter grabbing one of N’bid’s own mystic bowls and began to add ingredients from pre measured vials quietly chanting

“Semiazas, Fallen angle of Africa, hear my call and summon to me...”

N’bid watched calmly “Summon Semiazas if you wish but you will never control him, he will be your undoing….”

Now it was Minerva’s turn to smile a dark mirthless smile as Circe began to recite the words of a summoning spell “Who said anything about controlling him?”

N’bid struggled against her bonds as a glowing blue line appeared in the air of the room. At the bottom of the line a golden cloven hoof appeared, like that of a white tailed deer. It was delicate and slender and the 2 golden toes of the hooves flexed as brilliant indigo blue leg appeared and stepped onto the floor of the room standing on its toes its heel high in the air. As if stepping thru a dimensional door way the demon slowly emerged. The hoof attached to a firm indigo leg, then a flank, a torso and finally the demon stepped thru, entering the room.

The skin of the being shimmered and was smooth, like that of a salamander, glowed unnaturally and shimmered in the dancing torchlight as if slippery, like emerging wet from a shower. Semiazas body was sleek, and muscular, like that of a marathon runner, and the demon had softly pulsing red lines that resembled tribal runes that ran up the outsides of his legs, up his firm buttocks along his sides and arms.
While the demon’s dorsal side was the deep glowing blue, his belly as an equally glowing gold, running from the insides of his thighs up over the sheath between his legs up a muscular chest to his throat.

Semiazas wore no clothing, and as he emerged seemed proud of the gold sack that he sported between his legs, a supple spade like tail moved behind him, the tail blue and sporting a gold ring, beneath it the gold coloration ran from between the demon’s legs and terminated at the root of the tail.
On his back a pair of impossibly large shimmering blue membranous wings folded to arch over his head. Semiazas paused as if a sleeper just awakening, and his eyes opened to reveal a pair of vertical pupil glowing red eyes, set in a saurian like head, a pair of horns arching from his head oriented forward. As if confused a moment, the demon blinked, a pair of nictitating membranes sliding over his eyes, and a thin forked tongue tasted the air, before licking the short muzzle. He held up his arms in front of him. Built like a boxer, the arms were blue to his elbows where the smooth shimmering golden coloration merged with the blue, and on the tip of each of the 4 fingers and thumb, a black onyx needle sharp talon curved. While the look was incredibly powerful, it actually looked graceful.

Semiazas looked around the room not pausing on any of the humans in the room, his brow frowning as he examined the floor. Then he spoke, his voice a rich baritone “No Pentagram? No mystic circles? Who has summoned Semiazas from his slumber and for what reason?”

Minerva spoke “revenge”

Semiazas’ head turned, his tail moving behind him with a mind of its own, and he stepped toward the red haired woman “Whose revenge? On me?”
Minerva made a gesture to the St Andrews cross “Yours, do you not recognize her?”

N’bid strained at her bondage, her naked body arching “Stop this he’s a Demon Release me and together we may yet MUMMPH!”

Circe had rolled her eyes, feeding the parrot a peanut she made a gesture “oh be quite N’bid” and a leather band appeared around the Shaman’s mouth.

At the name Semiazas’s eyes widened and he stepped toward the naked bound Shaman “N’bid? You imprisoned me, placed me in the sleep, and bound, in the same mystic pentagram used on me.” The Demon’s eyes narrowed and he turned, arching his taloned fingers as mystic energy passed between them like electricity “A trick, you wish to trap me within the circle and use her as bait?”

Circe spoke, using one hand to sweep her main of hair over her shoulder “An alliance, you hunger do you not?

The demon considered, and stepped around N’bid warily each step causing an echo in the stone room as his hooves clipped against the floor “I do, but I could easily take either of you…what KIND of alliance?”

Minerva replied “The Shaman has knowledge we need, take her, consume her spirit, her soul, and consign her to non-existence, no after life for her. And then use her body as a vessel as you see fit. Join us as you like and this world will be our playground and once you have consumed her soul you will have all of her shamanic knowledge and abilities to add to your own.

Semiazas felt the stirrings of lust as he listened “How do I know you will not betray me once if I step into the circle?”

Minerva answered annoyed “how do we know you will not betray us with the vast power you will have, and destroy the whole world?”

Circe replied to her accomplice “Minerva you really MUST stop watching American television. Semiazas is a hunter; would you slaughter your entire food source for fun and then starve?”

Semiazas now regarded Circe and a warm smile crept over his face “You are Olympian, have I your word that everything said is the truth, in good faith?”

Circe smiled darkly “Cross my heart hope to die”

N’bid, silenced by the gag could only listen and watch as they negotiated over her. She struggled with all of her strength, not only would her soul be consumed by the demon if she did not get away, she had no doubt the demon would use her form to put any final nails in Sheena’s coffin and forever bind her to Otwani and his queen. Sheena really would be their human pet.

Semiazas approached now, smiling as his forked tongue flicked the air, tasting it, tasting N’bid’s scent. Approaching the pentagram the demon’s golden hoof broke the line in the air above the symbol and a red energy surrounded the limb at that line. The demon stepped in easily, flexing the membranous wings to re settle them on his back. His smile filled with sharp interlocking fangs. The demon entered easily enough. The symbol was made to keep things in, not prevent entry.

N’bid’s eyes widened as she saw the demon’s length extending from his sheath, the slender spike was a soft red in contrast to the yellow sheath surrounding it and the sac below it.

“Hello N’bid, I have waited long for this”

As Semiazas stepped closer, she could not smell the demon, there was no scent of sulfur or brimstone as in the movies, instead it was a cross between roses and jasmine and a…light...animal musk. The aroma causing her heart to begin to race. She could not explain it but this was the scent of lust. Like the pheromones given off by animals who are intent on mating.

Semiazas reached out a taloned hand and used the tips of the talons to very gently lift one of N’bid’s young pouting breasts. The saurian head smiled as N’bid inhaled sharply thru her nose. The rich baritone chuckled “do you remember N’bid; humans make demons repulsive to delude themselves as to our evil nature, why would I be disgusting to hunt you. You like that touch don’t you? Respond, you are compelled by the summoning circle to tell the truth just like when you had me trapped in one.

N’bid, tried to resist but felt her head nod, just because she did not WANT the touch did not mean it did not feel nice.

Semiazas stepped closer towering over N’bid, leaning in to lick the young girls face. N’bid felt the demon’s body, his breath was sweet, and soft, his skin was indeed slippery, but warm, covered in a light, slippery mucous. It was like the sensation of a slippery rubber or leather but it was alive. “I do not think we need this anymore do we?” The demon slipped a talon under the leather, and like cutting butter severed the gag.

Minerva and Circe both tenses as N’bid gasped “Away from me Demon!”

Semiazas “oh your mouth says no but your EYES say yes.” He used a single finger to lift N’bid’s chin and lean in. His smooth slipper lips pressed to hers. And N’bid felt her mouth go slack, the long forked tongue sliding into her mouth and actually gently sliding down her throat.

Circe smiled, Semiazas, she knew, is a form of incubus, everything about it was designed to prey on women. It could not outright control their mind, but its saliva had an aphrodisiac effect, the mucous on its body meant to lubricate and make the pleasant sensations during sex.

N’bid moaned as her throat relaxes and she felt herself suckling on the soft tongue as the demon took it’s time exploring every crevasse, every tooth. N’bid pressing her lips around the tongue as it withdrew and opening her throat as it extended again and again. She felt Semiazas’s tail slide gently around her thigh, the spade severing her ankle bonds before sliding up her thigh to her sex, leaving a shimmering trail before the soft spade began to gently caress over her sex.

Outside Circe explained “see how he mesmerizes her? Seduces her, oh I DO like his style.”

Within the circle, the demon gently traced a wet talon up her Arm. While she trembled

“You cannot win Semiazas, they are tricking you, to do what I know you want, required a virgin sacrifice, I lost my virginity many years ago.”
Semiazas again chuckled “you have not looked at what the Goddess did to you have you?” using his tail N’bid’s toes pointed and she gasp as the tail spread her soft petals and rubbed over the woman’s hymen “When they restored your youth they restored your virginity.”
The old Shaman’s eyes widened “No!”

The demon chuckled his warm smooth body against hers, “yes, though I suppose you COULD offer yourself, but while I am within the circle, those 2 can command me, even if they have not had to….of course YOU can change that.

Circe cried out “No! You made a deal!

He demon ignored her speaking to N’bid “what do you offer?” While he spoke, Semiazas lifted his right hand and a soft ink brush covered in blood red ink appeared. He lifted the Sham’s right breast with his slippery golden hand and began to paint a spiral, a mystic symbol, around the base of N’bid’s soft breast toward the nipple. He was decorating her. The brush was cool and slippery causing her nipple to harden.

N’bid knew she did not have much time to act. Circe was already leafing thru her summoning book to dispel the demon. She spoke quickly “I am in the Summoning Circle; you know I must speak the truth to you from the Demon realm. I will give myself willingly, and my knowledge, but leave this world and my student.”

Semiazas nodded and said “Done” as Circe began to recite.

N’bid closed her eyes summoning her Shamanistic powers, and combining them with the demonic ones; the force of life opened a small blue hole in the air around the pentagram. And Semiazas held out a taloned hand. The book flew to him thru the opening, and as soon as he touched it, the air around the Pentagram shimmered briefly, in the same instant, a gesture from his other hand. Circe and Minerva flew up against the solid rock wall. From his hand a silky white substance sprayed over the 2 women, cocooning them to the wall so that only their eyes and nose were visible. The soft sticky silk was warm and was liquid at first but as it quickly dried it gently constricted until the 2 women hung glaring angrily. Around Circe, Semiazas continued to spray his silky stream on the rock around her to form another Pentagram. “Pentagrams are crude but useful, kind of like a battle axe, but so very effective.” He chuckled “yes now that I have the book *I* control the pentagram.

Semiazas now turned back to N’bid “I expect you to keep your oath.” Using a talon he cut N’bid free of the cross.

Once again on her feet N’bid moved her youthful body toward the stairs, and was blocked by the Summoning circle, a shower of red spark erupting. N’bid turned to the hooved demon. “I gave my word within the Pentagram or summoning circle, whichever you care to name it.

Semiazas chuckled “I have been tricked too many times….and waited too long for this. I am going to consume your soul now; if you wish your sacrifice to have meaning…you will comply.

N’bid again felt her heart race; would this be how it would end? She had been expecting death, she was centuries old, bit she had expected her spirit to live on in nature…perhaps in a way it would, if she nourished the demon, must like the circle of life, her being would live on in his? Was that what it wanted? Her he down she approached the powerful demon. “Yes master”

Semiazas lifted his hand to caress her face, and she responded licking at the palm of his hand. He smiled as his leathery wing slipped around her naked ebony body “that’s it N’bid, just let this happen, the aphrodisiacs in my body will make your ending a very pleasant one.

Minerva glared as she watched the 2 embrace within the pentagram, Semiazas’s wings circling around N’bid as the woman leaned in to place a passionate kiss on the indigo demon’s muzzle, his taloned hands roaming her body beneath his wings as he caressed her firm ass. Within the silent room they could hear the mucous crackling as the black woman was coated in the substance from the demon.

When they broke the kiss, N’bid shimmered, her body was incredibly sensitive. She knew this was how the demon fed; he could not take her soul without her own orgasm. She stood before him looking up at him. While she had not had many sexual expirnces in her life she was not ignorant. She knew she was hastening her own doom, but this felt SO nice…reaching out her hand curled around the red slender phallus of the demon, both slippery now she gently stroked it.

Semiazas’s eyes were alight with fire as her other hand cupped the bright golden sac that swum between his legs. “Down N’bid, on your belly at my hooves like a serpent”

By now almost in a daze, N’bid sunk to her belly, laying her hands by her sides she lay before the demon the 2 golden hooves filling her vision, the sand from the stone clung to the top of the smooth hoof while beneath, the soft dirt gently pressed to the sides from the demon’s weight
“Now N’bid, between the toes of my hooves is a very powerful scent gland, can you smell it?”

Crossing his arms smiling down, his wings refolded the demon smiled as N’bid gently pressed her nose to the crease between his toes and felt her inhale, and exhale, her soft warm breath warm on his feet with great enjoyment he simply said “lick them”

To N’bid the scent was like orange blossoms, but it made her heart race. Almost without thinking, her arms at her side she used her belly muscles to move up the extra few inches and pressed her lips to the smooth warm hooves, the flat of her tongue licking from the sharp toes to the top of the hoof leaving a trail of her saliva. She tasted the dirt and grime, but there was also a spicy exciting taste.

Above her she heard the demon chuckle as she began to kiss fervently at the hooves. It was nowhere NEAR as bad as she had imagined. The hoof material was hard, but warm, and her tongue could slip between the toes to get at that taste quite easily. Semiazas allowed her to clean one hoof. From her ground level view N’bid could see the weight shift, in her mind she never considered how a foot or hoof would look as its master controlling it moved. The hoof she was licking lifted, and underneath she saw the soft blue pad like material and she felt it come to rest on the back of her head, gently pressing her face to the other hoof. Somewhere deep within her, N’bid felt humiliated, but the feeling going thru her body overpowered that. She was consciously aware that this was exactly how an incubus works; he would have her crawl before him for his amusement like a cat playing with a mouse, until he was ready.

Semiazas smiled down at her, and with another gesture, pillows formed behind him and he reclined, lifting the hoof she was currently licking, and he was rewarded with her taking the whole hoof into her mouth, her tongue slathering along the underside.

N’bid felt as if she didn’t climax, she would die, her free hand slipping down between her legs to begin rubbing at her clit.

At the sound of the soft squishes coming from between the woman’s legs, the demon lifted his hoof from her head “ah ah...not till I say” he said gently kicking her hand away before placing his foot back on her head “I have waited a long time for this N’bid, once I have extinguished your soul I will keep your body under my hooves to trample you like the dirt you are, now come, serve me….”

Hearing her master speak, N’bid’s tongue began to dance up the legs. Licking at the smooth slippery rubber like skin as she licked up each leg headed for the demon’s crotch, each kiss and lick as she nuzzled his legs, increased her want and desire, stoking her fires like a growing forest fire, while the demon enjoyed her soft lips.

Hanging from the wall, the 2 betrayed women struggled futilely as they watched the demon enjoy himself.

When N'bid reached his soft golden sac, Semiazas stood again, spreading his legs to allow her to tea bag him.

She took the soft musky orbs into her mouth her tongue gently arranging each one in each cheek so she looked like some kind of human chipmunk.
Semiazas was in no hurry, and he let her work for almost an hour before reaching down, one hand cupping under her chin, the other on the back of her head and guided her mouth to his stiff cock.

To N’bid, the scent was pure arousal, the cock was not blunt like a humans, but was slender to a point, the slippery substance there was different from that on his body but she no longer cared as she pressed her soft lips around it and let the demon pull her face into his crotch.

Her nose pressed up against his smooth golden belly, the world muffled around her as his firm thighs rubbed against her cheek. Semiazas held her there for a while just to enjoy the feeling of her warm slippery mouth on his unwashed cock. As he expected her felt her tongue slip between his length and his sheath to slip around the smooth pocket where his cock rested when not aroused. It has been a LONG time. Holding her under her chin and by the back of her head, the demon began to plow into her face and down her throat. He was not just having her suck, he was fucking her face. N’bid felt his thigh muscles bunch, and heard the clip of his hooves as he opened his stance to drive his cock into her throat.

Semiazas groaned openly with lust, and a glowing silver tendril began to form and flow from the top of N’bid’s head up to the demon’s nostrils where he inhaled deeply.

N’bid felt him pull back and she suckled more firmly, pressing her smooth lips around the glistening red flesh, using her tongue to trap it against the roof of her mouth, and when the tip reached her lips, she relaxed her throat. Her hands on the smooth salamander like skin as she pulled his ass to help him throat into her throat.

Semiazas used a knee against her elbows “put your arms behind your back WENCH”

N’bid complied and knelt before him, Circe and Minerva momentarily forgetting their own predicament as they watched the demon throat fuck the young shaman.

Semiazas’s thrusts were brutal, and his pre began to flow copiously into N’bid’s throat, and she dutifully swallowed it, the silver mist rising from N’bid strengthening as the demon inhaled it more, looking more intoxicated himself. Semiazas thrust harder, and the force of his thrust soon had blood running from N’bid’s nose as his firm abdomen plowed into her face.

As his climax approached, his tail slipped between her legs, the spade tip curling as it teased the Shaman’s clit.

N’bid, kept teased on the edge, climaxed immediately, when she did, a glowing silver image of her, appeared to float in the air beside the demon. It appeared to be her, unconscious, bound with a crisscross of red lines, rotating slowly in space. Semiazas pulled N’bid’s into his crotch and ground it against his smooth slippery flat belly, while his spike pulsed down the back of her throat directly into her stomach. Leaning forward on his hooves, pulling N’bid in by her head as his hands gripped her hair, Semiazas threw his head back trembling as he inhaled more of the silver mist his own words from his groan “Delicious”

Minerva and Circe stared as the demon emptied his lust down her throat.

The demon held her there, bucking his hips forcefully into her face for some time, her face completely obscured by the demon’s blue and golden thighs, his rune lines along his body pulsing with energy, the lines around the N’bid on the mystic plan pulsing in synchronization.
Finally Semiazas moved, his tail slipped around N’bid’s throat like a leash and gently tugged.

N’bid was no so deeply intoxicated by the demon’s aphrodisiactic musk, she hardly was aware as she was moved behind the tight ass. She started up at the soft blue opening of his anus, and allowed the tail to flex and press her nose up under the underside of the tail at its root.

Once again, somewhere very far away, N’bid’s conscious mind was curious, she had never considered the UNDERSIDE of any beings tail…but her nose slipped into the area as if it was meant to be there, the tail draped over her head and down her back as her face cheeks pressed between the smooth slippery ass cheeks of her master. Instinctively her tongue licked over the opening, and her vision was obscured completely by the demon’s firm ass.
Sighing as he felt his shaman begin to service him from behind. Semiazas walked over to his other 2 captives. N’bid was forced to crawl on all 4’s as he moved to keep her nose pressed up under his tail, the slippery appendage slipping around to tease at N’bid’s breast. Semiazas stopped in front of Minerva and Circe, both women’s eyes angry, glaring.

Semiazas smiled, putting one hand to his saurian chin “Hmmm now what AM I to do with you two? You WOULD make a nice art display” he said chuckling.

Even from this angle Minerva could see the Shaman pressing her face up and between the smooth muscular blue ass cheeks. Her jaw working as her tongue slipped over and within the demon. Semiazas reached out to gently run a corked finger against Circe’s smooth cheek “Oh come not dear, you have done this enough to males, surely you can see the necessity?”

Circe would have jerked her head away but it was too firmly held by the web like material, which now showed the outline of both women’s body to every detail.

The demon moved over to Minerva forcing N’bid to again move on all 4’s “now YOU intrigue me, a mortal… infirm, not overly attractive, what could YOU possibly hope to offer ME? “

Both women struggled, kept silent by their wrappings and the demon smiled a dangerous smile “oh do not worry, you will both received your fate from me shortly, but even a demon must recharge after a fuck.”

Folding his arms he laughed loudly, placing the book he had on the one table in the room. Both women glanced at the door, as if perhaps awaiting Actaeon. Both swearing vengeance if they ever got out of this.

After gloating a while Semiazas reached back and had his Shaman stand on her feet. He guided her back to the Pentacle. The sheen on N’bid’s body had begun to dry so the demon stepped up behind her and slipped his arms around her, his taloned golden hands sliding up and down her body, pausing to cup and gently caress her breast, He amused himself licking his forked tongue along her chin as she leaned back against him…sliding her own hands along his arms, as he once again applied the slippery mucus against her. He again spread the huge wings to embrace her in a warm slippery blue blanket of his smooth hide such that only her head and her feet shone, until her body once again glistened like him. While the shimmering substance caused her skin to be sensitive, it did not cloud her mind like the musk did. Slowly her mind cleared and she stammered “W...what…are you doing…why?” she looked down, they were both now so slippery if they hugged one might squirt out from the others embrace, and his talons teased around the Areole of her nipples maddeningly. N’bid could see her astral form, Hanging suspended like a fish on Semiazas’ hook.
The demon smiled “I want you clear headed for this last,” He smiled using the flat of his finger to part her sex and run his finger along her sensitive hymen “you are quite wet N’bid. How do you feel?

The Shamans did not bother to deny it. Yes, I know your kind evolved to prey on females, especially of my species…right now I’d fuck my own mother if you told me to, but I feel…weak…a little…hollow. You won’t win…I have knowledge you do not.”

Semiazas chuckles “I will in just a little while. You feel weak because I just consumed a bit of your soul, just an appetizer, and it was quite, sweet, now, lay down N’bid, in the Pentagram just like you once chained me.

N’bid had given her word, her should for the world, for Sheena. Shimmering in the torch light, a glance to the 2 cocooned women on the wall, N’bid obediently lay again at the demon’s hooven feet, one leg each at the apex of the inverted 5 point star, the candle sputtering at the apex of each point, one arm in a point, and her head at the remaining point. Semiazas had to shack her last wrist, but beyond that she lay herself down on the unholy alter like a sacrificial lamb.

The demon now smiled just watching her bind herself began to raise the fires he would need to finally put her out of his misery. Her beautiful nubile body laid before him willingly, moved between her spread legs. Her own burning lust she arched toward him her eyes half lidded she whispered “finish me off…take me.”

Semiazas smiled “oh I will” his wings opening to mantle over her as he guided his length to her sex between her legs “you have lived too long N’bid Elds, you should have never been born, You never knew this, but I tried to snuff you out on the day of your birth, but your whore of a mother prevented me, I had to settle with consuming her soul, but not before she sacrificed her body. Now I will finish what I started.

N’bid felt the slender cock enter her, the demon leaning down, guiding his tip between her legs into her body. She felt him get line up…she tugged at her bondage but they were firm, her cunt was completely unprotected.

Running a hoof tenderly along her calf the demon leaned his weight down, feeling his body press into the unresisting prey. He had made her so wet there was practically no resistance, his thrust was gentle, his balls laying against her cunt lips as he slipped completely within her body, shuddering with pleasure as he felt the soft hymen rip and smelled the coppery blood mixing with the scent of her womanhood.

N’bid would have wrapped her arms around the demon had she not been bound spread like an eagle for the powerful being. She could feel his thickness stretching her, as she sheathed his dagger. She grunted, and licked at the demon’s neck

On the astral plane, N’bid could see Semiazas’s astral form behind her own which was quite comatose. The demon’s astral form slid it’s arms around her and leaned drawing back it’s lips to reveal its fangs it placed a Savage bite on N’bid’s astral neck.

In the real world, N’bid felt a spear of pleasure as Semiazas pressed up and in arching his back and she felt his smooth warm golden sheath at the base of his cock, pressing up against her ebony cunt lips in a perverted demon like kiss.

From Behind Circe and Minerva watched coolly as the demon’s magnificent wings mantled its prey like a hawk over a rabbit, his smooth ass rising and falling as Semiazas began to rut into his prey.

To N’bid the world exploded in pleasure, this had to be heaven, part of her was screaming to save herself, but that same part knew she had toppled over the cliff, she wouldn’t resist the demon even if she could. Astrally, the demon gently sealed his lips over the wound it had inflicted, drinking in and feeding off her life force.

With each thrust the demon consumed a bit more of N’bid’s soul, with each withdrawal from her body his own rune lines and tribal symbols pulsed with new energy and life, taking her’s for his own.

All Minerva could see of N’bid was her head, over Semiazas’s shoulder and N’bid’s feet, her toes pointed as she strained to lock her heels over the Semiazas’s legs. But with each thrust those struggles became weaker, while Semiazas’s thrust became stronger.

N’bid felt each thrust from Semiazas, sliding his length up to her cervix, panting as she lay stretched beneath him. Her breasts pressed to his slippery chest and again the air was filled with sound of obscene crackling and squishing as the demon took his way.

Growling with new strength Semiazas smiled own into N’bid’s face, draining her energy, her youth her soul. Her body clenched around his cock as he pulled back only to relax and have her thighs thrust upwards when he thrust back down “How does it feel N’bid’ he grinned wildly.

N’bid responded “soooo…weak……p..please….

Semiazas chuckled thrusting more firmly, feeling the slippery walls of her sex clench at him “oh no N’bid, not THIS time…no one will save you.
On The astral plane. Semiazas’s astral form had now mounted N’bid’s thrusting his cock firmly into her ass. Her form was now almost transparent, flickering between being there and disappearing forever from existence

In the circle N’bid weakly looked up at the demon “You can’t …win…I…”

Suddenly Semiazas threw his head back and trembled, a look of pure surprise on his face. Om the astral plane N’bid’s body flashed suddenly, while in the real plane, Semiazas and N’bid trembled in a mutual orgasm, the demon’s seed pumping onto the bound shaman, the milky white substance pouring from between his red cock and her brown body. His wings trembled shaking and shivering. A blue fire engulfed the 2 and a wave of force swept thru the chamber, extinguishing the fires in the sconces.

In the darkness al Circe and Minerva could do is waiting. There was sound, something moved, and the smell of the not extinguished torches. Then there was a sudden flash of light as all the sconces re lit.

Standing before the 2 bound women was…N’bid. Smiling “so, you wished to summon a demon did you?” raising a hand, with a gesture, the 2 cocoons around the 2 women were slashed. Circe fell hard to the floor but N’bid caught Minerva. “Well it looks like you accomplished it. The Shaman smiled very unnaturally, her mouth filled with sharp interlocking teeth.

Circe stood up, unsure, ready to move “Semiazas? Is, is that YOU?”

The Black woman chuckled “Do you think that stupid BITCH N’bid would have freed you?” after saying that there was a brief moment and N’bid’s body changed, it was still N’bid, still female, still naked. But now her eyes were red, with vertical pupils, a pair of horns grew from her head, she walked on a pair of golden hooved and a tail sprouted from the top of her ass “does this look a bit more familiar?”

At first Circe looked stunned, then gathering her own magic she began “you filthy demon I will teach you to double cross an immortal
This time it was Minerva who moved stepping in front of” the Semiazas, in N’bid’s body.” “Circe wait I think I know what happened.
Semiazas “you best listen to her Olympian, I not only have my demonic powers, I have ALL of N’bid’s shamanistic ones…
Circe stayed ready “you promised her within the circle to oppose us and leave.

Semiazas laughed, her soft breasts swaying “and you BELIEVE a demon?

Now Circe looked confused “but you promised…within the circle.

Minerva spoke next “yes AFTER he cocooned us and had the book.

Awareness dawned on Circe “Yes, the Circle was then yours, it compels the SUMMON to speak the truth, not the summoned!”

Semiazas leaned back admiring his needed sharp nails “that’s right, besides, that being no longer even exists any more, even if bound who would the oath now be bound TO? I got her so hot and bothered she never thought of that. You know I have not possessed a female body before, this might be fun.

Circe frowned “then why cocoon us?”

Minerva spoke again “To prove himself. If he lied to N’bid, why would we not believe he could lie to us? By having us helpless, he could have taken both of us, but he freed us.

Semiazas chuckled “you know for an invalid, your pretty smart, much as I like the idea of having an Olympian as a 9 course meal every day, a living cornucopia for my appetites, what you suggest rather intrigues me” The demon in human form stood up and stared at Minerva “what is it you want from me.

Minerva smiled darkly “I want you to make me a Succubus, so I can kill a god and become a goddess.”

Washington D.C. Diana Prince sat in the doctor’s office. The doctor, a man in his late 30’s in a plain white coat, accompanied by a young nurse entered with a chart. Diana sat on the table, looking at the device MEN called “stirrups” She hated the name, and had to fight back her ire at what men had done to her. They invented names like for sex, called mounting, as if the woman were some kind of docile equine, to examine then stirrups, another equine reference for a noble but eminently docile trained creature.

The doctor looked up “Ms. Prince, your phone call said this was urgent, and I had to come all the way from my vacation in the Hamptons for just you, this will NOT be cheap, what is of such urgency.

Diana swallowed her ire. This was the only doctor she could get to see her immediately, she would have preferred another woman but it was Sunday on a holiday. “Thank you, I need to know…if I am pregnant.”

The Doctor’s eyebrows went up “have you been having sex with no contraceptive? I assume from the urgency you’re not PLANNING a pregnancy”
Diana felt like slapping the doctor, if she had not had sex she would not be here, instead she took a deep breath and said “well…um yes.
The doctor looked up “Were you raped?” he asks gently.

Diana’s mind raced, she knew he had to ask this, and if she answered yes, it would violate her oath, well sort of, and there would be police reports, and she had not yet reported back into the NSA, that would be an investigation….She should have thought this out better, but she HAD to know, No amazon since the days before the Greeks had ever been victim of a child of rape. “No Doctor.

The Doctors attitude changed “I see then, well Ms. Prince, it says here your 38 years old. You are well educated, you should know about the use of contraceptives by now. It is simple enough to give you a prescription, an implant or even to do a Tubal ligature or hysterectomy.

Diana bristled “No Doctor I am quite aware of my responsibilities and obligations and what treatments are out there.”

The Doctor looked up, he was doing this as extra work “Well if you were not forced, what are you doing before me today?”

Diana again stammered “…made a mistake.”

The Doctor looked at her over his glasses You’re sure that’s your story?”

Diana flushed but answered quickly “Yes…I met a guy we had a fling, I let it get too far, it was a mistake.”

The Doctor nodded “Up on the table on in the Stirrups” while he got a speculum. “You know its MISTAKES like that, which cause all the abortion controversy. I am not for abortion, and just because a person cannot control their emotions for a few moments, like some kind of rutting animal then they run to doctors to fix it and make US the bad guy.”

Diana said nothing; she was humiliated enough as the doctor swung the stirrups open to examine her cunt. He placed his gloves on, careful to make sure his female nurse was present “now you will feel a slight pressure, I have to examine your cervix and get a sample.

Diana had to press her eyes closed as she felt the fingers touch and spread her cunt lips. They felt just like Hans, or action or the Guard, or any of the others. To her humiliation, her body still trained to the response, began producing a large amount of fluid as she felt the unwanted arousal.

The Doctor looked up over where her bent knees kept her gown up, she could see in his face that the OB/GYN knew that her response was one of arousal. The Doctor was known to examine high priced call girls.

Have you ever seen an OB/GYN before Ms. Prince?” he asked. Pressing the cold metal speculum against her and spreading her cunt leaning down to inspect her cervix.

“No” Diana said shortly

“You should have a pap smear then...”

“NO” Diana cut him off “Please Doctor I will play whatever your fee is just tell me if I am pregnant.”

The Doctor frowned and nodded, turning to take the fluid specimen and place it in a test tube. “You may get Dressed Miss Prince, and join me in my office.

Once dressed in her skirt and business top. She entered the Doctors office. He had the report on his Desk. Diana sat down.

The Doctor rocked back “Ms. Prince the nature of the business required me…

Diana cut him off “Doctor AM I pregnant?”

The Doctor paused and started again “I am REQUIRED by the nature of my business to ask you a few questions, Dr. Patient confidentiality means they will stay strictly between us. Ms. Prince, do you work as a call girl?

Diana blinked “What… could you…”

The Doctor held up a hand “Ms. Prince, in my examination of you, I have seen some low paid prostitutes that have not engaged in as much sexual intercourse as you must have had in the past month. In fact the muscle structure suggests much more than one man could have physically done with you, and there are signs of anal sex as well. I say this because first I believe in being honest, I am genuinely concerned for your HEALTH, and I cannot treat you if you’re not honest with me, I ASSURE you that no one outside of you, and I will know, within the limits of the law. I say THAT because records show you have a security clearance. You must know that if either you engage in inappropriate relationships… high risk intercourse, or are being coerced, I must report it, unless of course, the records are lost…if you know what I mean. Oh and should I check you for STD’s?
Diana stared at him, he was asking for a bribe to keep quiet. “Doctor, I ... Already told you I will pay your fee; if I am pregnant then I will carry the child to term and care for it, so your conscience can be clear. This is not something I...regularly do’ she could feel her face completely red as she blushed with shame “Will you please tell me…

The Doctor shrugged “congratulations M.s Prince, you beat the odds, you are not pregnant.

The relief Diana felt was incredible, the doctor was not lying, she paid for his services, the bill was 5 figures, fortunately her Amazonian gold made the fee easy.

Now she had to get back to the NSA, she had been gone for over a month. The first thing she saw when she walked in was Daniel. The man looked up and his first reaction was surprise, then relief, then joy as he rushed toward her “Diana! Oh my God, Thank GOD you’re ok! Where have you been?
At first Diana was going to whisper to him “When I went to Actaeon’s house he captured me” but if she did that, they would know her information compromised all that security, that she could take however it would also Expose Actaeon to an investigation, breaking her oath and he’d come after her again… she needed time to think so she responded.”

I had to go under cover Daniel, what…what did you tell the director?”

Daniel glanced around “Diana, I expected you to be gone a NIGHT, not a MONTH, are you sure you ok?”

Diana nodded “fine Daniel I swear, what did you tell the Director?

Daniel shrugged “I told him you had a lead, you had not explained it but that you were going deep cover off the reservation. Diana he’s FURIOUS, but I had to tell him something.

Diana smiled “Thanks Daniel Boon” she nodded relieved, it was not a perfect story, there would be repercussions, but she could work with it “you did fine.”

Daniel leaned in Diana what really happened, why did you disappear.’

“Daniel, what you said was not far off...I suspected that Actaeon was behind some operations and I had to leave the country, in the guise of his…’ she swallowed “maid… but I didn’t uncover anything, he lives remote, to just leave would have been suspicious, this is the first chance I could get back.”

From the other side of the room a voice shouted you tell Ms. Prince I want her in my office NOW!”

Diana looked down “We’ll talk later Daniel.

In Director Fox’s office Diana stood quietly, while the red faced director fumed “you take off on an unauthorized black ops mission, disappear for a month, and just show up here…what in the HELL was so important.

Diana stammered “I...had a lead that Actaeon Davies was, involved in some very deep criminal activities.

Jake Fox stared at her as if she had just turned into Wonder Woman “Actaeon Davies? The humanitarian entrepreneur?” Mr. Fox calmed down “Diana, did you FIND anything?”

Diana swallowed hard hating the answer “No sir.”

Mr. Fox’s face when back to a red shade “Well go figure THAT one huh? The man HELPS everyone.

Diana fumed

“Ms. Prince please sit down.

Diana sat.

Mr. Fox touched a button on his desk and a computer scene came down. When it turned on, there was a video of Diana Prince, emerging from her room, and going to the Doctors office. “Ms. Prince, when you went missing, I set a surveillance drone on your house, because I thought you might be in trouble. Can you explain how you could be survelied LEAVING your house, but never RETURNING to it? And why before you reported in you choose to visit a gynecologist?”

Diana again sat quiet “There is a service passage to my apartment, I use it in case I am being tailed”

Mr. Fox nodded “ok that explains one, how about the other?

Diana swallowed “That’s personal Mr. Fox.”

Jake Fox shook his head “if that’s the way you want to play it. Ms. Prince, I could have your clearance revoked, and you fired…but up till now your work has been exemplary. Still…This has called into question your motives and how much we can trust you. I am not going to pull your clearance however…”

He pressed a button and there was a soft Buzz “send Daniel in here.”

The door opened a few moments later and the Young Daniel walked in, he looked worried at first, then relieved to see Diana sitting there “Sir?”
Jake Fox looked at Daniel “From this moment Ms. Prince is demoted to field operative, I am placing you as her superior.”
Daniel looked stunned “me sir?”

Mr. Fox softened some “it’s no secret your friends” before Diana could speak Mr. Fox held up his hands “JUST friends. I have to act on this, and my HOPE is, that with Daniel as your supervisor, you realize you pull a stunt like this again HE could get hurt as well, and that it might not be as bad to work as partners till Ms. Prince can get out of the dog house. That is all Daniel take Diana home see that she has all she needs, come on back on Monday.”

On the way home. Diana did not speak much, and Daniel respected her need to think. Saying only “That was very nice of Mr. Fox.

Diana nodded she looked over at the handsome young man, and part of her wished that if she had to do all those sex acts, at least some had been with Daniel, he was a good lad, AND he was handsome and he deserved a good women, though she was not sure SHE was a good woman any more.
Diana leaned over during the ride and kissed his cheek, causing a cute blush response “Thanks Daniel… for everything.”

Daniel stopped the Dar in front of her apartment “You want me to see you to your Door?”

Diana felt the lust stir in her groin, but shook her head and smiled “no thanks…I have had a long month….But I think everything is going to be just fine now.

She watched Daniel pull away and went up to her apartment. When she entered she saw the piles of mail, she’d need to check in with the Justice league, newspapers were piled up. She sighed and though “Maybe this is over now.”

The Door bell sounded and she went cold, she almost transformed into wonder woman, had Actaeon found her already. Using the peep hole she looked out. It was just the Fed Ex man. She relaxed, opened the door and signed for the package.

Curious she took the package in. It had been sent from Los Angeles, Fredrick’s of Hollywood? She opened the box and the color drained from her face. Inside, still damp were her blue panties and a note.

In your rush to leave, you left these on my floor, next time clean up after yourself.

It was signed “Actaeon Davies.”
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Chapter 14

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Hunter of the Amazon
Chapter 14

Out on the African savannah in the growing twilight, stood 4 figures, Barbara Ann Minerva- the British woman wracked with pain barely able to stand, Circe-Greed goddess of sorcery, Mr. Ping- the Whitehouse Press Secretary and the shaman, N’bid, though the young black woman now walked the grasslands on cloven hooves, with a pair of curled horns sprouting from her head and a smooth spade tail sprouting from the base of her spine.

The black shaman had clad herself in a zebra skin bra and loincloth, compliments of Sheena’s powers. It had been a month since Actaeon Davies had cut the Amazon fool loose. Back at the Davies compound, Sheena’s lower belly was now showing her condition as she carried King Otwani’s child he had raped into her, and they all enjoyed watching her kowtow and grovel as she served as their servant. Now that Sheena was pregnant, she was freely shared among visiting dignitaries, and she had settled into her role nicely. Once she had come to believe that the demon Semiazas, now possessing N’bid’s body, was her old mentor and had given her up for the return of the old shaman’s youth that had been the final nail on Sheena, Jungle Queen’s coffin. The woman was now obedient, compliant and resigned. Now unmistakably pregnant, the woman had realized if it was going to happen anyways, she may as well enjoy the physical act and so she called in trophy animals for high paying poacher hunters by day, and then rewarded their hunting prowess in their tents at night, when not serving at Otwanai’s and his queen’s feet.

N’bid, smiling darkly with glowing blood red eyes, moved to Ping and Minerva. As she walked her tail flicked and Ping’s eyes continued to stray to the striped skin that tucked right up under that tail as the youthful body walked by. N’bid paused and handed Ping a box. “Do not open this until you and your president’s staff is aboard your Air Force one.” To Minerva the Demon handed two small vials “the red one is the pheromone, the spiders will be attracted to any who wear it, while the blue one is anti-venom, and will serve to repel the spiders. Once bitten their victims should be out for about 24 hours.

Circe smiled as she peered at the two vials before giving a worried look at Minerva who had collapsed to her knees in pain. “Come on Ping, we do not want to keep your President waiting. Besides Semiazas and Minerva have preparations to make.

Aboard the Watchtower space station, Wonder Woman materialized. Hawk Woman greeted her friend, the Thanagarian stood with her soft wings folded up against her back, her mace hanging on her hip “Long time no see Diana. We were wondering about you.”

Diana felt a flicker of lust as she looked toward the beautiful muscular woman, Hawk Woman was in love with John Steward, the Green lantern, but Diana had always desired to see how those wings attached to Hawk Woman, and she strode over to embrace her friend.

Diana slid gratefully into her friends embrace and was rewarded as Hawk Woman extended her soft warm grey wings around them to engulf her in their feathered warmth. As the embrace broke, Wonder Woman nodded “I, had some issues in Africa, With Sheena.

Superman and Batman appeared “we were monitoring, it seems that Sheena had decided to retire from her duties and have a family.
Diana suppressed the urge to blurt out what had happened, but not only had she given her word, they could easily finish off Sheena; she would have to find a way to straighten this mess out herself. Diana walked over to the Batman and Superman “What do you mean have a family?”

The 3 walked over to a view screen, there was a video of Sheena, she wore a soft cloth like sundress that showed her pregnancy advancing, and she was smiling and looked happy. The Batman spoke saying “We were concerned at first, especially when she began to summon the biggest trophies in the Jungle for hunters, but Otwani has purchased huge tracts of land in Africa to return it to its wild state, for conservation, he’s even re-growing the rain forests to combat global warming, he appears to be funding it by making the hunts legal and charging huge amounts for the licenses. Diana, what did you find there?”

Diana decided to push as far as she could “There is, a man, Actaeon Davies, he’s the mastermind of all this.

Superman crosses his arms in front of the bright “S” on his chest “Well he sure seems to have a great plan, now that the African countries are united, they have approved the poaching even against international regulation, but the proceeds have recovered more wild lands than any other program and it appears the endangered species populations are actually increasing in numbers.

The Batman looked over to Diana “Daina, why did you go there? What were you looking for? Is Sheena in trouble?

Diana signed “I…thought that something was wrong, but as you can see Sheena is fine, I was wrong Bruce.

Batman looked up “Its ok Diana, but you have to be careful, that makes your entry illegal. Let us know when you have a lead. Clark, let’s make sure we have been thorough on this, I will see about Otwani’s computers.”

Superman nodded “I will head over to Africa as Clark Kent to do a story on this success. It will give me a chance to poke around and maybe even find Sheena myself, meanwhile Diana why don’t you take some downtime, you look tired.

Hawk Woman offered a gentle hand on Diana’s bare shoulder “Hey want some company?”

Diana looked up and was surprised to hear herself saying “Actually Shayera, I’d like that, I could use some company.”

Torn by what to do, Diana followed the beautiful woman with the graceful wings and was surprised to find herself arriving at Shayera’s bedroom. Shayera entered easily and sat in front of her computer “make yourself at home Diana, I just want to check my e-mail.”

Somewhere in Lhasa China, Actaeon Davies sat watching A young lad, perhaps 17 years old gazing at a computer screen. 4 beautiful Chinese women stood completely naked except for the soft canine collars around their necks, each holing a silver service awaiting orders. Actaeon glanced at their pert breasts swaying. He saw Hans’ back stiffen “Shayera’s signing on.”

Acteon moved to look over the lad’s shoulder, as the redhead removed her mask, and stared into the screen. In the background Actaeon could see Wonder Woman pacing, he smiled at her dilemma.

“Brad, are you sure they do not know we are into their system?”

The young man smiled, running his hand thru his styled red hair “No, Their safeguards are all against hacking, Signing on with Wonder Bitch’s logon, and thanks to your suggestions with her own gold rope, she doesn’t even know we compromised it.”

Actaeon watched the face of the woman as her hands, out of sight, typed at the keyboard “Can’t they check to see that Wonder Woman logged on to the computer from China, while she is on the Watch Tower?

Brad rolled his eyes “you hired me because I am a genius with computers, I can even do a physical interface, but I would not need to do that, I piggybacked from Wonder Woman’s own computer the first time she logged on and used her own protocols to always make my ISP be whoever I am watching, right now the computer has me logged on as Shayera…

Actaeon regarded the boy “How old are you?”

“I will be 17 next month why?”

Actaeon watched the face on the screen “Well I noticed that I have 4 very young beautiful women completely stark naked behind you and you did not show the slightest sign of arousal till Hawk Woman signed on, and she’s fully dressed.”

Brad chuckled and opened his desk draw, he withdrew a wooden mannequin head, on it sat human sized leather falconers hood “I have watched that hen since I was 12. Every article, every comic book, She even came to my school once for a lecture on sexual violence and exploitation. Ever since that time I have been interested in birds and in her. I designed this hood, and a set of jesses just for her, they are exact to her body dimensions.”
Actaeon was taken aback, he picked up the hood. There were leather thongs for both tighten and loosening the hood. A hard leather ring at the base of the hood would go around the neck, with the thongs securing together in the front to lock the device to a bird, or human head without choking, there was an opening for the nose, or a beak. The leather bulged outwards from the nose so the eyes were covered by the leather but the leather did not lie against the eyes. On the crown was a ring of fur with a feather tuft for decoration, and across the back Burned into the leather was her name “Shayera”

“Hand stitched, by you I imagine, very finely tooled….”

Brad Nodded “I want that hen, its fine she wants to be like a hawk, I want to treat her like one. I have a beautiful gilded cage to keep her in. I want to Have her, train her, and keep her. “I want her virginity and I want her to have my children and I wanna check and see if she is a TRUE redhead.” he smiled excitedly “and with what you, Lex Luthor, Catwoman and China are paying me, I’ll be able to afford it. Of course I will have to clip her wings, a pity actually but they aren’t real….A trophy for above my mantle.”

Actaeon had to smile at the passion and arousal of the computer wiz “She’s old enough to be your mother and doesn’t she have feelings for The Green Lantern?”

Brad picked up a cracker and munched it typing a series of commands into his own computer “Oh we been cooling that down, your friend Hans’ understanding of Psychology and Physiology had helped a LOT with that.”

Actaeon frowned interested “What do you mean?”

Brad grinned “I have used my talents to induce a rapid series of flickers in any screen I want, much too fast for the eye to see…call it a subliminal. The eyes connect directly to the brain, did you know that? One of the cranial nerves, so for some time I have been increasing Shayera’s Cortisol levels by stimulating the stress centers of her brain, not really hard mind you.

Again Actaeon frowned placing the human flacon’s hood on the desk “Why?”

Brad smiles “Stress….means a much lower Libido, I doubt Shayera has been able to get herself off with her fingers for weeks. She has to be QUITE…tense?” The boy smiles and wiggled his eyebrows.

Actaeon nodded “but how does that help here?’

Brad smiled “Shayera and that Diana, are both carpet lickers, though in Shayera’s case, she is latent. I have seen how Wonder Woman looks at her. We need to Distract Wonder Woman from Tipping off The Batman and Superman, and Wonder Woman has felt guilty about pleasuring herself ever since you raped her silly. Well tonight I think it’s time for one of Wonder Woman’s Fantasy’s come true and for Shayera to discover that it’s not only males that can provide pleasure. Without the worry of her morals with Green lantern, I am betting things between the 2 of them cool. And it’s high time I discovered of Hawk Woman is a TRUE redhead” With that Brad hit the enter key “it’s Show time”

Aboard the Watchtower, without even thinking Shayera rose from her desk turning the computer’s internal webcam to face the bed, the screen now black. She smiled and touched a control panel. The stations walls immediately became crystal clear, so that they looked like there were standing on the Watchtower’s outer hull. They stood at the apex with the entire earth spread out before them. The sun shone, and the star field.
Diana looked surprised “Shayera? What…”

The winged woman strode across the room as Diana watched her hips roll. She had often fantasized about the winged woman, but Shayera had never shown interest, and had already made it clear that she was interested in John, they would be married one day she had no doubt. Still… Seeing Shayera approaching, the intense hawk like intensity in her gaze, made Diana’s knees nearly buckle. Ever since Actaeon had raped her, and she had seen the OB/GYN she had not been able to bring herself to pleasure herself, or even take pleasure. Every time she closed her eyes, or tried to fantasize, she would see Actaeon smiling as he had mounted her and enjoyed her.

Shayera stopped and slid her hands along Diana’s bare shoulders, her hands were firm but gentle, the callouses from where she gripped her mace felt pleasantly rough. The Hawk woman stood before her now, her yellow bikini top over her breasts, her red shorts over green tights, and the red boots with the yellow stripes that resembled a hawk’s talons. Shayera leaned in to kiss the other woman; oblivious to the audience they had back in China.

Diana put her arms up “Shayera, No….this isn’t right…what…what about Green lantern, What about John?”

Shayera seemed to pause a moment, before whispering “I will not tell him, if you won’t” she smiled.

Diana blinked, she wanted this so badly “But…if he finds out, he crushed, it will…destroy him.”

Shayera looked directly into Diana’s eyes levelly, calmly “I don’t care Diana, he doesn’t have to find out, call him a fool, call him stupid, he’s not here, and I want this.” Shayera leaned in; entwining her fingers in Diana’s and the two women pressed their soft red lips together.

Wonder Woman was surprised to feel Shayera’s tongue press into her mouth. She hesitated for a moment before beginning to suckle firmly on the Redhead’s tongue, the two of them beginning to entwine tongues and let them slip over each other. Diana felt Shayera’s mace against her hip as Shayera’s arm slipped around Diana’s waist and pulled her close. The Hawk Woman cocking her leg to rub her inner thigh against Diana’s outer. Diana was surprised by the intensity of need from the previously heterosexual woman. Wonder Woman’s hand slid up along Shayera’s side, to run her fingers along the bare skin of Shayera’s spine between the wings and heard Shayera moan “ohhh Diana…you like my wings?” her great wings half extending and trembling, “I want this” she smiled and leaned in, kissing more fiercely.

When Shayera broke the kiss, a single strand of saliva connecting their lips the redhead smiled and said “And so do you, don’t you Diana….want his.”
Her breath taken from her, Diana stared numbly, and slowly nodded. “Yes’ she whispered, the Amazon flushed from head to toe, her body responding to the other woman as she felt her own sex moisten.

Shayera moved slowly, slinking behind her team mate. Diana felt the woman tugging at the zipper of her uniform, felt her body suit loosed as the redhead placed her head on Diana’s shoulder and took her hand and slipped it into Wonder Woman’s top to cup the soft slightly moist breast, she whispered into Diana’s ear, “Let’s make no mistake on this Diana, I am going to cheat on John with you, and I do not care, we both want this, we both NEED it, there will be no regrets later, no soul searching, I want to fuck your brains out right here right now with the whole earth below us” she used her sharp red nails to gently tease around Wonder Woman’s nipples.

Wonder Woman fought to control her breathing, she had wanted this for so long, Hawk Woman was right, they could do this behind John’s back, let him use his hand if he wanted. Diana’s engine was purring and she felt her lust growing.

Diana did not resist as the aggressive Hawk Woman as the Thanigarian used her soft wings to enfold the amazon and slipped her hands down and released the Girdle of Hera, Diana felt her strength leave her as Hawk Woman let the mystical item with the Golden lasso slip to the floor and then deliberately walked on it, with her booted foot, grinding it under her heel, as she slipped Wonder Woman’s uniform down her body.

In China both males smiled watching the show, slipping a DVD in to record the event. Brad tapped a few commands, and the Stations surveillance system came to life, allowing him to zoom in or out, and catch angles.

Actaeon chuckled as he was treated to the view of Wonder Woman standing in her tiara, bracelets and boots “Yep, that’s what I remembered” he was pleased to see that Wonder Woman’s pussy was still as bald as the day she was born.

On the station Shayera smiled and moved to stand in front of her friend grinding the symbol of Wonder Woman’s power under the heel of her red boot. “My turn?” she smiled, and reaching behind her released her Yellow bikini top, releasing her soft pouting pale breasts. Shayera was a “B: cup, and the soft brown nipples were perked. The 2 women had been so worked up by the invasive program, their brains were practically disconnected.
Wonder Woman stared, and slowly reached out. Shayera smiled as she felt her teammate’s fingers caress her slightly moist skin and she moaned loudly.

Wonder Woman paused “What...if someone hears?”

Shayera struck a pose, her bare breasts swaying a hand on her mace at her hip. as she looked openly at Diana’s bare ass, the curve of her hips “Diana, were in space, now what do YOU want?”

Diana needed no more convincing, the Amazon slipped to her knees before her sister, a move that seemed to surprise Shayera. Diana slipped her hands around the Hawk Woman and, hooking her thumbs in Shayera’s waist band…began to gently tug down Shayera’s breeches. As the garment lowered, Diana and her audience were treated to the thick red patch of silken red pubic hair and the soft moist folds of her labia. Shayera smiled, and was again surprised as Wonder Woman slipped her hands around to grip Shayera’s ass and pulled her face deep between Hawk Woman’s thighs. The other woman’s face fit like a glove between Hawk Woman’s bare thighs.

For Diana, this was incredible, the Scent was heady, and the taste salty sweet, a part of her mind realized that the taste was slightly different then Queen Zenda, she could tell the difference, but this was her friend, she WANTED this as she sealed her mouth over the other woman’s sex and suckled firmly, slipping her tongue over Shayera’s clit and sliding over Hawk Woman’s hymen within.

Hawk Woman gasped at the intensity, and the feeling, grabbing Diana’s head firmly she shoved the Themyscirian princess deep into her groin her wings folding about the mostly naked kneeling princess as Hawk Woman began rubbing Diana’s face within her folds. Shayera gyrated her folds all over Diana’s face as she moaned “Gods Diana…yessss’ shaking her fiery red hair down her back as she grinned wildly down as she rode her captive’s face. Shayera was so tense, it only took her a few moments to climax, while Diana knelt suckling hungrily at the lips of her friend’s sex.

The initial drive satisfied. Shayera stepped back panting and smiling. “By all your Gods Diana, if I had known this was this intense…” she smiled “Time to give back a little of what I got.” Shayera moved her hips gently bending to show her smooth ass as she tugged off her boots stepping barefoot onto the deck

Diana looked up at her teammate, Shayera stood naked, with the whole earth behind her wearing only her wings. Her right foot out slightly, hands on her hips smiling as her groin was coated with Diana’s saliva. “What do you want Diana? What is it YOU want?”
Wonder Woman, knelt back on her red boots. “I thought…your wings aren’t they...”

Shayera smiled and stretched her wings some “Yes they come off, but I find many people like how they look on me, like their feel….but your avoiding the question Diana…what do YOU want.

Diana considered, and looked at her golden girdle, with Shayera’s boot print on it. Picking it up…she walked to Shayera, who watched her curiously, noting the moisture running down Diana’s inner thigh. Wonder Woman knelt before her teammate, and looking up past Shayera’s pert breasts fastened the girdle with her lasso around Shayera’s naked waist.

Shayera gasped, as she felt the rush of amazon strength, she felt all her own powers mixed with Wonder Woman’s powers “I...I don’t understand” she stammered.”

Diana smiled up “you asked what I want….If we’re going to keep a secret, and say that John can go…fuck himself”

“Quite literally” Shayera interjected with a smirk.

Diana nodded “yes literally, and I will cheat on John with you or whatever you want to call it in EVERY way, but then what *I* want” she took off her Tiera and arranged it on Shayera’s head, then what I want is taken by you…. “

Hawk Woman looked at her friend, the two women standing practically naked “Diana…taken...but …WHY?”

Diana removed her bracelets, leaving her in just her boots and began slipping them on Shayera’s wrists “We have always been rivals Shayera, I am tired of decision making, I want to escape some, with…with a friend, I want YOU to make the decisions, to have my strength, everything I am and just use me, so that I can enjoy giving this gift to my friend, to a friend, and not just this once….whenever you feel you….want me, I want you to come and TAKE me….this way.”

Shayera blinked as she watched the Amazon for the first time give a full body flush, Shayera had to think about it a moment, moving her wings slightly but finally she nodded, her hand reaching for Wonder Woman’s golden lasso “Very well Diana, if that’s...what you truly want, you may as well lose the boots, we have all night and you will not need them, then get on your knees at my feet, at the feet of a Thanagarian, where an Amazon belongs.

Diana slipped off the last of her clothing, tossing her red boots aside and knelt before Shayera. By the time she knelt Hawk Woman had fashioned the lasso into a collar and leash.

On seeing the degrading item, Diana had a flashback to Actaeon, but the idea she was catering to her friend’s fantasy, she lifted her chin and let Shayera collar her.

With the golden girdle on, Shayera could feel her own sex drive had as much strength as her physical strength. The Raven haired Diana would not going to stand a chance as a regular woman, but perhaps that was what was wanted.

Shayera tugged on the golden line “So tell me Diana, is this your fantasy?”

Diana felt the compulsion to speak only the truth, but it didn’t matter she would have said it anyways “Every Amazon knows that to be dominated is to have a...release…a sexual bliss, yes Shayera, I have fantasied many times about you….conquering me, I honestly do not want you to hold back.
Shayera chuckled “oh don’t worry about THAT!” she laid back with her wings spread “now come here Diana.

In China the two males watched as the 2 women began to make love. Diana slid against Shayera, while she wrapped her fingers in the black Amazon hair…. Pulling the red lips to her nipple.

The two women wrestled against each other on the floor, their body’s beginning to glisten with sweat. Their hands wandered without restriction, and their mouths kissed hungrily at each other. Shayera used her wings to trap her friend against her, pressing Diana’s face to her breast, while dipping her own head to suckle hungry at the Amazon nipples. Her body tingled with the sensations. The Amazon, with centuries of pleasuring her sisters on Thesamacaria knew exactly how to pleasure the Thanagarian. The earth above them was open, and Shayera spun up to straddle her friends face, grinding the soft velvet lips of her sex against Diana’s red lips while the nose swam thru a sea of red pubic hair.

After her third climax. Hawk Woman pushed Diana to her back… and turned to face the amazon’s feet…A thrill going thru her, she had never conserved putting her mouth on another woman’s sex, but now grinding her pelvis against Dian’s face, keeping the depowered amazon trapped, Shyaera leaned forward and pressed her own lips to Diana’s bald sopping wet cunt. The scent was sharp yet exciting, the salty sweet taste as the Thanagarian used her lips to nuzzle at the other woman’s bare sex. Gripping Diana’s flanks firmly she began suckling and licking; a heroine 69. She had the Amazon so turned on; she felt Diana spasm almost immediately. Diana arched her back, her team mate’s soft lips and probing tongue causing Diana to spasm in a fierce orgasm, her stomach tighting as she felt her eyes cross and Shayera’s wings extended in a tremble as she came all over Diana’s face.

The girdle was incredible, no sooner had Shayera climaxed, then she was ready again. Moving to scissor between her friends legs, grinding her wet red furred pussy against Diana’s bald one as they gyrated.

Diana, panted, without her belt she did not have the stamina. She looked up gasping “Shayera…p...please...stop…I’m exhausted.

Shayera had no intention of stopping and responded by pulling Diana back to her crotch “LICK, ohhh Gods yes that’s it!’ leaving over to once again hungrily suck at Diana’s pussy. After forcing the glistening Amazon to another climax Shayera grabbed the golden lasso and smiled “You will not speak again, you’ll continue with me till you pass out!”

The two males watched on, each now with a Chinese girl in their crotch suckling their length as they watched Shyara putting Wonder Woman thru her paces. Wonder Woman quickly looked exhausted, her hair wet and sticking to her skin, while the Winged Thanagarian walked around in her naked glory with Wonder Woman’s golden girdle secure around her naked waist, fresh as could be, her wings framing her perfect white skinned body. When Diana could no longer move, Shayera grabbed her by her head and remounted…her hands teasing the Amazon and forcing climax after climax out of her. Finally when Diana fully passed out, Shayera stood over her placing a foot on Diana’s face “oh no…you asked for it Diana now you’re gonna GET it.

They watched with amusement as Hawk Woman laid Wonder Woman out like a fish to dry in the son…she quickly bound Dianas arms behind her back…tied her feet together, all wither own lasso, and then lowered herself to sit on Diana’s face. They could see Wonder Woman struggle weakly, as Shayera fingered the lasso “I wonder how this works’ she gave a single command while grinding her anus against The amazon’s lips “lick” and they watched Shayera arch her back, feeling the amazon tongue obeying.

Under the stars, with the earth above them, the two men relaxed and enjoyed as Shayera spent the next several hours, indulging until she finally curled up beside the bound amazon and feel into a deep restful sleep.

Deep in Africa, the African moon began to raise, red above the Jungle. The Redheaded British archeologist Barbra Ann Minerva, groaned in pain as the Demon, Semiazas in the possessed body of the Shaman N’Bid, watched with some amusement “Really Minerva, I do not know this Urtzkartaga, but I rather like him.

Minerva wracked her body again with a painful muscle spasm and snarled “Shut up Semiazas… My suffering is not here for YOUR pleasure.”

The Half demon looking black woman chortled her spade tail flicking “No reason not to mix business with pleasure.”

The British woman got to her feet “Do you have the spells and potions ready?”

The Demon nodded, a set of horns emerging from the beautiful black woman’s head her eyes glowing red “Yes, your friend, Circe got these potions from someone named Poison Ivy, and I have our own magic to add to it, what is this all about.”

Barbara glanced up at the moon now smiling “You will see.”

The moon rose now high enough for the eerie red glow to bathe them. The Red haired woman stood now, sighing with relief, and as she did, her smile grew feral. With a single blink her eyes opened with the vertical of a feline. As retractable claws erupted from her fingers, she yowled, showing sharp feline fangs replacing her normal teeth. Using those claws she began to shred her clothing, just in time as a thick feline tail emerged from the base of her spine. Soft short bright yellow fur began to sprout all over her body, covered in dark black rosettes, and her gait changed as she began to walk on the balls of her feet, the heel moving up slightly on her calf. Feline ears emerged poking above her mane of bright red hair, and rotating on their roots as her hearing enhanced. She stretched feline like, her soft breasts firm, only the nipples uncovered by fur. “Yes!” she snarled giving out a feline mewl. “Finally! The relief!”

The Demon woman watched with interest “So that’s your secret, you’re Cheetah.”

The naked woman sauntered over, rolling her hips as the yellow spotted tail flicked in counterpoint to those hips. “Yes, now; Urtzkartaga, you worthless worm, SHOW yourself.

Erupting from the ground, a large powerful looking man clothed in a Cheetah headpiece and cape, the furred upper head of the beast serving as the male’s headdress. The Plant god glistened in the moonlight, powerful limbs, with a necklace made of animal fangs. Ivory and Gold bracelets adorned his wrists, arms and ankles, and he held a long metal spear with a large leaf like blade on the front, and an animal skin shield “You dare speak of me like that woman!”

Cheetah, her long red hair flying, the woman spun in a feline crouch “I will speak to you how I PLEASE” she snarled, a deep growl in her chest “you left me crippled with pain, except for one day in the month when I transform.

The African plant god did not look amused, pointing his spear at the woman he admonished her “Mind your feline tongue woman, you took the ceremony without being a virgin.”

Cheetah gave a a Yowl and pounced, only to have Urtzkartaga’s spear glow, and a large tree root emerged to lash at her., only her feline reflexes saved her as she twisted and laded to the right of the god in a feline crouch “You could have made it permanent at ANY point, or given me control”
Urtzkartaga smirked “Impudent female, you did nothing to deserve it, and now you attack me, it was *I* who gave you your powers…I can take them away!”

The Cheetah laughed, moving on all 4’s circling the muscular god; with feral like smile that showed her sharp fangs “Not for long Urtzkartaga.”
The plant god pointed his spear again, and a vine shot up headed to The Cheetah, her eyes widened as a red bolt struck the vine from the right causing it to wither.

Urtzkartaga spun “Semiazas! Foul demon, this is none of your affair, I warn you stay...” The god was interrupted as Cheetah leapt; he brought his shield up as cheetah’s claws raked across it. Before the god could bring his spear about, another root erupted at his feed snaking around Urtzkartaga’s feet. “Foolish demon, I am the plant god, ALL plant life obeys me” his spear swinging to sever the root.
Cheetah was as fast as her namesake, landing on her feet she back flipped over Urtzkartaga, to rake her claws across the god’s back leaving deep bloody furrows.

“Agghha!” Urtzkartaga Spun the haft of his spear catching Cheetah on her side. The impact would have killed a mortal, but Cheetah was thrown into a dead tree which splintered.

Urtzkartaga was being pressed hard, between the demon that was much more powerful than usual, and his part time avatar. He advanced on her, spear cocked thrusting at her body.

Before it could connect another vine appeared and snaked around Urtzkartaga’s wrist stopping the sharp leaf blade just above Cheetah’s bare breast.
Cheetah stared hatefully into the cheetah head dress worn by Urtzkartaga, and used her lithe body to back away toward the jungle swamp behind her.
Urtzkartaga turned and pointed his spear at Semiazas, and a blue arch lanced out striking the demon woman in the chest and tossing her aside. Semiazas was tossed thru 2 trees and came to rest unmoving on her back her cloven hooved feet in the air.

Urtzkartaga turned “you have grown too bold Cheetah; you will pay the price tonight for your impudence.” The god waved his hand and the living trees uprooted and were tossed aside leaving Cheetah standing amid the rotting trunks in the swamp, crouched.

Cheetah smiled crouching as she circled, her eyes locked on the god as he walked toward her “I do not plan on paying tonight Urtzkartaga, tonight I COLLECT.

Urtzkartaga, sneered and leapt up, grasping the feline woman by the scruff of her neck as she yowled and her hands and feet flailed, scratching harmlessly against the powerful man’s arm. The god had an amused smiled and simply swung Cheetah like a kitten smashing her against a dead Baobob tree.

Cheetah’s head rang as she hung stunned in the human god’s grasp.

“Now little kitten” the god said swinging and slamming her by her scruff into another dead tree “it’s time you learned some manners.
Cheetah’s face mashed against the wood and bark of the tree. Her clawed hands out, the black pads on the palms of he hands trying desperately to soften the blow,

Urtzkartaga laughed and gripped Cheetah’s tail where it joined her body with his other hand “So you think you could defeat me with the power *I* gave you” his eyes glowed red under the Cheetah headdress as he swung her back like a battering ram and heaved forward sending her red maned head slamming into another dead tree, snapping the tree off.

Cheetah’s svelte body went limp as the god suspended her between her scruff and her tail, swinging back to smash her head again into another tree.
Semiazas slowly became aware and sat up, trying to get her hooves underneath her. The horned she demon put a taloned hand to her head, and staggered to her feet.

“That god really packs one.” She heard a crash. Looking around, trees had been smashed everywhere and tossed aside like match sticks. Semiazas saw Urtzkartaga stood deep inside the swamp, swinging the yellow furred woman into one tree trunk after another. Cheetah looked unconscious, or dead, but the god was quite engaged with slamming her head into a particularly big tree, blood dripping from her nose.

Urtzkartaga, looked smiling at the limp feline woman “I will deal with your soul on my own plane” he smirked as Cheetah hung limp in grasp. His back to Semiazas, Urtzkartaga wound his hand around the silken red mane of hair and knelt pressing Cheetah’s face into the muddy swamp water “In the meantime I think it’s time for a new headdress.

Semiazas walked up, watching as the plant god pressed the feline face under the water.

Cheetah began to convulse, slowly at first, weakly and uncoordinated, her tail flicked as bubbles erupted around her face.

Urtzkartaga, gripped her silken red mane more firmly pressing her face deeper “I have always liked a splash of red little kitten, Shhhh shhhh stop struggling, I have a special place for you in the afterlife.

Semiazas walks quietly behind Urtzkartaga, watching with some arousal. Cheetah’s shapely legs were beginning to slow now. Semiazas paused, the dark muddy swamp water pressing between her hooves “Well I really should probably help.”

Taking one of Poison Ivy’s bottles, the demon poured it over the tree root severed by Urtzkartaga’s spear, the root went from white and fleshy to black and covered in sharp thorns. A bit of demonic energy and the thing took root and shot toward Urtzkartaga

“Gahhhhh! You…”

Urtzkartaga, body was quickly becoming cocooned in the black root. The god’s eyes glowed blue and a blue glow surrounded the black vine.

Nothing happened as Urtzkartaga released Cheetah, face down in the water “what type of magic is this… the root it does not…”

Semiazas lifted a taloned hand and the root wrapped around the throat of the plant god “you talk too much” she smiled down.

Semiazas placed a muddy black hoof on the chest of the struggling plant god, closing her left hand causing the vines to constrict, with the pleasant sound of crackling wood and strangled exhale of air from lungs, with the other hand she reached down and grasped Cheetah’s hair lifting the limp, coughing sputtering feline up by her matted soggy red hair. “Now I wonder what I should do next.”

In New Your City, Wonder Woman moved among the shadows, flying from building to building. It had been far too long since she had felt this way, her tension was gone, and she felt, ALIVE, she had had a wonderful night of sex with her friend Shayera who had helped her shed the guilt and feelings she had when Actaeon had raped her.

Her eyes detected movement. A huge man with muscular body moved in the darkness. There is the sound of smashing glass.

Wonder Woman moved down, to a wrecked door, torn right out of its cement frame. She looked up; the business was a defense software company. She moved in, her red boots crunching the broken glass. Inside, a guard lay crumpled, she checked his pulse, he was breathing but unconscious. She continued in, searching the building. In the research lab she could make out the outline of a man sitting at a desk in front of a huge glass wall, the shadows of 2 large horns on either side of the head.

Wonder Woman flicked the light on, and was looking into the surprised bovine face of a muscular man, with a bulls head.

“Hello Minotaur, looking for your Gameboy?”

The Man rose, balling his hands into fists. His body covered in short brown fur, cloven black hooves clipped on the tile, fracturing it, a thick brown leather loincloth with 2 large guns on his hips as a bovine tail flicked “Wonder Woman, can’t you mind your own BUISNESS!?”
“Give it up Minotaur, you cannot defeat me.”

The bull man grabbed for his guns, the computer blinking as his thumb drive downloaded information of the defense department top secret defenses.
Wonder Woman struck up a pose with her bracelets “I will give you one thing, your consistent.

Minotaur opened fire…the shots ringing as Wonder Woman easily deflected the shots, the bull’s big hands pulling the triggers faster and faster until there were empty clicks.

Smirking, Wonder Woman placed one fist on her hip next to her golden lasso “the easy way? Or the hard way?”

“I’m NOT going back to prison Wonder Woman” the Minotaur lowered his head and charged.

Wonder Woman did not go for her lasso, instead she crouched as the warm head caught her in the pit of her stomach, leaning in, she wrapped her shapely arms around the horns and began to twist, bull dogging the bovine man to the ground. As the man fell her shapely legs swung around atop his body, unlike a real bull, a man’s body could simple roll, she held him. Gripping her lasso she looped the line around Minotaur’s wrist, then tugging with her amazon strength she brought his hands down to his hooven feet, making 2 quick loops she had the villain hog tied and stood up her boot on his side “5 second I think” she smirked.

Minotaur struggled “Damn you, let me go!

Holding her lasso Wonder Woman frowned “who are you working for?

Compelled to tell the truth Minotaur answered “No one, I had no money, I wanted to sell the secrets to the highest bidder.”

Wonder Woman walked over and retrieved his thumb drive “Return to your human form”

Compelled, the Minotaur returned to his human form, of a somewhat frail man. The police showed up. And Wonder Woman turned him over to them. “Breaking and Entering” she said. As the officers placed the man in hand cuffs.

The officer nodded “thanks Wonder Woman, I am sure glad your around for guys like this, did you hear about the stable fire?”
Wonder Woman shook her head “No…when?”

The Officer shrugged “Right now, at the down, they are afraid Secretariat, that stallion that won the triple crown, and his owner, that young movie star, are trapped…” he turned to take the thief in hand, and saw Wonder Woman had left. He looked at the man “where did she go?”
Sullenly the thief replied “To get fucked by a horse I hope.”

Wonder Woman arrived to see the stables flaming, the stall with Secretariat in it was completely involved as was the office of the owner Danielle Bradbury. The super heroine flew down, and using her lasso brought down a water tower, extinguishing the blaze. Inside was a grim scene, Wonder Woman could see the outline of a horse. She did not go into the office. Firefighters began the investigation of the cause of the fire. As they did so, Wonder Woman heard noise coming from Danielle’s trailer.

Stepping in, Wonder Woman saw 2 men… the young starlet lay on the floor, as one of the young men finished depressing the plunger on a hypodermic needle. Danielle lay on the floor looking up with hope in her eyes “W..wonder Woman…

Diana looked disgusted, taking her magic lasso and tossing it over the two “Well boys, it looks like I found the cause of the fire.”
The young thug whose name was John looked to his partner both under the influence of the lasso grinned “yea we started the fire.
“Why?” Wonder Woman asked

“To cover up the kidnapping of course” he replied.

“You cannot possibly think you’d get away with this….this is sophomoric by any standard.” Wonder Woman approached beginning to tie up the 2 teen thugs.

“Oh we will get away with it, and get WELL paid” John chuckled “you’d be surprised how a little cash will help things, the report will be she died in the fire, no one will even look for her.”

Wonder Woman felt sick “you are really perverted, all this to rape a woman?”

“Oh WE aren’t gonna rape her, that will be reserved for whoever buys her, she will be part of a collection, just like Natalie Wood and Julie Newmar. The nag is out in the trailer.

Wonder Woman was distressed, if these thugs were speaking that way they still believed they could get away with it, as they spoke only the truth….
“Where do you sell these things you disgusting toad?”

The thug shrugged “Madison Square gardens, and you’re not gonna do a FUCKING thing about it.”

“And why is that?” Wonder Woman asked, opening the door for something her lasso would have prevented had she known.
The John smiled “Because I have a word for you, STAG!”

Wonder Woman stopped as if in shock, all of a sudden, everything flooded back to her. Actaeon, the rapes…she began to tremble.
The 2nd thug, Peter, looked at his friend “WHAT are you on about man?”

The John smiled “just watch her, I was told if she doesn’t obey us, they will take her out and her friends….

Wonder Woman tried to think of something, she had not had time yet, to come up with a plan, Actaeon had EVERYTHING on her and her friends. She was broken out of her thoughts when the young thug snarled “Now release us Wonder Whore, that’s an order, or ELSE.

Woodenly, Wonder Woman began untying the two young men… Danielle, unable to rise from the drugs watched blinking “W…wonder…woman…w...what are…you doing…they…they want to…SELL me…

Once untied, Peter moved toward Wonder Woman “I want HER.”

John looked up “Leave her, we can’t touch her, help me get Bradbury ‘s clothes off.

Peter blinked “what…why NOT I mean it’s…

John snarled “CAN it, you touch her we fail, “ He then smiled at the young starlit “Happy 18th birthday, now where were we” he smiled slipping the zipper on her evening dress down and peeling back the soft breast for him to palm.

Tears in her eyes the young starlet kept pleading more and more weakly, as the two males efficiently stripped her and then began using her own horse’s leather reins to tie her up.

Wonder Woman felt sick, she was not sure what to do. She watched as the woman was made nude and the two men roamed her body freely. They wadded up the starlet’s own panties and stuffed it into her mouth and tied it there. John looked at Wonder Woman and grinned “you just going to stand there? Or are you gonna help?

Wonder Woman felt anger “I may have to leave you be I do NOT have to HELP.”

John shrugged “Suit yourself” and he began bitch slapping Danielle.

Wonder Woman grabbed his wrist “STOP it you coward, slapping a HELPLESS woman.

John snarled “Help or get out of the way BITCH.”

Wonder Woman closed her eyes “if I help…you will treat her well….”

John smiled “Of course”

“If I find out you did not I will…”

John snarled “Can it…”

Wonder Woman sighed “what do you want?

John smiled “Carry the merchandise out to the trailer.

Wonder Woman knelt down, looking at the beautiful Starlet’s brown drugged eyes “I...I’m sorry…I’ll find a way to come for you…” and lifted her, if only to spare the young woman more abuse from these men.

Wonder Woman carried the naked teen out to the trailer. Inside the champion Stallion pranced. John had Wonder Woman place the naked starlet on the horses back belly down, and then tied her to her own equine.

Once trussed, Wonder Woman watched with clenched fists, as the car and trailer drove off… this HAD to STOP...she had to find a way!

Cheetah coughed and sputtered, becoming aware of the shapely face of the black shaman woman, N’bid, smiling down at her in a motherly fashion, the horns curving from her brow, the glowing red eyes, the fanged teeth opening.

“GARRRETH!” Cheetah sat up almost butting heads with Semiazas sweeping her clawed hand at the woman’s’ face before beginning to cough and sputter *cough* “Get…away” *gag sputter* “f…from me..” *hack* “Demon”

Semiazas backed away “Say, say is that any way to thank the being that just saved your life?”

Cheetah got up...she looked down at herself, her soft yellow fur was immaculate, aside from the feeling of drowning and the memory of being slammed into dead trees she felt no bruising or pain. She preferred not to think of the demon cleaning her, “you took your sweet time letting him smash me around.

Semiazas chuckled “it was necessary, besides to achieve what you want you were better off unconscious when I performed the ritual.” and she pointed to Cheetah’s flank.

Cheetah looked down; a red glowing mystic symbol glowed on her yellow spotted flank like a brand. She spun catching the demon by the throat extending her claws “Why you… WHAT did you do yo me…if you…”

Semiazas smiled, her claws not even marring the supple throat “Relax Minerva, if I wanted you as some kind of demonic thrall you’d be wearing a kitty collar licking my hooves, I am keeping our deal, you will have the abilities of what you call a Succubus until sunrise when the symbol will fade.
Cheetah released the demon and looked around. They were still in the swamp, only now every bit of green was gone from the battle, piled over 200 yards away in a circle. The swamp was muddy ground and dead trees and vines. In the center…a figure with a cheetah headdress bound.

Urtzkartaga slowly became aware, it seemed incredible, he tried to move, something held him, held HIM, a god. As he lifted his head he saw the dark swamp, and they yellow feline with a predatory smile.

Cheetah smiled, finally Urtzkartaga was where she wanted him. The god hung on a frame canted back at about 30 degrees, the main upper part extended beyond the edge of the frame, the muscular tanned arms had been hooked over this crosspiece so that the upper beam ran just beneath the shoulder blades. Dead vines then tied his wrists behind his back so he could not unhook his elbows. Lower, his ankles had been hooked behind the lower cross piece and his ankles bound to the wood and the entire frame had been elevated so he was suspended just off the ground.

Urtzkartaga struggled “How is this possible, my plants do not respond, what demonic magic is THIS!”

Cheetah stalked up, Semiazas behind her. The demon spoke

“Demonic yes, in part, you see with the shaman, N’Bid’s, knowledge, I know you are a god, and the plants are your strength. In your rage to find your avatar here, you cleared out every piece of growing live vegetation, and now suspended by dead wood and dead vines your link has been severed.
Cheetah smiles and reached out her supple hand, tugging the headdress from Urtzkartaga’s head and looking at his handsome features.
Urtzkartaga glared “You cannot hold me forever foolish mortal”

Cheetah chuckles using a finger to turn Urtzkartaga’s head to look where a velvet lined sarcophagus sat made out of dead wood, she leaned in with a soft purr and rubbed her cheek ruff against his cheek whispering “I do not need to hold you forever, just until we finish” her silken warm tail sliding against Urtzkartaga’s leg.

Urtzkartaga’s eyes widened “what do you mean SHE cat!” and felt her hands tugging at the belt holding his loin cloth.
Once relieved of his loincloth, Cheetah looked at the flaccid member, looking under her eyes “you do not find me…appealing?”
Urtzkartaga chuckled looking at the smooth lines, as the feline slid her hands under her soft furred breasts, her brown nipples rolling. “You think mortal wiles will affect me?”

Cheetah leaned in, her red tresses falling like a fiery waterfall over her shoulders, her claws went gently to his throat where she trailed them lightly down his chest, lazily wandering slowly lower and lower, down his firm muscled belly to his cock where her needle sharp claws gently teased, while she leaned in and whispered “But I am not completely human…am I”

Urtzkartaga inhaled, and there was something, about her scent, something…intriguing, his eyes opened wider in surprise and trepidation as he felt his lust stir.

Cheetah smiled “It appears I am having an effect on you, purrrrfect”
He watched as the feline woman went to her knees, and she began to play like a cat with his stiffening member, leaning in to rub her cheek ruff against his semi firm erection

Urtzkartaga gasped at the sensation, struggling against the vines but stuck where he was “W…what is the...meaning of this?

Cheetah smiled, and blew gently on the cock, her yellow furred cheeks puffing outwards, bringing the god to full arousal She stood before him her creamy white underbelly leading to the soft folds of her very human like sex, the white fur close around the petals of her Labia making her look as if she were shaved, the soft pinkness hinted within her. She used her tail to slink along the gods cock, eliciting a surprised moan as his cock twitched.
You wish to be a common, slut” he tugged trying to keep his breath under control.

Cheetah reached out and he felt her butter soft leather pads on her hand caress him as she manipulated him unbidden and stepped above him, staring directly into his eyes she began to guide him into her sex, lowering herself on his erection “Oh hardly common.”

Urtzkartaga felt her predatory gaze as his head pushed her warm neither lips apart, and felt him slip into her slippery muscled folds, grinding her groin against him as their pubic bones met and she leaned in to place a fiery hot hiss on his lips. He looked down between them where his length had disappeared completely with her body.

When Cheetah bucked her hips, Urtzkartaga gave a groan of surprise “What are...what are you DOING…Feel…sooo…weak…

Cheetah smiles hooking her furry legs behind his calves as she climbed atop him

Semiazas, spoke with her own dark smiled “I have given her the abilities of a Succubus, plant god, she is going to drain you in more ways than one.
Urtzkartaga eyes widened as Minerva lifted herself up only to grind back down against his groin “Yessss!” she yowled like a cat in heat “All those years of suffering, when I am done *I* will be the goddess and you will be a dried out husk, I can feel it now, as I feed on your lust….” She licked her fangs “Delicious.

Urtzkartaga struggled, feeling the flow of his powers into the feline woman “No! you cannot handle that much...power, you don’t know how to handle mummph” cut off as Cheetah leaned in to give another deep hungry kiss.

Cheetah leaned over the weakening god, feeling the rush of power, as she lifted her hips she clenched her silken inner muscles around his cock, slowly lifting, and then relaxed to savagely press back down. Her tail lashed and she ran her claws over his bound arms as the silken soft fur caressed his body, her breasts pressed against his chest. “shhhhhh” he placed a finger over his lips as she broke the kiss “let it happen…you cannot stop it” she grinned triumphantly.

Semiazas backed off chuckling “I think I will give you two some alone time.

In the moonlight Cheetah rode her prey without mercy, the god’s powerful muscled body growing more and more flaccid, except for his loins, slowly, against his will he began to meet Cheetah’s thrusts, the feel of her firm furred belly against his, more than he could resist.
Cheetah rolled her hips feeling his length within her...greedily absorbing his god like powers, as his thrusts grew desperate her grew confident and powerful.

Urtzkartaga was covered in sweat in the cool night are of the swamp. The demonic feline atop him riding him like a prize stallion, his length buried completely within her body. Her firm ass pressing to his thighs rhythmically as his cock served as the conduit for her to drain him.

Cheetah leaned in, as if going in for the kill, the moonlight flashing in her eyes…”you resist, but it is useless” she slowly licked his ear nibbling at it, and was pleased to hear him groan. She felt his length beginning to pulse “yessss that’s it’ she mrowwled quickening her pace as she ground against him.

Eyes wide Urtzkartaga began to tremble “’t…” feeling the woman lean in, the sweet smell of her fiery red mane. Cheetah licked his neck, and then took the smooth fold of his skin between her fangs and bit down hard, but not hard enough to break the skin.

The feline love bite pushed Urtzkartaga over the edge, he felt his orgasm pulsing into the feline, each pulse transferring his powers to her, throbbing he trembled, and felt so weak, his head fell back listlessly, eyes staring and mouth open in a silent howl of lust, still caught in cheetah’s love bite.
To Cheetah the explosive orgasm rocked her body, grinding down on the erection within her, the sweet taste of the gods power as they fused with her soul.

As Urtzkartaga’s orgasm subsided, she could hear his labored breathing, more than simple exhaustion, his life force was waning, he could no longer hold his head up as he hung on the frame.

Cheetah closed her eyes and murred deep in her throat, unhooking her feet she dismounted, allowing the plant god’s length to slip from her folds. She felt vibrant, energetic, ready for another round.

Urtzkartaga felt her untying him, he felt week as a kitten “Wha…what are you…doing?’

Cheetah gripped the muscular God, he looked older now, middle aged instead of the healthy prime he had been. Too weak to move she picked him up like a mother carrying a child, careful not to let him touch the ground she began walking toward the sarcophagus “why, just getting us morrre conforrrrtable my love” She smiled “2 or 3 more of these and you will be finished…..

(To be Continued)

I hope you enjoyed HotA chapter 12. Once again I implore you, to drop me a note at:

if you enjoyed this. As a writer, I do not get many thrills, as I already know the outcomes before I write them My one source of true enjoyment is to hear back from people with substantive comments good OR bad. What I mean is hearing more than just “wow good story man..” I love to get your ideas and what things you hope to see, I have included specific requests (if they are detailed enough) and even changed the entire plot direction based on fan comments and desires. Again this should be more than “Can I see a plant do Wonder Woman?” and be more of a “hey I liked where this was going, Plants can be pretty awesome, like a giant Venus fly trap, perhaps you could develop one specifically to prey on amazons” Details are welcome so feel free to get graphic. Again it’s hardtop continue if I get no feed back so please write.

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Chapter 15

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I stress again the ONLY way for me to know, is feedback, my last 2 chapters only had 2 replies each. Feedback lets me know what people want/hope to see. I am not like others, I not only write for pleasure, part of my pleasure is hearing OTHERS who share my views (that a heroine need not ALWAYS win) and give idea. My plot is NOT set in stone, You can affect it. E-mail me at LORDGRIFF0N55@GMAIL.COM

Hunter of the Amazon
Chapter 15

At Vandenberg Air Force Base, Marine One landed, with President Perino and her staff on board. Mr. Ping popped out first as a marine Gunny Sgt. in full dress opened the door, stood at attention and saluted.

President Perino emerged from the marine helicopter first. Her hair was styled about her shoulders, and she wore a dark navy blue business suit top, with a white shirt and a red scarf about her neck. She had on high heels and a knee high skirt to match the top, and walked briskly to the red carpeted stairway up to Air Force one. The President paused to return the Marine's salute and was followed by Mr. Ping, Ms. Gannett, clothed in an orange square shouldered formal business suit, with a black blouse beneath and skit. Ms. Gannett was the newly appointed press secretary, and flanked by four Secret Service agents. President Perino mounted the stairs to the huge 747 first and was greeted at the door by the Chief Stewardess, a young looking woman with impossibly black glossy hair, clad in presidential business suit and skirt.

"Welcome Aboard, Madam President," she said brightly. "I will be your flight director for your historic trip to China."

Perino smiled as she shook hands "Thank you I am sure we will do fine"

The small entourage entered behind the President, including two Secret Service men, Buck Rand, a quite fit brown-haired middle aged man in his 40s, and his younger partner Bill "Billy" Jackson. They immediately began a sweep of the plane, while their partners, a powerfully built black ex-marine in his mid-30's named Leon Sprague, and a wiry young 22- year-old male, Robin Jones, moved into the cockpit to check the pilots.

Inside the cockpit, the captain, U.S. Air force Colonel Jake Eagleton, sat beside a Canadian Air force Captain Doug McNair. McNair had a thick mane of blond hair. Eagleton was white on top and in his 50's.

Robin smiled, "Good morning gentlemen, ready for the trip to China?"

Both men smiled "Roger that, you have our clearance papers?"

Leon grunted from near the armored flight door, "Yeah, we took all the precautions," as both men checked the cockpit.

One of the stewardesses arrived with a tray of coffee "Anyone for some coffee?" She smiled brightly, offering up the tray.

Colonel Eagleton looked at the attractive middle-aged stewardess, her chestnut hair worn short.

"Thank you, Bunny" he smiled

"Bunny?”, Robin asked curiously.

Colonel Long nodded. "Yes, Bonny Tyler, Who's the new girl?"

"Her boss?", Robin nodded to the Chief Stewardess "Her name is Ecrica. She checks out:" He accepted the coffee, "A strange name I admit but, okay, let's get ready for the takeoff roll."

Robin went back and found Buck, "Everything secure?"

Buck frowned "We have empty animal cages in the hold."

The President's guest, Mrs. Gannet from Gannet News spoke up. "Those are for exchange animals from China for the National Zoo."

Erica walked up and offered each Secret Service man a coffee. "Take your seats, gentlemen. It's time for take-off."

Wonder Woman landed the invisible jet on Paradise Island. The plane taxied to a stop and she opened the door. It was good to be home, and it helped lighten her heavy heart. For her homecoming Diana wore the traditional garb of a Greek princess. A white toga like silk, tied at her narrow waist with a golden belt, leaving one smooth milk white bare shoulder exposed. The toga bunched on her left shoulder leaving one arm completely bare and showing just the start of her warm soft breast. The material stopped at mid thigh just enough to cover the curve of her ass. On her bare feet she wore the traditional sandals, which had a sole of hardened leather, open all around with black crisscrossing leather thongs which hugged her calves snugly. Of course her bracelets and tiara adorned her wrists and head.

A younger version of Wonder Woman, similarly clad, ran out to meet her sister clad in an even shorter toga which actually showed off the tuck where her athletic legs joined the muscles of her ass. . "Diana! Welcome back!"

Diana embraced her young sister. "Donna," she smiled, feeling the warmth of the 15 year old girl's body against her. "I am happy to see you!"
Donna Troy, Wonder Girl, looked up at her older sister. "What brings you home, Diana? We weren't expecting you."

A pang of guilt gripped Diana briefly. "I need to speak to mother. Even I need advice every now and then," she replied softly, smiling weakly.
Arm in arm the sisters walked toward the royal palace. Io, Diana's friend, and Paradise Island's Weapons Mistress showed up. Diana had known that Io had a crush on her for centuries. And the athletic red head gave a cheerful wave, her bow slung over her back.

Mounting the palace steps, Wonder Woman encountered two dark-skinned athletic amazons. Identical twins, Nu'bia and Philippus.

Nu'buia, whose golden breast plate sported a lion's head, was the captain of the guard. She stood with her nine-foot-long spear in one hand, and the sword of the god Aries, won from him in battle, on her hip. The leather of her skirt covered her modesty, and behind her a flowing black cape, as her badge of office. To her left stood her twin sister, Chancellor of Paradise Island, Philippis. Her own armor, crafted from gold and less ornately worked than her sister's adornments, was still striking. It was complemented by the elaborate golden rings she wore around her neck and pretty hoop earrings. Her own cloak was a rich scarlet and she carried only a spear. She and her sister used their two spears to block the entrance to the palace. When they spied Diana and Donna, both snapped to attention and drew the spears upright to allow the royal family passage.

"Good morning Nu'bia, Philippis, It is good to see you again," Diana nodded.

Nu'bia gave a darker smiled to Diana, "Good morning, sister. How goes it in the world of men?"

Wonder Woman chose not to answer but replied instead, "Do you still guard the Doorway to Doom?"

"I do," she smiled, her chest swelling with pride as the lion on her breastplate seemed to come alive.

Diana and Donna entered the lavish palace their footsteps echoing off the richly-carved marble everywhere. Alabaster white offset with color from hanging drapes and tapestries and ornate gold, with intricately-carved and cushioned furniture privileged and royalty.

Entering into the throne room draped in rich silk wall coverings, sat their mother Queen Hippolyta. Her lush purple cloak and her golden staff clearly denote her station as Queen. The raven- haired Greek goddess rushes across the marble floor to her daughter.

"Diana!" The two women embrace closely.

Hippolyta, her mother's instinct blazing brightly, took but a moment to know all was not right with her daughter. Diana was stiff, wooden, and, as she clung to her mother, the queen felt her daughter's shoulders shape in a silent sob
Hippolyta looked over Diana's shoulder to the smiling Donna, giving nothing away she said gently, "Donna, I would like to visit a while privately with your sister."

Donna nodded, after all it amounted to a royal decree but she did not mind. "Certainly, mother; Diana, I will see you for a swim in the lagoon, later maybe," she suggested as she departed.

Hippolyta held her daughter until Diana was ready, and when her child withdrew a bit, the women's arms slipped down from their shoulders until both clasped hands and faced one and other. Hippolyta looked concerned while Diana hung her head in shame a tear rolling down her cheek.
"Diana," she said gently, "What is it?"

Without looking up the heroine said softly, almost childlike, "I failed, Mother. I let a man…rape me."

Hippolyta rose gracefully and moved to her daughter taking Diana in her arms to gently stroke the silken black mane of hair “Oh… I see” she said gently, embracing the psychologically injured woman. Hippolyta just held Diana for a while, gently embracing her, though inside she raged with fury that someone would so use her daughter.

When Diana finally looked up, it was into the gentle concerned face of her mother.

“You know Diana, no one is perfect, not even the gods, Artemis herself was raped by Poseidon, Persephone by Hades… and I myself was taken by Hercules.”

Diana thought she could detect just a hint of lust in her mother’s voice when she mentioned the god of strength.

“Mother, you do not understand, I…” her voice went down to a whisper “I licked his feet, willingly, while he gloated over me, I sucked on his…”
“You sucked his dick like it was the greatest privilege on the earth.” The queen said, head held high and proud.

Diana was not sure if she was more shocked by hearing her mother use the word “dick” or that her mother completely understood and looked searchingly into her mother’s face.”

With deep concern Hippolyta took her daughter’s hand “Come with me” she said softly. Taking Diana into the queen’s bed chambers, there, beside the bed, was a rich Tapestry showing the Amazon defeat of the centaurs hanging on the wall. The Queen tugged on the cords hidden behind and the tapestry parted to reveal a painting.

There in full color stood a Massive smiling man clad in a toga, and on her knees stark naked was her mother. Hercules had on hand gripping Hippolyta’s hair pulling her mother’s face into his groin, in obvious pleasure. Her mother wore iron maniacals and an iron collar with leash leading to Hercules’ other hand. Hippolyta’s lips were clearly wrapped around the man’s shaft, her hands on Herculeses’ hips pulling her face more firmly into the male’s crotch. The detail made Diana blush.

“Hercules had two paintings done by Apollo, one for him to hang in his chambers to remember his conquest of me, the other to me so as to remind me of my place. I keep this one indeed to remind me. It was not my choice to submit, and it is because of me that all amazons wear the metal bracelets to remind us why we must never submit to man willingly.”

Diana stared at the painting, her mouth open “then he…”

“…mounted me like a well broke mare…yes. So you see I do understand.” She walked with Diana to the window. Looking down on the courtyard they could see Nu’bia and Philippis standing hand in hand, the 2 twins genuinely loved each other as sisters.

“I am sorry you went thru that Diana, I tried to warn you against returning to the world of men.

Diana shook her head “not ALL men are evil mother, not ALL men would do that, and they must be made to see us as more then objects.”

Hippolyta nodded “I swear to you as your mother and as Queen I will see the man who did this put to death, but the important thing is not to give up. Not to let them control you. If you like, you can stay here and stay with us; I can send Orana to be Wonder Woman, either temporarily or permanently.”

Diana hesitated “Mother… this man, he, he swore he would leave me alone if I allow him a free hand to enslave other women. All women are sisters, but if I resisted him, he…he warned me he’d come here, to Paradise island, and enslave you and all the amazons permanently, he’d put you back in that painting and place me and Donna on our knees beside you.” Despite herself Diana could not tear her eyes away from the painting.

Hippolyta snorted in a chuckle “I’d like to see him try to take on a whole ISLAND of super powered warrior women, have no fear there Diana; he cannot even find us let alone the fury of Artemis, Athena and Aphrodite that would come down on them if they tried. I am the Queen, even should the Island fall the fault and shame would be mine, not yours, and I assure you I have no intention of being shamed. So… would you like to stay with us, daughter?

Diana considered a moment and then her featured hardened some “No… this is my responsibility; I must deal with it and wipe the shame from my honor. No I will return.”

Hippolyta smiled proudly and slipped her supple hand around her daughter’s slim waist “Well I hope you will at least stay for a feast, but remember, you’re my daughter and I love you and you always have safe haven here.

Chuckling, Barbara Ann Minerva, The Cheetah, moved over the dead barren swamp with the weakened god Urtzkartaga, in her firm arms. Urtzkartaga could barely move as he was cradled against the woman’s now soft white furry chest, Minerva’s firm breasts warm against him with only her nipples and Areola of her breasts, devoid of the silken smooth fur that covered the rest of her body.

Walking with the grace of a feline, her tail swishing in counterpoint to her hips, Minerva marveled at how light the helpless god felt in her supple yellow furred arms, her black spots moving as she smiled, licking her lips like a cat anticipating its prey. Minerva was excited with all the new sensations, this was not a costume, the fur was REAL, the claws and fangs were REAL, the tail, real and the athletic runners build. All real, and the pain was gone.

Urtzkartaga could only look at a stone sarcophagus as he was carried like an infant in the woman’s arms. Weakly he tried to reason with her “Minerva, you...must stop, a mortal, is not ready for these powers…you don’t know the consequences.”

Smiling, Cheetah laid the weakened god down in the bottom of the stone coffin. Minerva was surprised to hear a feline growl in her throat “Wrooorrrwwwrrrrr, I know enough to know the pain is gone, and I have want I want.” She smiled as she swung her leg over Urtzkartaga’s chest and clamored into the stone coffin with him, sitting on Urtzkartaga’s chest, the soft folds of her cunt plainly in front of the god’s face as her thick silken tail gently caressed Urtzkartaga’s cock, causing him to groan.

“Ohhhh do you LIKE that?” she smiled coldly down, the sharp interlocking fangs in her jaws visible, her feline eyes gazing down.”
Urtzkartaga felt the cool stone at his back as she arranged his feet together, his arms at his side were pinned by her silken firm legs, and the pheromone scent from her sex causing his erection to re harden; part of her gift from the demon Semiazas, who had allowed Minerva to have the abilities of a Succubus, a demonic being that fed off the life force of another thru the act of sex.

Minerva slid back so her fur teased along Urtzkartaga’s smooth belly and she leaned forward placing a sizzling kiss on the African god’s lips, her smooth human like tongue freely exploring the male’s mouth as she felt him grow harder. When she broke the kiss she smiled predatorily as her silken tail teased the male sac she whispered “yesss feel your last arousal” she leaned in and ran her tongue up from the male’s chin to his cheek, enjoying the salty taste.

The cheetah woman slid back up to straddle the soon to be defunct gods face, pressing her moist lower lips to Urtzkartaga’s mouth and began to ride his face, slipping his nose between the musky soft petals, still wet with his own seed, so that she covered both his nose and mouth, clamping her shapely silken furred thighs around his head to hold him in place.

Urtzkartaga, eyes widened, and he began to struggle but now he was no match for Cheetah’s weight and strength. He tried to raise his arms to push her off as he felt the moist silken lips pressing against his face, only to feel her hands bat at his and her fur covered ankles tuck in to keep his arms pinned at his sides.

“Oh stop struggling.” she chuckled, gridding her hips down more firmly against his face. “You know you’re enjoying that” she licked her lips in anticipation like a Cheetah anticipating a meal.

Falling under the spell of her scent Urtzkartaga felt his hands comply and he laid quietly while the woman above him wiggled her hips, his lungs burning for air. In an act of desperation Urtzkartaga felt his tongue extend to try and push a space between cheetah’s cunt and the air so he could breath and was rewarded with a yowl of pleasure from the feline woman above him. He managed to catch a half a lung full of air.

“ohh you NAUGHTY boy” the cruel female gloated moving her hips so she began washing Urtzkartaga’s face. Urtzkartaga had to desperately push the moist neither lips aside with his tongue to breath, but each taste each scent thru his nose made the male harder yet, causing the young woman’s body to produce more and more of her own juices. To any bystander that could see, the night wore on with the female riding the god’s face as she aroused herself with her new toy and began learning her new body.

Despite his desperation to breath Urtzkartaga’s erection was now so hard it pulsed and moved with his rapidly beating heart. Cheetah, sensing her victory finally stopped and slid her body back the wet sex sliding along the waxing god’s chest as she leaned forward to press firm silken furred breasts to the male’s chest, her predatory smile hovering above his face. Cheetah leaned in and panting got right into Urtzkartaga’s face with her fang filled smile,

“Are you ready?” she whispered leaning in to use 2 sharp fangs to place a firm love bite on his neck.

Startled with the sensation Urtzkartaga lunged weakly and felt the feline woman press back and down sliding his cock fully into her moist warm channel, and once again the jungle god felt the drain on his powers and life force as the predatory cat above him began to gorge.

Cheetah felt the thick length spread her and she lifted her tail and ass only to slide it back down firmly on the male’s erection, eliciting a grunt from the helpless god.

“That’s it” she panted “let it happen, give in Urtzkartaga….it’s all over for you, your finished.”

With the third thrust Urtzkartaga knew he could not resist, his mind had begun to shut down and he could only focus on the pleasure he felt. The soft furred feline woman above him moved against him and he felt his length squeezed by the warm slippery walls of her sex.

Below her, Minerva watched with glee she finished her adversary off, he began to seemingly age as she rode him, the strength leaving his limbs, age catching up with him. The sounds of the jungle forgotten as, in the east, the sky began to turn a deep red with the coming dawn.

Minerva worked against the once powerful male…he now was prey under her paws, pinned and helpless she drank in his power, his essence. The thrill of the kill within, her she felt Urtzkartaga arch and groan weakly and she climaxed against him, grinding down firmly “that’s it…I am going to devour every last DROP of your essence, fool…Ghaaaaaa!”

Finally there was silence. Out in the Jungle the sounds of the beasts of the day stirring as the sun broke over the horizon.

Semiazas appeared as Minerva stretched luxuriously and radiant above the husk between her thighs. She lifted off the mummified remains and swung her form down off the sarcophagus.

“You enjoyed that.” the demon chuckled, still wearing N’bid’s body.

“You damned right I did” she grinned triumphantly, looking back, at what was left of her prey. Urtzkartaga was now nothing more than a withered mummy, stiff withered, and desiccated as if it had been there for centuries. Cheetah gestured to the heavy stone lid and was pleased to see it raise and settle firmly over its bottom half, sealing Urtzkartaga in forever.

Semiazas smiled “you want me to reverse the Succubus spell now?

Cheetah smiled “you know I already did that, I have all his powers. Now *I* am a goddess like Circe!

Semiazas cocked his head “then I have kept my part of the bargain?

Cheetah nodded “You did in deed, if you ever have need, contact me I think we make a pretty good team.”

Semiazas nodded “and what of the Sarcophagus?”

Cheetah wrinkled her nose in distaste “Take that THING and submerge it in the deadest swamp you can find, even destroyed I want nothing left to chance of him EVER coming back.”

Semiazas smiled “Very well. And you may call on me as well…do you need some clothing your other clothing got rather torn.

Cheetah began to walk toward the sun, her tail flicking “I am a goddess with my fur, I see no need for garments, nor would I want to muss my fur.

Semiazas nodded approval and levitated the casket to the deepest darkest swam he knew of… he did so LOVE happy endings.

Colonel Eagleton rubbed his eyes as the flight continued. They had been in the air some 14 hours and the routine flight was boring and fatiguing. The silver haired man looked over at his Canadian Co-Pilot, Captain McNair, as there was a tone at the armored flight door. Jack switched on the camera and saw Ecrica, the Chief flight attendant standing, alone with a bottle of wine and 2 glasses. Jack thumbed the intercom “What is it Ecrica?”

“I just wanted to offer you both some old fashioned Tennessee apple jack” the beautiful dark haired woman replied, giving the proper code words for everything was ok.

Jack pressed the entry button and the long legged flight attendant entered with the wine and Jack smiled back “What is it Ecrica?”

Dark haired woman smiled “I thought you 2 might like some honeyed wine.”

“Honeyed wine?” Doug, the Co-Pilot, asked

Ecrica smiled “My own home recipe, Oh and I think that there is something wrong with that nice young Agent, what was his name...Billy? I think it’s his stomach the lad eats anything.”

Jack frowned, accepting the small goblet of the dark red wine, he sipped it his eyebrows going up “that has to be the sweetest wine have ever tasted. Doug why don’t you go back and see what is up with Billy, I’ll take the controls a while.

The Canadian sighted and switched the auto pilot over to Jack and moved toward the passenger compartments, passing Mr. Ping on the way.
Richard Ping looked at the Pilot “Jack, mind if I use the secure phone?’”

With his earphones on and the cockpit noise, the Pilot did not even acknowledge:

“JACK!” The pilot flew on.

Ping smiled and picked up the phone head phones punching in a number and swinging the boom mic down .

“Hello?” A thick English voice said.

“Go Secure, I will initiate” Ping replied, placing the president’s White House Key into the phone and turning it.

“Mr. Davies are you there?”

On the other end Actaeon Davies smiled “I see were going according to plan, you have the President’s key”

“That’s not all I have” the Chief of Staff chuckled “Getting that Intel from Wonder Woman was a stroke of genius.”

Actaeon chuckled and replied “It wasn’t my idea, it was our clients. It was no problem after we got the codes to obtain this secure phone and a key, anyways what can I do for you?”

Ping nodded “We’re ready for the next phase, as arranged China will begin Shipping workers and equipment to build up Africa’s infrastructure, state of the art stuff… I need you to step up operations in the White slavery of the women in America, what about The Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman….not to mention the rest of the JLA.

Actaeon chuckled “Superman is in Africa right now, he will be dealt with, Batman has to wait till after Circe is done, as for Wonder Woman, we tracked her jet to a point in the Greek Islands….but I need Chaos in America to bring her back.

Ping Chuckled “You will have it….I have to go, I will contact you when we reach China.”

Actaeon smiled “Tell the Premier I wish him a Happy Birthday.

Disconnecting the connection Ping moved to the Pilot’s chair, leaning over he tapped the pilot on the shoulder. “Mind if I have a look?” his Asian features shining with excitement.”

Jack chuckled “nock yourself out, Hey what’s that in your hands?”

Mr. Ping smiled holding up a little leather falconers hood, and leather jesses “I am a falconer, I am planning on getting a Bird of Prey for the Chinese Premier as a gift from the United States.”

Doug chuckled and moved down the stairs to the lower deck. Stepping from the stairs he turned and let out a surprised yelp as a small black goat with white streaks over its eyes, and small curved horse ran at him with a “Mhaaaaa!” and playfully butted it’s head against his thigh.

“What the hell……how the HELL did a GOAT get on board?” the Canadian Captain exclaimed in surprise.

Ms. Gannet appeared and smiled “Probably the same way those others showed up.”

As McNair turned to look down the aisle, he was dive bombed by a small bird, “Is this a damned Zoo……?”

The co-pilot stood there with his mouth hanging open, He could see President Perino, she was reclined in her seat, a vacant look in her eyes, mouth open, with some kind of red white and blue spider attached to the side of her neck.

Doug immediately dove for the first row of seats “SECRET SERVICE! Leon, Buck! where are you The President is under attack!”

Pilot and Copilot had arms in the cockpit but not on their person. McNair hit the deck “Leon where……” he found himself staring at a large inky black feline paw, the white tips of the wickedly sharp claws protruding from the toe sheathes of the beast’s paws. Doug slowly looked up into the yellow eyes and fang filled muzzle of a 900 lb full grown male lion.

“Gahh!” the Canadian leaped back, and felt the spindly legs of another animal. Startled, tail up, a large white tailed deer bolted to the back of the plane. The lion crouched and extended its claws, the movement of the prey animal catching its attention.

Ms. Gannet casually strolled out. In her arms a small white rabbit trembled, pressing against the human woman as the media magnate stroked the soft ears and fur, the bunny nose wiggling as it panted nervously. “Careful Doug, if you make Leon any more nervous, he’s libel to EAT his own partner.” She smiled.

The Canadian got up shakily his back pressed against the wall of the aircraft “W...what are you talking about, what happened to the Secret Service men…Leon, Robin...Billy.

The blond haired woman laughed “I just told you, they’re right here.” She pointed to the coal black Lion, who sat sill contemplating the deer, it’s tail tip twitching, the silken onyx fur shimmering “Leon” she said then pointed to where the white-tailed deer was near the aft galley licking at spilled salt “That’s Buck, this is Bunny” she said with mirth in her eyes. The small Bird darted past a patch of brilliant orange just visible on its chest, “That’s robin….”

There was a plaintive “Mahhhh!” “Oh yes I almost forgot Billy.

“H…..HOW...” he stared into the green eyes of the blond woman.

Gannet chuckled stroking the long soft velvety ears of the rabbit in her hand calming it and comforting the small beast that could smell the predators. “Come now Captain, you are an educated man, how is your knowledge of Greek History? You noticed that Erica’s odd name. Drop the A and reverse the spelling. Circe…..not very imaginative I know but it fooled you.

The Canadian captain looked around wildly this was impossible, he dated past the Press Secretary and up the stairs “Jack…we’re under…” he stopped frozen, In the cockpit instead of a Stewardess in a conservative skirt

A lone raven haired woman in a flowing black gown, sat in the Co-Pilots chair wearing his head set. She winked at him with one of her dark eyes cocking her head slightly as he heard his own voice say “Air Force one, status update, everything normal” The gold necklace around her pale white throat.

Jack I...” he turned his head, only now aware of Ping standing there. In the Pilot’s seat stood a 4 foot tall Bald eagle with a brilliant white head, standing atop the empty uniform of a U.S. Air Force Colonel. Mr. Ping smiled as he took the Falcons hood and slipped it over the Eagles head…cinching the hood around the birds neck. Ping did not even pay attention to the Gawking Canadian Captain, as he reached down and threaded the jesses around the birds yellow taloned feet, and then attached a leash. “There just how I like ALL my American Bald eagles, Hooded Jessed and soon to be caged.

McNair stared trembling “W…what….do you want?”

Ping chuckled “I already have what I want, a Gift for our Chinese Primer on the occasion of his birthday.

“You; can’t get away with this, When they do not check in, when they lose contact with the President….”

“They will what?” Circe smiled, her silken white arm with gold bracelets slipped around the Captain to caress his chest “ooooo such MUSCLES…”

Ping smiled holding the gently struggling bird by the body pinning its wings to its body. They will do what? We represent no country…”

“Terrorists?” The Co-pilot asked.

Circe leaned in with soft red lips and nuzzled his ear “Why do you say that? Are you in terror?”

Doug shook his head “As soon as we touch down…”

Coming up the stairs with the Rabbit still in her arms, Ms. Gannet smiled “When we touch down, my News has enough footage and technology form Perino’s speeches; I could make it look like she was doing a strip tease while singing the Marseillaise in Russian.

Doug gaped as she shoved the rabbit that had once been Bonny Tyler into his arm.

Ping spoke next “Talk to her later, we need you for the Coms checks and codes…It would be better if we delayed their knowledge but it is not critical.
Circe nuzzled at his neck “make your choice, Help us, and you KNOW how I like men, or… refuse and join the rest of the crew. McNair is a Scottish name isn’t it? Perhaps you’d make a nice ram sheep….or perhaps a magnificent stallion, sell you to your own RCMP…” Circe licked her moist red lips “hmmm yes, I like that;” she ran her finger thru the co-pilots black hair as if it were a mane “I could comb and curry you…..”

Doug’s eyes widened “NO! I’ll do as you …as you ask,” his eyes widened.

Ping Smiled holding the captive Eagle as the hooded bird gave no struggle “Then help me with these blasted animals that is unless you want them to run around free, I imagine Leon is getting Hungry and is eyeing his partner Buck.”

The Co-Pilot looked bewildered but Ping shoved the eagle into his hands. The feathers were soft, warm, the stiff brown leather hood covering the snow white head. Doug was surprised the bird weighed about 15 lbs. which was much lighter than the nearly 4 foot tall bird would seem to weigh. Jack’s yellow feet had huge black talons that were currently balled up, still with the hood the bird, Jack, allowed itself to be held quietly. Ping walked up with a pair of large scissors grinning and began grabbing one of the birds wings stretching out the wing to ½ it’s 10 foot wingspan.

Doug began to move Jack away “You can’t cut his wings off…”

Ping looked annoyed and tugged back on the birds wing “I told you this is a gift for the Chinese Premier’s birthday, I am just CLIPPING the wings” he smiled working the Scissors “Stupid American eagle needs to have his wings clipped.

Dough watched as Ping neatly cut the black primary feathers on both wings. Then produced a Bird cage barely able to Fit the eagle. Once inside, a small padlock locked the door, and the pilot was now a captive bird sitting quietly on its perch making little chirps.

As Susan Gannett pushed the white rabbit that had been Bonny Tyler into a little cage of her own. Ping admired the eagle “I really LIKE seeing American Eagles in cages, it’s where they BELONG. Now Go down and lead those others into the cages in the Cargo hold.

The Canadian captain blinked. “You expect me to just go CATCH a 1900 Kg Lion?”

Circe slinked up spinning a large dark leather animal collar around her index finger “Oh don’t worry, they will obey unless I tell them not to.”
“Who’s going to fly the plane?”

Circe pouted “why I am; in 3000 years you pick up a few things’ she winked and put his headset on returning to the Pilots seat.

Several minutes later the Canadian moved down the stairs to the Main cabin deck, holding a collar, several coils of leather rope a Bridle and a muzzle. He passed President Perino who sat her eyes half lidded, reclining; a red mark on the side of her neck with the red white and blue spider still perched as if waiting for a fly.

Sure enough, the massive black lion, er Leon, lay watching the deer…Buck. He knew he had to act fast Circe had threatened if he did not work. He approached the lion first, the most Dangerous, McNair’s heart pounded, one swipe of the paw and he would be ripped in two. He crouched down to look into the black lions yellow eyes. “L...Leon….are you in there? Can you hear me? Nod your head if you can.”

The lions eyes seemed to focus on the Canadian co-pilot, searchingly, He thought for a moment he saw recognition in the lion’s eyes. But the big cat did not nod his head, it simply remained panting softly.

“I’m Sorry Leon, but, I don’t have a lot of choice at the moment.” He placed down the leather gear and retrieved the Leather muzzle. “Now, Hold still” to his relief Leon did hold still as he slipped the thick leather around the huge fanged muzzle, and pulled the leather loop over the feline ears. The Yellow eyes regarded him as he felt the thick black mane. Another strap went around the thick neck and buckled so an animal could not rub the thing off. With the neck part secured, Doug cinched down the straps around the jaws pushing the lion’s jaws closed. Once down another wide collar went around Leon’s neck and the co-pilot attached a leash. At a tug the lion stood its back nearly as tall as the man’s chest. The big cat walked placidly to the cargo deck, where a large squat cage with strong bars. Doug led Leon to the opening, and when he removed the leash, the lion obliged by stepping in. Dough then closed and locked the cage door.

Next was Buck, who sported a beautiful 8 point rack, as with the lion the animal obediently stood while Dough slipped a bridle onto Buck, like the lion when he questioned the deer, there was that look in the eye of recognition but Buck made no move, to signal intelligence or understanding. It’s like they were IN there, observing but submissive to the will and instincts of the animals. Then Doug looped a leather rope around Billy’s curved horns. Buck obediently accompanied the co-pilot to the cargo deck, and stepped obediently into its cage, while Billy, his form much smaller, had to be dragged the entire way by a rope around his horns. It took Doug 20 min to corner the flitting Robin, but in the end Robin was placed in a small wire cage on a hook stand beside his comrades, and then the cages of Jack and Bunny were placed in the airborne menagerie. Leon on the end, then Buck, in his cage pranced, Beside that Billy stood chewing on a plastic cup he had retired, Bonny’s cage set on a table beside Robin’s, and on a hanging stand suspended stood Jack still hooded.

Doug proceeded back up to the command deck. Ping saw him and was leaning back against the engineer’s station, Circe was still in the pilot’s seat, and April Gannet stood smiling at Ping. “The, er, crew has been secured below Decks, Air Force one is yours.

Ping nodded his eyes appreciatively on the April. Without saying a word, as if on some unspoken command, the business woman reached down and slowly unbuttoned her orange top, staring softly into Richard Ping’s eyes, the brunette gave a soft shrug of her shoulders allowing the orange jacket to fall carelessly to the floor behind her. The Canadian noticed her more completely for the first time, long shapely legs clad in black silk stockings, The brunet’s nails painted a soft red, and a golden necklace about her supple pale white throat. April’s hands went to her blouse and began unbuttoning them. Showing more and more of her Cleavage, she looked to be about a C cup. Moving fluidly, her fingers unbuttoned the lace cuffs of her blouse and shrugged, revealing her pale white smooth shoulders, the spaghetti straps of a lacey black teddy that snugged closely to her body. The woman’s soft brown nipples were clearly visible through the lace, broken by the glint of metal nipple rings. Doug would have spoken out right then had not the sight of such a woman, of power, willingly stripping before the Chief of Staff without any hint of modesty for who might be watching.
With a smile of lust April continued, her skirt fell away, showing the rest of the lacy black teddy, cut high over the curved of her hips, her tight ass firm as one wither own personal Gym and trainer. The teddy served as a garter belt as well. And with a practiced motion the woman who controlled the largest media corporation in the world, kicked off her high heels, flexing her toes in the black silk stockings.

McNair thought she would stop there, but she did not, with a simple sweep of her hands the spaghetti straps slipped from her shoulder and she began to peel the teddy down, her firm pouting breasts, a slight impression on them where the lace had pressed against the supple flesh the whole time never taking adoring eyes from Richard Ping’s eyes, her hands released the clips from her thigh high stockings, and rolled the teddy off her hips. As it pooled about her feet, Doug watched fascinated as every muscle in her tight ass moved, and she gently folded her leg and knelt before the man before her, her eyes lowering to bow her head, the chestnut brown hair falling over her bare shoulders.

April reached beside her and retrieved a simple black locking dog collar, and with head bent, offered it to Richard with a great reverence. “Would master like to collar his bitch?”

Smiling broadly, Ping let her hold the collar as he removed her golden necklaces and tossed it away with disdain, he then took the collar as the woman offered her neck, and locked it around her throat. “Suck you stupid American cow” he said with a quiet malevolence.

Without a word of protest Doug watched as April Gannett lifted her head, and with a gentle smile her hands went to the other man’s breeches.

Tugging at the top of the man’s breeches her fingers grasp the zipper and gave a smooth tug, , there was a soft zip as she lowered his fly, and then her long fingers disappeared into the man’s pants, gently fishing for what lay within. With an arousing confidence that implied she had performed this many times, the woman gently pulled the man’s uncircumcised cock from his breeches and as simple as shaking hands leaned forward on her knees before him and slipped her red lips over the tip his cock, using her lips friction to push back the foreskin so she could run her tongue around the firm head of the man’s cock.

The Chief Of Staff smiled and reached down with on hand to cup her throat and with the other to press the back of her auburn head deep into his crotch so her nose and face disappeared into the zipper of his pants holding her there with his head down the back of her throat while he closed his eyes in enjoyment. The woman’s cheeks pulled in as she suckled firmly on the warm flesh filling her mouth..

The woman betrayed nothing but total compliance as she let the man above her manipulate her, and he began to thrust his hips gently at first, her head trapped as he began face fucking her

Richard Ping smiled and leaned back “ahhh I need this” giving a wink to Circe who smiled and gave an open mouthed wing back, the cord to her headphones snaking over her ample cleavage. The Press Secretary kneeling before him suckled eagerly and Ping looked at Doug who still stool like some adolescent Voyeur transfixed by the sight

“No we didn’t do a thing to her’ he smiled “She’s a natural Nympho, and submissive. You can believe me or not, but even though she is an exec, she gets off on being a complete slave. That’s why she offered to help us with the President…” he paused and gently smacked the back of the woman’s head “Suck more firmly cow, I could care less about your tongue.”

Ping murred in pleasure as April’s hands went to his hips and she pulled her face deeper into the fly of his pants her lips pressing around the pale flesh more firmly as she suckled harder. “Better” he continued “With her technology it will be weeks before anyone in the U.S. believed anything is wrong, and by THAT time, we will have that cow PERINO under our control, then when the time is right, a few indiscretion, a few Scandals, and the gullible American people will call for her resignation, and in the next election one of our people, a sleeper agent in the American senate will be elected, and he will be loyal to China…

Doug shook his head still aware of Aprils hungrily suckling mouth on the Chief of Staff’s cock “They won’t buy it..”

Ping laughed “of COURSE they will...for the past Decade we have been feeding the American public a steady diet of sex scandal. Everyone does it but the American hypocrite…what’s the term they use? “Hold some to a HIGHER standard? So much for equality hummm?” Talking about his plan was arousing Ping even more and he began to thrust his cock more firmly down the woman’s throat; her hand going down between her legs to begin rubbing at her own clit, a puddle beginning to form between her legs. “Think about it, Tiger Woods, General Petraus, Mark Sandford” Ping laughed “Screwing some broad did not impair their ability to perform one bit. Heroes and the Americans turned on them like self-righteous packs of dogs….

And when I am done, I will put that cow, Perino, on my leash beneath my desk licking my feet. He groaned as he reached climax, the woman before him suckling hungrily at the salty fluid as the Canadian watched her swallow again and again.

When Ping finished, he was panting, as was April, smiling she licked up and down the now flaccid cock, and gently put the man’s cock away and Zipped him up “Thank you master.” She breathed with a genuine smile.

Ping ruffled her long silken locks and looked over at his ally “Circe, why don’t we reward the captain, sort of welcome him to the team.” He looked at the Canadian “For one who aids us, the rewards can be great.

The Captain began to back up fear in his eyes “I cooperated you said…..”

The soft feel of silk was suddenly around his neck, dark flash of April’s teddy, as the long legged Circe stood up leaving the plane on auto pilot. “Be at ease Captain, if I had wanted to make a beast of you, you would already be in a cage….I promise to stop immediately.” She smiled under her brows, stalking like a tigress on the hunt toward Doug “If you tell me to.”

The co-pilot felt Circe’s dark sharp nails drag gently up his crotch and felt his cock respond. He allowed himself to be led by the silken teddy and April down to the first class lounge where a large bed rested in a secluded room built especially for the president.

April whispered “Many a white house intern has been bedded here” she smiles “I should know we broke the story of Monica Lewinsky” Removing the teddy, she turned and closed the door.

Walking like a school boy, the Canadian Captain let himself be led. Circe looked hungry “If you know my myths, you know I have a…strong sexual appetite in men?” she smiled and shrugged, her black gown dropped instantly showing her pale white Greek body, She was stark naked, her black hair flowing down her back, a thick silken patch of black fur curled between her legs showed the soft folds of a warm sex.

April moved around next, still wearing her silken thigh high stockings and nothing else, her own crotch sported close trimmed her auburn hair, a clit ring nestled between. The two women walked up and began undressing the co-pilot, their Jennifer Gannet’s smooth hand unbuttoning his shirt to slip within while Circe deftly peeled his shirt back the caress the skin of her sharp nails down his arms deftly worked at his trousers. Circe smiled as she personally ripped and shredded his sleeveless tee shirt and briefs. Doug felt their appreciative eyes roaming him as each woman took a hand and led him to the bed.

He climbed up, with Circe on his right, and April on his left. Sitting back he felt Circe lean forward and draw her nails up his erect cock unbidden, while April’s hand gently cupped his balls as if weighing them. .Looking at him under her eyes the press Secretary gave a soft giggle “I see you like this” her lips nuzzling at his ear lobe.

He nodded gently and was unable to keep from panting between 2 of the most beautiful naked women he had ever seen, one a Goddess.
Circe’s breasts had dark areola, with an impossible pale white, he felt them urge his arm around each and felt his hands moving along their bare backs to caress both smooth asses simultaneously.

April giggled, and leaned in to lick his nipple, her lips soft as she kissed the firm flesh.

Circe moved up and pressed her lips, sweet with honeyed wine, against him, her hands caressing his face. They kissed deeply, tongues intertwining, as they explored each other’s mouths.

Circe broke the kiss “Are you married Doug?”

McNair panted hungrily nodded as he rolled atop Circe. She complied, joyfully, laying beneath him as she guided his cock into her body and he thrust.
Immediately he felt the slippery muscular walls of the Greek goddess as she sheathed him and pulled him to one pert breast.

He gladly took it into his mouth suckling firmly and was rewarded to see the goddess arch her back and pull his face into her soft flesh, rolling the man gently against the warm skin.

The Canadian drew back to thrust and felt something wet as April moved behind them and began to lick at his cock as it slipped into and out of Circe. His scrotum pressed up by her nose. The surprised caused Doug to thrust firmly in, and Circe to yip and giggle, her sharp nails sharply drawing and teasing up his back leaving red welts along the pale skin.

He set up a firm thrusting, deep into the goddess…not waiting to see what else would happen as he wrestled her. April moved with them moving to always nuzzle and lick gently at their union. Circe had refined her art for ages, as the man above her rutted; she relaxed her muscles to allow him to thrust in firmly, and clenched them around his thick erection as he withdrew to pull at him gently.

As Doug felt his climax build, suddenly Circe grabbed his hair and tugged sharply rolling so she was atop him straddling the man. His concentration broken he felt his climax ebb, as Circe smiled “ohhh now you don’t, I am not DONE with you yet” she leaned in moving his erection within her as she nibbled at his nipple.

The sensation caused him to nearly cross his eyes as his lust flared again

The long dark haired woman sat up, her breasts swaying as she moved and she lifted her hips to grind back down atop her captive male, feeling April’s tongue again licking at their union from behind. Dough again thrust up to meet her...his hands coming up to squeeze the breasts firmly, softly kneading them. The 3 of them now glistening with sweat as they moved, together, each one trying to gain advantage. Dough felt his climax grow again, close as his pre began to pour into the raven haired goddess, he struggled to finish and climax when suddenly he felt Circe’s sharp nails, like claws at his throat. With a mischievously smile she leaned in, her fingers tightening making it hard to breath, prickling his neck “If you finish before me…I will rip your throat out.”

Doug didn’t know if she was serious or not, but felt his lust once again shrivel as his heart skipped a beat, though not his flesh, as April moved in to gently muzzle his balls into her mouth. This time it was Doug who reached up to grab a fist of that dark mane and yank, rolling atop Cerce as she gave a yelp of pain and surprise. For an instant Doug thought she was going to attack him when she BUCKED hard on him and pulled him to her breast “ohh you learn FAST she giggled a wild look in her eyes.

The Canadian pilot grinned down pressing her shoulders to the satin sheets of the bed and began thrusting HARD…slamming their pelvises together. Doug considered himself a fair lover, but he had never gone this far before, he stopped holding back slamming together, as he felt April’s nuzzling mouth over different parts of his body. The 2 struggled, each trying to drive their own climax, as Circe would distract him only to tease him.

Grunting with effort Dough managed to get both of Circe’s wrists pinned above her head, and leaned in and sealed his mouth over hers, Finally with leverage, he felt his hips buck, his cock pressing against her cervix as he lunged into her as if trying to stab her to death. When his climax erupted deep within her, he felt her body clench around him. Fearing she would try something his other hand came up to her throat and Squeezed “S…STAY” he shuddered as his length gave pulse after pulse within her. Arching he trembled as he felt his strength fail him. And with a dark laugh Circe pushed him over.

The Goddess sat up panting, her sharp nail drawing a design on his chest “that wasn’t bad’ she smiled “with some training you could be another Ulysses.

Doug could hardly sit up “I..I never…” feeling his softening erection pulling from within Circe’s body, that familiar cool feeling a man gets when is cock is still coated in his lovers fluids, and the air begins to evaporate. Quickly replaced by a warm slipperiness as April’s mouth quickly slipped over his cock, the newswoman’s tongue slicking and suckling their salty sweet fluid from his cock.

Circe smiled pulling his head onto her bare breast “Regrets?

All he could do is shake his head no.

Circe smiled “good because you have neglected someone…”

Doug felt the silken leg of April slip over his thigh and slide silkily up his thigh moving off hiss cock as she moved to mount him.
Doug blinked “W...wait I need a few…’ his eyes widened as he looked down, his cock growing back to full hard. His eyes went to the dark haired goddess “how….”

Circe smiled under her eyebrows and chuckled “I’m a goddess…you should get a FEW perks shouldn’t you. She vamped his head as April guided his wet cock between the auburn curls of her se, riding him cowboy style.

Doug groaned grabbing the news woman’s hips to pull her down onto his saddle horn while Circe giggled and cradled his head against her soft breasts. April showed no hesitation, as she let the co-pilot mount her bare back; The Man’s hands lifting to maul her breasts while she lifted and jammed herself back down against his cock. His fingers found the nipple rings, tugging against them playfully as he felt April’s black silk stockings against his sides.

His initial lust vented into Circe, Doug had a LOT more stamina this time, his thick length pressing deeply into the woman’s body to feel his head pressing up against her cervix, Circe’s bare foot tracing up his leg as she nuzzled his neck leaning down to crush a kiss to his lips, their tongues mingling.

Never in his wildest dreams did Doug believe he would realize a fantasy like this as the 2 women delighted in his body. April leaned forward, her hands on the bed to either side of Doug’s shoulders while Circe Lay behind him cradling his head between her breasts, her feet teasing his flanks, while her nails roamed around his nipple, or her hungry mouth sought his neck.

Growling, he pushed April back, forcing her to all 4’s to enter her from behind. This made Circe all the more hot, as she moved behind him, her bare body pressed against his using it to help him thrust forward. “You KNOW I LOVE Doggie style” she purred.

Doug didn’t hold back and April was like a compliant kitten for whatever he wanted to do. He heard Circe ask “you could stay with us but…what about your wife?

Thinking of her, Doug pressed into to the slippery flesh before him and shuddered in another hard climax…. Groaning as he emptied into April. Trying to catch his breath he felt April slip off him, the same cool feeling around his cock, replaced once again by her warm mouth. His cock not allowed to go flaccid as she teased it to stay rigid.

Circe climbed to the bed on all 4’s , as April guided Doug back to Circe’s smooth furry ass, pressing his tip against the Goddess’s anus, April slipped behind him and leaned in so he felt his cock penetrate the goddess’ ass. The goddess smiled over her shoulder at him, her one eyebrow arching in anticipation of his answer to her question.

As Doug pressed in and felt her perfect ass mold to his groin he heard himself say “ about a nice mare?

Outside the cabin door, Richard Ping listened to the 3 as they continued their romp. With a warm smile he turned to the prostrate American president and began advancing on her, malice in his eyes “Well now why don’t we prepare YOU for your meeting with the Premier….

(To be continued)

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I had embedded pictures in this one, but I have no idea how to make the pictures SHOW here...

Also you may note I placed the whole story (to date) in one post, I was informed by a friend it was..considered rude each chapter separate....
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Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

King Otwani sat his throne arrogantly in his ceremonial garb. The Muscular king looked like he had been chiseled out of onyx, grasping his spear in his right hand and the shield made from Sheena’s zebra in his left, the Mane form Sheena’s lion adorned his arms and legs as he discussed his plan with Lex Luthor. Beside the king, naked as any of the animals, knelt Sheena, ex queen of the jungle. A leash attached the animal collar at her throat to the right leg Otwani’s throne. The heroine knelt quietly, obediently; her knees spread without modesty, her eyes down, her soft white breasts well-tanned pouted, each hand palm up on the back of her knees, her long blonde hair streaming down her back. She leaned back slightly, to accommodate the growing bulge of the king’s child within her abdomen.

Luthor looked singularly unimpressed “Really Otwani, while I admit capturing Sheena was an accomplishment, I could have 7 like her if I wanted, did you call me all the way to Africa to waste my time looking at floozies?”

Otwani smiled “Do not mistake protocol with business Mr. Luthor, Zamboli and Africa have much to offer you….. but a moment….”
Otwani touched a remote and a view screen dropped down On the screen they could see Air Force One Taxiing to a red carpet at Beijing Airport. As the sound came up a Lovely brown haired reporter, with Asian features in a business skirt could be heard

“…President Perino’s Historic visit to China. And here she comes now!”

The Door to Air Force One swung open, and 4 men departed, 2 at the top of the ramp, 2 at the bottom, then the President emerged, smiling and waving her left hand, while in her right she held the large cage of a Bald Eagle. The crowd cheered waving Chinese and American flags. The Young Chinese premier appeared, looking like a child next to the President, they shook hands before entering the state care and driving off. The reporter cutting back in continued…

“…As you saw The president presented to Premier Xao, an American Bald Eagle, symbolic as all panda’s in the world belong to China, this will be the first bald Eagle to be donated to China, behind me you can see other animals being off loaded, gifts from the Smithsonian National Zoo..”
Behind her, they could see being wheeled out the cages of a White tailed deer, a goat, a smaller bird, a rabbit, a lion… The screen flicked off.
Luthor crossed his arms “Was I treated to that forgery for some reason?

Otwani stood “Let us talk in my office.” He rose from his throne enjoying Luthor’s look of annoyance leaving Sheena to kneel by the thrown like a pet bitch as they withdrew from her hearing Otwani asked “What do you mean forgery?”

Luthor waited for Otwani to open the huge hand carved Mahogany doors, carved from a single piece of wood depicting Otwani’s defeat of Sheena and as he entered he says “The President’s neck scarf, was used last year at the 9 / 11 Ceremony, she never uses the same one twice, Now Otwani are you going to tell me what this is all about? I warn you not to try my patients. As he entered Lex noticed a young blonde haired man, standing at ease behind the Chair at Otwani’s desk.

The king plces his ceremonial shield and spear in a stand and sat, pouring a drink for Luthor and himself. He offered Luthor the drink and smiled noting that Luthor did not take a sip until Otwani did.

“Lex Luthor, Chairman of Lex Corp. I brought you here to offer you the chance to work for me.?

Luthor sipped the drink and then chuckled, taking a seat “Work FOR you? What gives you the idea I would do that?”

Otwani smiled “Because I have something you want.

Luthor rolled his eyes “What Sheena? Keep the bitch, I am tired of this.” He moved to rise and leave.

Otwani smiled leaning back “Superman.”

Lex stopped his back to the black man “What about him…”

Otwani smiled “I thought you might be interested…you see my new Africa needs infrastructure, Lex Corp can give us that, you need resources.

Lex turned around “I can take those resources any time I want and not have to pay you a cent, I can keep your economy bankrupt, and I am sure Gorilla Grod…”

Otwani held up his hands “Why fight each other, when we can both Benefit, I need what you have, but do not wish to lose my position to your manipulations, and I can hand you Superman on a platter.

Lex sneered “I have heard that before, even I have said it, what makes you think you can do anything and without bringing the Justice League down on your head.

Otwani smiled as Lex reseated himself, he had obviously recaptured the megalomaniac’s attention “Because I have discovered his secret… Superman has ONE weakness”

Lex sneered again “Yes Kryptonite we all know that it’s been tried…

Otwani cut him off “NO! it is Lead….”

“Lead… you bone head lead is what he uses to protect himself.”

At this point the blond Arian stepped forward “Excuse me Mr. Luthor, I am Dr. Hans Mengele...”

Lex nodded, “Yes I have heard of you”

“Well Mr. Luthor” Hans went on “After some experimenting on Wonder Woman’s tissues, and DNA, and with some of your research, More correctly Led SHIELDS Superman from the Harmful Kryptonite radiation.

Lex frowned “Yes… what is your point?”

“My point is, Mr. Luthor, that Superman gets his strength from the Radiation of the yellow sun, in fact a white sun would So over power him that he could not control it.

Lex was looking annoyed again “You state the obvious Dr. Mengele “

“No Mr. Luthor, what is obvious is that if we impregnate Superman’s Cells with lead, so that the yellow sun radiation cannot get to him on a cellular level.”

Lex was now staring almost open mouthed “Then he would be no stronger than a normal man…”

Otwani was smiling as Dr. Mengele want on “Or more importantly Mr. Luthor, no SMARTER than a normal man.”

Luthor’s mind was racing with possibilities, it was true, Superman was the most intelligent man on the planet next to himself, and Knowledge was power. Superman had defeated him many times by out thinking him. Superman had the instantaneous sum knowledge of all of Earth’s knowledge and Krypton’s knowledge instantaneously, without that advantage. Lex looked up “But how do you get it into him? His Skin is impervious to needles, vaporizing lead would be so hot and toxic he’d know something was wrong.

Otwani leaned forward and chuckled “Lead poisoning Mr. Luthor, like lead paint harmless any other way but when ingested…”
Lex frowned “How do you get him to eat lead?”

Hans leaned forward and nodded to Lex’s drink “Not eat Mr. Luthor, DRINK…”

Lex bolted out of his seat grabbing for the blaster he kept in his belt and aiming it at Otwani “You TRECHEROUS!....”

Hans yelled out “Mr. Luthor! Stop… it’s harmless we have both been drinking the same as you.”

Lex paused and lowered the pistol some “What do you mean, if it’s harmless…”

“Harmless to HUMANS Mr. Luthor” Otwani chuckled, “Harmless to Humans….”

Lex re holstered frowning, he did not like to look this, foolish in front of others as Hans went on “It’s a lead Isotope, we wanted to see if you could detect a taste or we would have told you, Both the King and I already tried it, so youwere in no danger.”
“How long does it take to wear off?”

Hands smiled “His Kryptonian cells will begin throwing off the poison as soon as he drinks it, however it will take 48 to 72 hours for him to regain full strength, however, if he ingests just 15 ml of this, once a day for 30 days..”

Lex smiled “there will be so much build up in his cells…they will be too weak to throw off the poison.”

Otwani smiled “and as you know, Lead Poisoning settles into the bone structure, making it in the body for life, of after the 30th dose, the effects become permanent and irreversible…

Lex smiled “I think I am growing to like you Otwani, but what makes you think I won’t just take your information and do it myself?”

The king leaned forward “It has not been tested on a Kryptonian yet, yes the theory works, but do you want to take the chance it doesn’t? We also have developed several covers to keep the JLA from suspecting, once the deed is done, Superman just fades into the background of 3 billion other humans on the planet.

Lex nods “no way to trace it, no strings to me….yes”

Otwani smiled “And when we are done you can have him for whatever you wish to do with him…your own Kryptonian guinea pig.

Lex looked up “Would the same work on Super Girl?”

Hans shrugged “do you want to experiment on the Guinea Pig first? Or the swan?

Otwani smiled “Do we have a deal Mr. Luthor?’

Lex chuckled “Throw in Super girl and yes… we have a deal.
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Chapter 17

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Welcome again to any readers that have been following me. Here is my next chapter of the Saga, for those of you waiting to see more Wonder Woman; this chapter represents the journey back to Wonder Woman as the main focus. All the story parts have now been tied in for what I PLAN to do with the Amazons, and the next chapter will be Wonder Woman’s “Strike two” Just a word, I have a NEW e-mail address Last chapter I received only TWO feedback e-mails or replies. When that happens I write simply for MY pleasure and it is much harder to be motivated for the NEXT chapter. PLEASE give me some comments more than “oh hey good chapter” It will help You as well as ME  Thanks

Hunter of the Amazon
Chapter 17

Deep within the Brazilian Amazon jungle The Batman moved among the tree Canopy. Using his utility belt, the dark knight fired the grapnel and swung along the trees. His research together with the JLA Satellite indicated a new village being constructed that had Greek architecture, completely foreign to any of the natural tribes here.

His cape fluttered as he could feel the heat and high humidity. He had checked in with Superman, and now, together with Hawk Woman, they were on their way to the village. He glanced up and could see the shadow of her wings as she soared above him.

The Batman came to rest in a tree, hundreds of feet above the jungle floor, noting a colony of “Flying Fox” bats hanging upside down in the tree above him wrapped in their own nearly 5 foot wing span. Listening carefully, he noted that the sounds of the jungle had ceased, and he thought he heard. Singing? Humming? Taking his communicator from his belt he signaled Hawkwoman “Shayera, something is up, someone is singing down there, in the middle of a rain forest. I am going down to have a look, watch my back.

Hawkwoman’s voice came thru clearly “”Roger Batman, I’m on it” Confident as ever.

Swinging down to the floor, the batman spied a raven haired woman with pale white skin, reclining on an elaborate wooden throne. In her arms her graceful fingers gently stroked a Lyre, which emitted a hauntingly peaceful melody and beside her a table with a golden chalice, filled with honeyed wine. She sat reclining against the large wooden throne’s arm, one bare shapely leg out stretched from her flowing red gown. At her feet a Jaguar lay where she could stroke its fur with her delicate toes, causing the muscles in her shapely leg to flex. Just above her waist, a golden belt and beneath the woman sat in such a way that the hints of curly black pubic hair were teasingly visible. The silken gown was so sheer as to almost not hide her feminine charms. Her neck was bare, and she showed off her ample cleavage, and she moved her leg so the passive Jaguar’s ear slipped between her big and first toe, curling the toe gently against the ear as the feline lounged.

Dropping to the ground Batman shook his head “Circe, I should have known, up to your old tricks again? Who is that at your feet, some innocent tribesman? Or perhaps some explorer?

Circe slowly lifted her chin, her bare neck graceful as her dark eyes fixed on Batman her fingers delicately stroking the lyre as the stings vibrated a gentle tune “Can’t a woman enjoy a simple day in nature?” She smiled a smile that was dark and cold, predatory. “Won’t you have a drink with me?

Batman crossed his arms over his chest, “Oh come now Circe, do you expect to seduce me and turn me into one of your pets?”

Circe gave an exaggerated pout thrusting out her deep red lower lip and lifting her gown to reveal her smooth pale bare hip and side to his unobstructed view “Well…not PET” she then smiled, her fingers changing the tune to dance on the strings in a more exciting melody.

Bruce’s eyes strayed to her thigh and then back “I know you’re building a village here Circe, what do you want?”

The Greek goddess smiled “Why YOU of course. Haven’t you noticed the tune I am playing on my Lyre?”

Batman shook his head “You amaze me Circe, that trick was old when Ulysses was young, my cowl has bat plugs in the ears, and your tune does not affect me.

Circe again smiled “no man can resist my charms, you will kneel at my feet, kiss them and pleasure me, even with your technology, sooner or later my tune will penetrate, and then you will penetrate me, you should not have come alone.

Bruce smiled smugly as he saw, beyond Circe, Shayera swoop down, nap of the earth, mace crackling with energy and ready speeding toward the back of Circe’s throne. “I guess your right Circe” he said, the Jaguar’s ears perking in alarm at the last second “I’m glad I didn’t.”

Hawkwoman soared in cocking her arms, mace held in both hands, and stooped right over Circe’s throne, catching Batman squarely in the chest with the Thanagarian mace sending the startled Batman backwards to slam against a Kapok tree stunned with the wing knocked out of him.
Circe smirked still playing her lyre, having not moved a muscle.

Bruce saw Shayera land in front of him, her red boots with the yellow stripe running to her toes coming into his vision, fighting to recover he lifted his head to see Shayera standing, the Mace handle in one hand the shaft resting in the other, the thong around her right wrist, her wings folding as she strode confidently forward toward Batman. Still dazed by the surprise attack Batman tried to roll to his feet “Shayera, why…Circe I thought your spell only worked on males…

Shayera did not answer, her hips rolled as she stalked forward and Circe strummed her Lyre “Oh oh does” She replied to Batman then said to Hawkwoman Shayera my dear, kindly remove The batman’s cowl.

Batman tried to lunge past Shayera, still recovering from her power mace, but Shayera was a trained Thanagarian warrior, and this unknowingly played right into her hands as she pinned him, placing her booted foot on his chest. Bruce felt Shayera’s talon like finger bails grasp the crown of his cowl, had he been against the tree the cape would have rooted it on his head but flying forward, the cape fluttering behind him, he felt his head wrench back, and his cowl came off.

The sweet strains of Music flooded into Bruce’s ears, while Hawkwoman stood Mannequin like with the black cowl in her hands, foot on Bruce Wayne’s chest, awaiting orders.

Why Bruce Wayne” Circe smiled “Release him Shayera, Bruce won’t you have a drink now?”

Bruce stumbled forward landing on his knees before the Greek goddess, the beautiful tones in hi shears as he smiled.

Circe smiled widely “I see your found your place, on your knees at my feet.”

Bruce Wayne knelt, the lyre sending spikes of lust thru his heart as he be held the magnificent creature before him, his heart ached with desire and love for her, she smiled at him and his heart fluttered, as he accepted the chalice from her hand and drank deeply.

Slowly Circe moved her foot from the Jaguar’s fur and extended it toward the multi billionaire.

Smiling Bruce bent and placed a soft kiss on the top of the foot, his warm lips gentle as her nuzzled her toes gently.

“ahhh such a GOOD boy” she nodded “Now Bruce My friend, Brad Meyers, in China, needs access to your bat computer, not the least of which to complete the programming there on that Thanagarian chicken behind you” she reached out and Cupped Bruce’s chin in her warm delicate hand and placed a kiss on his nose “now where could that silly ol computer be?”

Thrilling at the feel of her silken hand Bruce smiled “Under Wayne manor, goddess…”

Circe Stood and resumed her melody, her gown flowing as each bare leg emerged from the folds as she walked toward The blank faced Hawkgirl, without looking back as she moved Batman she said “Heel” and Batman knew she meant him, rose and fell instep to her left one pace behind. “Well I assumed that Bruce” she said softly slowly walking around the Thanagarian woman examining her as a hungry cat might examine a canary. “But how does he find it and access it without Alerting the JLA.

Bruce could not think of why he had not trusted Circe before, this was the woman of his dreams, his love “There is a button under the bust of the president in my office, that reveals the Bat poles, the password for the bat computer is coded to my Iris scan but there is a back door under password; Selena Kyle.

Circe hands slipped to her golden belt and released it allowing the gown that had been tight at her narrow waist to open and then a shrug of her bare shoulders allowed it to fall pooling at her feet leaving her completely naked.

Batman felt his erection go solid within his tights, could she really allow him.

Circe smiled and pointed before her, flexing one foot onto her toes to open her thighs. As Bruce Wayne knelt before her she looked at Hawkwoman “Did you hear Shayera?” as her hand firmly guided the Billionaire playboy’s face toward the black triangle between her legs.

Shayera nodded as Bruce gazed at the perfect Labia before him, the outer lips puffy yet moist and glistening while the inner lips were tight and hidden, her felt her tights against his cheeks as his nose gently parted the soft camel toe and his tongue took a firm broad lick.

“Mmmmm that’s nice Bruce…good Shayera, then send the information back to Mr. Meyers” she dismissed Hawkwoman with an absent wave of her hand “and take that cowl back to Actaeon, Batman will not be needing it again...ever.”

As Hawkwoman spread her wings and took off, Circe looked down, her juices from within her body already flowing “hmmm you have DONE this before, you naughty boy… with whom?

As Bruce nuzzled her nether lips with his own, slipping his tongue within her folds and sealing his mouth over her entire mound to gently suckle he replied “Catwoman, Selina Kyle” Bruce had never told ANYONE that, he had promised Selena that their romantic interlude would remain private, but this seemed righto him, He should confess everything to her…

Circe sat back and laughed using her magic to have the forest floor “grow” another throne as she ran her fingers thru the Billionaire’s hair “My my, you ARE a DARK knight, please tell me what the 2 of you did…did you use her own whip on her? I want ALL the Juicy details.

Bruce Smiled up thrilled, only to have her press his face back between her thighs “No, she offered but, I wanted her to tie me up with her whip… I wanted it to be real… she liked that; it gave her a night to steal Gotham blind. She told me before she discovered her abilities, she had been forced to be a prostitute for a drug lord, no one knows that, she’s afraid if anyone finds out, she will be put back in his stable permanently. She removed my utility belt, I let her copy everything, then she hung me by my wrists and we made love…when I awoke, everything was back and she was gone….

Circe laughed “Oh delightful… now slave, take off that utility belt and those tights and lay them at my feet…it’s time you and I got better acquainted…
Wonder Woman was now roaming the Streets of Washington DC. She had been gone for far too long, and so far things were going well. She had stopped 3 armed robberies, and one Murder, and she was feeling good about herself. What worried her was Hawkwoman. She knew that Shayera and Jon had been talking marriage for over a year. Even if Diana disagreed with interracial marriages, the amazons had always worked to keep their bloodlines pure to the Anglo Greek blood lines, but this was the 21’s century, if Shayera wanted to have a black radiator hose in her pussy that was her business, Diana wanted her friend to be happy. So when Shayera showed up at Tommy’s Birthday party and basically called Jon a no account nigger, that had been too abrupt, what was worse, when she made some inquires with Jon, he did not seem upset about the racial slur, in fact if she had not known better she would have sworn it turned Jon ON. When Diana told Jon that Shayera was no longer interested, the first thing he did was find Vixen, and the 2 of them went into Vixen’s quarters and well it was pretty obvious that within nine months vixen was going on the inactive list. It was better racially but still it bothered her.

Wonder Woman’s communicator went off. It was Jon on watchtower “Wonder Woman, There is a disturbance in Crystal City, The actress Jennifer Lawrence has a house there…could you investigate, seems like an explosion.

After acknowledging, she arrived, the first thing she noted was the explosion had been faked, a device in the back yard had been set off and now a thin ribbon of smoke had begun to rise from the house. She took her golden lasso from her belt, and entered. Inside she saw 2 familiar figures standing over the fallen actress. The actress laid face down wearing only her bra and panties. John was busily using a hemp rope to tie the Starlet’s wrists behind her back, while Peter was tying her ankles, a red dart like the kind used in a tranquilizer rifle used on animals protruded from Jenifer’s rump.

Diana froze, as John looked up “Well well well, welcome back Wonder Woman, here to help us with another score?

Diana felt her blood boil, but was not sure what to do, taking a risk she moved to toss her lasso around John “You will stop what you’re doing!”
John’s face went blank, but Peter quickly began yelling “STAG! STAG STAG! You can’t do that.

Frustrated Diana reluctantly removed her lasso, she had hoped that by ordering them not to use the code word she had found a loop hole but clearly John had let Peter in on the plan.

John glowered “Don’t EVER try that again, now give me that rope” he demanded holding out his hand.

Diana sneered “I may have to LET you work here, but I do NOT have to give you anything.” Perhaps she could bait the punk.

John rose to the bait “Maybe I will just tell Mr. Actaeon what you tried to do… I hear he’s gunning for you.”

Diana nodded “sounds like a typical kid, go running to daddy because you can’t handle things yourself.” If she could stall them a bit longer the rescue workers and police would arrive. Or if he took a swing at her she could defend herself.

John turned red faced and walked brazenly up to Wonder Woman, the fire they had set in the house spreading rapidly. “You would not be so mouthy if you didn’t have that belt on.”

Wonder Woman reached behind her, she could take him easily even as a normal woman, and began to remover her girdle when Peter spoke up “Careful John, she’s baiting you, look let’s just get out of here.

John did not look happy and Diana cursed, Peter was smarter then he looked. “You will pay for that Wonder wo…GAHH!”
The floor beneath John gave out, weakened by the fire, and Diana had to lunge forward to grasp the teen thugs wrist, his feet dangling over the fire “Gahhhhhh! I’m Burning I’m Burning!”

Diana began to haul John up, but when she looked up. Peter had Jennifer over his shoulder, ass in the air and was headed toward the back door. Diana did not know if he was escaping or saving the girl, and she did not have time to think on it, as more of the house burned. Turning she kicked out the front wall and deposited John on the grass in front of the arriving Police cars and fire trucks.

The Police Sgt ran up. Diana looked around, Peter and Jennifer were gone, typical, no honor among thieves, but she felt good, she had managed to get one, and if they had one they would get the other and she had not ACTUALLY interfered with their operation, so she was within the letter of their agreement. “Wonder Woman, what is going on?”

Wonder Woman nodded at John, who appeared to have 2nd degree burns on both legs “This one and his partner started the explosion and fire….”

The Sgt nodded as they took John to the paramedics and into custody, the thug glaring at Wonder Woman despite the fact she saved his life “and the actress?”

Wonder Woman felt another pang of satisfaction as she could again report the truth without breaking the agreement “I do not know’ but she knew when they found no body at least the police would be looking for her and that might save her sister.

The Sgt smiled “Thanks again Wonder Woman. Good work.

In Beijing, Canadian Air Force Captain Doug McNair walked along the Beijing wild life preserve with Cardinal Emmitt Carter, from his home country.

In the distance, the Canadian pilot smiled as he spotted the branded flank of a white tailed deer, what had once been Buck Rand, a Secret Service agent, as the buck had discovered, cornered and was now in the active throws of rutting a real actual white-tailed doe. Doug frowned “Cardinal, is what I am doing….right?

The Cardinal smiled, watching as the buck deer serviced the doe “My son, if you read the scripture, God put woman down here AS a companion, no different from a horse or a sheep or any other animal except that she was to be ours exclusively, not to mention that the Americans have been arrogant ever sense the French and Indian wars.

Doug nodded recalling his trysts with the women on the plane “What of my Wife? Nancy?” Doug watched as the Buck’s forelegs stiffened and felt himself unable to keep from being aroused.

The Cardinal smiled “As Circe promised you can do what you want to...get rid of her. And I am fairly sure we can have your Marriage annulled by the pope himself. We can even have her excommunicated if you wish…”

Doug smiled “You know, she owns a horse ranch, I think I’d like to learn to ride.

Back at the Air base, Dana Perino could only listen and see what came into her vision. Premier Xao, small in stature and who looked to be no more than 13 or 15, would come into her sight, only about 5’6 or 7. The President felt her muscles coming back under her control, not that it did much good, the way her Chief of Staff had bound her in ribbons as Xao’s birthday present, she tested her bonds she was quite well trussed. A penis gag in her mouth kept her silent and nervously she unconsciously sucked at it.

Xao considered a picture of Perino from her press releases. A mature woman, relatively fit, in her mid to late 40’s but she was The President of the United States. Xao smiles and moved into view. “ahh Dana” he said using her first name only “I am going to remove your gag, but if you prattle on I can put it back, do you understand?”

There was no mistaking the look of fear in her eyes as she nodded, her eyes glancing around, all she saw were Chinese soldiers, Ping, the Premiere, a Catholic Cardinal, who had a naked young woman on a leash with him, and someone she recognized as a British entrepreneur, Actaeon Davies. She seemed to be in some kind of enclosed compound, with flowers. All around her was artwork, beautiful artwork, signed by Xao. Dana had heard the young premiere was an accomplished gifted artist. She felt Xao’s small hands unbuckle her gag, and she remained silent as he pulled the leather penis from her mouth licking the saliva from her lips.

Xao cocked his head “Dana, were you sucking on that?”

The President considered a moment, no secret service, then she quietly nodded.

Xao smiled warmly “Honesty, GOOD that will make this go MUCH easier this can be done the hard way, or the Easy way, personally I will get as much fun out of the Hard as the easy, so I leave the choice to you.”

Actaeon stepped forward, smiling briefly at the naked Head of state still wrapped up like a birthday present “Chairman Xao, I understand your Ministry of State Security, has developed a subliminal device…

Xao raised his hand “You will see a Demonstration Soon as I finish with this American Cow, now Dana which do you choose” he smiled unbuttoning and discarding his military jacket.

Perino again did not respond.

“Ahh Good manners” Xao gloated as he began to tug at the bow over her breasts. The silken red material pulled thru and released the soft pout of her breasts, and Dana blushed. Xao’s young hands tracing up her side to cup her breast, to trace her areola and she watched him lean down and take her nipple between his lips and felt him suckle, tongue circling the areole. She went ridged.

Xao took his time, pressing his face deeply into the soft flesh as her moved his head back and forth enjoying the warm soft flesh, Xao had seen men suckling on a woman’s teat before, but had not understood the desire, however with the soft silken warm flesh now pressed against his face, and seeing the pleasantly embarrassed almost desperate look on the woman, he understood and it thrilled him. He began unbuttoning his shirt next, his hand going from one breast to the other to explore her.

“What…what do you want Xao?” She finally asked.

The young man reached out and slapped her breast sharply causing the flesh to wobble pleasantly. “That’s Master” he said sharply, then smiled “To answer your question, this is not rocket science, I am going to rape you”

She watched him remove his shit revealing his smooth young chest, while Ping took a sip of wine leaning against a wall smiling smugly
Dana went on “I am thePpresident of the United States, when they discover me missing you will have an international incident at best.”

Smoothly with confidence Xao tugged at his belt reaching over to pick up a remote. On a screen the Gannett news came on and showed a film clip of Dana walking off of Air Force One and being politely greeted by throngs of cheering Chinese, and Xao “You see, with the help of Ms. Gannett” he pointed to the woman on the Cardinal’s leash, the Cardinal lifting his wine glass in salute as the woman knelt proudly, chin up stark naked, a genuine smile on her face. Xao want on “Also known as BAMBI, no one knows your missing.” He stepped from his breeches and took a sip of brandy himself.

Xao now moved to release Dana’s wrists from their flex cuffs looking at her and warning “I am a Black belt martial Artist…do not struggle”
Dana complied, as she felt her left arm stretched out and secured to a shackle on the table to which she lay, then Xao walked around to secure her Right.

Cardinal Emmit smiled “Hmm Missionary position, I approve”

Dana was taken aback by such a frank response to her question, and looked up at the Monitor; no one would even be looking for her for days.

Next Xao released her ankles and bound them down as well before tugging at the bow that covered her pelvis. Dana never felt so naked in her life. “You’re….you’re just going to rape me, here, in front of everyone, with even your soldiers watching?”

Xao smiled running a hand up her inner thigh to cup her soft mons and gently massage it with his palm. He raised his eyebrows and with a smile just nodded “mmmm hmmm”

This was the first time Xao had touched a woman’s bare cunt finding the lips were soft, he could feel her moisture on the palm of his hand “Dispite your age, you have a beautiful body, and in China we are very open in our treatment of women When I am done, there will be a new emperor of China, you should thank me.

Thank you!? I..” he words caught as his young fingers slipped between her nether lips and began to intimately caress her.

Xao chuckled “I am schooled in the Kama Sutra, Dana, you have a very nice cunt, in many women, the minor labia, is pronounced, it gives a woman a low class look, not fit for an emperor, yours however is enclosed by your major Labia, fortunate for you or I should have had to have you...trimmed.”

Dana watched the Chinese Premier move around her, and her panic began to rise, as she struggled against her bonds “Please…don’t rape me… Send your guards out, I…”

Xao moved atop her as she felt him move to mounther “You are nothing, and soon you are not going to care WHO you have sex with or who watches you see, we are going to finally put a muzzle on and CONTROL America.” As he spoke she could see him move atop her getting more and more aroused “You will serve Mr. Ping and myself and anyone else we say and be our figure head, and when the time is right, You will lose the election to a man of OUR choice, after a series of...scandals….

She felt him guide his stiff shaft to her soft sex positioning his cock by her unprotected pussy his head barely reached her breasts.

Dana tugged “I am the PRESIDENT! For God’s sake at least use protection!

Xao leaned down atop her, pressing the head of his cock against her unprotected cunt as he smiles “You are an American cow, and now you are going to be bred like one, perhaps a Chinese Prince will rule America as part of MY Dynasty. He felt the outer lips part as he leaned down. Ping and Actaeon and the others smiling as they watched the woman’s sex part to admit the Chinese dictators shaft

Dana felt him penetrating her, her firm muscles parting to admit his snake into her cave. Xao slid his length into the helpless woman until their pelvic bones met. Xao reveled in the warm slippery feeling, seeing the woman spread like an eagle before him, and began to thrust atop her.

Dana felt her eyes rolling up in her head, the pressure and smooth skin of Xao above her, and the feeling of his cock within her, she was no virgin by any stretch, but neither was she experienced.

Xao laid his head upon her breasts and she felt his arms go around her, and he Chuckled aloud “Yes Watch, this is what I do to the American President and this is what we will do to their country!”

Perino couldn’t help it, as she Felt Xao’s body atop her’s, she felt him taking her, his hands upon her sides as he sawed in and out of her body. Her slippery flesh gripping his cock her sex getting wet. She had never allowed herself an affair while in office, because she was a moaner, she could not help it, and now with each young youthful thrust into her. The American President Moaned and grunted, her eyes kept darting about, waiting for the Marines, or Delta Force or someone to arrive.

But no one came. Xao had her pinned and he knew it. It felt so nice to have this woman helpless under him, his length spearing again and again into her body, as her outer lips met his groin.

The bodies were flowing quite nicely now with pre, both of them. Xao’s ass rising and falling as he rutted with the bound woman
As the 2 copulated, the restraints of Dana’s feet pulled hard against her soft flesh holding her in place for the Chinese Monarch to finish his task, and it was clear that the young monarch had not been joking, he clearly had been schooled in the Karma Sutra as he pushed Perino rapidly toward an unwanted climax.

A Cheer went up among the Chinese guards as they watched The President of The United States Arch up off the table against their Premier, and she let out a long low moan of “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh!” her body spasming with each wave of pleasured orgasm.
Grinning down with effort Xao thrust forward and in holding as his sacred snake spit its venom directly into her cave. Glaring down he snarled “Silence slave” His hand coming up to cover her mouth firmly while he finished his climax.

When it was done Dana lay there, her body covered in sweat trembling, panting, unable to speak, while Xao rose up off of her, his cock slipping from her sex, a bit of her fluids connecting the tip of his cock to her cunt.

Xao swung down from the table and grasped her face in is hand and sneered “Who is your MASTER?
Afraid for what he might do Dana said weakly “You are…


Dana raised her voice, tears running down her cheeks “YOU are!”

Xao spit in Dana’s face and then stretched reaching his hand out saying “No Actaeon, you wished to see our…device.” Xao said something in Chinese sharply and a guard brought what liked like Power Ranger helmet, within were needle sharp contacts and flashing lights.
Actaeon Davis, nodded watching as the Soldier handed the young lad the helmet.

Dana felt her hand released, and Actaeon set her up, causing her breasts to sway. Dana feeling dirty and vulnerable asked “W….what is this master?”

Xao smiled darkly “It is a subliminal mind control helmet. We have been working on it for some time; it is how we will control you for the rest of your life. If you know what’s good for you… you will put it on and lay back down.

Trembling, Perino slipped the Helmet onto her head, she felt the sticky bio gel that would sense her neural synapses, and the face plate blacked out her view. As she lie back, and felt her arms being re tied, the last thing she heard Xao say was “Now bring me my paints…”

Meanwhile back in the Amazon Rain forest, the sun was setting, in the clearing Batman’s black and grey tights lay carelessly on the rain forest floor, the contents of every device in Batman’s Utility Belt lay examined and scattered.

Circe lay sweating on her back on the soft loam, above her, the warm muscled chest and adoring smiled of Bruce Wayne as his thick erection thrust in ad up into the Goddess. Circe had been at the playboy alter ego of Batman all day. Circe was actually panting as she squeezed the muscles of her pussy argon the billionaires’ thick cock. ”Oh BRUCE dear, I have not had such a performance since Heracles himself! What a GOOD boy.” She reached up to run the sharp nails of her fingers thru his thick curly black chest hair.

Bruce smiled down, to have such praise from his Goddess, the feel of the sharp nails gently combing his chest, he leaned in and kissed her freely, feeling his cock ready to climax again as their tongues entwined. There was no hesitation, no reluctance no moral reservation, all that was there was a bestial desire to pleasure his goddess.

Circe grunted as the perfect athletic body slammed into her, curling her legs around his hips to lick the 2 of them together as she ran her free hand thru her flowing black hair, breaking the hiss to gently nuzzle at his lip she leaned up and folded her arms around the naked dark knight and then dug her nails into his back scratching deep red furrows into his back.

Bruce Wayne grunted in surprise at the pain combined with the pleasure around his hips, causing him to arch, “Goddess!” he hissed his face a mask of pleasure.

Circe reached a mutual climax raking her nails across the billionaires’’ back as she clung to him, feeling him paint her womb with his seed for perhaps the eighth time that day.

Trying to catch her breath she lay back and smiled drawing her finger down the well-muscled chest “Did my little Batman enjoy?”
Bruce Wayne had a stupid smile on his face “Yes Goddess”

Circe looked up at the setting sun and the waking colony of Fox bats above, and sighed “All good things must come to an end, and besides, good as you were I am becoming bored with you. Get up and retrieve my thinks” she ordered casually.

When Bruce Wayne rose, he felt a slight cool as his cock slipped out of the gorgeous woman, covered in their mutual juices. Circe stood in her naked glory, her nether lips coated on “bat seed” having spent the day milking the hero of every drop in a way many women had hoped and had never achieved, allowing herself the pleasure of watching the perfect athletic firm ass move as her lover retrieved her gown.

Circe moved to the cool babbling spring and sat on a rock, allowing her enslaved lover to enter and washer gently, using the softest sponges to clean her as the Goddess she is. Once dressed she stood smiling at the naked athlete, drawing from her gown a piece of paper. She cupped Bruce’s chin and gave an mock frown “Bruce dear, would you sign this?”

“Of course Goddess” he smiled, signing the document first before asking “What is mistress?”

Circe shrugged carelessly, her bare shoulders moving as she stood radiant in the afterglow of her sexual tryst “Oh nothing important, it is just your authorization to allow Actaeon Davies authorization to purchase 51% of Wayne industries.” She then moved over to retrieve the golden chalice one final time. Returning to her naked thrall she smiled “Now then my brave dark night…you must be thirsty after losing ALL that body fluid.” She brought the chalice to his lips. “Drink”

The taste was sweet as his Goddess tipped the chalice, and he swallowed.

Circe stepped back, watching her signature magic take hold. The Muscular man quickly began to shrink, a downy soft brown and black fur sprouting to replace smooth skin and curly black chest hair. A membrane formed between his body and his arms as a muzzle pushed from his face, teeth forming to needle sharp interlocking fangs. His little, ring and middle finger elongated into the membranes while the index finger and thumb formed sharp claws, and his voice went from the deep alto of Bruce Wayne, to the high pitched clicks and squeaks of a Fox bat.

The little bat looked momentarily confused as the shapely bare feet of the human appeared before it. Gentle hands caressed the warm membranous wings as they picked him up. Looking around the little animal could hear the call of its own hind as he was brought up to the face of the human. The soft red lips kissed him on his head, as his eyes looked around, using his echo location to click and squeak getting a feel for things. Somewhere a dimming awareness heard her voice speak “Well now, with that body I might have preferred a magnificent draft stallion, but, well this seems poetic. The good news is, you Can be turned back to a human” she looked up at the sky as it began to fill with tens of thousands of Fox bats, in the jungle and she chuckled “If they can ever find you.

Bruce looked up, feeling a pull of his kind; he wanted to join them in the sky, to seek the fruits of the tree, to be with his own kind.
Circe opened her hands and watched the magnificent Fox bat disappear into the sky in the confusion of the massed flock, and she smiled “And it’s breeding season….” She collected the tights and the utility belt and all the devices and looked skyward, the bat that was Bruce Wayne now lost among the thousands “See what a nice goddess I am?”

With a gesture she vanished back to her temple, leaving the jungle beasts to their nocturnal activities.

Back in Washington DC. Diana Prince was excited; she had arrived back at CIA Headquarters, and reported in to Daniel.

Daniel smiled “Diana, that lead you suggested at the Jennifer Lawrence scene is paying off, they Guy, John, he has implicated Actaeon Davies as running some kind of very high class white slavery ring or some such.

Diana cocked her head “REALLY? I suspected something was UP but….

Daniel smiled “This could get you out of the dog house Diana; it would also justify your actions breaking into Davie’s estate.

Diana shrugged “I do not mind being your assistant Daniel” she smiled “I just want to stop these monsters.

Daniel nodded “Good well next we have to try and catch Actaeon in the act.”

Diana blinked “you’re not going to issue an arrest warrant? Investigate him?”

Daniel shook his head “no, we can’t all we got is the word of one minor thug, even though he confirms what you were saying, it’s all circumstantial, if were going to GET Actaeon, I want to nail him HARD.

Diana shook her head “What about the slave sale at Madison Square gardens?

Daniel countered “No good, look if they can keep something THAT big, hidden in a place so famous, they have contacts, we can set up some surveillance, but if they get a sniff that something is up they will disappear. No what I think we need to do is Catch Actaeon, transporting the goods, so to say.

Diana frowned “Why would Actaeon get his hands dirty?”

Daniel smiled “He has to, with the amount of cash transferring hands, and with the risk the buyers will have being there, he will HAVE to make an appearance, but it will be before the BIG sale, during the sale itself, it would be too risky.

“So” Diana said “You want to find him, in preparation with some of the kidnapped girls.”

Daniel nodded “Yea, the question is, how do we know when.”

Diana smiled “I think I can handle that….”

Daniel nodded “Good, because I think it is linked to an assassination attempt on the pope, I need you to head to the Vatican…”

In The Great Hall of the People, Beijing, the Peoples National Congress waited, nearly 3000 male deputies waited for the Premier to address them in the emergency session he had called. The deputies were already nervous, it had only been 2 years since Premier Xao’s declaration of the return to the traditional ways, and that a woman’s place was in service to men, as such every female deputy had been replaced so it was now an all-male congress.

A hush fell as the young Chairman appeared on the stage, flanked by Actaeon Davies, and Cardinal Emmitt

“Deputies, I have called you hear to announce a new great Patriotic War against the Americans!”

The Hall erupted in anger; the Army Guard had to move in to restore order. Once they had quieted, the Chairman stood “Premier, such a war is not necessary, it would result in huge casualties, possibly nuclear, and what about our economy? We NEED the American markets.

Xao raised his hands there will be no Chinese casualties and we will HAVE the American markets to ourselves, and all their resources as well.

The Vice-Chairman now stood “how can you say that? It would take an invasion, and even if we overcame the American technological advantage their populace is better armed than our own army, did you forget their second amendment? Every person there has a gun, do you want the same Vietnam WE sponsored against THEM?

Again the young Premier held up his hands smiling “Relax, and be seated, I am not without a plan. Gentlemen I’d like you to meet a TYPICAL American Cow.

A shapely naked woman, walked out on stage, the woman wore what looked to be a plastic mask, imitating a jersey cows head. She was stark naked and with the exception of her pink areoles, had been painted head to toe in a thick white latex. Her hands to her wrists and her feet to her ankles had been painted an inky black in imitation of a cow’s black hooves; the rest of her was covered in irregular black spots, giving the caricature of a woman human cow, around her neck a collar with a large cow bell that clanged whenever she moved.

As the shapely woman move, a long tail attached to the base of her spin swayed, and her breasts pouted like large utters.

Chaos again threatened to erupt in The Great Hall of the People. With Deputies yelling “this is an OUTRAGE! Get that WHORE off the stage! Premier this is a CONGRESS not some kind of Brothel!

Xao smiled at Actaeon and waited for the shouting to stop, while the cow woman came to stand beside him her hands at her side.

“Deputies, please indulge me, there is a purpose. Americans are ARROGANT, and as stupid as this COW!” he smiled slapping the woman on her tight, white and black latex coated ass, her soft camel toe highlighted between her legs, the cow bell clanging.

“You speak about the American 2nd amendment, as you know for years we have paid their senators and congressmen to vilify guns, the fools have focused on 100,000 crimes with guns, among 200 million GUNS! Less than 1 percent!” he laughed “they do not even REPORT the 3 million child abuse reports made every year in their own countries. The idiots even suspend their own children” he snickered “For chewing their pop tarts in the SHAPE of a gun, they suspended a child for playing with a TOY gun in his own back yard! They are training their own children not to respect guns to see them as EVIL.

The Chairman could not stop glancing at the beautiful cow woman, the cow bell making a gentle gong “how does that affect us?”

Xao smiled “Some of you know Mr. Actaeon Davis. In exchange for some of our technology, Mr. Davies will retain the mentally dangerous that their country does not even care to treat, he will arrange for them to go on shooting sprees. Snipers, hand guns, shotguns. The Americans do not believe that the terrorism can come in their country; Mr. Davies associates will get these people in their own countries to commit these crimes. Once it becomes so common, the Americans will HAPPILY disarm themselves; their children will see the gun as evil they will strike down their own amendment.

A silence had descended over The Great Hall of the People, as the deputies began to consider the feasibility of this plan, it seemed impossible but no one was really looking at the human cow.

The Vice-Chairman looked up “What about their military? The American Intelligence services and the JLA?”

Xao smiled “that is already being taken care of. You see, the Secretary of Defense, along with Mr. Ping, is on OUR payroll, with the peace declared in Africa by king Otwani, and our availability to African natural resources, we are all at PEACE, I have it on good authority that the American President will announce the cutting of their defense forces, especially intelligence, to below WWII levels!

The Chairman rose “How can you know that?”

Xao smiled and walked over to the cow woman “Because, gentlemen…” Xao grasped the muzzle of the mask on the girl’s hand and pulled it back, revealing the face of president Dana Perino, standing in all her naked glory before the 3000 Deputies. Within the mask could bee seen flashing lights and electrical connections.

“How was this done?” the Chairman asked, walking up to the stage as Xao grabbed a fist full of The President’s hair and pushed her forward over the podium, tossing the faux cow tail over her back “Our glorious scientists together with Mr. Davies resources, have developed a working control device.” Xao smiled, enjoying the moment as he kept the attention of the deputies.

Perino stood there, she could not even blush, trapped within her head she listened to Xao speak. When she had put the Helmet on, after Xao’s rape, she had felt her body stop responding. She had tried to resist the messages being fed to her brain, but Xao was an artist, she had first felt his smooth brush with the thick latex brushing gently against her body, up her legs, as the young Premier used her body as a canvas.

She had felt him gently brushing her hands, painting them an inky black, the brush slid wet and slippery around her nipples, sliding against her flat stomach, eventually along her legs and over she smooth bald pussy. Actaeon and Cardinal Emmitt had come over and she had listened to them commenting on the art as Xao turned her into her masterpiece.

She could not resist as Xao pushed her over the podium and heard him unzip his breeches.

Xao moved his thick erection up to Dana’s tight pucker and she felt him line up. With a firm SHOVE, his cock pressed into her tight ass hole causing the helpless President to moan out “Mhoooooooo!!”

There was a moment silence when from the back of The Great Hall of the People, a Deputy called out “The Premier is making the American cow MOO!”

Dana had hoped that there would be enough decent people here, out of 3000 that SOMONE would carry word, twitter, tweet SOMETHING…what she heard was a thunderous roar of approval and applauds!

Xao leaned forward molding his belly to her back, and she felt his warm breath on her ear “You hear THAT” he said lunging forward to bury his cock into her anus “That’s my people coming closer to naming ME” he thrust again enjoying the feel of her warm bowel “Emperor”

Dana grunted and lunged with each thrust, her painted breasts swaying as she was taken like a lowing bellowing cow in front of the entire political body of China. Xao felt HUGE in her ass, and as he looked up, the Deputies were on their feet giving a standing ovation.

Xao was in his zone, this was the first time he had ever taken a woman in her ass, and he liked it. Gripping her hips, he watched her black painted feet planted on the ground and he lunged again and again “TAKE it, American COW..LOW for my countrymen

Dana’s programming hardly needed to control her, with each thrust into her ass she grunted and moaned. She felt Xao quicken and shorten his thrusts, experience had told her he was readying to climax within her again.

Xao trusted firmly, almost viciously, grasping the Blonde hair in front of him he yanked the woman back on his cock so her head was raised to face her audience, and he spilled his seed deep into her bowel.

Unable to resist Dana MOANED and felt her body climax, her feminine juices running heavily down onto the floor between her feet, the Deputies cheering louder as she looked into their face.

Sated, Xao pulled back out of Dana and zipped up his breeches, using her to shield the actual act from the other men. Leaving Dana panting and clinging to the podium he stepped around

“Deputies, we are not going to INVADE American, we are going to CONTROL them, and they will be our puppet state. The JLA” he laughed “Madam President, what do you say to a declaration telling the JLA to stay out of your political dealings?’

Dana heard herself say “yesssss masssster”

Xao smiled “Now a SYMBOL for the Deputies”

Dana felt her hair grasped again, and the young Premier stood her up and marched her to the front of the stage, facing the deputies.
“Stand at attention” Xao said.

Dana responded by standing, her arms at her sides, eyes forward, heels together.

Xao smiled, and gently cupped her left breast, rolling her nipple between his fingers, he knew he had every Deputy in the hall erect, he was a showman. Taking out a long needle, he pierced The president’s nipple, glancing up he said softly “Not a sound”

Dana felt the sharp pain, and then stood at rigid attention as the dominant Premier threaded a simple gold hoop thru the opening, and using a hand torch soldered it closed.

Xao repeated the same on her left breast…attaching a short chain between them and lifting it to watch the woman’s breast rise and wobble by her own nipples.

Xao knelt to one knee. If she had been able, Dana’s eyes would have widened as she felt the small fingers part the lips of her pussy, with the familiarity of ownership, she felt the hood of her clit pulled back and the fingers gently teased the little button until it was hard and her knees wanted to buckle…

Xao smiled at the soft pink flesh exposed from around the white latex coated cunt lips, and, using a leather pad on the other side, pierced the president’s clit.

Dana would have screamed but the programming held, and she felt Xao thread a 3rd ring thru her clit, and solder it closed.
Attaching a leash to the cow’s cunt ring, and turned to face the Peoples Congress “The Cow and I will be in the hall for Refreshments...please join me”

Turning and tugging gently on the leash, Xao led The president out to the meeting hall, led by her pussy.
At the reception, Dana stood at attention when not addressed. The Deputies came by and causally ran their warm hands over her painted body while Xao hardly paid any attention to her at all besides holding her cunt leash.

The Chairman of the part approached Xao “Premier…might I use…?”

Without even looking Xao waved over Cardinal Emmett and Actaeon “Yes yes please Chairman Help yourself.

Dana stared into the Chairman’s eyes, she didn’t even know his name as he said “Cow…take out my cock and suck it.

As Dana sank to her knees , unzipped the man’s fly and fished out his cock, She heard Cardinal Emmit ask “Actaeon what about WONDER Woman?”
The chairman trapped the back of Dana’s head with one hand, his hand cupping her chin under the other as his cock disappeared into her warm wet mouth. And began to Face fuck The President.

Actaeon smiled “The pieces are finally in place” noting how noisily the woman sucked, her bell around her neck clanging, “Now we just have to get Wonder Woman to take the bait.

Xao glanced back, seeing Dana’s nose disappear inside the Chairman’s fly “Mr. Davies, are you ok with getting these people to commit violence?’
Actaeon hesitated “I…don’t like it but it is necessary, You have access to Africa’s natural Resources, and will have access to American markets….I will need you to produce 100 of them Helmets..”

As the chairman climaxed down Dana’s throat, Xao smiled saying “You will have them.
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Re: Hunter of the Amazon #1 part 18

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The 2 week summit in China had passed with world wide praise; agreements had been reached with North Korea, China, India, Pakistan and Iran about nuclear disarmament beyond anyone’s wildest expectations, all credited to the U.S. President.
Perino now stood at the stairway to Air Force one stark naked still clad in her white latex body paint with irregular black spots like a Holstein Cow, naked as the day she was born. Around her neck she wore a large cow bell that clanked when she moved, and Ping held a leash, connected to two nipple rings, to lead the American cow around by. Dana stood passively, chaste, quiet, her eyes on the feet of the men around her as they talked around her as if she was not even there.
Kim Jong-un smiled next to Xao, along with ambassadors from the other countries, having full computer access to the American data bases and the potential rewards of a controlled America, made getting the agreements easy, and the bonus of the days and nights with the compliant cow, were viewed as an incredible perk.
Ms Gannet stood equally naked, though minus the paint job, and sporting a dog collar and leash, stood easily, smiling and compliant beside Ping as the men spoke.
Xao was nodding “I promise you gentlemen, we control her now, and she is going back to The White House to be Mr. Ping’s compliant little whore, our puppet. Senator Lee from Utah, has already agreed to aid us in exchange for the next election, though he doesn’t know it yet, I have had communication with him that he’s very much looking forward to bedding our frisky companion here. Mr. Ping, you will coordinate the funding with Mr. Actaeon and Ms. Gannett, I want the stupid Americans yammering to repeal their own second amendment within a year, We cannot have armed individuals running around, some are going to be smart enough to see what is happening and they are more easily controlled if disarmed.”
Up in the Cockpit Canadian Captain NcNair sat in the co-pilot seat, next to another U.S. Air Force Colonel, Colonel Adam, along with an entire new crew, who had turned as sleeper spies years ago, the original crew’s and their families had been….explained.
Ping smiled at his two compliant women and nodded up the red carpeted stairs “after you” he smiled delivering a sharp slap to the president’s bare white and black spotted ass causing it to wobble under his hand.
Wordlessly the 2 women walked up the stairs, head bowed in front of the Whitehouse Chief of staff, their bare asses swaying, the soft wet neither lips squeezed between their thighs. The door to Air Force one closed, and the Plane taxied for takeoff.
Inside Ping sat and stretched out on one of the recliners, while Perino and Gannett knelt at his feet and removed his shoes and began kissing and massaging his feet. It would be a pleasant flight home.

The NSA was in chaos when Diana Prince walked into the office, headed over to Daniel’s desk. There were shootings all over the country, the JLA was scrambling everywhere trying to find and stop these random attacks.
Daniel looked up “Diana, I am glad you’re here, the whole country has gone nuts.”
Diana doffed her jacket and walked over to the map covered in red stick pins “My God Daniel, is it an attack?”
Daniel shook his head “not that we can tell, The one’s we have captured seems to be coming in from over the border, Mexico, Canada, or are home gown, None of them share any common goal, they just seem to be… malcontents, psych cases that previously were not a danger. The red pins are sniper attacks, they are the hardest to find, and the yellow are mass shootings, sometimes we get them sometimes they kill themselves.”
Diana shook her head “Where are they striking?”
Daniel shrugged “anywhere that weapons are prohibited, we had a couple tried to hit Austin, Texas, they were blown out of their sox before they got off two rounds, but look, Fort Hood, Churches, government buildings.”
Diana nodded “all the places that weapons are prohibited.”
Daniel nodded “and all random, they do not seem to care if they are caught or not, but they do, at least, seem to be trying to stay away from children.”
Diana nodded “that’s one blessing, but Daniel, what about the White Slavers Ring, everything points to they are going to have that auction soon, I am POSITIVE that these shootings and these slavers are connected, an attempt to weaken our laws, to disarm the publice and switch their attention from these kidnapings”
Daniel shrugged. “Were stretched thin Diana, even the JLA, but, I do not believe in coincidences Diana, I am betting there is a connection, I do not know if it is to divert forces for during this so called auction, or some other purpose…but I checked and Actaeon Davies arrived in the US and shortly thereafter these attacks started, Diana I want you to keep an eye on mr. Davies.”
Dana Prince smiled “Is that an order?”

Brad Dunning stood in what had been “The Bat Cave” marveling at the technology, Once Alfred Pennyworth had been subject to a little mind alteration and, reassigned, the 17 year old had the run of what had been Wayne Manor; it had been no problem in probate court getting the deeds and titles turned over. It had taken Brad weeks to break the encryption on the computers, but between the JLA files, and his own super power, that of interfacing with computers, he now had full access.
Actaeon Davies looked around the cave “I am telling you Brad I am not comfortable with this, capturing powerful super beings is one thing, but these are innocents and they are being killed.”
Brad looked at his computer read out, noting that “Vixen” was now listed on the JLA as inactive, with an impending child and marriage between her and Green Lantern. “Hey I don’t like it either boss, but if our client is going to reach his plans, it’s a lot less casualties then would occur in a war.”
Actaeon half snarled back “That’s easy to say unless it’s a member of your family that is the innocents.”
Brad shrugged again striking a few buttons “ Boss, these nut jobs have always been there, we’re just inspiring the idea, were not even paying them they are doing it just for their own self-righteous cause, a bit of rhetoric and they go off like a 14 year old boy in a brothel. Look at it this way, we are getting them off the street, and everyone is getting what they want, The Democrats get a “Gun free” America, and the Chinese get a new puppet state.”
Actaeon sighed “I do not care who leads what country, we have to move on the Madison Square Garden’s Auction that’s coming up, this whole operation is so we can bring in the really BIG names, while the rest of the JLA and the authorities are off chasing shooters. Even the Client that contracted to get Wonder Woman will be there.”
The 17 year old nodded “Yea, oh hey about that, you asked me to watch the net for some nut jobs…..I am a little worried about this one guy that’s been hitting our website. Jack Johnson, a real John Wayne Gacy type.”
Actaeon moved over to look at the screen, seeing an older man, with dark black hair, clean shaven Brad continued “He’s had several arrests involving kids, and he’s been hitting the Chinese web site, I do not think this guy is going to listen to them saying to steer clear of schools and the like.”
Actaeon nodded “Do you have a location on him?”
Brad ripped off a print out and handed it to Actaeon “Mr. Luthor has had some of his people on it; the place is not far from the auction sight…..”
Actaeon nodded “I have to move some of the supplies there; I will swing past there with Hans and some of the others before the delivery.
Brad looked up as there was the flapping of wings that could be heard “Is that wise Mr. Actaeon?”
Actaeon looked up to see Hawk Woman landing, mace in her hands “Don’t worry Brad, just keep working them programs, this is all part of my plan for our Beauties’ strike two, after all I am not getting any younger and I want that son from her. What’s Hawkwoman doing here?”
Brad smiled holding up one of the Subliminal helmets now shaped like a Falconer’s hood, but desired as a whole head hood, a Faux raptor like beak projecting from the front “Hmm? Oh Shayera has been particularly hard to control with subliminals, today I get to stuff the chicken, you know *I* want a son too, and she and I are going to start trying tonight…right on THAT table” he smiled”
Actaeon smiled “Well I will leave you two love BIRDS alone then.”
As Actaeon departed Shayera strode in, her red booted feet clicking softly on the cave floor, her mace held in her 2 hands across her body. Between the green spandex on her legs Brad could see the red outline of her camel toe, he had been waiting 4 years for this time to come. His eyes went to her firm breasts stretching the yellow spandex top, the soft brown feathered wings arching behind her above her helmeted head.
“Now Shayera, you know how I feel about women and weapons” Brad chided holding out his hand “Give it to me please.”
The red head hesitated blinking at him thru her Hawkgirl mask “I….this…isn’t right…Where….Is John….”
Smiling brad moved behind her reaching around the soft brown wings to caress her bare shoulders “shhhhhh Shhhhhhh Shayera, John is humping some other woman and after tonight it won’t matter because you will be my abject slave bird” his firm hands cupped her silken shoulders and caressed down her arms and then slid back up to openly cup her breasts in his hands “now give me the mace like a good little hen….”
Shayera struggled, she knew this was wrong, but her hands, slowly, against her will released the mace to the young boy behind her. The Thangarian metal felt warm in his hands from the woman’s grip, as he easily hefted the weight, chuckling “This will look nice on my wall once I stuff you and put you in your cage.” He smiled swaggering to take the mace and to a hook he had mounted in the cave.
When he turned Brad moved around the beautiful Thangarian like a cat stalking his prey, his own arousal in his tight slacks straining in anticipation of what was to come, or what was to cum, if one preferred. Hawkwoman clenched her fists straining “you…won’t get…away with this…What have you….done to me, I…can’t move.”
Brad chuckled again brining over a chair to enjoy the show “ohhh now see that’s where your wrong, I am not only going to get away with it, you’re going to be my perfect naked winged fantasy for the rest of your life. You will kneels and fawn over me, and no one will stop me from having my way with you whenever and however I want, I already broke up your romance with that green lantern, and tonight I finish YOU off. You see I could not brain wash you using Subliminals alone, not in front of a computer screen, but what I did do, is make a link for your emotions, you see I have made everything about me inspire lust in you Shayera, the real amusing thing is, if you had not been so sexually pent up from keeping yourself a virgin for Mr. Right, you’d be kicking my ass right now hell even if you had gotten off more with that Amazon slut, you’d have enough edge off to resist…but as it is…you cannot.”
Trembling in anticipation Brad licked his lips and said “Take off all your clothes for me Shayera, after all birds do not wear clothing.”
Shayera felt as if she were in a dream, the kind where a monster is chasing you, and they always tell you to turn around and face the monster, but how do you do that in a dream, how do you tell your mind to obey when it believes it is acting in its own best interest? Part of her knew this was wrong; she loved John, but another part of her found this arousing, more arousing then anything she could ever even think of with John. Shayera fought with everything she had, she pictured herself naked her bare ass sitting on her heels clad in only her wings looking up at the young man, and shivered, she wanted…no no…she didn’t want….
Hawkwoman looked at the handsome smug youth before her, his glossy dark hair and tanned skin, His slender build and tattered “AC/DC” tee shirt, she was easily 15 years his senior yet she felt her hands go up to her mask. Somewhere she knew Brad already knew her identity, but she lifted her hawk helmet allowing her flaming red tresses to fall free with a shake of her head and revealed her secret identity to him.
Brad rubbed his hands in anticipation watching the beautiful Thangarian move hesitantly at first, forward to kneel on one knee and place the Helmet at his feet, the tips of her feathered wings bending and they brushed the floor. Brad’s heart felt like it would tear from his chest, and that pumping translated directly to his erection making it harder than steel as he almost panted. He was actually doing it, he was making Hawkwoman his slave…
This would not have worked on anyone else, but he had found a way to turn the Thangarian’s hawkish personality against her.
Shayera stood smiling at how this male before her reacted, she could tell how she affected him and that strengthened the voice within her driving her onward, muffling the one telling her this was wrong. The beautiful woman slowly bent over, and slipped her long fingers along her red boot, tracing the yellow stripe designed to give the impression of a bird’s talons, down the front, gently tugging the soft leather off. She pointed her toes as the bare, pale white, slender foot withdrew, leaving the empty leather to flop over, much like her resolve.
She removed her other boot and placed her bare feet on the cool floor, placing the limp leather beside her helmet at Brad’s feet, smiling at him from under her brows as her mane of red hair cascaded over her shoulders.
Next came her anti-grav belt, her slender hands gently releasing the buckle, and padding forward on her bare feet, she walked around behind Brad trailing the device over his shoulder and leaving it there, her finger nails and then the silken warm leading edge of her left wing trailing along the nape of Brad’s neck. The part that was Shayera screamed, how could she be reacting to this BOY, she could break him in two…why did it send such a thrill thru her groin to consider calling him...her master?” But she could not stop. Moving before him once again, she slipped her hand, palms against her body, down her sides so that the fingers slipped under the waistline of her red and green tights.
Brad sat forward in his chair gripping the arm rests as he watched Hawkwoman turn her back to him, and slip the waste line down the long legs, the smooth pale white skin being revealed as a firm tight ass situated between her long graceful brown wings, was laid bare to him.
Smiling and looking over her shoulder at him, she heard herself saying “B..Brad….stop this, I am a woman, not a bird, or…a slave….”
Brad shook his head “you’re wrong, you’re MY slave, my BIRD, forever, give into it and I will make it even better for you” He thrilled as her body reacted without her ability to control as she straightened, her tights now limp over her arm.
Brad was given his first view of heaven, as he saw for the first time the sight he so long dreamed about, the bright flaming red triangle of pubic hair between the pale white thighs. Shayera’s pussy was perfect, the minor labia small and hidden so that only the curve of her outer lips, were visible. The tangle of silken red hair was short, pressed down form the pressure of her tights. He watched as she neatly folded the tights and laid them before brad’s feet with her booths and helmet, now wearing only her yellow top, and her wings.
“ are you making me…DO this?” she stammered as she saw her arms beakon Brad, and felt despair begin to take her, she began giving in as brad had demanded, maybe that would be better, if she was to lose anyways…
Brad had seen a few women before Shayera, but this was his Nirvana, he had been fantasizing about this moment from the time he was 12. As he approached, he chuckled “Shayera, this wasn’t even a challenge, you never had a chance, you belong at my feet, it was EASY.” he said using her familiar name “Your passions as a hawk run through you, but as a woman and a heroine, we all crave what we can NOT have, you cannot deny that you have a fantasy, one in which you do not have to fight, not have to take a chance of losing, where you are not judged as weak and can just be free with your emotions…. Where you can let OTHERS make the decisions, I just…cross wired them you might say, and in just a little bit, you will do whatever your TOLD to do.”
Shayera felt her resolve slowly waning, she felt, helpless an emotion she was not familiar with, but worked perfectly to Brad’s advantage, helping Brad’s programing to override Shayera’s logical mind, and suppress it. Brad felt her hands guide his up over her shoulders as the woman pressed warmly against him, her bare crotch pressing up against the bulge in his slacks. She guided his hands to the tie of her yellow top behind her neck and leaned in to press her soft warm lips against his, her arms then sliding under his tee shirt against the skin of his warm side to pull his chest against her firm breasts and hugged him as she placed a sizzling kiss on his lips, she was finding it easier and easier to forget John to just give in, as her tongue slipped into Brad’s mouth hungrily, slipping under his lips along his gums and smooth white teeth.
It only took Brad a moment of surprise before he tugged at the tie feeling it release and his arms embraced her in return, slipping under her arms to feel the bare smooth warm skin till his fingers found the attachment point of her wings to her body, sliding along the feathered appendages as his tongue fought back with hers, sliding into her mouth, under her tongue as the 2 explored each other’s mouth, her silken wings extending around them to enfold Brad in their warm feathered embrace.
Within her mind Shayera reeled, the overload of passion, and release of hormones overpowering, Shayera was a virgin, but Brad, despite his youth, had obviously been practicing. The geek was not just a brain and even she and John had not shared anything like this intimate kiss, still she was free, she was still THERE, she could still RESIST him somehow.
When they finally broke the kiss, Brad backed away allowing the woman to pull his tee shirt over his head while he took the last vestment of Hawkwoman’s uniform with him, her yellow top. Shayera’s firm pouting breasts slid into view, leaving her completely bare save for her wings.
For Brad it was perfect, she stepped back dropping the yellow top to the floor as the beautiful hawkwoman stood before him, relaxed except for the worried look on her face, hands at her side, her warm breasts with their small tight areola gently swaying, the erect nipples nearly the same shade of brown as her wings. Her arms hung gently naturally unresisting and without modesty as his gaze went down her flat stomach to her red triangle and lips, soft hips, long sleek legs down to where her now bare feet pressed to the floor. She cocked her knee pointing her toe. Brad looked down and realized his cutoff’s where she had ground her crotch against his erection, was sopping wet with her juices and he grinned “Man I must have done your brain righ,t I have you REALLY hot don’t I? I could be a 2 shake Jake and I bet you’d climax like a freight train.”
Shayera stepped forward her heart racing as she knew what her body desired to do next “Brad, it’s not too late to stop this.” She whimpered “P..Please…” She felt her fingers gently tugging at brad’s belt and waistband “Stop this now and, we will work something out, you can’t keep me forever and having a fantasy is not the same as the fantasy itself, I..I’m scared” she tugged his zipper down and slid her hand into his breeches along his firm moist erection to cup his balls in one hand gently.
Brad moaned feeling his dream girl, her talon like nails fondling his erection. “You’re kidding right?” He chuckled smugly gently stroking her red hair and then at her admission smiled “shhhh” he said stroking her silken hair “In about 5 min you will never fear anything again, you’re going to have lots of children.
Shayera mustered up what emotional courage she could and looked darkly into the Adult teen’s eyes, her emotions in chaos. “No brad… I am deadly serious; if you do this….Somehow I will kill you, this is not just a game, and it’s a violation….” She felt his slacks slip down his legs as he kicked them and his flip flops off, leaving the 2 completely naked in the silent cave.
Brad chuckled and retrieved the Falcon hood helmet, within Shayera could see a penis gag like mouth piece, earphone, flashing displays and attachment points for her head. The device was altered cosmetically to have a plume of feathers on the top, plucked from her own wings, the eyes bulged out like a real falcon’s hood and instead of a mouth there was a beak. Stepping behind her, out of her vision Brad lifted the device and began to seat it on Shayera’s head.
As he seated it he kissed the nape of her neck “Guess again my little hen, I have studied everything there is to know about real hawks, and about Thangarians, and about women and their mind and Psychology. If I left you this way, you would indeed break free and likely kill me, the only reason I have not been able to suppress your personality completely has been your stubborn nature and your feelings for that idiot green lantern.
Seating the Hood over her head, he stroked her hair so it trailed down her back and slid his hands under her wings, one hand sliding up to cup her soft breast, the other down using 2 fingers to slip thru the silken red curls between her feminine lips gently rubbing along her inner walls. Brad was gratified to feel her stomach tense “All I need do now is over heat you, break that hawk like concentration, and between my abilities and that helmet, you will be happy to call me master and worship me forever.”
Within the mask Shayera was already fascinated by the swirling colors, as commands began to relay to her brain in sounds above her ability to consciously hear. She trembled, feeling her body sweating as she felt her captor’s gentle hands, one circling her areola, while the other worked maddeningly between her thighs. Within her ears she heard repeated gently “Brad is my master, I am his slave I have no rights…”
Smiling Brad moved her over to the table, moving in for the kill, feeling the backs of her feathered wings against his shoulders, the soft rustling of the brown feathers. “Now hawk Woman time for me to show you your place. Bend over the table Just like I said you would.
Hawkwoman felt herself bent over the table; her firm ass presented, her only protest a gentle “mummph” thru the mask gag. Beautiful colors swirled in her eyes, images of her naked, serving Brad flashing in her eyes too fast for her to even be aware of them. . Brad took 2 leather “jesses” and slipped them around each of Shayera’s wrists, tieing her wrists together behind her back under her wings. He stepped close to her hooded head “I will own you.
Unable to contain himself further, Brad stepped back holding his iron hard erection, just beneath the curve of her ass, looking at her presented smooth ass, her pussy lips unprotected just beneath, ready for him to plunder. Her wings outstretched half way to either side, Brad moves up to his target, her wet lips nestled within the nest of curly silken red fur. Holding Shayera to the table with his hand in the middle of her back, her hooded head up, Brad aimed his young erection to her lips, and leaned up and in.
The sensations were an incredible rush to him, the firm muscles of her body parted gently, slippery as they naturally gripped his erection, her smooth ass slipped up against his groin, his cock pressing against her hymen
The helpless hen flapped her wings awkwardly against the table several times suclking on the soft penis in her mouth, as brad deflowered her, pressing inward firmly his head tearing thru her maidenhead, the penis, like a climaxing cock, erupted spraying some sweet tasting drug or fluid into her mouth with a gush, the pick of her defloration and the gush distracting her as the Helmet pounded into her brain “Brad is my master forever”
Bray arched holding fully within Shayera feeling her warm slippery unprotected sex around his cock, with the simplest of thrusts he had realized his first goal, he leaned forward and whispered “And now to finish you off once and for all.”
The young computer genius pulled back until just the head of his cock was within her soft lips, streaks of her cherry glistening on his erection and thrust again pressing up against Shayera’s ass, the table rocked a little, and Brad felt her move her heels apart in an attempt to be more comfortable, an unconscious action. Within her hood Shayera relaxed more, a silly smile around the pulsing cock in her mouth as she began to willingly suckle the device and felt the pleasure from the powerful man behind her.
Brad set up a rhythm, slow at first, he had to try and control himself. Shayera felt her mind fading, Brad had been right, he DID have her worked up and hot, as she looked into the swirls before her, she felt herself thinking that, this was her purpose in life, she started to imagine herself soring, her emotions free, coming to land on Brad’s gloved hand.
From behind Brad watched his plan unfold, Slowly her wings stopped flapping, as he withdrew and thrust in he felt her body slowly relax then begin to respond, she laid before him meek and helpless now, wings half out stretched. Her head came up suddenly as Brad felt her body shudder, her muscles within her clenching warmly around his length in a clear female orgasm.
But Brad was far from finished with her; he moved his arms to grip her wings just above where they attached to her shoulder blades with her now unresisting he used them as leverage pulling back and using her wings to drag her back onto his cock, Shayera now giving out soft “uhh uhh uhh uhh’s” with each thrust.
In the Dim light Brad enjoyed the feeling of his captive bird, each thrust he pulled her shoulders up from the table and hilted his length within the bird woman, her body responding, her wrists limp unresisting behind her back.
The young Brad continued to thrust deeply into the very core of Shayera’s soul, her mind spinning her body responding as it gripped his shaft as he withdrew and relaxed to allow him to thrust in, He felt her body shudder in a second climax, Within her mind Shayera lost all thought of anything other than being a hawk, Brad’s hawk. Using her wings Brad gripped her wings tightly pulling her back onto his spike, and felt his groin tighten. The pleasant warm sensation of pulse after pulse of his warm seed painting the inside of Hawkewoman’s unprotected womb, flooded over him.
Within the hood, Shayera leat out a muffled keen, feeling her master behind her, her nind open willingly accepting whatever he fed into it.
Brad held himself against her back, hands clutching the spars of her wings, Brad had never felt such intense pleasure, not just the physical but at dominating the Proud Hawkwoman. He let his balls drain within her, shifting his hips right and left, he smirked “So Hawkwoman…make me pay…. I dare you.
Slowly he came down from his pleasure; he could feel her beneath him unresisting and compliant, bound and stuffed. He released her wings; his cock still buried to its hilt within her body. For a moment, Brad looked around, convincing himself it was real, no one had come bursting in, Hawkwoman still lay bound in front of him, his lust spent he was still balls deep within her. He had done it!
Catching his breath he pulled back his softened cock slipping from Shayera, and he felt the pleasant coolness of the air around his wet cock, his seed clearly visible within her folds, she made no move to rise from the table, and he spent a moment just admiring her body, his hand gently stroking the smooth curve of her ass and flank. “So much for I won’t get away with it, this will be the beginning of a BEAUTIFUL enslavement.”
After perhaps 10 min of just admiring and recovering, Brad tugged at the leather Jesses releasing her wrists, but leaving them to dangle there, she did not move. Brad gently sat her up, turning her to face him; sitting her on the table he had just fucked her on. He loosened the neck thongs of her “hood” and tugged the helmet off.
Shayera blinked and smiled at him sliding her arms over his neck and leaning in to kiss him firmly, aggressively “Master, that was incredible….thank you.”
Brad blinked “Did you just call me master?”
Shayera hopped down completely naked, his seed visible on her neither lips “After plowing me like that how could I call you anything else lover? Would you like me to tidy up a bit?”
Brad had expected this but it was still a bit of a shock to hear her actually call him master. “Um..yea sure”
The beautiful naked woman gave Brad a playful shove into his leather backed chair. As Brad watched, the naked woman walked over to her uniform, her ass cheek’s rolling between her brown wings, showing the hints of her womanhood between her legs. She bent over at the waist, giving brad a beautiful view of her bare ass and shapely legs as she picked up her yellow top and neatly folded it. She then moved over to her other clothing where it lay on the floor, placing the yellow top on top of the green and red tights, coiled her anti-grav belt on top, placed her boots on top of that, and held it all together on top of her clothing with her Hawkwoman helmet and then padded across the cave floor to a shelf where she on her tiptoes and placed the bundle neatly on the shelf remarking “I do not think I will be needing that any time soon.
As Brad watched, Shayera smiled at him from under her brows, a predatory hawk like smile, striding straight toward him, her soft breasts wobbling as she moved gracefully, wings arching over her head. When she stood before him, she knelt, her bare ass perching n her heels, looking at Brad’s bare crotch. Her hand slid up Brad’s bare leg, fingers gently reached up to stroke along his wet length, nails dragging gently over his moist balls “I am sorry master I seem to have made a mess…would you like me to...clean it up?”
Brad smiled dumbly, and watched as Shayera, smiling and looking into his eyes as she leaned her face into his crotch, her silken red mane falling around her face like a waterfall, and he felt her warm mouth engulf his length, to the back of her throat, feeling those soft red lips slipping along his glistening erection, hearing the soft crackling of her suckling and licking as her tongue slid along the underside slowly and gently cleaning their combined body fluids from his cock.
Brad closed his eyes leaning back, placing a hand on the back of her head to gently stroke the silken red hair while she served and serviced him; a quiet smile on his lips, Brad murmured softly pressing her face into his groin. “Fuck you Hawkwoman. I did it…”

Wonder Woman stood on the Bridge of the Watchtower Satellite far above the earth, looking at Flash, Jon, and Huntress. “Where in the world is Superman and The Batman?
Jon shook his head “No one had heard from either of them in a month. We do not know if they left the planet, or went under deep cover and with all the shootings going on across The United States, and the new restrictions being suggested out of The Whitehouse, were hard pressed as it is to protect the civilians, let alone carry on a search.”
Wonder Woman nodded “what about Wayne Manor, Bruce would never give that up.
Huntress shook her head “The signature is absolutely legit, even The Question agrees, and with the holdings going to Davies Industries, Actaeon Davies has the controlling stock in Wayne Enterprises.
Diana shuddered and looked uncomfortable
The Flash noticed “Diana is anything wrong?”
Wonder Woman shook her head “No…it’s just…. I don’t TRUST Mr. Davies.
Flash chuckled in his Cavalier manner “You do not trust Actaeon Davies? The International Humanitarian, Entrepreneur and business man? The Man is cleaner than the pope…what makes you not trust him?”
Diana shook her head “I can’t say” she admitted truthfully “but I am SURE he’s a Criminal.
Jon looked up “Diana, there is a call coming in from a…Daniel Boone? On your personal line. From the NSA.
Flash rolled his eyes “Man must have had issues with his parents”
Diana nodded “Put it thru” Her hand going to her transmitter as they listened on the speaker.
“Diana? It’s Daniel, where are you”
“Daniel? I am just overlooking New York, from my apartment…”
Daniel continued “We recorded a Phone call from Actaeon Davies to an abandoned warehouse building near Madison Square Gardens, he was upset, and some guy calling himself Aries got Davies private line, and called him. Davies was really pissed off, the guy mentioned about showing the U.S. Why gasoline should be outlawed…Diana, this guy fits the M.O. for a Serial killer, Aries the Ram, the FBI has said the guy nabs children and tortures them.
Diana nodded “I can be there in a few min, but what is the connection?”
Daniel replied “You know that guy Wonder Woman nabbed trying to blow up and burn down that Actress, Jennifer Lawrence’s house? Well he said that the Auction is supposed to come up soon, and Davies is in the area, Diana he traced the call; I think Davies is going to meet that Psycho. Diana I think we HAVE him. Davies is driving silver limo.”
Diana flushed “I am on my wan Daniel I will get there as soon as I can.” She broke the connection.
Jon looked at her “Diana, your using CIA/NSA resources to track your personal hunches? Why did you not just use JLA, we can do it all open source, that could be a misuse of government assets.
Diana moved toward her invisible jet “I can’t explain right now Jon, I have my reasons, Flash can you come with me?”
The Flash shook his head “There’s another sniper shooting in LA they need me to search the whole area before he has time to exit, Diana be careful.”

Wonder Woman arrived at the abandoned warehouse, with the economy in the tank after the middle east conflicts, buildings like these were more common, it had been a furniture warehouse, 4 stories, but was surrounded by apartments and office buildings.
Wonder Woman approached the building. That had to be Actaeon’s limo, the silver Mercedes was parked, but it had a trailer in tow. Who drives a Limo with a trailer?”
Quietly the heroine approached, there were 2 of Actaeon’s thugs, standing watch, she recognized them as 2 of the guards who had anally raped her several times in Actaeon’s little roman villa. Wonder Woman approached the back of the trailer. Locked, that was no surprise, with her Amazon strength the simply took the padlock in her hands and crushed the mechanism, causing just a muffled “crack.” Checking to make sure the 2 goons were still smoking and watching, she quietly unlocked one back door and slipped into the trailer thinking “You should hire better help Actaeon”
Within, the trailer was dark, but had its own lighting on the far wall was a glow of flashing lights. “hmm fancy Actaeon, you always did go for extravagant” when she brushed the switch, the battery Florescent light flickered on and Diana’s heart skipped a beat.
Contained within a clear Cryo tube, stark naked, a layer of pale white coating her body, stood Jennifer Lawrence. The star that was missing from the fire! Diana could now prove the conspiracy! And if she could apprehend Actaeon here, at the scene, she would break the case wide open. Wonder Woman could see 3 more tubes, but could not identify the naked women within.
Cracking the door open, Diana crept out; the 2 thugs were still smoking and chatting quietly. Wonder Woman quietly closed the door, and used her lasso to catch a flag pole and swing up to the second story, slipping in thru the window.
Once inside Wonder Woman could hear muffled talking, and crept in the direction of the voices in the dark.
“Boss, we shouldn’t be here…especially with the merchandise...”
“Listen, Boris, I may be an evil white slaver, but what I am NOT is a murderer, not to mention it devalues what might later be merchandise, and I most DENFINATLY am not going to allow children to be hurt let alone in MY name.”
In the darkness Diana could make out the shapes, the second voice was Definitely Actaeon, her heart raced, she would HAVE him. The second…she was not sure of.
The two shapes moved into the next room, and Diana followed, it was clear they were searching the building. Wonder Woman trailed them through several of the rooms, until they finished and moved to go up the stairs up to the 3rd floor.
Wonder Woman moved out “Hold it right there you two” she held her golden lasso ready.
Startled, the one called Boris spun and Wonder Woman could see a gun, Actaeon leapt but too late as the gunshot rung out. Wonder Woman deflected it easily, as Actaeon knocked the gun from the henchman’s hand “you fool you’ll alert EVERYONE!”
From up the stairs a male voice “who’s here! Show yourself or the girl dies! I mean it!”
Actaeon looked at Wonder Woman “you… look I got Business here, so ‘Stag’…get lost.
Wonder Woman shook her head “Not this time Actaeon, you do not have me helpless this time and you do not have one of my friends to hold over’s over, I’m taking you in.” She watched as the other man rubbed his wrist where Actaeon had struck the gun from his hand.
“I mean it, SHOW yourself or I will kill this girl!” there was a frightened little scream from the next floor, obviously a girl.”
Acteaon snarled “not right NOW Diana, that psycho is going to kill some innocent girl; I won’t have that on my conscience.”
“But you will rape a woman and that doesn’t bother you” she replied looking nervously up the stairs.
Actaeon “look we can argue about it later, along with your transgressions, right now we have to STOP that idiot!”
Wonder Woman considered and nodded “Agreed.”
Actaeon hissed “look we have to move quick, you go up the outside, this guy THINKS this is what I want, when he sees me he will likely think I am here to praise him…then you can surprise him.” Without waiting for her reply, Actaeon started up the stairs “Aries? It’s me, Actaeon Davies…”
Wonder Woman made the first window, and scaled up, what she saw, horrified her. There was not one child, there were 20, and each one was tied to a 55 gallon drum labeled “gasoline” with the drums punctured, each small frightened child covered in gasoline.
Inside Wonder Woman could see Actaeon standing, arms open wide, Boris beside him, and across stood a Huge giant of a man, with long dirty blonde hair, and a dull stupid look to him, in his hand he held a flare gun. Outside Winder Woman could hear sirens, lots of them.
“I did just what the sight said Mr. Actaeon,” Aries said “But I took it a step further, it’s not just GUNS , it’s GASOLINE it pollutes our air and it’s dangerous, and when the public sees these kids bodies they will know it HAS to be outlawed…pretty smart huh? I already called the police and fire departments…lots of coverage.”
Actaeon took a step closer “Yes Aries, that was good thinking” Actaeon looked at a pair of children who could not be more than 5 years old, brother and sister, paternal twins maybe, they hugged each other in the center of the floor, covered in gasoline as they trembled, the girl had her ankle tethered to a shackle in the floor, the boy unwilling to leave his little sister. What appeared to be the children’s mother sat bound horrified just out of reach of her children. “but you have to do it right” Actaeon took another step, as Aries turned to follow, presenting his back to Wonder Woman, unfortunately chains and debris hanging from the celling made it impossible for Diana to use her lasso.
Wonder Woman caught a flick of Actaeon’s hand, he was signaling her to enter, she could untie the children while Actaeon kept Aries busy. Noiselessly she swung in, creeping in the shadows to the first tied little hand.
The little girl looked up with wide frightened eyes recognizing Wonder Woman.
Wonder Woman smiled “Hi…you know me?”
“I am here to rescue you…”
“I want… MOMMY” the little girl sobbed, but indecipherable to Aries with the bawling of all the other children.
Wonder Woman nodded “if I get these ropes off, can you run down to the policemen downs stairs they will take you to yer mommy.”
A large wide eyed nod again
Wonder Woman smiled, snapping the rope like it was tissue. To her relief the little girl bolted right for the stairs.
Actaeon now had Aries completely facing away, however if Aries touched off the flare gun now, Actaeon would be incinerated. “Yes if you want to do it right you have to make people feel Sympathy for you….”
Wonder Woman worked quickly, freeing each child, but worrying as each one left, the din of crying got softer, and softer. She had freed all but three when Aries began to suspect
“hey, wot happened to th brats cry…”
Actaeon spoke up “Aries…. I did not come all this way to exchange words with a witless worm!”
“huh?” Aries blinked in confusion
This gave Wonder Woman just enough time to free the last three, as Aries began to get angry and yell back at Actaeon. That left just the twins and their mother.
Aries turned, and saw the last little boy running out “you TRICKED me! Your just like all the rest, You ain’t Nothing!” Aries picked up a 5 gallon gas can on a drum and hurled it at Actaeon, dousing his arms in raw fuel. He then turned aiming the flare gun at the twins.
Diana gasped; there was no way she could reach them in time. Boris was already headed for the stairs when Aries saw Wonder Woman
Boris motioned to Actaeon “Common boss, we have the MERCHANDISE here, let HER handle it….that is the COPS out there”
Diana glowered in frustration, if Actaeon left, he would get away with everything, and she could not save these 3 and go after him too.
Actaeon looked at his route to freedom.
Aries looked around “SHE made you do this Mr. Actaeon, but don’t worry, I will make them…synkathetic like you said…go on get out and I will burn these and Wonder Woman.
Diana could not get to the 3 hostages…and Actaeon stood up “thanks Aries” moving for the stairway. Diana started to move, but Aries pointed the flare gun at the children “Nuhu….you move and I burn em up…you let Mr. Actaeon get away.
Diana watched the coward smirk at her and head toward the stair “Thanks Aries.. I…” suddenly Actaeon leapt at Aries, though he nearly bounced off like hitting a brick wall.
Wonder Woman charged in “get your son out of here!”
The woman wide eyed with horror watched the Flare gun swinging back “my Daughter…”
“We’ll GET her RUN!”
Aries bellered “You TRICK me! Aries not LIKE you no MORE!”
Boris was frantic “BOSS! What are you DOING get OUT of here! Boss…Screw diss I am GONE” and he charged down the stairs with the fleeing mother, the boy in her arms, his little hands stretched out to his sister “Emma Nooooooo Nooooo!”
The Huge man threw Actaeon at the little girl, and before Wonder Woman could move aimed and fired the flare gun. As if in slow motion Diana watched as the glowing flare arched toward the gasoline covered girl, she collided with Aries, but too late, as she bore the large man to the ground, she saw Actaeon leap up, throwing his body into the path of the flare, instantly his arms flared up on fire, and she heard a painful scream.
Aries was huge but was no match for the Amazon, Diana quickly bound him in her magic lasso, and he ceased his struggle, but now the whole floor was a roaring inferno, Wonder Woman could not make out Actaeon or the girl, and smoke belched everywhere. She had to get Aries out, moving to the wall, she kicked it out, and made her way down to the back alley, and a Cheer went up from the gathered crowd as Wonder Woman emerged with the suspect.
Aries slumped as 2 firemen restrained the child’s mother who was clawing hysterically to get into the building” My BABY! She’s In there NOOOOOO!”
At her feet the little boy was bawling “Emma…w...why make me...leave Emma!”
The woman looked at Wonder Woman with a devastated look, but before she could react, the crowd went WILD with a cheer. Wonder Woman turned, emerging from the building, arms badly burned, but holding Emma, Actaeon Davies emerged.
Actaeon, trembling in pain both his arms completely burned with 2nd and 3rd degree burns, placed Emma on the ground and she ran to her brothers, as they hugged, the woman running to Actaeon, flung her arms around him and kissing his face “Thank you Thank you!”
Daniel ended up beside Wonder Woman “you ok WW?”
Wonder Woman looked up “Yes, did you get the silver Mercedes? “
Daniel shook his head “They must have fled when they saw the place on fire.”
Wonder Woman walked up to Davies, the police had spotted him and were moving toward him, Davies trembled in pain from the pain, he would be scarred for life. “Well Wonder Woman?” he cocked his head “I saved her life, isn’t that worth letting me go? If I had not stayed to save her, I could have escaped and you could not have stopped me, you only caught be because I did the rightthng.”
Wonder Woman shook her head grimly “I can’t Actaeon… your involved in this” and placed a delicate hand on his shoulder.
Actaeon cocked his head “Stag…you have to let me go…”
Daniel gave Wonder Woman a curious glance “Stag?”
Wonder woman looked at the 2 officers “A code word he used to intimidate me, well it won’t work anymore” she looked at the officer who arrived, officer Danno. “Book him Danno” she said.
The officer looked curious “on what charge?”
Wonder Woman nodded “Conspiracy to commit murder, white slavery and rape?”
Danno looked curious “Rape? Of whom?”
Wonder Woman folded her arms “Me…”
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Re: Hunter of the Amazon Part 19

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Hunter of the Amazon
Chapter 19
The Zamboli Republic, Africa:

King Otwani sat on his throne smiling, relaxing as was his glistening ebony queen, Zenda; Lex Luthor, clad in a 1 piece black body suit, flanked his throne while Superman, now believing his name was Clay Winston, flanked his wife’s; all three smirked at the naked jungle queen. Zenda was clad in a traditional Zamboli woman’s garb, her belly distended in pregnancy with her King’s child. She was bare breasted, showing not a modicum of modesty, as she held, in each arm, a pair of infants – one boy and one girl – each displaying a complexion a few shades lighter than the woman holding them. The babies were unclad and reclined in the crook of the queen’s arm, each peacefully nursing from a nipple. Their slender white mother knelt meekly before her African rival, naked save for the animal collar and leash connecting her to the queens throne, hungrily nuzzling and licking at the soft folds between the queens thighs, lapping up the honey like a greedy raccoon.

Zenda shifted her hips to allow Sheena’s face a better fit between her muscular black thighs, the blond hair lost under the curve of Zenda’s own distended abdomen which rested atop Sheena’s head.

Lex chuckled “the 2 brats are offspring from Sheena and Otwani?”

The King growled “beware who you are calling brats Luthor, they are fruits of my loins, and while they will not rule, they will serve as excellent servants to Zenda and my offspring.

Lex ignored the threat and leaned forward some examining the infants “Have they shown any super powers yet?

Zenda answered “yes, it seems the male can command female animals, and the female, male animals, which will be perfect for hunts, when they are old enough we will no longer need their mother.

Clay Winston, clad in a 3 piece suit more fitting to a mafia boss, cracked his fingers “Does that mean I get to keep her 24 / 7 Mr. Luthor?”

Lex chuckled “That can be arranged, once your cancer is cured Clay.”

The dark haired handsome man nodded “Thank you Mr. Luthor, I owe you my life and more.”

Otwani glanced curiously at Lex, who held up his hand to the king “Dr. Han’s isn’t it time for Clay’s Medicine?”

Appearing from the wings of the throne room Hans Mengele appeared with a Chalice of wine. Zenda dropped the leash and lifted Sheena’s chin with one toe of her foot “Sheena, Give Super….Clay his “Medicine”

Sheena casts her eyes down – even though she was long past being modest, any person that wanted to look at her could see every goodie she possessed – her face now coated with the glaze of Queen Zenda’s sex. “Yes your Highness.” Zenda always flushed to near orgasm hearing Sheen refer to her as such.

Clay took the proffered Chalice and downed it gulping the wine, a rivulet running down the corner of his mouth to stain the white collar at his neck, his other hand swinging around to Grope Sheena’s ass. Clay wiped his mouth on the back of his sleeve “how many more until I am cured Doctor?”

Hans chuckled “12 more…12 more days and your remission will be permanent.”

Still groping Sheena’s ass Clay asked “Is it ok if I mount the bitch now boss?’

Lex smiled “Sure Boy scout….take her out back and ride her like a cheap zebra.”

Everyone involved smiled as the Man of Steel reached up and grabbed a fist full of Blonde hair and began tugging Sheena toward the balcony, his other hand already unzipping his fly. Stepping out Clay shoved the naked woman toward the stone railing, turning he winked and pulled the 2 glass doors closed, the thin white drapes silhouetting them. As they watched Sheena turned to the former hero and began to plead, “Please…Don’t do this again you’re NOT Clay Winston Your Super….” Everyone watched Clay’s right hand go back and then swing forward into Sheena’s face, with a resounding SLAP!!!

“Shut up with that shit you stupid cow.” They could see the shadows as “Clay” grasped Sheena by the throat and bent her backwards over the railing, His hand came up again as he began slapping the woman across her face, first an open hand forward and then returned with a backhand against the opposite cheek “I (SLAP!) told (SLAP!) you (SLAP!) to (SLAP!) knock (SLAP!) that (SLAP!) shit (SLAP!) OFF!!!”

Sheena’s limbs jerked and flailed in silhouette as he choked and slapped her, by the last strike, she sobbed softly her hands up in fear “I…I’m sorry”

“Damned right you’re sorry, now bend over that railing before I beat you into next week.”

They all smiled as they could see her stands up and then lean over, Clay fished out his erection and the 2 shadows merged with a grunt.

Otwani looked at Luthor “You moved so quickly to corrupt him! By the way, what did he mean cure him of his cancer?”

Lex smiled and activated a remote. A panel slid aside and a clear protective trophy case containing Superman’s uniform glided out from behind a tapestry, perfectly preserved and intact. “That’s the story we gave him to cover up for his memory loss, he is a high class brothel owner and has Incurable brain cancer, and Lex Corp has agreed to “treat’ him free of charge, he is so grateful he has agreed to be my personal, *ahem* muscle, of course he is still a brothel owner” he chuckled as they could see the Shadow behind the woman reach up and grab a fist of hair and yank back impaling Sheena’s shapely ass on his cock.

Otwani smiled “and how did you teach the virgin Boy Scout to do THAT?”

Lex laughed “That’s the beauty of it, once I told him he was a brothel owner, the personality emerged all on its own, and now that Sheena has given birth to a son and a daughter for you, I would like to breed the 2 of them like cattle to see what the union of Kryptonian DNA and the Hybrid jungle mare can produce. The genetic research I can gain from them will be priceless, and as a bonus, who knows? Sheena might be able to produce a daughter as strong as superman but who can change shapes and breed with Krypto.”

Outside they could hear “Clay” thrusting faster and faster grunting crudely “Huhh huhh Huhh… hold on babe I’ll just be a moment.” the shadow behind leaned back and groaned in pleasure.

Otwani smiled “what comes next?”

Lex smiled as Clay opened the door smiling from ear to ear zipping up his fly, leaving the exhausted naked Sheena limp as a dishrag over the railing, his seed leaking from her sex.

Lex shrugged “For me? Supergirl” he grinned.

New York City – Federal District Court

Wonder Woman sat in the office for the Federal Prosecutor, Janson Bane, a fit looking 72 year old man who had worked with the Justice League as their legal advisor and attorney for almost 3 decades. Bane wore a pin striped 3 piece business suit with a pocket watch, that accented his salt and pepper close cut hair cut. He looked up to see the Amazon standing in her “Wonder Woman” uniform with her golden lasso coiled at her hip, her bracelets resting lightly on her wrists, and her ebony mane flowing down her back and over her shoulders and he smiled.

“Wonder Woman, please come in, I am glad to see you.”

Wonder Woman walked in sitting in front of the solid cherry desk, the rich cherry paneling of the room, that had every wall lined with legal books “How are you Mr. Bane? What is this all about? I got a call from the Justice League that I have been subpoenaed?”

Bane rocked back in the high backed leaver chair “Wonder Woman we have known each other for 30 years, I think you can call me Janson.”
Wonder Woman took a seat “only if you call me Diana.”

Janson nodded “Fair enough Diana, It seems that we have not been able to find a single witness to substantiate your claims against Actaeon Davies…”

Nonplussed, Wonder Woman regarded her elderly friend. “He covers his tracks well but have you not investigated his holdings overseas? What about Abal and Ulfah in Algeria?”

Janson shook his head “There are 2 women by that name living at the Davies property, but they do not wish to be contacted, and even if they did, that is not U.S. Jurisdiction, and with Gannett News showing his face all over the world rescuing that little girl from that Psychopath, no one here has come forward, and we have found no evidence of kidnapped starlets…all we have is your word and some burnt out buildings.”

Wonder Woman gripped the arms of the chair, the wood creaking under her super human strength “So you’re letting him go? You have nothing? What about my deposition that he raped me Janson???”

Janson nodded gravely, “Yes we have that, that’s why I subpoenaed you; you will have to get on the stand and testify.”
Wonder Woman nodded, “Very well… I will.”

Janson held up his hand “Diana, there is risk. They get to cross examine, he has the right to face his accuser. They could expose your secret identity…”

Wonder Woman nodded “I have to take that chance. I believe I can out think his counsel on the stand… after all, I have the wisdom of Artemis and Athena.”

Janson looked at Wonder Woman “are you SURE your telling me everything Diana…. no surprises?”

Wonder Woman considered the question and knew she wasn’t telling him everything, bound by her word and the agreement on “strike two” she had to leave Actaeon’s operations alone. But if she could get him on rape…that was HIM not his operation. “I’ve told you everything about the case Janson.”

Janson nodded “Ok then, Actaeon Davies has waived this right to a pretrial hearing, and wants to meet with us for a plea bargain, and barring that, the trial will be today.

Diana gave a surprised look “how does someone get arrested, and get brought to trial within a week?’

Janson rocked back in his chair “You become a multi-billionaire and a world renowned humanitarian, who owns their own media corporation that gives you visibility. Besides there is nothing inherently illegal about it, our investigation is finished, you pretty much covered that base, and his attorneys say they do not need anytime for discovery.”

Diana shrugged her bare alabaster shoulders “Does he really expect to get a plea bargain after enslaving and tormenting women, not to mention raping me? He can rot in jail!”

Janson now leaned forward looking uncomfortable “Diana, they are not asking for a plea bargain, they are offering you one.”

“They what?” she sat upright “Janson, you can’t be serious, you saw the evidence, and my deposition, that bastard kidnapped me, raped me, tried to IMPREGNATE me, and he’s offering ME a plea deal?”

Janson nodded “I didn’t believe it either; the evidence is irrefutable, right down to the traces of curare in your blood, and Actaeon’s DNA. Diana is there ANYTHING you’re not telling me?”

Wonder Woman frowned “Janson you know me better than that.”

The D.A. nodded, “well they are waiting for us in the conference room.”

The two of them walked out into the marbled hallways of the halls of justice, Wonder Woman’s red booted heels clicking and echoing off the hallways as they walked. When they arrived in the conference room, three men in business suits sat with their briefcases, and Actaeon Davies sat, his arms swaddled to the shoulders in compression dressing for burns, the side of his face still healing from the 2nd degree burn to his cheek.

Wonder Woman struck her heroic pose, her feet apart, fists on her hips “Actaeon Davies, what is it you want?”

Davies rolled his eyes “Stop being so dramatic…” one of the Attorneys, a fat Russian woman in a white suit, leaned forward addressing Janson and Diana. “Vonder Voman, you have no evidence against our client, against our adwice he has seen fit to offer you a deal, it will only be offered once. He says he holds this to be “Strike two…”

Janson gave a look to Wonder Woman, who gave a look that implied “I don’t know” as the defense attorney continued “We do not know what it means either; Mr. Davies said you vould understand. He said under the terms of your agreement, call it a ‘pre-nup’, he will not count this ‘strike’ against you but you must immediately drop all charges and plead Nolo Contandre to a defamation charge as well as publically apologize and endorse Mr. Davies,” she finished in a thick Russian accent.

Wonder Woman shook her head “In your dreams, I will see YOU on the witness stand”

The Russian woman looked up “it is your intent to take the stand against my client?’

Now it was Janson who answered “Wonder Woman is a witness for the prosecution.”

The Overweight Russian woman held up a legal looking document “This vill be offered until you are sworn in Wonder Woman, after that, it is, how you say, off the table.

The Preliminaries went with little problem and Janson was quite satisfied with the jury, eight women and four men, with two alternates, a man and a woman. In the gallery, sat Hawkwoman, Green Lantern, Huntress, The Flash, and several others.

In opening statements Janson painted Davies as an absolute womanizer, his connection with Ulfah and Abal and numerous others that Davies entertained. Summarizing his argument, Janson stated,

“We intend to show you that he raped none other but our own heroine, Wonder Woman as she attempted to assist others in distress sacrificing herself so that others may go free.”

When it was time for Shasha, as they learned the overweight Russian was named, she addressed the jury.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Ve are forced to file a counter suit against Vonder Voman for defamation of character as this whole case is preposterous. The Prosecution is not able to produce even VONE vitness to substantiate their claim and, in fact, my client was arrested after having just saved a little girl from a burning building and a maniac. It is our contention, and mine as a voman myself, that Vonder Voman is discriminating and jealous of my client because he is a male and her KIND have long advocated voman’s rights at the expense of men’s.”

The Judge looked at Janson and said “Summon your first witness”

Janson Called Wonder Woman to the stand, as she approached she saw Actaeon very quietly and simply rip up the agreement as she was sworn in.

“Wonder Woman, can you tell us what happened?”

Sitting in the Witness box Wonder Woman Began to speak

“Objection your Honor, The vitness has not provided proof of Identity” Sasha said, standing.

“Your honor we hold that Wonder Woman is a well-known individual working with our government and her identity is classified as any in the intelligence community.”

Sasha smiled “Your Honor, ve will hold our objection in absence until our cross examination”

Wonder Woman glared at the other woman “I was investigating the disappearance of Sheena, the Jungle Queen, when I was kidnapped, taken to Africa, hunted like an animal, drugged, and then repeatedly raped.”

Janson nodded “and why did you not report this?”

Wonder Woman nodded “the protection of others…”

Wonder Woman’s testimony went for about 20 min, direct and to the point, being hunted, the curare, Janson presented the scientific evidence. When he concluded he looked to Sasha, “your cross.”

Sasha stood “Ve have no qvestions at this time but reserve the right to recall the witness.

Janson nodded “Prosecution rests.”

Sasha got up “I vould first like to present video evidence…”

Janson stood up “Objection your Honor, no foundation.”

Sasha smiled “If you vould like to examine, you vill see this is from your own government’s spy satellites.”

Janson examined the film footage as Wonder Woman looked very…uncomfortable. He leaned over to her “Where did he GET this...what is on it?”

Wonder woman paled “I do not know.”

What was on it was a media field day, It quite clearly showed Wonder Woman at dinner with Actaeon Davies, then dancing with him in the moon light, and then her gently going to her knees and giving Actaeon a blow job. Wonder Woman blushed with shame as everyone stared, she remembered that Actaeon had forced this but that’s not how it looked.

While the attorneys and the judge were checking the video for authenticity, a bailiff came up and handed Wonder Woman a note. She got a panicked look and without asking, bolted from the courtroom.

Once inside the federal offices, she went to a secure phone, and dialed a number.

Inside the Oval office at the Whitehouse, Mr. Ping sat behind the President’s desk smiling and rocking back on the chair, enjoying a drink, when the phone rang.

Ping answered “Hello? I am sorry she is busy at the moment, who is calling…Wonder Woman? I’ll see if she is available...” Smiling he put the phone on hold and rocked back passing the receiver under the desk where Perino knelt naked, still painted as a cow quietly nursing on the man’s cock “It’s for you”

A Glazed look on her face, the President took his cock out of her mouth and took the phone. “This is the President” she said.
Wonder woman spoke quickly “Madame President, I was just handed a note, is it true you approved N. Korea to do a Nuclear Weapons test at coordinates in the Mediterranean Sea?”

The cowbell around her neck stood silent for the moment as Perino responded to the question, while staring straight ahead at the fat erection she had just been sucking on. “Why yes, we felt it would help calm the region and control where N. Korea launched.”

Wonder Woman gasped “Madam President, those are the Coordinates of my HOME! A nuclear Missile going off there will kill EVERYONE!”

Perino replied, gently running a black finger up and down Pings wet cock while he watched her, smiling and amused, “Wonder Woman, I…I had no idea, we thought it unoccupied ocean…Of course I would love to help stop it but I am afraid we will have to give a reason to the North Koreans, we can’t just change our minds, we will have to let them know that is the location of...of an Island.

Wonder Woman looked around, “Madam President, we can’t do that, the whole WORLD will descend on the Island, even an island of wonder women can’t….”

Perino interrupted “The test is not till next week, come by and my advisors and I will discuss how to proceed, don’t worry Wonder Woman, we won’t let you home be threatened, but I thought I saw on the news you were in trial today…”

Wonder Woman looked up startled “Oh Hera! I forgot….ok, Thank you Madame President.”

In the Oval office, Perino passed the phone up to the man before her, and without being told pressed her face between his legs, her mouth engulfing his cock. Ping leaned back petting the top of her bobbing head “Good girl Madam President…now, get back to work.

Bursting back into the courtroom everyone looked up, as Wonder Woman held her head high and strode back to the Prosecutors table.
Janson was looking red faced and whispered “Diana where WERE you, the Judge ruled the video admissible… and Davies is threatening to have Sheena flown out in his private jet to testify AGAINST you.”

Before Wonder Woman could answer, Sasha stood up “Your Honor, I think ve can save the court a lot of time….Ve have all heard of Wonder Woman’s much vaunted Lariat of truth she has it with her now yes?”

Janson stood “Objection your Honor, that’s not admissible in court.

Shasha smiled “Your honor, My Client will stipulate to accept the testimony and will wolunteer to be questioned first BY Vonder Voman and she may ask any questions she likes, provided we have a chance to cross examine her while SHE wears the lasso.

Janson leaned over, but Wonder Woman was already shaking her head no “I can’t let her do that Janson, yes we could get every bit of information, know everything, but this is a national forum, they could make me give state secrets, they could make me reveal anything about myself…”

Sasha smiled, “Oh come now Vonder Voman, you use that thing all the time, are you now afraid to have it used on an EQUAL footing? So much for your dedication to the truth. If my Client actually DID rape you, surely you vont to force him to tell us, who can refute that?”

Actaeon looked up “Your honor can we approach the bench?”

The middle aged judge nodded “if you wish”

Wonder woman and Janson headed up with Sasha and Actaeon. Actaeon spoke first “Your Honor, I’d like to ask for an Adjournment, I believe we can settle this case quickly if I can meet with Wonder Woman.

Janson was about to Object but Diana spoke up “I’d like to hear what he has to say….”

They adjourned to a conference room where the four of them sat down. Davies smiled and leaned back “Well Wonder Woman, I am not looking to humiliate you any more… publically.” Actaeon sat gently his burns still painful “I mean I could drag out that child’s poor crying mother, and then file sexual harassment suit against you.”

Janson leaned forward “What are you offering?”

Sasha smiled “Vonder Voman will concede to her infatuation with Mr. Davies, and that everything was consensual; her infatuation caused her to make up these charges she will apologize and endorse Mr. Davies plans on building a new gentleman’s club in New York City. In exchange Mr. Davies will drop all charges provided Wonder Woman refrains from this persecution of him and his business.”

Janson frowned and Wonder Woman stood up. “Why would I agree to that? You’re going to SELL PEOPLE, women like cattle….even if it mean my reputation why would I agree to that?”

Davies smiled, “could Wonder Woman and I have a moment?”

Janson and Sasha looked suspicion but Wonder Woman nodded, “he’s no threat to me,” crossing her arms.

Once they left, Davies smiled. “That was very naughty of you Diana, but expected, you’re a bloody woman, you cannot match wits with me…”
Diana glared, “you villains are always so smug, that’s your down fall.”

Actaeon shrugged “In about 12 hours you’re going to be in bed with me and this time you’re coming out of this a Mommy. I am going to breed you the way a Stallion breeds a mare.”

“In your dreams! I am not helpless this time and I am not going to stand by this stupid agreement any longer.”

“Oh I think you will,” he said, rocking back, “you see we have control of the President, how do you think we got North Korea permission to do their missile test so quickly? We controlled you, how much trouble do you think it was to control someone like her? So your choice is, you accept “Strike two” and come to me, MY way, and do everything I want, including having my child, or you see if you can expose me before my associates declare a nuclear war, wipeout your island, and explain how North Korea got all the new missile targeting technology using YOUR codes.

Wonder Woman sat there, numb; she felt like she was outside her own body. “YOU…did all this just to get me?” I will be humiliated. Everyone will think I was harassing you, I’ll have to resign from the Justice League.”

Davies shook his head “YOU did it when you interfered with my operation again, you were given the code word Stag and did not obey, so what will it be Wonder Woman?”

Wonder Woman stood and punched the wall, causing it to fall, exposing a stunned Janson and Sasha, who stood with their mouths open.

After arranging to pay for the damages, Wonder Woman woodenly entered the court room, and took her seat on the witness stand.

Janson, dazed and confused, looked at the Judge “your Honor, the State would like to drop all charges, and we have reached a settlement with Mr. Davies”

The judge read the agreement and looked just as stunned, “Wonder Woman, are you aware of what this means? Have you been advised?”

Trying to hold her head up, “Yes, Your Honor…”

The Judge sat back, looking none too happy, it was clear he wanted to support Wonder Woman. “Proceed, and remember you’re under oath.”
Sasha smiled “Vonder Voman you wish to make a Statement?”

Wonder Woman swallowed hard, “I… I accused Mr. Davies of these crimes, out of a sense of, revenge for how long men have discriminated against women, I realize I was wrong” she swallowed hard, trying not to choke on the lies, but lives were at stake “I came to Mr. Davies in Algeria, and, seduced him, everything you saw was accurate and consensual. To make up for this, if Mr. Davies would allow, I would like to attend a Fund Raiser for his new gentleman’s club, and ask him to accept my, humble, apology.” She trembled though not even she could tell if it was with shame or rage.

The Judge looked to Sasha and asked, “is this acceptable??

It was Actaeon who stood and addressed the court as the reporter’s cameras snapped and reported the news that the Champion of All Women had been caught falsely accusing a good man of sexual assault. “Your Honor, Wonder Woman is a hero who has saved us all many times. She is also a human being and we have no desire to strip her,” he paused, “of her dignity, we all have weaknesses, I just want her to know that her, obvious feelings of affection for me, are mutual and I forgive her and wish to pursue a relationship with her. I am fine with dropping the counter suit.”
The reporters rushed out of the courtroom, and Davies walked over to Wonder Woman, handing her an envelope with money.

She looked confused, “what is this for?”

Davies smiled “Instructions, plus it also looks like I am paying you for the sex we had…I warned you not to fuck with me, and now you will follow those directions to the letter or I will allow my clients to proceed with their tests. Now let’s walk outside for the camera’s shall we?”

Janson quietly packed up, “I’m sorry Wonder Woman, we, just couldn’t find the evidence, I can’t say I understand what just happened… but I will keep looking for a solution.”

Wonder Woman was forced to take Actaeon’s hand when they exited, and outside the courtroom a large crowd had gathered.

“Wonder Woman!” one called out “What is that Envelope Mr. Davies gave you and what are you going to do now?”

Forced to respond as instructed, Wonder Woman blushed, “Mr. Davies, wanted to show there are no hard feelings and he offered me this settlement to have dinner with him this evening.”

“Are you saying he’s paying you to come to his room and spend the night?” a reporter asked, amazed.

Wonder Woman wanted to run and hide but, to save her people, she said “well….yes, could...I…I’d like to go get ready for our…” She walked down the stairs as fast as she could, when she caught sight of something that made her heart sink. Daniel was there with his young son, Tommy. She tried to hurry past but she heard Tommy’s plaintive voice

“Wonder Woman!”

She paused, closing her eyes, she turned and went to him and knelt down, “Tommy I am…”

Tommy cut her off “I do not care WHAT they say” he asserted “I know there is something going on” he smiled and reached out to hug her “I believe in you”

Daniel nodded, as did several from the JLA with him “We all know that Diana…and were going to get to the bottom of it.”

A feeling of pride and joy welled up in her chest, “Thank you….but for now...I must go...Thank you for believing in me.
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Re: Hunter of the Amazon Part 20

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Hunter of the Amazon
Chapter 20
Wonder Woman walked numbly from the Courthouse. Actaeon had moved like a master and she had badly underestimated him. Naturally with her super speed it was no problem to outrun the media seeking to question her, but she supposed it didn’t look good to see her dash off like that. The talking head analysts would be having a field day with her, but she had more important concerns.

As the statuesque beauty walked down a deserted back alley, she did not take notice of the drug dealers and thugs that skulked there; they shied and hid themselves from the Justice Leaguer. They could see she was deep in thought and were satisfied that she wasn’t looking for them. Her punches and judo throws had sent them to the hospital on more than one occasion.

Wonder Woman considered the issues: Actaeon had the exact location of Themyscira. With that tyrant North Korean boy Kim Jong-il and the advanced computers they had gotten, they could blanket her island with nuclear bombs. She wondered if he had found a way to plant devices there already in order to prevent the League from intervening. Even if she did contact the League, Actaeon could release the location of her island. Every enemy she and the Amazons had would love to learn their secret of hiding the island. As her boots clicked and echoed off the walls of the building she could not see a way out. A voice broke her reflection.

“Wonder Woman?” the young male voice came from the shadows.

Wonder Woman turned, placing her hands on her hips and setting her jaw “I am not in the mood to talk right now I…”

From the shadows emerged a familiar young face, black hair slicked back in a classic “bad boy” look, black leather jacket and jeans, and with a chain wallet in his back pocket

Anger boiled within Wonder Woman. “John,” she snarled, gripping her golden lasso. “Escaped from prison have we?” She formed a loop in the lasso and her wrist rolled as she made ready to cast “Well we can just…”

Actaeon’s hired thug, a lad barely into his shaving years, put his hands up. He’d dealt with Wonder Woman once before and knew the drill. “Whoa, whoa whoa! STAG there, Wonder Woman, STAG! I did not escape. I was released due to lack of evidence, and the unreliability of the witness. You know,” he said with a smile of contempt, “seeing as you’re at Strike Two, I would not risk Strike Three if I were you.”

This gave the princess pause, she stopped swinging her lariat, but kept it in her hand “You cannot mean that after you sang like a canary for us Actaeon actually let you back IN? What do you want?”

“Let me in?” John smiled at this. “He told me to get caught and exactly what to say, you dumb cow. He’s four steps ahead of you all the time, Princess. This was all planned out because he knew you could not keep your word. As for what I want,” he pulled out a plain envelope. “I have a letter of instruction for you from Actaeon.”

Diana felt her heart sink to her toes. Actaeon was not wasting any time. She stepped forward, her hand out. “Give it to me.”

John took a sudden step back, holding the envelope out of her reach. “Ah, ah, ah…not so fast. The delivery boy gets a tip. Actaeon said so. You know, since you had me locked up and interrogated and everything.” His lecherous grin gave Wonder Woman’s stomach a harsh turn as he pointed at his crotch. “Get on your knees, Wonder Woman, and suck it.”

Wonder Woman clenched her fist and advanced on John. “Why you little PERVERT. I may have to obey but I will rip that envelope from your hands and make you forget everything.”

John stepped back once more, taking the envelope in both hands. “Uh, uh! Stop right there, bitch! This is chemically-treated flash paper: one rip and it goes up POOF in case the police get involved. Besides, that would be Strike Three and that little ole’ island of yours goes POOF, just like this envelope.”

Wonder Woman froze before the young hoodlum. “He wouldn’t! Even Actaeon is not that crude. You expect me to get on my knees in the middle of a dirty alley and..and PLEASURE you…right here in the open?”

John shook his head, “No, first I expect you to apologize and beg my forgiveness, and answer my questions.”

Wonder woman crossed her arms, legs spread wide. “Never! I’d rather die.”

John shrugged, gripping the envelope firmly “Suit yerself…”

“WAIT!” she blurted. “Look, there must be something else…”

John stood smugly before her, his eyes bright with anticipation. “You want this or not, hero? On your knees now, Wonder Woman.”

The Princess of Themyscira could see no alternative. All her sisters were at risk here. Her pride is the going price for their safety. One way or another she would make Actaeon PAY for this. Slowly she went to her knees, and with just that act she could see the lad’s cock begin to harden in his tight leather breeches.

John smiled looking down at her, the envelope held high in both fists. “Now crawl to me and unzip me.”

The raven-haired heroine moved forward, feeling the rough and grimy pavement under her palms and knees, hating every mortifying second of this, especially the arrogant thug’s smile as he looked down at her until she made her way to his feet, kneeling there before him. Reaching up with her hands toward his fly, she saw him suddenly twist his hips. “Nope! No you don’t. First you have to say yer sorry. Ask me to forgive you, bitch.”

The pavement under Wonder Woman’s left hand crumbled to dust as she clenched her fist “Damn you….” She looked around, the drug dealers and pimps were gathering in the dimly-lit alley, their bright teeth showing grins, their iPhones all out and trained on her. “Fine, I’m sorry, forgive me,” she says in one quick breath.

John suddenly drops one hand down and backhands her across the cheek but with her girdle on Wonder Woman does not even feel it.
“If that’s the best you can do, then fuck off, cunt. I’ll rip this up now. Do it RIGHT!” His voice then softened and he purred, “You know what I want to hear.”

Still glowering, Wonder Woman hangs her head, defeated by his cunning. “John, I…am sorry I arrested you. I should have helped you and Peter put that girl into slavery. You men…had….had every right to…to rape her.” Wonder Woman’s eyes glimmer with the shine of her tears welling up in the dark alley. “We….we are just….just women.” A heavy sigh escaped the heroine before she continued on with the end of her mortifying apology, “and that’s what we were put on the earth by Zeus to do...serve and service men...please forgive me, let me….” She nearly choked on the words, “make it up to you.”

John smiled and leaned back against the building wall. “Better bitch. So, tell me, suck a lot of cocks in your day?”
Wonder Woman blushed, “That’s a very crude, very inappropriate question.”

John raised his voice, “I still have the envelope! HOW MANY, WONDER WOMAN?”

The Champion of All Women growled softly but did the math anyway, counting in her head the month in Actaeon’s compound, “More than 100.”
John blinked, “What, you mean BEFORE this blowjob you’re about to give me? Oh that’s rich! Well, what’s one more dick to a mouth pump like you? Perform your act of contrition, slut. Do your penance.”

Diana despised John’s smug look but she had to have that envelope with its instructions. Her sister’s lives, her MOTHER’s life might depend on it. Still, somehow she would make this male pay. Reaching up she grabbed the belt line of his black leather britches with her left hand, the fingers of her right going to his zipper when he slapped her hand away. “Not that way. A bitch should be on all fours. Use your teeth to open my fly, whore. And I dare you, I DARE you to question me again! See what it will get you and your island home!”

Wonder Woman flushes red with fury. Putting her hands back on the ground, she pressed her face into John’s groin, her nostrils filling with the scent of tanned leather. She hated herself as the scent of leather aroused her. She had always liked leather. The street people gathered closer as she ran her tongue up the metal zipper trying to get the tab to flip up to catch in her teeth. She had never done this before. The zipper is rough against her tongue and she heard John moan as she had to lick right up the front of his cock just on the other side of the thin material. To her dismay her tongue licked over the tab instead of flipping it up. She started again, trying the flat of her tongue instead of the tip using her lips hoping to catch the tab. Again the tab, now wet with saliva, laid flat against the zipper.

John, hands still above his head with the envelope, chuckled and grunted as he felt the heroine push her face firmer against his crotch trying to dig the metal tab out with her tongue and lips, tilting her head sideways as she nuzzled at his crotch. It felt wonderful against his cock even through the leather. The warmth of her breath was intoxicating. He smiled to his audience “Yep, this is Wonder Woman. Not so proud when she’s on all fours is she,” he announced.

With ever-growing frustration Wonder Woman tried using her lips more, cocking her head to the other side as her saliva dripped down the zipper and off his leather sheathed balls. She pressed her lips halfway around his concealed cock. The tab is teasingly flipped up but she could not grip it in her teeth. The condensation from her breath and her saliva was making the leather wet and slippery, giving John a prominent wet spot on his pants. He had her licking at his crotch like a hungry bitch in heat.

John didn’t rush her, enjoying the look of her drool as it dripped off her chin. What’s more, the view of her positioned on her hands and knees on the grimy pavement as her face twisted in frustration made him stiffen. With her strength intact, she could easily bite off the entire front of his pants, including his dick, but she kept trying, practicing. Finally he felt her catch the little tab between her teeth. She had to lower her entire body down, arching her back, forcing her to look up his flat muscled abdomen into his smug smiling face. When she felt the tab slipping from her teeth, she clenched them tightly, bending the metal with her super strength as her head turned slightly in desperation. Doing this, however, wrinkled the fabric, making it impossible to tug the zipper all the way down. Since John had commanded her not to use her hands, Wonder Woman had to lean up into his crotch, burying her nose in his partially open fly and tug again, making her look like a dog tugging backward at a rag, the crowd behind her murmuring with delight at her predicament.

Finally, she managed to open his fly fully with her teeth, pausing to look up at him, a confused look on her face. It was open but how will she get him out? She tentatively moved her hands, and saw him glare, a slight twist away with his hips. “You bastard,” she whispered softly. Taking a deep breath, she used her nose to part the sides of his pants, moving her head right and left to work her nose into the inside of his pants. She felt his stomach tighten as he chuckled, and her nose is filled with his scent, musky, sweaty, though not unpleasant. She had smelled this before, the scent of an aroused male. She extended her tongue, and came into contact with his ‘tighty whities.’

“Damn it” she thought. “I cannot get my face in deep enough to use my teeth, he wants me to FISH.”

There is only one opening in the front of male briefs, an opening the manufacturer put there so a male could urinate, where the fabric overlapped. She will have to use her tongue tip to move the fabric to the left, find the left edge and then move that to the right. She pushed her face deeper into the soft black leather of her tormentor’s crotch, leaning forward on all fours now. Her tongue tip glided across the front of the white cotton, and when she found the left of the opening, she had to arch her tongue toward her chin to “hook” it. The famous heroine then began working back to find the right edge, her tongue dancing along the underside of John’s still trapped cock, as the soft white cotton continues to absorb her saliva. It would have been harder except, as Wonder Woman, her super strength made it relatively easy to pull to the right, until the top of her tongue found the other edge, and she had to curl it toward the roof of her mouth. Nuzzling in his briefs, the pride of Paradise Island felt her tongue, for the first time, come in contact with the skin of John’s cock. Now she had to work her tongue toward the tip, without letting the flaps close least she had to endure more embarrassment in a second attempt.

John groaned as he looked down. He couldn’t see Wonder Woman’s face. It was completely hidden in his crotch. As he felt the warm, slippery Amazon tongue curl around his cock deep in his breeches, all he could see of her is the top of her glossy raven-haired head.

Inside John’s breeches, Diana knew she must slide up to the tip of his cock and suck it into her mouth. If she slipped she would have to start over. Right now, the warm moisture from her breath and the panting from her efforts was heating up the leather groin. Above her she heard the smug minion say, “Hey, come on there, Princess, yer parboiling my balls! Much longer and you’re going to make my crotch an Amazon rain forest.” Behind her, she heard the pimps and drug dealers laugh loudly.

Extending her tongue as far as she could, she felt his foreskin, uncircumcised, it figured! She’d learnt that if she HAD to do this, she preferred circumcised men. Lassoing his cock with her tongue the same way she would with her lasso, she felt the firm fleshy tip pop into her mouth between her red lips. She almost had him! She suckled firmly as she began to draw back, coaxing the lad’s cock out of his pants and into her mouth. As she began to see daylight again, John’s cock extended from his breeches and at the feel of her lips he grew completely erect, sliding easily into the back of her throat.

As she sat back on her heels, Diana heard a cheer go up from the street crowd. “Not bad, Wonder Woman,” John taunted her loudly. “Now, as the CHAMPION of all Women…suck me off.”

Wonder Woman had no intention of prolonging this. If she had gotten good at one thing with Actaeon, it was oral sex. Firming her lips she pressed back into John’s crotch, slipping his foreskin back and feeling the purple head of his cock against the roof of her mouth. She got a slight feeling of satisfaction hearing him groan, and felt the rushing taste of salty musk in her mouth as she suckled his organ with a noisy slurp. She ran her tongue around his glans, knowing it’s one of the most highly-sensitive parts of the male anatomy. His penis bulging in her cheek slightly as the heroine worked him and got used to the feel and size of his cock in her mouth.

It never failed to amaze Wonder Woman but, despite John being a second-rate lackey, he was decently endowed as a male. She desperately wanted to use her super strength on him. She could suck his cock off his body, suck every drop of blood from him within three heart beats, and spit the whole messy thing onto his corpse, but as long as he held that letter… Sick with despair, yet resigned to her fate, she twists her head, taking his firm shaft into her cheek and then suckled it so the head rubbed against her gums. She then opened her jaws to take him to the very back of her throat. She bobbed her head continuously and took his full shaft down her throat again and again.

For John, there is only the sound of slurping and harsh breathing and an occasional slight gagging from between his legs. He is surrounded by the street people, taking their vids of him getting sucked off by Wonder Woman in her costume. By morning he would be famous and she is going at him like a true champion. With the exception of the sound of iPhones snapping pics and recording this unbelievable video, everyone is rather stunned. John feels Wonder Woman’s nose go back into his leather breeches as she again takes him to his hilt...suckling like a eager fawn nursing at its mother’s teat.

Wonder Woman wanted this horror show to be over. She was already humiliated, but John was proving to be less easy then she had hoped. She’d been giving him head now for over eight minutes. She tried one last trick to bring this to its…well, climax. On all fours like a dog, she bobbed her head faster and faster and then struck a pose, lifting her right hand up like a dog lifting its ‘paw’ and begging for its master’s favor.
John saw the move and it triggered him, his cock erupting like a fire hose, pulsing his seed into her mouth. Another cheer went up from the throng, along with comments like, “Man, Wonder Woman could suck a golf ball through a garden hose” and “That woman could suck start a Harley” and its chortled reply, “I think she just did.”

It was lucky the brick building was supporting John or he would have fallen. He let his lust vent directly into her mouth, hearing her swallow each bulging cheek’s worth with a hefty gulp. He didn’t care about her in the least. All that mattered was his pleasure: wave after wave of it! Finally his shoulders dropped and she felt his muscles relax; Wonder Woman let his deflating cock slip from her lips. John felt the cool outside air on his bobbing prick. John could not even speak and Wonder Woman, sitting on her haunches, looked around at the smiling faces. She blinked hard as she saw two uniformed police officers standing there smiling at the scene with their iPhones out.

Wonder Woman stuttered, “You j…just let him...d…do that to me?”

The police sergeant chuckled, “LET him, Wonder Woman? I don’t think WE could have stopped YOU.” He elbowed his partner, “Come on, I can’t wait to get home and show my wife this. She thinks good girls don’t give head.”

Diana scowled, “Okay, great, you humiliated me, now give me the instructions….”

John scowled back still holding the letter high up in the air.“Finish the job, bitch. You got it dirty so you clean it off and put it away. Gods, I like working for Mr. Davies,” he sighed.

“One day you will pay for this,” Wonder Woman warned even as she stretched her neck out and licked at him a few more times to symbolically ‘clean’ him. Finally, using her hands to nestle his cock back in his briefs she tugged his zipper up. “I did what you wanted; now give me the message.”
John smiled down at her. “We will do it THIS way,” starting to walk away from her then turning says, “Stay,” as if talking to a dog. Wonder Woman quivered in place, her ass resting on her calves now as she impatiently watcheed him walk over to one of the addicts sitting near a dumpster. “See her?” He points toward the famous heroine in shiny red and blue kneeling in the alley 20 feet away. “Here is five dollars. If she moves before I get out of sight, rip this up. Only after I am gone do you let her have it. Me? I am going to need a cold shower,” he smirks.

Wonder Woman watched John walk away whistling happily. The moment he is around the corner, she leapt to her feet and rushed to the addict, demanding, “Give it to me.” The addict complied dumbly with a smile and she hastily ripped open the letter before freezing, her eyes wide with horror at her mistake! “Hera! The paper! The chemicals!” For a moment she felt absolute panic but the envelope just trembled in her hands. “The son of a bitch! He PLAYED me! There was no FLASH paper!” Fuming, she had to stop herself from shredding the contents getting it out.
There was a thick packet and a letter. She opened the packet. It was a Personal Protective Order, or PPO, against her ordering her not to be with a half mile of Actaeon Davies, his properties or any of his associates. She opened the letter.

Dear Diana:
Or do you prefer brood mare? That seems appropriate since you have violated the terms of our agreement. Strike One was when you invaded my operation and damaged it in Africa, Strike Two was when you had me arrested. You have been a VERY naughty girl and shall have to be punished, but as per the terms of our agreement, you will be allowed to continue to help others and be a “crime fighter.” As of now, however, you WORK for me, meaning you will perform any act I say with whomever I say whenever I say. Additionally, congratulations on deciding to become a mother. You will follow these instructions to the LETTER, breech of that will constitute Strike Three. As you know at Strike Three you will become an incarnate sex slave and your fellow Amazon sisters as well as your mother will become targets. It is up to you, Princess, if you want to see if I have that kind of strength and resolve. I suggest you do NOT test me. I must also stress to you that this is your LAST chance.

Now, Step 1: you will proceed to 409 12th St. SW, Washington, D.C. as Diana Prince. Once there, you will request to have your nipples pierced as well as both a clit ring and a ring in each of your Labia Majora. You will not hide your Diana Prince identity and will put the doctor’s visit on your CIA insurance. Please request that the rings be welded in. By the way, any attempt to render yourself infertile in ANY way will be detected here and constitute Strike Three. We shall see if pregnancy will calm you down some. You will be open and honest with the doctor about your coming sexual life. I will KNOW if you’re not forthcoming.

Step 2: you will proceed to 23000 Pennsylvania Avenue. You may recognize that as the address of ‘Washington Call Girls,’ an illegal, very high-priced call girl service run by the notorious Madam “Pussy Galore.” You will register there as Diana Prince and that will be how you will be contacted when I have a client for you to entertain.

Step 3: please note the PPO I have sworn out against you. You will come to my Upstate New York Mansion AS Wonder Woman, and in complete violation of that order. That is so if you ever try to use the legal system against me again I can have you arrested for stalking and possibly criminal intent to do bodily harm based on your well-known strength. I suggest you consider following this very carefully. I expect to see you tomorrow.
P.S. As to the PPO, consider yourself served.

The letter was unsigned.

Trembling, Wonder Woman tried to think of some alternative but she couldn’t. She could not put her mother and sisters at risk. Not knowing who was compromised in the President’s office, she thought for just a moment about involving Daniel but this was not his fight. She looked up the first address and felt tears of frustration burning her eyes. It is the same OB/GYN she had gone to after Actaeon had raped her the first time….the one that had demeaned her so smugly.

Finding a secluded spot, Wonder Woman spun in place and resumed her identity as Diana Prince. Feeling helpless she boarded the “C” line, for DC and spent a glum several minutes staring into space on the train before getting off at the Smithsonian stop.
Entering into the office, Diana sat down and filled out the sheets. As directed, she had her Langley ID and filled out everything. It was just a short wait until the nurse showed her to the room and then left. There was the same table and stirrups she had sat on to be examined before. She hated the ego on males, to name a device stirrups, like something you’d put on a docile horse, and it was made for women.

The doctor entered with the same nurse. “Ms Prince, I see you’re back. Been out rolling the dice again? Need another pregnancy test?”

Diana blushed, “No…I came to….I came to have some piercings.”

The doctor’s eyebrows went up. “I see. I take it that by coming to my office you’re not looking for ear piercings.”

Diana shook her head. “No, my….my nipples, my clit hood, and both Labia Majora, and please….weld the rings shut.”

The doctor nodded. “I see. You really are getting into the fetish scene, aren’t you Ms Prince? Dominatrix? Or slave?”

Diana could not look into his face. “S…slave”

The doctor shrugged. “You do seem the type. Very well, get completely undressed then up on the table. It is required for my Nurse to stay. I would not want anything to seem…well, untoward. Oh, and you will have to pay CASH for this. Please do not offer to do ‘anything’ for me.”
Diana blushed more as she was already removing her business top and removing her skirt. “I can pay for it,” she said, deeply ashamed and depressed. She could not see a way out of Actaeon’s trap.

Once she was up on the table, the Doctor readied his instruments, starting with her beasts. “Now this is easier with the nipples erect. I don’t want to nick the milk ducts or any arteries.”

Nervously Diana asked, “How will you do THAT?”

The doctor sighed, “Ms Prince I am a DOCTOR not a pervert.” He reached out and gently flicked her nipple several times, causing the areola to engorge, the dark brown nipple standing up as she blushed with her full body. She then felt him pinch the brown nipple and bring the cool metal of the piercing gun up. She heard a pneumatic pop and felt a sudden pinch and the first nipple was done. It took only a moment to reset the gun and perform the act on the second nipple. He then took a rather large thick-looking ring, and she winced as he threaded it thru the openings. He paused, “These rings are made from titanium. Once secured it is not EASY to get them out. Are you SURE you want these welded permanently?”

Diana nodded, clenching her fists. The doctor attached a heat sink so the heat would not transfer to the flesh. Each side took a moment to seal. When he was done Wonder Woman now sported two perfect nipple rings.

Next the doctor went to work between Diana’s thighs. She had to put her heels in the stirrups and the doctor cranked them as wide as they would go, giving him an unimpeded view of her pussy

“Hmm, Brazil. Why am I not surprised? Nice work, too. Looks like permanent depilation?”

Diana could not look at him or speak, she just nodded

“Hmm, it’s lovely work. Nothing to impede the view, eh?” he said condescendingly. “Okay, now I will give you a TOPICAL anesthetic but THESE are going to hurt more.”

In the past months Diana’s body had been mishandled by others so often that her traitorous body rebelled when the doctor began using his gloved hand to gently open her soft petals. He had to pull back her hood and swab it with disinfectant. “You know there is a risk with this right? This is the dirtiest part of the body. But then I do not think you’re particularly CONCERNED with being a DIRTY girl are you?”

Diana shook her head no, just wishing this was over.

The doctor’s hands were gentle and he slipped his fingers between the perfectly formed Labia. He’d never seen such a perfect set. She IS a goddess after all, but he’s amazed at the beauty of her vaginal attributes. Moreover, he was becoming a bit aroused despite himself as he spread her lower lips, poking them with a deep interest until “Wha…Lord! Nurse, she’s dripping off the table. Get some wipes please?”

Diana was mortified, her body was responding like a bitch in heat creating her own flow of moisture in anticipation of sex, she felt the nurse’s hands join the doctors, as she wiped her pussy. The doctor, trying to work more quickly, brought up the piercing needle and Diana felt something cool…and the sensation deadened. But then, when the hood was pierced, she sucked in her breath at the sharp feeling. Trying to speak under his breath she heard the doctor say, “Yes, yes, hurry nurse or were going to be taking a BATH in this….”

Mortified, Diana bit her lower lip thinking, “Please, please, PLEASE just hurry up.” The doctor worked while the nurse wiped. Diana felt him gently pinch her right lip…and again the deadened pain, then the left.

“Wipe again nurse, I can hardly see for all this fluid.” Diana could see the two titanium rings placed, and welded shut.

Afterward, the doctor began washing his hands and grabbed a towel as Diana sat up. She could see a puddle of her own pussy juices on the table and a small one on the floor where the nurse was wiping. “When the anesthetic wears off those are going to be sore and bruised for about a week,” the doctor advised her. “Did you need any contraceptives, Ms Prince?”

Diana was pulling on her clothes as quickly as she could. “N…no doctor, thank you. Please....j..just let me out of here.”

The Doctor looked at her from over the rim of his glasses and just grunted, “Figures.”
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Re: Hunter of the Amazon Part 21

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Hunter of the Amazon
Chapter 21
Diana exited the doctor’s office with a brown paper bag in her hand. Pushing her glasses up on her nose, she ducked her head -- ashamed as she tried to hurry away. The bag contained her panties and bra and as such she was grateful she had worn the business skirt and jacket but blushed, as if she was not very careful, anyone would be able to see under that skirt and see her unprotected and newly pierced pussy. A small part of her found the thought erotic, but she did not wish to get caught, not to mention, the buffer to the eroticism: the constant dull pain in her clit and labia from the piercing.

When she had been dressing in the doctor’s office, any pressure at all caused sharp pain, as it was even her blouse and her business jacket was causing her a constant distraction as the fabric pushed against her new nipple rings, but without her bra, she could not remove the tight business suit jacket as the rings would show through her thin cotton white top. She could not stand the tight confinement of her bra, or even the slight flimsy pressure of her silk panties, and had looked about anxiously for some place to put them, in the doctor’s treatment room.

She was certainly not going to walk down the street with her panties and bra in hand and she was just about to throw them out when the doctor rolled his eyes and handed her the brown paper bag from his lunch saying, “For God’s sake, don’t leave those filthy things here, I don’t want them in my office.” Her face flushed in a hot humiliation she had never felt before meeting Actaeon Davies, but was now becoming more and more normal for her.

As she made her way to the subway, the summer day was oppressively hot, and she found her mind distracted between the hot confines of her business top and the draft from below.

Diana checked the address on the paper again: 1700 Pennsylvania, it was only a few blocks from The White House. Diana wondered idly if President Perino was aware that such a huge call girl operation was just down the street. Imagining the number of Senators, Congressmen and even Presidents who used the ‘service” and who GOT serviced, brought her the realization of the importance for the location and why it was so conveniently overlooked by the authorities.

Walking down the street awkwardly, as she tried to keep her own thighs from bumping the bruised pierced flesh between, she came upon a plain white building that had the look of marble, there was a simple door under the address “1700”. She tried the door and it was locked. There was a door bell and a camera above, staring at her. She pressed the bell, heard a muffled buzzing, and a voice came over the speaker, “Yes?”
Diana stuttered “Um…Diana Prince, I am here for…I was instructed to fill out a Job application.”

For a long time there was no answer, and if it were not for the threat to her sisters and the Island, Diana would have walked away and just told Actaeon no one was home. Behind her several people walked, and she noticed the men walking by gazing at her ass and leering, or was it her imagination? There was a buzzing and a click and the metallic voice said “Come in and have your ID ready please.”

Diana pushed open the door and stepped inside. She was unprepared for the scene that greeted her. The reception room was paneled in solid cherry while the floor was black marble and had natural veins of copper, silver, and gold running thru it and it was speckled with natural emerald, opal, and ruby.

At the end of the reception room, beside a massive hand-carved cherry wood door that depicted scenes of pan dancing with dryads and nymphs, sat an elegantly clad woman in a business suit filing her nails with one shapely nylon clad leg crossed over the other. She did not even look up, horned rim Glasses examining her nails while she chewed gum, her soft platinum blond hair done up. “ID?”

Diana pulled out her NSA identification; the woman glanced at it and chuckled

“Get out”

Diana wanted desperately to leave, but Actaeon had been very specific. “I…have an appointment.”

The woman still not looking up reached over and pressed something under her desk, and two rather large looking men stepped out, biceps bulging, the one on the right crossed his arms over his chest and said softly “Leave now or we will throw you out, this is private property.”

Diana wanted nothing more than to kick their asses but instead, grinding her teeth, she said threw her clenched jaws. “I was sent here by Actaeon Davies…”

The Receptionist shook her head “I don’t care if you were sent her by The President of The United States, get your NSA ass out of here! Tom...Show her the door.”

The larger of the 2 goons put his big ham hand on her shoulder, Diana could feel the moist warmth as he squeezed, but she refused to wince “Look...please…it’s a matter of life and death!”

At that, the Receptionist looked up, and waved the 2 goons back. She seemed to consider Diana for a moment and then touched the electronic panel to her right “Ms. Galore, we may have another one from Mr. Davies.”

Diana frowned thinking, ‘another one?’ At that moment the door swung open and an attractive brunette, about 48 years old, wearing a strapless evening gown with a slit that went almost up to her armpit, glided into the room with an excited look. Her hair was about waist length and worn straight. A wispy stream of smoke came from a cigarette she carried in a cigarette holder. Her eyes fixed on Diana, and with a broad smile she asked, “Which one are you?”

Diana considered a moment, glancing at the receptionist and the 2 goons, before she said, “Wonder Woman.”
Ms. Galore squealed with delight, clenching her hands and smiling “Ohh prove it! Prove it! I have wanted you for SO long, oh I MUST remember to thank that angel Davies PERSONALLY!” A few moments passed as Diana stared in shock at the request. “Well come on me…don’t be shy.”

Diana swallowed “why don’t we go in the back…you know, a kind of…private showing”

Galore shook her head, crossing her arms, “We have no secrets among ourselves, your NSA, you know what we do here. If you are serious, then you should no longer care who sees you turn into Wonder Woman.”

Diana shook her head, “no, you just want to capture me changing to use against me if you can or need.”

Galore laughed, “well of COURSE I do, I am in the business of making money off YOUR body! I have no interest in getting you in my stable and then having you escape. Now please, become Wonder Woman, prove your claim, and cement your place here.”

Diana shook her head again, “No, I was instructed to put in a job application here, nothing more…look you will get enough off me, without me selling my soul to the devil.”

Galore held her cigarette holder in her hand and gave Diana a cool gaze. “If, like you claim, have been sent by Mr. Davies, then he has something which is compelling you to be HERE, now your choice is either become Wonder Woman or get out.”

Diana shook her head, “no, look I just can’t.”

Galore turned and headed back toward the ornate door, commanding over her shoulder, “Tom, throw her out. I don’t have time for her hesitance.”

Diana felt the large man, again, grab her shoulder and reach for her wrist. She knew she could easily defeat this man, even when she was not Wonder Woman, with her amazon training, she could smash him, break his writs or arm, but if she did that, she not be accepted here, and there was no telling what Davies would do. If he was serious enough to torture and rape her there was no telling what he would really do, if…

She felt the goon twist her arm behind her back and start moving her toward the door. Diana tried to push backwards “No…wait look, I…”

The oversized gorilla pushed her up against the wall and opened the door preparing to shove her out “Ok! Ok! Wait, if you do not allow me to do this; they are going to KILL my sisters!”

Pussy turned “That is not my concern, seeing you change into Wonder Woman and working for me is. You have five seconds before Tom throws you out on your ass,” she said and crossed her arms, gazing expectantly at Diana, tapping her toe in the floor impatiently.

Diana swallowed hard and set down her paper bag stepping back into the center of the room. Reluctantly she began to pirouette in place. There was a brief flash of light and when they could see again, Wonder Woman stood in her uniform. Coming to a stop, she adjusted her lasso on her hip, out of habit and stepped forward, her red boots now clicking and echoing off the walls on the solid marble floor and placing her hands on her hips, in her heroine pose, she sneered one word, “satisfied?”

Pussy Galore smiled brightly, “Oh Miss Peckenpaw, I will interview THIS one personally”

The secretary nodded “Yes Ms. Galore” and went back to her nail filing, the 2 goons retreating back into their side room.

Ms. Galore crooked her finger to Wonder Woman, smiling, “oh come here darling, you look good enough to just EAT up.” She then went to the huge door and opened it. Wonder Woman followed he Madame down a large opulent hallway. It was obvious that she preferred wood tones as hall way was done in a warm solid honey maple, the floor covered by plush carpet.

They passed large doors, some had the sounds of women and men giggling on the other side, and others had the sound of clerical duties being performed. At the end of the hall they went up in an elevator, and Diana found herself overlooking the Washington Skyline. They came out into a room done in Cedar, the rich warm smell filling her nose. What really caught her attention, however, was what she saw next to Galore’s desk. Stark naked, except for a diamond studded cat collar, curled up on a pillow laid Tigra, the missing JLA member.

The feline woman reclined like a lounging cat, causally licking the back of her hand and rubbing it over her face in a feline gesture of washing. As Wonder Woman peered closer, Tigra looked up, the feline ears on her head perking, with a look of mild alarm, but what disturbed and surprised Wonder Woman the most was, that she could see almost no intelligence or recognition in the other woman’s eyes.

Galore walked over and ran her long red nails thru the fur and long hair on Tigra’s head to scritch her ears and Tigra responded with a rich deep purr….

Wonder Woman glared “What have you DONE to her?”

Pussy had her back to Wonder Woman and, hips swaying as a shapely bare leg emerged from the side slit in her gown, went to a wet bar grabbing a can of 9-Lives “tuna” cat food, and began opening the can with an electric can opener. ”Hmmm? Her?” the madam asked scraping the can into a dish labeled ‘Tigra’. “She is mostly a pet now, I purchased her at an auction and you’d be surprised how many men have a fantasy about a cat woman.” Pussy walked over, placing the bowl on the floor at her feet.

Tigra’s eyes opened with interest and she came up on all fours, moving over to press her face into the bowl and begin eating with her tail flicking to and fro, as her fur covered breasts swayed. “Though, to be truthful, right now she is making me the most money on the private channel with the customers tuning in to see if she can conceive with an actual 800 lb. tiger.”

Wonder Woman felt the fury in her face, “ can you DO that to another WOMAN??? You…you’re BREEDING her to an animal?”

Pussy sat down in her high backed leather chair as Tigra scarfed down the cat food hungrily. “Oh come OFF it, Wonder Woman, Tigra already had many instincts of a feline, we’re just giving them free reign. We spent over a year conditioning her ‘super powers’ to allow her feline side to take hold and suppress as much of her human side as possible. Until about a month ago, she was still resistant, but I believe you know the goddess Cheetah? With her help,” she smiled as Tigra finished licking her bowl and sat back on her pillows, resuming ‘washing” her face just as a cat would do, “there is JUST enough human left in Tigra that she uses the toilet, and gets creative in sex…but really, she will make love to just about anything on two legs or four.”

Wonder Woman wanted to rip this woman in two and threatened, “When the JLA finds out…”

Galore cut her off, “We’re not here to talk about my house cat, were here to put in your job application.”

Pussy patted her lap “have a seat Wonder Woman.”

“You want me to sit on your lap like an obedient employee for your pleasure? I think NOT,” Wonder Woman declared, indignantly.
Pussy frowned “Look, you’re here because Actaeon has something on you, the lives of your sisters, was it?” Arching an eyebrow, she took a drag on her cigarette holder. Leaning back, she patted her thigh and raised an eyebrow.

Wonder Woman hesitated and said nothing.

“I see” smiled Pussy, blowing smoke into Wonder Woman’s face and pointed to her lap, “You will sit if you truly value the lives of your sisters.”
Wonder Woman hesitated again, then reluctantly walked around the desk and sat down heavily on the other woman’s lap, hoping the leg might break under her weight. If Pussy Galore felt any distress she showed none of it as she slipped on arm around Wonder Woman’s Waist and smiled, her hand caressing Wonder Woman’s bare thigh “Ooooooo this is nice.”

Diana felt the Madam take the golden lasso off her waist “this is your golden lasso? The one that controls others and makes anyone, even you, tell the truth?”

Diana nodded “yes”

“Good,” Galore smiled, “This will make the interview process MUCH easier as I will be able to know your answers are completely truthful.” Pussy Smiled and looped the golden line around Tigra’s neck and held it. Tigra’s eyes immediately went even more blank “Tigra, you are nothing more then a glorified house cat, completely loyal and dedicated to me. You love your job and will do whatever I say. So far as you remember this has ALWAYS been your life and you’re completely happy in it. You feel lucky to be such a well treated animal, and you feel completely aroused by your animal lover.”
Diana glared, “you’re really sick do you know that? How can you do that to another woman?”

Pussy removed the loop from around Tigra’s neck and fashioned a more elaborate collar and leash out of the golden line, and was pleased when she fitted it around Wonder Woman’s beautiful bare neck. Then she took it in her hand.

“Who do you think first forced that tiger to make love to human women,” she smirked. “So, now tell me Wonder Woman, what is YOUR sexual orientation?”

Diana glared, but she was now compelled to be absolutely truthful “I am Bi with very strong leanings toward lesbianism, But tell me, who would name their kid, PUSSY Galore?”

Ms. Galore blinked, “How can you ask me questions Darling?”

Diana relied simply, “You didn’t command me to only respond, but if you wish to…”

Galore grinned, “oh heavens no, this is going to be SUCH fun!” she snuggled herself against Wonder Woman placing a smooth warm cheek against Wonder Woman’s bare shoulder in a brief hug, her hands roaming Wonder Woman’s waist. “To answer your question, Pussy Galore is my stage name; my actual name is Jane Thompson. Now Wonder Woman, how experienced are you and who have been your sexual partners?”

Wonder Woman did not like this game but she saw an opportunity to gain some information “because of my age, I am likely the most experienced woman on the planet, My first sexual encounter was with my mother on Paradise island, and then with my sisters. Sex there is consensual and not taboo. I have also been raped several times by Actaeon and his goons.” She offered nothing more.

“You said you purchased Tigra at an auction,” Wonder Woman started, looking down to see Tigra with her head to the side, slowly licking Pussy Galore’s ankle, enjoying the salt from the other woman’s skin “does that mean you are the “client” he is working for that wants me?”

Galore smiled, “No, darling, the CLIENTS are who YOU will service, and I am a Madam who offers them who they truly want. My turn: so you have performed incest as well as having sex with other women. Is your mother is good in the sheets?

Wonder Woman blushed as she nodded “Mother is a sexual wild cat in bed. What are you going to do with Tigra and I?”

Again Galore smiled pressing her head against Wonder Woman’s cleavage to gently kiss her skin, the other woman’s face buried between Wonder Woman’s Breasts. When she came up for air she moved her arms down to squeeze Wonder Woman’s waist while she sat on her new boss’s lap. “You’re both going to be used, well cared for, but used by many people and you will perform every sexual fantasy that they can ever think of and without question. Tell me, Wonder Woman have you ever wondered why, with so many common people having videos of you debasing yourself that the JLA has never come looking for you?”

So surprised by the question Wonder Woman did not ask a question back but simply stared back, afraid to answer the question. “You have your own lasso on, you MUST tell the truth.” “Well…yes.”

Pussy nodded as she gently nudged Tigra with her foot and the feline woman moved into a cage at the side of the room. Within was a large Bengal tiger that Diana assumed was being used to mate poor Tigra.

Pussy Galore continued her question “Originally YOU were sent out to find out what happened with Tigra, somewhere inside her remains her ordinal personality and I want her to hear this next answer, as it will help to…shall we say, finish her off, mentally, once and for all. Tell her truthfully, Wonder Woman, Why didn’t you go looking for Tigra when she first went missing?”

The answer was so obvious Wonder Woman replied without even thinking, in fact she would have felt compelled to answer if she had tried to resist, but she did not try, she simply looked into the fallen heroine’s eyes and coldly stated, “Tirga is a minor heroine, she wasn’t worth the time or effort while we were trying to manage real crises.” Wonder Woman blinked, she had not realized that truth until she said it, but there it was, and she had said it right to Tigra. She had to begrudgingly admire the way that Pussy manipulated that truth as she saw a tear fall from Tigra’s eye.

Galore smiled and as if reading Wonder Woman’s mind, she added, “rest assured that you’re not the only hero being manipulated Wonder Woman, I think you will find the remaining members of the JLA will discount whatever they see you so as either a fake, or as you going off the reservation, darling. There are so MANY computer terminals in use today, and many ways to…confuse the truth, shall we say? Now…tell me, you seem to move a little…stiffly, why?”

Wonder Woman now felt the compulsion to answer “Actaeon just had me pierced...I am sore.”

Pussy galore blinked “You poor DEAR…that outfit must be very painful…” she purred snuggling against Wonder Woman “you must be in terrible pain.” She gently patted Wonder Woman’s ass “well let’s fix that. I need to see the goods anyway, as it were. Come on honey, get up.”

Wonder Woman stood, but having been ordered to do nothing more, that’s all she could do. Pussy circled Wonder Woman like a hawk looking over the uniform, and she felt Pussy tug at her magic Girdle…. When it came off, Wonder Woman lost all her physical powers “You have the hots for Hawkwoman don’t you, Diana is it?”

Staring straight ahead Winder Woman nodded “Yes it is Diana, and Hawkwoman and I have fucked each other’s brains out a couple of times, but she is engaged to Green Lantern.” She said burning in shame at the admission.

Pussy found the zipper in back and slid it down to the top of Wonder Woman’s ass “Well, Hawkwoman will be loving who she is TOLD to, and so will Green Lantern.”

She smiled as Diana felt the other woman’s hands slide under Diana’s arms to slip into her top, gently slipping under to cup Diana’s breast, careful not to touch the bruised Areola. The Madam pressed her lips, her red lips, thick with lipstick, and nibbled at and kissed the nape of Diana’s neck as she gently began working Wonder Woman’s costume down, slipping the body suit until it fell down Diana’s legs, nestling around her ankles. Walking around in front of Wonder Woman, Galore whistled in admiration. The Madam reached out to very gently caress Wonder Woman’s bare pussy, spreading the bruised outer labia to gently tease the inner labia with a well-manicured long nail as she kept her eyes on her perfect tits. “Magnificent, and they are yours? Natural?” she asked as she gently lifted one nipple ring.

Wonder Woman gasp at the sharp pain, feeling it fully without her magic girdle, “YES they are my own…” Wonder Woman could see the purple bruising like a halo around her areole “they were just PIERCED...”

Pussy Galore nodded “I see that” walking around in front she inspected Wonder Woman like she were some kind of prize animal. As she moved behind Wonder woman, Diana felt the madam’s hand on her bare ass as she could now see the tiger in the cage push its very large and erect cock into Tigress’s cunt as the former heroine screeched in feline agony and feline pleasure. The site was somehow arousing to Wonder Woman, or was it Pussy’s hands that were starting her juices flowing as – once again – she lost the battle to her traitorous body?

“You are indeed magnificent Wonder Woman…I do not think I have ever seen such a smooth, tight ass, such a perfect, body, no wonder Actaeon wants you. I have one last question before we move on, would you like to have sex with me? Answer truthfully.”

Unable to resist, Wonder Woman heard her voice reply “yes….”

Wonder Woman left the “agency” fully dressed, but she left AS Wonder Woman. Opening the door, she climbed the steps up to street level. Pussy had given her the next set of directions from Actaeon Davies. She was to exit as Wonder Woman, allowing people to see her, she was to proceed to the subway, and then she was to take the Green Line to Mount Vernon Square and then walk to Davies’ private residence. At least she did not have to carry the brown paper bag; Pussy had been over joyed to keep her panties and bra as a “trophy”

Diana tried to not notice the looks she was getting from the passengers as she stood on the crowded train, she had never traveled this way before, and most of her fellow commuters seemed to look at her like some cheap street hooker who dressed as her to turn tricks, while the others did not seem to believe she was the actual Wonder Woman – not that she could blame them – riding the subway. Her crotch hurt as her spandex uniform pressed in tightly and her breasts ached within the eagle emblazoned top and it seemed that on the crowded train that every male had to sway and press up against them. But she betrayed no discomfort. She had to stand on the platform at gallery Place waiting for her transfer, while everyone either stared, or wanted her autograph. She tried to be pleasant and was glad to emerge at her stop.

She walked among the famous buildings until she got to a large marble building with a locked wrought iron fence. Actaeon had added a new decoration, a marble statue of Sheena’s pet lion, standing just like the actual lion stuffed in his trophy room. She approached the intercom and pushed the button and looked up at the closed-circuit camera. Actaeon’s honey’s voice replied, with his smug British accent “Ahh Diana, good to see you on time, in defiance of the personal protection order I placed on you.” The gate swung open and she silently entered glaring about her. There was no one around as she walked up the drive way, the perfectly tended lawns immaculate. When she reached the main door, the large door swung open remotely. Diana heard her boots echoing off the marble floor as she entered the meeting room, unlike the last time when she had snuck in, the lights were on. There, on a pedestal stood Sheena’s beloved lion, though shorn of its mane, used to make a trim for King Otwani’s ceremonial garb; it gave the lion the look of a lioness and under its paw hung Sheena’s original necklace, the one used to control her form.

“Actaeon, where are you, you pig?” she looked around the opulent outer parlor placing one hand on her hip beside the golden lasso that Pussy had returned to her, after taking time to thoroughly put the finishing touches on Tigra.

“Now Wonder Woman, is that any way to speak to the future father of your child?” the voice seemed to come from everywhere in the room, undoubtedly thru a state of the art sound system hidden in the walls.

Wonder Woman clenched one fist as the pedestal with the defeated lion slid back revealing a set of stairs heading down. Diana trembled, her palms were sweaty, she had never had a villain cause her to do that to her before, she had always been confident and self-assured but now she didn’t know – this villain held all the cards. She began to descend the stairs and could not help but notice that the walls, in keeping with Actaeon’s sense of opulence, were depicted in base relief with scenes of female sexual slavery, with naked females in coffles or various forms of bondage, kneeling and serving men.

Diana emerged at the bottom into a dark chamber; it was so pitch black she had no idea of the size though from the echo of her booted feet, it was quite large. The center of the room was lit by a bright high-intensity white spotlight, with 4 smaller spotlights in a semi-circle around the larger spot. Looking upward, Wonder Woman could not discern the light’s source.

Actaeon appeared, stepping into the light, and Wonder Woman would have laughed at the over the top entrance, if the situation were not so serious. This man had already raped her, numerous times and was threatening to, not only continue, but to force her to have his child. The arrogant male smiled at her, wearing a loose gold silk sarong tucked into his front, at the waist, that left his legs bare below the upper thigh knee. He was bare- footed with golden bands circling his muscular calves just below the knee. He was also bare-chested with similar gold bands snugged around his upper arms.

“Step into the light Diana.”

Seeing no choice, Diana strode, with as much confidence as she could muster and stood boldly in front of the egotistical entrepreneur.
Actaeon smiled, “did you enjoy your visit with Tigra?”

Wonder Woman felt rage boil through her entire body as she spit out, “you are a sick MOSTER, Davies, she used my lasso on Tigra! She is barely more than a sex animal! They were feeding her cat food out of a can and BREEDING her to an actual Bengal Tiger! And now they have her fawning over the animal like even IT is also her master!” Her anger peeking, Diana reached out and grabbed him by the throat and started squeezing. “Remind me why I should not just snap your neck and prevent you from ordering any missiles being fired at my home?”

Actaeon’s eyes went wide as his feet were lifted off the floor, clutching at the woman’s arm uselessly against her Amazon strength “Urk! Th…the….chairs…*gack*”

Diana slowly turned her head to look at the 4 high-backed leather chairs that had now appeared in the 4 smaller spotlights “What about them?” she leered.

His face turning blue now, Actaeon kicked and used one hand to point. His eyes were beginning to roll back as she enjoyed squeezing his neck a little harder.

“I’d listen to him if I were you,” a voice said out of the darkness.” When Diana turned to look at the far right circle, she saw a man in a business suit holding a leather leash step into the light. Diana immediately recognized him as Senator Rubio, the leading Republican opponent of President Perino. As he stepped into the light and took his seat, he tugged on the leather lead, and Diana heard the clanking of a cow bell. Stepping into the light, head down – subdued, naked, and still wearing the colors of a Holstein cow as well as sporting a pair of short fake horns that seemed to sprout form her head – was President Perino, the lead attached to her nose ring as she very quietly and obediently followed the Senator, her well-endowed breasts swaying in the open highlighted by the white and black pigments on her body. “Now release Mr. Davies, Wonder Woman or I assure you, the North Koreans WILL launch.

Diana lowered Davies to the ground, and listed to him cough and choke as she stared open mouthed at the once fiery president, her hands and bare feet an inky black as she placed her head in Rubio’s lap. “Madam president How….”

Perino looked up briefly to Wonder Woman and replied with a plaintive “Moooooooo…”

From the Far left another voice she recognized spoke, Yes Wonder Wooman, I suggest you not raise your hand to him EVER again.” King Otwani strode into the light, wearing his ceremonial Zulu warrior garb, complete with the golden mane trimming from Sheena’s lion about is neck, elbows and knees, in his hand he held a dog leash. Sheena stepped in with him, she was likewise stark naked, her breasts noticeably larger from the milk she had delivered, from the fading stretch marks, Otwani had succeeded in his boast, and fathered children by Sheena. Now she walked forward, on his leash and knelt at his feet like Perino, as Otwani smiled and took the far left seat, Sheena’s Stretch marks were almost gone but it looked to Wonder Woman that Otwani had not wasted anytime, Sheena’s belly was growing with a new child, he meant to keep her pregnant, and she had absolutely no say in it. Sheena was as much a breeding cow now as Perino. Normally Wonder Woman might go for Otwani’s spear, maybe kill them all…but a dangerous glance from Sheena told her that the former jungle queen would stand against her, she was too frightened of the consequences as Otwani controlled her body, her form, and her powers. While Sheena knelt, another light illuminated a clear glass trophy case containing Sheena’s Jungle Queen Outfit, carefully preserved, complete with an unobstructed view of the crotch of Sheena’s loin cloth where her feminine juices had discolored the soft tanned doe hide.

Rubbing his throat, Actaeon caught his breath as his color faded to a much more healthy red as another voice echoed from the large dark room, “oh VERY good Wonder Woman, the Lord will bless and keep you and make you very fruitful.” Cardinal Emmitt, in his white Cassock with a scarlet Mozzetta, strode out and took the near right seat. “Remember a woman is to love honor and OBEY….”

Actaeon straightened “That was very naughty of you Diana, I expect you to do what Cardinal Emmitt said and OBEY!”
Diana looked stunned, felt drained, and heard a growing ringing in her ears as she felt increasingly trapped. “You, brought all these people here…to gloat over me?”

Actaeon frowned “Gloat, good heavens woman, no, they are my WITNESSES. I will leave NO doubt that of all the ages of all men, the first child in your abdomen will be mine.”

Diana still looked for a way to win, there HAD to be a way. “Even if you pull this off Actaeon, the league will eventually find you out. So, the last chair….yours?”

From the darkness another voice, a familiar voice, a voice from when Actaeon had had Diana back in Algiers. Brad Dunning, the 17 year old computer savant stepped into the light, his glossy thick dark hair done in a classic James Dean “DA” wearing a pair of leather breeches and a tee shirt with print of a Tuxedo and tie on the front. Brad walked over to the remaining high back chair and sat cocking his leg over the leather bound arm swiveling the arm back and forth.

Otwani, Emmitt, and the Senator looked at the youth. Brad paused and looked down at his shirt “What? I thought it was a special occasion I wanted to dress up.”

Wonder Woman turned to Davies, who was now standing and fully recovered, “What is the BOY doing here? Run out of dirty old men? I swear, if you do this, no matter how long it takes I, or one of my SISTERS, will….”

Actaeon frowned “Wonder Woman I am not concerned with your threats, your sisters, OR your friends. I suggest you start worrying about YOURSELF, and what will happen to your beloved home and the lives of the sisters that you claim to care for so much if you try ANYTHING like that again. If you need a demonstration…Brad why don’t you bring our last guest to the party.

Brad smiled and curled a lip, sending out a shrill whistle…holding out his bare arm as if waiting for a hunting hawk to land on it.
What Wonder Woman saw, brought abject despair to her heart “…not…can’t…Actaeon NO….”

Out of the darkness, her head cast down, with a look of pure lust painted across her face, walked Shayera, her Slate grey wings folded behind her, as she padded to Brad’s arm on bare feet that walked lightly with slow deliberate steps. The beautiful red haired hawk woman moved with absolutely no modesty, no attempt to cover the soft swaying bare breasts or her soft red furred feminine lips between her well-muscled thighs as she walked. Diana could see a wet milky white sheen where Brad had left his climax on Shayera’s soft nether lips. The soles of Shayera’s feet pressed deliberately to the floor as they took her weight walking to her master, as if her state of nakedness were the most natural thing in the world. Shayera’s bright red hair hung down her bare back and everyone observed that the woman’s magnificent red pubic hair exactly matched the flowing locks on her head. Shayera’s areola, were a bright pink, and swayed and glistened in plain sight of everyone watching.

When Shayera reached Brad’s arm she put her hand gently on it, knelt beside him as the other women had, and lay her cheek on the boy’s forearm adoringly.

Brad noticed Diana’s gaze at Hawk Woman’s crotch and he commented, with smug amusement, “Hmmm noticed that the carpet matches the Drapes?” A new spot light flashed on behind Brad’s chair where, just like Sheena’s uniform, hung Shayera’s Thanagrian mace, her boots, helmet and uniform, all perfectly preserved and neat in the trophy case.

Wonder Woman snarled “the league…”

Actaeon backhanded the Amazon princess, the smack echoing off the distant walls as the other males chuckled. Of course, with her strength it did not hurt Diana but it startled her enough to allow Actaeon to reply “Silence woman! The league will be unable to do a THING, the only founding members even LEFT are The Flash and Green Lantern, and we have them going on just the right paths for our plans. Superman has been rendered a simple lackey, Batman is in the rain forest, somewhere, copulating the BRAINS out of some bat. You see Shayera, and, well, we also have YOU. Now, unless you want strike three you will SHUT up and address me PROPERLY.

A tear ran down Diana’s cheek as she regarded the Brit dressed as a Thai warrior, she noticed a short Thai Darb sword in a sheath at his side; he stood with his hands on his hips waiting expectantly, arrogantly. More tears began to flow, she could not stop them, feeling so frustrated, she still had ALL her abilities and strength, and these men were smiling as they watched an Amazon Warrior princess with tears staining her cheeks. Sheena looked ashamed and turned away, allowing it all to happen. Her hand slid under her King’s robe, unbidden, to gently hold the monarch’s stiff cock, Shayera ignored her and continued to smile adoringly up at Brad, while the President sat looking blank while Senator Rubio stroked her hair.
Swallowing hard, Wonder Woman dropped her eyes to the ground at Actaeon’s feet “Yes….master…”

Chuckles echoed thru the room as Actaeon nodded “Better, now Wonder Woman, fill the display” Behind the center light, in which she stood, a new spotlight came on, Diana really had no way to know how many people in the darkness might be watching, the bright lights were in her face and only illuminated her, and the others who stood in their lights but effectively prevented her from seeing further. In the smaller light, was an empty trophy case. Diana could now see that it was made out of 6 inch thick laminated armored glass, it had hermetic sealing, within were cross pieces, and some kind of molecular lock, once closed without the molecular key, it would be nearly impossible for a super-powered being to get in, and completely impossible for someone with normal strength.

“You…you want me to disrobe and make ME, put my uniform in there for your trophy?” She glared at Actaeon.

Actaeon did not say a word; he glared at her levelly, waiting – expectantly. She looked at the others. Emmitt sat grinning and watching, Shayera had moved behind Brad and was massaging his neck and shoulders, leaning over so that her breasts swayed gently above the teenager, while the President quietly lowered the Senator’s fly, and begin fishing out his cock with her inky black hand.

Sheena, having long since found the act of sucking a cock enjoyable, had Otwani’s thick length and was gently nuzzling at his tip.
Diana shook her head “No…I can’t do it...I won’t”

Actaeon gave her a sharp look “A moment ago you said you’d do ANYTHING…if I would just release Shayera….well Shayera is staying RIGHT where she is and you will STILL do anything I want, or…” he let it hang

Squaring her shoulder and wiping her cheek. Diana started by pulling off her bracelets of Femininum. Moving to the Trophy case, she could see at the base, a tag that read “Property of Actaeon Davies. Wonder Woman’s uniform, Bagged,” she blinked, it was today’s date. The front of the trophy case swung open, it was heavy, within was 2 glass cylinders on a stand, she slipped her bracelets onto them. A shelf at the top was for her Tiara, and she lifted it from her temples, pulling her dark silken hair from around it, and gently placed the golden ring on its shelf. Unwilling to give up an advantage Wonder Woman bent at the waist, though the pain from her new piercings was intense she refused to show any sign, she slowly unzipped her red boots, every eye was on her tight ass, except Actaeon’s, she noted, he was watching her intensely. Pulling her boots off, she felt the cool marble under the soles of her feet as she stepped to the floor, and zipping the boots back up so they would stand tall…she placed them side by side on the floor of the trophy case.

Swallowing hard again, the moment of truth had come. Diana had to reach behind her, her fingers gripping the zipper she pulled it down her spine, no one offering to help and she would not ask. Perino was now quietly licking the Senator’s cock, while Brad looked up to gently nuzzle Shayera’s nipple, and Sheena ran her tongue along Otwani’s scrotum like a dog licking peanut butter and, for Sheena’s part, she seemed to be genuinely enjoying herself. The 5 males still stared at Diana.

Diana felt her uniform go loose, and had to raise an arm to hold the top of her uniform from falling, her other hand released the Griddle of Hera and Wonder Woman felt her body go weak with the strength of a normal woman, her golden lasso hanging from the golden belt. Diana turned to face her audience, and moved her hands to the top of her uniform and lowered it to her hips. Her large breasts were swollen and sensitive from the piercing, unlike Shayera’s pink nipples Wonder Woman’s were dark chocolate brown sporting the welded nipple rings, a deep purple had formed a halo around her areola and her breasts swayed freely in the cool air. Hooking her thumbs in the bunched fabric at her waist, Wonder Woman was forced to pull down her own garment and stepped out of the fabric, baring the soft pierced bare pussy lips and her smooth unblemished as.
Actaeon smiled “ahhh it’s been way too long since I saw that sight. Come on wench, put my clothes away.”

Wonder Woman turned, the smooth skin on her ass flexing as she had to reach in and slip her uniform over the glass form within the case, the cleft of her ass displayed to her captors as she reached around to pull the zipper up, finding the form to fit the uniform snugly. Once there, the only thing left was to tug her belt around the form, and attach it in the back. She arranged her golden lasso to the side so it hung neatly and turned to Actaeon.

“Very good Diana…now CLOSE the case, the molecular lock will seal it,” he chuckled, almost drooling, “and now you will have the strength of a normal woman, while you know that from this point forward you may wear that costume but I own it.”
The glass door swung heavily, and as soon as the front touched the frame there was the sound of rushing air and a slim blow along the edge as the case sealed perfectly.

Actaeon smiled approaching the naked woman “good, now that the preliminaries are out of the way….cross your wrists Diana.”

Diana looked around blinking…Why…”

She was cut off by a resounding SMACK, as she felt her head jerk to the side, and tasted blood on her lip. Angrily she licked her swollen lip, but all she got from Actaeon was a sharp glare as he waited. He had bitch slapped her…wanting to put her in her place and there was nothing she could do…she crossed her wrists in front of her, and allowed Actaeon to take a thick soft leather thong and tie it snugly.

“You don’t have to do that” she said “I will do what you want; I will carry your child...”

“No I do not, Diana, and yes you will” after securing the leather thong he reached into the darkness and pressed on a control box hanging from a thick wire. There was the whine of a motor and a simple cargo hook dropped from the darkness into the light attached to a chain, the machine oil on it shimmering.

Diana blinked “you want to hang me like a….”

Actaeon had turned around and approached Wonder Woman with a simple steel dog leashed. He stepped up and clipped it to her clit ring, and Diana gasped in surprise…she was still bruised and sensitive, her labia was now a deep purple, and swollen and the weight of the fine metal links tugged on her sensitive flesh. A simple tug convinced her to walk over to the hook, and with the other 4 men watching, Actaeon lifted her arms and hooked the thong over the hook. He then pressed the control and Diana felt herself being raised, pulling her up until she was on her tippy toes, stark naked on display. The thongs bit into her wrists and she had to dance on her toes to relieve any of the pressure, amusing her captors more. “Hey are you….”Diana started.

Actaeon walked over to the side and touched another switch, and another spotlight. Diana’s eyes widened, on the simple small table lay torture devices. She recognized a “pear of anguish” made out of pure gold, there was also leather floggers, cat’s o 9 tails, all of highest quality. Actaeon walked over and picked up a large black rubber paddle with holes thru it. He looked up at Wonder Woman as the 4 men smiled leaning back, they must have had practice because none of them had climaxed yet. Actaeon Addressed Wonder Woman “Diana, you have been a VERY naughty bitch…..” he said walking around her “Do you remember our LAST encounter?”

Diana refused to show fear, but she was afraid, deeply and she knew what Actaeon was capable of. “Yes.” Then remembering to add “master”

Actaeon smiled “You’re learning, do you want a repeat of last time? Because if you do I would be HAPPY to indulge and have your friends their on their knees, help as well….”

“NO! she yelped “No…please master..”

Actaeon made a practice swing with the rubber paddle, letting it swish thru the air “good, good, now you were a VERY naughty girl, I had to share a cell with a VERY large black man named Tyrone….and he was a little…CONFUSED as to the nature of relationships, so this is what is going to happen. You will be punished, and I am going to BLISTER that perfect ass until you cannot sit for a week. When I am done, you are going to thank me, obey me without question, and we will set about conceiving my child and after you will be everything I want. You will help me attain the rest of my PRODUCT for the auction and you will forget about helping Tigra or Shayera or ANY of the others, and worry about pleasuring ME.

Diana closed her eyes again, twisting on display when she hesitated to answer, she felt sharp pain as Actaeon hauled off and SMACKED her right breast grabbing the nipple ring and TWISTING. Diana grit her teeth…refusing to cry out. Actaeon twisted more, and more, it felt like he would rip her nipple from her breast, until she finally whispered “Y…yes master….”

Actaeon released her. She saw him walk out of her sight. Facing Emmitt, Brad, Senator Rubio and Otwani, she swallowed and, they smiled as Brad ran a hand up the naked Hawk Woman’s smooth inner thigh until he could run his fingers gently and openly between Shayera’s cunt lips “you should have stayed OUT of our shit, bitch.”

Diana tried to look behind her but her arms were too taught…what was he waiting fo….*WHACK* the others chuckled as Diana’s perfect ass wrinkled with the force of the swat and her taught breasts worried back and forth from the force of the swat, a large red area appearing on her alabaster white ass.

Diana felt the burning sting but did not cry out, steeling herself for the next swat…. She waited, and waited, she tried to look back again *SWAT!* the sound of the paddle against her ass was loud and she lunged forward only to be held by her bounds, her toes dancing wildly, but Actaeon has drawn her arms up too high she could not relieve the strain on her arms.

WHACK! WHACK! 2 more blows landed on her now bright red ass. Her audience sat back watching the fun as Emmitt commented, “this, gentlemen, is how to discipline a woman, see how Actaeon varies his spanking, so she cannot anticipate; stupid cow” he rocked back laughing.

Diana could only stand and prance on her toes, in display tears running down her face like a disciplined little girl. She looked to Sheena. Sheena was not happy about what was happening, but she hid her face under Otwani’s loin cloth her head lifting and falling as she shoved her face onto and off of the king’s stiff shaft, meanwhile Shayera had leaned into Brad smiling, and glancing back at Diana, she whispered to him “Please master…rape your hen…”

Brand smiled leaning back “no problem my little hen...mount up.

Diana lunged forward as Actaeon gave 3 more sharp swats, her ass now burning like fire and began to take on a deep red the color of Shayera’s hair. When Diana’s legs gave out, she twisted to see Actaeon holding the black paddle with 2 hands, when she twisted back, she saw Shayera’s smooth back, and ass as the magnificent Thanagarian tossed her leg over brad’s lap and guided his exposed cock directly into her unprotected body, lowering herself as he reached out to stoke her wings. Shayera responded by extended them warmly around her lover.

The Senator groaned, and took a hand full of Perino’s hair shoving her face into his crotch as he pumped his seed down her gullet, and then another unexpected whack with the paddle. The 5 men were quite enjoying themselves. Actaeon using the paddle like a cricket bat with a 2 handed swing, spinning Wonder Woman, as she heard him say under his breath “Damned BAD bitch! will fucking OBEY me or the (WHACK!) NEXT one will make this look like a caress!” (WHACK!)

In front of her with a wild Abandon, Shayera lifted herself up on her toes only to grind her crotch back down on her rapists shaft…her wings extending as she raised and lowered copulating as if she were in her own bed chamber with Jon instead of in a chamber with her dark enemies on display as Brad buried his face into her shimmering breasts. Hawk Woman was unleashed as she ached her back holding her breast out as she panted, “Yes…rape your hen, master, she grunted “oh gods….m...more!” Brad chuckled in response, “that’s it birdie…don’t hold back, SING for me!” His hands laid on her hips as he let her ride his shaft.

Actaeon wound up again and Diana could hear him panting with effort *WHACK* he connected again, her ass now beginning to turn a deep purple….She now had only the strength of a normal woman, and her knees gave out as she sagged. That seemed only to encourage Actaeon, as he changed up an upward swing, connecting hard enough with her soft ass to lift her up.

Finally Diana gasped “P…please master….stop…you’ll I…oh Great Hera…..PLEASE STOP!!!”

At that moment Brad felt himself climax, pulsing deeply into the gyrating Hawkwoman on his lap He reached around her and gripped the base of her wings and savagely pulled down on her so that he could grind up into her unprotected pussy as he climaxed into the woman’s body “Fuck YESSSSS” he hissed holding her immobile as his seed pulsed and painted her womb.

Exhausted, panting, hanging from her wrists…Diana waited for the next blow, her ass now a deep shade of purple, but no swing fell. Otwani climaxed deep in Sheena’s throat and she resumed quietly licking him, swallowing and suckling on the man like his cock were a soft drink straw. Meanwhile Shayera pouted “I…didn’t cum yet master’ she pushed out her lower lip.

Brad chuckled “How the hell is that MY problem? Now get your ass outta my lap and lick me clean.”

Shayera’s face transformed from a pout to a look of joy as she lifted herself off his softening shaft and knelt before him, her red hair falling like a warm silken waterfall into his lap. The beautiful naked woman slipped his cock into her mouth and began to suckle and swallow their combined juices off his shaft.

Actaeon moved into Diana’s view and took her chin, gently – his hand warm and soft as he smiled down. “All you ever had to do is ask Diana….”

Diana felt him release her wrists and help her stand and as he did, a small padded table raised into the main center light. It was clear that Diana was now going to be bred like a mare in front of her audience. Otwani laid Sheena down at the foot of her trophy case as he moved to mount the helpless jungle queen, enjoying the feel of her body. Diana could see his thick erection part Sheena’s soft folds and disappear into the woman’s body as Otwani slid both his hand down Sheena’s smooth arms to her wrists and crossed them over her head, gripping them in one hand and pinning them to the floor as he penetrated her.

Brad, sitting in front of the trophy case with Hawkgirl’s uniform, pulled Shayera’s red hair into a pony tail. Leaning over her he lifted it and looked under it at the back of her head and asked, “do you know what’s UNDER a pony tail Shayera?”

Hawk woman took her mouth off his cock long enough to smile under her eyes and say “a horse’s ass,” before letting Brad guide her mouth back to his cock. Grinding her face into his crotch, using just her ponytail he started roughly face-fucking her while laughing and responding, “that’s right!”

Trembling, Diana looked at the small padded table. She felt Actaeon release the dog leash on her clit, and with his hand between her shoulder blades shoved her forward. Slowly she stood tightly against the table, knowing what was expected and awaited her fate. The British hunter retrieved normal duct tape, and she felt him wrap the 3-inch tape about 12 times around her right ankle to the table leg on that side.

Diana was left very weakened without her Amazonian artifacts and Actaeon had her. She knew it as she felt the sticky tape pulling her ankle firmly to the table. Without much ceremony Actaeon spread her left leg on the table so her knees were locked, and taped the ankle there. Walking around to the front, Actaeon reached out and firmly pulled Diana forward over the soft table, stretching her arm till her elbow was straight and wrapped the silver tape around her wrist near the foot of the table leg, From this vantage point Diana could see the table leg looked like a carved dragon foot, It only took a moment more for Actaeon to finish with her other wrist, leaving her bent over, her sore breasts pressed against the soft leather of the table. When she looked up all she could see was the smiling audience and her friends busily servicing them.

Shayera was a sexual POWERHOUSE, she was suckling the teen’s prick for all she was worth as he pulled up on her silken pony tail only to shove her face back down into his groin her wings flapping like a wounded hawk around his legs and thighs as she knelt in front of him and used her arms to pull her face deeper into the adolescent groin, her smooth bare ass resting on her heels.

Standing over Wonder Woman, smirking, with her taped to a table in front of her OWN trophy case, Actaeon began tugging the front of the sarong open, letting the loose end fall between his legs, to reveal his erection. “Ready to begin your journey to motherhood Diana?” he smiled, his erection full and thick “I am sure you remember this,” he stated, sticking his cock in her face.

Diana bit her lower lip “Please…master, you said all I had to do is ask….I am very sore, you spanked me, my pussy was pierced and is bruised and sore….”

Actaeon walked behind her and she felt him slid his smooth warm hands over her body with the familiarity of ownership, “Yes, I am sorry Diana, but that was your punishment” the 4 men watched, with increasing interest, as Actaeon guided his tip to her swollen wet pussy lips and dragged his uncircumcised head up and down her slit. “You women have to learn your place and that a male’s pleasure comes first.”

Diana felt his length teasing her, again. She had been unable to stop him at their last encounter and now it seemed she would be unable to again. Sheena groaning got her attention as Otwani grinned down at her, hilting himself between her pale white thighs.
“Take THAT, bitch!”

Sheena had her legs up and locked around the African king as his hips raised and fell sheathing his length in her body firmly. Diana noticed that the bottoms of Sheena’s feet were tanned, likely because she spent so much time with her legs spread and her feet in the air.

Behind her, Actaeon smiled. This was going perfectly. He waited until Wonder Woman glanced to the door, somewhere deep inside he knew that she hoped one of her teammates would burst in and save her, like in the comics. He intended to shatter that fantasy as he gathered her black silken mane into his hand and pulled her head back firmly as he mounted her, slipping his iron hard erection into her body, past her pubic bone, as their bodies joined, feeling her warm purple ass pressing back against his groin.

Diana winced at the feeling as her bruised flesh parted, but Actaeon enjoyed the extra snug warmth around his shaft as he lifted to his toes and ground his cock deeply into her body. He had to pause for a moment as he almost lost his load right there and that would be no fun. Feeling her slippery flesh, he leaned over her and whispered, as he wrapped her hair around his fist, “Are you ready to be raped again?”

Wonder Woman did not reply and she felt a sharp swat on her flank “I asked you a question, Bitch, are you ready for ME to RAPE you again” his breath was warm against her cheek.

Helpless, she nodded weakly to her rapist, and felt him deep inside her body. Pulling back, he gently and thrust up an in again, pulling her head up so she could see the smiling audience, her ass lifting slightly as the man behind her hilted himself.

Actaeon paused, wiggling his hips right and left, it was always so pleasant when he first entered a hapless woman, “you will learn this is your place...right gentlemen?’ he said, feeling the Amazon Princess clenching around his cock warmly.

Brad responded to the site of the rape by pulsing another load into Hawkwoman’s mouth, which she greedily swallowed, sucking it out of the boys cock like it was the nectar from a honeysuckle.

Actaeon thrust again, upwards and firmly, he was not being brutal, but he was out for his own pleasure. A few feet away, now satisfied, Brad pulled out a leather bondage hood that mocked Shayera’s helmet and put it on her, like hooding a falcon.

Actaeon was making a rhythm now, and Wonder Woman’s body had begun to respond. She tugged weakly at her bound wrists but she was held tight, and grunted as Actaeon still held her hair, her body shimmering in a light passionate sweat as Actaeon covered her, and caressed her gently.
Otwani climaxed next, pulsing deeply within Sheena’s body, before rising and leaving Sheena laying there at the foot of her trophy case trying to catch her breath, the king causally placing his foot on her flank to pin her there.

Actaeon took out a rubber band as he thrust, gently twisting it around Wonder Woman’s raven locks, he was getting close and he could tell so was as well. Leaning over, he spoke to her loud enough for the others to hear, “Now, Wonder Woman, CHAMPION of all women, I am going to make you humiliate yourself, and that is going to help me climax. Your womb is unprotected,” he said pulling back and ramming in, making her lunge forward with the table taped down for each lusty thrust, “and, even though you have no protection, you are going to climax, despite the pain…and THAT is how I am going to break you, eventually…” He smiled, pulling the Amazon princess’s hair into a pony tail.

Diana whimpered, the dull ach in her womb was growing to a heat, If Actaeon was anything, he was well endowed and when he thrust in she felt his venomous snake slithering unhindered into her warm moist cave and she knew it was looking to bite…to spray it’s venom into her and finish her off. But she couldn’t stop it; she knew it was just a matter of time. She felt Actaeon behind her, heard what he said, knew could control her, and, in fact, WAS controlling her. Diana felt her mind slowly going numb, shutting down…she knew that was the beginning of the end, but she didn’t care…what could she do, the choice was not hers, she could only just let it…happen.

Actaeon leaned up making eye contact with his audience and winking to Brad, seeing the look of numbness come over the amazon princess’s face, spurred him on for the kill. The Senator had Perino on all 4’s licking the top of his foot, while the others kept their slaves controlled, and Emmitt simply smiled, quietly.

Actaeon leaned over and said in his deep voice as he lifted Wonder Woman’s pony tail ”Know what’s under a pony tail Wonder woman?”

Wonder woman whispered and nodded, remembering her friend’s response, “A…a horse’s ass.”

“Correct,” he tugged her head back, hilting himself again, Diana could feel it, the dark snake in her cave ready to strike “And WHAT am I looking under NOW?”

As wonder Woman responded “My pony taAAAAAILLLL!! HUHHHHNNNN!!” she felt the climax take her, she didn’t know how but despite the pain, or maybe because of it, it was the hardest climax she had ever had in her life…orders of magnitude better than anything she had ever felt with Shayera or her own mother or sisters…her body betraying her, clenched firmly and painfully around Actaeon’s thick and very male shaft, her cervix flexing, naturally working to draw the snake’s venom out and deep into her body.

Feeling and seeing her climax during his demeaning joke triggered Actaeon, he pulled himself up tight, ensuring he was as deep into the helpless heroine as he could be, the feel of having her uniform in the trophy case behind him...HIS property, as she now was. She was helpless and squirming, as he pressed and held in tightly next to her, the snake in the cave rearing back and striking, spraying it’s venom deep within her uterus, as Actaeon came hard, working his hips left and right to feel her body against him.

Diana could only glance toward the entrance, knowing that no one arrived, there was no rescue, only the sound of applause from the men gathered, congratulating their friend, and the feel of Actaeon’s seed deep in her body.

Actaeon held there for a few moments to make sure he had finished within her body and enjoy the warm after glow. Otwani kept Sheena pinned under his foot, while the naked Hawkwoman knelt passive and hooded and Perino just let out a Plaintive “mooo”

Actaeon closed his eyes and enjoyed the warm feel of his triumph as he had gotten her again. Once his balls were fully drained, Actaeon gave her bruised ass a caress, and stepped back dismounting the woman he held there.

Diana heard her rapist’s satisfied deep breath as he tucked his sarong back in and with a smile moved forward to meet his guests, leaving her taped to the table, forgotten.

Actaeon patted his friend Cardinal Emmitt on the shoulder, “are you sure you do not want one of the females? At least a blow job from the great Wonder Woman?”

Emmitt chuckled “I have my own, if I want it, thank you, after all I AM a member of the clergy and we should practice abstinence, as much as possible.”

Otwani chuckled, moving up, Sheena was back on her leash as she crawled beside him and kissed his feet when he stopped.

Brad moved, leaving Hawk Woman blind, silent, and naked in her hood, his seed plastered all over her lower red curls.

The Cardinal commented, “I believe Lex Luther had promised me Super Girl when he is done with her….

Actaeon nodded, and greeted the Senator, “and how is our next president of The United States?”

Senator Rubio chuckled, tugging on his moo-cow’s nose ring, so she would walk beside him. Reaching down, he squeezed her large udder-like breast and was rewarded with milk dribbling down her chest, “perfect, you know this is EXACTLY how I like my opponent, Silent, and dumb as a cow.”

The 5 men broke out the Champaign while Diana remained, bound to the table, the air cool against her pussy as her own crotch was plastered with Actaeon’s seed. A cork popped loudly and glasses were filled. The 5 men raised their glasses and cheered, “To women in their place!”
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To my Loyal fans:
Ok, as you see I am back, Grandma is doing better, and if all goes well by Friday, she will be on her way back home to Florida, which means a little less distraction of me, I hope. I hope you like this installment, I wanted to write longer but I want to make sure I get posted more.

As always, feedback can go to
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Hunter of the Amazon
Chapter 22

Panting, sweaty, laying stretched face forward over a table with her wrists tied and taped to the front 2 legs, her ankles to the hind 2, and completely naked, Wonder woman squirmed helplessly in the center of a spot light that was shining right down on her. Diana could feel the smooth bees waxed wood of the polished table under her flat stomach; her ample breasts pressing down against the solid wood, spreading out to the right and left of her body, the soft brown nipples just visible from her side as her weight pressed down against them. Diana cursed her womanhood and felt a pang of shame that Actaeon had forced yet another orgasm on her, but if there was one thing Diana had to grudgingly admit, Actaeon Davies was an absolute master hedonist when it came to women. Between her thighs, she could feel the cool of her own sexual juices and Actaeon’s vile seed evaporating off her bare smooth outer labia, if Actaeon had used his skills to befriend a woman as an equal, and not rape them, he could have almost any woman he wanted; on considering it, Diana was forced to admit maybe even her.

The clink of Champaign glasses brought the naked amazon out of her revere and she had to crane her neck up to see what was going on. Cardinal Emmett, Brad, Actaeon, Senator Rubio, and King Otwani stood in the light toasting Actaeon’s. The sight turned her stomach almost as much as seeing her friend, Hawkwoman, standing hooded and bound behind Brad, Sheena, the Jungle Queen grunting and curled up on all fours. Sheena’s head tucked down and completely naked as the five men each had a foot resting on her as if she were a foot stool, and President Perino, in her cow garb kneeling obediently and dumbly behind Senator Rubio connect to his hand by a lead rope to Perino’s nose ring.

The five men chuckled ignoring the women, raising their glasses as Cardinal Emmett said “Gentlemen, here’s to a return of values in the world.”

“Here here!” they echoed and downed their Champaign. Savoring the taste, and their victory, Actaeon nodded “lights!”

The lights in the room rose. Still craning her head up, her long dark tresses falling around her sweaty face, Wonder Woman could see what she had expected, the room was lavish, though not overly large, and she had an audience. The sick bastards had come to watch another male rape and try to impregnate her and not a single one had lifted a finger to stop them, in fact, they actually enjoyed the show. She swore this would HAVE to stop. As Diana looked around the room, she noted this was an exclusive gathering. Sprinkled around the room were beautiful naked women either kneeling head down, with serving trays; or affixed to the wall naked in clear stasis tubes. Brad was busy untying Shayera, but in the audience, Diana recognized, there were several high level diplomats. Wonder Woman recognized the Canadian Prime Minister, several U.S. Senators, the Chinese Ambassador, an Arch bishop and 2 Cardinals, A Russian Field Marshal, along with several rich Entrepreneurs, and the CEO’s of at least 4 mega corporations.

Jessica Gannet, the media mogul entered from a door in the back, like every other woman in the room she was stark naked except for an animal collar and leash, and she walked to Actaeon and handed her leash end to Actaeon. Smiling Actaeon held up his hands for silence.
“Gentlemen, thank you for coming to this demonstration. Allow me to apologize for the interruption of our planed auction that will be used to fund the operations to return woman back to their places in the world” he smiled and leaned more of his weight down on his foot that rested on the back of Sheena’s neck pinning her under it. My apologies that WONDER WOMAN here interrupted the auction and it will take some extensive planning to get it back on track.”

Wonder Woman felt a distinct pang of satisfaction hearing that admission and smiled, tugging at her bonds helplessly. Her satisfaction was short lived, as she noticed the young Brad hand Shayera a silver serving platter stacked with drinks. Shayera smiled standing completely naked. Shayera’s sexual juices, mixed with Brad’s milky white semen all over her bare nether lips.

The CEO of Walmart’s called out “We have been kept waiting quite a while…how LONG will this extensive planning take and what IS this operation.” The man in his business suit smiles as naked young woman with long flaxen hair and “A” cup breasts knelt, set her silver tray at his feet, and began to unzip his trousers unbidden and fish out his erection.

Hawkwoman stood among the room full of male strangers as casual and natural as a horse at a hitching post without a shred of modesty, as she turned brad swatted her on her bare ass causing Shayera go giggle as she began offering the men drinks.

The CEO of Walmart’s called out “We have been kept waiting quite a while…how LONG will this extensive planning take and what IS this operation.” The man in his business suit smiles as naked young woman with long flaxen hair and “A” cup breasts knelt, set her silver tray at his feet, and began to unzip his trousers unbidden and fish out his erection.

A British Member of Parliament shook his head “Aside from this delightful performance you put on I have seen no grand plan here.”

Actaeon smiled “in good time sir, we estimate about one year, the whole area is far too hot, but none of you got your fortunes overnight this will give time for some of the “goods” such as the one you’re enjoying on her knees, to be forgotten from public mind. And for the plan, our sponsor had arranged this, as we know you have issues. For example Wal-Mart, we have a large unemployment problem, just think of the economy if all women were taken out of the workforce and put BACK where they belong in the kitchen, and raising offspring. The Schools would be open for males, jobs for males, no more sexual harassment crap.”

Cardinal Emmitt spoke up “This is also the position of the Catholic Church, as you know Our Pope, has always advocated more, liberal views, that priests should be allowed to marry, the political climate precludes us, currently , for advocating that the Bible states a woman must OBEY her husband.” He pointed down at Sheena on the floor “but with Ms. Gannett’s help we will change that making this possible.

The CEO of Standard Oil spoke up next. “That all sounds good… but HOW are you going to pull that off?”

Actaeon walked over to Wonder Woman, running his hand gently over her smooth bruised ass causing her to lunge at the touch and the crowd to chuckle, her ass still burned like fire. “Gentlemen, it has long been accepted that a WEAK middle class lead to the death of us all. The have NOT’s always outnumber the HAVES, and when that happens, the have not’s usually kill the haves and that’s us, is legal or not. It is usually very very bloody. I cannot go into details at this time, but with the help of Ms. Gannett here’ she smiled slipping an arm around Jessica’s naked waist and slid his palm up to cup and grope her breast. “We are busy disarming America. Hiring these nutters, to use guns and then blaming the gun itself, and with president ‘Elsie the Cow’ here, the anti-gun lobby and some key Senators, who will be paid on female flesh, were sure we can get these American fools to throw away their 2nd amendment. Then with the auction we will fund actions designed to, shall we say...motivate men to want women back in their place?”

The Arch Bishop spoke as Hawk woman walked up and genuflected before him, holding her tray up for him to select a drink and saying softly ‘How may I serve you master’? The Arch Bishop selected a Polish Krupnik “and what about the women? They DO outnumber us, and they will become the...have not’s”

Cardinal Emmett spoke up here “Quite easily your Excellency, you will note here…several of the so called Super heroines. Each one has been bested by an ordinary human male.” Emmett moved over to the naked Hawk Woman, circulating around the room. Wonder Woman stared in disbelief as the evil Cardinal reached out and gently used his fingers to fondle Shayera’s cunt. “As you’re all aware, Scriptures state that a woman is the PROPERTY of men, so far, with the exception of the Burka, only the Muslims seem to have it right.”

Hawkwoman blinked and closed her eyes eliciting a moan, but she made no move to stop the Cardinal, to close her legs, or do anything other than enjoy the intimate touch “You see here one end of the spectrum. Young Brad here has found a way to basically reprogram the female mind like you would…a tablet or a laptop” he smiled taking a wet finger and presenting it to the helpless haw Woman. She smiled and took the finger into her mouth suckling her own juices off it. “It is our plan and desire that Hawk Women here will never wear a single stitch more then what you see her wearing right now. Like any other animal, she will spend her life just as naked as this.”

Wonder Woman began to get a little fearful as she saw the nods of appreciation around the room, and realized the significance. These men were all dressed, everywoman was naked, just the wearing of clothes set them apart as somehow better, let the woman vulnerable.

Emmitt went on approaching the Prostrate Wonder Woman. As he approached Diana struggled briefly more, but her bonds held “On the other hand, while mind control can be VERY desirable, we will begin teaching our sons and you that a woman CAN be controlled the same way you would train a horse, or a rat in a maze. Allow me to Demonstrate. We have here the so-called CHAMPION of ALL women.”

Diana felt his warm soft hand slide along her side to gently explore her right breast “Wonder Woman, We have your lasso and can compel you to tell the truth, but I trust that will not be needed. Tell me how did it feel to get raped?”

Diana glared, and looked away, only to feel a hand in her silken black hair yank her head back. A soft voice “Answer me.”

Diana clenched her teeth “I enjoyed it…”

Good girl, and is that the only time you have enjoyed being raped?”

Diana felt her cheeks flush, and glanced at the display case that held her magic lasso “No…”

“And are you going to do what you’re told and speak only when spoken to?”

Diana felt tears stink her cheeks “Yes….master”

Actaeon now stepped back up using his foot to casually shove his female footrest over and wipe his foot on Sheena’s soft blonde hair as Emmitt smugly returned to the crowd. Thru her tears Wonder Woman could see Shayera, the Arch Bishop had placed a hand upon her head, and Shayera sunk willingly to her knees and used her fingers to lower the Bishop’s fly. Shayera must have been quite adept at doing this with John because her fingers went inside like an expert, pulled out the thick stiffening male erection, and pressed her face into his crotch suckling openly on the Bishop’s fat erection.

Brad spoke up “oh by the way feel free to use these woman however you like, except Shayera’s and Diana’s cunts are off limits, we each want to be sure we knocked them up.

Actaeon chuckled “Plenty of time for that, in any case the next step, we know the Church has been excluding women for some time. With the RIGHT person at the helm, we can get all the major religions to agree and women will start their journey back to their rightful place in society, which is somewhere just beneath Man’s best friend and the horse.

A Cardinal smiled “The current Pontiff …has his desires, with the right push, he could be caught in something...embarrassing, after that, we can vote Cardinal Emmett as the new pontiff.

Actaeon nodded “that’s where Wonder Woman comes in, you see gentlemen, while Keeping hawk Woman naked is desirable, SOME of us like a bit of eye candy, or to…unwrap our gifts…As you see these women serving today, are some of the merchandise that will be up for auction, and yes that INCLUDEDS Wonder Woman. We have a plan for the JLA and Both Batman and Superman are...permanently out of the way. King Otwani’s continent has all the natural resources we need, we will be happy to talk with you individually in the meantime enjoy the party, and remember the bigger the donation the more...privileges you will have.

Wonder Woman could see the “party” was just getting underway. All of the high level men beginning to break into groups...two were taking turns transforming Sheena into different animals to copulate with her. They currently had her locked in the form of a lioness and one man had her by her tail...thrusting into her feline body, while the second had her firmly but gently by the ears with one hand, under her muzzle with the other controlling her head while he thrust into her slack muzzle. Sheena’s nose would wrinkle each time the man’s pelvis bumped into her nose, while the one behind helped to spit Sheena between them, chuckling as they casually discussed weather this was bestiality or curiosity. Hawk Woman was still on her knees but was using one arm to wipe off the milky white fluid on her chin, having brought the Chinese diplomat to climax, while using the other to put the glistening polished purple head back in his trousers for him. Wonder Woman watches Shayera’s pale white bare back ram rod straight, as her firm ass rested above her own heels, just the suggestion of her breasts visible under her arms as she thanks the man.

Diana scowled as several of the men came to examine her, their hands freely roaming her own pale bare flesh. The Walmart CEO found her brown nipple and his fingers caressed and explored it, while one of the Generals from the pentagram reached between her legs and ran his fingers along the lips of her cunt. Turning her head away in disgust, she only succeeded seeing the senator standing behind Perino, strapping a ridiculous plastic cow’s head over her own, while another placed thick rubber “hoof” gloves over the president’s hands.

Diana lunged as much as she could as when she felt a hand on her bruised purple ass, but it was different, it was gentle, and there was something cool. “Actaeon” she spat out.

The British hunter gently spread a salve on her bare rump, glancing up as the Senator pushed Perino so she was bent forward and began freeing his own cock from his breeches.

“You know Diana; I don’t enjoy hurting you…”

Diana cut him off trying to glance over her shoulder “like Hades you don’t…you raped me, in front of an audience, and you ENJOIED spanking me like an errant child.”

Actaeon’s hands slid over her glowing warm ass with the salve “You didn’t bloody well leave me much choice did you, you threw off my time table, and you ARE an errant child, you may be older but no less so, all you bloody women are”

She could hear him getting ready as he took position behind her. “So you are going to rape me again? I thought guys didn’t want to be seen naked in front of other guys.”

Actaeon smiled as he positioned himself behind her, holding his erection as he began to guide it between her spread thighs. “In a shower no” he smiled pressing the head of his length along the soft lips parting them as the silken warmpth and slippery fluids form her body readied him for penetration “but we like to have other guys see us with a beautiful woman, and if you haven’t noticed only you women are naked. With that her found her entrance and thrust forward remounting her as he leaned over her back

Diana’s head came up like a startled racehorse, seeing various men with drink watching while they themselves were serviced in various ways. Diana had to close her eyes. She could feel the weight of his body atop her, there was not a thing she could do about it, he was gentle, passionate, she was surprised how he always felt thick between her legs as he probed deeply into her body with his erection, it was warm and firm. “SO that is WHAT…” she had to pause as she felt that thrust and his breath against the nape of her neck “is what this is all about…money?”

Actaeon trembled with pleasure as he felt his erection slip within her body; he had her right where he wanted her. Nuzzling the nape of her neck as he felt her smooth muscles squeezing around his length he answered, “ expect a comic book answer? I reveal my whole plan so you can…” he had to catch his breath a moment panting, his hands caressing her bare sides to grip her hips and pull himself n closer so he could spoon with her “Oh Gods Diana…you feel wonderful around me…so you can, escape and reveal it?”

Diana squeezed her eyes shut as her body responded to the man’s invasion; her fluids beginning to drip down her thighs. Her eyes searched the room for help, they had Perino mounted, and another congressman was attaching her bare nipples to a perverted milking machine, and Brad was Crooking his finger to Shayera who rose and moved, hips swaying, a predatory smile on her lips toward her young master. When she arrived, her hands freed brad’s cock and Diana watched as Hawk Woman Climbed up and guided Brad’s cock into her own unprotected sex while Brad wrapped a hand around each of Shayera’s thighs to hold her so he could thrust into her in the center of the room, his face buried in Shayera’s breasts.

“ about money?

Actaeon leaned forward to caress her breasts and roll her nipples between his fingers as his mouth was next to her ear, as he nuzzled her ear he whispered. “Some of it is, our child, will be raised by me, the money I get from your sale, I will retire on…” he felt her bare back against his belly as he pulled her back pressing deeply into her unprotected sex.

Diana tried to focus on Actaeon’s words, she did not want to feel the heat building deep in her lower belly. “Just…walk away?”

Actaeon was lost in the moment, his most desirable woman again impaled on his length, dominating her. “These fools you see around me here are only pawns," he said in a conspiratorial whisper even as he thrust up and into his prize. He savored the control of her even as he revealed his contempt for the men easily corrupted by the women he'd provided. He thrust again, enjoying the tightness and then again three times more. The heat and the friction were like coming home for him. Her body was his temple to bow against as he pleased and then he paused, not wanting her to climax yet, or himself. He nuzzled her earlobe. “World events are controlled by a group….We keep the countries, and corporations fighting, so they cannot band together, that’s my Client, this will fund a change in the balance of power.

Diana felt the man behind her resume his thrusts, they were both close now Diana tried again, in vain, to free her wrists. The act only served to trigger her climax, her body convulsed gently as she grunted, and triggered Actaeon’s release.

Pulling her close he closed his eyes and felt the sweet release of his lust into her body, holding against her as he planted his seed, some of the patrons applauded, still others simply chuckled and said “Typical woman.”

When he had concluded, Actaeon drew back, and Diana felt him free her wrists and ankles. Battered, her pride bruised. Diana stood up, she was covered in a sheen of sweat, she was still panting like a bitch in heat, from the work out, and Actaeon’s seed was plastered all over her thighs. She rubbed her wrists. “And what now?”

Actaeon had turned away, retrieved a glass of wine, and glanced back “Get cleaned up, and then you will come to me in my bed tonight and sleep beside me as my willing concubine while we work on having my child.”

Wonder woman tried to stand as dignified as she could “you expect me to just, be your willing sex partner...not to escape?”

Actaeon turned back and smiled “I expect you to do just that, I have your outfit, I know where your Island is, and we have a DEAL…at least until you commit strike three. He then walked away, leaving the naked Amazon clenching her fists in frustration. Several of the partiers were standing there admiring her naked body, she was left with no choice, but to turn and leave She would see Actaeon in his bed chambers, this discussion was NOT over, she vowed.

Wonder Woman departed the so-called “party” feeling depressed, dirty, and disappointed in herself. Every step she took she could feel Actaeon’s slippery seed on her sex, using her finger to scrape against the soft lips of her sex where he had successfully mounted her, she glared at her finger dripping with his milky white semen. As she walked buck naked thru the lavish mansion feeling the deep plush carpeting between her toes, her conscious mind told her that this was pure and simple a rape. Just because her body felt a physical enjoyable, no VERY enjoyable orgasm, did not make it right or mean she liked it, but she still cursed herself, it HAD felt good, intense, naughty, but Actaeon was not playing, he fully intended to impregnate her.

She had to search the house, wiping her finger on the wall in contempt as she walked up the solid oak stair casing, the wool carpeting on the center, and thru a quite lavish dining room, she finally found the showers. The hot water felt good though she could not scrub the feeling that she was dirty off her. She let the water cascade off her firm full breasts, closing her eyes she thought of the feel of Actaeon’s warm firm lips nuzzling… What? NO, was he now even invading her daydreams?

Steaming she used the soft towel she tossed it on the floor. She looked at the deep terrycloth robe hanging on the back of the door, she wanted to don it, but that would undoubtedly irritate Actaeon, which she dearly wanted to do, but considering what he had done to her in Algiers, she did not want to go thru that again, and with his quaint “Strike two…”

So she waited, she hated every moment of it, standing around naked waiting on a male to come up and force her into bed. From time to time, there would be a burst of laughter from the party down stairs, or an exclamation of passion, but otherwise it was quiet, boring, and wonder Woman waited for her “Master” outside the master bedroom.

At about 10 o’clock, she heard footsteps. As she thought Actaeon, now dressed in a white shirt, burgundy smoking jacket, loose fitting black silk pants and slippers, and smoking a pipe smiled seeing her. On his way by his hand gently slapped her flank “Ready for bed Diana?”

Wonder Woman clenched her fists, but she had the strength of only a normal woman. When she entered, the master bedroom she found a large emperor sized 4-poster canopy bed made of Mahogany. Motorized bed curtains were up at the top of the canopy, the sheets were red silk, with oriental scenes of Phoenix’s and dragons woven into the fabric, a Zebra skin rug lay on the floor, likely a threat of what they could do to Sheena. Somehow, that bastard hand managed to have her Wonder Woman uniform, in its hermetically sealed clear case, standing at the head of the bed, illuminated with a soft indirect lighting at the base, his trophy.

“Come the rest of the way in Diana”

Wonder Woman entered, her arms crossed over her breasts her head lifted high, defiant, as her hips rolled. Standing before Actaeon she put her hands on her hips spreading her feet shoulder width apart to strike her heroic pose “Is this what you wanted to see” she said tossing her silken black hair over her shoulder.

Actaeon sighed, looking at the perfect naked body before him, her areola’s stretched taught over her breast and pierced, as she moved her breasts worrying back and forth. “Actually no, when I call you, you are to HURRY in and kneel at my feet.”

Diana was not about to go down without a fight “Do you really expect…” *SMACK* she was cut off as her face stung, she would have attacked him if she had not been so shocked.”

Actaeon was standing watching a red shape of his handprint blooming on Wonder Woman’s cheek. “I am done playing games with you Wonder Woman. You already experienced what I CAN do, and I am not playing this game, If you want to EVER be allowed to crime fight and help others again you will obey me and do it as if there were joy in your heart or I will just cut to the chase right now. What will it be?”

Wonder Woman felt tears of frustration sting her face, the bastard had her, and for now, there was not a DAMN thing she could do about it. She forced her arms to relax, seething inside, she swore to herself this was not over, she would find a way…

Actaeon felt his loins stir again despite the number of climaxes at the party as he watched Wonder Woman, naked as the day she was born, sink to her knees, her eyes fixed on his, smoldering.

“No, your eyes should be down casts, you do not look me in the eyes unless directed to do so, ever, your eyes on my feet.”

Diana complied, her head going down to consider his black slippers.

Actaeon smiled, Flatten the tops of your feet against the floor so that cute ass of your sit’s on your heels.” He smiled “Better” he used his toe to gently nudge her knees “Spread your knees wide, so any may see your treasure nestled between those shapely thighs.” He again was struck by her beauty as she complied, the soft lips he would soon be penetrating between her legs, his to conquer.

Actaeon walked around her as if examining a new mare in his stable “Now back of your hands on your thighs, palms up…yes…and roll your shoulders back, chest out.” Reaching out he supped her warm soft breast gently squeezing it from behind as he watched her nipples stiffen and the nipple ring dangle he whisper gently to her “This is your position anytime you are in the room” he hooked his finger in one nipple right and tugged gently “Understood?”

Diana gave a bland “Yes”

Actaeon cupped her chin “If you continue to act like a spoiled child I will treat you like one... It is yes MASTER, or Lord, sometimes, sir….”
Diana looked up into his smiling face “You will just punish me if I think for myself.”

Actaeon laughed, “Good heavens Diana, nothing could be further from the truth, I expect you to OBEY, but I do not expect you to be a mind reader, I expect you to act as my willing slave, as you agreed. However, a slave anticipates her master’s desires, and seeks to keep him interested in pleasure, as you saw before if I get bored I am QUITE capable of amusing myself WITH you.

The veiled threat caused Diana to shudder, memories of the Spanish horse, the butt plug with the laxative, and she was fairly sure this was not the full range of his perversions. “I…I cannot be seductive worrying about being hurt.

With gentleness, that Diana found almost as terrifying as his threats Actaeon softly kissed her cheek where he had slapped her. “I do not want to frighten or hurt you, so long as your mistakes are honest, your questions sincere and respectful, I would never punish or harm you, I do not wish to break your spirit Diana, I wish to bridle it and make it mine to obey.”

Kneeling before him on the floor, she watched Actaeon sit before her in the crushed velvet chair beside the bed “Now we have my son to conceive, I would not have DONE this if you had lived up to your end of the bargain, now remove my slippers and worship at my feet.”

Diana’s look must have conveyed her rebellion, as action rolled his eyes “Oh Come on Wonder Woman, you have had cocks in your mouth, you lost fair and square, time to pay the piper.”

Wonder Woman reached out and lifted his foot removing the slipper, she hesitated only amount before pressing her soft red lips to the top of his foot “Yes m’ lord” she said “Tell me, why is it so important you have a son by ME.

Actaeon smiled. “I will provide you do better than THAT halfhearted effort, and never again be that...superficial.”

Wonder Woman nodded as if she had not really expected that to work, pressing her nose into the crease of his ties her tongue darted out to slip between his toes as she began to lick and nuzzle and kiss his feet, the taste was salty with a hint of musk, and the sent not unpleasant.

Actaeon could feel her hot breath as she bent to her task; it felt good washing over his tired feet and placed his free foot atop her raven mane to hold her face against his foot while her tongue worked. “People in my business die Wonder Woman, sooner or later, I can only afford this lifestyle so long as I work. I want a heir A son I can teach to treat women as I do, I truly believe in it Wonder Woman, the male dominance, and what better way than to share YOUR DNA and raise our son to dominate women.” He smiled as while he talked, kneeling over on all 4’s like a dog Diana had coated both his feet in her saliva. He reached out and ran his hand thru her hair “Good girl Wonder Woman. Now…stand and remove my jacket and shirt.

Wonder Woman stood keeping her eyes down cast, intent on getting as much information as she could, as she unbuttoned the silk jacket and tugged the white shirt from his waist line, her delicate fingers slipping open the buttons. “You mentioned this….Orginizaaaaa…ohhhhhhh” she had been caught unawares as the man before her reached brazenly between her thighs to caress her pubic mound, his fingers parting her bare lips to tease the silken flesh as he fantasized about having her again.

Actaeon smiled “there is a very powerful organization of men, as you might imagine” he gently slipped a finger between her soft petals of womanhood “Before I go further, what is this I am caressing?”

Wonder Woman’s knees quivered, the bastard had made a science out of pleasuring women “It’s my pussy,” she said unable to keep the ire out of her voice.”

Actaeon chuckled watching her juiced run down her thigh “not QUITE right, try again…

Wonder woman tried to control her breathing “It’s my pussy, m’Lord.

Actaeon smiled wider and shook his head “better try again, who’s pussy/”

Wonder Woman blinked looking incredulous “It’s…your pussy Master?”

Actaeon nodded very good that right, your body is mine, to keep or give away as I like to use or not use…My pussy’ he shifted his caress “My breasts….my ass, keep undressing me.

Wonder Woman slipped the shirt off his shoulders and let it land on the ground as the hunter of the Amazons continued “these powerful men, control things...”

Wonder Woman, unbidden reached around Actaeon to unfasten his breeches her cheek pressing against his muscular chest, as she caught his male scent “Things like women master?”

Actaeon chuckled “tip of the iceberg, very good by the way” as he stood naked and lifted the covers, slipping between the sheets he held the sheet up inviting her into his bed. “But more so nations. The United States has been on top long enough, China is up and coming but they have no interest in ruling countries, This will actually prevent World War III as the united states becomes a puppet to China…and religion is redefined to limit the extremism.

Wonder Woman felt the soft silken sheets against her body as Actaeon slipped his arms around her pressing against her so he rolled atop her, feeling his weight pinning her beneath his body as she looked up at her Wonder Woman Costume above her. Like a wolf pouncing its prey she felt Actaeon’s erection seeking her entrance again.

Actaeon enjoyed the feeling as his cock parted Wonder Woman’s soft lips again, feeling the slippery most friction again as he leaned in to penetrate her. Pinning her he felt her soft breasts against his chest as they were again connected at the hip…pressing deeply within and hearing her grunt with his rutting.

“Oh….Hera…” her words smothered as Actaeon pressed his mouth to hers, his lips raping hers as his tongue thrust into her mouth. Lunging up he pressed deeply within the heroine, her head pressed into the pillow as his eyes were level with her red boots within the trophy case “Make love to me slave, or I swear you will never be pleasured again till you’re sold off as chattel.”

Weather it was the lovemaking or the threat, or her honor, he felt her moving against him, panting as the two struggled under the covers. Actaeon pulling back and Wonder Woman clamping her sex around his length relaxing and lifting her hips to meet his thrusts as he plunged back in. The knowledge that this was unprotected spurred Actaeon on…riding her bare back in his bed.

Wonder woman could not catch her breath, Amazon’s were passionate and her body responded to the savage thrusting within her…filling her as his thickness spread her, his lips suckling at hers as she suckled on his tongue, her nails dug into the flesh of his back like a wild cat raking and leaving deep red welts.

The two lovers wrestled as Acton slipped a hand to the small of her back, pulling her closer, his lips nuzzling down her throat to suckle her nipple around her nipple ring. As before, he calmed himself holding back his climax as he drove the inexperienced amazon to a climax, feeling her inner muscles squeeze around his cock as if pulling it in deeper, inviting his seed to her eggs.

Wiled eyed the Heroine was helpless beneath him writhed gripping and tugging at the sheets as the male pinning her from above drove back into her. He felt Wonder Woman’s heels rise and hook behind his legs as her pelvis thrust, his length penetrating her again and again. Actaeon arching as he panted running his tongue over her nipple playing with the nipple ring. As they approached their mutual climax, he hears a soft plaintive childlike “N..No..Please don’t make me pregnant…”

Wonder Woman’s eyes glanced at the ornately carved door, where were they? She watched for someone to come thru the door, one of her teammates, anyone, but no one came, just the feeling of her next impending climax

Actaeon smiled seeing her glance “No one is going to rescue you Diana, your MINE…He felt the wave of climax wash over them both…pressing his pelvis to hers to make sure he was as deeply penetrated as he could, he felt the pulse and pulse of his seed released inside her body, inside her womb. Inside HIS womb.

Panting Actaeon rolled off the spent heroine “God, Wonder Woman, it is always incredible to have you,” he smiled leaning back, chest heaving as he put his hands behind his head. He smiled seeing the look of confusion on Wonder Woman’s face, she had climaxed again, twice “You would do well to remember, WONDER Woman, this was no mistake, I can have you, anytime, anywhere any WAY I want, and you must submit.

Her head spinning, the door closed, no one came to her rescue, he had done what he promised again, she hung her head and nodded “Y..Yes M'lord.”
Actaeon nodded “now, whenever we make love, when I finish you will thank me…and then you will clean your juices off my cock with your mouth.
Diana’s head went up…but before she could speak Actaeon rolled his eyes “BE CAREFUL...Come on Diana, you have eaten out other women’s pussys, don’t tell me the thought of your own so OFFENDS you.

Head hung, Wonder Woman propped herself up on one arm, “Yes Master, Thank you M’lord...”

Actaeon smirked “For what?”

“For, fucking me….” With that said, Actaeon watched her head disappear under the sheets and felt the warm feeling of her mouth on his wet cock. She ran her tongue over his shaft causing him to harden in her mouth; he felt her swallow and lean down to lick his balls…. She nuzzled and licked, and then she began to move.

“I did not tell you to stop” he said simply.

He head moved back to his groin and began to run up and down as he felt her lips, closing his eyes, he let her work…murring softly as she squeezed her lips around his head, and then slid her head down till his length was lodged in the back of her throat. After all his climaxes he just enjoyed the feeling of his cock lodged in such a warm slippery placed…

Wonder Woman Did not want to stay there, but she was finding it hard to bring him to climax. She felt his hands thru the sheet press the back of her head forward, He was apparently tired and wanted one more to finish her off, her nose went buried in the thick patch of male pubic hair, he controlled her head, lifting and thrusting, face fucking her as she suckled firmly. Her tongue running along the underside of the thick flesh in her mouth, the tip of her tongue teasing his glans. She was not sure how long she had been nursing on him but at last, she felt the cock in her mouth swell, and a gush of thick white seed pulsed down the back of her throat. She had not eaten all day long, and it felt good to get something in her stomach. He held her head there, emptying his lust; she sucked it out like a straw.

Finished he released her head, when she emerged he pointed to his clothes “Before you come back to bed, Take my clothes, and your towels you used to the laundry, wash them, BY hand…and after that, return to my bed, I want to be awakened at 6am sharp, with a blow job, expect a lot of morning wood.”

Feeling helpless, and well inseminated, she slipped from the bed to pick up his clothes, Actaeon was already snoring softly, the room illuminated only by the light of the display case that held her belt and uniform. You win Actaeon…for now…
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Re: Hunter of the Amazon #1

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Hunter of the Amazon
Chapter 23

In the dimness of the Washington DC mansion, Wonder Woman stood naked at the foot of Actaeon’s bed, his clothing in her arms, while the mercenary hunter softly snored. His rape of her had released the tension of his day. The air felt cool against Diana’s skin as she stood completely naked. The mahogany hard wood floor felt smooth under her bare feet and she could feel the monster’s seed and her own juices on the soft shaved lips of her sex between her legs. Her Wonder Woman uniform remained encased in the unbreakable sealed box above his bed. Frustration and anguish shocked her, as a tear ran down her cheek. He had taken her again, and now she was to be his maid before reporting back to her rapists bed, he was intent on impregnating her.

The feel of Actaeon’s clothes against her bare skin, the threads of fine silk sliding against her exposed flesh made her cringe. She closed her hands bitterly around the delicate fabric and crushed it in her fist raising her arms and throwing them forcefully on the floor with a soft thud, followed by her bare feet padding as she strode from the bedroom to toward Actaeon’s private shower. This MONSTER could not be allowed to do this to her, she vowed she would find a way to stop him; she would NOT be the mother of his child.

In the shower, she let the hot water course over her, nearly scalding. No matter how hard she scrubbed, how much soap and water she used, she could not feel clean. Centuries of virginity and this, simple man, had been riding her like a mare from the Kentucky Derby. Try as she might she could not get the memory of his seed pulsing, unwanted into her body, his grunt of bestial pleasure as he once again triumphed in his rape and cast his semen into her unprotected womb, nor the shame of the powerful, unwanted climax she herself experienced. Even now, the burning feeling of the pleasure he forced on her, burned hotter then the water over her skin and she squeezed her eyes closed trying to forget. She tried to focus on her nipples and her clit, which still ached from their piercing.

Stepping from the shower, she took a clean towel and dried herself, a terrycloth robe hung on the door and she was tempted to put it on, but the memory of Algiers flooded her mind. She hated herself for her weakness. It was late, few were in the house, she could indulge in her modesty and put on the robe, and no one would know…but if he had one of them damned cameras, or someone saw her any way other than naked, he would punish her. He would take pleasure in doing it, it would arouse him and once hard he would bed her again and try and conceive with her. So she departed the shower, as naked as she had entered. She paused in front of the mirror, her dark brown areole stood out from her breasts which swayed un fettered, her hips swaying as she walked.

She wanted to think, there was no WAY she was going to do that bastards laundry like a common domestic housewife. She walked the hallway, a hand woven wool Persian runner crushed under her feet, the highly polished hard wood floor visible on either side. Her hand ran along the bannister as she passed two cages. A bird cage hung from the vaulted ceiling, A naked hawkwoman inside, hooded like a falcon, sleeping standing on a “perch”. She was unwashed and the milky white seed of her young rapist was plastered all over her groin mixed wither own juices, and Diana felt a flash of desire through her own thighs. Further, on the floor, caged, muzzled, exhausted, lay a huge tawny lioness. Sheena Jungle Princess. Above her, the stuffed carcass of Sheena’s animal totem, the lioness who had raised Sheena in the jungle, taken by Actaeon and now his trophy. They were ALL, all of them, his Trophy.

Diana moved down the stairs. The mansion was empty, the revelers each asleep in their beds, they had been so sexually sated…undoubtedly dreaming of their conquests. She came to the Senator’s room, unbidden opening the door…within President Perino lay bound hand and foot in her Holstein cow body paint, a harness about her head kept her face pressed to his groin, his cock in her mouth as she gagged and suckled quietly as her rival slept soundly.. Even without her belt. Diana could go from room to room and snap each one of their necks, but one mis step, one missed trap or alarm, and she would lose it all, and paradise Island would be destroyed. For all she knew there were failsafe orders to destroy her lands if they did not report in, and without her girdle, bracelets and Tiara, she would never warn them in time. In the end she quietly closed the door leaving the U.S. President with her rivals cock in her mouth for the night.

Diana passed a single guard on patrol. The man openly admired her, his trousers’ tenting, Diana only nodded to him, he licked his lips and nodded back but said nothing. The Grandfather clock chimed, striking quarter past two in the morning. Diana considered what she would do. With her temper subsiding, the hopelessness of everything caved in on her. Her time would come, but she would have to bide her time. Burning with shame, she mounted the stairs and returned to Actaeon’s bedroom. She looked at the bed, the sheets where she had lain while he had taken liberties with her where he slept soundly. Diana picked up his clothes, and could smell his scent. In the dark night, she collected all the towels, from each of the guest’s rooms, and descended into the basement. Once there she saw a galvanized tub and washboard. In the dark night a single light in the basement of the mansion showed a naked woman scrubbing clothes and towels and hanging them to dry.

She found fresh linen, and gathered them, each bathroom had its own motif, and she matched them, so that when the guests woke, they would find everything fresh and ready for them. Her last duty, feeling bone tired, was to lay out Actaeon’s suit on the clothes valet, and to polish his shoes. When she finished it was 3am, and she had to wake him at six. She considered sleeping on the floor, anything to stay away from him, but she was sore, tired, and humiliated. She lifted the down comforter and slipped between the silk sheets. She felt the welcome warmpth of his body as as the soft bed took her weight, the hunter responded even in his sleep, spooning his firm body against her back, his hand slipping naturally between her thighs to cup her mound in his firm calloused hand. Diana initially went ridged a board, but she could not keep it up, soon she felt sleep take her, her body relaxing back into the intimate cuddle, her last thought of Actaeon’s cheek gently against her bare shoulder.

Diana’s amazon sense of time jolted her awake, she was still groggy, she had not had enough sleep, but she looked at the large grandfather clock. 5:55 AM. She felt wet between her thighs, realizing Actaeon’s hand still remained possessively on her cunt, and with a familiarity of ownership, his fingers had slipped between the soft folds unbidden to explore her in her sleep. Pushing herself upright, she lifted the blankets. Actaeon was still sound asleep on his side, under the covers he was as naked as she was, and she shuddered thinking what that would mean in the next 4 min. With him lying there, unaware, Diana wiped the sleep from her eyes, beginning to move so she could comply with his order but she took a moment to consider the well-endowed hunter. Uncircumcised laying there with no malice, no agenda, the British man was a magnificent specimen of humanity. A flat firm abdomen with little body fat, strong swimmer thighs, and even soft he hung at least 7 inches, his curly pubic hair surrounded it, and his soft scrotum, slight moist shimmered looking large walnut size. The revere was broken when Diana felt her own glossy raven hair fall across her cheeks as she leaned down to Actaeon’s groin and used her tongue to fish up the fleshy member, pressing soft red lips to the side she suckled to gently slip the tip into her mouth and take him to his root. At that moment, Diana knew she was in fact, his slave, but facts change. She got a brief flash of satisfaction as she heard him moan, felt him moved as he awoke, his length engorging in her mouth and his hand going to the back of her head. Somewhere above her, as the grandfather clock began to strike six she heard.

“Good girl”

Actaeon awoke feeling something warm and slippery on his cock, looking down all he saw was the heroine’s bare hips in the air, her toes pointed as she knelt on the bed, a bulge under the blankets as her tongue slipped between his foreskin and his glans. He allowed himself a moment to stretch, his hands behind his head and just enjoy the defeated heron’s devotions as his length extended down her throat. Placing his hands on the back of her head, he pressed down firmly, enjoying her gag reflex a moment, as he suspected it took just a moment for her to control it and open her throat so he was thrust down her throat, her tongue extending to lap the bottom of his Scrotum.

“You cagey little minx” he said with a smile “you trying to get me to climax in your gullet so I don’t bloody well knock you up”

Diana quickly registered Actaeon’s unique scent as he pushed her nose into the silken curly pubic hairs, before he pulled his mouth off him and grasped her by her hips. “That comes AFTERWORDS princess.” He chuckled.

Her Gambit unsuccessful Diana was left with no choice except to allow him to Guide her hips, he used her knee’s to nudge the downy comforter off his lower body and had her knees straddle his body, kneeling high.

He gazed up at her as she hovered above his groin, hands on her smooth a white hips. Her hair was disheveled and mussed from her sleep, her bright blue eyes puffy with sleep. Her firm breasts swayed like jello as she moved, unhidden from his gaze, her narrow waste, and between her legs, her soft pouting pussy lips, a single warm slippery drop of golden fluids landed on his scrotum as her body anticipated its penetration. Actaeon loved the way the soft outer labia clung to each other like a curtain veil, meant to block light but not an arm reaching between them. His full erection lay against his stomach, not pointed at her cunt, and she got a momentary confused look as she gazed down at him expecting him to take her. Instead, Actaeon leaned back against the headboard, arms behind his head, raising one eyebrow. Diana watched him touch a button and a camera dropped from the ceiling.

“What is that for?” She asked confused

Actaeon smiled One day our child will want to know how babies are made, you have heard of videotaping the birth in the delivery room? I want to be able to show him the moment of his conception and how his mother responded.

Diana silently cursed him, he was going to make her, impregnate herself and document it. There was a brief flash of defiance, but now was not the time, her long slender fingers reached own to take his firm member, she could feel his pulse rate in her palm, she gave a gentle tug, hoping she might cause him to shoot off early, but he simply smiled that handsome smile at her. She gently pulled his erection upwards and pressed his tip against the cleft of her bare lips, working it right and left to spread the outer labia and allow the slippery inner labia to kiss his glans. Diana’s head went to the elaborately hand carved mahogany door, where were the other heroes…where was the one who always arrived before this happened to interrupt…

Actaeon allowed her the look, and felt her pulse quicken as the door clicked and opened. Naked carrying a tray, Hawkwoman entered and set the tray with juice down, if she saw the couple in bed she gave no indication as she left she glanced up and gave a knowing smile, closing the door. Diana heard her friend lock the door.

Now at the moment of truth, Diana swallowed and lowered herself, causing Actaeon’s cock to slide and disappear within her body as she ground her hips down rubbing their two pubic mounds together as Actaeon’s length now pressed directly against her cervix.. Diana blushed as her pussy ran juices down his shaft, and his scrotum onto the bed like a squeezed orange and Diana felt the spike of pleasure as his flesh dragged itself along her pierced clit.

Still with his hands behind his head, Actaeon arched up to meet her, feeling his length sheath within her. Her pussy stretched as it opened into an oval to admit the males length within her, the rings thru her outer labia causing another sensation that Diana had never experienced before, the surprise caused her vaginal muscles to contract pleasantly snugging around her rapists cock. Diana took a moment to swallow hard, and compose herself, she realized she got one pleasure, there was one thing she could control. She kept her muscles tight as she raised herself slowly up onto her knees, pulling the man out to his dip and pausing before dropping back down hard and fast to sheath him again, his length battering her cervix again.

Actaeon watched in amazement as his amazon mare performed, she started with a simple rhythm, letting her body weight dropping as she relaxed her muscles, only to clamp them back around his length like a slippery velvet glove as she slowly raised herself. Actaeon moaned as he anticipated her drop to thrust up, but as soon as the amazon warrior realized she changed, thrusting down before moving her hips right, left, and gyrating in a circle as she teased his length without pulling it from her body, her breasts swayed as her disheveled hair looked wild.

Actaeon’s eyes crossed as he felt this new pattern, welcoming the sensation, his pre leaked heavily as she served him, causing their union to develop a soft white foam, the scent of sex heavy in the bedroom. Actaeon’s breaths came in ragged gasps, and he reached out to grasp the blankets groaning, watching a smirk appear on the woman’s face. She leaned down and kissed him savagely, thrusting her tongue into his moth savagely as the tip slipped back to caress his tonsils as she took control of his mouth.

Actaeon struggled in pleasure beneath her, she had changed up her pattern again and he could not anticipate her, feeling her silken breasts press against his chest as her hands held his face firmly, her lips sucking at his lower lips before she released it, and with a malicious grin shook her long black hair right and left.

“Oh Christ Diana, that’s….I can’t hold…” Actaeon caught the look of triumph on Wonder Woman’s face that is what she wanted, the sex on HER terms; she would deny him his victory by bringing him to climax and denying him the satisfaction and triumph of her climax against her will.
Actaeon reached up weakly pressing at her chest “Diana…Hummnf! Wait…AH!”

As he pushed Diana ground down hard against his pelvis, he again bottomed out against her cervix, he was all the way in, she knew he would like this…she had him on the ropes and she had no intention of letting him off. Like a predatory she wolf, she leaned in, running her tongue up his chest along his neck and to his mouth, before planting another crushing kiss. Within her body she could feel his pulse quickening his length throbbing, just a little more and she would have her small victory. As he tried to slow her she covered his mouth with hers, and her tongue dominated his pressing against his cheek as she swallowed his saliva.

Actaeon couldn’t speak and had no leverage to push her off him, every time he tried to concentrate, to hold out, she changed tactics, running her sharp nails across his back like a she cat, he whimpered, She had him close but he was sure he was close too, he needed to win this…. He struggled desperately against the pleasure.

Diana leaned down looking at him with a “come hither” look and leaned in licking his ear lobe gently with the tip of her tongue and whispered “Cum” grinding down against his tip, fully sheathing him with a look of triumph.

Actaeon felt his control crumble, with his length ground against the amazon cervix; he began to climax, pulsing heavily as he painted her cervix with his milky white seed. He had one last desperate gamble before his mind shut down. One secret weapon he had used before, if she had anticipated it he would lose, as his first stream of semen pulsed within her unprotected body his left hand lid up gently tracing her inner thigh until his thumb slipped under her clit ring making a delicate circle around the tiny nub, expertly avoiding the sensitive ring.

Actaeon watched as the look of triumph turned into a fascinating mix of despair and pleasure as the Amazon let out a long low husky “Humm N..noooo” and he felt her inner muscles convulse against him, her cervix contracting as if to pull his fertile seed further in. The Amazon, crouched like a lioness trembled as the orgasm pulsed thru her body, the 2 lovers experiencing a mutual climax. Actaeon was able to life his arms sliding them around her hips and dragging her forward, holding himself within her as his thick semen pulsed again and again.

For action Time stood still, he had been with many women, and it had been decades since he had experienced a climax this powerful. When next he was aware, he was still lying in bed, he had no idea how long he was out, below him, weeping softly, Diana crouched, he felt the warm slippery sensation of her mouth and tongue against him as she suckled and lapped their combined juices from his cock. It took him several moments to catch his breath; he felt weak…his first action to reach down and life Diana’s chin.

The woman’s hair was still wild, unkempt, she looked exhausted and tears ran down her face, she slowly lifted her blue eyes to his “I… I couldn’t…I wasn’t supposed to….”

Acton brushed her longhair to the side leaning in to kiss her forehead I know” she smiled. And felt her go limp. She had passed out.

Slowly Diana became aware. She felt weak…but rejuvenated, as if all the tension and stress had left her body. She opened her eyes expecting to be in some dungeon, but instead, she was still in Actaeon’s bed. The clock was just chiming 9 AM. She had been out for at least 3 hours.

She looked down, the red comforter was over her, she was propped up on pillows, she was still naked, still sweaty… She heard a noise and Actaeon was wearing the clothes she had put out, he was finishing buttoning his cuff links, each one a pure gold “W” and he smiled “Good morning.
Diana held her head trying to clear the cobwebs “Wha…”

Actaeon approached the bed, and set down a silver platter across her, with fresh fruits, breads, and honey.

“Breakfast in bed?” she asked incredulously as she sat up, the blankets falling to reveal her bare breasts. “I thought, you would have me strung up?

Actaeon reached out to caress her cheek “Good heavens, what a thought… why would you think that?”

Diana tried the food, she found herself incredibly hungry “I…I was trying to piss you off.

Actaeon laughed and caressed her bare shoulder “Well if that is true I hope you try ore often….My dear Diana, I do not want you to always fear me, nor do I want a mechanical doll that lays there like a bleedin trout. If you do THAT, THEN you must fear me, after all...if I get bored, I go looking for my own pleasure.

Wonder Woman frowned “you keep SLAVES, you treat me like property”

Actaeon nodded in acknowledgement “And the sooner you accept that the sooner you can see the BENEFITS of such an arrangement.” He chuckled “I can’t WAIT till our son is old enough to see THAT video….

Diana glared at him and finished her meal.

“Right now get out of bed, get a shower, and get ready, you’re late for work.” Actaeon smiled.

Diana looked up “WHAT?”

The hunter pointed to the clock “its quarter after 9, yer supposed to me at the NSA at 9. Don’t worry I have a good relationship with Mr. Fox, as does senator Rubio.

Wonder Woman left from bed, feeling Actaeon’s bare hand slap her right butt cheek as she moved to the display case with her Wonder Woman Uniform “I am supposed to be on PROBATION, He can’t know *I* am here it will look like I am deliberately in contempt.” She looked at the display case “well open this up.”

Actaeon now grew serious “Mr Fox knows all about our LITTLE arrangement, and no Diana, you have a business outfit in the dressing room, the uniform is mine. Now before you leave…come here and bend over.”

Diana grew hostile “YOU said I could continue to be Wonder Woman! Provided I do not do strike three!”

Actaeon nodded “that’s right, but you are now also MY slave, you will have to ASK to have that, and once your mission is done, you are to return it to me, and be thankful I trust you THAT far.

Diana clenched her fists; Mr. Fox was part of this? It made sense, she had been aware of every move that Diana had made, He had had her demoted, he HAD to know about her compromised security access…yet he had not confronted her. “What if there is an emergency, and I don’t have time to get back her and ASK you?”

Actaeon shrugged “I guess you will have to hope your OTHER friends are around.”

Diana growled “That’s not what we agreed…”

Actaeon gave her a disapproving look “Listen YOU betrayed your word not me, you betrayed me once, and hurt my organization, and tried to have ME arrested, maybe in the future, IF you prove yourself later, I may give you the privilege back, if that’s not acceptable we can always go to just making you my full time slave.”

Wonder Woman gave a longing look to her uniform and her shoulders dropped “No…”

Actaeon waited “No what?”

“No Sir..”

“wanna try again?


Actaeon nodded “Good, I will give you time to adapt, but not much, you will address me as Master, or your lord, I expect you to go to work, and after return here, remove your clothes and care for my property until I get home, after all we have a child to conceive.

Diana ground her teeth but finally said Yes…master.”

Now get OVER here and bend over.”

Diana moved grudgingly expecting a spanking, what she got was much more shocking. From behind she felt Actaeon’s firm gentle fingers fingering her outer labia, bent over as she was she could not see but it felt like he was…weaving?”

Actaeon seemed to be having some problems until her sex began to drip from the arousal of having her privates touched, and after such pleasure…she blushed but when he was down she stood and looked in the mirror…He had threaded a LOCK around her outer labia, and thru her piercings.

“Why did you do THAT!? She said blushing as her pussy was essentially locked closed.

Actaeon smiled “I do not trust you Diana, I would not put it past you, to make love with someone, ANYONE else, to make sure there is a question or you do not have MY son.” He placed the key in his vest pocket Special key, this way I know.”

Diana pounded her fist on the wall after he left, she had nothing left to do but to get dressed.
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Re: Hunter of the Amazon #1

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What an excellent series!!
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Re: Hunter of the Amazon #1

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Thanks! I wish I could get more comments and feed back
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Re: Hunter of the Amazon #1

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Really good. One of the best out there! looking forward to more!
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Re: Hunter of the Amazon #1

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Really love this series . As ive said many times before. Hope she goes for a prego kit and has the shock of her life. A nice tamed amazon then
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Re: Hunter of the Amazon #1

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BlueEyedDoe wrote:Really love this series . As ive said many times before. Hope she goes for a prego kit and has the shock of her life. A nice tamed amazon then
Thanks. I am working on the next chapter now. My boggiest issue is things are going TOO easy for Actaeon, I have to figure out something to make things more difficult for him

i'd be curious what you think of Hawkwoman
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Re: Hunter of the Amazon #1

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lordgriffin wrote:
BlueEyedDoe wrote:Really love this series . As ive said many times before. Hope she goes for a prego kit and has the shock of her life. A nice tamed amazon then
Thanks. I am working on the next chapter now. My boggiest issue is things are going TOO easy for Actaeon, I have to figure out something to make things more difficult for him

i'd be curious what you think of Hawkwoman
I enjoyed the HawkWoman scenes immensely. While i wish there was more on what happened in between her take down and the meet up at the party, it is focused on Wonder woman so I guess I'll just suffer and hope to see a Supergirl take down.
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Re: Hunter of the Amazon #1

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lordgriffin wrote:
BlueEyedDoe wrote:Really love this series . As ive said many times before. Hope she goes for a prego kit and has the shock of her life. A nice tamed amazon then
Thanks. I am working on the next chapter now. My boggiest issue is things are going TOO easy for Actaeon, I have to figure out something to make things more difficult for him

i'd be curious what you think of Hawkwoman
I never was a halkwoman fan. If it was me id leave her to be plucked by her Master . Make her life miserable. Mabey if you want it hard for Lord. G have Wonder Woman try to Run away. He has to hunt her down
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Re: Hunter of the Amazon #1

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There IS a Scene similar to that planned :)
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Re: Hunter of the Amazon #1

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Hunter of the Amazon


Hunter of the Amazon
Chapter 24

Daniel Thompson blinked as his coworker, and former boss threw herself emotionally into his arms, with a declaration that she was now a secretary and that Director Fox was somehow responsible for some big conspiracy with multi-millionaire mogul Actaeon Davies. Daniel had to admit the warm feel of a female body pressed against him was welcome and long missing from his life. He allowed Diana a moment before his hands gently moves to her shoulders and he reluctantly pushed her away.

“Diana, slow down, have a seat and some coffee, what is this all about?”

The raven haired agent sat down and accepted the strong black coffee “Daniel, I…I can’t tell you everything. I just came from Actaeon Davie’s mansion, where he is holding me and Haw…” Diana had to pause how would she explain Hawkgirl being there without having to reveal her own secret Identity. Right now, they had her image on the wed, true, but that could be doctored images, or an actor, she had to think fast “…all these girls, prisoner.”

Daniel sat behind his desk “Diana hold on your not making any sense, if you were prisoner, what are you doing here? Are you ok?”

Diana took a sip of coffee, she had to calm down or she would blow her whole cover, and action could declare strike three and…. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath “Daniel, I, know you have no reason to believe me, but suffice it to say I am being, coerced…I was just made to attend a meeting with Actaeon Davies, Cardinal Emmitt, and several high ranking foreign officials. They have president Perino under a kind of…mind control, and they want to use m… Wonder Woman to implicate the Pope in some kind of sex scandal. They have some plan against our Government, and Director Fox is in on it, Davies just dropped me off in the Directors office, he demoted me and they began discussing another plan to use Madison Square Gardens for some kind of weapons bid and perverted human trafficking again.”

Daniel shook his head “Again? That would be stupid we already knew about that Diana have you any proof?”

Diana looked frustrated “Daniel PLEASE, I know I have no proof, but they are trying to keep me out of the way, as a Secretary I will not have access to any information,. I swear Daniel I saw this and I heard….”

Daniel put his hand up “Diana, please, relax, I believe you…”

It felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off her shoulders “You do?”

Daniel nodded “Diana 2 months ago I was your assistant, now I am an agent. I owe you my career and you taught me most of what I know. Of course I do.”

“What are you going to do?” she asked placing the coffee down

“Well” Daniel began “first off I cannot do this without you, if you’re on the inside I need you so we have to find a way to keep you in the field and away from Davies and Director Fox….”

At that moment, there was a loud knock at the door and Diana started when Director Fox stuck his head in the door “Daniel I want to see you in a moment” he glared at Diana “and you, clean out your desk now.”

Daniel departed, and Diana went to the door to listen, she could hear their voices but not who was speaking, though she could guess.”

“…Want you to take over Miss Prince’s position as lead field agent.”

“What about Diana?”

“She will be assigned to the Secretary pool, She violated a restraining order to be on Mr Davies property…”

“How would you know that sir?”

Long pause

“Because I am the director if NSA, if you don’t want the job I will find someone else.”

“I didn’t say that but she is a GOOD agent.”

“Not anymore she is not…”

“Sir, how is it going to look if I report to Internal Affairs that such a good agent is now a secretary, and you’re taking over HR’s job.”

The voice grew angrier “You do that and I will see you are broken right out of the office…”

“I am not threatening you Sir, I think we can strike a compromise, make her my secretary….”

The voice that answered was distinctly unhappy “Why do you CARE so much about her? Is there something going on I should be aware of?’ the tone was threatening as if saying that Daniel had just given The Director a weapon.

“I don’t sir just give her some dignity, and that will also give you something you could make stick on me. You know Mutual Assured Destruction…I go to IA you say there is an affair…Give me Diana and this all goes away.”

“… You watch your back Daniel, if I so much as get a SNIFF that she OR you are making trouble…”

The conversation abruptly stopped and Diana had to hurry into the inner executive office, the office that had been hers and began cleaning her desk. The door opened and a very flustered Daniel entered. “Did you hear?”

Diana stood up “Daniel you should not have done that for me...”

Daniel shook his head “Were in this together Diana, partners…just PLEASE do not give them an excuse or next time we will BOTH be out of a job and be unable to help….Come on and help me move my desk into the office here, for now you can have mine in the outer office. The look of surprise on Daniels face was worth it when she put her arms around him and kissed him warmly and deeply. “Thank you Daniel…you won’t regret this”

The 2 had their offices mostly switched when Diana heard the explosion. She and Daniel quickly moved to the window where they could see a curl of smoke rising for an half overturned bus, 3 gunmen armed with handguns fired several shots into the air She heard Daniel swear “Damnit!” and grabbing his coat and revolver, he was out of the office.

“Daniel NO wait!” she gasp. As soon as he had left, she looked left and right, made sure the door was locked and then began to pirouette in places, spinning around. When she stopped, nothing had changed. “HADES!” she swore, her costume her belt her powers were all still in Davies mansion in his trophy room. She rushed from the office, headed for the director’s office.
Not surprisingly, she paced Mr. Fox on the way… good Davies would be alone. When she found him, Actaeon was sitting looking at a life feed on his IPhone.

“Release my uniform someone is going to get hurt!”

Davies looked up with a shrug “Sure, I think if you take the yellow line, you can get to my mansion in about 30 min, I can have Brad open the case for you…”

She blinked, there was no way she could GET to her power belt, there was another gunshot. “Great Herea! She muttered as she took off at a run for the stairs, the air cool on her bare privates beneath her skirt. She found it difficult to maneuver the stairs in the high heels. When she got to street level the scene before her clutched her heart with panic, Daniel was standing, three armed men in masks held large caliber hand guns toward his head as he kneel before an injured woman laying moaning in the street. Behind a group of people with signs “OUTLAW GUNS NOW” were cowering and pointing.

Daniel had his hands up “look, you got what you want, coverage, your message will get out, let me get this woman some help….”

A masked gunman brandished the pistol “Screw you man WE are the NRA, we see what is happening in this country we will NOT have our rights taken away!”

Daniel took a step closer. Diana had never felt so completely helpless…WHY Why did he have to do this? She heard Daniel say “Please…You have the hostages on the Bus, don’t just let this woman die…”

What happened next happened in slow motion, The gunman behind Daniel said “Fuck this” and cocked and leveled his pistol. Diana was on her feet moving, super strength or not she managed to grips the wrist of the suspect and bring it to her waist twisting her hip she heard the elbow joint crack and break, there was a scream of pain, the gun dropped, someone grabbed her and then a gunshot, and everything was quiet.

When Diana opened her eyes and looked up. Daniel held her, the first gunman had fired and he had placed himself in the path of the bullet. Diana’s first words of horror were “NOOOOOO!” as she saw the blood red crimson flutter over David’s shoulder. Flutter over his shoulder?”

Behind Daniel stood The Maid of Might, Supergirl, her feet shoulder width apart, her blond hair caught in the breeze with her crimson cape, her hands on her hip. Slowly the blond super teen looked down and picked a .44 cal slug from her cleavage, right on a line with Daniels heart. She considered the deformed piece of led, then popped it in her mouth like chewing gum. “you fellows have caused quite ENOUGH trouble, you going to come quietly?”

Diana saw the 3rd gunman stretch out his hands “Kara! To your right!”

Supergirl looked confused for an instant, but quickly gave a little spit, and the slug he had been chewing, now reformed, sped toward the 3rd gunman and “shot” the gun from his hand. With a cocky smile Super Girl winked at Diana and said thru the side of her mouth, “anyone else want to try?” After that, the Police were able to take the Gunmen into custody, much to the cheers of the Gun control advocates.

Daniel was visibly shaken, as the Flash Appeared in a moment, picking up the wounded woman and then disappeared, presumably taking her to the hospital at super speed. “You should not have done that.” she chided Daniel.

Daniel accepted the paramedic’s help to be taken to the side “W…why not, j...just got a promotion, besides this will make it harder for…anyone to… make accusations?”

Diana caught the disapproving look of Jake Fox, as Supergirl stepped up to her “Thank you for your help Miss” The maid of might smiled, before adding under her breath “Diana Prince right? Wonder Woman?”

Diana looked visibly surprised, few knew her true identity even in the Justice League. “Kara?” she replied.

Kara looked left and right speaking so only Diana could hear “Clark told me, I did not know you needed back up. Look something strange is going on; the league is being kept so busy by all these gun incidents, that they are not seeing what I am seeing, being a reserve member.”

Dian looked up “What about Clark and Bruce?”

Kara nodded “Missing, though I think I know where my cousin is. Can you hold out till I get back with Superman?”

Feeling elated for the first time in weeks Diana nodded “you bet ya…Be careful kara.’

Supergirl nodded “I have to go now or people will ask questions.” So saying she raised her right arm, left leg, and flew off into the sky, as Diana heard her say “My job is done here”
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Re: Hunter of the Amazon #1

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Wow! You're still writing this? :lol: Seriously though, nice job!
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Re: Hunter of the Amazon #1

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DrDominator9 wrote:Wow! You're still writing this? :lol: Seriously though, nice job!
Yea Once a year need it or not, I am even going back and fixing the spacing on my previous chapters!
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Re: Hunter of the Amazon #1

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Hunter of the Amazon
Chapter 25

Diana spent the rest of the day helping Daniel move his desk into her office while moving her own belongings from what was her solid cherry wood desk into the run down metal desk in the outer office where she would be Daniel’s secretary. As good as his word, he kept Diana in on all the latest intelligence updates, but as Diana looked out the window, she thought she saw Huntress slink by in the alley below and felt a pang of desperation that she could not join in the crime fighting. Actaeon Davies had her magic girdle, her bracelets, and magic lasso in a trophy case. The same place he was likely to put her, Actaeon put great stock in trophies, and a part of her wondered if she would not be better off that way, some rich male’s trophy.

Diana managed to keep her modesty hidden all day, sitting at a desk no one could see up her skirt that she had no panties and that her sex had been locked closed, she did not even have control over her own body, if she had wanted a romantic interlude she would have to ask Actaeon for permission. She was courageous, and she was not out of fight, but it was wearing her down. She could feel the drafts of air on her bare sex, which felt at the same time refreshingly free and humiliating, as she could not abide by the social standards.

When the end of the workday arrived, Diana found she would have to walk back to Actaeon’s mansion, as he had not given her any money for bus, cab, or train fare, and she did not want to ask Daniel let alone have him drive her back to Actaeon’s.

After a long walk, she found herself standing outside the granite steps. Diana closed her eyes bracing herself, when she entered she was to be Actaeon’s sex toy again, and this time the gloves were off, Actaeon was having at her with complete abandon and no contraceptives, he would not stop until she was gravid with his child. She kept hearing Daniel’s words.

“Diana do NOT go back to Actaeon, I cannot protect you if you do.”

She had no choice, too many lives were at stake, she mounted the steps and entered. Within the Foyer, Sheena’s lion stood there, the magnificent lioness that had suckled and raised Sheena, now stuffed and posed. She remembered seeing Sheena bound to the stuffed lioness so one of the hunters could screw the jungle queen’s brains out with her own silver magic necklace secured around the stuffed lioness’s neck. By Zeus they had screwed her brains out, by the time they were done, Sheena was out cold drooling from both ends and they had joined each other in a toast over her.

It was quiet in the mansion; Diana looked along at the ornately carved wooden staircase, the marble floors, the expensive silk and wool rugs and tapestries, most depicting Athena turning the hunter Actaeon into her stag. Diana sighed; she knew what she should do. Much as she didn’t want to she began to disrobe, unbuttoning her Jacket and then her top, she folded them placing them on a chair as her firm breasts swung free the cool air striking the slightly sweaty breasts as they pouted with gravity pulling them down. She hated how her nipples stiffened against her will causing her fairly new gold nipple rings to pull painfully. Wonder Woman took a moment to caress herself, lifting the firm mamaries in her hands, she used her thumb to flick the nipple rings. They were healing after their piercing, but they were still sore and sensitive especially after having been confined pressed against the fabric of her blouse and now her bare breasts were in plain sight for anyone in the mansion to see or grope.

Next, she kicked off her shoes, and the skirt followed. Diana began to worry, this was getting entirely too casual, she could feel herself beginning to accept this as normal, she could not help it, being naked constantly and having every person in the world not only able to look at her private charms but touch her intimately. Her garter belt and nylons were last, she was now naked as the day she had been born. She used her fingers to gingerly explore her own tender neither lips, the lock preventing her from spreading her own lips down there but the sensation made her wet and she had to use the crook of her finger to wipe the bare lips and then wipe her finger on the carpet so it did not drip down her leg. It was a rare moment for Diana, envy of a male, whose arousal stood proudly while a woman’s arousal resulted in her making a wet mess of her crotch.

With a sigh, she looked up the stairs and reached for the smooth wooden railing to ascend to the second floor. Her bare feet felt the wool runner as she climbed. She found herself thankful that there was no one to watch her from behind as her smooth bare ass clenched alternately with the movement of her legs. At the top of the stairs she paused, to the left she could hear someone tapping on a keyboard and figured she might as well see whom it was first. When she walked into the room, she saw Brad sitting behind a computer with a controller playing “Xcom” he was clad in a simple pair of cutoff jeans, and sat playing the game. When she entered, he glanced up

“Oh hey Wonder titties” he smiled reaching out to cup her left breast briefly, feeling it’s weight in his palm as his thumb brushed her nipple flipping the nipple ring up. Diana felt how warm his hand was, the calluses on his hand, she wanted to slap the young man but stood with her jaw set.

Looking around, the large birdcage that he normally locked Shayera in was empty, and the cage door was open. Shayera's uniform and mace sat in its display case over Brad’s bed as his trophy and they appeared alone. “What Happened to Shayera? You letting her stretch her wings?”

Bard smiled lot looking up and crooked his finger “not exactly” he leaned back as he shot an alien motioning for Wonder Woman to step behind the desk.

Diana moved and came up short with a gasp. Beneath Brad’s desk, knelt the scarlet haired Thanagarian, her wrists were bound by her wrists and elbow behind her back, and two leather belts had been affixed to her upper wings securing them to themselves. The naked Hawk Woman’s ankles were crossed and tied with a snow white braided nylon cord and a line went from her wrists to the underside of the desk so as she knelt her upper body was forced to the floor so her face was low to the ground her wrists pulled up to the underside of the desk. Bound as she was, Shayera got a beautiful close up view of Brad’s bare feet. At that, exact moment the athletic redhead had her nose pressed against the bottom of brad’s left foot with her nose right in the crook of his toes just before the ball of his foot. What was worse, Shayera was not just licking and suckling on the young man’s feet, she was going at it like an over excited dog, her tongue sliding in and out rapidly between brad’s toes and across sole of his foot as she panted and pressed her face harder against the underside of his unwashed foot. The once proud woman’s red tongue emerged again and again between his toes only to slip back into her mouth to swallow. She panted loudly thru her nose as she lapped with excitement, her red lips nuzzling as if worshiping at the temple of her god. Brad did not seem to even take notice the service the beautiful woman performed. The man took her totally for granted and Shayera seemed completely ok with that.

Diana’s emotions immediately went to war, on one level repulsed, on another aroused, on still another curious. “Brad you’re REALLY sick you know that?”

Brad chuckled without looking up “Damned right, as for Chicken woman down there, you may as well just accept that she will never be a hero again, she’s MY bird, I finished her off while you were at work.” He twisted as he destroyed another enemy on screen, pushing his foot more firmly in Shayera’s face.

Diana watched amazed as the Hawk Woman continued under the desk kissing and nuzzling with an incredible enthusiasm. “H…How do you get her to do that, Shayera was one of the proudest women I ever knew.”

Brad grinned, “It’s amazing what a bat computer can do with my cybernetics, and if you don’t behave it can work on you as well.”

Diana could not take her eyes away “Tell me you at least washed your feet first.”

Brad threw a pencil at Wonder Woman “get lost wonder cow, what would I need this woman for if I had already washed my feet, besides I adjusted her perceptions, she thinks it tastes like chocolate.”

Diana could only watch the naked winged woman as she acted the obedient dog to the young man. Brad’s right foot already coated with saliva, Wonder Woman could not think of anything to do for now but to comply, leaving Shayera to serve at his feet, what bothered her was, a part of her was still aroused and began to reason that…it could be worse.

Walking back out to explore the mansion, she left the panting helpless woman to her fate and began exploring rooms. She retrieved her work clothes and started for the laundry. She saw the kitchen, and imagined she would soon be cooking meals. She nervously considered her own flat belly, wondering what it would be like to be pregnant, maybe chained to this stove. If she behaved she could get out of this, but that went against her every principle, she was a warrior, even if Brad had finally clipped Shayera’s wings for good.

Walking thru the bedroom that Actaeon had bedded her in last night, she entered an adjoining room, what she saw at first made her stomach turn. This had to be Actaeon’s trophy room. Her own uniform, boots Tiara everything, stood in the center as the centerpiece. Next to it were 15 or 20 other cases. Diana went to the case to the right of hers, within it there was a jet-black leotard, with a feline mask, the plaque at the feet of the costume read “Black Panthress, My first, bagged September 1st 1979. What bothered her was right next to it was what appeared to be a human skeleton, except the skull had a feline muzzle and features. The tag read “Black Panthress.” The Case to the left had crimson cape and a cat suit, the tag at the feet read “Miss Fury, bagged December 7th 1980” Diana remembered her, a heroine from WWII that had gone missing and was thought retired.

Diana walked in further, and the 12-foot ceiling showed an entire 20-foot wall that was covered in wooden plaques, on each plaque was tacked and preserved, a pair of women’s silk panties…. Once again, her own blue silk panties were the centerpiece. She walked closer; each pair including her own had a dried pink moisture stain on the crotch, with the date. There engraved for anyone to see was her virgin blood and the date he had raped her.

A cultured basso voice with an English accent sounded behind her “Enjoying my trophy room?”

The naked Diana turned around to see Actaeon Davies standing in a 3-piece suit and holding her golden lasso, beside him, a mature woman clad in a fox stole and light brown silk evening dress, her throat covered in diamonds. “These are…all your trophies? Your conquests?”

The woman advanced on Wonder Woman looking her up and down like a predatory cat “Yes” Actaeon nodded “heroines, beauty Queens, movie stars, it’s want I do, I am a Trophy hunter.”

“And the skeleton…GAH!” Diana started to turn and froze feeling the warm small hands of the olive skinned young woman on her ass, the woman deliberately digging her nails into the smooth skin as she shook her own mane of long black hair that wend down her back.

Actaeon smiles “Yes that is Panther Woman, and yes I killed her, she was my first, it was a hit put on by her nemesis, my first big pay.” He signed, “I killed her, I was a hunter and she was a panther, I hunted her just that way. After I shot her, as you see she had a glossy black satin pelt. She was unconscious, and I removed her costume. I made sure the wound was open and flowing, as I mounted her, she had been a virgin you know, but I was making sure she did not LEAVE the world that way.” He smiled reminiscing “It was an odd experience, the first time your natural instinct is to stop the bleeding, even shot during the sex her heart rate increased, speeding her demise. I remember how arousing it was to make love to a woman who did not incessantly talk, who did not expect a climax or dinner. I climaxed like a fire hose as she took her last breath ” He chuckled “Yes, I had her virginity before she passed away, what is really funny is, she was so feline like, I took her body right out with a kill tag for a real panther, her disappearance was not even investigated. However, while I am a murderer, I found I still have nightmares from time to time. That’s when I got into slavery, I never killed again.”

“So you’re a Murderer as well as a rapist.” Diana said, her anger smoldering as she looked back to the brave woman’s skeleton on display “You won’t get away with it you know, Do you murder…EEP!” She stopped suddenly as the young woman in front of her openly brought both hands up and mauled her breasts, Diana winced as she twisted and moved the sensitive nipple rings hooking her finger in them and pulling so her heavy breasts formed two stretched cones pulled up by the other woman.

“So you’re Wonder Woman huh? What a disappointment, MINE are better than these! Are they even REAL?” she said digging her long red nails into Diana’s pale white skin cruelly.

Diana gave a shove sending the woman back several steps, she went to move when she heard Actaeon yell “Damn it you stupid cuntface, you KNOW the rules!” then he continued with a deadly calm “And I am JUST about out of patience”

Diana hated it, but she stopped and stood still. The woman came up and gave her a SHARP *SLAP* across her face “I am your BETTER bitch, if I want to MAUL these,” she said again gripping Diana’s breasts firmly “Then you stand there and let me.”

Wonder Woman was forced to lower her hands, clasping one wrist firmly behind her back just above her bare ass.

Once Wonder Woman had returned to passivity, Actaeon went on as if nothing had happened “Get away with it? Oh give me a break, Look around you; I have gotten away with it for years. Don’t worry, Panther woman was from my youth, I found out rather quickly there are BETTER things to do with a woman. See that set of panties? Whitteny Huston, everyone thought she drown in a tub. Amazing what you can do with the right connections. The right pay offs to the right coroners, or perhaps a few nights with a fantasy girl. Mrs. Huston is right this moment renamed “Bambi” and is a house servant nigger for a KKK Grand dragon on some island off china. The guy made a whole 1800’s plantation just to show her her place.” He smiled “Anastasia, come over here please”
Giving a mock pout, the young women, who looked to be about ½ Actaeon’s age, moved over to stand beside Actaeon.

Actaeon pulled out the molecular key to the case “Anastasia, how would you like to be Wonder Woman for a bit?”

Squealing with excitement, the young women snatched the key and went over to open the trophy case.

Diana took a step “Please… that’s sacred, only the chosen one may wear it!”

Actaeon shook his head, crooking his finger to Wonder Woman as he took a seat on a black horsehair davenport “The chosen one IS wearing it the one I have chosen, now come here.” He retrieved the small key to the lock on her genitals,

Diana reluctantly moved to stand in front of the British trophy hunter as he gazed up at her smooth naked body, the exposed lips of her sex at his eye level. “Hands behind your back” he said and she felt his warm fingers gently reach out to press between her thighs and gently pull the lock away from her skin. Diana felt him moving between her legs his fingers contacting the silken soft flesh. There was a pop and she felt the lock open and Actaeon pulled the hasp out freeing her sex, but his fingers remained, caressing the inner labia with the familiarity of ownership

Actaeon chuckled “You’re really wet Diana, you’re dripping down your own thighs.”

Diana blushed as she looked over, the sharply young woman had already shucked herself of every stitch of clothing and had Wonder Woman’s Red White and Blue body suit and was sliding it up and on, the clothing fitting her perfectly. “Who is she?”

Actaeon smiled “That is Anastasia Kostenko, The Future Miss Universe and one of my future wives.”

Diana swallowed bitterly and looked at the young woman as she set Wonder Woman’s tiara on her head and reached for the Bracelets “How can you…love him? Don’t you see this room? Look at what he is doing to me, when he’s tired of you aren’t you worried that he will sell YOU? Or put YOU in a trophy case?”

Anastasia pointed her toe and pushed it into the tall red boot that hugged the shapely calf of her leg, her cleavage pressed together nicely by the golden eagle on the front of the uniform “Oh come off it Wonder Woman, I love him and he loves me, I am not concerned with who he BEDS.” She smiles sparing a glance at Actaeon as she stood and reached for Wonder Woman’s golden girdle. “So long as he beds me too, my love is not centered around his exclusive use of me, around a physical act.”

Diana turned to see Actaeon admiring her smooth bare hips his hands caressing down her outer thighs, his right hand moist from between her legs her golden lasso on the davenport beside him. “The power of Wonder Woman is nothing to just…play with.”

Anastasia secured the golden girdle around her and looked up in surprise as she struck her “Wonder Woman” pose “O Bozhe moi! This really works! Actaeon look.” The beautiful Russian woman walked over to a large marble statue of a horse that must weigh at least 2 tons, and lifted it with one hand without effort “I have her strength!”

Actaeon smiled “Anastasia, go outside and play, indulge yourself if you will…Diana and I have things to discuss.”

Anastasia walked over to stand next to the naked Diana, her red boots clicking “May I have her lasso?”

Actaeon shook his head “I have use for it…” he smiled up at her “Run along” he swatted her in her blue satin bottom as Anastasia levitated and flew out of the room. His smile quickly faded and he pointed to his feet “Kneel” his hand reaching for her golden lasso.

Diana was about to protest, but when Actaeon ordered her to kneel she glared but slowly knelt. Actaeon began circling her throat with the warm supple line “Like a dog?” she gazed up coldly at him, feeling the influence of the golden line on her “I thought we had an agreement.”

“So did I” Actaeon said coldly “Now let’s see if you were really living up to it. Tell me Diana, do you understand the terms of our agreement?”

Diana felt herself compelled to tell the truth “Yes.”

“And have you been living up to the spirit of our agreement? That you be my abject slave and conceive my child?”

“No” Diana blinked surprised at her own answer, and she had an instant of terror, if Actaeon used that as his…strike three.

Actaeon saw her realization, but gave no clue as to his thoughts, still holding Wonder Woman on her own lasso like a leashed bitch “What is your understanding of your status here?”

Compelled to answer, Diana heard herself saying, “I, am to be your sex slave, I am to allow any others to use me however they wish so long as it is not in my pussy, so that you’re sure the child is yours. After that, I may be allowed to do more crime fighting but I am to stay available to whomever you direct. I am also supposed to focus on pleasing and pleasuring you.”

Actaeon removed the lasso, “Do I need this anymore?”

Devastated and nervous, looking at the floor where she knelt Diana said softly “N…no Master.”

“I am disappointed in you Diana, I have kept my word at every turn, it may have been to the letter of the agreement, but I kept it, whatever happened to that Amazon honor?” he chided her like an errant child.

“Did you really expect me to...just start acting the part of the slave? Master?” she blushed each time she said it.”

“No I did not...” he turned suddenly and with a full open hand slapped Diana in the cheek her head jerking to the side and a red hand print stinging on her cheek. “ I expected you to BE the slave not act like it. Until you have me arrested and MAKE your case you ARE my property, I OWN you.” He said in a very quiet normal voice “I am tired of having to constantly correct you and having you do the minimum possible to get by.”

Cold terror gripped her heart “you, are not going to attack Themyscira are you? They are innocent; they don’t even know it is coming they are helpless… you can’t just” she glanced at the skeleton of Black Panthress…”

Actaeon gave her a level gaze, one she could not read, “I could you know, throw you in my dungeon, maybe put you back on a Spanish horse of a sybian and just contact the Chinese government, your value goes up, last of the Amazons…and immortal, you may get me one day. I could have done that you know, punished you but….I will tell you what, I will hold off my decision depending on how you answer a few questions.”

Diana stared up at the handsome male from where she knelt “Questions?”

Actaeon nodded “I expect you to answer quickly and honestly…If we started this night off over, when I walked in, what would you do.”

Diana answered almost before he finished “Kiss your feet, just like Shayera, eagerly, let your woman see me serving you.” She watched hopeful.

Actaeon nodded “uh hu….”

Diana looked more desperate, trying to think, “I could make love to Shayera for you and Brad, for your GUESTS, put on a real lesbian show, and then…offer myself to you.”

Actaeon shook his head “Relax Diana,” He took her magic lasso and handed it to her “put this around me and ask me about all of this and remember to ask if I will ever give you another chance, I want you to know I am not tricking you.

Diana looked suspicious like it was a trick, once she was in its power he could order him to reveal everything, but…what was his backup plan? What if he had something she did not think of? Nervously she looped the golden line around him “Would you have really destroyed all of my Amazon sisters?”

Actaeon nodded “Yes I would”

“If, If I do not give you my best effort, will I get another chance?’

Actaeon looked directly into her eyes “No, I am NOT going to ask you again.”

Diana slipped her lasso off of the bounty hunter coiled it and handed it back to him.”

Actaeon smiled down at her and cupped his hand under her chin “I expect from now on for you to be obedient, compliant, and GREATFUL. You will be proactive, creative, and you will show up for my bed every night. From now on, you had BETTER be completely enthusiastic in the sheets. Agreed?”

Diana felt relief sweep over her “Yes master, I promise…” though she hated herself she smiled and her hands went to the bounty hunter’s fly, tugging it down she reached her long fingers inside, feeling the slightly moist cotton briefs. She blushed as she fumbled, trying to look eager as she tried to figure out how the front of the briefs opened, pulling the fabric, the wrong way at first then she figured it out and felt the warm moist fleshy skin between his legs. She moved her fingers around it and tugged gently as she felt him beginning to stiffen in an erection. She tugged gently so as not to hurt, feeling the firm organ bend until the 8 inches of his cock flopped out. Before he could even feel the air on his member, she pressed her mouth against the head, tasting the salt and reaching her hand to cup his firm ass to pull her face into his crotch. She used her lips to push the foreskin back as the cock slipped into her mouth, and she began to suckle like a nursing calf. Only this time she bobbed her head and moved aggressively, slipping her tongue into his breeches as she heard him chuckle. With each beat of his heart, she could feel his cock getting harder, extending deeper into her throat and she used her hands to caress his ass as she embraced his hips.

Once she had sucked him fully hard, she decided she had to really go all out, opening her throat and wrapping her hands around his firm flanks, she pulled her face in until his cock lodged down the back of her throat. She couldn’t breathe with his cock lodged in her throat and she could feel his scrotum pressed up against her chin. With a groan, he grabbed her head and she found her nose pressed hard against his pubic bone as he began to face fuck her. She managed not to gag and would catch a breath as he pulled back only to thrust back down her throat, his hands holding her head as he throated her with a wild abandon, the foreskin pressing and slipping against her tonsils as she did her beast to suck and swallow. When he came, he pulled her face into his groin and held. Diana felt his orgasm pulsing into her throat, it was the first blowjob she had given where she did not have to taste the actual semen, and began to see why women allowed deep throating. This was apparently pleasant for the bounty hunter as he enjoyed the oral with her kneeling in the middle of his trophy room. By the time he was done her fingers were splayed and her head swimming as she could not breathe. When he finally pulled back, her stomach was full and she panted. Pausing to slide his cock back into her mouth and suckle firmly so her drool was not on his cock. Panting and licking her lips, then sliding her tongue around the inside of his foreskin, she looked up at him from under her eyebrows still holding on to his male organ.
“Thank you master” she said softly

Actaeon chuckled “when you’re done with it put it away…”

Diana gave the softening length a few kisses and then, blushing gently returned it to inside his shorts and zipped his fly. “Feel better?”

Actaeon gave a sigh “Yea a lot less anxious, ready for your next lesson?”

Diana sat up listening. Actaeon pointed, “Kneel” when she knelt he nodded “Put that ass on your heels, that’s it put the top of your foot on the floor, so anyone from behind can see your soles. Good , how spread your knees, wide….wider” he nodded “so anyone can see that cunt of yours ready for work, now eyes down...chest out so we can see them tits” he smiles “now place the back of your hands on your knees…good that’s your at rest position, anytime you are waiting that’s the position you will hold. Now let’s see how well you listen. Stay girl I am going to go check on how Anastasia is doing with your outfit. I will see you tonight, we need you pregnant asap.

That said Actaeon walked out, leaving Wonder Woman kneeling naked on the floor of his trophy room.


Rome, Vatican City, Cardinal Emmitt walked the floor of St. Peter’s Basilica on his way to the entrance to the catacombs. Clad in his red Biretta and his black Simar, he adjusted his scarlet red sash as he descended into the catacombs. Out of habit, he paused before the grave of St. Peter, the first pope, before continuing. He was headed to the Pope’s secret chamber. In the past it was place where the Holy Father could find privacy and solitude, then later, a place where the inquisition was held.

The vault held many artifacts and relics from the time of the inquisition. It had taken Emmitt decades of manipulating the College of Cardinals, with the help of certain backer’s. Some cardinals had been accused of molesting children, others had met with accidents. Some had been bought, he remembered the Cardinal of Rome, had “Redecorated” the rectory to the tune of 47 million dollars, complete with entertainment systems and indoor Olympic swimming pool, all done in the middle of a ghetto slum. All this to get the College ready to return to a more traditional role of the church, a role where women were put in their place.

that is how he got The current pope elected. Pope Innocent XIV, Emmitt chuckled, he had helped the young pontiff select his papal name. Ironic that Pope Innocent XIII had imposed the marriage ban and that pope Innocent VIII had instituted The Spanish inquisition. Emmitt chuckled, that sick bastard had even driven horses into the Vatican courtyard to watch his slaves copulate with mares, and that this pope, was fascinated by the Inquisition and was about to restore religious harems, even if he did not know it yet.

The Cardinal moved deeper into the dark catacombs, he knew he was coming closer to the Holy Fathers private chamber as he began to encounter Swiss Guard, clad in their traditional gaudy yellow and blue striped uniforms. Emmitt had manipulated the College to get him elected as well, the youngest pontiff in history, mainly a pious man, but one that had been raised chaste. He was young man, driven by hormones but who was curious about the touch of a woman, who was passionate about the need for penance and conversion to the Catholic faith. It made him a perfect choice, after the previous popes had “reformed” the church, allowing women more access to rank within the church, no one suspected that the Canadian cardinal had set them up for the sexual scandals that caused their early retirement. Now with church attendance down, the Vatican struggling, a pope that wished a return to values.

The naive young fool had been instrumental in removing the last of Emmitt’s opposition in the college. Now all he had to do with get this fool to enact just a few more papal decrees, and he too could be eliminated. With the help of Actaeon’s associate he would be set up to become Pope Peter II, he would take the name of the first Bishop of Rome and, with the help of the Jewish and Islamic faiths, usher in a new age for woman in religion, not to mention a new age of peace. He again chuckled one would think that Wonder Woman would be all for that.

Emmitt paused at the large bronze door set into the living granite and decorated with ornate scenes from Genesis. The tree of life with the serpent in the branches, Eve being given the apple and deceiving Adam, man’s expulsion for the garden. The door swung open and within, clad in papal white, the blonde haired young pontiff stood with an oil palette in one hand and an easel in front of him. In one corner there was a perfectly preserved Judas Cradle, next to it a coffin torture cage in the rough shape of a human. A rack, of course, a “breast ripper” hung on the wall, a breaking wheel sat perfectly preserved, and a skull crusher a confession chair. Emmitt detested the devices, though he picked up one that actually was a personal favorite of his. An iron hoop that locked around a woman’s head, with a metal “bit’ that press her tongue down, a gossip’s bridle. This would look good on Wonder Woman.

The Pope was currently painting a device known as “the pear.” Pear shaped with an iron screw in the middle the device was inserted into a woman’s cunt, and the three sides expanded as you turned the screw. The same device could be used in the mouth to dislocate a jaw.

“That is quite good your Holiness.” Emmitt smiled. The pope really was a master artist, having had the finest contemporary artists in Europe to study under.

Pope Innocent smiled warmly back “Ahhh cardinal Emmitt, My Dean of the college of cardinals, what brings you down to this rather…repulsive place?”

Emmitt smiles kissing the papal ring “Your Holiness, I think the time has come for your decree, a return to more traditional times. Representatives from Islam and from Judaism are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with you, it is a rare opportunity.”

The middle-aged pope set down his palette and brushed back his short blonde hair, his blue eyes shining in the dim light “I will not have a return to…” he gestured around “This Emmett. I find it shocking that any man of the cloth could think Christ would…CONDONE this.”

Emmitt looked around; he had no problem agreeing with that, this place made even his skin crawl “No of course not Most Holy Father, however you are aware of the place women have held, not just in our religion but in ALL religion. Even the heathen Japanese have their Geisha.”

“Yes yes Emmitt, Eve got man thrown out of the Garden, up until the 17th Century the holy church had virtual harems, Islam had harems, even Jewish law allowed Abraham multiple wives and slaves. We have been over that...but is the world ready?”

Emmitt could see the arousal in the Pope’s movements, in his voice as he considered the decree. “Ready for an end to the violence in the middle east? Ready to have Jew, Arab AND Catholics live in peace? All for a return of woman BACK to the place relegated to her in the scriptures? Even the marriage vows clearly state love honor and OBEY. Holy father, our church is on the verge of collapse, we have no priests studying in the seminary because they cannot marry, we have woman serving at the altars, she who lied to Adam and had him cast out.”

The Pontiff walked over “and the Rabbi’s and the Imams, they are ready to sign decrees and fatwa’s with me?”

Emmitt nodded “they await even now up in the Vatican, they are even ready to sign before you and release together. You need only declare that our priests CAN marry and that woman should obey her spouse. That man may have as many wives as he may CARE for. We do not seek a return to the middle ages, and just think, Holy Father, to be the people that got world piece, all simply by a return to our traditions?”

The pontiff smiled from ear to ear “You have convinced me Emmitt, have the decree drawn up, I will review it and then we can have a press release together. The three major religions united, THINK of the things we can do!”

Emmitt smiled inwardly “Of course Holy father, yes just THINK what we can do.”
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Re: Hunter of the Amazon #1

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This is the best series that I have seen by far. Keep up the great work.
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Re: Hunter of the Amazon #1

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BlueEyedDoe wrote:This is the best series that I have seen by far. Keep up the great work.

Thank you so much, you have no idea how much I appreciate someone taking the time to even comment. I will be continuing and it woudl be even great if you commented on what you like so much :)

thanks again i am THRILLED to get a comment.
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Re: Hunter of the Amazon #1

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Hello All, Apologies for my absences, In December I had the death of a close family member and have had trouble getting my “mojo” back together with my “muses”. I am not completely happy with this chapter, I tried to edit it myself. Still I hope you will enjoy and perhaps comment at

More to come, were about ½ way thru what I want to write.

Hunter of the Amazon
Chapter 27

Sheena walked besides the king’s large black stallion, feeling the air against her bare skin, and the dirt under her bare feet and gazing at the sleek, lathered, glossy black rump of his stallion. The stallion responded to the king’s every whim now that Sheenah has used her powers to give the beast a fierce loyalty and training to the king. As she walked along completely naked, a collar on her neck, with a leash attaching her to the king, as his caravan progressed across the savannah she had to admit, as different as he life had become, it was not half bad. She no longer risked her life daily, and even as humiliating as it could be, the physical pleasure of sex was great and the animals were benefitting, even the standard of living had improved, all because she had consented to support this king. She paused as one of the large Zambuli warriors that served as a guard, slipped a firm arm around her and slipped his fingers casually within her sex as they walked. She blushed as his fingers deformed and parted the soft moist folds as he masturbated her openly out in the open where anyone could see, and she could feel her body responding, her nipples hardening, and her juices flowing down her legs. It struck her she was no different from an animal, and was mildly surprised she really was not embarrassed any more. The thought that the king had won and gotten away with murder and slavery and rape…arousing her because she was the one being raped.
Sheena closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the shoulder of the large grinning guard feeling his warm skin against her bare back, and blushed as more or her own juices ran down her thighs while he made firm circles around her clit playing with her. Her hands slid up his sweaty outer thighs, and she noticed a second guard watching with a smirk on his face. In response she moved her heels apart and pressed her groin up against the probing fingers to give him a better view.
Sheena groaned like a lioness, closing her eyes as the unnamed guard pleasured her on the open savannah. The Zambulis that had supported her, were now the King’s personal guard. Otwani, together with Wonder Woman’s arch nemesis, Cheetah, Had personally watched as they made Sheena summon a pack of cheetahs to hunt and maul Chief Haromba, to death, and then drag his carcass off where they consumed him leaving any remains for the vultures. By the time the hungry animals were done, there was not even a toe nail left, and of course Sheena, summoning the cheetah pack at the direction of her master made her complicit.
The huge male behind her moved his hand to firmly grip a bare breast, causing milk to squirt over his hand, his finger slipped in and out of her body and the Jungle Queen did not make the slightest protest. The Zambuli had been leaderless, and turned to their Shaman who quickly declared that the old assassinated king, Jabalani, had been illegitimate, and that Cheetah was their new Goddess, though it helped that Sheen opened her legs and allowed the Shaman to screw her brains out. Sheena had been pleasantly surprised to find out that the old shaman could be so...passionate in the grasses of the plains. After that, once the Zambuli warriors found out they had unfettered no strings attached access to Sheena, they quite willingly joined her enemy.
With a shudder Sheena allowed the climax the man was giving her to wash over her, a groan of pleasure escaping her as the former jungle queen was finger fucked by the stranger. At King Otwani’s bidding, because her powers were associated with animals, she was treated more like an animal or a pet then a person. What bothered her was, she rather liked it. After the orgasm passed, she took a deep breath to slow her pulse and turned, smiling up with half lidded eyes up at him, her hand slipping down under his loin cloth to slide her palm against the man’s equipment, feeling the firm thickness above the soft moist scrotum. She remembered this one, this had been Delan, he had been a boy in the village, grown into a fine, and from the feel of the meat in her hand LARGE, man.
The huge black man smiled down and with a thick accent said “Feel better now white wench?”
Sheena leaned up to accept a deep kiss, the man’s tongue pressing into her mouth as she suckled hungrily on it. She had gotten quite good at this. She had never considered how a man’s tongue could be unique. This one had a thicker tongue, long enough to lick her tonsils, it has a slightly smoother texture then most and was very wet, as she pressed her lips around his tongue, sucking it dry and swallowing as he broke the kiss and withdrew it from her mouth. Massaging his cock under his loincloth she nodded, biting her lower lip, her whole body blushing “Yes, thank you…do you want me to...” she gently squeezed his firm length in her palm, sliding her hand up and down along the length.
The Guard smirked smiling up to his king mounted on his black charger “No…I am on duty, but I will see you tonight….Be gone with you shameless harlot”
Sliding her arms around his neck, she gave him another deep kiss, and caught her breath, sliding her hands down his chest so her palms caressed his nipples, she turned with a wink, and began walking, feeling the coolness of her own juiced plastering her legs and thighs. Now that she had delivered Otwani’s children, the King no longer cared who “knocked her up” so as a bonus to his loyal guard, her bed had been moved into the Guard’s barracks. Sheena was having trouble remembering why she had resisted this all these years. Some nights she would make love to 30 or 40 different men. That equated to 60 or 80 orgasms a day. She felt less tense and more refreshed then she could ever remember. Sure, some of the men she did not care for…some were not attractive, some were rougher than other, Some received permission from Otwani to put her in her animal form and service their livestock and most were not interested in her mind at all...but they all had cocks and with the lights out the climaxes were the same.
She remembered walking toward the King’s Audience chamber, she had passed the trophy room, where many of her animal acquaintances now resided on a wall their heads stuffed with sawdust. In the center, her own animal skin clothing stood with Otwani’s trophy plate identifying it as such. Sheena was now completely used to being naked 24/7. People called her names, but it was with affection. Sheena did not have to worry about her children, the twins by Otwani were living in luxury, the Boy, Otwani Jr, was showing signs of controlling animals, like his mother, while the girl, Zendala, had displayed the ability to transform INTO animals, without the need for the mystic charm necklace and both were being raised with the best of care by the king and Queen. Any subsequent human children Sheena had would be adopted by high income families who wanted “trophy” children, while any ANIMALS she were impregnated by, would be released into the wild to help save the species.
Otwani was turning out to be 10 times the king his brother was. With the Continent of Africa now United under his rule, the economy around the world was booming. True to his word, huge areas of conservation had been set aside and the endangered species were on the rise. The Trophy hunters were paying hundreds of millions of dollars to have Sheena summon an endangered species so they could dispatch it, but that allowed the research and controls to bring the species back from extinction. Groveling and debasing herself at the feet of the King and Queen seemed a small price to pay.
Otwani had methodically eradicated any hint of his older brother, Jabalani. He had even desecrated the grave, having the carcass” as he called it, dug up and fed to the wart hogs. On the Horizon a familiar house appeared, one that gave Sheena a chill. As they arrived, her fears were confirmed when recognized a man, a poacher…. John Webelhause, standing in front of what had once been his abandoned mansion. The mansion was a flurry of activity as workers were bringing it back to its former spender. The portly man had a generous paunch in front, and stood in a pair of Khaki shorts and a button down khaki shirt that the buttons strained at the button holes to contain his generous belly. He was an interdimensional poacher of not only animals, but people. He reveled in dispatching the last of an endangered species and males, calling himself a “Bush Poacher” he would take the females of whatever males he killed, and make them serve as his harem, “Poaching their Bush” as he would say. He had spent years trying to Poach Magramba, the largest tiger in Africa and one of the last of the great tigers, often called King of the Tigers. Sheena had stopped him each time, he had also fancied poaching her.
Moving into the mansion, the King and Queen took a seat and Sheena knelt at their feet, pausing to place a kiss on the top of each of their foot as she could feel John’s eyes on her naked body. The King’s feet always had a slightly tinny taste and a musky scent, while the Queen’s skin was smooth, with a sweeter flavor and a musty earthy scent. When she leaned forward to kiss Otwani’s right foot she felt the king detach the animal leash to her collar and was aware of giving the portly poacher a perfect view of her bare ass, her smooth tight cunt nestled between her thighs, still soaked from her own fluids. After abject reverence to the king and queen the bare skinned young woman leaned back, her tight ass on her bare heels, hands palms up on her thighs and chest forward, her head bowed.
She heard the poacher whistle “wow that was a beautiful sight”
Sheena knelt in the large room, and felt Otwani gently stroke her hair as if she were a pet “Yes, the Jungle Queen has been put in her place, permanently. Sheena do you know who this is?”
Sheena kept her eyes down, her nipples hardening some as she felt her sex dripping between her thighs “Yes sire…John Webelhause.” She glanced up. The walls she had personally stripped of their animal trophies, were restored, with every head, every tusk back in its place. On one wall…held mythical creatures from a dimension called “Eternia” A man’s head with blond hair labeled “He man” Beside it, a large green tiger’s head with a tag under it which read “Battle Cat” a corresponding green and black striped hide nailed to the wall, and a well preserved saddle and cat Brading. Next to that was the head of a Unicorn, the tag read “Swiftwind” with 2 crossed swords beneath it, and on the floor, a pure white horse hide. Crowning the trophy, was a white dress and tiara, and another uniform that looked like some kind of peregrine falcon with its head dress read “She-Ra” and “The Sorceress”
The poacher took a step forward “You stupid bitch, do you know how long I was in prison...”
Otwani held up a hand “Mr. Webelhause, please remember our agreement, Sheena is going to make recompense for her transgressions….you will be well compensated for your time, you may do what you wish with her except BREAK her.” He looked down at the kneeling white woman “Sheena do you remember what he was in jail for?”
Sheena blushed “Yes Sire, he wished to shoot Magramba, the king of the tigers, this is his house, a house full of poached endangered animals and he tried to rape me in the temple of Nintur.” He Trapped and killed Tembo, my elephant, for his head and tusks.” She pointed up at the far wall where the noble elephant’s now glass eyes stared, its head stuffed with Saw Dust
Otwani smiled gently and held the leash out to John. Smiling like a Cheshire cat it took it and, sitting down on a couch, leaning back with his elbows over the back of the soft leather, snapped his fingers and whistled. Responding to the prompt Sheena crawled to the poacher’s feet on all 4’s and sat leaning against his leg. “Yes, John, we have located each of your trophies, including that daft Elephant, and returned them to you, together with your mansion and lands, She-ra and that Sorceress were placed in an asylum and are likewise being returned to you.
John looked down his side. His legs stretched out in front of him, at the beautiful naked blonde clutching around his leg, he had been so close to raping her, tying her to the alter of Nintur with ropes so tight they had bitten into her soft flesh. He had gotten her to beg him not to rape her, it aroused him just to think of the holier than thou heroine, made his loins stir…He was within moments of mounting her, with Magramba entering into his trap, he would have had that tiger’s hide on his floor right now, when Sheena and her Conservation officer allies burst in on him, warned by some dammed bird, and stopped him. “How do I know this is legit?’
Otwani leaned back and offered the poacher an open hand. Sheena sighed she knew what was required of her. Without a word she shifted her weight, John was overweight, but not morbidly so. She had to use one hand to lift his pot belly to get at the belt and zipper of his khaki shorts. The stomach was heavy but warm and soft, and despite herself Sheena felt herself getting wet at the thought of the coming act.
John looked nervous as he felt his shorts opened, but he was impressed at how practiced the Jungle Queen was as he felt her fingers curl around the waist band of his tighty whiteys.
Otwani cocked his head “Did you wish some privacy to rape her John?” he smiled as he watched Sheena’s smooth naked back arching as she reached into the man’s shorts with the palm of her hand to gently massage his balls.
John drew in a breath as the Jungle Queen palmed his sac gently and shook his head “No…I will rape her but I want to do it in Nintur’s Temple over Magramba’s dead body, but I will take some relief from that mouth of hers.
Beneath John’s belly Sheena allowed herself to be impressed. John was many things, a poacher, a killer, a rapist, but he was also extremely well endowed. His moist uncircumcised cock stood out a solid 10 inches. Warm and moist n her hand she gently curled her fingers around to pull down the foreskin exposing the deep purple glans. She found herself staring at the fat cock, his warm balls were moist and his length extending from a nest of thick brown pubic hair. When he had captured her before, she had made fun that it was not much of a threat, but she had to admit, that was something else John could be proud of.
The poacher was genuinely surprised as he felt Sheena’s hand caressing and playing with his manhood. She was openly staring between his legs with a faraway look on her face and was treating his genitals gently and with a respectful reverence. “I see you finally appreciate what a cock is for, and the meaning of a DOMINANT male.
Knowing what was required, Sheena nodded and blushed a deep red as she smiled, drawing her nails lightly up and down his cock, before dropping her hands to the floor, and pressing her face up towards the poachers ample belly like a colt seeking it’s mother’s teat.
John could hardly believe it, posed like a lioness on all fours in the middle of an open public room, he felt the Jungle Queens soft face press into his groin and her smooth slippery tongue curl around his scrotum to bring it to her lips and suckle it inside her mouth.
John murred softly smiling at his two benefactors, as he used one hand to push Sheena’s head down firmly onto his thick rod. “And what do you want for this Generosity, your Majesty?”
Otwani smiled “This, woman, has been a pain in my side, I want only that you take her, and use her. You may take any animals you wish, four legged or two….”
Sheena was not really listening, her forehead was pressed against the warm soft abdomen of the poacher, and her tongue curling around his turgid shaft as it slipped around it, feeling his glans feeling how warm it was, how her lips pulled against the flesh. Sheena was aware the way she her thoughts had changed. This would have discussed her before….but now she was impressed by his size, and his stamina. Most men would be pulsing their climax by now, but she could hear his deep voice above her carrying on a conversation like she was not even there.
John chuckled enjoying the smooth feeling of her forehead against his stomach, her silken blond hair pooling in his lap and, of course, her warm mouth around his exposed cock. “If that’s what the king orders” he smiled…. You may enjoy my house as much as you like, in the morning, Sheena and I are going to go bag me a BIG Tiger…

Back in Washington D.C.

Diana stood as Actaeon attached a dog leash to her collar at her neck. She hated thinking of it like that, HER collar. “Why do you want to humiliate me? I am not an animal.
Actaeon tugged gently, feeling the naked amazon walking with him “We are all animals Diana, I just happen to be an intelligent one, and you…well not so much so.” He walked her down the hallways toward his studio.
“Are you calling me a DUMB animal? And besides your avoiding the question.” she asked the air cool on her body as she moved with the grace of a feline. She found it interesting, she had not been down this hallway before.
“I am not the one on the Leash, as for humiliation, you should not feel humiliated, your problem is you think these acts are humiliating, instead of the natural act they are. Let me ask you Diana, you were a virgin for how many thousands of years? How did you say it? Paragon of virtue? Even that World War II Hero, Steve Trevor, you were in love with him…did you bed him? If I had been what had been in your opinion the PERFECT gentleman…would you have married me?’ he smirked
Diana did not answer, a part of her believing that he would not understand, but another part very afraid he really did understand. The man and the naked woman entered a room that had paint splatters here and there on the floor and it was on that filthy floor that Diana saw Shayera as they walked past. She was still hooded in the white falconer’s hood, her mouth and chin showing though it had now been stuffed with an oversized hollow ball gag, the woman’s drool steaming down the sides of both cheeks. Shayera lay on her back on the paint splattered unswept floor as Brad had tied her, spread eagle, his favorite position due to Shayera’s avian moniker. The giddy teen was smiling from ear to ear as he took the stretched braided nylon rope and formed a slip knot. The teen had gotten very good at knots and bondage, practicing on the helpless heroine that he had raped and impregnated. The young man pulled her arms as taught as a bow string. The red haired woman laid bare naked, a smooth nylon rope looped around each ankle and wrist, tied to an eye bolt in the floor. As they walked past, Diana felt her arousal stir, she was still aroused at the sight of a naked human, or in this case Thanagarian, female body. Actaeon paused to allow her to admire, and be curious, as Brad walked around his female door mat.
“Beautiful that way isn’t she Diana?” Brad asked
Diana looked away but found her eyes drawn back, he was right, she was incredible. Brad’s hands slid unhindered over Shayera’s smooth unblemished body, caressing the soft flesh of her breast and pausing to gently twist her nipple. Brad smiled as he made her squirm, her hips shifting. Diana’s eyes were drawn to Shayera’s Venus mound, it was so perfect, like her own. Diana had never gotten to see Shayera’s cunt at JLA headquarters, Shayera had been a dedicated Heterosexual, and much as Diana had desired her, she had respected Shayera’s privacy, which she no longer had and now it was out in the open. Like her own, Shayera’s pussy was completely bald, Brad had seen to that, shaving off the glorious fiery red birds nest between the woman’s legs. Shayera’s inner labia was completely hidden by the outer lips, giving her a smooth sleek appearance. Diana’s revere was broken as the young man’s hands slid up to firmly rub Shayera’s cunt, eliciting a moan from her gagged mouth, and distorting her pussy.
Wonder Woman heard a chuckle and felt a tug at her neck where the leash attached to her collar and he glanced over at the hunter who was smiling widely “you really are getting turned on seeing her that way aren’t you?”
She frowned as she glanced back, the white nylon was positioned against Shayera’s ankle, and pulled at the skin where it cinched down...her wrists helpless “why would you say such a thing?” she replied, distracted, as Brad, clad in a pair of cut offs, grabbed her wing and stretched it out to her side into a depression in the floor, using clamps to secure it. There had been a time when touching Hawk woman’s wings without her permission would have been literal death, now, as Brad stretched the other wing to it’s extreme, it elicited only a groan.
Wonder Woman’s revere was broken as she felt a warm crooked finger slide up her own exposed mound, as Acteon scooped up some of her own pussy juices and held the pungent liquid up to her nose “your sopping wet Diana, it’s running down your legs. “
Mortified, Diana blushed head to toe, causing Actaeon to laugh openly and Brad to look up smiling. Humiliating her more, tears sprung unbidden to her eyes, and she clenched her fists in frustration. What was she DOING, an Amazon Princess CRYING?
“You know” Actaeon said gently and quietly brining the wet finger to her lips “it’s ok to admit you have a dark side. I know you desired her as a lover, and it’s obviously you have a bondage fetish, it’s really quite natural, you control nothing right now so the fantasy of having TOTAL control is arousing. If you like…Brad and I will let you go down on her, go ahead, she’s helpless…docile…pregnant…use her.”
Diana’s only reply was “Why do you humiliate women? I can’t control my body responses, just because you men, don’t show arousal the same way…” She also knew what Actaeon wanted, and took his wet finger between her red lips and suckled it clean, using her tongue to slide around his finger as she suckled it firmly, wanting to bite it off instead.
“That IS the point Diana, men are control; we are IN control. Our arousal, our erection is a source of pride, you should not be humiliated by your lack of control, it is what you are, your natural place, I really do wish you’d accept that.”
Actaeon had Diana’s full attention now “why…why is that so important for you that I accept that? Is it part of your brainwashing of me?”
Actaeon smiled as he ran his fingers thru the coal black mane of amazon hair “No Diana, because first of all it’s true, secondly take a look at her, Hawk Woman is finished, her days as a heroine are over. She will live out the rest of her life mimicking the bird she named herself after. She will never know a day with even a stitch of clothing on her body, birds don’t WEAR clothing. She will never know a day without a cock in her mouth, or between her legs. No contraceptives, and she will be obedient, compliant and grateful, and most of all she will be happy in her service to men and is embarking on a life of pure physical pleasure.”
“At the expense of her dignity” Wonder Woman interrupted
Actaeon just smiled “yes, at the expense of her dignity, and when her life is over…she will be memorialized in one of our trophy cases, after a long full life of service. Just like Panther Woman. Hawk Woman is not immortal like you; but the third reason is, YOU still have a chance Diana; and frankly, I know you will blow it but I’d like to see you go BACK to crime fighting. All you have to do is be MY slave, have MY child and stay out of the enterprises I tell you, and you can return to being a member of the JLA, and your life will be almost completely what it was.”
Wonder Woman watched him tug her leash and say “Heel” walking to the next room one step behind and to the left of Actaeon as she left seeing Brad pouring some kind of clear liquid over Shayera’s slate grey wings soaking them. “But as your slave, your enterprises, you mean things like the white slavery, the auction of women as cattle, the enslavement of the President and the rapes.
As they entered the second, well paint studio, Actaeon’s voice grew harder “Diana, we had this discussion before, YOU agreed to the condition, you violated the terms of our strike two agreement, had you done what you agreed, you would be at this very moment flying around the city helping others, who knows maybe one of the MALE hero’s would have stopped me. Stop resisting me Diana, you will regret it. Come to my bed, make love to me, be my willing slave, and you will outlive me. Leave Shayera where she is, as that young man’s toy. If you don’t, Diana, my whole plan is to use your desires for Shayera to force you to violate strike three, and when you do…you and your entire nation will end up the slaves of men. Isn’t that worth ONE woman Diana? One child, who will be loved and want for nothing, you can even VISIT him if you want.
“Or her” Diana quickly said, as Actaeon turned on the lights to the room. The Mercury lights beginning to warm as she could make out canvas tarps splattered with pigment.
Actaeon smiled “or her” he conceded “Stand at attention Diana.
Diana hated this, it was another thing, humiliating, but she cupped her hands loosely by the sides of her bare legs, eyes forward chest out, bare feet at a 45 degree angle “and you forced that agreement…you left me no choice”
“Of course I did” he smiled as he circled the Amazon standing at attention like a predator “call it aggressive negotiations. And if you violate strike three Diana, you AND your mother and sisters will be made just LIKE Shayera.”
Diana felt her shoulders slump, she had been trying for weeks now, to figure a way out of this, with no ideas. Worse, she was getting completely used to walking around naked, to the sex, it was feeling, not so bad, and she knew that was a bad thing.
From behind, she saw a blindfold, she did not break ranks, but she stammered “I have not disobeyed you master” fearing she would be punished for speaking her mind.”
Actaeon gave a quiet “shhhhh” as he tied the cloth over her eyes “You are not being punished, I like it when a girl speaks her mind honestly and with respect. Master hmmm? You have no idea how much of a thrill that gives me every time I hear it. No I am simply getting you ready for the Masquerade Halloween ball…. It’s time for your costume.”
“My costume?” she asked timidly, feeling Acteon’s hand lift her right breast and then something cool and, well slimy slavered around her areola. His fingers were gentle but despite the molesting the staff gave her body she still had not gotten used to someone else’s hand lifting her anatomy. “My costume?”
Actaeon chuckles “oh come now, you do not want to ruin the surprise do you?”
“You’re, painting me?” She asked, feeling the slippery pigment as action applied it to her breast, it felt cool and slightly tight.”
In a manner of speaking” she smiled, and in the darkness she felt a terry cloth towel between her legs. She felt a blush again as the slippery pigment must be making her aroused, her body betraying itself again as he had to keep wiping off her pussy.
Actaeon seemed to take his time, lifting an arm she felt the slippery paint as he used a broader brush on her body, the air cool as the substance began to dry on her skin “What was Brad doing to Hawk Woman?”
She heard the amusement in Actaeon’s voice “I told you it’s a surprise” She blushed again as she felt Actaeon’s hand spread her firm bare ass cheeks and began applying the pigment around but not over her anus “you’re not missing Any spots” are you?” she asked
“shhhh, do not interrupt an artist in his work” he replied as she felt the cloth on her mound again “Open stance” he said, and she knew to take her heroic stance, with legs apart, and once again felt the terry cloth wiping her copious juices, she was not sure if it was the paint or her own juices she felt like she was standing in a puddle. “I am to be the, entertainment at the party?” she asked as she felt the brush now on her forearms
“You and Shayera, of course and Tigra” he said as his brushes, or whatever he used, returned to her ass and chest having dried.
“You don’t expect PAINT to last very long I hope?’ she said in an effort to dissuade him, fearing what he must be paining on her, would she be a whore? An animal pattern, perhaps a Cheetah to mock her? What would he be painting? as she felt the smooth soft substance spread over her mound.
After what seemed like several hours, she felt him lead her over...felt a cool hard surface and he said “lay down” She complied. She then felt him lift her leg, he was painting the BOTTOM of her foot, she felt the wet substance as the man opened her toes. She felt what she took to be his breath as he blew on it to dry it. Then she felt him drawing something on her forehead. It had to be nearly 6 pm before she felt him remove the blindfold. He offered his hand, as she blinked, her eyes getting used to the light, she stood before a full length mirror. What she saw made her heart pound in fear. The bastard had painted her own uniform on her, in a way that hid nothing. The substance had not been paint, but, it seemed, an extremely durable form of latex. She stood looking at her reflection, the Golden eagle, symbol of freedom, seemed to cup her breast, her soft pink nipple left conspicuously bare.
On her abdomen, a shiny deep blue formed the lower half of the uniform complete with the white stars. It gave the impression she was fully clothed except when you looked closer, the labial lips were individually painted, and their open left uncovered. So the latex did not go OVER her cunt, but the cunt itself was painted leaving her entrance open.
The mirror behind her showed the same, her ass was blue and star spangled, even the cleft had been painted except her pink pucker had been left, again, untouched. Her feet were painted in the same red, with white striped thigh high “boots’ except her toes were separate. On her wrists, he had painted her bracelets of Hephaestus, and the bastard had even painted her Girdle of Hera, and her Tiara. The whole thing had been left shiny and a touch slippery as the dark artist had applied some kind of agent to keep the latex from sticking to itself. She looked like a greased goddess. Diana felt panic raising in her chest. “I can’t go out there like THIS! They will screw my brains out!”
Actaeon, leaning back, splattered with paint smiled “Why do you say that like it’s a BAD thing? It’s a PARTY, the guys are SUPPOSED to have a good time, besides, you won’t be alone. Shayera will be there, and Tigra, and both of them have their cunt’s open to the public.
“I am going to get back door mounted!? All NIGHT?” she clenched her fists “I have DONE what you said.”
“Don’t PUSH me Diana, you lived by the letter of the agreement, you want something better, EARN it….you ARE my slave, accept it, act like it, come to my bed, anticipate my desires, please me and have my child.
“And do your bidding” Wonder Woman swallowed hard.
Actaeon returned to his good humor and shrugged “up to you Diana, I told you before there are two ways to do this, the EASY way and the HARD at. What I want is you willingly serving at the feet of your betters, but if you won’t be willing” he took a sip of some wine ‘we will find OTHER way to amuse ourselves.
Diana felt defeat creep into her resolve “If I perform well tonight can I…”
“No” he cut her off “if you KEEP performing well…Remember we are using you to go after the pope next…”
Diana nodded quietly, replying with a meek “I understand, master….”

Diana stood with her arms at her side, passively, her eyes down as Actaeon attached the animal collar around her neck and attached the leash, only this time it was because she really could not look him in the eye. As an amazon, he had bested her at every turn and now he was taking her out, his living trophy, to show what he had done to her.
“Heel” he said simply, and Princess Diana of Themyscria, meekly fell in line on Actaeon’s left side one step behind the man, head down. Bare as the day she was born except for the durable body paint, he led her along the house. Hawk Woman was gone. As they approached the main ballroom, Wonder Woman’s heart began to race, she could not avoid this, she could hear talking and laughing, mostly male voices.
When they entered, Diana was stunned. The room was full of senators and congressmen. Tigra sat in front of a large cage, which housed her “mate”, a full grown 800 lb. male Bengal tiger. Tigra’s belly was heavy with pregnancy, yet she was as naked as the day she was born. Her tail flicked to and fro, and she licked the back of her hand like a feline, her breasts heavy with “tiger’s milk” her collar attached to a leash. Above her was a sign that read:
See her mounted by a tiger, next showing in 15 min
As attention grabbing as this display was, the center of attention was…. Oh no….
In the center of the room, with Brad smiling like a Cheshire cat and clad in a Pirate costume, stood Shayera in her “Halloween” outfit. The once proud warrior stood with her arms at her side, head down, painted head to toe by her young master, as a Chicken.
Brad had used his artistic talents so that Shayera’s red hair formed a bright red “Comb” atop her head. A prosthetic, which was a cruel mocking of her costume helmet, gave her a chicken’s head with a yellow “beak” in the front that ended just over her nose. Her entire body had been latexed white, except for back highlights which gave one the impression of chest feathers. Like Diana, Shayera’s nipples were bare for these males to molest and suckle, and her tight mound glistened as she strutted across the floor clucking at Brad’s command.
Shayera’s wings were now bright white, the liquid Brad had poured on them had been bleach, and he had painted yellow chicken like scales on her hands and feet to the knees and elbows. Shayera was clucking and fluttering before a group of senators, kneeling down to take their cocks into her mouth to suckle them until they climaxed and “fed” her. One senator dressed as a king called out “here Chick chick chick” to which Shayera quickly strutted up go him, knelt, and removed his cock and began to loudly suckle. Diana could see the hatred burning deeply in the back of Shyaera’s eyes, but she could also see that flicker of spirit, fluttering as she took the firm flesh into her mouth and suckled, Brad’s programing just too much for her to resist.
Actaeon smiled “I see you approve”
Diana frowned “what gave you THAT idea?”
Actaeon chuckled “Well your cunt drooling down your legs was a dead giveaway.”
Shocked, Diana looked down, and he was right, she was wetter than the ocean and her betraying sex was showing no signs of stopping, the scene of Shayera debasing herself for the pleasure of these men was turning Diana on something fiercely.
“Is this your conditioning of me?” she asked of her master
Actaeon nodded “No different than Pavlov’s dogs…” he grinned “Bitch. Stop fighting t Diana, you will learn to accept even LIKE this.”
Looking back, she watched as Shayera knelt before another senator, “Lying Ned Cruise” from Texas who was wearing what looked like Batman’s actual uniform. she had used her fingers to pull down the front of his uniform and again had a cock in her moth and was sucking him off for all she was worth, bobbing her face in and out of his crotch.
While Ned was getting serviced, Senator Marco Rubacon, a Republican dressed like the Greek God Apollo, was running his hands over his democratic president’s bare breasts, enjoying how the milk dribbled from them, President Perino continued to stare uninterested as she chewed the gum in her mouth, still clad as a Holstein Jersey cow.
As soon as Actaeon walked her into the ball room, the entire room went silent accept for the loud suckling noises that Shayera was making on Senators Cruise’s cock, his hand resting on the back of her head pressing her face into his groin, and the sounds of madam President chewing her cud.
“Gentlemen” Actaeon announced “May I present you Princess Diana, better known to you as the actual Wonder Woman, paragon of female virtue and champion of women” he smirked and swatted Diana sharply on her smooth uncovered ass “Currently Princess of the Island of Themyscaria and Agent Diana Prince of the Defense Intelligent Agency. If any of you want her classified codes or passes or any info you can just ask her. Her ass mouth and tits are open to your use but you will notice I locked her cunt closed, as I am still knocking her up. The others are already with child and use them any way you wish. ” He unhooked her leash and gave her a gentle shove to go mingle. “You go entertain our guests, Diana, while I get into my costume.”
Diana walked over to Cruise, in all her dealings with the congress, she had always hated him as a misogynistic evil cattle baron He smiled “well little filly…” He grunted and grasped Shayera’s head with one hand shoving and holding Shayera’s face into his groin while the girl suckled oh his erection. “I have wanted to have you since my grandfather was in World War II…” He reached out unbidden with the hand not controlling “Chicken Woman’s” head and cupped her soft, red, latex coated breast groping the soft painted flesh using his thumb to flick Diana’s nipple ring, she could feel her bare unpainted nipple hardening against the sweaty palm of his hand. “My Grandfather knew you in that war” he smiled
Diana felt his warm hands, it was always so unusual to feel someone else’s hand on her breast, while she casually stood beside the Senator staring down at the top of Shayera’s head. She felt him lift the warm flesh, and pull at it, her hands at her side as she left him free to “play.” The senator had his hand wrapped in Shayera’s “comb” as Shayera buried her nose between his thighs
“I remember your grandfather,” Diana Nodded “He was in the 504th Airborne wasn’t he?’
Cruise looked mildly surprised as Shayera shoulders squirmed in discomfort as the large senator from Texas just casually held her there.
“Hold still there Hen!” he sneered “I’ll feed you in a moment” he then looked at Wonder Woman, his hand sliding down to cup her locked pussy, gently caressing it “Yep, he was the company artist, I still have some of his art of you, I brought some to show you, he wanted to fuck you too….and we damned shore could have won that war without you…What ever happened to the Trevor guy?”
Diana blinked and knew she was being watched “Steve died about 10 years ago, cancer…Where did you get such an authentic Batman Costume?”
Cruise grinned and nodded to Brad “Little missy, your friends are doing so much to help us with this charity auction, the amount of money we will raise to selling you cunts into permanent bondage is ohhhhhh….Um...Excuse me just a moment…”
As Diana watched senator Cruise took his wet hand from Diana’s neither’s, and moved it to entangle Shayera’s red mane with his other hand, pulling the squirming kneeling woman’s face against his pubic bone. The Senator trembled, closing his eyes and giving out a satisfied moan while tossing his head back and closing his eyes.
Diana watched as the slightly overweight Senator closed his eyes, pulsing firmly 4 or 5 times into Shayera’s mouth. Shayera for her part swallowed rapidly, her golden latex covered hands gripping the man’s thighs as he pulsed down her throat. After about 30 seconds, the senator took a deep breath and sighed with a satisfied smile.
“Now where were we Wonder Woman?” he releasing Hawk Woman’s head from his grip and turned his full attention to caressing Wonder Woman’s bare shoulders as if Shayera had never existed “Oh yea the amount of money from the sale of you cunts gonna make me even richer” he chuckled as Shayera licked her lips and put his cock back into his breeches and pulled up his breeches crawling off to a line of men sitting on a couch watching the small stage there where Tigra and her “mate” sat in a spotlight, the feral tiger in a cage.
Diana felt the male’s soft warm hands as he caressed her bare shoulders. His hands were so soft, and well-manicured, he had not worked a day in his life. She did not try to resist him in any way and in spite her loathing she moved up and put her head on his shoulder, feeling his hands caress down her back to firmly grip sand spread the cheeks of her ass. She could smell Bruce’s scent on the outfit as she slipped her hands around his waist. He wore Bruce’s utility belt but even if she accessed the gadgets, what could she do? “What happened to Batman?” She asked.
“Bruce Wayne?” he shrugged “Dead I guess, I hope… How long can a bat live? Your friend Circe made extra sure that he was not coming back and we cannot be tied to it. He wanted to be a bat…we made him a bat” he smiled smugly as she felt his fingers slide up to gently begin pressing into her anus.
The enormity of what they had done dawned on the naked, painted heroine. If Circe had truly transformed Bruce, there would not be even a trace of DNA left, and with the billions of bats and bat species in the world. She swallowed hard feeing the man’s finger penetrating the muscles of her anus. No man had ever even seen her naked, and now her sphincter parted gently to admit the man’s digits, and she flexed the muscles gently so as to squeeze pleasantly around his finger as he slid it in and out of her body.
The Senator had just climaxed down Shayera’s crop, so while he was reaching he kept his arm around Diana and his middle finger 3d knuckle deep in her anus, and turned to watch the “floor show”
Pussy Galore stepped out on the small Stage where Tigra lay licking the back of her hand like a cat in front of her own empty cage, while her “Husband’ stood pacing his cage back and forth, eager to get at his “mate”. Pussy wore nothing except snug leather harness that left nothing to the imagination. Barefoot she strode onto the stage with a smug smile, a black leather collar around her own neck and carrying riding crop.
Her long brunette hair done in a high pony tail, the madam walked over to Tigra and lifted her chin with the leather riding