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My SHIP story links

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Hey. I've stolen this idea from DrDominator9 as a way to use my sig to refer readers to a summary of my stories. Fighting scenes are the focus of my stories, although there is some sexual peril at times as well. My work is partly centered on a young woman named Krissy who was genetically enhanced in a secret project, gaining amazing strength and invulnerability from injury, as well as heightened pain tolerance. Donning a Supergirl suit, she uses her abilities to fight the criminal element. A brief synopsis and link for each story follows:

A Supergirl - Origin

Krissy's first outing as a crimefighter. She learns that having special abilities isn't a guarantee of easy success, and that criminals can be an extremely nasty lot.

A Supergirl - Humbled

Following right on the heels of the first story, Krissy confronts the gang again. Better prepared, she enjoys some early success, but the gang has recruited a ringer.

A Supergirl - All Things Are Not As They Seem

A bigger story with plenty of fighting. Krissy gets recruited on a military mission. She also has her first run-in with Arthur Northram, who will become an ongoing nemesis.

A Supergirl - Unintended Consequences

A short story that's more of an epilogue to the previous tale. Krissy discovers her newfound fame can be used against her.

The Huntress Returns

The beginning of a new series (hopefully) starring the original Huntress. Three years retired from being an active heroine, circumstances require Helena Wayne to dust off some old skills. Does she still have what it takes to face down a dangerous adversary?

Celebrity Confessions - Supergirls Edition

This story includes stills from peril videos.

Several supergirls are interviewed on a salacious daytime television program to raise money for charity. The questions become more and more embarrassing, culminating in a shocking revelation.

A Supergirl - The Mayor's Daughter

This story is out of order in the Krissy/Supergirl timeline. It takes place prior to the events in "All Things Are Not As They Seem". The Mayor's daughter has been kidnapped. Krissy goes undercover to find her and things don't go as smoothly as planned.
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