The Perils of Enhancegirl Halloween Special: A Vampire's Kiss

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The Perils of Enhancegirl Halloween Special: A Vampire's Kiss

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"I think she's okay now," Kirsten said. She was talking with her mother - an amiable but insistent woman. "They only had her for, like, a few hours." She was referring to the kidnapping of her friend, Sophie. A rather pushy parent, her mother liked to think that all of Kirsten's old friends were her friends too, and she'd been shocked to hear about what happened.

"Hey, you know Sophie, right?" the half-Filipina said. "Nothing fazes her." She herself knew this not to be true. She was still deeply concerned about the young redhead. That new girlfriend of hers was bad news - but Kirsten didn't really know what to do. Certainly she didn't want to get her mother involved.

"Listen, mom, I need to go. Uh...I think Sophie's trying to call me." She hung up quickly, before she could register her mother's objections. "Geez..." She bumped into someone as she put her phone away. "Oh, sorry!" she said. She turned around - and found a strange pair of -

"Sophie, would you hurry up?" Kirsten was started back into alertness by the sound of Talia, shouting at her room mate. The half-Filipina shook her head. Every time she let her mind drift off at the moment, she came back to that night, and every time it would cut off at the same instant. But it hardly mattered. Nor did her strange feeling of constant tiredness.

For it was Hallowe'en, and if a pretty young Art History major like Kirsten couldn't have fun with some friends on October 31st, then there was something very wrong indeed. She and Sophie had invited two others to their little pre-going-out get together: Talia, a master's student in computing, and Ella, a freshman like Sophie. She didn't know Talia well, but she liked Ella a lot, even if she was a little shy.

Ella was sitting quietly on their couch, sipping a light beer, a reddening in her pale cheeks showing that she was not used to it. The tall brunette was dressed in a red cape, tight corset top, and short skirt, with translucent black stockings covering her long, crossed legs. It was a rather half-hearted attempt at a vampire costume, with some little fangs already abandoned on a coffee table. She kept trying to pull her skirt to cover more of her thighs, but it wasn't working. She had that kind of delicacy that very slim, very tall women sometimes have, like at any moment she might crumble to her knees.

Talia was, if anything, the very opposite of that. She was mixed race, her soft, light-brown skin a warm contrast with Ella's pale complexion. She had very light, almost red hair, that bounced in curvy waves on her head. There was a kind of effortless sexuality about her, a sumptuousness in her slenderness, an enthralling bounce in her breasts, and a constant tease in her sparkling brown eyes and coy smile.

She herself was dressed in a long sleeved blue-black leotard, with a long, blue cape and blue high heels. Her supple legs were left entirely bare, and she had placed a small, red diamond on her forehead. She was dressed as Lady Corvid, one of the original members of the East Coast Ensemble, New York's first state-sponsored superhero team. She even had a pair of boots which would have matched better, but...she just preferred high-heels.
"Sophie, honey," she said, "we're all waiting for our favourite redhead..."

Sophie hated Hallowe'en. She had hated trick-or-treating as a child, found ghost stories dull, and turned her nose up at the commercialism of the modern rituals. But friends were friends, and she hadn't seen Talia in ages. The only problem was, she had no outfit. She'd put it off and put it off and put it off, and in the end, the 31st had come and she was without. If she didn't have anything, it'd be a forfeit, and that meant putting on a sheet with eye holes.

"Not this year," Sophie said, recalling the embarrassment of the previous Hallowe'en. "No thank you..." She thought for a moment - then realised that she did have something. During her final battle with Ocelot, the thief who'd almost succeeded in completely seducing her, Sophie had acquired a costume to disguise herself as...herself. Or rather, to disguise herself as her alter-ego, Enhancegirl, one of Seacouver's up-and-coming stars of the so-called 'cape scene'.

So she plucked the gold dress, mask, gloves and boots from the back of her closet. It was strange having to do this: it felt so fake. But that was, after all, rather the idea. Putting the costume on, she again recalled those pivotal hours very, very closely, when she'd broken out of the dark waters that Ocelot had almost drowned her in. She still felt a pang of guilt that she'd allowed it to go as far as it had, but she'd since dipped into much warmer, sweeter water...

Sophie posed in front of her mirror, and was about to present herself to the others, when she realised that in her full costume it would be perfectly possible that one of them might put two and two together, and figure out that she wasn't just dressed as Enhancegirl. So she made some adjustments: she removed her mask entirely, and slipped on a pair of silver pumps instead of her heeled boots.
"There," she said, looking again. "Close enough." Somehow with her outfit altered she looked a little more...girlish, somehow. She frowned, but beggars couldn't be choosers.

"Oh, wow," Talia said, as the golden-clad heroine emerged. "Sophie, you look..."
"Oh!" Ella piped up, clapping her hands together. "Sophie, um, are you meant to be, ah, Enhancegirl?" Sophie grinned. It was nice to be recognised.
"If you're meant to be Enhancegirl," Kirsten said, "you messed up the costume. Doesn't she have, like, a mask?"
"Oh," Sophie said, feigning ignorance. "Does she?" Kirsten sat down in a chair, crossing her legs. She was wearing fishnet stockings and a short, black, shoulder-less dress, with a pointed hat topping her witch's costume. She had an unusual attractiveness to her, with a Filipino father and an Alaskan mother of Norwegian descent, with a skin tone almost exactly between Sophie's and Talia's in pallor, a little taller than either of them. She was finely proportioned, too, with plump breasts and slinky hips, complimenting her slender, athletic figure.
"Oh, that's right," Talia said, "you two were there when Stellar was kidnapped! Enhancegirl got taken down by Cybelle, didn't she?"

Sophie hardly needed reminding. Her defeat at Cybelle's hands had been not just a humiliation, but a very public one at that.
"Uh, didn't she, y'know, totally wreck Cybelle afterwards?" Sophie suggested, trying to sound disinterested.
"No, that was Valora," Ella said. Sophie's eye twitched. Valora had indeed come to her rescue that day, but not against Cybelle. Yet she'd still got the credit for beating her. "I wonder what happened to Enhancegirl that night. Some paramedics took her, but no-one knows what happened to her after that." Ella was something of a superheroine fangirl. She liked to be in the know about new heroines, whether certain heroines had teamed up with others, and theorised about which ones could or couldn't defeat the villains du jour. Just before coming over, she'd been in an online debate about whether or not Valora was as strong as Titania, trying to make the others understand that Titania was durable not strong, otherwise that truck Hell Man had thrown at her would never have knocked her so far.

"Okay, okay," Talia said. "Enough superhero talk." She smiled. "So, Sophie...are you going to tell us about your new lady?" Sophie almost snorted her drink through her nose.
"How the hell did you find out about that?" She narrowed her eyes at Kirsten. "I told you not to tell anyone yet!"
"Oh, so it is true!" Ella said. "That's lovely, Sophie." She smiled sweetly. "How long have you been seeing each other?"
"Like...two weeks?" Sophie said. She couldn't believe it had been so little time. The two heroines hadn't really set ground rules: they'd just been enjoying each other too much to think of practicalities yet.
"What's her name?"
"Mariko," Sophie said. The name had a delightful assonance to it as she said it. "We've been friends for about a year, but I only just realised I -" She stopped herself. She hadn't yet talked about it with anyone but Kirsten, and she found herself coming over surprisingly bashful.
"Realised you what?" Talia said, grinning.
"I..." Sophie paused. "Wait a minute, what the fuck do I have to be shy about?" She leaned back, and smiled. "I realised that I'm in love with her." She couldn't quite keep a feminine blush from her cheeks.

The reaction from Sophie's friends was...less than entirely restrained. Talia outright screamed; Ella gasped and covered her hands with her mouth; even Kirsten gave a little cry - she'd known that the redhead had a new girlfriend, but she hadn't known that Sophie was actually in love with her.
"Oh, honey, that's awesome," Talia said, and laughed. "I had no idea you were such a romantic!" Before Sophie could reply, Talia added: "Is she hot?"
"Hey," Sophie said, "I'm not here to get grilled about my awesome, beautiful girlfriend who's waaaay hotter than anyone Talia could get in her wildest dreams -"
"-I'm here to watch some horror flicks and get drunk off my ass." The redhead breathed a sigh of what she realised was relief. She'd almost been concerned that, if brought into the light, what she had with Mariko would suddenly have turned out to be a dream. But it was reality, and nothing could change that. "So let's get the hell on with it!"

"So, what are we watching?" Kirsten said. She had an oddly distracted tone to her voice, as though she were thinking about something else all the time that Sophie had been talking.
"Can we please not watch anything by John Carpenter this time?" Sophie pleaded, too breathless in the aftermath of her confession to notice. "I can only take so much synth." Talia laughed.
"How about Coppola's Dracula?" the lovely master's student suggested.
"Oh, that's even worse!" Sophie retorted instantly. She sat down next to Talia. "Keanu Reeves doing a British accent? 'Oh! Count Drahculah! I'm tohtully, like, English, dude! There is no talent!'"

Eventually, though, the tide turned against Sophie, and the movie was stuck on. About twenty minutes in, between Sophie's jeers, Ella clutched her arms against her chest.
"When did it get so cold?" she said.
"Yeah, it's definitely a little chilly." She moved closer to Kirsten, teasingly rubbing her smooth calf against the Filipina's stocking clad legs. "Feel like warming me up?" Kirsten hit her on the arm.
"I'm not one of your nerdy lab partners!" she said. "Go get one of them to warm you up!"

Slightly irritated by Talia's flirtation, Kirsten hopped up to her feet. "I'm grabbing some more drinks," she said. Then: "What did you say?" The others looked at each other quizzically.
"Um, no-one said anything, Kirsten," Ella said.
"Uh, right," she replied. "Must have been my imagination." She went into the kitchen.
"That was weird," Sophie muttered.
"Yeah, maybe it was a ghooooooooost!" Talia laughed.

As Kirsten grabbed beers from the fridge, she felt very strange indeed. She had heard someone calling her name, very clearly. But the voice hadn't belonged to any of her friends.
"Kirsten..." She snapped round. The voice again, but there was nobody there. "Remember..." Kirsten's eyes widened. A cold wind seemed to surround her body. There was something like dread in her, but she couldn't tell why.

"What?" Kirsten started. She wasn't in the kitchen anymore. She was sitting back in front of the movie, with a cold glass in her hand.
"He said that he wants Keanu to stay for a month," Sophie said, thinking Kirsten was reacting to the movie. "I know, it's dumb. Who would agree to that? 'Oh, sure Count Drahculah, who is totally not obviously evil and has totally not threatened me with a sword, I'll totally stay in your scary castle for a month!'" Kirsten was too confused to listen. One minute she'd been in the kitchen, the next here, with no period in between. Yet she must have done what she intended, because the girls all had beers. She herself, though, was drinking sparkling water. Why? She'd wanted a beer too, hadn't she? And what was that in her hand...?

Sophie looked at Kirsten. There was something very off about her. She too had felt the chill in the kitchen, but then it had vanished. Now Kirsten was looking very confused. What was going on?
"Oooh..." Ella moaned, putting a hand on her temple. "I feel kinda...woozy..."
"Oh come on," Talia said, "there's no way even you would be drunk after two...two...ooh..." Talia's eyelids fluttered. "Hey...this stuff is pretty strong..."
"Not that I think bragging about being able to hold your liquor is anything other than utterly lame," Sophie said, "but I seem to be doing a much better job than you." She tapped her fingernails against the glass from which she drank. It was a favourite brand - local brew of course - and her fetching it had been what made her late in the first place. The others were just drinking whatever they'd had in the house.

"Kirsten," Ella said in a fading voice. "I really don't feel" With a sigh, the corset clad damsel slumped over onto her side. "I...I...ooohh..." she mewed, her eyes fluttering.
"This..." Talia was swaying from side to side. Her arms dropped, and her beer fell out of her hand, spilling what little remained of its contents onto the floor. "Something's...wrong..." She tried to get up, but the caramel-skinned young woman immediately fell forward onto her knees.

Sophie leapt into action, jumping forward and catching Talia before she collapsed entirely.
"Hey, Talia, what's going on?" Sophie said. She held Talia by her arms, the engineer's bouncy, curly hair resting on Sophie's shoulder. She opened her large, moist, brown eyes, looking sleepily up at the red-haired woman holding her.
"Not...not drunk..." she whimpered quietly. " me..."
"Hey Talia, what's -" but before Sophie could even finish, she felt Talia going completely limp in her arms. She sighed, and her eyes closed, slowly but inexorably. The supple mounds of her breasts rose and fell gently, her head fell back, exposing her light-brown neck. She looked lovely in her sudden slumber - but Sophie wasn't paying attention to that.

"Talia? Talia!" She shook her lightly, but all that happened was that the young graduate's head flopped onto Sophie's shoulder. "What the fuck?" Sophie looked up at Ella, and she too was fast asleep, her long legs crossed, but the right gradually sliding from atop the left. To say that Sophie was suspicious would be a stark understatement. She flexed her fingers and arms, checking that she herself was not affected by whatever had taken hold of her friends. Wondering why this was the case, she noticed that both Ella and Talia had been drinking the same beer, while she'd been drinking something else.

"Hey, Kirsten?" she said. "Were you drinking the same crap as -?" It was both a small boon and a great piece of ill luck that Sophie did not happen to have her powers at that moment. It was ill luck because she'd never have let Kirsten get so close if she'd had her heightened awareness. It was a boon because she'd already have started weakening before her friend clamped the drugged cloth over her mouth.

"MMMPHHH!!" Sophie cried out, as she breathed in the all-too-familiar, sickly-sweet smell of chloroform. "WHHMMPGHPPHHH?!" Sophie was still on her knees and Kirsten wasn't letting her get back up. "What's happening?! What the hell is going on?!" She could already feel it. A soft, warm weakness starting as a tingling feeling in her fingers and toes, and spreading through her slender limbs. "What's she doing? Wh...why is she drugging me?!" She looked up at the other two, sleeping soundly: they too, clearly had been drugged - and Sophie's best friend was the culprit. But why?

"Mmmphhh! MMPHH!!" she cried out, summoning all the alertness that she could. She lifted both her arms, trying to pull Kirsten away, but she was growing more and more feeble all the time. She could feel her arms getting heavy, a blanket of drowziness settling over her. Her pale breasts were rising and falling more and more slowly, and more deeply. The cloth was thick and soft, and felt rather nice against her lips. She felt her grip on Kirsten's arm beginning to loosen, felt her eyes begin to flutter.

She couldn't deny that there was a certain pleasure in the sensation of being chloroformed. Feeling herself become so soft and vulnerable, feeling the weakness spreading like warm honey through her body, the tingling as her muscles relaxed, and she drifted off in her captor's arms...

"No!" Sophie was not going to allow herself to be tamed so easily. Reviving her will to fight, she lifted her arms, grabbed onto the cloth itself, and twisted her shoulders, putting Kirsten off balance. When she tried to change her grip, Sophie took advantage, and wriggled out of her grasp, diving forward out of the reach of the drugged cloth.

"Uhhh!" she gasped, breathing air once again. She shook her head, trying to restore herself. She made to stand up, but as she did, her long, bare legs trembled, and gave way. "Ooh..." She'd spent too long under the cloth, and she fell flat on her front. "Shit..." she mumbled. "Have to...get...up...!" She tried to shake away the hazy sleepiness that had taken hold of her, but it wasn't working.

She started desperately crawling away, pulling herself along with her arms - but she just couldn't go fast enough. She felt a hand on her shoulder, felt herself being turned onto her back. She gasped, but not because she'd been caught.
"K...Kirsten!" The half-filipina had a terribly hopeless, distressed look on her face. If Sophie had to describe it, it was just as she might have looked if she'd been hit with a tranquiliser dart, and was just realising that its effects were taking hold of her.

There were an infinity of possibilities. Mesmeredith might somehow have restored her powers. The Sin Eater might have taken control of Kirsten. Some other telepath, or nanite injection, or anything - in Sophie's world, anything was plausible: to be a sceptic about anything was the height of foolishness. The only possibility that was out of the question was that Kirsten was in her right mind.

For that reason, Sophie didn't know what to do - and her mental cloudedness wasn't helping matters either.
" to get a hold of yourself..." Her rather feeble attempt at shaking Kirsten out of whatever it was that was making her behave like this did produce a momentary reaction from Sophie's friend - but it was only momentary. She looked down at Sophie with that same, mournful expression, and the soft cloth descended once again. "No, Kirsten, you - mmh! Nnnnmmphhh..."

If Sophie hadn't already been weakened, the fight would have ended in her favour in about ten seconds - even without her powers she was a capable martial artist...but she was weakened. When the cloth came down over her mouth and nose a second time, she didn't stand a chance of resisting it.

"Mmmhhh...nnnnhhh..." Sophie mewed, batting her arms at Kirsten's, now too groggy even to think about whether what she was doing would actually help. She threw her head from side to side, her wavy, red hair swishing about her, falling into a burnished orange crown as she gradually lost the strength even to move her head. Her long, uncovered legs slid haphazardly about on the ground as she writhed ever more powerlessly beneath her friend. "Nhhh...Khhhrrhsthhhnnhh..." She managed to wrap her fingers around one of her room-mate's arms, but they almost instantly slid off again, as her arm fell back. Both were now too heavy to lift, one falling back, the other resting passively on Sophie's stomach. The fingers of her right hand began to curl as Sophie went ever closer to total unconsciousness.

Sophie's silky thighs rubbed against each other as her struggles faded into slow, languorous wriggles. The whimpers coming from her mouth, now wet with chloroform, were getting quieter and quieter. As her sparkling, green eyes became dull and listless, only then did Sophie realise think about herself. Something had happened to what would happen to Sophie?

Her final thoughts, as her lovely eyes fluttered closed, and her long, pale legs ceased their writhing, was not for Kirsten, Talia, or Ella; not a plaintive plea for her lover to rescue her, or anything like that. It was simply a rather distressed acknowledgement of the fact that, when she awoke, she would in all likelihood be tied up.
"Mmmmhhhh..." she sighed, as she fainted, her head turning to the side as her neck muscles relaxed. Her body surrendered, and Sophie tumbled into drugged sleep.

For a moment, all was quiet. Three lovely young students lay drugged into helpless slumber by the apparent treachery of their friend, making only the very softest of whimpers as they slept. The traitor herself stood completely still, staring down at the women she'd knocked out.

Kirsten had no particular emotion as she looked at the three. All that went through her mind was a kind of wordless acknowledgement of what remained to be done - a telepath like Insyte would have found her mind the same as if she were in a dreamless sleep. She returned to her kitchen, and took from a drawer a thick roll of strong, black duct tape, freshly bought. She returned to the others. Kirsten, unlike her red-haired friend, was not of a particularly...adventurous frame of mind, romantically speaking. She had never tied someone up before - and yet she knew exactly what to do.

She started with Ella. The tall girl was surprisingly light, and Kirsten easily lifted her into a sitting position. She let the brunette flop forward, pulling her cape out of the way, before crossing her arms behind her back. She quickly tore tape from the roll, and wrapped three circuits around the freshman's wrists, binding her arms behind her back.

She pulled Ella back into a sitting position, before turning her attention to her legs. In her translucent stockings, Ella's long limbs looked particularly smooth, and had Kirsten been of a more lustful frame of mind, she would certainly have lingered on them. As it was, she simply pushed Ella's ankles together, and wrapped two layers of tape around them, tying them together. The tape clung easily to her stockings, keeping her long legs trapped. Lastly, Kirsten reached up, and pressed a strip of tape over the brunette's lips, from cheek to cheek, gagging the slim young woman. She didn't offer so much as a whimper in resistance.

Talia was next. When Kirsten had attacked Sophie, the curly-haired beauty she'd been holding had tumbled onto the ground, and was lying in a tangle of her own limbs. Kirsten wasn't very strong, but she nevertheless managed to haul Talia up onto the same couch as Ella. She did the same as before, pushing Talia over so that her soft breasts were resting on her thighs. She took her arms, and as before, bound her wrists quickly, an aggressive tearing sound accompanying Talia's helpless capture.

"Uhhh..." the lovely young woman mewed quietly in her sleep. She wasn't actually coming round, but Kirsten wasn't taking the risk. She forced Talia's elbows together, and wrapped them in tape as well, making sure there was no way the caramel skinned maiden could use her arms. Then, she hoisted Talia back into a sitting position, and pressed tape just under her bosom, before winding it round, affixing her captive's arms to her back. As she was tied up, Talia was shifted this way and that, and her head swayed from side to side, sometimes falling forward, sometimes dropping onto one of her shoulders. Still, her face maintained an expression of complete passivity as she was taped up, chloroform having rendered the feisty, licentious girl just as tame as Ella.

Talia didn't feel as Kirsten took hold of her warm, bare thighs, forcing them against each other, before lifting them slightly to wind tape underneath them - then round, and round, ever more tightly cinching her smooth limbs together. Her smooth, shapely calves were next to be inextricably pressed together, as Kirsten taped her slim ankles together.

The young, curvy damsel was now silent, but Kirsten still felt the need to make certain she would stay that way. She pressed a strip of tape over her lips, and then two more, the last two forming an 'x' that sealed her voice. This done, she let go of Talia, who fell softly against Ella's shoulder, the two sleeping captives seeming to seek comfort in each other.

This only left Sophie.
"Uh!" Kirsten gasped, just before she began the process of capturing her as well. " did I get here?" Her body shook - again, it was as if time had just...skipped forward. She saw her friend lying limp and defeated on the floor, and she almost screamed.
"What's happening?!" For a moment she was afraid that whoever had captured her friends might do the same to her in short order, but when she felt the roll of tape in her own hand, a horror fell over her. "I...I did this?!"
"Of course you did..." Kirsten heard a slow, lulling voice in her ear. At the same time, a sharp chill permeated her body.
"Who...who's there?" Kirsten said. Yet even as she asked this, the athletic student felt a strange somnolence permeating her body and mind.
"You know who it sweet puppet..."

Kirsten felt hands on her back, holding her gently. She looked over her shoulder, but she couldn't see anyone. "Unhh..." she mewed, as the cold, but somehow comforting hands - hands which she knew were not there - began running up and down her back. She could suddenly feel her heartbeat very acutely, particularly in her neck.
"Take them...take them for me, my beautiful would please me so very much..."
"Y...yes..." Kirsten's eyes closed. When they opened again, they were blank, and dull. She looked down at Sophie, and no longer saw her friend. She simply saw the next task in her list.

She turned the sleeping redhead over, her arms flopping loosely to her sides, her legs inadvertently crossing. Kirsten crossed her arms behind her, before encircling Sophie's forearms in tape, completely covering her soft skin from her wrists to her elbows. She made sure that the pale damsel wouldn't be able to squirm free, before wrapping three or four circuits just below Sophie's ribs, trapping her arms in place.

"Nnh..." Sophie whimpered softly, as she was turned over. Her soft, red hair fell against her bare shoulders, the black tape binding her upper body a stark contrast with her creamy skin. Even in her bondage - perhaps because of it - she looked lovely. Kirsten straightened out her old friend's legs, left entirely bare by her short dress. With her flat shoes and high hemline, not only was every inch of her warm thighs and shapely calves exposed, but she had an almost girlish charm to her, her body looking nubile and supple.

Whether Kirsten noticed this or not could not be determined, but she certainly had her hands on Sophie's naked legs in very short order. She pressed them firmly together, before trapping them with tape, wrapping at least ten circuits around Sophie's calves, completely covering them from her ankles right to the bottom of her knees.

"Unnhh..." Sophie mewed, shifting her bare shoulders a little in her sleep.
"Sophie?" Kirsten started, startled reaching out in concern for her friend. But by the time her hand reached her, she was no longer anything but her captor. Making sure that the redhead was fully subdued, she took again the damp cloth she'd use to capture her in the first place, and pressed it over Sophie's mouth and nose.

For a moment, nothing happened. But after a few moments, Sophie's gorgeous, taped-up body began shifting slowly.
"Mmmmhhh...nnnmmmhhh..." the maiden whimpered softly, as she was forced into an even deeper, darker slumber. Her body undulated in useless resistance, before going completely still. She hadn't been able to fight in any significant way, and now she was bound, just as she'd feared: despite her powers, and her experience as a fighter, she hadn't really been any more difficult to capture than Ella or Talia - a damsel in distress, just like the others. And, as if to mark her as such, Kirsten lifted Sophie's head, and - brushing her wavy, red hair out of the way - wrapped tape over her mouth, and around the back of her head. A second, then a third circuit of the sticky plastic ensured that even if she'd been screaming for rescue, Sophie would be thoroughly muzzled.

"No!" Kirsten shrieked. Returning to her senses, she saw that Sophie was now bound as well, a damp cloth lying next to her, and that roll of tape weighing significantly less now than it had before. "I don't understand! What the fuck is going on?!" She was about to run to get her phone, dial 911, but something stopped her. She felt cold.
"My love...why do you continue to play false?" Every word hit Kirsten like a gong three inches from her ear, yet also made her whole body tingle with an almost pleasant chill. She was afraid, yet strangely relaxed at the same time. "Was it hard, my sweet girl? I'm so very sorry...why don't you rest now?"

Kirsten looked down. She'd left the drugged cloth next to Sophie, still moist with the chloroform she'd soaked it with. She picked it up. Kirsten didn't...think, exactly, but she knew what it was that she needed to do. Sitting with an almost prim neatness next to Ella and Talia, she placed the wet cloth on the arm next to her. She then drew her legs up, and quickly encircled her own ankles in tape, binding her legs, before placing her feet back on the floor.

It was a little awkward binding her own wrists, even in front of her.. Kirsten had to take hold of the roll with her teeth, after sticking some tape to her left wrist. She had to wind the tape round her very slowly to avoid dropping it, while also making a sort of rolling motion with her arms. It took four or five minutes until Kirsten was satisfied that she was sufficiently bound. Lastly, she pressed a small rectangle of tape over her own lips, calmly sealing her own voice.

That being done, she reached over with her bound hands, taking the cloth in her fingers, before pressing it over her own mouth and nose.
"Mmmhh...mmmhhhphhh..." she sighed, quite contentedly. She could feel her vision growing hazier, her body growing softer and more pliable. Her toned, fishnet-clad legs rubbed against each other, but she wasn't resisting. She was allowing herself to be drawn ever deeper into drugged slumber. Her shoulders sagged, her hands trembled. Partly because she could no longer hold onto the cloth, and partly out of weakness, Kirsten flopped back against the couch, letting the cloth lie over her mouth, allowing her hands to flop onto her lap.

She sat there for about a minute and a half, growing more and more numb, her slender legs eventually becoming totally still, her head drooping. The cloth slipped off, falling onto the couch. But even without the continual dose of the narcotising drug, Kirsten was now firmly under its control. Her eyes felt heavy, and she was making no attempt at fighting in any case. She was sitting very close to Talia, and the lovely young woman's sensual warmth was so very inviting. Kirsten shuffled a little closer with the last of her strength, letting her head come to rest on Talia's shoulder. A moment later, she was soundly asleep.

There they lay, undisturbed for quite some time, the four lovely, taped-up young women. Only the very softest, quietest moans from behind their gagged lips could be heard. The three on the couch rested limply against each other, while the drugged superheroine lay defeated at their feet. Yet despite her repose, there was parity of helplessness between them. Even Kirsten was just as much a captive as the others now.

It was only once all four of them were completely unconscious that the lights began to dim. It was so gradual that only Enhancegirl herself would have noticed it at first, but after a while it was almost too dark to see. There was a shriek of wind at the windows, rattling them fiercely. They seemed almost as if they would burst, as a slow coldness crept into the dark room, as if set free by the dying of the light. But when the windows did open, it was not with a crash or shattering of glass. They slowly, deliberately, allowed the night air within.

Something else entered as well. It was...not quite formless, yet not quite with shape. Something akin to a walking heat shimmer entered the cozy dorm room. It glided through the room until it came upon the four sleeping maidens. A sound came from it - if it was a voice, then it was a very distorted one. It seemed to settle over the four, as the last of the lights completely died.

"Mmmhhh...?" Ella whimpered. Just as it went pitch black, her catlike eyes happened to open slightly: she was taller than the others, and had drunk the least beer, so proportionately she'd received a much smaller dose of the drug than Talia had. "Whhmph?" She was not awake long enough even to register that she was bound. She was only awake enough to see a pair of burning orange eyes, and a smile which was just a little to be human. "Mmmhh!"

Whether it was that the drug claimed her after all, whether it was that she fainted from shock, or whether it was something else entirely could not with certainty be determined - but a few seconds after her eyes opened, they fell shut once again. A few seconds after that, the room was plunged into absolute darkness. When the lights eventually switched back on, the room was completely empty...

"Mmmhhh...! Nnnnnmmmphhh!" When Sophie awoke, she was met with a chorus of gagged whimpers - indeed, that was what had stirred her awake in the first place.
"Mmmhh...?" the redhead moaned weakly. Her vision was swimming, her body felt heavy, and she was very confused. The events were mixing in her head. "Kirsten was looking at me...desperate...then I got captured...uhh..." She shook her head, trying to get her mind clear. She felt that she was sitting - she could remember that she'd been on the floor when she was drugged, so she knew that she'd been moved. She looked to her right, and saw Talia and Ella, bound in silver tape, writhing and moaning, their eyes wet with fear and helplessness as they saw themselves and their friends captives.

"No, not captured," Sophie thought, as her vision became clearer. "We've been kidnapped!" Indeed, they were no longer in the same place. Sophie looked around, and found herself in a...well, the word 'room' did not quite seem to cover it. It was a huge, lush chamber, like something straight out of a medieval painting. There were faded paintings on the wall, with thick golden frames. The room was lit, if Sophie's eyes were not mistaken - and they rarely were - by gaslight. It was dim at best, and Sophie could barely see. She tried to move - and found that she was bound hand and foot in sticky duct tape. "Oh, I do love being right, don't I..."

"Smm-phhh!" Talia was the first to notice that Sophie was awake. "Smm-phhh whhhdhhff hhphhnhhghh?" The caramel skinned damsel looked terribly frightened. Her mascara was a little smudged with tears, her cheeks were flush with the vain effort of her struggles against her bonds. Sophie certainly had more experience with this sort of situation, but she had no words of comfort to offer - and not just because she was gagged.

It was an extremely alarming situation, besides the simple fact of Sophie and her friends' capture. It didn't seem likely that Sophie and her friends had been targeted by chance. Sophie felt a twinge of guilt at the possibility that her double life had led the others into danger - though of course, in this town, anything was possible.

What was most perplexing, and most worrying, was that it had been Kirsten who had actually subdued them. The art history student was conspicuous by her absence. Only Talia, Sophie and Ella - who was practically trembling with fear - were there.
"Mmhhggmph!" Sophie called out, trying to get Talia's attention. She turned her back to her friend, and shook her taped-up arms. "Chn yhh rhhphh mhh hhrrmff?" she said, trying to communicate despite her sticky impediment.
"Hh thhng shh..." Talia replied. She tried to focus on doing something practical - it would stop her being so afraid at any rate. She turned as well, and tried to get her hands to Sophie's. The redhead was tied in such a way that her hands were virtually useless.

As Talia fumbled at the tape keeping Sophie restrained, she considered for a moment having Talia just remove her gag instead, then turning her powers on. She didn't dismiss this immediately, but she did in the end dismiss it. Her secret was not more important than her friends' safety, but there was no guarantee that, with her powers, she'd be able to free herself. Besides, it was still possible that her captors didn't know about Enhancegirl: if they found out, that could cause more problems than her powers would solve.

Ella watched as her two friends struggled to free each other, and noted with some dismay that she was much more lightly restrained than they, yet she felt utterly powerless, while they fought to escape.
" this what it's like to be tied up?" she thought, her cheeks reddening slightly. Fairly frequent were the nights where Ella had imagined what it might feel like to be someone's captive. She'd read interviews with superheroines who'd talked about being captured. She remembered the report of a heroine named Falcona, who'd been describing how she'd first met her husband, the hero Caduceus, after he'd rescued her from the clutches of the No Law Gang: "It was awful - they'd bundled me up from head to toe in ropes, and all I could do was lie there and writhe around. I felt so embarrassed, all wrapped up like that..but I must confess, when Caduceus turned up all bloodied and battered to save me - well, I felt a little like a princess." Ella had been in company when she'd first read that; she'd had to excuse herself.

Yet now, Ella was having a taste of that experience herself, of being a captive. While she was hardly bundled up from head to toe, she still felt the acute shame and embarrassment of her helplessness. Her heart pounded from the fear, the humiliation of being stolen away against her will...yet she wondered if it was only fear making her heart thump.

As for Talia and Sophie, they were not making a great deal of headway. Talia's fingers were nimble, what with her being an engineer, but they were also shaky, and working blind. She just couldn't find where the tape's end was, and it was too thick to just tear. In fact, her struggles were in vain. The end of the tape, which she could have pulled on to begin unwinding it, was stuck between Sophie's arms and her back, and was therefore inaccessible. But before that became obvious, something else stopped them.

A large, ornately decorated door began to creak. The very sound of it reverberated through the three captives, and made them stop what they were doing. A chill began to creep into the air, and even a hint of fog.
"What's...what's going on?" Talia thought. "I feel...weird..."
"Something's...something feels really wrong," Sophie thought. "I my heart's getting colder." Sophie had seen quite enough strangeness for her next thought not to be an irrational leap of logic: "The person who caught us...they're not a normal human." Under other circumstances, she might have made a wisecrack about the frequency of her perils at the hands of superpowered maniacs - but something was chilling the humour out of her.

The door opened fully, and a beautiful young woman entered in a long, dark grey dress, done in an almost Regency style: silky, feminine, low cut and shoulder-baring, but in a fashion that suggested an almost royal elegance. The young woman herself was lovely, her light brown hair done up in a very fetching manner, her face impeccably made up, her lightly tanned skin looking smooth, caressable even. Her brown eyes were half-closed, and she moved strangely, almost robotically.

Indeed, this was Kirsten - and it was quite clear, instantly, that she was no mastermind.
"It''s like she's been brainwashed!" Even to Talia and Ella - though it was Talia who actually vocalised the thought - it seemed the only explanation for the bizarre behaviour of their sweet, reliable friend. In fact, both of them immediately thought of Hypnotra, the woman who'd taken control of the Indigo Titan. The only reason that Sophie didn't think of her is because, unlike Talia and Ella, she knew that Hypnotra's powers had been destroyed.
"Krrffthhnn?" Sophie called out. "Can she even hear us?" If she could, she wasn't reacting. She didn't seem to be doing anything at all. She was just standing there. She turned her head to the door, and the others' eyes followed her.

Before she entered, the captives knew she was coming. It was not that the room got colder, more that the chill that was there already seemed to wind itself around them. Each maiden felt a particular coldness around their throats. For this reason, they were not startled exactly when the tall, slender, impossibly pale woman entered - but their fear certainly grew.

There was a sharp, confident tap each time her heeled boots thumped against the wooden floor. Other than that, a strange silence seemed to emanate from her, choking sound, and dulling the low light. She was dressed very, very strangely, in a sort of ruffled, red and mauve ensemble that was an oddly appropriate counterpart to Kirsten's outfit - the Lord to her Lady, perhaps. Her hair, dyed a deliberately artificial white as if to mimic a Georgian wig, was done in a long ponytail. White hair, deathly white skin - it all made her eyes burn all the more terribly, bright amber, like molten metal. She smiled at them, a long, slow smile.

They saw them. They all saw them, but none of them were willing to believe.
"Are...are those?"
", no, no, there's weird and then there's just bullshit!" Sophie gaped. "She's...but...there's no such thing!" She gaped. "I don't give a fuck what day of the year it is, there's no such thing!"

"Oh, Kirsten, my sweet..." the woman said. She spoke strangely, pronouncing Kirsten's name 'Keer-sten'. "They're so very lovely..." She approached the three bound maidens, putting her hands to her mouth. "Oh my word!" She spoke with a disturbing level of passion. She came closer, seeming to glide rather than walk, a light cloak of fog surrounding her.

"Such treasures..." She leaned in, and stroked Ella's cheek with her index finger.
"Mmmph! Mmmphh!" Ella mewed, her eyes going wide as saucers. "Sh...she's touching me!" She expected the woman's touch to be as icy as the fog surrounding her...but it wasn't. It was warm. Ella blushed, and turned away.
"So tall and supple as a sycamore..." She stroked Ella again, this time with the back of her hand. Ella felt a strange doziness begin to take hold of her, all the stranger because it vanished the instant the woman took her hand away.

"And this one," the woman said, resting her hands on Talia's bare, light-brown thighs. "Such easy soft..."
"Mmmgghhmphh!" Talia complained. "Don't you talk to me like that you -" She too felt that strange warmth spreading from her silky legs up throughout her body. She shook her head in wordless protest - more like a plea, really - for her captor not to feel her up, but when she met those burning eyes, she just couldn't look away. " pretty..." She shook her head. "What? What the hell was that? What just happened to me?" Her captor smiled with an almost girlish cheekiness, and winked, before taking her hands off Talia's legs. As she did, the odd feeling went away - but Talia felt as if she'd somehow become weaker.

When the woman reached Sophie, the redhead had prepared herself in advance. She would not be petulant, or 'feisty', or childishly defiant. She would look her captor in the face, and she would not be cowed, even if she was physically helpless.
"I've faced weirder than you," she thought. "I've faced worse than you. I'm not going to be intimidated by some pasty freak with a hard on for historical re-enactment!"

And indeed, Sophie was not intimidated. But her captor did not seem to be trying to intimidate her. She knelt down in front of her, their eyes almost exactly level.
"Such a rare nubile..." She reached out for Sophie's pale legs, but the redhead kicked out. Her captor caught her by the calves, however, and didn't even seem to register Sophie's attempted attack. "Such long, smooth legs..." She ran her hand over Sophie's taped up calves, up to her creamy thighs. "Oh? I feel...these thighs have been caressed many times in the last few days." She leaned closer, and sniffed, a long, slow inhale.

"Let me see..." She moved higher up Sophie's body, smelling her carefully, with a disturbing intimacy. "Yes...a lover...I smell her all over you." She smiled. "I'm so happy that this century has more or less escaped that ludicrous homosexuality hang-up...only the human race would choose to deny itself so much...pleasure." She looked Sophie in the eye. "I smell pleasure all over you, young lover."

Sophie had not been prepared for this. " she bullshitting or...can she actually tell?" She felt very exposed all of a sudden, and not just because of her skimpy outfit. Indeed, she had spent the last few days wrapped in Mariko's arms whenever she'd had an instant to spare. It was nothing that she was ashamed of...but it was private. It undercut her attempt at strength, so that when her captor turned her head aside and smelt her slender neck, she not only failed to be defiant - she outright whimpered.

"So...unhhh..." the woman moaned. "Gods above, you're...mmm..." Her hands gently, almost tenderly stroked Sophie's bare, white shoulders and the upper part of her chest. Sophie assumed that her hand would reach down towards her bosom, but she seemed much more interested in her shoulders and her throat. "So delicious...oh!" She drew back, and to Sophie's astonishment, she saw tears streaming down her face. "Oh, providence has been truly kind to me this day!" She clutched her hands to her heart. "Such beauty...such pristine femininity..." She looked towards Kirsten. "Thank you, my wonderful puppet," she said, beckoning her over.

As Kirsten came closer, the woman swept her into her arms, and kissed her with an earnest passion. Were it not for the fact that Kirsten herself had that strange look in her eye, of helpless desperation, it would have looked like a perfectly genuine kiss.
"I can't read her," Sophie thought. "Is she deranged, or is this some kind of act to freak us out?"
"I know I ask much of you, my sweet puppet," she said. "But you must know how...difficult it is for one like me to move about in the world. Had you not come into my life..." She stroked Kirsten's face. "I love you, Kirsten."

"What the hell is wrong with her?" Talia thought. " this real? This has got to be a nightmare...even real supervillains aren't this messed up in the head..." Their captor turned, and Kirsten turned with her. By sheer chance, she happened to look right at Talia. "Oh, baby," Talia thought, "what's she done to you?" Kirsten saw Talia's look of pity, and it stirred something inside her.
"I...I..." she murmured, as her eyes regained their customary brightness. "He - HELP MEEE!!" she screamed. "Please, please help me! She controls me...drai - MMPHH!!"

With mantis-like speed, their captor's hand snapped over Kirsten's mouth.
"Nmmmphhh! NNMMMPHH!!" Kirsten whimpered, and her body twitched, as though it was trying and failing to move. Her moans were met by the moans of her friends, and they began writhing desperately, agonised at seeing Kirsten in such anguish.
"Lllhhdd hhrr ghhh, yhhh fhhkk!!" Sophie growled.
"Quiet!" the woman hissed, baring her fangs. "This won't do, this won't do at all..." She pulled Kirsten in close, forcefully this time. "My puppet..." She put her hand around Kirsten's neck, and for a moment the others were afraid she'd throttle her, but her grip was quite soft. " still..."
"No!" Her eyes fell shut. The moment they did, she was back under her master's spell.

"Nnnnmmphhh...nnnmmphhh..." Ella mewed. There was nothing remotely enticing about this. Her cheeks were wet with tears as she saw Kirsten brought back under the woman's control. Talia too was distraught, though she had just a little more self-control. Only Sophie realised the good in what they'd just seen.
"Her control...she's nowhere near as powerful as Mesmeredith. Either it can be shaken off, or she has to recharge it." She was suddenly filled with pride for her friend. "She's fighting...she's still fighting. Who knows how long it's been...but she isn't giving up." She regretted that it was only in desperate times that one saw people's true resilience, but she was glad to have seen Kirsten's. "I'll save you, okay? I'm not going to let you be this freak's...plaything!"

"Oh, how uncouth...I do apologise, my beautiful young guests," the woman said. "This really isn't observing the proper forms, is it? I -" She froze, a look of horror coming over her. "Oh my! I - I haven't introduced myself!" She stood to attention, before offering a low bow.
"I am Erin Kastellas, of the seventy-seventh generation. I bid you welcome to my home, honoured guests."

The three stared blankly at Erin. If she'd been trying to impress them, it hadn't worked - but it had calmed them down by sheer mystification at their captor's continued oddness. Now that they were less worked up, Erin looked right at them, her burnished orange eyes open strangely wide.

"My dear ones," she said, her voice taking on a slow, deliberate ponderousness. "Forgive me for bringing you here so...forcefully...but I'm in such desperate need of company, you see." She smiled at them, again showing those fangs, fangs which suggested so much that simply could not be. "You must be so tired..."

And the three found that, as soon as she said this, they did begin to feel tired. Their angry or frightened whimpers became softer, more subdued.
"So tired...wouldn't it be good to rest...just for a little while?"
"She's right..." Ella thought. "So tired...I...can just rest..."
"Nmmph!" Sophie growled, startling the others, and breaking the reveries. "Come on, is it that hard to figure out what she's doing? Oh, man, I know this is their first rodeo, but when someone starts talking to you about how 'tired you must be' they're trying to -"

Sophie's thought was interrupted, when she realised that Erin was looking straight at her.
"My creamy-skinned young lover..." she said, her orange eyes burning into Sophie's. "So fierce...a flame as bright as the red of your hair..."
"Mmmphh! Nnngrrhhmphh!" Sophie complained, trying to break the stare, but finding herself incapable of so doing.
"It must be so exhausting...don't you want to be quenched sometimes?"
"Mmmhh...nnhhh..." the redhead whimpered, but she realised with dismay that she was falling under Erin's spell. "!"
"So fierce...but so soft...mmm...just like a slinky little cat on a summer's day...hhmmm..." She was speaking with a very deliberate rhythm, and Sophie found herself caught in it, like ocean waves lapping against her. "So warm, and sleepy...wouldn't you like to curl up"
"Mmmhhh..." Sophie mewed. "Drop...right! God damn it I can't...can't...can't let...this...oohh..." She found those eyes again, which seemed to swirl in an infinite spiral, forcing her will to dissipate.
"I'm sure your lover would look after you, wouldn't she? You could put your head in her it against her thighs as she strokes your hair..."
"Mmmhhhhhh..." the redhead sighed, beginning to sway like a leaf, but never breaking Erin's gaze. "So...sleepy...but I had something...didn't I?"

Erin walked closer, and knelt down just in front of Sophie, continuing to stare.
"Imagine...imagine yourself...swooning. Your legs buckle, fall out from under you. You become hot... your eyelids flutter...the whole world seems to be sinking away. You fall...and she catches you..."
"Mhh..." Sophie was now imagining this very distinctly. Imagining herself growing weak, sleepy and limp, imagining Mariko's slender, arms catching her by her shoulders. "Mmmm...I'd...I'd be so vulnerable..."
"She'd lift you up into her arms, protecting you, holding you...oh, she's holding you just like a bride! 'It's alright,' she whispers. 'Just sleep, my love...I'll protect you...just sleep.'"
" that okay, Mariko?" Sophie thought, imagining hands on her thighs, imagining her head resting against her beautiful girlfriend, who held her so tenderly, so lovingly. "I...I like it when you...take care of me, sweetie...I'll just...ooohhhhh...I'll just sleep..." With these last thoughts, Sophie slumped to the side, completely unconscious.

"Shhphhh!" Talia gasped. She shuffled against her, trying to shake her awake, but it wasn't working. "Mph?" Startled by a cold shiver that ran up her spine, she turned around - and found herself caught by a pair of bright, amber eyes.
"Mmmhhh..." Next to Talia, the tall, delicate freshman was also being quickly entranced. "So bright..." she thought - though the word 'thought' was perhaps giving Ella a little too much credit. Her thinly covered legs shifted against each other, but only slightly. Talia was struggling a little more forcefully, but she was slowly sinking into the same level of passivity as Ella.

"Such sweet young ladies," Erin said. "Such softness...such tender, maidenly affection between warm..." Indeed, the damsels, as they writhed slowly next to each other, could feel an inviting warmth from the other. It was not a lustful warmth - not exactly, anyway. As their bare shoulders inadvertently stroked, they felt a great wave of comfort, like a light, but soothing blanket being laid over them. "There we are...feeling so calm, tired..." Erina drew out the last word almost like a yawn.
" so...sleepy..." Talia felt her eyelids drooping. She tried to look away, but she couldn't. She felt Sophie fall even more closely against her, the redhead entirely defeated. Talia had no idea that Sophie Scott was also the heroine Enhancegirl, but somehow she felt that, with Sophie having been subdued, they were all defenceless.

Ella, for her part, just stared into her captor's eyes. She had given up the notion of resistance almost from the moment she'd realised she was bound, and she allowed herself to sink into the slumber into which she'd been invited. The tall, willowy maiden could feel her thoughts slowing, her body getting still. She didn't try to stop it: she was already helpless - why bother fighting?

"Fall back, my loves," Erin said, quivering with pleasure as she watched the two damsels fall under her spell. "It's so easy..."
" easy..." the two repeated in their minds.
"Your eyelids...getting so's just impossible to keep them open..."
"So heavy..." they thought. They were no longer just shifting around involuntarily, they were actively settling against each other, Talia resting her head on Ella's shoulder.
"That's're both so soft..."
"Soft..." the two maidens thought, feeling each other's skin, their legs now touching as well. It was perilously relaxing, and they had no way of escaping the sensation.

Erin knew that she had the pair on the very edge of unconsciousness. Smiling to herself with acute satisfaction, she thought just how lucky she was to have such fine young ladies in her company. But there were...formalities to observe before she could enjoy them fully.
"Now, my dear ones," she said, never once having blinked since she'd started addressing them, "you'v earned your rest, I think." Whatever sounds there had been in the room, other than her voice, they vanished as she said the final world which sealed their fates:

"Mhhhh..." With a mew, and a sigh, Talia and Ella were subsumed in Erin's hypnotic gaze, and surrendered their consciousness, dropping into slumber like dew from a leaf. All three were now fast asleep. Erin observed them for a little while, watched the slow, somnolent undulations of their breasts as they breathed, the way their hair brushed against each other's shoulders. Struck by the beauty of the tableaux she'd created, she almost regretted breaking it. Almost.

Coming right up to her captives with two long strides, she took Talia and Ella by the backs of their necks, and lifted them up to their feet. This was done confidently, but not roughly, and took more strength than it looked like Erin possessed. She ran her hand down their backs, allowing their heads to flop forward. When her hands reached their legs, she gingerly stroked the tops of their thighs, before seizing them by their waists, and throwing them both over her shoulders.

The two captives flopped helplessly where they were placed, their contrasting figures - one willowy, one curvy - equally passive and limp over Erin's body. She gripped them tightly, keeping them securely in her grasp, though the thought of harming even one square centimetre of their skin was abhorrent to their captor. She began carrying the two limp maidens away, the door of the chamber swinging open as she approached it.
"Kirsten, my sweet? Bring the other, would you?" She didn't need an answer to know that Kirsten would obey.

The gorgeous Filipina did as she was commanded, moving over to Sophie and, taking her by her shoulders, lifting the slinky redhead up to her feet.
"Mghmphh..." Sophie whimpered softly, her head falling back, exposing her delicate throat. Kirsten kept one arm on the green-eyed damsel's torso, while another slid down to the backs of her legs. A skilled tennis player, Kirsten did not have a remotely muscular figure, but she was quite strong, and she was taller than her friend. For this reason, it was not overly difficult to lift Sophie straight up into her arms.

For a moment, Sophie dangled there, her legs completely exposed as her dress slid down, her head falling limply back. She looked so delicate and fragile, an abducted, hypnotised young beauty, entirely powerless before her bizarre captor's machinations. Yet she did not fear as she was carried away - her kidnapper had not wanted her to. As Kirsten, the poor girl just as much a captive as the other three, carried her away, Sophie was dreaming of something quite different, prompted both by what Kirsten was doing, and by how she'd been hypnotised:

She imagined herself scooped up into Mariko's arms, carried easily, feeling feminine and cared for as she was taken wherever her lover desired. In the real world, she blushed, as in her dream she noticed that she was dressed in a long, white dress...
"Mmmphhh..." she sighed, sweetly. Yet her romantic, even saccharine fantasy merely kept her tame and subdued, as she was stolen away into the same darkness that had claimed the others. Erin was not finished with her yet...
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Re: The Perils of Enhancegirl Halloween Special: A Vampire's Kiss

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Such sweet scenes of erotic capture! Nice.
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Re: The Perils of Enhancegirl Halloween Special: A Vampire's Kiss

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"Mmmhhh...mmmphhh?" When Sophie awoke, it was in a very confused state indeed. Her memories were mixed up: the last thing she recalled was nestling in Mariko's arms...but she also remembered full well that she had been captured. For just one brief moment, she thought that she might have been rescued, but that thought lasted less than a second. She could feel that she was bound, still: no-one had come for her.

Yet as she felt that she was still trussed up, she realised that it was not in the same way as before. Looking down, she saw that the tape had been replaced with ropes: soft, white cords twisted round her torso in a kind of harness above and beneath her breasts, her arms folded together behind her, her forearms and wrists pressed back-to-back in a complex network of ropes binding her forearms to each other, to her upper arms, and to her torso. Even her thumbs were tied together.
"God damn it!" she thought. She couldn't move her arms at all. She could feel, though, that her legs were no longer tied at all. She looked down to check this - and cried out in a mixture of shock and anger.

She was no longer in her gold, imitation-Enhancegirl dress. Someone - and she had a pretty decent idea of who that was - had undressed her, and stuffed her into what Sophie realised was, actually, a beautiful dress. It was deep red, satin, and sumptuously soft. Its slightly puffed sleeves came up right to the very edges of her shoulders, and its neckline dipped just enough to see the tops of Sophie's breasts. It went right down to her ankles, but there was a long, wide slit up both sides, so one could see Sophie's long, creamy legs very easily, despite the elegance of her outfit.
"I bet this is the most expensive thing I've ever worn, too..."

She found herself sitting in a cushioned chair, again of the same antiquated design as the rest of Erin's abode. She looked around for her friends, and sure enough, sitting across from her, she saw Ella and Talia sitting next to each other. They too had been bound in ropes, albeit a little more simply: Talia's arms were trapped behind her back by multiple coils of cord wrapped around her midriff, while Ella's were just tied together at the wrists.

Both of them were still unconscious, and they too had been re-dressed. Ella was clad in a long, figure hugging black dress with a single strap over one shoulder, its 'skirt' translucent, so her legs were still faintly visible. Talia was in a very tight, corset-like, black-and-gold dress which emphasised her bust very prominently, and left her arms and shoulders entirely uncovered.

All three of them were gagged with smooth, silky cloths over their mouths, sealing their lips, but doing so in a disturbingly comfortable manner.
"Mhh?" Sophie looked around. The light was still dim, but the three captives seemed to be in a long corridor, near to a tall door. "She just left us here..." She looked down again at her unbound legs. "I could just run...maybe find something to get this gag off..." She stood up, and almost tripped over, as she found that she'd been placed into a pair of very tall red heels. "Oh, that fucking helps..."

Before she began her search in earnest, she again wondered about the nature of her captor. That pallor, and those long fangs...
"No. There's no such thing," she repeated. She tried to focus on what she actually knew about this Erin. "She's got some kinda mind control power on Kirsten...but it's not the same as what she did to us. That was more like something an actual hypnotist could do..." She clicked her tongue. It was a frustrating mystery. She looked down the gloomy corridor, and began walking, having to be quite careful. She could see barely ten feet in front of her. She glanced over her shoulder at the others, feeling a little guilty for leaving them, but aware that to stay with them wouldn't offer them any greater protection.

She went forward for a little while, the dress stroking her skin with every step, her eyes constantly scanning around for something she could ungag or even untie herself with.
"Unnphh!" She writhed her arms - they'd never quite been tied like this before, and Sophie was embarrassed that even now her captors were still finding new ways to keep her helpless.

She walked for about a minute before she saw another source of light. She increased her pace, and hurried towards it - and then stopped dead.
"Whhmphh?!" She was looking down at two sleeping, tied up young women: Talia and Ella. " the fuck?!" She looked back over her shoulder. "That's not possible!" She started back in the other direction, more quickly this time. Again, she found another source of light after a while - and again she found Talia and Ella in front of her. "I don't this hallway a circle?" Yet that didn't seem possible either: the circuit would have to be much, much longer to pretend convincingly that it was a straight line. It seemed that this was something in Enhancegirl's realm: the realm of the impossible.

Yet even then, it was hard to explain. Sophie had never heard of anyone who could bend space in such a way. There were almost an infinity of different supernatural powers that people in the world possessed - yet there were two fundamental elements that no-one, not even men as powerful as the Titan, seemed able to control: time and space. But if Erin was an exception to that rule...
" do I fight someone like that?" She didn't know what to do. She suddenly felt a chill, and not because of Erin appearing. The possibility that this woman was what she appeared to be, and that she had the kind of power it seemed like she had made Sophie feel powerless - small.

Rather humbly, Sophie returned to her chair. She suddenly felt a renewed sense of how embarrassing it was to be captive and bound, and she blushed, crossing her long legs. She looked at the others, who still slept against each other. "I'm just as helpless as they are..." she thought.

Whether this was true or not, Sophie sat there for some time before anything changed. The first was that Ella began to wake up, though unlike Sophie, she did not snap quickly into discomfited alertness. She seemed oddly blank, as if she was still entranced. She stared forward, her eyes half open. A few minutes later, Talia awoke too.

"Mmmhhhphh..." she sighed. Again, she seemed very dazed, sleepy and unfocused as she woke up. She didn't even bother taking her head from Ella's shoulder.
"They're still hypnotised..." she thought. Perhaps she was not quite as helpless as they were after all: Sophie reminded herself that, when she'd been brought under the control of Mesmeredith, she herself had been able to break free of that control. Perhaps, naturally, her mind was not quite so easy to ensnare. Not that it did her much good in her present state, of course.

The door opened. Erin walked through, flanked by Kirsten. She no longer had that strange fearful look in her eyes, but a very calm, relaxed expression. Her cheeks were slightly flushed, and her skin, where it was on show, seemed moist with sweat.
"Follow me, my loves," Erin said softly. Talia and Ella instantly obeyed, rising to their feet. Instinctively, Sophie did the same, and she affected the same blank, sleepy expression as the others. It wasn't as if she was immune to Erin's hypnotism - there was no reason to prompt her to apply another dose.

"Thank you for being so patient, my loves," Erin said, as she beckoned them into the next room. "But everything had to be properly prepared." Sophie found herself brought into a huge, white room, as large in itself as a decently sized house. The floor was hard, white wood, the walls were stark white, with columnar embellishments embedded into them. Above them, a vast crystal chandelier of a truly bizarre, fragmented design - it was the only thing Sophie had seen so far that didn't fit the affectation of old-world style. It looked like something you could have found in MOMA.

The damsels were brought into the centre of the room. Erin turned, to address them, her orange eyes seeming brighter than before.
"Oh, my!" she gasped. "Don't you all look...sumptuous?" She touched her chest. "So enthrallingly lovely..." she said, and smiled, again delighting in showing her long, sharp fangs. "But I digress. I welcome you to the evening's chief entertainment...our very own private ball!" She sighed. "I've not had such beautiful companions for...oh, decades!"

She gestured to Kirsten. The hypnotised damsel walked slowly over to Sophie, and put her arm around her waist.
"Krrffthhnn..." Sophie mewed quietly. Seeing her up close like this, with that somnolent look in her eyes was extremely distressing. Sophie wished she could shake her out of it somehow, but there was no way of doing that that she could see.

Erin herself approached the other two girls, gently resting her hands on their shoulders.
"Dear me," she sighed, "if only I'd had another guest..." She stroked her chin. "I suppose this will have to do..." She closed her eyes, and put her hands together. Her eyebrows furrowed, and she took on a look of intense concentration. A dark aura appeared around her, growing in intensity.

"Mmmphh?" Sophie mewed, very perturbed by what she was seeing. The darkness swirling around her captor began to separate from her, taking on a kind of shape. It was a rough cylinder at first, but it began to alter. More and more dark energy continued to be fed into this thing, and it gradually began to morph itself into a humanoid shape.

This, however, was not what Sophie was most disturbed by, as bizarre as it was. It was a sense of...familiarity. As the dark energy flowed out of Erin's hands, as her creation began to take a distinctly human form, Sophie only felt that she'd seen something like this before.

But before she could think of what that was, the dark energy coalesced fully into the form of a woman - a shadow Erin.
"There," Erin said. She fell back a step or two. The process had clearly been quite taxing, and she had to compose herself. This too was useful information for Sophie: it didn't look like it would be practical for her to create one of these things in a fight.

That being said, the shadow-Erin did not need to be directed to obey its master's will. It went up to Talia, and put its arms around her in the same way that Kirsten had done to Sophie. Taking a breath, Erin now took the tall brunette who'd been so easy to entrance, and she found her just as soft and delicate as she looked.
"And now, my dears...we can begin..."

Sophie could hardly hear it at first, but slowly, the sound of pipes began to rise in the huge hall. They played a sprightly, jolly little rondo, but it echoed terribly in the cavernous expanse, taking only an ethereal, ghostly quality.
"Mph!" Sophie, still feigning being entranced, had to stifle her cry, as Kirsten swung her to the right, then took her two steps forward, then back, and so on. The 'ball' had begun.

"Mmhh..." With her arms bound, and wearing such tall heels, it was not so easy to stay in step for the slender redhead, but she was more controlled than anything else. Kirsten spun her to and fro, her dress twirling about her waist, and completely exposing Sophie's long, creamy legs.

She happened to catch sight of Talia and Ella, and if it were not for the fact that they were standing, she'd have thought they were paralysed. They fell limply from side to side, being swung this way and that, their helpless sways forming a strangely aesthetic effect when taken together. As the three bound maidens were tossed in the waves of their captivity, a part of Sophie realised that the sight was strangely...beautiful.

"Mh!" Sophie found herself released, and she fell into the waiting arms of the shadow Erin, while the real one took hold of Talia. Ella was taken by Kirsten, and her greater height only made her look all the more feeble and helpless as the gagged, bound maiden was spun around by her friend.

Erin didn't just dance with Talia - she positively cradled her in her arms, smelling her neck and her light-brown shoulders, running her hands through her bouncy curls, and pressing Talia's ample chest against her own. The humorous, confident girl was reduced to a passive plaything in Erin's arms...a puppet.

As for Sophie, it was a thoroughly disturbing experience being embraced and danced with by the shadow-Erin. It didn't feel like being touched - and wherever its hands rested, Sophie felt cold. If this was meant to be enticing in any way, as Erin seemed to intend, Sophie didn't get it. She looked at the thing, and it had hollows where its eyes should have been...and yet they stared right at Sophie. Right into her. For a moment, the redhead wished she really was entranced.

For how long exactly this all went on, Sophie became decreasingly sure. There was a kind of gently hypnotic effect to the very dance itself, the swirling, the music, the ringing of each note off the hard walls: it drew one into its rhythm until it felt completely inexorable. Sophie almost didn't realise when the hollows of the facsimile were replaced by the burning orange of her captor's eyes.

When she did realise, however, her heart skipped a beat. This was the first time that Erin had actually touched her, and it did not feel as it had felt to Talia and Ella. To Sophie, it felt like someone pouring liquid nitrogen into her blood.
"Mmmh...mmmhh..." She whimpered. She was wrong. Every inch of her was wrong: her skin tone, her voice, her movements, her voice, her fangs - it was all wrong.

"There's no need to hide your alarm," Erin said. As she spoke, Sophie seemed unable to perceive anything around her but her captor, and the feeling of her own powerlessness. "I know that you're not entranced."
"You were wandering through my castle, my love...and nothing happens in my castle of which I am not aware...which I do not control..."
"Castle...? Where the hell are we?"

Erin spoke much, much more directly now. The theatricality was gone from her voice. "Certain people are a little more...resistant. Your friend was like that, actually," she said, smiling. "So resistant...when I first found her it took only the briefest of glances to draw her into a trance and take her back to my home...but she kept coming out of it. Always so afraid when she awoke, but so courageous...I admire that so very much. I had to take much more...drastic measures, of course."

"So I was right," Sophie thought. "What she did to's not the same as what she did to the rest of us." Her powers seemed frightening - forms out of shadows, mind-control, spatial manipulation...but there were limits. She was using them sparingly, as if drawing on a limited wellspring of power. If Sophie could force her to draw too deeply, somehow, then she could defeat her. "She's not...she's not...that. She's just a powerful superhuman..."

Erin drew Sophie close, and slowly, teasingly traced the lines of her clavicles, back and forth from one side to the other.
"Mhhph!" Sophie protested, feeling an instinctive aversion to having the woman's hands on her bare skin.
"Ssshhh, my love," she said. "Don't fight. You're one of my honoured guests, now."

Sophie failed in any way to heed this advice, and drove her right knee towards Erin's stomach. However, without so much as breaking her gaze, Erin caught her thigh, stopping her attack - and then drawing her in close, as if dancing the tango with her, holding Sophie's thigh against her side.
"Ooh..." she moaned, "such smooth skin...such perfect suppleness..." She smiled very, very slowly. "I'm going to enjoy this so very much, my love." There they were again, those fangs - and Sophie could no longer deny the fear that was in her heart:

This was not just any superpowered woman, no ordinary captor who had Sophie bound and gagged, with her hand squeezing and stroking her thigh. She looked again into those eyes, saw the glint of her too-sharp smile. They seemed to dare her: "Say it. Go on, Sophie, say it."
"Vhmmphhrr..." she whimpered: "Vampire..."

"I see you understand, sweet girl," Erin said. "I am what you say I am..." Sophie's eyes widened, and she tried to recoil, but Erin kept her grip, and held her even closer, her rapidly rising and falling breasts now pressing against Erin's - which Sophie had only just noticed weren't rising at all. "Don't be afraid, though," she said. "Look at your beautiful Kirsten..." Sophie did so. "Look at her neck." For a moment, Sophie didn't get the point - until she realised that, as far as she could see, it was unharmed. "So you see, sweet..." she thought for a moment. "Sophie. Yes, Sophie...I wouldn't do something as...disgusting as drinking your blood." She leaned in close, right up to Sophie's ear. She whispered: "It's far, far worse than that..."

She let go of Sophie's leg, and took her by the waist instead, pulling her in as tightly as she could. She was no Valora, but she felt significantly stronger than a normal woman of her build, so 'as tightly as she could' really was rather tightly. She ran her free hand up Sophie's shoulders, lingering on her neck, and then going up the back of her head. She ran her hands slowly through Sophie's wavy, red hair - then seized it tight and yanked her head to one side.

"MMPH!" Sophie cried out. A shadow crept over her, and she felt herself trembling. "She's not real...she can't be real...there's no such things as vampires!" She tried to fight back, but Erin was just holding her too firmly. Her mouth descended to Sophie's neck, and she expected any moment to feel two sharp pinpricks in her throat.

But, instead, she just felt a pair of cold lips pressing against her quivering neck.
"Mmm..." Erin sighed, as she kissed Sophie in the same spot, again, and again, sending a strange tingling through her captive.
"Mmphh! Nnmmphh!" Sophie moaned, but she was helpless to stop it.
"Just as I thought," she said, "you taste so sweet..." Her lips descended again, and this time they stayed firmly against her skin. It was a strange sensation, no longer exactly like being kissed.

Sophie tried again to get away, but was no stronger than before. Or rather, no, that was not quite the whole truth.
"I'm getting weaker!" She could feel it - her strength was flowing out of her body. "Mmmphhh! NNNMPHHHH!!" she cried out, writhing desperately while it was still possible for her to do so. Her body was tingling, a sense of lightness - even weightlessness - flowing through her. She felt her pretty knees shaking, her bare, writhing shoulders growing still.

"Mphh...mnnphh..." Sophie mewed, her eyelids briefly fluttering. "Have to fight...f-figure out some way" She couldn't focus. Her white arms were no longer capable of thrashing, only vainly wiggling. It wasn't like being drugged - she didn't feel sleepy, exactly. She just felt...lessened. Her physical strength was being drained away, drunk away by her captor. And her mental fortitude as well...she felt an increasing sense of her wits, her intelligence being dulled. "Can't...think..." Trying to plan, even just to analyse what was happening to her was like swimming through tar.

And of course, with every moment that her captor drank from her, her body grew more and more feeble. Her legs quivered.
"Mmh!" Sophie gasped through her gag as she felt Erin's teeth at her neck - she suddenly felt terribly fragile. The vampire bit, but did not break her skin. Sophie quivered, feeling like a gazelle in the jaws of a tigress, still alive, but utterly helpless. With her strength, and those fangs, Erin could certainly have taken Sophie's life in that instant...yet she merely took her strength.

"Mmmhh! Mmmphhh...nnnhhh..." Sophie felt the muscles in her neck and shoulders relaxing, yielding to the sensation of her ever-growing weakness. Her energy was being taken from her in waves, and with each wave her slender, feminine body undulated sensuously, her long, pale legs shifting weakly against each other. She could almost imagine herself on the copy of some ghastly pulp magazine: the beautiful, captive redhead, blushing in the grip of an immortal seductress...yet as silly as this idea was, she felt as if she really had sunk to the level of a such a character. She'd not once been able to fight back, not even been able to use her powers. She was a victim, a damsel in distress, and nothing more.

With her unbound legs, Sophie tried one last time to summon the strength to kick out at Erin. But her actions were worse than futile - she appeared as if she'd just rubbed her leg against her captor's out of desire, so slow and weak were her movements. But Erin didn't even seem to notice. She just drank, and drank, her orange eyes growing even brighter under her eyelids.

"Aaaahhh!" she broke away with a sharp gasp of pleasure. She seized Sophie by her naked shoulders, holding her gaze, somnolent and confused as it was. " so delicious..." Her eyes were wide, her chest heaving as she struggled to contain herself. She gripped Sophie tightly, running her tongue over her teeth as she stared into her. "Such energy...I've never tasted anything like it..." Her lips curled as she bore her fangs again. "So...succulent..." she said, as she took Sophie by the waist, and began fondling her breasts with her other hand, kneading her captive's soft, supple bosom with her fingers, delighting in the firm, youthful bounce of them.

"Mmphh...nnmmphh..." Sophie mewed in vain protest, though she was so drowzy that she couldn't even vocalise an objection in her mind, just whimper and shuffle her legs, which would have been too feeble to support her if Erin hadn't been holding her. "So...weak..." she thought. " do I...unnhhh..." Erin lightened her grip for just a moment, and Sophie's knees buckled. She began to collapse to the ground, though she was quickly caught. Her head had fallen against Erin's chest, and the vampire again took her by the hair, pulling her back up.

"Mmhh...nmmphhh..." Sophie whimpered, looking plaintively into Erin's burning orange eyes. She saw the lust - or perhaps 'hunger' was the better word - felt her captors fingers tighten, felt her being pressed with an intimate closeness into Erin's body. Sophie blushed. "What's...she going do with me...?"

"I had no idea," Erin said, her voice trembling. "I had no idea that I'd find such an...exquisite dish among Kirsten's friends. You are all so beautiful, each equally pristine jewels...but there's something special about you." She raised one of her hands, and snapped her fingers. At that very moment, the music stopped.

The other three - four, if you counted the shade - stopped dead. The music itself had had a gentle, cajoling effect on their trances, keeping them firmly within their captor's power. When it ceased, so did they. Kirsten's arms fell from Talia, and the shade that had held the lovely Ella faded away. There was a second of silence - and then the three maidens collapsed onto their knees, before tumbling onto the floor. They landed in crumpled heaps, Talia and Kirsten rather beautifully entwined, with Kirsten's face resting peacefully on the soft, warm bosom of her friend. Ella lay alone, but with such perfect straightness that it was almost as though she had been posed like that.

"No..." Sophie thought, seeing her friends fall. She had, it must be confessed, been thinking mostly of what Erin was doing to her personally as her strength was drained, but the hero in her didn't take long to remember the others. "Have...have to save them..." Her mind was hazy, and unfocused, and she could barely remember where she was. "Nnhngm...nnghngm..." She'd been trying to say her changeword, 'enhance', her mind so clouded that she'd forgotten that her gag prevented her from doing so. "Mmh?" She felt Erin's hands moving down to her waist. One stopped there, but the other travelled down to her thighs, sliding into one of her dress' slits, and feeling her bare skin.

"I must...I must have more...I must have you!" Erin gasped, gripped by a sudden frenzy. She quickly lifted Sophie, the hand on her waist all she needed to do this, and then hurled her over her shoulder.
"Mph!" the weakened redhead squeaked, thrown over her captor with such force that she bounced several times off Erin's back. As she came to rest, Sophie found herself draped over the vampire, her long, pale legs clutched and squeezed, her tight behind very prominent in her humiliating pose. Indeed, as Erin began carrying her away, she felt the vampire reach under her dress and squeeze her ass, feeling her firm, delectably proportioned body as Sophie lay, powerless, in her control. Sophie blushed again, no longer even able to writhe. She was almost limp.

As Erin carried her away, caressing her smooth legs, Sophie could feel her captor's hands trembling. It might have been excitement, but it was a little too intense even for that. Sophie wasn't paying that much attention, though. All her remaining mental acuity was devoted to her friends.
"Hypnotised...have to...get them out...Kirsten...Kirsten I'll save you, I..." She couldn't even finish the thought, couldn't think how she'd do it, couldn't think of a strategy. She was aware of this incapacity, of her physical weakness too, and she bemoaned it silently: it was as if Erin had been drinking away her heroism itself. She couldn't do anything to help her friends - or herself. "Mmmhh..." she mewed, almost tearfully, as Erin took her back through the high door, and the others fell out of sight.

As Erin carried Sophie through the dark corridor, she felt the weight of her, the warmth of her lovely body as she hung, as if suspended in the air, over her. It gave Erin great pleasure to know that, despite the bound, gagged damsel's slight resistance to the lingering effects of hypnosis, she was still drained and helpless. She had drunk deep of the sweet redhead...and she would drink even deeper.

Unlike when Sophie had attempted escape, the corridor did not stretch out infinitely before her. It wasn't even very long. Still, Erin walked slowly, relishing the feeling of Sophie's slender form draped over her. Eventually, however, she came to another door, and brought her red-haired captive inside.

It was a bed-chamber. A plush, four-poster bed lay inside, thick with pillows and heavy blankets. There was a small fire in one corner, making the room so warm that it was almost uncomfortable. Despite the low, flickering flames, though, the room was as dimly lit as the rest of the 'castle'. A warm, smothering darkness was settling over everything, wrapping around Sophie's body as surely as the ropes binding her.

The redhead was laid down on the bed, slowly, her captor allowing her to slide gradually from her hands, enjoying every moment that her hands lingered on Sophie's skin. When Sophie was lying on the bed, she was allowed to stay undisturbed for a few moments. She shuffled weakly, her legs rubbing slowly against each other, her eyelids batting as sleep attempted to claim her.

Yet Erin could not contain herself for long. She leapt onto the bed, and grabbed both of Sophie's upper arms, pulling her up towards her. She sniffed her neck, and then - grinning - she licked it, running her tongue from Sophie's left shoulder, right the way up to the line of her jaw. Sophie whimpered, and shivered.

"So sweet tasting...your lover is a very fortunate woman," Erin laughed. "Perhaps I will have you bring her here, as lovely Kirsten brought you and your dear companions..." She lay next to Sophie, teasingly running one finger down her captive's bare legs. "Wouldn't that be delightful? For you and your dear one to dance forever in my hall?"
"Nhh...nhhh..." Sophie mewed. " can't have her..." With the pitiful amount of strength left to her, Sophie tried again to resume her struggles, but she could barely find the energy to whimper, much less to fight.
"Still resistant, sweet Sophie?" Erin said. "I'm surprised...but I'm sure I can convince you." With a flash of white, Erin bared her fangs, seized her muzzled captive, and bit down into her neck.

"Mmph!" Sophie gasped, feeling her slender, white neck violated by Erin's fangs. Gripped by her hunger for what was within the gorgeous damsel, Erin had forgotten all restraint. She did not need to do this, but it gave her pleasure to embrace the misconception about her kind. She began to drink - not of Sophie's blood, though she tasted the hot droplets that trickled into her mouth with delight - but of all that remained of her energy.

"Mmhh...mmmhh..." Sophie felt the pain in her neck dull almost immediately. Her senses were smothered, her vision growing dark, her hearing insensitive - only her touch was heightened, and she felt everything that Erin did. Her hands danced over Sophie's body, feeling the subtle contours of her curves, the smoothness of her limbs. She squeezed Sophie's thighs, so soft and vulnerable to her touches, her captive a near-perfect combination of innocence and sexuality all rolled into one. Sophie felt it too: her youth and maidenly vulnerability compared to this...predator, and also her feminine charm, which made her so enticing to anyone who cared to take her captive.

She was now so weak that it almost felt as though she were floating, like she would simply fly out of her own body at any given moment. But, alas, she stayed firmly within its confines, just sinking deeper and deeper into Erin's power.
" weak..." she thought. "Why...why can't she just...just knock me out...not make me feel...feel...ooohh..." She felt her energy pulse out of her, her body pulsing in response, her cheeks flushing, her thighs shifting against each other.

"Mmmmhhh!" Erin moaned, as she drank deeper and deeper, her own body filling with bright, radiant force. "Such brightness...such strength...I must have more...more...more!" She gripped Sophie's legs, pulling it up and grinding against Sophie's body as she took her strength, her body trembling as Sophie's became still. "So"

Then, quite suddenly, Erin stopped. She withdrew her fangs, and pulled back. She looked down at her shaking hands, felt her eyes unnaturally wide, even for her.
"There really is something special about you, isn't there?" she said. "Her energy...something addictive about it. I must be careful." She reached down, and started stroking Sophie's face. "Please forgive me, my love," she said. "I admit, I was...very carried away. It shan't happen again."
"Mmmhh?" Sophie mewed, confused. "Why...did she stop? Was I not...good...?" Utterly dazed, Sophie fell back against the pillows. "So warm..." she thought, her drained body now far too weak to maintain her consciousness. "So...tired...I..." There were no more words to her thought. As soon as she closed her eyes, she had completely passed out.

Erin smiled as she watched the lovely maiden faint. The look of weakened, sensual distress in her face was more than perfect: she'd longed for such sumptuous prey.
"And yet..." Something still disturbed her. She'd felt...compelled to do so. She wondered if Sophie was one of 'them' - but even if she were, that wouldn't explain it. Erin had drunk from superpowered women before, and it always felt intense...but not like this. The matter bore further study. Her intent had been to spirit her captives back, none the wiser as to their night's dalliance, ready to be plucked again at any moment of Erin's choosing...but not this time. This time she would keep them, until she fully understood the mystery of Sophie Scott.

"Mmmhhh...what?" Talia muttered, as her pretty, tawny eyes began opening. She had only a very hazy idea of what had happened to her the previous night. She'd been captured, a strange woman had stared into her eyes, and then...she couldn't remember. The flirty post-grad was terribly perturbed by the whole thing. She was one of those people for whom the existence of superheroes had never been a particular interest - there were merely one of the stranger features of an already strange world. But now, to be kidnapped by someone who was right out of the pages of a fairy was disturbing. Only now did she realise how much the existence of the 'extra-normal' offended her sense of how the world ought to be. Trying to shake off these thoughts, she attempted to sit up - but realised that she couldn't. She looked down, and cried out in helpless distress.

She was bound in cords of soft, white rope, and not just bound - covered. She was, from her ankles to just beneath her warm shoulders, completely mummified in ropes. Her arms were inextricably pressed against her sides, her moist legs trapped against each other.
"Unnhh!" she moaned, wriggling desperately in the mesh of cord that bound her, but she could barely twitch below her neck. "Help!" she cried out. "Please! Someone help me!"

Her cries did not, as she vainly hoped, summon any aid to her. They did, however, stir the young woman on her right.
"T-Talia...?" came Ella's nervous voice. Talia looked to the side, and indeed saw the tall, delicate brunette, her eyes wet. "Talia - I...I thought I was having a nightmare...but it's real..." She shuffled her shoulders a little, but wasn't really trying to get free - for she too was mummified in cord. "I can't move...and - and I think I'm..." She blushed, brightly. "I think I'm...naked under here..."
"What? You're -" Talia, to her shock, realised that this was true of her as well. With every wriggle, she felt the cords rubbing against her curvy body. For Talia, her beauty and sexuality had always been sources of confidence. Having them used against her was a source of great distress.

"Why is she doing this to us? Who is she? What is she?" Ella asked.
"I don't know...but we have to try to get away," Talia said, trying to steel her resolve.
"How?" Ella replied, sadly. "Look at us, Talia...all tied up like this - we're completely helpless."
"Th-that's..." Talia tried to think of a reply, to tell Ella that she was being defeatist...but she couldn't muster up the strength of will. "She's right," the curvy damsel thought. "We are helpless...I guess we just have to hope a superhero comes to save us, or something." She'd idly fantasised once about being rescued from danger by Imperion - probably every girl in Seacouver had at one point or another - but that idle fantasy now turned into a very sharp, desperate hope.

Not that Talia knew it, but not twenty feet from her, in an adjacent room, there was a superhero. However, she was not at that moment in much of a position to help anyone.
"Sophie? Sophie, please wake up!" The redhead heard a very familiar voice cajoling her. Her eyelids gently, slowly opened, and she found herself looking up at an unfamiliar stone ceiling. She knew that she was a captive; she remembered perfectly well that Erin had drained her, and could still feel the bite marks on her neck. Yet it took her quite some time to register any alarm at any of these facts. She felt slow, her mind wrapped in a thick fog. And, as she gained the perspicacity to look at her surroundings more closely, she saw that her body was wrapped in something else entirely.

Her lovely, pale shoulders were bare, as her were her soft feet - but everything between them was completely covered in thick, silvery chains. They were tightly wound around her, squeezing her warm thighs, her calves, cold against her flat midriff, her breasts, trapping her arms against her sides with inexorable tightness. The chains themselves were looped multiple times around her, coiled and almost knotted up into a complex mesh that would have given Harry Houdini trouble. Sophie wondered if she'd ever been tied up quite this securely before. The metal was cold against her skin, and she felt terribly powerless.

"Sophie, are you okay?" The redhead slowly turned her head to the side, and saw Kirsten lying next to her. She too was bound, though like Talia and Ella, she'd been wrapped up in ropes, rather than chains. "Say something!"
"I'm okay..." Sophie said at last. "What...what about you?"
"I'm not hurt...she never hurts me..." Kirsten closed her eyes, but Sophie could see tears welling up.
"Kirsten, what do you mean 'never'? long has this been going on?"

Sophie's friend breathed out sharply.
"I think...I think it's been about two weeks...every night she brings me here, and then in the morning I - I forget..."
"Jesus-fuck, Kirsten!" Sophie didn't have anything else to say. While she'd been spending the happiest fortnight of her life with her new girlfriend, Kirsten had been been serially abducted - her friend, her roommate had been captured again and again under her very nose - and she hadn't noticed a thing. "I'm - I'm so sorry..."
"You don't...have to apologise." She shifted uncomfortably. Both captive damsels had realised that they, too had been stripped naked before being wrapped in their bonds, but neither wanted to mention this to the other.

"Wait a minute," Kirsten said. "I'm the one who has to apologise to you!" She looked at Sophie with wide eyes, her long, golden-brown hair swishing about her as she shook her head. "You wouldn't be here if I hadn't let her do this...if I hadn't let her control me..."
"Kirsten, come on," Sophie replied. "It wasn't your fault." The words, though perfectly true, sounded a little lame, and Sophie knew it.
"It doesn't matter!" Kirsten was awash with shame; humiliation that she'd been used against her friends so easily, that she'd been made into this woman's puppet. "I can't get away...and now she has all of you too...there's nothing I can do..."
"That's not true, Kirsten," Sophie tried to inch closer, but she really could hardly move in the slightest.

Kirsten gave a bitter laugh. "Look at us, Sophie...we're all tied up...she can hypnotise us, she can make us weak...we're totally helpless." She had, alas, come to the same conclusion that Ella and Talia had - but Sophie would not permit herself to do the same.
"Hey, fucking listen to me for a second." She turned her sparkling, emerald eyes onto her old friend, cutting through her mental fog. Sophie's profanity took Kirsten slightly off guard, and she did, indeed, listen.

"You know I was...until really recently there was someone I thought I was completely powerless against. Someone who used me when it suited her, someone who tried to make me - weak. She tried to make me think that all I was was her...possession." Thinking about Rachel still boiled Sophie's blood, and if her hands had not been pressed so firmly against her hips, she would have been clenching both fists.
"Sophie, that's -"
"I know it's not the same. Of course it's not the same. There, I was being an idiot - a total fucking moron, actually. This...Kirsten, this isn't your fault. Not any of it. My point is, when someone tries, really goes out of their way to make you think you're helpless - sometimes it's to hide their own weakness. Put it this way, Kirsten - if we're so powerless, if she's so invincible...why would she bother tying us up?"
"She probably just, like, gets off on it."
"Maybe - maybe not, right? C'mon, girl, fucking work with me here!" Kirsten smiled, despite herself.
"Okay, then," she replied, "well what do we do, then?" Sophie thought for a moment.
"Start by telling me everything you know about her."

Kirsten, in the end, didn't know much, but it was something. She knew that Erin had only ever appeared to her at night, for one thing.
"So maybe she's weaker during the day - maybe even defenceless. I guess that makes sense if she is what she says she is..." Another thing was that, when she'd drained Kirsten's energy, she hadn't reacted in the way she had to Sophie's. From Kirsten, it had been like a meal - from Sophie, it was more like she'd been taking a drug. What Sophie could do with that information, though, she was not so sure.

Lastly, Kirsten confirmed for Sophie what she'd suspected before: she could hypnotise people, but much in the same way that an actual hypnotist could. That is, she couldn't force someone to do something utterly against their character, or self-destructive. What she'd done to force Kirsten to drug and help to kidnap her own friends had been something different, something which had - from the way Kirsten described it - taken a lot of power.
"Thank you Kirsten," Sophie said. Erin was a bizarre, fearful opponent - but she was not invincible. "This is good...this is really good."
"I don't get it, Sofe," Kirsten said. "I mean, yeah, it's good we know that, are we, like, gonna use any of it?"

Sophie chose her next words very carefully.
"Kirsten...I have a way to get out of these chains. It'll take me a while...but I'm pretty sure I could do it. They're tight, but my limbs aren't entangled. I can move enough. But not like this."
"I don't get it."
"I -" Sophie breathed in very heavily. "There's something I've kept from you, Kirsten. I..." She swallowed. This was the first time she'd chosen to reveal this to someone. "I'm...I'm Enhancegirl."

There was a long silence. Sophie was rather surprised, however, when Kirsten began laughing.
"I fucking knew it! I fucking knew you were a cape!" She laughed. "Something's been so different about you this past year...all the sneaking out, missing classes -"
"Hey, you've missed more than I have! What's your excuse?" Sophie found she was laughing as well.
"Wow, I'm a fucking - I've seen Enhancegirl on TV! That little interview she - you - gave after the Supremacist thing? How the fuck did I not figure it out sooner?"
"Uh, because I'm, like, a master of disguise."
"Are you, fuck! That little mask barely covers anything!"
"Aaaand yet you didn't recognise me. Q.E-fucking-D." The two laughed again.

"Sophie, why the hell didn't you just tell me?" Kirsten asked.
"The usual reasons, right?" Sophie said. "Anyone who knows is potentially in danger - and it's dangerous for me too, right? Though, frankly, given the mess we're in now, clearly it wouldn't have fucking mattered. Erin has no idea who I am."
"And yet here we are."
"Right? I have the worst luck with this shit, let me tell you."
"This is so awesome!" Kirsten laughed. For the moment, the two had forgotten that they were captives in the lair of a vampire. They were old friends gossiping to each other.

"So, do you, like, hang out with any other superheroes? Oh em gee, do you know Spectra? She's totally fabulous."
"" Sophie blushed brightly, and looked away. Kirsten suddenly remembered the way Sophie had described her current partner: tall, slender... and Japanese.
"Wait a Spectra your new girlfriend?!"
"Hey, I didn't say that!" But it was too late. Kirsten squealed.
"What the actual fuck, Sophie? I can let it slide that you, like, didn't tell me about the superhero thing, but how dare you keep such a juicy piece of gossip from me?" Sophie didn't answer. She had not intended to reveal that...but she had never been a good liar. "Say, maybe she can come save us!"

At this, Sophie balked. She was perfectly willing to accept that Mariko was the more powerful of the two of them. She even liked the idea in a way...but she did not and would never accept the idea that she needed Spectra to help her. She would not permit herself to countenance that way of thinking.
"I'm going to save us," she said. "Okay?"
"Okay," Kirsten said. She was a little surprised at Sophie's insistent response to what had been meant as a joke, but she believed her. "Of course she's a superhero...of course she had to be larger than life..."
"Right then...Enhance!"

There was a bright flash. When it subsided, the only visible difference in Sophie was a red domino mask over her eyes, and silver boots on her feet - her gold dress was covered entirely by the chains. And yet it was not the only difference. Kirsten saw Sophie's eyes change, saw them become a hundred times as intense, a dagger-like sharpness entering them.
"Okay," Sophie - Enhancegirl - said. "Let's get started..."

Before making any serious attempt at writhing free, Enhancegirl began feeling exactly which parts of the chain were tangled with which, where she could - in fact, move slightly, and where she was truly stuck fast. She discovered, to her chagrin, that her bonds really were incredibly restrictive. It could have taken her hours to wriggle free. And yet, Enhancegirl realised, she was holding herself back. She breathed, allowed herself to relax a little, and let her body think for itself.

This was not quite an accurate description, but with her powers active, Sophie had recently discovered that her entire nervous system acted like it was part of her brain, immediately accessible to her consciousness. This meant that her hands, her legs, her chest, each was absorbing information and reacting to its environs much, much faster than if everything had to be relayed back to Sophie's brain. It still felt like Sophie was in control of her body...but the means of that control felt vastly more efficient.

For this reason, while headway was slow, it was also happening in all places at once. Within five minutes, Kirsten saw the first glint of Sophie's dress above the chains.
"Holy crap, you're actually doing it!" Kirsten gasped.
"Shush!" Sophie hissed. "Sorry...I just need to concentrate."

Indeed, the further Sophie was able to wriggle herself, the more confident she became in its eventual success. However, it was still not easy simpliciter. Her progress was frustratingly slow, and as she began to wriggle her breasts free of the mesh of chains as well. For a moment she thought it wouldn't be possible to get free - but by pushing all the air out of her lungs, and pulling her shoulders as tightly towards herself as she could, she managed to get just enough wiggle room to pull herself free. From there, her powers were unnecessary - anyone could have wriggled out with enough effort.

"Ugh!" Sophie groaned as she kicked the last of the chains off her feet, and stood up. Kirsten saw her flexing her fingers and legs to ensure their strength, lightly tossing her red hair out of her face and using her vastly magnified senses to scan her immediate environment. She looked feminine and more than attractive in her tight, short dress...but she looked every inch the hero. Kirsten smiled warmly. She suddenly felt a great deal safer.
"Talia and Ella are in the room next to us," Sophie said. She knelt down, and started untying Kirsten as well. "I'm going to go after Erin. Try to get out - but I don't think you'll be able to until I defeat her. I tried to escape before, but it was like this place wasn't letting me." As the ropes began to be unwound, she realised that Kirsten was still naked. "Oh, right, sorry..." She looked around, and saw that the girls' clothes had been neatly folded in a corner. Once Kirsten was untied, Sophie turned around, and let her dress in peace.

Kirsten felt a little awkward dressing again in the outfit her vampiric captor had chosen for her, but it was better than nudity. Sophie was already beginning to leave.
"Hey wait!" Kirsten called out. "What if the door to Ella and Talia's room is locked?"
"It isn't."
"How do you know?" Sophie turned to look at her.
"The same way I know that you got bit by a termite six days ago. You can't hide anything from me."
"Hey, Enhancegirl," Kirsten said.
"I totally believe in you, okay?" Sophie smiled, and was about to leave, but turned around to say something.

"Y'know the person I was talking about before? The one I thought I was defenceless against?"
"Yeah," Kirsten replied.
" were the first one to make me realise something was wrong with it. You helped me Kirsten - so this isn't me swooping in from the fucking clouds to save you, okay? I'm paying you back."
"Then do me a favour, Sophie," Kirsten said.
"Knock her fucking teeth out."
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Re: The Perils of Enhancegirl Halloween Special: A Vampire's Kiss

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(Sorry about the wait! Enjoy!)

Erin did not sleep, exactly. When she sequestered herself away during the daylight hours, she did not totally lose awareness of what was going on around her. But it was an unconscious, instinctive awareness, not true wakefulness in any sense. As such, though a concern began to creep through her as a gold-clad, flame-haired heroine approached her chamber, she was not exactly...cognisant.

Enhancegirl knew what she was expecting, of course. She tried not to expect it, reminding herself that, just because vampires were real, that did not mean that they would confirm to mythic expectations. But as she scanned the castle, she couldn't stop herself from looking for a coffin.

Perhaps it was best that, while she did not exactly find a coffin, she found a large, thick iron box, so thick that even her senses found it hard to pierce. But she could vaguely see the outline of a human figure inside, and so had made her way to the chamber containing it. When she entered, she found herself in total blackness. The corridors had been lowly lit, suggesting to Sophie that Erin - despite thriving in darkness - still needed it to see. This, however, was utter pitch. But if Erin needed light, then Sophie had an advantage over her. She'd learned not only to use her other senses to move about in darkness, but as her powers had increased, she'd even gained the capacity to use exotic radiation to form a kind of sight.

She approached the, carefully. The room was otherwise featureless, and she was confident that, if there were a trap, she'd detect it. The only danger lay within the box itself. She got closer and closer, gingerly, every muscle coiled, like a cat about to pounce.
"You're here, then."

Sophie froze. One might have expected a dramatic creak as the box began to open, but Erin clearly kept its hinges well-oiled. The effect was that the box opened, and the vampire emerged with a disturbing silence.
"I see now," she said. "You are something special."

Enhancegirl backed off a couple of steps. With her heightened senses, she now took a closer look at her enemy. She had the shape, the organs of a human...but everything was wrong. She didn't breathe, for one thing, though her heart still gave erratic - vestigial? - twitches. She seemed different from before, as well. The lustre in her eyes was diminished, and she did not move with the same flowing, quicksilver ease as before.

"I take it you're weaker during the day, right?" Enhancegirl said. Erin didn't answer. "I don't actually need you to tell me. My name is Enhancegirl - and there's nothing I don't see." She grinned. "For instance, I see that you didn't actually come to grab us yourself. You had to force Kirsten into doing your dirty work." She brought her arms up, and arched one foot, putting herself in a kickboxing stance. "You're not all that powerful."

"My dear Sophie," Erin said, taking an odd stance of her own. "I never claimed to be invincible, or anything of the sort. Those of my kind don't last long if we aren't subtle. There are dozens of ways I might be destroyed, or overpowered, especially by the...stranger sort of mortal." She grinned. "However, my sweet girl...I don't think you are capable of any of them." She glared at Sophie, opening her eyes wide. "I can see...I can see your nerves are aflame..."

Sophie withdrew slightly. Erin was, at least in part, like her - she too had enhanced senses.
"I would never dream," the vampire said, "of bringing the least harm to one so achingly lovely...but I will defend myself. And if we come to blows," she continued, seeming to find the idea inherently distasteful, "then I will -"

What she would or would not do was left mysterious, for Sophie did not allow her to finish. She launched herself forward like a cork out of a shaken champagne bottle, and before Erin could react, delivered a devastating shot to her jaw.
"Gyyaakhh!" Erin cried out, hurled to the floor. "Such - such speed!" She managed to get up, and just about steady herself, but Enhancegirl was on her. She leapt forward, planning to put Erin off guard with some rapid punches to keep her on the defensive, but mid-air, she kicked off the side of the box Erin had emerged from. Her body had sensed an opportunity for a better attack, and Sophie allowed herself to submit to the idea.

Approaching Erin from an unexpected angle, she thrust her knee forward, connecting with a devastating crack to the same spot she'd punched before.
"Uuakkhhh!" Erin staggered backwards, and Sophie noted with a vicious satisfaction that Erin's jaw was broken. She pressed the attack.
"That is what happens," Enhancegirl said, punching Erin in the stomach, "when you mess with a superhero." Erin tried to punch her, and Sophie easily dodged, spinning baletically round her and kicking her in the back, sending her tumbling over. "This is what happens," Sophie said, "when you mess with my friends." Erin tried to rise, and Sophie stamped on her back. She hit the ground, groaning. "And this is also what happens," Sophie said, smirking, "when you fuck with Enhancegirl."

She stood over her fallen foe, clenching and unclenching her fist. She breathed heavily, but not from exhaustion. She had a sense of relief, and for a moment she wasn't sure why. Then it came to her - when she'd saved Mariko from the clutches of Ricardo Hosenfluss, she'd fought like a demon, and there was a small part of her which had wondered if this had been a fluke. But no.
"I need to stop thinking of myself as a rookie," she said, "stop thinking of myself as some peanut-circuit weakling. I should be the one people are afraid to fight, not this toothy shithead!"

"Ahkkhkkhkk..." Erin laughed - and it was not easy at first to recognise that it was a laugh. Slowly, shakily, she lifted herself to her feet. She grinned at her enemy. "You're right," she said, her speech slurred as she had to hold one side of her jaw together. "I am weaker during the day...huh...huhhuhhuh..."
"What's so fucking funny?" Sophie said. She noted with alarm that Erin's jaw was beginning to heal at an extreme rate.
"So...vulgar...for someone so beautiful..." Erin chuckled. She took her hand away, flexed her jaw - it was now bruised, but not broken. "And so unobservant..."
"Unobservant? What are you talking about?"
"My intention was to keep you and your lovely friends unconscious until night fell again...but it's such an inexact process, you all woke up a bit early...but not that much earlier."

"Shit!" Sophie turned her eyes to the wall, and gazed outside. For one thing, she finally realised where exactly they were: on a high hill overlooking her city. But that wasn't her immediate concern. Her immediate concern was that the last rays of sunlight were disappearing.

"Oh, that's much better," Erin said. Sophie looked back at her, and saw her eyes once more alight with amber, and saw, to her surprise, that her heart was now beating extremely rapidly. "I think we ought to calm you down a little..."
"Just try it!" Sophie hissed, before launching herself forward again. She feinted right, then left before attacking straight down the middle with a shot to Erin's stomach. But this time, the vampire not only ignored her feints, but stepped back, avoiding the punch.

Sophie kept going forward, hoping that her speed was still superior. She swung a kick at Erin's legs, and missed - but she used the momentum to leap to the side away from a counterattack - that never came. Erin was still smiling, but that was not all. There was a sort of dark mist coming from her body. Sophie recognised this mist, remembered how she'd used it before.

"She's stalling!" Sophie realised. "She's trying to make another shadow...clone thing. She's fast enough to dodge, but not to hit me back..." Enhancegirl had no intention of allowing this to happen, so she leapt forward - and a wave of darkness was sent straight at her. "Unghh!" Sophie cried out, finding herself wrapped in a cloak of night, unable to see anything. She'd made a grave miscalculation: Erin hadn't been trying to create another clone, she'd just wanted the mist itself.

It took only a second for Enhancegirl to pierce the mist, but that was half a second too long. When she emerged, she immediately sensed that Erin was behind her - but it was too late.
"Urrgh!" Sophie cried out, as she felt two powerful arms wrapping around her, one just under her breasts, and another around her waist. She tried to wriggle free, but to her shock, she discovered just how strong Erin really was: she couldn't get away. "No!" she gasped. "Get the fuck off me!"
"Sshhh..." Erin whispered into her ear. "Be calm...I've got you now, my sweet girl..." Sophie tried to kick her, but Erin's left leg wrapped around the redhead's thighs, pinning her legs in place. The heroine felt rather like she'd just been coiled up by a snake.

"Don't fight, my love," Erin said, licking Sophie's cheek. "There's really no use now..."
"You can' can't do this!" Enhancegirl protested. She wriggled her smooth shoulders, tried to extricate herself, but Erin was superhumanly strong. She might not, say, have been as strong as Valora - but she didn't have to be to restrain the slender redhead.
"Mmm...I smell it inside and bright and - oh, it's mine, it's mine!" Unable to resist for a moment longer, she bit down on Sophie's slender, white neck, and began drinking.

"NO!" Sophie screamed. "Stop! You can't...can't...ooohhh..." Again, she felt as if gravity was forgoing its claim over her, as her strength began to flow out of her. " body...uunnhhh..." Sophie moaned, feeling her long, naked legs begin quivering, felt herself sinking back into Erin's grip.

Erin did not stop to taunt Sophie, or to rub in how her confidence had been misplaced. She didn't care about how Sophie felt anymore. The instant she tasted it, she cared about nothing but drinking every drop.
"Ooohhh..." the redhead mewed, as her eyelids began drooping. "I...can't believe I let her catch me...I'm losing...all my...strength..."
"Aaaahhhhh!" Erin gasped, withdrawing from Sophie's neck. She held the weakened girl by her shoulders, spinning her around, and shoving her up against a wall. Sophie tried to lift her hands, but she couldn't. She tried to kick, but her supple legs could do no more than shift sinuously against each other. Erin had made her almost completely limp in just a few seconds.
"She's...defeated me..." She suddenly felt terribly embarrassed by her earlier bravado. "Kirsten, I'm sorry...I'm so sorry...I lost..."

"Thank you..." Ella said quietly, hugging her arms over the more sensitive areas of her naked body. It had taken a while, but Kirsten had at last finished untying her and Talia. She quickly took the dress that her rescuer had offered her, and nervously clad herself in it. "How did you get away?" Talia asked, rubbing her body, trying to brush away the humiliation of being so tightly bound. "And where's Sophie?"
"Sophie managed to wriggle out," Kirsten explained, "then she untied me. She -" Kirsten realised that she couldn't explain what had really happened. Fortunately, she was a better liar than Sophie. "Erin came in just as we got loose. Sophie managed to distract her, and ran off. Erin chased her...I guess she thought I wasn't a threat or something. I don't know where she is."

"You mean S-Sophie's alone with that thing?" Ella gasped. "She'll have caught her for sure! And what if she's mad? Do you think she might - she might -?"
"No," Talia said. "She wouldn't kill her. She...wants us. But what do we do now? We could try to escape, but we can't just leave her behind."
"She'll be okay," Kirsten said - and yet even as she said that, her confidence faltered. What if something had happened to Sophie? She knew that she'd been told to stay put...but she didn't care what Sophie said, their debt was not paid. "Listen," Kirsten said. "I'm...I'm gonna go look for her. You two need to try to get out."
"What? We can't leave both of you!" Talia said.
"It doesn't make sense for all of us to get caught again. Just...get out of here and call the cops, or the Pauldron or something."
"Kirsten -"
"Please, just do it! Look, I'm the one who got us into this, so I'm gonna help her. There's, reason for you guys to be in danger, okay?" She didn't allow any more argument. She ran out of the room, and was gone before Talia could see where she'd gone to.

"Damn it," Talia hissed. "C'mon Ella, let's try to get outta here." The young brunette didn't reply. Talia saw the fear still in her eyes, the confusion and terror at what was happening to them. Talia felt all this herself, but swallowed it for Ella's benefit. "Hey, sweetie," she said. "You're okay." She touched Ella on her shoulder. "We're okay." Ella looked at her, smiled slightly, and nodded. "Now let's get the hell out of here."

Sophie saw the mad look in Erin's face, saw her eyes not just glowing, but crackling with energy. Her entire body seemed to be twitching, shivering.
" gorgeous," Erin said, running her hands down Sophie's arms. "So soft." She knelt down, and Sophie gasped as she felt the vampire's teeth against her bare thigh.
"Uuuunnnnhhh..." the redhead whimpered quietly, as she felt her strength now being drawn out from there as well, as Erin gripped and fondled her long legs. "What...what do I do...?" she thought, feeling her mind again sink into the powerless haze she'd felt before. "Was I...was I wrong? I'm still just...weak..."

She looked down at the woman who'd tricked and caught her again, and saw something very odd. She could see the energy that Erin was taking from her, how it flowed through the vampire, but it seemed to make her...well, Sophie couldn't quite think what. It was like her outline was getting fuzzier. "Something's...something's wrong with her..."

Erin seemed to think so too, because she pulled back again.
"What...what is this feeling?" she said. " good, but...unnatural - even for a superhuman!"
"Unnhh..." As Erin examined her, Sophie felt her legs buckle, before she fell to her knees, her head falling back against the wall behind her. Erin loomed over her, inspecting every inch of the humbled damsel.

"I wonder, girl, if you know the story of Erysichthon of Thessaly," Erin said, holding up Sophie's chin. "He was cursed by the gods so that the more he ate, the hungrier he became." She lifted Sophie up a little way. "I wonder if you're a curse...because I still want MORE!" She leapt onto Sophie, and forced her down to the ground, holding her wrists above her head.
"" the scantily clad redhead whimpered, writhing powerlessly under her captor. She felt her neck seized and bitten again, felt the remaining vestiges of her strength flowing away. Erin's legs rubbed against hers, and she felt herself growing still. She could barely even think. She saw the energy crackling inside, getting more and more unstable, but she couldn't do anything with this knowledge. All she could do was lie there as Erin took what she wanted from Sophie's lithe, helpless body.

Despite both women having very powerful senses, neither of them detected the third person in the room. Sophie was too weak at this point, and Erin was too obsessed with taking what she could from her captive. She was thus able to get very, very close - close enough to strike.
"So - OOGHH!" Erin cried out, as she was struck in the head, and sent careening to the floor.
"Take that, you asshole!" Kirsten yelled. She'd once tried to save Sophie from being kidnapped by hitting someone with a tennis racket - this time she used a brick.

As Erin lay groaning on the floor, Kirsten rushed over to Sophie, and tried to pull her up to her feet.
"Sophie, come on, get it together!" she cried, as she felt how limp Sophie was.
"Too weak..." Sophie said. "Just...just run..."
"Oh, bullshit!" Kirsten said. "Get the hell up!" She saw, however, that Sophie was not just being defeatist. She really was too weak to move. "Okay, fine - I'll do it myself." She took Sophie by the armpits, and with great effort, hauled her up to her feet.
"She'll...she'll time..." Sophie mewed, but Kirsten wasn't listening. She was about to try to lift Sophie over her shoulder, when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around - and screamed.

She'd been afraid of Erin before - it would have been foolish not to - but now...she'd become something else. Her eyes were burning like twin suns, her grin was stretched to a disturbing length, and her whole body was trembling and twitching in a way that Kirsten's eyes found hard to follow.
"No, no, no, sweet Kirsten," Erin said. "You will not take this away from me!" She separated the two of them, flinging Sophie to one side.
"Uh!" she cried out, landing hard on her back, her long legs rubbing weakly against each other, her arms fluttering about uselessly. "K-Kirsten..."

"G-get off me..." Kirsten mewed, her voice trembling. "You -"
"Quiet!" Erin hissed. "You've interrupted...a sumptuous meal, Kirsten. would prefer to be sampled yourself?"
"No! No don't!" Kirsten pleaded. But it was too late - and she too felt teeth at her neck. "No...oohhh..." She felt herself becoming weaker, felt her own legs trembling, her tanned shoulders drooping as she lost what strength she had. The stone fell with a thud to the ground, as Kirsten fell back under Erin's power.

"NO!" Enhancegirl cried, seeing Kirsten being reclaimed. "Urrgh!" Finding her strength, she hauled herself up to her feet. "Stop that right...right now..." Erin actually took notice of this, and took her teeth away from Kirsten's neck.
"You still fight?" It seemed like a genuine question - and Sophie took her time before answering.

"No..." she cast her eyes down. "Like this...I know I can't...can't beat you..." She staggered forward. "But my much better than hers, isn't it?" Erin only grinned in reply. Even the inside of her mouth was glowing now. "So...take me...let the others go, and I'll never fight back again..."
"A tempting offer, ssssweet Ssssophie," Erin said. "But why not just -"

She stopped talking when she saw Sophie slowly, carefully kneel down, and put her hands in her lap. She slowly turned her head to the side, exposing her pristine, white neck.
"I surrender..." she moaned. With a pale flash, Sophie's powers were deactivated...but not just that. Her dress, mask and so on disappeared - and this left Sophie completely nude. She was naked, helpless, and now delightfully tame. She offered herself to her captor like a meal on a platter - and she was an irresistible dish. Erin leapt forward, seizing the naked maiden, and proceeding to suck her power out as she fondled her bare breasts.
"G-gotcha..." Sophie muttered. Erin heard this, but didn't pay much attention. "Enhance!"

Normally, when Sophie activated her powers, there was a great surge of energy, after which her powers were active and she was clad in her costume. This time, there was the surge of energy, but her powers didn't come, and her costume did not appear. It all flowed straight into Erin - exactly as Sophie had planned.
"MMMHHH!!" Erin cried out, as she felt the energy burst into her.
"Enhance! Enhance! ENHANCE!" Every word delivered another burst into the avaricious vampire. At the third, she broke away, and looked down to see herself aflame with energy.

"Something's...something's wrong! It's so" She looked at Sophie with horror. "Unnatural!" She backed away, feeling like her whole body was about to fly apart at the seams.
"Enhance," Sophie said one more time, reactivating her powers. She advanced slowly on the vampire.
"What's happening to me?!" Erin shrieked. "Auughh!" She looked down, and saw that her hands were dissolving - melting away into dust. She fell, terrified on her back, and looked up at the exhausted, but victorious heroine. "There's...there's something...about" She froze. The energy crackled around her, but she stared at Sophie with a still, cold dread. "Where...where did you get those powers?" she said. "Are you -" But she wasn't able to finish her sentence... before she exploded into dust.

"Unnhh..." Sophie dropped to the ground, exhausted. "That's...what you get..." Kirsten, who had not been drained anywhere near as much as Sophie, rushed over to her, light-headed, but still less so than Sophie.
"You did it! Sophie, you kicked her ass!" She helped her friend onto her feet, supporting her as the weakened girl tried to walk.
"If you...hadn't come..." Sophie said. "She...she would've beaten me..."
"Well you were the one who figured out your powers would make her explode!"
"True..." She looked at Kirsten and gave a very tired, but very warm smile. "I guess we're both pretty fuckin' awesome, huh?"
"You bet your ass we are," Kirsten said and, with no other way of expressing the depth of gratitude she felt, kissed Sophie on the cheek. "Now can we go home?"

When Sophie had got home, she'd expected to find quite a few messages from Mariko asking after where she was. Instead she just found one...and was surprised, until she later found out that Spectra had been cutting a swathe through Seacouver's criminal underworld in an effort to locate her. When she'd let her girlfriend know she was alright, Spectra had been rather...insistent that she meet her back at her place.

"A vampire?" the model exclaimed somewhat incredulously. "Don't be ridiculous. There's no such thing. I'm sure she had all the powers you say she did, but that doesn't mean she's a vampire, for heaven's sake."
"Look, I'm just calling 'em as I sees 'em, okay?" Sophie said. She stepped over a pile of discarded clothing, glancing at herself in the mirror. For a moment she thought her hair looked black, and wondered if Erin had dyed it without her noticing, or something. But, it was just the steam in front of her eyes. She dipped her foot into the warm water of the bath in which her lover was already reclining. It was just about large enough for both of them, and though some water spilt out onto the tiles, neither really cared very much.

"Mmm..." Sophie hummed, feeling Mariko's slender body against her own. She slipped her leg between her girlfriend's, and rested her head on her shoulder, her hair dampening as its ends touched the water. "This is...this is good..."
"I'm glad," Mariko said, sighing softly as she felt Sophie's thigh rubbing against her own. She looked down, and saw the small wounds where Erin's fangs had pierced her skin. "Oh, my love..." Mariko leaned down and, very gently, kissed the spot where Sophie had been bitten. Sophie tingled slightly as she felt this - it was a very sweet gesture. She reached up and clasped her lover's hand in response.

"She certainly was convinced about the vampire act, wasn't she?" Mariko said, after the two had been lying in each other's arms for a while. "I wonder where she did come from."
"You're not kidding. Her 'castle' was, like, an old Civil War era fort, or something. No idea how the hell she got hold of it..." Sophie said. "But I mean, do we really have any right to be sceptical? We have superpowers, Mariko. There's people who can read minds and fly to the moon, and shit. What's off the table?" Mariko shook her head.
"That the world's rules are unclear doesn't mean that it doesn't have them. When the first biologists discovered that there were billions of tiny organisms living everywhere, invisibly, that must have seemed very, very strange to them. That did not, however, permit them to start believing in the existence of ghosts."

Sophie turned, and looked at Mariko very seriously.
"Wait - you don't believe in ghosts?" Mariko was about to give a very, very strong reaction to this statement, when Sophie burst out laughing. "Sorry, that was mean! Hahaha!"
"I was going to say!"
"Don't worry, gorgeous," Sophie laughed. "I promise I'll never be so irrational around you again." Mariko flicked water at her, but she was smiling a little. "Hey, sweetie?"
"Uh, like, why the fuck haven't you kissed me yet?" Mariko drew her closer.
"That is a very, very good question."

She took Sophie by her shoulders, and closed her eyes, before pressing her mouth against hers, first just feeling the sweetness of her lips, before both maidens allowed their tongues to meet, melting into each other, their supple legs entwined as the water caressed their beautiful, naked bodies.
"Mmhh..." Sophie moaned, feeling the heat of the water as it lapped against her, and feeling the gentle heat of her lover's mouth, the softness of her as she held her. She pulled away slightly, resting her forehead against Mariko's. "I love you..." she said quietly. "I love you so much..."
"I love you too, Sophie." Mariko said. She sighed with pleasure, and the two just stared happily into each other's eyes for a little while. "Oh, there's a question," Mariko said, with a small laugh. "What your 'vampire' asked."
"Well, how did you get your powers?"

Sophie laughed.
"Oh, you want to know all of Enhancegirl's secrets, do you?"
"I'm curious. Sue me." She cocked her head to the side. "Come on, Sophie, don't be coy. You know how I got mine."
"From your uncle, right?" Mariko nodded. "Well, fair enough, I guess. I -"

Mariko watched Sophie's face for a moment. It went from amused, teasing, and slightly aroused, to somewhat frustrated. She opened her mouth to speak, but stopped herself. From frustrated, it went to concerned - and then lastly it went to a very cold fear.
"Sophie? What's wrong?"
"I don't know..."
"Then why do you look so concerned?"
"No, that's what's wrong: I don't know!" Gripped by a terror that she didn't understand, she came close to Mariko, as if seeking comfort from an unknown danger. "That's not something someone forgets...something's...wrong."
"Sophie, what are you talking about?" Her lover looked straight into her jade eyes, and she saw an almost existential horror in her eyes.
"I thought I knew. I really thought I knew! I was about to tell you...but then I realised there was nothing to tell. I've never known! I just...didn't think of it!" she said, "Why didn't I think of it? Why the fuck would this only occur to me now? What the fuck is wrong with me?"
"Sophie calm down!" Mariko said, sharply. "Be clear - what do you mean?"
"Mariko," Sophie said, "I - I have no idea how I got my powers."
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Re: The Perils of Enhancegirl Halloween Special: A Vampire's Kiss

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You continue to find new and captivating ways to describe semi-conscious and sleepy states of fuzzy awareness and power loss within very enjoyable plots. Kudos to you once again!
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