Question about custom reviews...

For those interested in starting custom videos or joining in with other who are creating new projects, this is the home base at which to gather.
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Question about custom reviews...

Post by TIEnTEEZ »

So I've started posting some reviews of my custom video experiences. So far, I've posted two reviews.

Neither of the reviews I posted were Super-heroine videos, but figure they still have some value because the producers also produce super-heroine content. I chose those two reviews to post specifically for that reason. And the review is really more about the studio than about the content of the video.

My question is... do you think there is any value in posting reviews on this forum for studios that DO NOT produce super-heroine content? Or, at least, have not produced any so far. Would anyone be interested in such a review? Or would that just clutter up the forum? :)

Re: Question about custom reviews...

Post by GeekyPornCritic »

I think there is value in reviewing studios without superheroine content. A customer may inquire the studio for a superheroine video. Remember a model or particular fetish may not be currently available from a studio because nobody has ordered one yet.
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Re: Question about custom reviews...

Post by coulumbia »

I agree with GeekyPornCritic.

IF it isn't too much of a burden on your side (or anybody else wanting to share their experience), any information regarding customs is helpful for those of us who do order them. I think the more information shared about producers in general can help the process of commissioning a custom clip.

One never knows what a producer might have in their "bag of tricks" as far as contacts with models, locations, props and costumes. Pricing, though it may vary with different producers depending on the availability of the materials/talent needed to bring the custom vision to a production, can help better understand what the costs may be for certain SHIP (or other) customs.

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