Shazzan - Heroine of Arabia #4

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Shazzan - Heroine of Arabia #4

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HANNA...the elderly headmistress of a place for young boys orphaned on the streets of Baghdad smiled with satisfaction as she gazed upon the topless and unconscious voluptuous shiny brown body of SHAZZAN...HEROINE OF ARABIA...who had been easily deceived by her feminine charm...lulled into complacency and easily captured by her young charges. against who she could not offer any resistance.

In her quest to find the mastermind behind the attacks of armed brigands against the merchant caravans that traded with the Kingdom of Agrabah...Shazzan had decided to pay a visit to Hanna who ran a special sanctuary for orphan boys..which was aided in part by the Sultan...believing that her enemies might be using Hanna's charges to pursue their nefarious agenda.

What Shazzan..who was secretly JASMIN...Crown Princess of Agrabah...daughter of the Great Sultan..was completely unaware of..was that the kindly, elderly Hanna was in fact in league with the very foe she was attempting to stop.

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