ASTRARELLA - Defeated at Last #17

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ASTRARELLA - Defeated at Last #17

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Greetings everyone! Here we're with a new comic update of ASTRARELLA's space pulp action and peril adventures...

Some hours later... Astrid woke up in the middle of the jungle, but she almost wished she had stayed unconscious.

She was prepared for transported in the most uncomfortable way possible. The Baleerian hunters took no chances with the most dangerous creature in the galaxy - Astrid's arms were bound behind her back at the wrists and her ankles cuffed together. They slid a large pole through them and lifted it up. A hunter at the front and one at the back

Read on... ASTRARELLA's space pulp action and peril adventures... ONLY at!

PS: I'm sorry if It's shorter than usual but I had a light familiar emergency and I could not make it as longer as I wanted.
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