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Not yet Introduced!

Post by Abductorenmadrid »

Hi all,

I am abductorenmadrid and I am a writer here at The Ultimate Superheroine Forum and do stuff over at Deviantart. I have several sets of work here at the forum, the top half of this page links to my stories and further down the bottom is my Screen-cap-comic type stuff.

SG & The Broker (Later Including Spydra)
This is my main line of stories for now and features a generic (NOT CBS) Supergirl and a cast of my own characters which later includes Spydra. While the stories tend to stay contained within themselves they often have elements that carry from one story to the next. Characters continue to develop, friendships strengthen and distrust is sewn - so ideally if you want to get the best out of the stories either read the previous ones or check out the summaries here.

The series is best read in this order - or if you want to get right up to speed there is "Making Sense Out Of Thin Air" which is one of my more recent works, also see below.

SG & The Broker:Broker's Revenge
This is the hard and dark opening story of the set and found in THE DUNGEON section and includes some AUDIO elements. SG finds herself captured but who has her and why are the exacting this hideous revenge upon her? A battle of wits and endurance plays out and only by staying true to herself does SG have a chance to survive. If hard content is NOT for you then try starting at The Get Away.
Broker's Revenge Chp 1-2
Broker's Revenge Chp 3-5
Broker's Revenge Chp 6-7
Broker's Revenge Chp 8-11

SG & The Broker:The Get Away
The blond superheroine finds herself being dragged through an airport against her will and forced onto a plane. Various conspirators seems to help in the process, the check-in clerk, a TSA agent called Lisa and the people working at the boarding gate. And then we have McGee...what is he up to? And why is SG forced onto the plane anyway? Wait and see in the next story, Seeds Of Deception.
The Get Away

SG & The Broker:Seeds of Deception
Supergirl finds out she has a very exclusive plane ticket. Joined by the Broker and some very business like clients of hers SG faces many questions, the answers to which are locked inside her head. The clients are a group of mercenaries which SG nicknames Miss Asia, Mr Nordic, Mr Africa, Mr Hispania and CrewCut and they provide the motivation for SG to talk - but is she telling the truth?
Seeds of Deception

SG & The Broker:Memory Hole
During Broker's Revenge we learn that sexual self pleasure has been nearly impossible for The Broker but here she is trying to conjure up a fantasy strong enough to get her over the edge, if only fleetingly. This is a dungeon story so the content is a little dark.
Memory Hole

SG & The Broker:Memory Pile
At the end of Broker's Revenge we learn that Supergirl too finds the big O hard to achieve without being made powerless. Here we see the heroine trying to conjure up a fantasy of her own but who is this Tailor person she has come up with? This is a dungeon story so the content is a little dark.
Memory Pile

SG & The Broker:Reap As You Sow
Both The Broker and Supergirl discover that their fantasies were more than just their vivid imaginations at work, they were somehow real experiences but not their own! Meanwhile, discovering that they were deceived the mercenaries set about getting their revenge and clearing house. Miss Asia is cut loose for her failings while CrewCut sets about locating The Broker who had evidently obtained them bad information. Can The Broker protect her assets before CrewCut uncovers her? Will Miss Asia make it to safety?
Reap As You Sow

SG & The Broker:Divide and Conquer
The Broker and Supergirl find their relationship intensifying and now the pair have some private time as The Broker explains in explicit detail how she learned how to rob the heroine of her powers. This episode introduces Dr Molly Matthews and Dr Schneider....
Divide and Conquer

SG & The Broker:United We Stand
A tangled story with a gifted billionaire, and his psychotic sister, a mild mannered executive with a secret and a murdered day trader. With exploding oil rigs, a global financial crisis and mysterious materials from space can The Broker and her team peer through the tangled web and uncover the truth in time?
United We Stand

SG & The Broker:McGee's Story
We have seen that McGee has been helping The Broker for some time. But how did they meet, why does he help her? These questions are on Lucy's mind too and when she helps McGee recover from an unpleasant experience in United We Stand (Chp 42). Lucy coerces the gentle giant to show her the past and he reveals why The Broker sought her revenge.
McGee's Story

HockeyGirl: Spydra, Once Bitten
This is NOT a SG & The Broker story but it introduces us to Spydra who will eventually come into Supergirl's world. In this tale a student named Laura begins to go through some unexpected changes but with the aid of a sympathetic new friend she comes to terms with her new found gifts. But why does she have them and how does it relate to her missing childhood friend?
Spydra, Once Bitten

SG & The Broker: Spydra, Twice Shy
Near the end of Once Bitten we see someone from The Broker's team watching in on Laura as she covers up events in the facility she had been held prisoner in. Now Supergirl has been informed about this mysterious young woman, but is she powered in the same way her foes from United We Stand were? Is she a threat in some way? Supergirl and her team has to find out the truth which could be more difficult than they realise.
Spydra, Twice Shy

SG & The Broker: Spydra, False Flags
Supergirl is away saving the world and Lucy is out of town. Lisa and The Broker seek out the inexperienced Laura AKA Spydra to do a small mission for them .... easy...right? Unforseen circumstances complicate matters slightly!
Spydra, False Flags

SG & The Broker: Divided You Will Fall
At the end of United We Stand we see a Molly Matthews enchanted with what awaits her in the future, but what will it mean for Supergirl and her friends? The forces of The Resolution are also at work, bolstered in number by a deadly new arrival, but what purpose does their chain of assassinations serve? As these questions slowly emerge it is left to Selena, Lisa, Lucy and their superheroine friend to answer them.
Divided You Will Fall

Spydra: Webs of Deceit
Set in the same time frame of Divided You Will Fall this is a Spydra adventure. Laura discovered her powers in Once Bitten, then was brought into Supergirl's group in Twice Shy. Later we saw her show her mentors that the help they had been giving her was transforming her into heroine in her own right in False Flags. Now, back in her sleepy little backwater of Littleton City the novice heroine has been using it as a place to put her training into practice. An inquisitive reporter and a gutsy cop feature in this tale of corruption as Spydra is forced to step up in her city's hour of need.
Spydra: Webs of Deceit

Of Lucy Wuan and Hypoxia
During Divided You Will Fall the villainous monster inhabiting Molly Matthews leads Lucy and Selena on a deadly journey and it is during their suffering that Lucy moves to perhaps make the ultimate sacrifice. Can she overcome the strange forces in her head or will she die of oxygen starvation along with everyone else on board?
Of Lucy Wuan and Hypoxia

Making Sense Out Of Thin Air
A tale that advances Selena's impending death while Lucy suffers from her hypoxia on their doomed flight. This tale serves as a "recap" or "introduction" for those who want to begin reading the series part way through. The tale is divided into parts and refer to events that take place in previous stories.

The Original Three refers to - Broker's Revenge / Memory Pile / Memory Hole / McGee's Story / Divide and Conquer

The Disgraced Cop refers to - The Get Away

Mercenary Attitude refers to - Seeds of Deception / Reap As You Sow

The First Big Adventure refers to - United We Stand

Arachnopobia refers to Twice Shy / Spydra: False Flags

Reality Check refers to Divided You Will Fall

Making Sense Out Of Thin Air

The Sheep in Wolves' Clothing
We last saw Selena and Lucy dying on their death trap plane ride while Supergirl seemingly was not aware of their plight. Will they get rescued? And what of Supergirl and Molly's threat to steal her body? Did she really manage to do it or is the threat of Molly and the alien minds that control her now safely under lock and key? Click the link below to find out!
The Sheep In Wolves' Clothing

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

This is currently only a single story though I will consider to do more with WW and Aurora in the future. In my solitary tale so far an ambitious Aurora Suarez hunts down archeological clues from the ancient past about the origin of WW. Betrayal, domination and deceit ensue but whose hands truly control the pawns on the board?
WonderWoman&Aurora: The Wastes of the Gods

A slightly updated version of the story was also provided to The Wizards Lair and can be found below.

WonderWoman&Aurora: The Wastes of the Gods

Amazos - A WW Origin Story
Throw together an evil mastermind like TallyHo with henchmen like me, Centurion, LordGriffin, DrDominator and a host of other purveyors of tales here at the forum and you get Amazos - a WW origin story! A few chapters of my own help make up the story but please do read the whole thing if you get time! Set several thousand years ago in classical Greece our heroine rises from the remains of a great calamity to get her revenge!

Amazos : Chapter 7 A Pyrrhic Victory
Diana is set on a quest by an all seeing cave dweller but what is the true nature of her prize? An old soldier aids in the quest but what are his motives and more importantly, what are the motives of the gods that now seem to fill Diana's life.
AMAZOS Part 7: A Pyrrhic Victory

Amazos : Chapter 12 Diana and The Slave
Artemis, the goddess of hunting seeks Diana to do a favour for her, take a slave across to the sea to one of her temples. Unfortunately other godly forces seek to stop our heroine but who is this slave and what will be their destiny?
AMAZOS Part 12: Diana and The Slave 1/2
AMAZOS Part 13: Diana and The Slave 2/2

Amazos : Chapter 26 Twist of Fate
Diana finds herself in pursuit of an ever resurrected man. Meanwhile, The Three Fates battle with events that defy their will! Can Athena figure out what is amiss? Can Diana fulfill her bloodoath? Find out in Twist of Fate!
Amazos: Twist of Fate 1/3
Amazos: Twist of Fate 2/3
Amazos: Twist of Fate 3/3

Back in May 2016 TallyHo launched his humorous Star Wars parody story in the forum, just for fun. Having worked a little with him on Amazos I was lucky to get invited to write something to tag on to his tale. What is it about? Who is in it? Where is it set? You will just have to wait and see! All I can tell you is, it's COMING SOON (On a TallyHo timescale)

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Supergirl Multiverse Stories
I am considering the possibility of turning old material into something new - and giving a fresh spin on Supergirl adventures. The idea is to work within the possibilities of a multiverse where people are different, roles might be reversed and outcomes are less predictable. The first example is the entire reworking of the Supergirl (1984) movie.

Supergirl V The Fugitive Witch of Daxam
A screencap comic story - this is a full edit of the 1984 movie "Supergirl" starring Helen Slater and Faye Dunaway. Based in an alternate part of the multiverse Supergirl's origin is somewhat different to what you are familiar with and her battle with Selena has an entirely new slant and hopefully for you, dear reader, an unforeseeable and original outcome.

This is what I call a "ScreenCap Comic" set. Initiated with a pair of heavier stories the set moved on to becoming just some lighthearted fun. As I rely on the material from the CBS - now CW show I will have to wait and see what comes before planning any more of these. This set lives in the Superheroine Clips & Pictures section on the forum.

The Domination Of Supergirl
This kicks off the series - Supergirl apparently has some secrets that have become unearthed by her rival - what happens next takes her by surprise!

The Submission Of Supergirl
Having been dominated Supergirl chooses her fate - a full confession of her sins ensues.

Kara & Cat Mini Episode 1
Kara now has to endure the beginning of her new lot in life - can she hold on?!

Kara & Cat Mini Episode 2
Cat takes advantage of one of Supergirl's more unusual powers and ensures everyone has a great time!

Kara & Cat Mini Episode 3
Kara discovers that Cat has been a little creative in the office, but is the situation as bad as she thought?

Kara & Cat Mini Episode 4
Kara, or is it Supergirl, realise that Cat is much smarter than had been anticipated, but who is being hard on who?

Kara & Cat Mini Episode 5
Someone has misbehaved and Cat is determined to find out who - but the motive of the person she seeks is a surprise!

Kara & Cat Mini Episode 6
Cat arranges for Kara to meet Lena but things don't quite turn out how Kara thought it would!

Kara & Cat Mini Episode 7
Lena's client had some odd requests but is the experience what Kara seeks, and what is it Cat offers up instead?

Kara & Cat Mini Episode 8
After Cat went to work spicing up the wishlist for Lena's client Kara gets paid a visit by her new friend. Now what was it that Cat signed Kara up for again?

Kara & Cat Mini Episode 9
Kara has been given the plot for the client's fantasy but is it all that Kara hoped for? Cat has a few hard truths for Kara to swallow!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


One Monday evening in November 2016 The CW aired an episode of Supergirl titled "The Darkest Places" and it was indeed quite a dark place. Beaten in a brutal fight against the original and augmented Hank Henshaw our heroine became a prisoner of Lillian Luthor, wicked matriarch of the Luthor family. What followed from that were scenes of domination, blackmail, and depowerment. For many however this was a missed opportunity at doing some grittier peril and so here I offer an alternative "what if!" .....

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
The "What if...?" Perils

The "What...?" Perils will hopefully be a little series of one off peril scenes in the style of the screencap comics. Independent and with no consequences for a broader storyline it is meant to be reworks of scenes from the show, asking "What if?" in the process. Doing Kara & Cat is fun as is the dark Supergirl V Luthor work but man, it can be laborious ensuring continuity from one episode to the next. Here anything can happen with no consequences because we are just wondering ... "What if?"

Misadventure #1: No Mercy!

Misadventure #2: Illusion
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Re: Not yet Introduced!

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Excellent summary, AEM. I think a lot of writers could benefit from such summaries. Thanks.
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Re: Not yet Introduced!

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Aren't you just one prolific bastard. :D
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