Fembotized hero (Ludella Hahn and Evangeline)

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Fembotized hero (Ludella Hahn and Evangeline)

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Original release: Tue Sep 10, 2013

WonderWoman (played by Ludella hahn) is searching for Professor Von Winter who heads a company able to make human beings into fembots by exchanging vital componants with electronics. Wonder Woman has heard reports that the company has been experimenting with unwilling human subjects and is looking into the claim when she is caught in a trap! The evil professor only wishes to make Wonder Woman a fembot and download all her amazonian powers into her new fembot army. WonderWoman is converted but there is something stopping the professor from downloading the super power programming. Wonder Woman may now be a fembot but her will is just as strong, and the professor has a plan to breakdown her will by upping the power levels of her arousal sub-routines. Will Wonder Woman be able to break free or is she curesed to be a sexual pawn forever?


you can download it at:

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