Batgirl, Unfrozen!

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Batgirl, Unfrozen!

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After Gorganna freezes and Drags Batgirl away at the end of "Batgirl vs Gorganna" she brings her to her lair. She manipulates the frozen batgirl for a few moments before batgirl suddenly springs to action and grabs Gorganna by the throat! Gorganna is surprised! how did batgirl escape the freeze effects of the stolen artifact?
Batgirl explains that she did her homework before going after Gorganna and knew what the artifact did and protected herself against their effects. She then pretended to be frozen in order to gain access to Gorgannas hidden lair. Now that she has her in custody it will be easy to raid her lair for information on other villains and thwarting any pending plans of destruction.
Gorganna, however, has a plan. She brings bargirls attention to the Television screen where we see a school bus ready to explode if batgirl doesn't release her.
Batgirl is forced to do so, if only to protect the innocent children.
Gorganna, now in control, manages to get secret information from batgirl and then tells her that she will now enter into a special lesbian relationship. Batgirl is repulsed but has no choice.
She kisses Gorganna deeply and suddenly gorganna is frozen herself!
Batgirl came prepared and used a special toxin lipstick to freeze Gorganna. Batgirl then puts her mask back on and leaves with Gorganna.
Later back in her lair Her trusty computer servant asks her questions about the caper and batgirl happily answers them, tying up all loose ends.


you can download it here:

This movie is a part two to Batgirl vs Gorganna which can be bought here: Its not needed to enjoy this movie, but is just an extension of the same
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