So long, And thanks for all the fish.....

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So long, And thanks for all the fish.....

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Well... Its with a slightly heavy heart that I officially withdraw from superheroine fetish production.
We have a small archive but wont be advertising them here (or anywhere) and when they're gone that will be it!

We will no longer be taking superheroine custom requests and anyone wanting Evangeline as Batgirl/Supergirl/etc can contact Cali Logan or whatever model/producer we are hosting that week.

Current outstanding customs will be edited and delivered but we will no longer be taking custom requests.

the Patreon has been officially killed and the $175 we were collecting every month have been mostly cancelled.

We want to thank everyone who have supported us in the last decade or so we have been seriously making heroine content
it was fun living in our heroine universe but alas its time to step away.

As for why.......
Patrons already know the answer to that and i wont go into it here.

It was a fun run and we did enjoy making videos for you guys but we are going to double down on the sleepy since that has always been a strong contender for our sales as well as vampires.

If Im allowed to keep my membership and dont get banned again i would love to continue coming to read your stories, discussions, etc (but mostly the stories to be honest)
but if the powers that be decide that i dont get to lurk and get perma-banned then i wish you all the best of luck and hope you guys have an amazing and fruitful life.

I want to take a moment to thank the following people:

MH for allowing me the privilage of posting here in his sandbox
Tallyho for always being accessable and ready to talk about any issue im going through
Heroine addict and Shevek for the great interactions. we might not always have agreed but the discussions were always meaningful.

Well guys thats it for me and my little production company.
Again thanks to all who have supported us in the many years and we hop[e you all are and continue to be happy.

be well

Levi, Evangeline, and Batgirl
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Re: So long, And thanks for all the fish.....

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Really sorry to hear that KoG. I am not aware of a reason for you to get permanently banned so I hope to see you post comments in the future, and good luck with the rest of your filming
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Re: So long, And thanks for all the fish.....

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Good luck with your future endeavours. Few, if any, other producers were as vocal and engaged with the community. Your participation in every discussion was insightful and appreciated, and you would be missed if you left.
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Re: So long, And thanks for all the fish.....

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Good luck, buddy.

I hope the future brings you all the happiness and success you deserve. - please contact me for your editing, and visual and audio effects needs.

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Re: So long, And thanks for all the fish.....

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KoG thank you for contributing to our genre and i would protest if you were not allowed to continue to be a member of our forum/community.

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