Terra Mizu / TerrasTemptations.com trial run mini-review

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Terra Mizu / TerrasTemptations.com trial run mini-review

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I recently ordered a custom video from Terra Mizu / TerrasTemptations.com and I thought I would relate my experience and give a mini-review in case anyone else is thinking about ordering from her.

This was my first experience with Terra - a trial run, so to speak.

And first off, I should mention that this was not a super-heroine video. This was a femdom PoV.

I contacted Terra via the her e-mail address, which is posted on her Clips4Sale page (TerrasTemptations.com) web site and sent over a script. The script was 45 minutes long and called for 5 scenes (and 5 different outfits). The first scene was a PoV fighting scene in which the model beats up the viewer and then the rest was a non-consensual Tease and Denal video.

Incidentally, the script I sent is exactly the same one I sent to Hannah Perez. So you can compare to the mini review I posted here.

I was quoted a price of $600 for 45 minutes or $800 for an hour. These are perfectly reasonable rates for a video like this with 5 costume changes, and I opted for the 1 hour. When I asked for payment options, I was told I could pay via Google Pay, Venmo, or Giftrocket. These are not unusual choices, but they make me a bit nervous because if you send money as a gift via Venmo or Giftrocket, you basically have no recourse if you get ripped off. I went with Giftrocket, anyway, though, because it's the simplest and this was a trial run and Terra is pretty well-established and I wasn't too worried her reliability.

Terra didn't offer any options for models to do the video, I think she's just a one-woman operation and she does them herself. She did not give me any kind of specific time estimate as to when to expect the video, but I did not specifically ask for one. I received the video exactly 15 days from the date of payment and I downloaded it via WeTransfer with no problems. So that's darned good turnaround time.

The video itself was okay. Not great. She didn't go above and beyond. There wasn't anything amazing or super-creative about it. She gave me exactly what I asked for and did a decent job. She didn't really "get" my fetish, exactly, but I find that to be a very common problem since I have such specific tastes that are often hard to articulate clearly.

So to summarize....

Good pricing
Good turnaround time
Good content

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